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Title: the flowers grow after the brambles, so just keep gardening
Fandom/pairing: gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, mayumiko
Words: 7136
Warnings: descriptions of anxiety & dissociation, but it’s intended as a light read
Summary: Nozaki makes a discovery, Mikorin panics for several hot minutes, Sakura continues to be a concerned parent, and Mayu remains unfazed.


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colorsraging  asked:

I just started the game not long ago and I found u're blog and that is where I basically spend my night now!😂🤗(i love u're posts) I haven't read all of the posts, but I hope you did not have this one yet: what if the RFA members (+V+Saeran) get told that MC likes them. How would they respond? (to make it more interesting you could maybe add the fact that they are in high school and MC told them on a break)

I was dying to answer this because I wanted to say a big thank you. You don’t even know how this helped me when I was feeling a little down, now I’m happy again! I’m very grateful for those kind words!
This is going to be so fun to write! I really hope you like it and thank you for your request!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!

Any mistakes, report to me
My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request.


  • You’ve been liking this little cutie for some time now
  • It’s time to tell him
  • He’s one of your good friends, you two hang out a lot
  • People already thought that you two was a couple
  • When someone asked about this, Yoosung was so red
  • But the weird part comes when you say that you two aren’t a couple, the guy that asked said “Well, good to know you’re single”
  • You swear to god that you see death and anger in Yoosung eyes.
  • You’re a little nervous when you walk to Yoosung during lunch break
  • He’s red when he looked at you, you don’t know why again
  • You sit down next to him after greeting him
  • “Uh… Y-Yoosung, I have something to tell you”
  • You said already red and he gives you an awkward smile
  • “F-Funny. I have something to tell you too”
  • What a weird coincidence
  • “But you can go first”
  • He said, smiling, damn Yoosung
  • If he’s going to tell me about some girlfriend? About someone he likes? You’re going to look like a clown
  • “I-I….”
  • You’re lost in your own words, nervous about this, blushing like crazy
  • “I like you Yoosung..”
  • He starts to get red too, opening his mouth, but after that, he just smiles
  • “My turn..”
  • He got closer to you a little embarrassed too
  • “I like you MC”
  • Oh!
  • Things will be interesting!


  • Zen’s that guy every girl wants to date
  • They would hide in somewhere just to see him without his shirt on
  • Even if he always takes out his shirt
  • But he’s your friend too, and you have a little crush on him too
  • It’s better for you to confess your feeling to him, like this he’ll reject you, and you’ll move on
  • During the break, you’ve tried your hardest to make him come with you, for some privacy
  • He says “Wait for me guys” for his friends 
  • And some girls
  • When you two are walking to some place that was empty
  • Some thoughts come into your head again
  • He’s the most handsome boy in the school, have a lot of beautiful girls trying to date him, but you never seem him with any of these girls, he’s a romantic guy
  • You’re the only girl he’s a friend
  • And this makes you happy
  • When you two are alone, you are shaking a little, because you’re nervous
  • “MC… Are you alright? You don’t need to say it if you don’t want to..We can get back to–”
  • He’s taken by surprise, he widened his eyes
  • “…You what?”
  • You look at him, you started to think this was not a good idea
  • “…Me?”
  • He doesn’t seem to believe it, which is weird, he’s always saying that was “normal to people like him”
  • “I’m angry.”
  • The worst happens, he’s angry at you, you probably will lose his friendship too
  • While you were thinking about all of this, Zen got closer to you and puts one hand on your cheek
  • “I wanted to confess first”
  • You’re taken by surprised by this
  • And for the kiss that he gives to you after that


  • The two of you are friend for a pretty long time now
  • She is just so perfect, you can’t help don’t fall in love
  • And this feeling is crushing you
  • You don’t even know if she likes girls
  • But you have to tell her all about this
  • Or you will die in your own thoughts
  • She was in the library, .. Doing her homework
  • That was to be finished until next month, and she was already finishing it
  • Jaehee, this is a break
  • “Hey… Jaehee, I need to tell you something..”
  • “I’m a little busy right now MC”
  • You sigh, you’re a little sad by this, she just puts her pencil down and look at you
  • “I’m not busy anymore, you can tell”
  • Ok, the moment you were waiting for arrived
  • You two were talking really low because of the place you two are
  • Because of this she can’t scream angrily at you
  • This is good
  • “Jaehee… I like you”
  • You speak even lower than before
  • Even speaking like you’re whispering, looks like she listened
  • She looks surprised, she picks up her pencil and starts to write again
  • When you sigh, preparing to get up
  • She holds one of your hands with her free hand.
  • You two were girl friends
  • Now you are girlfriends
  • Yep, I’m starting to turn into Seven
  • Save me


  • This was going to be tough
  • This was going to be a nightmare
  • This guy doesn’t even have any friends, you’re the only one
  • He’s always ruining someone’s happiness
  • But how the two of you are friends? Not even you know.
  • Jumin’s a little stubborn, but he’s very sweet with you.
  • Maybe because you’re his only friend
  • You’ve fallen for him.
  • Not because of his health like most of those girls, seems you’ve fallen for him because of who he really are
  • You’ve seen the true Jumin Han
  • Some people in this school doesn’t think Jumin can smile, but you already seemed it
  • You laugh at his jokes, listened to those cat talks
  • Everything
  • During the break, he was alone, like always
  • You always sit beside him and looks like he is guarding your usual place
  • He wants you there
  • You sit beside him, greeting him
  • He smiled at you, ready to show you some cute cat pictures
  • “Wait…I have something to tell you”
  • He loses that smile on his face, you’re nervous, trembling
  • Is not because you’re his only friend that he would be angry at you that you messed up everything
  • He’s young and extraordinary
  • You’re just young and ordinary
  • You’ve seen him rejects a lot of women
  • You’re nervous because of that
  • He’s so cold, you don’t think he would forgive you for this
  • But you have to confess your feelings for him
  • “I have been liking you for some ti–”
  • You’re interrupted with a kiss, you’re so surprised by this that you don’t even move
  • When he stopped kissing you, he just smiles
  • “I’m waiting for this for a long time now… Now you’re all mine”
  • You just can’t help but smile
  • And he kisses you again
  • But this time, you kissed him back


  • He’s so funny and sweet
  • You can’t help that you like this dork
  • He’s pranking everyone around the school so you don’t think he has a lot of friends
  • But enemies?
  • People want to get their revenge
  • But they never seem to get him 
  • God 707 is never going to be caught
  • You love all about him, you laugh so much about his jokes and his pranks
  • You like him, and you’ll tell him about this
  • You’re walking around the school, looking for him
  • He must have been hiding after doing some prank with someone that is the twice his size
  • He can’t fight with anybody because he’s laughing so much about the prank that he can’t concentrate on punching someone’s nose
  • When you’re walking, someone pulls you to a room
  • It’s him
  • You’re so close to him right now
  • “I…I was looking for you, I have something to tell you..!”
  • “You can tell, after that, I’ll tell you what I’ve done to the principal office”
  • He says, laughing, you can’t help but smile
  • You will not wait for him to stop laughing, he’ll never stop
  • “I like you Seven…”
  • The color of your face, it’s the same color of his hair
  • He stops laughing almost instantly
  • But after some time he starts to laugh again
  • “MC are you trying to prank me? This one was good”
  • “I’M SERIOUS!”
  • He stops laughing again
  • “You know MC…I  told you that my dream was marrying in a space station, but it isn’t”
  • You don’t know why he is changing the subject
  • “…It isn’t?”
  • “No…My dream is marrying in a space station with you.”
  • He smiles
  • You two gets off of there, holding each other hand
  • And after that, you run together from some people
  • Good ending?


  • How couldn’t you don’t like this man?
  • By the way, I love him
  • Rika is not in this history
  • Thank god
  • He’s so social, gentle, everybody in this school likes him
  • He’s always taking photos of the school environment, even the principal likes him
  • He’s friend with everybody
  • But you’re a good friend, which means that he’s always giving you more attention
  • Sometimes is hard to talk to him because everybody wants to talk to him
  • Popular
  • During a break, you see him sitting alone
  • Is this a miracle?
  • You run to him, you have the chance to tell him about your feeling
  • You don’t think V would be angry at you with this, even if he doesn’t like you, he’ll be calm about this
  • Because of this, you’re not that nervous
  • “V..I have something very important to tell you”
  • He keeps looking at you, waiting, with all his attention
  • This makes you nervous right now, but you can’t lose this rare opportunity
  • “I like you V…”
  • He seems a little paralyzed at first, but after a few seconds he gives you a big smile
  • “ I like you too MC!”
  • You smiled back, and he gives you a short kiss, taking a photo of it with his camera
  • After that, he looks at the photo and he smiles
  • “This is my favorite photo ever!”


  • Here we go
  • He hates everybody
  • You’re his friend, his only friend
  • But maybe he hates you too?Idk
  • When he compliments you, he gets red and then insults you
  • You don’t understand this man
  • But you don’t understand you either, for liking him
  • Are you a masochist?
  • Maybe
  • But you’ll tell him the truth
  • At the break, he’s looking around, probably looking for you
  • Cute
  • When he sees you, he just stopped looking around, and try to disguise the fact that he was looking for you
  • You greet him, and he just says a cold “Hi”
  • You’re already used to this, didn’t, but this time, this cold greeting make you a little bit uncertain about telling him
  • So you didn’t tell him
  • Until he was talking about ice cream, you love his passion for ice cream
  • “This is why I have feelings for you”
  • You say laughing, but when you realize what you just said, you widened your eyes
  • He’s redder than his hair
  • “S-Saeran… I…”
  • You don’t even have time to finish, he runs away
  • What have you done?
  • The other day, on the break, you were sitting by yourself 
  • But then you hear someone call you, more almost whispering
  • It was Saeran.
  • When you looked at him, his face is red again
  • “…Would you go with me to eat some ice cream..?”
  • You smiled
  • “Is this a date?”
  • His face got even redder
  • “M-Maybe..”
  • Yeah, it was a date.

anonymous asked:

I haven't been on in a while so I missed a lot of the Flash posts and just wondering about the WestAllen scenes and what you think of them? Especially when Barry lies and says he doesn't like her that way and when he actually admits it and she says nothing and cries and also the final scene with them when Barry talks to Eddie and says he's happy for them and when she looks back at him after barry is laughing with the others?

Oh I’m so happy someone is finally asking me my thoughts on those WestAllen scenes!! I’ve seen so many great posts made by others which I totally agreed with but since you asked so nicely how could I refuse to answer? :)

First lets start with Barry, okay you gotta remember his reaction the moment Iris told Barry what Eddie had said [about his possible feelings for her] was shock. Its his personal private thoughts and feelings; despite EVERYONE in his life knowing these feelings [Felicity, Joe, Oliver, Wells, Caitlin, his dad and Cisco] no one else has come forward and brought this to his attention. He thinks he’s totally oblivious to the world when it comes to how much in love he is with Iris when in reality its as clear as day [I would say even Iris’s fellow Jitters waitresses know about WestAllen the way that one girl asked where Barry was in 1x06 and admitted he was kinda cute]. Barry wears his heart on his sleeve so when someone suddenly notices he’s in the love bubble he immediately gets shy, embarrassed, scared, guilt ridden and his cheeks go bright red; what follows of course is the obvious defense mechanism.

Remember when Joe told him he knew and Barry was so flustered and surprised that the only thing he could think to ask [which was obviously lame] was “is it that obvious?" The same thing happened with Felicity on the train “how did you know?” and I mean he really walked into that one. First of all its one thing to think you can fool the father of the girl you love who also raised you, its another to think you can fool someone who’s in the same boat as you when it comes to being in love with a person you can’t have. Even when Oliver confronted him, he blushed and was taken aback. In all these moments Barry subtly tried to pretend these people were wrong, his awkward responses was proof of it because its coming from his own disbelief. He’s thinking “Iris doesn’t notice me and we’ve practically been together 24/7 for 14 years so how the heck do these people notice?!”  I mean its written all over his face in the way he looks at her. I’m sure if he had a mirror in front of him during those moments he’d see how thoroughly transparent he is.

So when Barry told Iris that Eddie was wrong I don’t think it was about him lying to her [even though technically he did again]. It was more like he couldn’t believe the man who is with the girl he loves notices what Joe, Felicity and others have seen; which is absolutely humiliating for him. It’s bad enough Iris is the only one blind to Barry’s love but to have your romantic rival see right through you? Yah that probably bruised his ego a little. So instead of admitting to it [because Barry does not want to acknowledge Eddie’s assumptions are correct for obvious reasons] he let out an awkward chuckle and countered the truth with a white lie. He did it for two reasons:

1. As much as he loves Iris Barry DOES NOT want to be responsible for ruining her happiness or be a home-wrecker. I’m sure there is some part of him that can’t stand Eddie [actually we saw this in Flarrow when Barry became a rage!monster and attacked him] but he acknowledges that this man makes Iris happy [at least that’s what it looks like on the surface]. Barry loves Iris too much to ever stand in the way of her happiness, he’d rather die first before letting ANY harm come to her.

2. He told her that white lie because again it came from a place of shock, disbelief, humiliation, fear, guilt. She really caught him off guard in that moment and you have to remember this was the very first time she brought this to his attention; something he never anticipated to happen. This is the women he’s been in love with half his life, the same woman who’s been oblivious to his feelings for so many years and now she’s the one coming forward with the obvious assumptions?? It scared the Hell out of him. He didn’t lie to hurt her if anything that lie only caused him more undeniable pain [as seen when she walks out of his workplace and he looks after her like a wounded puppy].

The thing though is her reaction to his lie was also interesting because as others have pointed out Iris looked kinda disappointed…maybe even a little hurt. I think there is some part of her that feels something deeper for Barry [more than platonic] and despite not getting much of her POV as of yet Candice is doing an excellent job of selling Iris’s inner conflict and confusion which brings me to the love confession scene. I love this moment so much for many reasons, like this being the first time Barry is completely honest with Iris without wearing his mask. It was an unexpected moment as it was a revelation for both characters but it was also surprisingly therapeutic. Barry was no longer letting fear hold him back. He didn’t tell Iris he loved her expecting something in return, there is already too many lies between them and this was the one lie he just couldn’t keep from her anymore. He felt she deserved to know, and it would also have been a weight off his shoulders.  

There was so much going on in Candice’s face while Barry/Grant was reciting that beautiful speech to her. In Iris’s silence I saw flashes of her sitting next to Barry’s unconscious body in Star-labs. I saw what Cisco meant when he told Felicity that Iris was Barry’s something… I saw the Hell she endured for 9 months and how much of a sham her relationship with Eddie actually is. I saw the walls come down which explains her tears; she was crying out of pain, shock and had probably waited years for him to say something; that’s how amazingly acted that scene was between Candice and Grant. Anon there is no question that Iris feels the same way but is obviously in denial or doesn’t know it yet. Barry’s confession set them both free, she can see him clearly now and decide with whom she is really in love with.  

Finally we come full circle to the final WestAllen scene. Alot of people noticed the way Iris pulled her arm away from Eddie when she saw Barry coming towards them. I don’t think she did that because she was afraid of what he’d do [the way some believe], I think she was afraid to hurt Barry any more than she already was. Barry just told her he’s in love with her and Iris is very conflicted now which she shouldn’t be if she is totally in love with Eddie and confident in what they have together. The fact that she pulled away from Eddie and gave Barry that sad yet attractive, affectionate look screams she is not 100% happy with Eddie. It’s not that he’s a bad guy or that she doesn’t care about Eddie its more like there’s a deeper part of her that he can never get to because it belongs to Barry. In all honesty I think Barry already has her heart despite the fact that she is dating Eddie which is very telling about how doomed their relationship is. 

I think in the second half of this season we are finally going to get Iris’s POV, it was set up in the mid-season finale. We are finally going to learn what happened during those 9 months Barry was comatose. It makes perfect sense since spoilers say that Iris and Barry will be drifting apart. I know WestAlleners were worried about this but let me explain why I’m not. The first 9 episodes were all basically told from just Barry’s POV, to me I think it was designed that way to mirror his thoughts and feelings which were hidden from Iris…up until 1x09. Well now Iris knows 1 of his 2 biggest secrets [his feelings] which we’ll have to see her grapple with as she gets one step closer towards her destiny of being Central City’s ace reporter. Iris knowing the truth about Barry’s love is going to force her to face/relive his accident, force her to be honest with herself and the reality of what Eddie is to her. 

That expression Iris gave Barry at the end of 1x09 wasn’t a throw away, it was almost as if she was giving him hope. She was leaving the door open. If she didn’t want him to have hope that he’d have a chance with her in the future, she wouldn’t have looked at him like that [or at all]. And that look WOW it was not sibling or platonic; this girl is severely conflicted since now everything about Barry makes sense. And I stand by my theory that Iris is only with Eddie because he is safe, he’s been her wall in order to keep Barry at arm’s length. Going through the kind of hell that she did [experiencing the loss of someone she really loved and then their miraculous resurrection] definitely would’ve shaken her up and now that Barry has been partially honest with her this is going to lead to a ripple effect. His confession has changed everything, they can never go back to being just best friends like they were this is the start of something different happening between them.

Barry and Iris will drift apart which will only put their connection to the ultimate test and eventually they’ll find their way back to each other as something more than they were. Nothing but good things can happen for WestAllen and WestAllen fans ahead in the second part of the show. I expected angst like this to happen since it’ll only enhance this beautiful already Epic love story.