someone probably told him something saucy

Hakuna Matata

[title]: Hakuna Matata

[pairing]: T’Challa x Reader

[summary]: The Reader was shocked to find out that T’Challa has never seen The Lion King and is determined to make him enjoy it.

[warnings]: sad T’Challa, T’Challa probably having an overemotional connection with Simba idk, like no im serious T’Challa almost cries over the Lion King 

[a/n]: lmao this fic is really not okay

Originally posted by miscellame

           [y/n] was a grown ass woman, but wasn’t entirely sure how to act like one. It was as if her body had physically grown up, but her soul never learned how to.

           She wasn’t afraid to launch herself into a bouncy castle whenever one was in sight, throw a temper tantrum when someone told her that she couldn’t get candy, or sing along to every single Disney song that she heard.

           Now if you asked anyone else in the Tower what their favorite movie was they would probably answer with something reasonable for their age. Die Hard, Inception, Shutter Island, The Shawshank Redemption, The Prestige, or maybe even a Batman movie if someone was feeling extra saucy.

           But oh, not [y/n].

           If you asked [y/n] what her favorite movie was, there was only one film that would tumble straight out of her mouth before you could even finish your sentence.

           The Lion King.

           And she was horrifically surprised to hear that her boyfriend, the love of her life, King of Wakanda had yet to experience the glorious movie (she almost left him when he told her). She understood that he was raised very differently than her, being royalty and all, but she could have never imagined him not seeing the best movie of all time. But as soon as the shock wore off, she immediately dragged him eagerly into the living room of the Avengers Compound and quickly pushed the Lion King disc into the DVD player.

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