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WHY IS MAYO AN OPTION? 2 GALLONS OF MAYO. W H Y? writers creating this object like hmm what are the players definitely gonna ask this magic jug for? ah yes of course mayonnaise we definitely need to specify how much mayo

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hi im new and i want ask you something can you do yandere chan x sans pls it my ship i ever created

No Problem! Here you go!

(Hope you don’t mind, but I kinda changed it a little… I really hope you still like it though… BUT its still yandere  though! Just Sans and Yandere-Chara/Frisk)

I don’t know if someone created this Au already, but if there is, can someone tell/tag them for me! -Thank You

And I did it a bit messy/ lazily, because its hard drawing these kind of poses, if you know what I mean, Hopefully! :)

(And Sans can’t really fight back, cause whatever Chara feels, Frisk feels)

  • Jared: Is it gay to do finger guns at someone?
  • Connor: Very much yes, What kind of question is th-
  • Jared: *Does rapid finger guns at Evan*
  • Evan: *spontaneously combusts*
  • Connor: *crying of laughter*

I was tagged by @heonseoks for the selfie bias thing and here it is weeks later 💖

Do I even have a real bias?? Who knows?? Taehyung has just been ruining my life a lot lately 💞💖

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This is the song that was playing while Kat was running to Adena’s to tell her she’s “all in” and im crying,, bc this song is all about having someone to call yours and for you to belong to someone.

Kat has never had that before. Shes never been in a relationship and I think its beautiful how shes finally ready to let someone in. Shes ready to be that someone to Adena. Which makes it even more heartbreaking when Adena says shes going back to Paris.

“you guys secretly love each other.”

summary: you wake up to minhyun and jaehwan cuddling and you’re hella confused.

person: hwang minhyun ft kim jaehwan aka saranghae team lmfao

firstly i had no idea wtf a sleep au is,, so im sorry if this didnt meet expectations someone pls tell me what a sleep au is lmfao so i kinda just made this hella different than requested but oh whale….. someonE TELLMEPLES

  • you and minhyun have been friends for about 4 years
  • and it didnt rlly bother you at the fact u guys like to sleep next to each other
  • yeah both of u have crushes but none of u have admitted
  • smh
  • anyways
  • the wanna one members somehow know that uguys flirt like 26/9 (what am i doing help)
  • minhyun invited u over the dorm bc he got so fuckn bored
  • ur like “i JUST SAW YOU TWO DAYS AGO?? smh CLINGY”
  • then minhyun left u on read and he knows ur gonna slap him in the face
  • so the doorbell rings
  • and daehwis like “I GOT IT DID U ORDER FOOD ANYO- oH Y/N!!”
  • daehwi pulls u into a hug and u blush bc wtf hes so cute what even?
  • “what are you doing here y/n??” ong smirks “oHMYGOD UR HERE FOR MINHYUNRIGHT??”
  • you blush and ur like “nah i gotta clean ur dorm smh.. i hope u guys dont mind that i’ll be staying over tonight??”
  • “oF COURSE NOT” daniel smirks
  • “whos there? AISHDDHDH Y/N!”
  • minhyun runs to u and pulls u into a hug and ur lowkey dying bc hes so tall and u know ur gonna fall and die
  • “why dont yall jusT KISS ALREADY OHMYGOD” seongwoo screams
  • “shut up..” minhyun rolls his eyes
  • “ur so clingy what did seonho do to u i LEGIT JUST SAW U TWO DAYSAGO”
  • “why are you talkin about seonho” minhyun pouts “U CAME HEREFOR A REASON”
  • “bc i am the mum of seonho” u roll ur eyes
  • “Y/N-NOONA!” guanlin screams and runs to u 
  • “wHATTHEFUCKDHCHC” ur screaming inside
  • “ok you make me want to live here guanlin”
  • u kinda forget about cleaning the dorm so minhyun does it by himself and then jaehwan suggests about watching a movie
  • “hORRORRR”
  • “no i cant do that” you pout and daniel gives u a high five “i feEL YOU Y/N”
  • “why not romance.. ekekekek” uR WANTING TO SLAP THE HYUNG LINE SO BADLY
  • “ok hyung line.. u rlly want me to smack u dont u” you look at the maknaes “lOOK AT THE MAKNA!!ES!! SO!! WELL!! BE!!HAVED uNLIKE YOU ALL TREATING ME LIKT HIS”
  • “sungwoon UR GOING TO DIE TONIGHTHEHDHC” u scream mentally in your mind bc fuckandeveryone knows now u like the hwang minhyun and UR DYING
  • luckily minhyun is in the kitchen and he probably hasnt heard anything…
  • “hyung…. THIS WASNT THE RIGHT TIME” woojin tuts at sungwoon hyung
  • “this is why i love the maknaes.. my children”
  • ong throws a pfT at you and u smirk
  • timeskip to night
  • you’re getting ready for bed and you are like take the couch and minhyunslike nO just sleep beside me and u panic a little
  • “o..okay”
  • “why are you nervous? we’ve done this a lot”
  • you can hear small screams
  • “oh mygod whos screaming”
  • “jihoon hyung” guanlin giggles
  • “i know but like.. THERE are other people here..”
  • “just…. come closer y/n, its fine”
  • he snuggles next to you and u kinda just become the small spoon lmfao
  • “i love you.. y/n”
  • “i love you too..”
  • u kinda check to see if hes sleeptalking but nO
  • “im sorry i didnt say this sooner,”
  • the rooms dead quiet but u can hear some muttering
  • “the members were pushing me and i-”
  • “OUCH”
  • “iM SORRY CONTINUE I JUST” guanlin falls off his bed
  • bc ur smiling like an idiot
  • man
  • in the morning u wake up and some members are already awake
  • “morning y/n!” they greet u
  • you look to your left where minhyun was
  • “oh my god”
  • minhyun moves a little and opens his eyes
  • “OHMY-”
  • jaehwan falls off the bed
  • “oHMYGOD IM”
  • ur hella confused
  • the end.
  • whats a sleep au someone tell me asap

i cant make my own decisions so can someone give me an opinion pls lmao??? enrolment for next semester’s classes open tonight and i wanna get into my classes early but i cant decide on what language paper to take 🤕🤕

Inspired by a text on tumblr
Fanmadereality is the blog name i think?
Anyways pls enjoy
I’ve suffered enough today hahaha i decided to make a flufffff of Pliroyyy

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this is random but i'm here for every time jin does something silly and a member (or all of them) just looks at him with pure adoration and love. like pls tell me i'm not the only one that noticed this. i keep replaying the recent eat jin and how happy jungkook looked when jin was eating and dancing about im dying right now i just had to tell someone °(ಗдಗ。)°. - jinharem anon

YOU ARE CERTAINLY NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS NOTICED THIS like holy crap that’s all they do they give him the most adoring looks ever and even if what he’s not doing is funny or whatever at first eventually they just keep staring and the smile grows so wide on their face and they just can’t look away and holy crap i am always on the lookout for it, it’s mostly noticeable on jungkook yoongi and jimin but you know what they ALL DO IT

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my period is five days late and so i freaked out & took a pregnancy test today and i got a negative result but im still super stressed & worried bc ive always gotten it on the 17th of every month. can someone pls tell me if this is normal and what could be causing it or what I could do to maybe help myself?

do u ever just listen to born singer and cry? idk, i think about namjoon’s death threats and how he hasnt let that stop him from doing what he loves to do. i think about how jin is regarded as the untalented, pretty face of the group when in fact he can actually sing. i think about how suga barely gets any sleep bc he’s constantly producing songs that he sometimes doesnt even think are good or good enough. i think about how jhope always tries to make us smile but disregards his own feelings at times even though they’re just as important,and how he tried so hard to learn how to rap so he could fit in with the (at that time) all rap group. i think about all of the body issues jimin has and how he’s starved himself to fit this mold people want him to be, and how much he has practiced singing and dancing for hours upon hours to try to improve even though he’s already amazing. i think about how v almost didn’t even get into bangtan but is so so so grateful that he did and never fails to mention his love and appreciation for the members and armys. i think about how jungkook was only 15 years old (he was, and still is just a kid) when all of this started and how stressful this is for him, to try to live up to this “golden maknae” standard of being good at everything. i think about how much they’ve given up, things as simple as spending time with their family and friends, and getting a good night’s rest. and then i think about how despite all of this, they try so hard to make us happy all the time, no matter what. their music, bangtan bombs, livestreams, tweets, etc. make me so happy and i just really really appreciate everything they do. i hope they’re happy for the rest of their lives and continue to do what they love because they really deserve it