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Resistance (m)

Word count: 4,973

Warning: Hoseok smut

“Three, two, one… go!”

Your feet push into the soft ground, making your body move forward.

“Until the milestone, girls!” Someone already catches up to you, which you can’t make up for anymore by quickening your pace. You stay behind, with burning lungs, exhaustion cutting through your legs - it’s only been mere seconds and you’re already giving up physically.

The only thing that keeps you going is the fact that everyone else is still far behind you, huffing just as loudly as you - everyone except for one person. This loss gets you furious, despite him having to be in front.

He just wants to bring you down.

“Faster, number two!” Hoseok shouts, turning around at a steady pace, simply to give you an unsatisfied glare. Not even running backwards holds him back from creating a bigger distance between you two.

That nickname he just loves to bring up.

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Oooooooo jealous tracer! Because she doesn't seem the type to get jealous so she just tries to play it off like it's nothing but she's soooooo jealous :D

Jealous Tracer means everything to me :p

No. Tracer does not get jealous! Absolutely not! Then why did they hate it when someone, who was probably a lot better, was growing close with you? Were you going to leave her? You wouldn’t do that, would you?

But she didn’t want to look like a crazy stalker girlfriend. She didn’t like the way it felt, too.

But she couldn’t help but feel jealous when someone tried to flirt with you. You wouldn’t realize it, though, when someone would flirt with you.

She trusts you completely, though. She just doesn’t trust the others.

She could lose you so easily and she doesn’t want that. She’s planning on dating you for a while, maybe for a long while.

on saturday im going to a show that i think the Love Of My Life™ will be at and im already stressed

  • Brain: Psst.
  • Brain: Psssssst.
  • Me: WHAT geezus what do you want?
  • Brain: I think somebody hates you.
  • Me: ....
  • Brain: I think somebody definitely hates you.
  • Me: ....
  • Brain: Do you want to know who it is?
  • Me: No.
  • Brain: Imma tell you anyway.
  • Me: What exactly makes you think that this person hates me, again?
  • Brain: Well why wouldn't they?
  • Me: ....
  • Brain: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Brain: What?
  • Me: What are you trying to accomplish here, brain?
  • Brain: I dunno
  • Brain: I guess I just wanted you to be sad.
  • Brain: Making you sad is my favorite game.
  • Me: You're a sick bastard, brain.
  • Brain: Yeah, but I'm winning at the game.

@m4dh4ttey266 ​ came up with something wonderful called Shiptale (or undership). It’s a place where all ship children from the different Undertale AU’s get to hang out. One suggestion was that there would be a school where they all go and that the creators of the characters are their teachers. I absolutely love the idea of everyone’s OC’s hanging out together so here’s my first interpretation of it, featuring @m4dh4ttey266​‘s US!PapXUF!Pap child Cajun and my GrillbyXMuffet child Maisie

Maisie was grateful for the free period between monster history and multiverse theory, it meant she could go outside for what her friends jokingly called ‘her smoking break’. Maisie didn’t smoke of course, she just liked to let her fire burn freely for a while. It didn’t take her a lot of effort to keep the swirling flames she had for hair to subdued pigtails, but if she did it all day long it did give her a slight headache. So she really enjoyed taking some time to sit outside and let her purple sparks fly upwards. She usually sat on a bench by the gym building, overlooking the sports field and opposite the primary school building.

That’s what she was doing that afternoon when she saw a tall skeleton climb out of an upstairs window.

“What on earth…” Maisie muttered and she watched with great interest how the skeleton jumped to the next windowsill, judged the distance to the ground and jumped.

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Akira maid outfit I love you sojiro you,!

Someone already did this better than I could probably do.

I’ll go get the post.

Nathan & the Tobanga

So with that lovely final installment of such a wonderful game that totally didn’t leave everyone with more questions than answers, I have a theory on why Nathan tried to steal the Tobanga! Apparently we’ll never know the real/canon reason, but I had somewhat of an epiphany recently that I want to share:

(Sorry, under a read more because it ended up being longer than I expected, but there is a tl;dr at the end)

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"That Makes Two" - Calum Hood Imagine

Helloooooo! This is a rather sad imagine. 

If you want a part 2 just let me know!

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“Why shouldn’t I leave, Ash. We all know he doesn’t want me here anymore." 

"Okay but we do, (Y/N).” Ashton says, taking your shirt you were throwing in a bag out of your hand. 

Michael and Luke take your bag and put it on the dresser while you sit on the bed and begin to cry. 

“I just don’t know what I did wrong…” You squeak through sobs. 

“Hey now. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Ashton and Michael sit on either side of you and put their arms around you while Luke kneels in front of you and grabs your hands. 

“Clearly I did. He probably met someone who is prettier or funnier or better than me and now he wants me gone.” You say, burying your head in Ashton’s chest. The boys exchange a look. 

“(Y/N), stop.” Luke says, taking your head in his hand and brushing back the hair that fell in front of your eyes. 

“You’re beautiful, sweet, hilarious, and we all love you more than you know. I don’t know why Calum is acting like this, but we will find out okay.” Luke promises. You nod your head and get up, continuing to pack. 

“Well I don’t want to be here when he gets back. So I’ll see you guys soon.” You say, grabbing your bag and getting off the bus. You throw your hood on over your face and walk to one of the security guards. 

“Can I get a ride to the nearest hotel?” You ask him. 

“Sure, (Y/N). Will Calum be joining you?” He questions. 

“No, he wont.”

About 5 minutes passed before a car pulls up. You get in and begin your ride to a nearby hotel. 

Once you check in you lay on the wide, white bed and begin to cry again. 

Calum didn’t come home the night before. Which you wouldn’t usually freak out about, but its been happening 3 times a week lately. The whole point he asked you to come on the tour with him was to spend time with him, not so you could sit in his bunk and fall asleep alone to the sound of Michael’s snores, which gets annoying after about 3 hours, while he was out getting drunk and partying. 

When you finally asked Calum why he wasn’t spending time with you, he called you obsessive and clingy. You told him that you would leave so he wouldn’t have to deal with you, he said good, you said fine, blah blah blah, and now you’re sitting in a hotel room crying your eyes out. 

Your phone began to ring. It was Ashton. 

“Hello?” You spoke. 

“Hey. Calum just got here. He is pretty pissed…” He whispers, clearly not wanting Calum to hear. 

“Yeah well, so am I.” You muttered, getting under the giant duvet and curling up. 

“(Y/N), he said if you were home by midnight then he’s done with you." 

"Since when does Calum make all of the decisions? He doesn’t own me. I didn’t come on the tour with him so he could leave me and then get mad when I want to go do something. I’m sick of having to go with whatever Calum says and do whatever he wants to do. I may be dating a famous person but I have a life outside of him.” You spit into the receiver. 

“Look, (Y/N), all of us are on your side. It’s just Calum is… well… hard to reason with. You two are perfect for each other. Since you two began dating he’s opened up so much and been so much happier. Can’t you come over and talk it out?” He pleads.

“No, Ashton. I’m done. If he cares he will come and find me.” You say, hanging up the phone. 

You curl up and fall asleep in the empty hotel room. 


//Calum’s POV//

“HELLO CALIFORNIAAAAAAA!” Michael screams, the crowd returning with their own piercing screams. 

“Were so glad to be here tonight and even more glad you people actually came. We were a bit scared nobody would show. But you all look sexy.” Michael jokes, winking. He loved talking to the crowds. I wiped my forehead on my tank top. 

“Yeah, well I cant think of a creative way to introduce this song, so here’s Beside You.” Luke says, Ashton beginning to play the drums. 

I sighed and began to play along, singing when I needed to. 

After the show I walk straight to my bunk and close the curtain, leaving me in complete darkness. I look into the darkness and think about (Y/N). I hadn’t seen her in 3 weeks now. I want to hold her again, to kiss her soft lips and make her laugh when I nuzzle my face in her neck. I want to have her again. I grab my phone and dial her number again, but I cant bring myself to press call. 


//(Y/N) POV//

“Hey baby.” You smile, hugging your boyfriend from behind. 

“Hi.” He turns around and kisses you. 

“Happy Anniversary!” He beams, handing you a little bag. Your jaw drops and you pull out the little jewelry box, opening it to find a diamond necklace. 

“Jack… It’s beautiful…” You gasp, your eyes meeting your boyfriend of a year. 

“Just like you.” He smiles, grabbing your hand. 

After dinner you two went to your favorite little bakery for a cupcake. 

“I think it was the strawberry one..” You look up at the menu, trying to remember your favorite. 

“No, it was the cherry one.” You hear an all too familiar voice call from behind you. You turn around and see Calum, who you haven’t seen in 2 years. 

You stand shocked and Michael walks into the bakery. 

“(Y/N)!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He squeals, running and hugging you, picking you up. Your eyes haven’t lost contact with Calum’s piercing, brown ones. You hug the other boys and then make your way to Calum. 

“I’ve missed you.” He whispers, almost inaudibly into your ear. 

“It’s good to see you.” You said, avoiding his gaze. 

He clears his throat. 

“Guys, this is Jack, my boyfriend.” You say, coughing a bit. Calum looks up at you, his eyes filled with unbearable hurt. 

“Oh, that’s cool. We’re (Y/N)’s best friends.” Ashton says, reaching out his hand. 

Jack takes it and you laugh at him. 

“Why don’t you guys join us?” Jack suggests. They agree and you all take a seat at a table in the little bakery. Calum sits on one side of you and Jack on the other. 

Throughout the night Calum keeps brushing his arm against yours and tapping legs with you. 

“(Y/N), can I talk to you?” Calum asks, after about an hour of chatting. You look up shocked and slightly nod, not knowing what else to do. 

You two step outside. 

“Who is that?” He asks you. 

“That’s Jack, my boyfriend.” You answer. 

“Does he make you happy?” He questions, stepping close to you. 

“Of course he makes me happy, Calum.” You say, a bit offended by the judgement he is giving Jack. 

“Does he make you happy like I made you happy?” He asks, stepping even further, to where your chests were touching. 

“See Calum, that’s just the thing. You made me happy, he makes me happy.” You argue, looking into his eyes fiercely. 

"I can make you happy again, (Y/N).” He says, leaning down to kiss you. His mouth connects with yours, a feeling you have craved ever since that night you left. 

“(Y/N)?!” Jack shrills, making you jump back from Calum. 

“Jack, no this isn’t what you think, we were just, talking, and something, Jack please, no don’t go.” You call, running after the man who was now getting into his car. He rolls down the window when you arrive and grabs the necklace he had recently gifted you and jerks it down, breaking the clasp against your neck. You cry in pain as he sped away, grabbing the back of your neck and sinking to your knees. 

“Come here.” Calum said, wrapping his arms around you. You push him away and stand up. 

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” You yell at him through sobs. 

“(Y/N), I just-” He began. 

“No Calum! This is the second relationship you’ve ruined for me and I’m not letting you ruin another one, just STAY AWAY FROM ME!” You growl, running through the streets to your car. 

Calum stays sitting on the curb, a look of defeat in his eyes, the same look in yours as you grip the steering wheel in your hands and begin to sob uncontrollably.

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I need your opinion . Why would annabeth be scared of percy? Like when she says that in blood of Olympus ? About what happened in Tartarus and that stuff? What did she fear ???

someone could probably explain this better than i could, but if i remember correctly she was afraid of the things he could potentially do with his powers

Updated SU Theme Song
  • Garnet: I will fight for the place where I'm free, to live together and exist as me!
  • Pearl: I will fight in the name of Rose Quartz and everything that she believed in!
  • Amethyst: I will fight for the world I was made in, the Earth is everything I've ever known!
  • Steven: I will fight to be everything that everybody wants me to be when I'm grown!
  • Peridot: I yelled at my boss so she fired me and now I'm stuck here.
vixx as food
  • hakyeon: expensive chocolate: looks too nice to unwrap
  • taekwoon: overcooked pasta w/ cheese: bland but still a family favorite
  • jaehwan: a kids meal: embarrassing to order but you're glad you did
  • wonshik: high end french fries: they're still french fries though
  • hongbin: white bread floating in water: aesthetic
  • sanghyuk: pop rocks: you eat them waiting for the novelty to wear off but it never does and your mouth hurts