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Ahhhh your asks are super super cool! How about 11, 18, 19, 29, and 45? :D

Ahhh more Fanfic author ask meme! (Also how did you manage to pick my 5  favorite questions while writing these? Like seriously you read 50 of them some of which were more typical and felt cliched and some I just really wanted to put in there and you picked out my favorites I hid throughout so they weren’t overwhelming. Why do you know me so well?)

11. Have you ever written a fic for a concept you know someone else has done before? How did it impact your writing process or feelings after posting?

Already answered here!

18. What’s your most underrated fic?

Haha, my favorite is probably The Deal, which isn’t quite as popular as others I’ve written so I’d call that pretty underrated in my mind, but it has gotten a good amount of attention so most underrated has to go to the Apocalypse 2.0 Series (Afterlife, Curtain Call, Encore). I don’t know if it’s the beginning in Superphantomfalls (no DP necessary afterwards) or the amount of time it took me to write Encore but I really love the headcanons and plot and they don’t seem to get as much attention.

Granted I have to follow this by saying I’ve been incredibly lucky with support with fics. Sure I’ve never passed triple digits reviews or comments on anything but other than one not so great oneshot in a very small fandom written during high school I’ve gotten multiple reviews on everything I’ve written, even stuff I wince at later. Also I’ve never gotten a flame or rude criticism (worst I’ve seen is someone yelling at me about canon in an explicitly stated AU) so thank you everyone! It’s an amazing and humbling thing to see people following me as an author and seeking out other things I’ve written to read! So even if I prefer some works over others nothing’s been entirely ignored which given how small some of the crossovers I write for (most have been single digit fics when I’ve started) that’s honestly incredible.

19. If you had to pick one fic/scene/chapter of your work to describe your entire portfolio to a stranger, which would you pick?

This is hard because I’d say my portfolio is fairly diverse, because even though I don’t go out of my way to try different genres I just like writing whatever I haven’t seen yet and that’s a lot of things so… Picking from my bigger fandoms and fics I’m really proud of I’d go with The Deal for a fic, Bobby’s possession of Danny in Connection (Chapter 4) for a scene, and Suit Yourself for a chapter (does it count if it’s a one-shot? If not then The Deal Chapter 4. For some reason I’m really good at fourth chapters I guess…). 

29. Does the division of your writing across fandoms line up with your reading? What’s the biggest discrepancy?

Actually not at all haha. I’ve seen a ton of new superfalls fics recently I haven’t caught up on, and I read a ton of fandoms I never get around for writing for, and a lot of the time don’t even go out of my way to post a ton on tumblr, actually. For instance, about 75% of what I’ve been reading in the past couple months is Miraculous Ladybug fics, but I don’t think I’ve even said I’ve started reading them on here and have made 0 original content (I’m not that good at romance and fluff and that’s like 90% of the fandom so as of now I have no ideas I could contribute sorry!). I also always go back and keep up with Tales Series games and their fandoms, doing most of my rereads there, but I haven’t written anything for any of them since high school.

45. If you had to call yourself an author of a single genre (besides fanfic) what label would you give yourself?

Another asked and answered here! Great minds question alike I guess!

BSD Chapter 37-38 Summary

In these chapters of Bungou Stray Dogs…
-we don’t get chuuya in the anime yet but at least we still have the manga to satisfy our thirst
-fun fact about the novel “no longer human”
-the anime made a reference to something in ch38

The summaries are better this time bc I was more awake when I wrote them!!

Once again, these are chapters I’m not in charge of, but here are more summaries and comments as promised! Enjoy!

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About Magi 318

So this chapter is not fully out yet, but man… I just gotta let these feelings out or else I’m going to explode! First of all, I am extremely proud of Kougyoku for doing what she did. I know it must have been tough, and to be honest, this complete “180″ she did, makes me question how genuine she was being, especially when she started thanking him. It is clear that her main goal was to maintain her composer, confront Sinbad and completely cut ties with him, in a completely nonaggressive way, for the sake of her country. So yeah, I don’t think she actually “likes” Sinbad at this point, but I think she is just completely done with being angry and depressed all the time and wants to completely cut him out of her life, move on and have a more positive outlook on life, which I truly respect her for! And Sinbad’s reaction to her gratitude was freaking hilarious! :’D 

He’s probably thinking, “WHOA! whoa whoa whoa… WTF? …I did nooooot see that coming.”

And that face is coming from someone who can see destiny! haha Looks like you can’t predict it all, huh Sin? 

And speaking of which, Kougyoku just thanked Sinbad…. SHE JUST THANKED HIM!!! And there is no chapter next week…  Like, I don’t know about you guys… but I need to get in on that prayer circle that’s already been formed in the community for Sinbad. I think this is definitely leading up to something REALLY bad… and I’m still not ready! Why do you do this to me Ohtaka sensei? Please leave Sinbad out of it! I know you won’t… but please!!! ;A;