someone pls write a fanfic about this

This is a BTS killer!au. I hope you like it


Jin has always been in love with Namjoon, but he didn’t love him back. Namjoon loved Taehyung, and Taehyung corresponded him.

One night, at Jimin’s party, Jin got so drunk that when he saw Tae and Namjoon together, he hit Namjoon to death.

But the simple act of murdering his love was so unreal. So blurry… Was it a dream or reality?

I own nothing but the editing
Can we please just talk about our Warriors?

Manga spoilers!!!!!! So many!! You have been warned!!

Yeah I’m talking about Annie, Reiner and Bertoldt. They did shitty things, yeah whatever. Just think about what it would’ve been like to be the, tho??? They had like…the shittest lives imaginable??

From a young age they were taught that Eldians are evil and terrible people, and blinded by the Marleyan lies, they accepted their roles as the Titans and set off on their mission, hoping to be the hero they thought Marley needed. Keep in mind they had a couple years of relentless training, so they’d probably be around what, ten? Marleyans trained ten year olds to be murderers.

And yet, before even reaching the Walls, one of their best friends were taken from them and eaten in front of their eyes. These poor kids were probably around twelve, if you think about the thirteen year rule and the times when everything happened.

They knew they had some troubles they’d need to face, so despite the trauma that gave them, they kept moving onwards on their mission.

When they joined the 104th, Annie had the right idea. Stay distant and don’t grow attached to them. Reiner and Bert, trying to fit in, became friends with the cadets. That was one of their biggest mistakes, and they took Annie down with them. By befriending the enemy, they realised that not all Eldians are heartless monsters. In fact, barely any of them were. Instead of finding heartless monsters, they found hearts full to the brim with passion and longing. Longing for freedom.

But they couldn’t undo what they had done, and they couldn’t turn back on their mission. So Annie, who forced all that down and suppressed her emotions, continued on with her job while Reiner and Bert let their hearts take over and chose to join the Survey Corps instead of infiltrating the kingdom in the Military Police. You can argue that they just wanted to keep an eye on Eren, but that was probably just the excuse they made for themselves and for Annie. Annie knew what was up. But she didn’t let any of those emotions get to her.

She didn’t hesitate to do what she set out to do and complete her goals. Because after all, she had thirteen years to live and her father believed in her. She should’ve never befriended the 104th. She knew that. And she ended up in a crystal so she wouldn’t have to face them ever again until the time is right.

//Annie is the most mentally driven character and the most emotionally strong character I have ever seen in my life.//

She had such powerful control over her mind and heart to do that. She was //strong.// I honestly cannot begin to express my admiration towards Annie for what she did. Such strength to be able to bring herself to do it. I’m not saying it was the right thing to do; I’m applauding her for not letting anything get to her the way Reiner and Bert did. She was so strong and I love her so much. She deserves so much better and I hope when she finally emerges from that crystal, she escapes and lives. Even though she will die within a few years. Maybe she doesn’t pass on the power on purpose so that nobody else has to go through what she went through and the Female Titan is lost forever, and Annie dies peacefully in a forest or something. I really hope that’s what happens. She deserves the world for her accomplishments.

Enough about Annie; now Bertoldt. This boy had always been disclosed and shy; yet he still took up this impossibly difficult task. I don’t know why he did, but I bet he was in a similar situation as Annie. Blinded by Marley’s lies and hoped to be a hero.

He had one of the toughest tasks of all; to breach the first Wall. That marked such a dark day for humanity that was told as a tale everyone would know; a tale that would go down in history for all the wrong reasons. He knew what he was getting into. Can you just imagine the guilt he would’ve felt for doing that? That single kick marked at least what, 30% of humanity good as dead. That guilt, for a guy such as Bert, must’ve been unbearable. But he beared the unbearable.

Shy as he was, he fit into the 104th, and everyone loved him as much as he loved everyone. Bertoldt is a lover, not a fighter. He thought he was doing what was right and fighting monsters. But as he befriended all these Eldians, he realised who the real monsters were. Them.

Bert chose to follow his heart and go with the Survey Corps, manipulating himself into thinking it was the wiser course of action. But //he left Annie behind.// and as you would’ve saw, he loved Annie. I don’t blame him. She’s the strongest person in the whole series. Sure, Levi was emotionally strong enough to repress his emotions and face the amount of death he saw, but as bad as Levi’s life may have been, it doesn’t compare to the Warriors’. He was raised in a shithole and his closest friends died in front of him; but he got to fight for humanity and the chance to avenge them by beating the Titans. All the Warriors got was death and guilt and murder and the hope that their families back in Marley would be proud of them for being //murderers.// Bertoldt loved Annie. You could tell. He knew how strong she was, and he was envious of her strength, like anyone else would.

His bro Reiner told him to confess to Annie. I bet you he was planning to. But instead, he was killed for Armin’s sake…I love Armin don’t get me wrong, but imagine how that must’ve felt for him. Mixed emotions. Emotions of fear, relief, guilt, anger, helplessness….he didn’t want to die. He was tricked into doing his job. Manipulated, with no way out other than to finish it, so he wanted to live. But at the same time, he probably wanted death from all the guilt of the people he’d killed. Sadness that he never had the chance to tell Annie how he truly felt, know Annie would’ve been strong enough to do that much. But in the end, I think he was happy that he saved Armin. Relieved he could finally let go and not live in that hell anymore, and a much more worthy life lived.

Bertoldt deserved way better; he had a heart of gold and deserved the world.

And last but not least; Reiner. Reiner I think by far has the shittiest life and situation out of everyone in this fucking series of fucked up depressing shit. Just think about it. Annie sealed herself in a crystal for some sort of hibernation, and she was strong enough to actually go through with joining he MP. Bertoldt got the sweet release of death knowing his time was over and his hell was over too. But Reiner? Reiner saw two of his best friends get eaten and unable to do anything about it. He was thrown off by those thunder spears so he couldn’t do anything, that same helpless feeling of being unable to save someone like when he saw Marcel die. And now Bert. And seeing Annie crystallise. He saw all of that and kept going. Not because he wanted to, but because he literally had no choice at all. It was the only path for him to take.

I bet you all $20 that he now has severe PTSD. Also that Cushing guilt he cannot get rid of, as he has the curse of living. He’s probably counting the days left till sweet death comes. He had the power of the Armoured Titan and yet, his friends were taken from him one by one, and he was turned against the only friends he had left, that he knew full well he was going to betray from the start. He has nobody left in this world to be there for him. Except Zeke, but he didn’t grow up with and spend years with Zeke like he did with the 104th. They all went through so much together.

And now, all he can do is sit and watch as these young, misguided souls compete for his power, his burden, that one day will burden them just as bad or if not worse. And he can’t even rest yet; he continues fighting until his last hours, his last breath. He has kept living all these years without Annie, Bertoldt or Marcel, or any of the 104th except maybe Ymir. What happened to her again?? She kinda just disappeared with them? I swear to god if the Marleyans killed her in revenge for Marcel or to pass on her Titan, I will actually grow a riot because Ymir deserved the world just as much as all the other Titans.

Reiner must be so lonely, depressed, guilty and have no drive to keep going other than because he has to. I hope he dies quickly and painlessly and can get it done and over with, put him out of his misery.

And then Ymir, who literally was a normal human who did nothing wrong and is now faced with all this shit?? She wasn’t trained for this. She wasn’t promised to be a hero, she had no purpose. She just existed at the worst time and place and got so much shit for it. At least Ymir had the luxury to find love during her shithole of a life; thank god Historia exists. //Ymir did nothing wrong!!//

You know, when you put it like this, Eren, Mikasa and Armin’s lives seem like a stroll in he park. Heck, you can even argue that Levi’s life looked alright in comparison to these guys. I am a huge Levi fan so I’m not trying to hate on him, I love him to death and feel so sad for him but when people say he’s had it the hardest…I can object.

Once they had accepted the Titan powers, the Warriors were already marked for a shit life. They probably had around 9 years of peace as a child and that’s all they got before hell began.

This wasn’t meant to get this long oops. But I just felt the need to express my love for these characters, they don’t get enough of it in the canon and even in the fan base. Someone please just write a fanfic where they’re all happy and none of this happened, I need it pls.

To conclude this hell of a rant:


Fuck I forgot to talk about Zeke. Oh well, he had it easy and seemed to feel little remorse and I should sleep lmao. Tris out.

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Hi! I have a sudden urge to write polyamory themed fanfiction about haikyuu characters, and thinking about writing bokuteru, but sadly dont have any plot ideas?? And before I let this urge go i thought about asking those who ship them too?? So pls someone hmu thank

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone’s got any bokuroteru fic requests please let this angel know, we always need more fics for those three!!!! *O* <3<3

Anon said:  Pssst. Do you ship tensemi???

I DO !!!! They’re my fave Semi ship and one of my two fave Tendou ships!!

Anon said: There’s this fanfic in AO3: Need, by ConesOfDunshire. It’s a kuroteru fanfic that you may like? Though it depends on if you like fanfics with sex or nah. I personally prefer without sex (or without too many sex) but this one I couldn’t stop reading just to know how their relationshio would evolve.

!!!!!!!!! A N O N oh my god, okay you know how sometimes you have these ships and they’re, like, good ships and you enjoy them but you’re not deep into it or anything, and then some day you find that one piece of fanwork and suddenly you’re so deep in you’re never getting out that’s an otp right there and you’re d y i n g GOD

so yeah if anyone ever wondered how I ended up shipping KuroTeru they should go read that fic that’s it that’s why

Anon said:  I just want to say that I love your art and the way you represent the bakusquad and just generally the rest of the bnha characters is amazing. Thank you for being alive.

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! Oh my god that’s!!!! Such a nice thing to say !!!!!! <3<3<3

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wait wait wait I don't see MN as a snake at all. pls list some times where she is?

It’s all the little things that add up lol. I just learned that she’s considered to be part of the original snake line along with SaNayeon. They were the MiSaNa snake line before some say that Momo went rogue on Jeongyeon/Nayeon (depending on your shipping preference), and overtook Mina’s role in the snake line according to some.

This is so much drama XD Someone pleaaaase write a dramatic fanfic about all of this with water being splashed in the girls’ faces by their love interests’ rich angry moms and all lmfao.

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Hello dear! I've finished the second book of Alchemy Wars *sobbing hard*. I can't wait for the third, but also ... we are the only in this fandom, aren't we? *sigh*


that said nah @gorgonstortello is in our midst too u__u

damn dreamworks, pls hire me

Wow ha okay. Last night I had an incredibly vivid dream about voltron s3/4? and hopefully I can describe it to y'all but I’m not too good with the words… WHATEVS. LET’S GO! (Be warned this post is kinda long and full of klance) 

The entire season is just full on klance. It all starts in the very first episode: Keith is the new leader of voltron but as we all know, he’s still a rookie when it comes to communicating and getting the team together. This is where lance steps in. Ep 1 everyone is trying to figure out where shiro could have possibly gone. As more and more ideas are thrown around, Keith visibly grows more upset as each idea becomes seemingly impossible to go rescue and retrieve shiro. Lance diverts the topic by bringing up food, which obviously gets hunk talking and the tension dissipates. This seems like a klance moment if you squint really hard but it only grows from there. 

 Next moment is in episode 3 when it’s time keith and lance do some training to control their lions better. Keith is giving lance advice on how to fly red and lance tries to comfort Keith a little as he is still trying to gain a better control on the black lion. It doesn’t start smoothly at first, there’s a lot of yelling in the beginning and some pouts from lance but eventually they begin to open up more. Keith explains his and shiros backstory and why shiro means a lot to him. Lance starts to open up about missing his family and feeling like he’s not needed in team voltron. I could go on for days honestly but A TRUE BONDING MOMENT if you will. 

 In ep 6 the team finally meets up with Matt and shiro!! Insert pidge and matt having a beautiful reunion together here. Keith (and the rest of the crew) is obviously relieved at having found shiro (again). Lance is happy as well but his insecurities resurface and he kinda draws back. Keith notices and asks what’s up but lance tries to dodge the conversation. Keith is stubborn as heck and won’t let it go until lance finally gives in and just breaks down about how everything will just go back to how it was before. How he finally felt like he deserved to be here. How he was starting to do more for the team. Keith doesn’t know what to say and awkwardly hugs him. Lance ends up laughing and from there Keith genuinely begins to assure lance that nothing will go back to how it was before. 

 Ep 8 things are getting serious. Lotors plan of action has the team cornered and everyone is stressed. Keith being the hothead that he is ends up badly hurt during the mission and ends up in the healing pod. That’s right people, it’s now the reverse of what went down in season 1! Lance is hovering near the pod asking every other minute if Keith’s gonna be ok and when he can get out. In one of the last episodes of the season, the team is like in very bad serious trouble. Lance is running around nervous, afraid, and babbling and keith is angrily like “lance pls shut up, we’re all trying to think and stay calm”. Lance ignores him and keith suggests to distract himself by focusing on something else. 

And this ladies and gents is where it happens. Lance is sassing to keith (think spongebob meme yoU dIStraCt yOUrsElf) and keith fed up with it all just kisses him thus confirming that klance is actually canon. The rest of the team are like uhhhh… and meanwhile the fandom is going crazy haha. Anyway, everyone is looking forward to the next season and then 

 AND THEN (inhales dramatically as I’m still shooketh from this dream) 

the long awaited season 4 comes out and it’s action packed right from the very first second of the first ep. The team has formed voltron and are desperately trying to take down the villain before them. at this point my attention is just solely focused on keith and lance because c’mon, they’re finally a thing right? They’re both working together, suggesting different tactics and bickering when it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the monster. Ok, so no cheesy flirting from Lance, but hey that’s fine. After all they’re in the heat of battle so obviously they got better things to focus on.

Voltron finally defeats the monster and it’s like finally! Now I’ll be able to enjoy the klance moments…except keith and lance kinda seem to be avoiding each other? it’s then suggested that it’s been a few months have passed and while some things are the same as usual, other things have changed drastically. you hear pidge grumble about how while she couldn’t stand keith and lance being lovey dovey with each other, but having this awkward tension between them was much worse. Hunk chimes in saying he thought they were good for each other and how sad it was to see them like this.


And wow this is a lot longer than I expected it to be. I swear it all happened so quickly and so much better in my dream. Typing it out it seems kinda cringey but dreamworks made it a lot more smoother and subtler in my dream.

I support fanfiction as a way of learning how to write, exploring characterization and having a little self-indulgent fun. But I can’t help wishing I’d see less fan art/fanfiction/pre-established characters being used in RP and more original work. 

It’s easier to just play in someone else’s universe, I get that, but think of what you’re missing by not taking a risk and forging out on your own. I wonder about that at times, if a fanfic author would have been my new favorite urban fantasy or horror writer. 

Play around with fan art/fanfic to learn your own style, discover the ins and outs of the creative process, but take a chance and throw your original works out there more often. And if you think no one would like them? 

Well, I’m pretty sure the creator of whatever fandom you’re involved in thought the same thing too. Imagine where you’d be now if they hadn’t taken a chance.


Where Levi goes one night to a famous bar of the town where people do mechanical bull rodeo competitions, and the moment he enters to the bar he sees a piece of hot ass doing a really hard rodeo on the mecanical bull, with booty shorts and boots. His name is Eren and he is really famous in that zone of the city because he never falls out of the bull, no matter how hard they put the control of the bull. Levi just sees that ass bouncing and he can’t wait to go and talk to the grinning cutie (And more if the cutie wants). And then after a lot of talking that night levi whispers on eren’s ear “You wanna try and ride me?”

Idk why I thought about this but I fucking love it I swear. Someone write this pls I’m squealing

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Can you recommend any fanfic that doesn't have white oc?? My eyes are tired of reading the same things over and over,,pls send help,,,

sorry i mostly read about black girls and marvel movies but there’s a few with asian and non-black latinx ocs and it would be pretty great if i could find them again in the tag labyrinth that is ao3

Can you imagine an AU where Spock is the Captain of the Enterprise and Vulcan was never destroyed and there is like some sort of political thing going on on Vulcan so Starfleet sends the Enterprise bc Spock is one of their few Vulcan Captains (probably the only one). So Amanda says she wants to meet Spock’s ‘friends’ so she invites them to dinner at their house and everyone is like 'cool we get to meet Spock’s family and find out embarrassing things about him’.

Except, Spock and Jim have been bonded since childhood and Jim lives on Vulcan w/ Amanda and Sarek and like volunteers at the school bc he likes kids. And him and Spock have been in touch since he left to join Starfleet and they are sickeningly in love w/ each other.

So when the bridge gets there (Chekov, Sulu, McCoy, Uhura, Scotty) they meet Amanda and then she’s all, 'Great, Jim is still preparing dinner please sit and let’s make small talk’. And they just assume Jim is like a servant or something but Spock’s eyes light up and he practically runs to the kitchen (except he’s still all calm and collected and logical) so they follow him. 

And then they get to the kitchen and Jim sees Spock, and Jim is in traditional Vulcan clothes but he has blonde hair and blues eyes so the others are like ’????’. And Jim sees Spock and he just breaks out into the world biggest smile and starts talking in rapid Vulcan and saying how much he missed him and how happy he is to see him and then they like make out (both vulcan and human way) and then everyone else is like ’?!?!?!?!’.

And he’s introduced and they all have dinner and Sarek is all his grumpy old self but he has a soft spot for humans bc he is surrounded by them all day every day. And Amanda and Jim are sharing all these embarrassing stories about Spock.

The Enterprise has to stay there until the political thing so they get to spend a lot of time w/ Jim bc he’s practically attached to Spock and they get to see a part of Spock they didn’t know existed and!!!!!!!!!!

Basically I want someone to write me a fic where the Enterprise meets Captain Spock’s bondmate Jim Kirk.

there’s this moment in deathly hallows, specifically the movie (part 1) during the skirmish at malfoy manor where right before they all apparate draco is shoved aside or something and i can’t stop thinking about what if he was pushed the other direction and ended up being next to harry right before they apparated

like what if harry grabbed his wrist on impulse and ended up pulling him through??? someone please write this headcanon or fanfic or something i have this whole thing in my head but i can’t get it into words so someone anyone pls


bucky finds out about steve’s passion for classical music and surprises him with a mixtape, in which he indirectly confesses his love to his friend through the heartfelt pieces.

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I found you from artistefish's tumblr, and I'm frantically following all you inukag kids. Inuyasha was my first, and I'm like a 10 year old again rn, loosing my shit over all y'alls enthusiasm and great art/writing. Got any other blogs to recommend?

heh heh, thank you for following!! And great writing? YOU ARE MAKING ME BLUSH.  (thanks artistefish, you silently promoting me and you didn’t even KNOW.)


Do I, have other blogs to recommend? YES. AND ALPHABETIZED. 

arianasgrandefrappuccino (she’s everything and water and light, but on-top of all that she writes an amazing Sango perspective, and MirSan fics that might make you ship them harder than inukag…beware.) 

hanmajoerin (she’s a writer that is going to break your heart when you realize Kagome probably did have some ptsd and lost her head a little without Inuyasha for the 3-year separation. And she’s a real editor. Like when I normally say editor I mean they edit amazing pictures, but she actually edits writing and is just the bae.) 

inu-tachi (artist and editor and just adorkable :3)

inuijiness (artist and writer and amazing and amazing and amazing)

inuyousha (writer that can also give you the mad giggles, her drabbles alone are worth the  follow)

inubae (artist with an authentic sense of style, and a great sense of humor! and her crying sango will kill you so please write a will to leave behind before you search it out)

inukagkids (artist, writer, musician, no i’m not kidding, she does it all (she has an amazing Inuyasha Lullaby percussion piece). In my opinion, she’s a must follow!)

inuyashasforest (writer and occasional artist who I’m sure you’re already following because her epic Light Me a Lantern is what I feel tied us kool-aid kids together)

iliveondaydreams (devote and beautiful cutie adorable fan and writer! and she will inspire you to do ridiculous funny things, but I swear they will always be worth it)

kazenokizu-inukag (AN AMAZING ARTIST.)

kristicles (artist that I just met but her character sketches will give you new meaning, no srsly…srsly….)

little-known-artist (artist and writer and she likes to kill us with angst but then drown us in romance) 

rocioo (artist who will blow you away, go check out her modern InuKag, I hear big things are coming)

meselfandwhy (artist and writer and just the chillest person ever honestly hands down, like so down like down to the floor, like your body is on the floor, like you are the floor, that’s how chill she is)

mosandra (editor and writer!!!! and she’s cute and funny)

phoenixwrites (this is an honorable mention because she is someone I respect and admire, I think the bulk of her writing is currently devoted to OUAT, HOWEVER, >:) if you dig deep enough, or check out her fanfic page you’ll find her amazing Inuyasha fics, and she has, I think, an ongoing fic about Miroku and WHAT IS THIS? HIS MOMMA? AND SHE’S FUNNY? HAVE MERCYY.)

shinjiteflorana (editor and writer and she’s normally much more active and when she is she is THE FUNNIEST PERSON I KNOW.)

shinjisbakabutt (artist and writer and pls go look at her drawings of papayasha with his behbeh)

toward-tomorrow (editor who makes some of the best InuKag gifs known to the planet, she’s on-top of all Inuyasha things, she’s kinda like the core of the fandom tbh.)

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Sorry if I missed anyone that I reblog from a lot! These are just my obvious favs! UPDATE: omg you see i knew i was missing someone.