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G, K, and N if you please - <3 Carrie

What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?


(i stg, you forget to whom you speak, carrie - all my ideas are angsty as fuck)

How do I choose???

Hold Me Fast (which is detailed in the following link) is pretty fucking angsty. 

Alternatively, I’ve been toying with this gem of an idea:

AOS AU. Tarsus doesn’t happen to Jim.

It happens to Joanna.

Is there a fic you wish someone else would write (or finish) for you?

Answered here.


Thor: Ragnarok [Fix-it Canon AU] - Jane Foster is worthy

While on Earth, Thor is attacked. His hammer is destroyed and he’s taken prisoner. But Mjolnir is no ordinary hammer. It’s capable of reassembling itself. But now, without Thor to wield it or Odin to command it, Mjolnir is free to choose its own Thor. And after years of spending time with mortals, there is one in particular it knows to be worthy. Mjolnir chooses none other than Jane Foster as the new Thor, Goddess of Thunder.

Jane is then transported to the gladiator’s arena where she finds Thor - who is now going by the name ‘Odinson’. When he sees her, he realizes his vision hadn’t been about Loki, as he suspected, but about Jane. Together, they escape back to Asgard where Jane has to fight for the right to keep Mjolnir. Odinson, disheartened by the loss of his hammer, decides to leave Asgard and travel the Nine Realms in search of redemption.

While on Asgard, Jane finds an unlikely ally in Loki. He seems bound and determined to ensure that she’s allowed to keep the hammer. Jane suspects he has some ulterior motives, but it’s still nice to have someone on her side. So she and Loki come to an uneasy truce, much like they did when he helped save her from the Aether.

But their alliance is put to the test when Hela invades Asgard. She is hellbent on revenge and will stop at nothing to punish Odin. Even if that means completely destroying Asgard. Jane and Loki barely make it out alive. After the loss of his home, Loki becomes depressed but Jane knows if they’re going to stand any chance of victory, she’s going to need his help.

Finally persuaded by Jane, Loki takes up arms against Hela and her forces. They are later joined by Odinson and those who escaped Asgard in time. Together, they manage to defeat Hela on another world. And somewhere along the way, between bickering and battling, Jane and Loki find that they have more to offer each other than just an alliance.

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As someone who's white, is it better if I write in an authors note or something that if there's anything racist in my fic that I haven't noticed/didn't know about to please let me know? Because I completely understand that pointing it out can be difficult sometimes (I experience *similar* interactions when I try pointing out transphobic things in fics) and I want all my readers to know that if there's anything offensive and/or incorrect in my writing I want to remove that, learn and apologize.

that would be great, actually! actively saying that you’re open to people telling you when you’re messing up is a great first step. i know personally i’m still always worried abt coming off as an “angry black person” or “too sensitive” partially because people always say stuff like “stop making everything a race thing” when, like, 9 times out of 10, it IS a race thing.

additionally, as A White™: don’t try to evaluate yourself on whether or not you’re being a racist. it’s highly likely you won’t know, because you’re white, and racism is so incredibly pervasive of a disease worldwide that goes back literally centuries. just stop, recalibrate, stop the thing you’re doing currently, and then watch for things like it that you might do in the future.

and like, last thing. don’t stay silent on racism! other white people are (sadly) far more willing to listen to their Fellow Whites on racism than they are to actual poc. don’t, like, call yourself the authority on racism, but if you’ve been told something is racist before, and you see someone else doing it, pull them aside and say “hey, this is racist and i know that, so you should probably (definitely) stop doing that.”

thank you for this ask! this was a really great question to answer.

How to research your racially/ethnically diverse characters

chiminey-cricket asked:

Do any of you have any tips for doing independent research for PoC characters?

This question is super broad, but I’m going to see if I can give it a crack!

First of all, consume media by the group in question. If you want to write a story with a Chinese-American protagonist, read some blogs by Chinese-Americans, read books by Chinese-Americans – both fiction and nonfiction – lurk on places like thisisnotchina so you can get a feel for what pisses Chinese and Chinese diaspora people off about their portrayal in the media, google for stereotypes about Chinese people and try to make sure you’re not doing those (even positive ones), go more general (East-Asian all-of-the-above in general since in many cases the harmful tropes overlap), go more specific (if your protagonist is female, look specifically for blog posts featuring the opiniosn of Chinese-American and other Asian/Asian diapora women; same if your protagonist is attracted to the same sex, is transgender, or deals with any other form of oppression besides anti-Chinese racism.) All of the above applies to Latinxs, Native Americans/Canadian First Nations, African/African diaspora people, Jews, Muslims, etc. Find out what we’re saying about ourselves.

Lots of things are available just from Google. “I have a Black character and I want to know what kind of hairstyles are available for her!” We have a Black hair tag, but apart from that, googling “Black hairstyles” will probably bring up some articles that can at least give you a good starting point to learn some vocabulary to add to your next Google search, like “natural” and “twists” and “dreadlocks.”

Next, you can talk to people in the group, but before you do this, be sure to have some specific questions in mind. “How do I write a Jewish character?” is not a specific question. “Do I have to make my Jewish character follow kosher laws if I’ve made her religious in other ways, or can she go to shul but not keep kosher?” or “What’s a term of endearment a parent might use for a child in Yiddish?” is much more specific. Remember, if you’re talking to someone they’re answering you back with their free time, so expecting them to do most of the work of figuring out what’s most important for you to know is a little entitled.

Besides, a more specific question will give you a more helpful answer. If someone asks me “how do I write a Jewish character” one of the first things out of my mouth will be a list of personality stereotypes to avoid, which isn’t going to be very helpful if what you really need for your fic was whether or not you have to write your character as following strict kosher laws.

If you’re sending a question in to a writing blog or one of those race blogs like thisisnot[whoever], please read through their tags and FAQ to see if they’ve already answered it. Longtime followers of a blog would get very bored if all the blog’s content was nothing but “We answered that here last week at this helpful link!” Those who participate in answering these blogs are usually unpaid volunteers who provide a resource that’s already there to help people; help repay them for what they do by looking through the material on your own first.

How to tell if a source from outside the group is biased and bigoted: obviously, you’re not going to want to listen to Stormfront about Jews, or the KKK about, well, anything. If you’re not on a source created by the group in question, look for dry and academic language as opposed to emotional, informal, or inflammatory words – although dispassionate and technical language is no guarantee it won’t be racist, colonialist, or inaccurate. If you read enough books and blogs from the inside, though, you’ll probably see some of the myths from those other sources debunked before you even encounter them.

Lastly, don’t assume that all people who are Asian, African-American Christians, religious Jews, or Muslims are from cultures more oppressive, more conservative, more patriarchal, more homophobic, more sexist, or more controlling than the one in which you were raised. If your plot calls for homophobic parents or a repressive culture, that shouldn’t be the reason you make your character one of the groups listed. There is plenty of oppressive, anti-woman, and anti-queer thought in white American Christian/Christian-cultured society and personally, I believe such criticisms of the marginalized diaspora peoples I listed above belong in the voices of the cultures themselves.

–mod Shira

I’d not leave looking for dry and clinical information as the ONLY means to distinguish that a work is biased.

While yes it is pragmatic to say “look for academically toned wording,” … in addition to that, these folks really need to look into who the author is. Definitely look into the author. And the year the thing was published (because man if it’s from like the 60s or earlier, 9 times out of 10, throw that shit out).

Because people can disguise hatred and racism in careful diction so that it looks reasonable and polite. A shining example is physiognomy studies from Nazis and anti-Semite eugenecists. And the sad thing is, you really can’t trust people to read it and make the judgement call that this hate-in-disguise they’re reading is hate.  

Somehow, when someone says, “The people of the Levant express features such as […] which, at the risk of sounding untoward, suggest a very rodent-like persuasion,” people are like, “Oh, well, that was worded fancily and there was no angry or profane language, I suppose they’re right,” not stopping to think even for a moment that they just accepted that this book just said to them that Jews look like rats. I saw it happen in my Nazi Germany class when we were given reading material. It was fucking nuts.

So definitely, definitely look every outsider author in the mouth and cross-check any and everything that person says. 

–mod Elaney

Shira again: Elaney is right that you will want to be critical of outside sources, especially older ones. Also, be suspicious of blanket statements about a group such as “X group are” instead of discussing forces in X culture. For example. Because there’s going to be diversity within any group and it’s likely what’s being said isn’t inherently biologically linked to being in X group.

–mod Shira

A PSA (Public SaikiK (fic) Appeal

Can someone tell me why the fuck there’s such a lack of Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan fic? DO YOU ALL NOT SEE THE FIC OPPORTUNITIES HERE? Where are my Time-Travel AUs where Saiki goes back in time hoping to regain his peaceful life without his friends only to realize he a) can’t avoid them (It’s set in stone by fate or whatever) or b) he doesn’t want to, and he admits to himself he likes having friends? Where’s there Saiki angst fic about Saiki’s apathy or how he can’t fall in love due to his x-ray vision? Damn it, where are the crossovers! At this point, I’ll even accept a Harry Potter crossover. But like? No crossovers with Bnha, OPM? MP100???? 

No AU’s with personality swaps or fics about Saiki having a breakdown or even fucking Kaidou unlocking powers or something? 

Ooh.. you know what would be really cool? A fic where Dark Reunion is actually real, which could turn out to be horribly tragic or hilariously funny with Kaidou being like “Ha! Told you!” and then cowering, kinda like Usopp. Or those zombie AUs you see in abundance in other fandoms but Saiki just kind of comes in and quickly ends it.

To be fair, there’s a little bit on and ao3 and a couple of them are damn good! But damn it! The community for it is so good and I want to weep over their Saiki fic!

I’m gonna have to start writing all these myself, aren’t I? If someone can direct me to where all this fic is being held I would be immensely appreciative.


Everybody’s reactions to The Thing That Totally Happened Oh My God

“I don’t want to be alone tonight. Do you?”
“I haven’t been wanting to be alone most nights.”

this is literally 1,500 words of andreil almost-fluff based on this text post by @foxxhole​. i’d apologize except i’m not really sorry :-) 

here it is on ao3.

Neil opened his eyes slowly to a sun-filled room. It was bright out, clearly past his usual rising hour, and for a moment it worried him. For that moment he didn’t recognize the room; couldn’t name the country he was waking up in, let alone the city. It was natural to force the panic to settle by looking around the room, picking up specific memories from objects placed strategically in view of the bed. As Neil scanned, forcing himself to breathe normally, the world pieced itself back together again in front of his tired eyes.

On the dresser at the far end of the room was a framed photo of the Foxes’ first championship win, Neil’s first year on a Class I team. From there his eyes drifted slowly to the the bedside table, where there was a familiar set of keys – the keys to the house in Columbia – placed close to him for this exact reason. Just above, hanging on the adjacent wall, was Neil’s jersey from his first professional Exy team, when he played for New York. At the end of the bed was a cat, Sir, and the memory of taking him home rose to the surface of Neil’s mind. The last movement was a natural progression. It was instinct that came from going over this same list every morning.

But when Neil rolled over to check the other side of the bed, it was missing. The last piece had been removed from the board before Neil could manage to finish the puzzle. He looked back at Sir, at the end of the bed, and it was almost ridiculous how long it took his mind to finally make the connection.

Andrew wasn’t beside him.

Instinct told him to panic. A feeling of dread washed over Neil’s body like a tsunami devastates a city.

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Perfect (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Anonymous asked: hello, if you’re still taking/doing song requests, i was wondering if we could get a bucky barnes x reader with ed sheeran’s perfect?? like it could be their wedding day, and that’s their song?? omg please, ily thanks :)))

Summary: The best day of his life, and he can’t help but smile.

A/N: I’m in a writing mood today, sorry not sorry for all the fics!!! (Requests are open!!) Wow this is like soooo much floof, I wanted to cry while writing this. Written in Bucky’s POV - Enjoy!! 

Word Count: 581

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was

I will not give you up this time

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes, you’re holding mine 

Absolutely gorgeous. Perfect. And she’s all mine.

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What if izuku and Ochako were talking to Eri about helping her find parents that would love and care for her and Eri straight up says " but I already have that... you two" .





*deep breath* OKAY

…they would probably cry and hug her, that’s all I can really think of currently someone else continue this or write it I CAN’T HANDLE THESE FEEL-


The Interesting One

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

Request: Mabey a Sherlock x reader in which the reader is Irene’s sister?

Author’s Note: Okay, so this is again a Sherlock x Reader, and I feel like I don’t do this Character justice. I’m trying my best so please let me know if you like it or how I can do better. And my fics kind of write themselves. I’m just writing them down, it all just flows out and evolves by itself. Enjoy 😉

It wasn’t hard to get into Baker Street, especially with someone like Mrs Hudson as the housekeeper. You said you were a client and immediately she had you seated upstairs with a cup of Tea and some sweets. You leaned back in the leather chair that you took a seat on and took a sip of the tea. Just then you heard two pair of feet walking up the stairs and Mrs Hudson yelling after them, that there is a client waiting for them. You smile and put the cup of tea down.

Sherlock and John enter the living room and stop in their tracks. They know you, saw you on the pictures in your lovely sisters file. You don’t bother to look up at them or stand up for them. You just take a cookie of the plate on the table and take your cup of tea back in your hands.

“Hel-lo.” John says, making the confusion obvious in his voice. Sherlock just watches you, taking in every detail of you, probably trying to read you like a book, but that’s not going to happen. You are not like your sister, always the one to put on a show and arrived naked. No, but you weren’t wearing your clothes either. Too easy maybe? No, not the way that you did it.

You finally look up to them and smile.

“Good afternoon, Gentlemen.” You answer and see that Sherlock is still focusing on you, whereas John just looks at you confused.

“How can we help you?” he asks, neither of them moving an inch.

“Oh, I’m not here for help. This is just an informational visit for me.” You say taking another sip of your tea.

“An informational visit?” John asks.

“Yes, I’m not going to stay long.” You say focusing on Sherlock now. He raises his eyebrow and finally moves to sit on the chair in front of you, taking his hands in front of his mouth.

“What information do you want, Ms. Adler?” he asks.

“I already got it, Mr. Holmes.” You said with a smug smile on your face.

“I’m sorry, how?” John asks, taking a seat on the chair where usually the clients would sit, you guessed.

“I just needed to see the person that caused my sister and her hard work to crumble down like a card house.” You say taking an intense look at Sherlock. He leans back and studies you intensely, too.

“You know my sister was always like this. So dominant, always wanting more power, never caring about anyone but her. But then she met you and suddenly everything she worked for, was gone in a split second. She got her heart stuck on something that was way too risky, but she didn’t realize it.” You say.

“I agree.” He just answers.

“I don’t quit know, why you though. I don’t understand it, but we were never close. Never had the kind of relationship where you call her up, talking about the guy you met and how cute he is. Not that any of us was interested in the other. I would say, you know what I’m talking about, but your brother and you are too much alike.”

“You know Mycroft?” John asks astonished.

“Briefly, yes.” You say, never taking your eyes off Sherlock.

“So what is this all about then?” John asks.

“Like I said, me getting to know the person, that I owe something for taking my sister out of this life of hers.” You say, making Sherlock raise his eyebrows again.

“You owe me?” he asks.

“Oh yes, I owe you.” you say, standing up, making your way to the door.

“Why?” he asks. You turn around and lean against the door frame.

“As I said, my sister and I were never really close, but it’s bad for my reputation to have a sister on the other side of the law. And especially one with contacts to Moriarty. You solved it, making it easier for me to get what I want.” You say.

“And what would that be?” John says.

“Let’s just say, a particular job in the government.” You smirk.

“You? A job in the government?” John says.

“Mr. Holmes isn’t the only one able to deduct things and able to disguise. Never believe what you see, Mr. Watson.” You say.

“It was nice to meet you, Ms Adler.” Sherlock says. You nod and turn around.

“Probably not the last time, Mr. Holmes. Until then.” You say and leave the Baker Street.

Sherlock moves over to the window and takes a look out of the window, watching you climb into a car, he notices as one of Mycroft’s.

“She is not like her sister.”  John says.

“Not at all. Which makes her even more interesting, don’t you think?” he says, absent minded.

“More interesting?” John asks, surprised, that Sherlock shows interested in a woman.

“Yes.” He says. “The fact, that she just came here, to see me, saying that she owes me, in the same way, Moriarty said it. Everything about her signals, that she knows more about us, her sister and Mycroft than we think. And this makes her interesting, how did she just surface now and what does she want?” he asks and turn around to face John.

“I don’t know.” John answers.

“Exactly. Me neither.” Sherlock says and turns back. He couldn’t read her, he noticed that it weren’t her clothes and that she kind of put on a different face for this. She was interesting and challenging and he was somehow attracted to that.

“And what now?” John asks, still staring at the back of his friend.

“The Game is on, John.”

The One Where Wade Steals Some Guy’s Phone

Author: Mikala

Characters: Wade Wilson x Reader

Word Count: Almost 1,900 

Warnings: I mean… It’s Deadpool, so… Read at your own risk, to be honest.

Author’s Note: I don’t write Wade Wilson, Wade Wilson writes himself. Also, apparently I’m naming all my Deadpool fics in the style of Friends episodes, so there’s that. I crave feedback. (Please love me.)

Originally posted by marvelheroes

“So, who is this guy, anyway?” Steve asked as the two of you made your way down to the briefing room.

“Not a clue. I just know that what Fury told me, which was that he ‘knew a guy.’ Someone who may be able to help,” you answered, running a hand through your hair before taking the hair tie off of your wrist and pulling it up. You kept your pace with Steve, glancing over at him for a moment. He was in his full suit minus the helmet, his shield secured tightly on his back. He’d be heading straight out on a mission once you all met this mysterious newcomer, along with Natasha and Tony.

You looked down at your own outfit as you reached the door to the room you were heading into. Sweatpants and an old t-shirt, pretty much standard attire for you. You didn’t usually go out on missions—you were almost always the brains behind the scene, controlling and overseeing communications alongside Nick and Maria. You and Nick had come to an understanding; you didn’t work well when you were uncomfortable, and his reaction had been, “I don’t care what the hell you wear, as long as you do your damn job.” Best boss you ever had, really.

Steve pushed through the door and you followed, taking it Natasha and Tony already waiting right inside the room, but your eyes immediately landed on a tall man covered head to toe in red and black. Even his eyes were hidden from view, concealed by an odd white material in his mask. The handles of two large katanas stuck out over his shoulder blades, crossing in an ‘X’ shape over his back.

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wait so what happened?? did someone steal your art??

I mean,  people repost my art with out my permission all the time but that’s another story

 what happened today :  So when I posted part one of Dandelions I had a lot of people ask if they could turn it into a fic. I politely told them all I wasn’t comfortable with that but I kept getting those kinds of messages. I finally got tired and typed up a rant as to why I didn’t want people making my comic a fic (you can read the rant here!

so fast forward and I post part 2 of dandelions. Literally the next morning I wake up to someone in all caps saying if I wasn’t going to make it a fanfiction (which it already is, its just in comic form) could they write it. 

already having dealt with constant messages like this, the all caps intensity of their message, and the fact that I had literally JUST woken up:  I fucking snapped. 

I was a little harsh but how they retaliated was completely inappropriate. hours later they proceeded to send me multiple messages, one after the other, pretending to be a bunch of people ganging up on me. Most of the messages I didn’t answer, a lot of them containing all kinds of insults from name calling to saying I mistreat my followers (which, oh god I hope not.. please let me know if I seem to not treat anyone well! I do have a busy schedule and I’m sorry if I don’t get to someone if they message me!).    They said I was over reacting and they were going to write the fic anyway because “its not like I could stop them” 

I have a feeling I know who this person is though, they harassed me when I had my ask blog. And I knew it was just one person because as soon as I blocked the IP address and refreshed my blog, ALL the terrible messages in my inbox vanished!  

I hope that all made sense. I’m still all shaky because of what all happened. Today has just been a shit day 

Specs can break into and out of the Refuge because he was helping Jack smuggle before Jack was arrested.

Remember, Jack was arrested for trafficking stolen food and clothing, do you think he did it all alone?  In Ryan Steele’s own words, “Specs always goes along with what Jack says.”  It would explain why he would know to show Katharine the drawings and it explains how he can get in and out of the Refuge without being caught: He’s done it before.

Fic Recs Masterlist

*Updated 12/16/2016*

This is for all those who are a thirsty hoe for Bucky Barnes and/or Sebastian Stan like myself. I’ve tried to compile my favorite authors into one place. Please let me know if you think I’m missing someone cause I honestly can always use more to read.

Thank you so very much to all of you who write and choose to share your amazing talents with us! 

Happy Reading!

Note: Tumblr decided that if there were too many links in your post, it would just make all of them not work. In order to fix that problem, I’ve broken this out into three separate posts with this being the overall masterlist.

Smut Free Fic Recs

Some Smut Fic Recs

Smutty Smut Fic Recs

A Milky Way gave me breath

So I had this idea of ​​fic, where the reader is new to Beacon Hills High School, after moving to the city. Her first day starts very badly, and the panic rises. Chance or destiny makes sure that a person well-accustomed to panic attacks passes by at the right time.

Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5

As soon as my foot touched the too-much-clean floor and my body crossed the entrance doors, I knew I did not belong there.

The corridor in front of me was crowded with young teenagers, all wearing a face that was both different but similar in the same time. They knew where they were going, some insecure, others had a pre-filled full future waiting only for them to graduate. Their biggest concern being, in the immediate future, the next class inscribed on their schedules.

And there was little me, lost, alone, empty, planted like a statue in the middle of the entrance of my new school. Asking myself again what I had done to deserve finding myself there.

New house, new town, new school.

Beacon Hills.

Nothing belonged to me anymore, nothing represented me, and nothing mattered.

I felt new tears rising to my eyes, which I was quick to wipe away before moving hesitantly towards my future.

It was the first day of class, and I was already lost, like a little puppy that would have lost her mother. I could not find my locker, my classroom, or the director’s office. The corridors were empty, but anyway I wouldn’t have been able to talk to anyone for directions. With my social anxiety, it’s impossible. My hands become moist, my heart drums in my ears and my breathing becomes wheezy and difficult. My mind is empty of words, and my legs began to shake uncontrollably. I tried everything, to fix this, but I cannot go to others. Some says that I lack confidence in myself and others tell as soon as I have my back turned that I am just an associable person.

I’d like to have friends, I’d like to talk to people, but I can’t.

And here I am, lost in a school that I hated more and more, alone, beginning to panic. I don’t want to be there, I only want to go home … my home before, the one that no longer existed.

The too well-known tears invaded my tired eyes. A curtain of water came over my sight as I felt a sob getting caught in my throat as I tried to take a breath. Automatically, one of my hands pressed against my heart by forcefully clutching my too big hoodie, while the other stood brusquely on my head, slamming my skull with my palm, hoping perhaps it would bring out the memories of my head, in vain.

After several interminable seconds, the sob finally slipped from my sore throat. I put my hands on my mouth to stifle it, not wanting to attract whole classes in the corridor, making me look oddly. I had to find a place to bury myself in for the rest of the day, hidden, isolated…


But I could not see where I was going anymore. My head began to spin hard and my hands trembled against the lockers I leaned on to help me move forward. Then, a familiar pain resounded in my chest, my breathing suddenly broke, and all the sound that could have crossed my lips got caught in my throat.

No oxygen came in or out of my lungs, and my head started to turn horribly. There only was mist and pain surrounding me. My breathing was rapid, jerky and difficult. I had the impression that my skull would explode any time soon, that my lungs were on fire, and that I was going to die.

Then I heard footsteps in the corridor, followed by a voice that I could not catch the words. Someone was going to see me in that state, laughing at me or worse, filming me and fetching his buddies. I had to hide, panic intensified in me. I no longer knew where I was, everything spun and I could not breathe.

“ Are you okay? ”

The person, a boy, stopped in front of me. Anxiety echoed in his voice, and I could hear the pity that was soon to follow. The poor little new high school girl I was, panicking in the middle of the hallway, like a kid.

I clumsily pushed back the hands he had placed on my shoulders with the intention to help me. He didn’t understand.

“Hey, hey, hey… let me help you”

His voice was soft, calm and almost reassuring.

But he didn’t understand that his presence wasn’t helping me, it made everything worse.

“Calm yourself, you must breathe slowly you hear me? ”

Breathe? I couldn’t breathe, the world crumbled, everything was slow, and I no longer even felt my own body. I was going to die, I was going to die!

“I … can’t … breathe …”

This time, when he put back his hands on my shoulders with a tenderness I did not know possible, I didn’t push him back. I no longer had the strength. My legs gave in under my weight, and I would’ve hurt myself if the boy hadn’t supported me. He knelt before me as I tried again to find my breath, or simply find the reality that seemed to escape me.

 " I’m gonna die… “

I felt the boy’s hand against my cheek, warm, soft and tender. His thumb caressed my burning skin as he whispered calming words that did not succeed in calming my heart rhythm or nausea. My thoughts were intermingled too much for me to calm down.

“You will not die; it’s a panic attack …”

The panic that began to make his voice tremble did not reassure me much. I looked up at him, but my vision was so tangled, I couldn’t distinguish his features. The only detail I succeeded in seeing and which struck me was a row of moles that adorned his cheeks. More particularly, his left one.

It looked like a Milky Way, it was fascinating and beautiful.

I don’t know why this detail struck me so much, but for a split second I forgot where I was and that I was dying asphyxiated.

This moment of inattention was enough for the boy to do the thing I was less expecting him to do.

Something hot and damp stood on my lips, while powerful hands grabbed my face.

I was so surprised that I froze completely, eyes wide open, as motionless as a statue cemented in the ground. I even forgot to breathe.

When he backed away, I blinked several times, putting my hand against my lips. I did not quite understand what happened.

But when I breathed again, the pain was gone.

I looked up to look at the boy, but he was faster. He mumbled briefly that when he kissed me, I held my breath, and that was the first idea that crossed his mind at that moment.

Before I could see his face, he ran off.

When my eyes were able to see correctly again, the Milky Way boy was gone.

Originally posted by haerenga

Hey, let me know what you think about it, about the English (I wrote all of it in French and then translate it with google translation’s help), and also the story!

I might continue it if someone likes it! (because I have ideas ehehe)

Ps: this is my first attempt of english writing… please be kind ;0;

Langst Appreciated

idk man i don’t see very many fics where the part of lance that’s insecure and feels useless (bc come on if you know life you know that insecurities like that don’t go away with just one comment of “oh you did good this one time” and stay gone) and the ones that do exist do the same thing that happened in the show where someone (9.59999 times out of 10 keith) says one paragraph about how that’s not true and he just gets over it like *poof* without the things that originally made him feel worthless ending or being resolved in the first place and maybe i’ll write something about this but in the meantime

tldr; if anyone has insecure, depressed, feeling-worthless lance fics w/out any relationship involved where his issues are resolved completely in a healthy and accurate manor or aren’t resolved at all hit me up please (’:

For real though, some tips on writing aromantic characters, since… I guess if I’m going to complain about lack of representation so much I might as well try to steer people in the right direction. Keep in mind that this is all just my opinion and I am only one aro, so take it with a grain of salt

  • The definition of aromantic is that you don’t experience romantic attraction. So basically, to put it simply, you don’t get crushes. That’s literally it. Of course like all orientations it’s a bit more nuanced than that and experiences differ from person to person, but it’s important to keep in mind that basic definition.
  • It’s important to remember that aromantic people are just that: people. “Aromantic” is an orientation, not a personality trait. An aro person could be Ken the loudmouthed delinquent skater dudebro, or your overly affectionate friend Misty who wears pastel colors and loves cartoons and shoujo anime, or Goth Loli-chan in accounting. Literally anyone could be aro, so write aro characters as people first and foremost, aro second.
  • “But how can aromantic people be caring?” “Won’t you be lonely?” “How can you ever love anyone?” Friendship exists. Seriously. The spectrum of human emotions is not confined to romance, and platonic love is very much a thing. Think about the Elric brothers, or hell, even Spongebob and Patrick are a good example of a strong platonic relationship. (And before someone comes in here like “Lol but I ship them though”- fuckin good for you that’s not what this is about.)
  • Try to avoid stereotypes such as aromantic people being emotionless, lonely/reclusive, children, having some sort of superiority complex over non-aro people (Seriously we don’t hate people who aren’t aro??), or being some sort of sex demons. I would recommend staying away from overly stoic or cold characters.
    “But wait! Aren’t you constantly advocating for aromantic Jotaro Kujo, who is the very definition of stoic and rude?” Yes, because I relate to him a lot, and see in him- a pre-existing character who was not created to be aro- traits I associate with my own aromanticism. There is a big difference between me, an aro person, seeing myself in a character as opposed to a non-aromantic person being like “This character is aromantic, so I’ll make them emotionally distant” or “This character is a jerk who has no friends so they must be aromantic”. Don’t do that.
  • Some aromantics may hate the very idea of romance, and become uncomfortable or irrationally angry when exposed to it. (This does not make them bad people, you fuckheads.) Some may not care, and some may love the idea of romance, ship a lot, love Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Being aromantic and not asexual does not necessarily make someone sexually promiscuous. You can be an aromantic who’s not asexual and still be a total virgin. As stated before, literally all aromantic means is that you don’t experience romantic attraction. It does not mean everything is automatically wild partying and one-night stands. I mean, sure, there are aromantic people like that out there, but it’s not the default.
  • Yes, there are many different ways to be aromantic. You can be aromantic and not asexual. Some aromantic people may be willing to go on dates or may have been in previous romantic relationships. Some aromantic people may even occasionally experience romantic attraction. HOWEVER, this does NOT mean you should use this as an excuse to write them as part of your ship anyway.
    Think about it: If an aromantic person wants to read a ship fic, or smut, there are thousands they could choose from. There are a lot less gen fic, even less good gen fic, and barely any fics that explicitly feature aromantic characters. We do not need more fics about romance. We DO need more fics featuring aromantic characters, you know, not being involved in romance.
  • Seriously, try to write aromantic characters in stories that don’t involve too much romance. I mean sure, you can have them in a story that also happens to include a romantic relationship NOT as the main focus, but please don’t include an aromantic character as a third wheel or whatever in your OTP fic and then be all “Look guys! I made aro representation!” As an aromantic person surrounded by romance, I really don’t want to have to sit through ANOTHER ship fic just for the one line where someone’s like “Ew you guys are gross”.
    And especially don’t write fics that are just about someone falling in love with an aromantic character and oh, woe is me, they can never return my love! I’ve been rejected! Alack! Alay! My love has a heart of stone! Yeah, don’t do that. Like most of us don’t feel bad enough about being aro already. Please, don’t.
  • I’m serious, I just really want to see aro characters in fics that don’t focus on romance. Also, do NOT pull the whole “____ had never had a crush and felt like they could never love anyone! …Until _____ came along, and they knew what love was!” That’s really pretty hurtful tbh.

Karamel 1940s AU with Kara as a club singer and Mon El /Tommy as a reporter.
If someone finally takes a hint and writes a fic in this genre please tag me or am just gonna keep making noir Aesthetics until somebody does.

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