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Dear Evan Hansen QnA
  • Does anybody have a map: What hopes do you have for the future?
  • Waving through a window: When do you feel most alone?
  • For forever: What would be- in your opinion -the perfect day?
  • Sincerely me: Write a letter to someone you wish you were friends with.
  • Requiem: What's something you want to remember, and something you wish you could forget?
  • If I could tell her: Write something you wish you could tell someone but probably never will without any context.
  • Disappear: Have you ever wanted to be invisible and why?
  • You will be found: The most uplifting thing someone has ever done for/to you?
  • To break in a glove: Name one thing you never opened/used
  • Only us: Is it better to tune out the world or work with it?
  • Good for you: When did you feel the most guilty and why?
  • Words fail: Whats something you wish you hadn't done?
  • So big/so small: Name your favorite bonding moment with one/both of your parents.
  • Finale: Name a turning point in your life.
  • [BOUNUS]:
  • The most amazing trees: What's your favorite tree?
  • You scribble stars on the cuffs of your jeans: Name something you do when you're bored.
  • Tap tap tapping on the glass: Name one way you would try to get someones attention.
  • So you got what you always wanted: Name something you wanted badly but once you got it you wished you hadn't worked so hard for it.
  • All we see is sky, for forever: Whats something that makes you smile every time you see it?

Lardo gives Nursey her dibs. Dex gets Ransom and Holster’s. It’s… unexpected. The attic was for d-men pairs, it fit two people just fine. It was tradition. Just two weeks prior to them revealing their decisions, Shitty had been over, ranting about the legacy of the d-man attic.

“It’s been an established institution since Davey Smith and Jordan McIntyre of the class of ‘02!” Shitty had said. “It has fostered camaraderie in the Samwell Men’s Hockey team for over a decade!” Then he started crying, though that might have been because of the alcohol and the nearing end of his first year at law school.

Individually, Nursey and Dex both assumed that they’d get the attic and Lardo would give her dibs to someone else on the team, maybe even Ford after all the works she’s done this semester. Neither was particularly happy about it, because though they get along much better now, they’re still very different people and living in the same room would probably not go over too well. But they had accepted it as a thing.

They shared rooms on as many roadies as they could, for practice, and Nursey slept in Dex’s dorm whenever his roommate was occupying their dorm by screwing his girlfriend. Dex stopped leaving piles of books on his own desk, thinking that he’d have to share a desk with Nursey next year and knowing that Nursey needed space to write. Nursey stopped throwing clothes on the floor after he took them off, because he knew that Dex hated a messy floor and that, at one A.M. after a night compsci-ing his way into an early grave, Dex would be too tired to pay attention to where he was walking.

However subconsciously, they both thought that they’d be sharing the attic in their junior year. It was a given. Though they knew it wouldn’t be easy, they had expected it.

And now…

They won’t say that they’re disappointed, because they shouldn’t be; they’ll be living in the Haus, with Chowder and Bitty, and they won’t have to pay for off-campus housing or deal with wacky roommates. They’re included; they were given dibs. And living together would have incited daily fights, probably. So they’re not disappointed. They’re not. They can’t be.

But, well.

“Congrats, man,” Nursey says, smiling easily at Dex as he enters the Haus kitchen. Bitty stands at the stove, making something for dinner and chatting with Jack on Skype. “On your dibs,” Nursey clarifies when Dex seems confused.

“Oh. Oh yeah.” Dex shrugs, smiling weakly. “I got the bigger room,” he says competitively. Nursey grins back.

“At least I don’t have to climb all of those stairs.”

“You could use the cardio,” Dex shoots back.

“Yeah, well, you don’t need all that space.” It’s too cutting, too pointed, too cruel for what they’ve built out of the animosity of last year. Nursey looks away, guilty, but he wouldn’t have recognized the expression on Dex’s face even if he hadn’t. Nursey has never seen what Dex’s face looks like when he agrees with something.

Picture Purrfect

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Marinette’s pencil brushed lightly across the page as she shaded the sketch of Chat Noir, sitting casually on her balcony’s railing.

“How’s it going?” he asked.  She wasn’t sure how he managed to stay so still, in the same pose, without altering his expression.

“Almost done.”  Catching the pencil in her teeth, she rubbed at the graphite with her thumb to blend it better.  "Just need the last few touches on the background.“

"How do you do that?”  The cat was definitely curious.

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Care to explain to me how McHanzo came to be? 'Cause I don't get it...

Between you and me, I’m not sure how it took off. I think it started as a small group of people who liked how they looked together (in an aesthetic aspect) and thought they’d make a cute couple, but I don’t know for sure. However, it’s become more than just, “These two guys look super hot together omg!” and I know a lot of people who look beyond the fact they’re both attractive, older men.

Personally, it was never on my radar when I first bought the game and got into the fandom. Somehow, one of my sister’s mutuals on here had reblogged an invite link to a McHanzo Discord server and told me, “Hey, look, people ship McCree and Hanzo. Weird, right?” and at that point, just for the hell of it, I said, “Can you text me the link?” and I joined the server just to check it out (and to spite my sister when she questioned if I even liked McHanzo, which I took as a challenge). As soon as I started looking into their backstories and understanding who they are as individuals, I realized they were two pieces of the same puzzle. 

Nowadays, people like myself enjoy the ship because of the dynamic and the potential they have. McCree and Hanzo both have rocky pasts and a whole lot of baggage that weighs them down. They’ve got sins that just won’t let them be, they’ve got a love for alcohol, and they’re a little rough around the edges. When put together, they could provide emotional support and stability for one another, seeing as that they’ve both done things they’re not proud of and probably need someone to talk it out with. Who better to vent to than someone your age who’s been dealt a shitty card in life too?

You’ll see different interpretations of McHanzo everywhere you look, but the core of it all is that if given the chance, they could be really good for one another. They both need someone who can relate to the shit they’ve seen in life, who won’t judge them for what they’ve done, and I think they’d find that in each other.

You know how we aren’t sure why Jackie trust Hyde so easily since season 1, always going to him when she’s feeling blue? Here’s a headcanon for you all.

After she discovered who cut her hair in Cheerleading Camp, Jackie tries her best to continue her life as if nothing had happened. If someone asked why she cut her hair, she answered with a big smile, saying she needed a change. 

But when the girl comes back from camp and they run into each other at the pool, Jackie gets burned by her and her cliqué so easily, it’s something to feel second hand embarrasment for.

While crying near the boy’s bathroom, someone asks her if she’s okay or if she needs help. When she looks up, a very wet Steven Hyde is leaning towards her face with no apparent expression.

Jackie tries to explain but she’s still crying and he can’t understand a single word she’s saying. So he sits down and puts a hand on her back, like there-there, and waits for her to calm a little. 

When she’s done, he asks again if she needs something. Jackie shooks her head and he asks if it has something to do with her hair. Everyone knows about her hair.

“It was Rachel.” She says. It probably means nothing to him but it kind of makes her feel better to have someone listening to her.

“Okay,” he says and makes sure she is fine before leaving her.

Jackie thinks that’s nice, and lets it go.

Later, Rachel comes to her yelling something about how could she tell someone like Hyde what had happened during camp, that her image is now ruined because everyone thinks she’s a bad person. Jackie doesn’t know what is happening, but they hear Hyde’s voice as he walks towards them.

“You let that girl alone, Rachel. Or maybe you’ll wake up without any hair on that shitty head of yours.”, he says. Everyone hears it and everyone laughs, and peace comes to Jackie once classes start.

None of them ever talked about it, she never got to thank him properly. It was a little disappoining that he didn’t like her when she started to date Kelso, but once they are older and together, she tells him that’s why she always felt safe with him.

Because even without knowing her at all, he decided to stand for her when she more needed a friend.

I can’t believe I almost didn’t watch Beauty and the Beast bc of Tumblr. Because I’ve seen it today and there isn’t a single thing about it I didn’t love (except maybe for the cheesy pop version of Beauty and the Beast in the credits)

I’ve never seen so much (absolutely unjustified) pettiness surrounding a movie that hasn’t even come out yet??
Like ”The dress looks shit” “LeFou is no proper gay representation” “Luke Evans is not beefy enough to be Gaston” “lmao singing more like autotune” “Why didn’t they cast someone who can sing as Belle” I could go on

If I see this “look at how stupid the dress looks” post ONE MORE TIME I’m going to scream into my pillow for a very long time. Like, if you know a thing or two about sewing you can see it certainly isn’t cheap and wasn’t made by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Yeah it’s not the infamous ball gown, but Emma Watson explicitly said that she wanted to be able to move freely in this dress and you can’t really do that in a ball gown and corset, can you.
Also, if you actually bother to not judge the dress by one still you’ll see that it was probably sewn to look absolutely stunning when it’s moving. Because it does. 
“But even cosplayers could have done it better” And I bet that the Disney costume designers could have made an equally pretty dress, but try to put one of these cosplayers on a horse. Or make them dance for what is probably hours until the producers have enough takes they’re satisfied with.

Tl;dr: Stop calling the dress ugly and cheap, because it is not. 

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I've been an SM for 4yrs & find socialising very difficult. I'm very friendly but I tend to keep to myself. Pple invite me to things & I always politely decline (I don't even join for opening night drinks). Everyone says that succeeding in this industry has a lot to do with ur connections & because of my social anxiety, I rarely make any. I love my job so much& I'm the type of person who lives to work. I worry my career won't last. Do u think s/b like me could ever have a long/successful career?

The short answer is: yes. You can absolutely have a long and successful career in this industry as someone who has difficulty socializing. However, it would be EXTREMELY difficult to have such a career as someone who NEVER networks. 

As somebody with an anxiety disorder, I hear this in a huge way. I don’t want to spend any more time with most of these people than I have to, and I am often in desperate need of some alone time to recharge and it’s not worth shoving through bodies to get an over priced, watered down whiskey by myself, followed by the inevitable overheating and being shoved around or awkwardly standing near a conversation instead of being part of one. It’s always too loud, too many people, too expensive, too sweaty, and I’m too tired to deal with it. I never want to put in the effort to look nice. And even when I do go, I’m too clumsy to say anything ingratiating, and too proud to kiss anyone’s ass. I’m pretty terrible at talking myself up. In fact, without someone else with me I usually forget to talk about me. I’m bad at networking and it doesn’t get me a lot of job offers. However, the offers I do get are because I’m a pretty good engineer, and I’d rather have those offers than ones purely fueled by name recognition and a glass of wine. 

Is it considerably easier to get jobs by being good at networking? Sure, for a time, but no matter how well you schmooze, you’ve eventually got to be able to back it up with your skills or technical knowledge. It’s almost machiavellian in a way. It is better to be good at your job than good at schmoozing if both cannot be attained. 

Yes, this industry is about connections and networking, but the leg work of that isn’t entirely done at the bar or party. Do good work. Be the best damn stage manager you can be. If you prove that you can get the job done, then the people around you will probably take notice. When they hear someone needs a stage manager, any one of them could drop your name. Be additionally vigilant and proactive when jobs become available. Apply and stretch out. Grow your network in the work place. 

Some times you absolutely have to put the time in, though. Putting in a brief appearance at opening and closing parties is smart, if not necessary. If you can power through 10 minutes of it, congratulate the director, producer, etc. and make sure they know your name (or at least hear it) you stand a better chance at being rehired, being offered additional contracts that they control, or of them recognizing your name when you apply for some other gig. 

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back {S.M}

non-requested// blurb based off of Shawn’s new single, “there’s nothing holdin’ me back”

author’s note// im shooketh shawn’s new song has given me my will to live back someone 2pifhiwuqehfkjwefhckjuwe it is just so ding dang good!!!! 


She was just a little bit.. Rambunctious may be the correct word. She was everything Shawn had wanted in life and more. He had meet hundreds upon hundreds of girls, but there were none that even held a candle to her. She was beautiful, but not the kind of beautiful that all of the other girls were. She was the kind of beautiful that was that she was so herself that it was impossible not to stop and stare. As she was dancing at that random club he had stopped in while on tour, he felt his heart fall hard and fast. It seemed absolutely ridiculous, love at first sight, but her long black hair flying, her dark arms waving above her head, she didn’t care at all who saw her. 

So of course he had to talk to her. Of course he had to know this beautiful girl’s name. This was just the start of her completely controlling him. The first known instance of Shawn throwing away his inhibitions for this girl. He pushed himself into the crowd, making his way towards her as fast as he possibly could. 

“You like this song?” He asked, awkwardly bopping. He wasn’t much of a ‘dance like there’s nobody there’ type of person. But she obviously was, because she saw him, she may have even recognized who he was, and she continued to flail around loosely to the beat of the song, answering his question with a simple;

“I’ve never heard it before.” He was so drawn to her. He wanted to go wherever she went, he wanted to always be with her. 

Oh, and he made sure that happened.

After she got tired enough to go get a drink, he followed her. 

“Following me?” She had smirked, turning around for just a moment, continuing to walk towards the bar. 

“I’m sorry I ju-” She turned around completely, completely stopping to face him, a grin plastered on her face. 

“Just come sit with me, okay?” And that was it. He was hooked. He was addicted. From that moment on, he took her everywhere. Tour, home, everywhere you could imagine and then some. It’s like every last little bit of sense that was in his brain was shaken out violently. He didn’t care, as long as he was with her. The news had horrible headlines, showing Shawn getting blackout drunk with her, and being rude to fans, and much worse. Of course, he didn’t care. He loved it more than anything when she totally threw caution to the wind and did whatever the hell she wanted. There was nothing holding her back, and he loved it so much. He loved her so much. She made him happy, she made him feel more alive than he ever had before. She made preforming much better, before every single show he had she would always tell him “just imagine everyone naked!” It was one of the most cliche things you could tell someone to get rid of nerves, but it worked. It may have not even been the verbal encouragement that helped, it was probably just the fact that she was there, watching him. It was wonderful, they were so happy. Shawn had done things he had never imagined and she taught him to stop caring about what everyone else thought. She helped him learn to be more alive. It would have been better if he taught her how to dial it down, maybe realize the opinions of others matter just a little, and there are people always watching especially when you are in the public eye. 

Of course, they took things too far eventually. Shawn’s career was going downhill. He could barely sell his albums to where they needed to break even. It wasn’t the music, all of his music and songs were inspired by her, they were crazy and loving and passionate. But they saw all he was doing. They saw his “crazy girlfriend”. They saw that he cut all meet and greets because she asked him to. He didn’t even bat an eye doing whatever she wanted. Deep down, he knew that it wasn’t good. He knew that they would get out of control, their love would spiral out of control to an almost catastrophic point. They had lost their minds, completely. They took it way too far. 

But he didn’t care. He had her. He loved her more than he loved anyone in this world. She meant the world and more to him. He was under the impression that if he had her his life would be completely okay. He thought that she was the only thing that mattered. 

Maybe he was right, maybe he wasn’t. The only thing he really knew was that he loved her. 

author’s note// hey hey hey i love shawn mendes more than i love myself okay have a good night!!! also sorry this was short!! i really kinda like it tho!!!

Beg For It (M)

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: namjoon  x reader

word count: 2.6k
request: I’m so thirsty rn please do sub!namjoon with orgasm denial and blindfolds and all the other kink shit you can think off I’ll love you forever
a/n: oh shit man… Namjoon wasn’t exactly sub here but yeah I hope you like it anyway

⚠️ smut warning ⚠️

“What are you doing?” You ask, voice harsh as it fills the quiet room. You look down at Namjoon, frowning slightly as he tries to move his arms from the ties that are around. “Baby, I told you not to move. Why are you moving?”

Namjoon doesn’t answer, he only calms his actions down as he watches you walk round to the side of the bed that he was furthest from. You can hear his shallow breathing but it doesn’t change what you’re doing – you had a plan and it was going to be exacted whether Namjoon liked it or not.

He looked up at you, his eyes darkened. You may have feared that look if you were the one in his position, but you weren’t tonight. “Princess, what are you doing?”

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Okay, I saw your rant about MiyuSawa and I will LOVE to add on to that, because I’ve recently fell into this fandom Hell and I RP with my bestie as Miyuki, so I have a LOT to say about Miyuki’s personality, too. (I know that post was a month ago, but recently, fics and comments people made about Miyuki bothers me so much, I have to rant about it now, too.)

First of all?? I absolutely??? DESPISE it when people make Miyuki like a bad guy?? Like, yes, he makes mistakes and tends to be insensitive, but you also gotta see where he’s coming from, because Miyuki grew up on his own. The flashback of him eating alone, the picture of him and his parents when he was a baby, his mother either passed away or left them, his dad focused on work, not to mentioned he was bullied when he was younger (though, it didn’t fazed him).

He’s not a very open person and it’s probably hard for him to be open to anyone? But him having someone like Kuramochi to read him, his pitchers slowly understanding him, his personality becomes more understandable as habits are being picked up. Not to mention, he DOES reflect back when he’s notices he’s done something wrong.

He’s even admitted he’s not at comforting people, i.e. the time Sawamura had the yips and had to ask Chris-senpai for help and talk to Sawamura. So if he was evil to begin with, he wouldn’t gone out his way to help Sawamura get better.


Please, guys, Miyuki Kazuya is NOT a controlling asshole?? I honestly see him as this man who’s not really good at expressing his true emotions/take those emotions and use them as motivation to do BETTER. I remember reading on his wiki how people complained that he’s personality isn’t well developed, that he got away with the mistakes he’s made as a captain, but I feel like that’s what makes him better and what pushes the team to do their best as well.


I hope you don’t mind me posting this @astralvirus and if you want it taken down just message me, but I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me. It always feels good knowing people feel the same! The post I made was a while ago, but I think the content is still relevant. Thanks again!

Two Worlds Part Six: John Laurens x Alexander Hamilton’s Sister Reader

In collaboration with: @desperatepenguin722

Word Count: 1140

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five

A/N: Just, keep reading everyone. This one’s fluffy. 

Alex nodded and left just as John walked in. John greeted Alex before he left, then sat down next to you and kissed your cheek. “Hey babe,” he said with an easy, nonchalant feeling. You, on the other hand, were completely tense.

You put a hand on his, mostly to feel his touch and comfort yourself. “Hey, listen, there’s something we need to talk about.”

“Hey before you start, can I say something really quick?” He asked with a slight smile. You searched his eyes, looking for any sort of worry, but he just seemed sad.

“Um, yeah sure, of course,” you replied, surprised.

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Harry Styles - Fame Imagine - Part Three

[Part One and Part Two]

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I would love to see the three of them bonding down in Tony's workshop playing with the bots.

Tony felt like he should have seen this coming somehow. He had worked for weeks to get Steve to bring Bucky to the workshop so that he could look at his arm. He hadn’t really understood why Steve had been so reluctant. Sure, Bucky had been a little unnerved by JARVIS for the first few weeks he was at the tower, but they’d gotten along great ever since then. And the tech that he kept in his mechanics workshop was way different than JARVIS, thank-you-very-much.

Eventually Steve relented, and Tony was practically vibrating with excitement as he led the two of them downstairs, ready to get down to business and build a bionic arm…

When Dum-E found them.

And now Tony was relegated to a corner while Bucky cooed over the bots.

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Adam Sackler x Reader

Apologies in advance if your name is Ashley, or if you don’t like your eggs flipped.

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 (end)

In the most sincere way possible, Adam Sackler was a weirdo. Meeting Adam was kind of like being introduced to an asshole of a house cat who could talk; he pretty much ignored you when you were around, and the only person he was at all affectionate with was his girlfriend, Hannah. Hannah had spoken to you, in great detail, about their tumultuous relationship, and you honestly wouldn’t have believed it if it was someone else telling the story; it was surprising that they were still together at all.

But then she decided to go to Iowa, probably breaking his heart. See, you did a lot of observing and not much talking, and although Adam seemed like a total puzzle, you could see how attached he was to her, and it almost hurt you in kind to think that he’d be so alone. It’s not like anyone else liked him.

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also quick story about a really nice nonverbal interaction i had with someone on console overwatch

i was playing reaper and i was down to maybe like a third health??? so i pull back to this large health pack, but it was respawning, so i kinda just sat there and waited, knowing that if an enemy pushed in i could probably take a hit or two and still have time to smoke out

so it’s almost back but then this tracer blinks in and she’s got like maybe a sliver of health left, but she sees me waiting and she stops and just sorta looks at me. the health pack respawned and neither of us moved for a second, but i knew that one more hit and she’d be done and i probably had a better chance of escape than she did if someone went after me

so i look at her really pointedly, then look at the health pack, then back to her, trying to say like, “go ahead, you first” and she gets the picture, grabs the health pack, and before she blinks out she stops right in front of me, says thank you, and then zips off

and idk it was such a nice interaction you have a good one tracer i met on console

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Harry comes across so much better in person as well. He's someone so charismatic and just has this Way about him that comes across tenfold in person as opposed to social media. The weeklong stint on lls was probably one of the best things he could have done- it showed off the wittiness and personality that most celebs try to get across on social media except it was broadcasted further than his Instagram ever would be. Really it's a lesson to all the concern trolls I think.


Spoon Boy
Spoon Boy

So this is probably the most fun fan thing I have Ever done. This is based off of @qcatter‘s aura fic (which if you haven’t read, please go check it out as it is AWESOME).

“It’s better than mine.  At least your’s is nice to listen to,  Mine sounds like someone kicked a xylophone that was missing a few bars down a stairwell.”

“I thought it sounded like a wind chime.  Made of sea glass. It’s pretty.”

“What ? No! It’s all.” Ritsu waved his hands as if he could catch the words right out of the air.  “It’s… Here.” Ritsu reached for Mob’s hand, paused.  Before grabbing it with a determined look.

 So here’s some Ritsu’s aura sounds
Billy, Dex, Will

I wrote a thing y'all. Read it here or over on ao3 with the link above!

Warnings for some canon-typical cursing and drinking, referenced homophobia, discussion of anxiety and a panic attack (it’s pretty mild though and it’s over fast and goes right into fluffy confessions), and overuse of the word bro

“Hey Bits?”

Bitty obviously hadn’t heard Dex come in over the music currently blasting in the kitchen (Crazy In Love), and jumped at the sound of his voice. No one else was home yet, but Jack and Shitty were coming over soon.

“Dex, sweetheart, you nearly gave me a heart attack!” Bitty gasped as he fiddled with the Bluetooth speakers on the counter. Once Beyoncé wasn’t as loud, Dex could actually hear himself think.

Apparently, so could Bitty, because he took one good look at the redhead and turned the music all the way off.

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1,2,6,14,16 for Ui and Furuta please 💗

time to write about the fruit man bureau chief


  • He might have a little experience, but he tends to focus more on his work than relationships. He does think about those things sometimes, though.
  • Probably a minimal amount, because of the few relationships he’s been in. He’d be up to learning how it was done properly if he was going steady with someone.
  • Ui has trouble sleeping most nights. He lies awake thinking about his life, wondering if he could be doing something better. Especially during :Re, since he’s lost pretty much everything. Even when sleep does come to him at last, it’s filled with the faces of those who died around him.
  • He doesn’t mind PDA, as long as it’s modest. There’s no such thing as kissing in crowded places, though he won’t object to it in a park or another quiet place.
  • Voice-wise, Ui is in the tenor range, but he doesn’t like to sing unless it’s to annoy someone. His skills are undeveloped, to say the least, so most of his friends are grateful for that.


  • More than Ui, since he enjoys playing with people. He’s been in a few relationships, but mainly to study those he was with. He likes manipulating their emotions to see what happens.

  • Again, a bit. He has to make the relationship seem real to properly mess with his partner.
  • Who says he sleeps much? Furuta spends most nights relaxing out of everyone else’s way. If he sleeps, it’s not for long, but he won’t wake up for anything but himself. He sleeps like the dead.
  • If it gets him something he wants? Definitely. Whether it be the affections of his partner or a new game to play, he’ll hold hands, kiss, and anything else he wants in public.
  • His voice is in a mid-alto range, and is surprisingly good. It’s a blessing to hear the man sing, but he prefers not to unless, again, there is some kind of personal gain.