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Music ask posts. I can't remember the actual questions so I'm just gonna give you numbers. 1, 7, ,24, ,25, 46, 58, 61, 64, 70

lots of questions =o

1. A Song you’re ashamed of liking

ashes by pain of salvation. it’s pure cheese but it’s addictive

7. An overrated song

green light by lorde. don’t see the appeal

24. A song that calms you down

how to disappear completely by radiohead - SPECIFICALLY that version with the multiple ondes live. it’s a magical feeling few tunes can give me.

25. A song that makes you feel alive

chlorine and wine by baroness. there’s more complex or prettier songs but it’s a fricken anthem and if i can rock out half as hard as these guys when i reach that point i’ll be doin well

46. A song made suddenly precious because of a special someone

hitting me in the feels, eh? she will be loved by maroon 5

58. A song you love by an artist/band you hate

new year’s day by u2

61. A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about

little talks by of monsters and men. the pain is fading, though. and it’s an awesome song regardless. 

64. 15 Songs that get suck in your head easily 

15? gosh. cotton eye joe, mr. brightside, take me out, show me how to live, autumn leaves, take five, in the hall of the mountain king, finale from the year 1812, take on me, careless whisper, bad romance, sweet dreams, jigsaw falling into place, violet hill, who let the dogs out

70. Okay what’s the real answer to number 1: uhhhhhh