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Spoon Boy
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So this is probably the most fun fan thing I have Ever done. This is based off of @qcatter‘s aura fic (which if you haven’t read, please go check it out as it is AWESOME).

“It’s better than mine.  At least your’s is nice to listen to,  Mine sounds like someone kicked a xylophone that was missing a few bars down a stairwell.”

“I thought it sounded like a wind chime.  Made of sea glass. It’s pretty.”

“What ? No! It’s all.” Ritsu waved his hands as if he could catch the words right out of the air.  “It’s… Here.” Ritsu reached for Mob’s hand, paused.  Before grabbing it with a determined look.

 So here’s some Ritsu’s aura sounds 

Okay this is probably nothing, but I’ve been wondering about something.


He said that with the scandal of him being a serial killer he could “break America.” Why America? Why not England? It might just be because America is larger and therefore harder to influence, but I think it’s more than that.

And I also saw a wonderful post (if someone could tag it for me that would be amazing) about how the bomb in The Empty Hearse displayed the time 1:29, the predicted date of The Secret Special, but in England, the date would be written as 29/1.

Now in America, the date is written as 1/29, the month coming first. Of course they could have done this because 2:91 can’t be written on a clock without something being up even to casual viewers, but two random ties to America, one of which completely unnecessary? 

I don’t know. Like I said it’s probably nothing, but better safe than sorry, yeah? 


The Vampire Diaries Season 8 is so disappointing! I can’t believe they made it sound like they were ending the show with a season finale “bang” and all.

First of all, how could they bring back Tyler at the last seconds of 8x03 only to kill him off in the lowest way possible? He was once a very important character even though I wasn’t his biggest fan.

Probably the only nice thing in 8x03 was the unseen footage of Elena drowning in the car/river. They are already 3 episodes into their season finale and I still feel they could’ve done a lot better.

Oh and I JUST have to point out on Damon’s lack of style re: his hair getting worse by the episodes. Someone’s not doing their job –> hello TVD hairstylists 👏🏻

Opposites Attract

Summary: Dan is the school’s bad boy while Phil is the shy nerd who likes to wear flower crowns, and things take a turn when they both end up in detention.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 1,904
Warnings: very slight bullying but nothing too graphic!
Beta: thanks again to @luminescentlester who helped beta this fic! ^__^ <3

A/N: I probably could have done this better but *shrugs* oh well

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Exeggutor Sprite Review

The 10th Pokemon ever programmed. Could have done better. A shorter boy back then, looks bad.  They all look just as confused as I am. Can it get any worse?

Yes, yes it can get worse. They look like they’re in pain and about to do some messed up stuff. Probably just needs a hug but if someone sent this thing out in a Pokemon battle I as scream

Bit of a bigger boy. Expressions still look weird, big lips. The one on the far right looks like that one old meme. Still looks like a bunch of confused coconuts

The one facing you that’s giving you a smile. I guess I appreciate it tying to smile at me in the heat of battle, but still this looks pretty creepy 

They look really scared and confused. What’s wrong eggplant man? 

Oh god that one is animated now. Shaking his head because he doesn’t want to be involved in this shit. Leaf twitch is okay touch be still a little ehhh

Unlike the other back sprite, the egg facing you doesn’t trust you and your decisions.

Doing a little dance! Faces still look a little creepy but they look genuinely happy this time around. Actually kind of cute tbh


They look high. They probably are. Still keeping the leggy up.

Put the leg down and looks like they’re telling you to stop. Will I? No.

Stick the leg up again. Not smiling this time around though except for that smug ass one again on the right. Middle eggo looks concerned.

Kind of wish they kept the leg kick dance one from the animated sprite. But this one does look a little more content and like he’s ready to battle! More of a bouncy dance

Not as bouncy or dancy as it should be. At least he’s swaying but the more energetic bounce is better. 

And finally

L O N G  B O Y

Who's There? + Mayday Mix
  • Who's There? + Mayday Mix
  • Wolf 359

I feel like someone’s probably done this, and probably better than me, but I couldn’t find it?

Spoiler Alert: Don’t listen if you’re not caught up through Episode 30: Mayday

so, me doing audio editing is like a pterodactyl trying to do open heart surgery with a sledgehammer. But I wanted to hear these tracks synced up. Best listened to with headphones, ‘cause in your right ear you’ll hear Who’s There?, and in your left, Mayday

I synced them as well as I could, there was like a twenty-some second discrepancy between them at one point, and again, pterodactyl with a sledgehammer, so. Enjoy?

“John started a relationship with Mary because Sherlock died and he needed someone!!!!”

I will never understand how this can be an argument against john/mary.
John was broken. He lost the most important person of his life and he probably felt guilty, because he could have done more, because maybe he could have avoided his best friend death. Then he meets Mary, who makes him feel better, who helps him and they start a new life, together. Mary isn’t “someone”. Mary isn’t a random woman John had sex with to forget Sherlock. Of course John misses Sherlock. Of course he’s hunted by him and have nightmares. But he has Mary by his side and Mary is someone he actually trusts despite his trust issues: they visit Sherlock’s grave together and John probably talk to her about Sherlock and their friendship and we all know that John desn’t express his feelings that much.

Mary is important, Mary is the person he needed in that moment, Mary was there when no one else was and helped him to not completely fall to pieces.

Yoshimi Itazu’s Commentary on the Creation of End Card 11


#11 “Hibiya Park”

Gamou and Miyoshi

At first, I was only going to draw Miysohi, but the Director gave me some advice, “Why don’t you draw people sitting back to back on the bench.” and so I drew it out.

Since their backs would be facing each other, I thought it would be better if the other person was only distantly related.

For those who’ve been watching this show, you probably expect something each week, so I decided to draw Gamou, someone entirely unexpected.

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For everyone saying that it was wrong for them to pick on the girl in the video, can we just think about the context? That girl is supposed to be the complete bitch that has probably made fun of the girls for ages. They don’t ruin her like, they make her fart! It’s like harmless fun to get their own back on someone that’s made them feel awful. They could have done much worse.

Therefore, they are also not picking on her just to get to the guy they like. They aren’t going against their message, they’re making the point that you can just have some fun and beat the people who are horrid to you. They also walk away from the guy and don’t fall at his feet because hell yes they are better than him.
Also 4 girls, 1 guy? Do the maths.

And if you think for one minute this video is saying you have to be pretty to be attractive to boys, just don’t. When they were geeky mix, look at how they acted. They were shy and awkward and didn’t know how to be themselves. Then they changed into confident girls who felt like they could hold their heads high and were good enough.

So don’t shit on the video because I will argue for it tooth and nail. It has nothing but fun and healthy messages. Even if you don’t think that, the girls can make mistakes like anyone else. They weren’t the director. They didn’t create these situations which may look bad. They just sang the kick ass song and acted beautifully and looked stunning. You can’t argue with that.

reminders for the new school year

((i start my senior year in a week, ahhh)

·         your grades do not define you

·         trying your hardest should be your goal in whatever you do

·         it is okay and normal to be stressed (to a certain degree)

·         it is okay to say “no” to friends when you just want to stay home

·         stay positive!!

·         if you enter a project w/ a negative attitude, your attitude will stay negative

·         drink tons of water!!

·         Google Drive should be your best friend

·         Google Calendar is a great app to stay organized

·         write down your homework immediately

·         it is never too late to try something new

·         do not beat yourself up unless you KNOW you could have done better

·         someone is probably in the same situation you are in

·         high school goes by so quickly

·         wash your face two times a day

·         your hard work WILL pay off someday

·         do not apply to a college you know you won’t be happy at (something I am constantly telling myself)

·         be involved in your school/community

·         you will never know unless you try

·         music/dance parties by yourself are great stress relievers

·         find your passion and actually work towards it

·         do not ignore your teachers when they’re lecturing

·         a friendship can start with a simple hello

·         It is okay to be selfish and independent (again to a certain degree)

·         Netflix is great but limit yourself on school nights (binge watching Grey’s Anatomy can be done on the weekend)

·         make a spreadsheet for college application process, and for scholarships