someone please tell me what i did wrong

Things I have said while playing Dragon Age: Inquisition so far, as recorded by my flatmate

- You can’t stop me, I can jump wherever I want

- Well that was rude

- Hey boys

- Oh shit, fuck

- Fucking shades I hate you

- Please someone stop me from burning to death that would be marvellous

- Oh fuck goddamn

- Why are there so many damn shades I really fucking hate shades

- What are we doing kids?? Are we all dying like i am??

- If I die then we’ll know we did the wrong thing

- Why are you Welsh?? You’re a bloody elf that doesn’t make any sense!

- Shut the fuck up you sexy dwarf

- Fucking Welsh elves, telling me what to do

- (Manic laughter, strawberry lace dangling out of mouth)

- Sorry I made you jump off a tower

- Yes let’s kill them all (giggles) dead. Death death death.

    concerned meme

  • are you okay?
  • you don’t look so good
  • sit down, you look faint
  • have you eaten today?
  • please, just rest for a minute please
  • i’m worried about you
  • what the hell happened?
  • did someone do this to you?
  • what’s wrong?
  • how long has this been going on?
  • why didn’t you tell me?
  • i can’t not care about you
  • don’t tell me you’re fine. this is not fine

Did you lose me? Or did I lose you? Did I make you leave? Did I push you away like everyone else? Did you just give up? Was I too much? Too sad? Too deep? Too clingy? Please, please, just tell me what I did wrong. Please. I don’t want you back, you broke me, but I need to change something before I lose someone else.

Clip “Snakket ikke om han”(“Didn’t talk about him”) - at 11:21, 26.04

Text from mom:
Are you going to serve your friends food on Friday? 
We won’t be home until late, but I can make something you could heat up?

Text from Sara:
It’s ok to bring alcohol for the bus meeting, right?

(Even comes up behind her)

Even: Hey.

Sana: Hey!

Even: Everything alright?

Sana: Yeah.

Even: I heard that you and Isak were talking about Mikael?

Sana: …uh yeah, or well, he saw a picture of Mikael on my Facebook.

Even: Okay? 

Sana: We didn’t talk about him, or anything.

Even: How are the boys?

Sana: Good.

Even: What is Elias up to these days, then?

Sana: Elias, he..has a gap year. Just messing about, like usual. Leeching off of mom and dad.

Even: You have to say hi to your mom and tell her I miss her chebakia.

Sana: I’ll do that.

Even: Sana, that chebak-

Isak: Hello

Even: Hi! I was just asking Sana if she knew where you were.

Isak: Yeah, here I am. You joining me to Mcdonald’s, with Jonas? 

Even: Of course.

Isak: Swell. You joining? 

Sana: No, thanks.

Isak: Let’s go?

Even: Yeah.

Isak: Bye!

Sana: Bye.

Even: See ya.

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But please, someone who knows, tell me what food Even mentions that he misses. Thank you to the anon who informed me it is called ‘chebakia’ - I had such troubles making out what he said..!

Edit: How did I get McDonald’s wrong (Macdonalds)? Guess that goes to show how “often” I eat there.

RFA+Saeran Suicidal MC

Can you write headcanons for the rfa and saeran with an mc who wants to kill herself because she feels like she doesn’t matter and nothing she does will ever matter

I got this prompt before things went downhill on my end, and I’m so sorry it has taken me a while until I was able to write this for you, anon.

I really hope you’re doing okay, and know that you’re loved. Please if you need help, remember to talk to loved ones, friends, or to look up suicide hotlines for your area (Google as an incognito mode if you’re stressed about your history). If you’re thinking of therapy I used to use They had an app and it was nice not having to voice all the negatives, just writing them down. And some places offer free therapy as well.

Do not be ashamed for wanting/needing help. It’s so much better than the alternative.


- He showered you with compliments on the daily.

- He didn’t know you. You were still just some person behind a text message screen.

- Why did he care so much?

- Out of the camera’s prying eyes, you locked yourself in the late Rika’s room, curling up beside her bed.

- She was so much better than you in every way, so much more lovable, likeable. No one ever batted an eye to you unless it was just to be flirted with.

- You knew those advances would go away the moment they saw you for who you were.

- Some over-depressed whiny fuck.

-  You covered your face, hating how harsh you had to be to yourself, when you heard the phone ring. You peaked over, the action seemingly taking over a year, but you recognized the face on the ID.

- Zen.

- You answered, a low “Hello”, to which he acted surprised to.

- “Eh? Are you sick? Did our RFA princess get a cold?

- Silence. Long enough that you heard him shuffle with the phone, probably to check if you were still on the line.

- “Mc? Hey, are you okay?

- “Why do you care?”

- “…What kind of question is that?

- You scoffed.

- “Hey, whats up? What’s wrong?

- “What, you going to just flirt with me? Save the damsel in distress who you don’t even know?” You swallowed, the action making your throat feel like it was being torn apart. 

- “I do know-

- “No you don’t! You don’t even know what I look like, let alone how I act! How I really am! Just some selfish fuck up who can’t even compare to that Rika girl you all keep talking about!”

- Silence again, and your felt your heart manage to break even more. “That’s what I thought, you can’t even-”

- “No, I’m still here. I’m listening.

- “To what?”

- “To you. To you venting. Mc, please just. Keep going.

- Out of anger you did. Anger towards yourself, towards the group. He listened. He listened as anger turned into broken sobs that had your chest heaving.

- He kept quiet for a moment, making sure he wasn’t interrupting you again.

- “You’re right, I don’t know you. I don’t know what you look like, but you know what? I don’t care. Because while I don’t know you that well, I know already you’re a good person. You’re helping us while your heart is so burdened with stress, while you have the weight of us on your shoulders. Do you know how many others would do that? None. In fact, the one that did is gone now. And even as upset you are with us talking about her, you’re still willing to help, you’re still willing to listen to idiot romantics like me, while you’re struggling so much. But you know what? We’re here for you. These strangers that you’re taking care of, we’re here for you too. No matter how silly, no matter how late, you can call me. Text me. If you feel like this please, please, just talk to me or one of the guys who makes you feel more comfortable, if you can’t talk to anyone else. Just please, yell at me, blame me, but god please don’t do anything to yourself.

- “I-I-I’m so ssorry-”

- “Don’t. We all have our bad moment. When I see you at that party, I’ll give you all the hugs I can’t give you right now, and all the ones no one else was able to give you. So stick around until then at least, okay?”

- You nodded, even though he couldn’t see you. “O-Okay.”

- He stayed on the phone with you to calm you down, getting you to agree to sleep on the couch so Seven could make sure you were okay. He stayed on the phone for hours, just listening, singing at times, humming encouragement. 

- And when the two of you finally met, he couldn’t let go of you, and you never wanted to let go of him.


- He was used to coming home and you greeting him with a smile, warming his heart and taking the stress from work that day. Even Elizabeth 3rd didn’t have that effect all the time

- But seeing you curled up on the bed, motionless, face soaked in tears, had him dropping his suitcase and rushing to you

- “Mc? Mc, are you alright?”

- You weakly looked up at him, dried eyed threatening to tear up again. “No.” God, every part of you hurt admitting that, but you just wanting some emotion to grace you, something other than pain and numbness

- “Do I need to call the doctor? It’ll just-”

- “No, no please, just.” You weakly reached out for his hand, and he immediately grasped yours. Even just tilting your head felt like it took your whole energy reserve away. “I need you.”

- He laid down beside you, pulling you into his arms. “Love, please. What’s wrong?”

- “I don’t know what to do anymore.”

- “About what?”

- “I’m such a fucking waste of space Jumin, I can’t do anything right anymore.”

- He jerked away slightly, looking you in the eyes.

- “Don’t you dare even begin to think that. Don’t you dare.”

- Tears starting spilling from your eyes again as you were forced to look directly at him, your shoulders shaking.

- “But I am-”

- “No,” He kissed your forehead, but his voice was stern, even slightly shaky. “You are the most amazing thing to happen to me, you are the best thing to grace my presence each morning I open my eyes, you are so much more than that, mc. Please.”

- You had never seen Jumin cry, but now you felt it. He was holding you tight, burying his face in your hair, as he struggled to keep composed as his body shook.

- “Please, mc. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

- You clung tightly to him, muttering a mantra of apologies as he made a mental list of how to help you exactly.

- He would going to start telling you he loved you six times a day, kiss you every moment he could, call you every small two minute break he had just to tell you he thought of you. 

- God, just anything. Anything to keep you here with him, and to feel like yourself again. Not this husk.


- Jaehee knew a few of the signs, just from excessive research she did after hearing about the late Rika.

- Maybe a few other reasons

- The two of you were closing up the shop for the night, you washing the dishes as she swept. However, she had stopped ages ago, watching you stare at a knife with a dead-eyed half lidded stare.

- She knew. 

- Slowly, she walked behind you, taking your hands in hers and getting the knife away from you, holding you from behind.

- “Mc, don’t.”

- That’s all she said. She wasn’t even 100% sure that was what you were thinking, but you bursting into tears on the spot confirmed it.

- She cut the sink off, wrapping you in one of the fluffy clean towels, rocking you back and forth as you sobbed into her.

- She wanted to cry, felt like she needed to, but she held it in. For you, just for you. Just anything to make you happy.

- “Jaehee, I can’t- It’s so painful- I can’t even breathe-”

- “Shhh,” She kissed the back of your head, waiting for you to cry it out.

- When you finished, she turned you around, kissing the corners of your eyes.

- “We’re going to get you to a doctor.”

- “Jaehee, no-”

- “Yes,” Her voice cracked a bit, and she took a deep breath. “Mc, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve learned so much about myself, I’m finally enjoying my life again, I feel like I finally learned what it’s like to feel alive-”

- “With me gone, you’ll-”

- “I’ll break, I’ll be in shambles. And I never, ever, want to see you like that. I never want to see your beautiful, shining, radiant face devoid of life. If that happened, I’d die, Mc. I would just stop.”

- She took a moment to rub her eyes, then to kiss you.

- “Please, please, just talk to me. I promise I love you, I promise I will do everything I can. Just please, god. Don’t hurt yourself.”


- Everything had been numb until now.

- Bad grades? Still workless? Numb.

- Yoosung drowning in games while you silently and mentally begged for his attention? Numb.

- You weren’t even sure what had snapped in you today, but as he was discussing a test he failed, sad over it, but a bit happy it wasn’t as bad as his past grades

- And you just broke down in tears

- He froze up, trying to figure out what he said wrong as you buried your face in your knees.

- “Mc? Mc, what happened? Are you okay?”

- He gingerly touched you, scared of provoking more tears, but when you leaned a bit closer he managed to bring your face up to look at him.

- “Mc, please, please, tell me what is wrong.”

- He was so scared. Were you going to break up with him? Did someone hurt you? What was happening?

- After a few moments of choked sobbing and garbled mutterings, you managed to clear your throat enough.

- “Yo-Yoosung, I can’t stand this anymore.”

- Oh god, you were breaking up, weren’t you? He took a deep breath. “Stand what?”

- “Just, I don’t fuckcing know,” you covered your face again. “Living. I can’t.”

- His heart sunk. Immediately he pulled you to him, tears already leaking.

- “Do-Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare, Mc. Please, god, don’t you dare.” He couldn’t bring himself to say the word, he didn’t want to even jinx it. “Please, god, don’t. I don’t know what I’d do.”

- You outright wailed.

- “I don’t have a job, I’m such a disgrace, I just-”

- “No,” He pushed your face into his shoulder, refusing to have you keep on. “You don’t know how much you mean to me, or the people around you. God, please, I went through this with Rika, Mc, just please, please, let me help you. I couldn’t-” His voice broke, “I couldn’t help her, please, god, let me help you.”

- The two of you broke down, just rocking back and forth on his bed, sobbing together. You, feeling so ashamed and sick. Yoosung, so scared and guilty. 

- After the two of you cried it out a bit, he covered you in kisses, refusing to stop until he felt like you knew how much he loved you. 

- He’d nearly beg Jumin to have him help you get help. He didn’t care if he had to become a slave to C&R for the rest of his life. Anything was better than losing you.


- No matter what you did, how much you told him you loved him, he pushed you away. 

- You couldn’t understand why for the life of you. He was so in love with you a while ago, and now it’s just this?

- It was you, right? You did something. You weren’t who he thought you were…Right?

- He didn’t even notice you leave the house.

- You threw your phone somewhere outside, and just walked. Walked until your feet felt sore, until your legs couldn’t take it.

- When you finally stopped, you were at an old park bench. It was late in the afternoon, almost dark, so no kids were around. You sat down, and held it in as you thought about what you were going to do.

- There was a river nearby, so that was an option, wasn’t it? And if you truly needed to you could fashion your sweater into some noose. It wouldn’t be too hard if you had your phone.

- Phone… Right. You threw that somewhere, didn’t you? You couldn’t even look up proper ways of killing yourself, could you? Managed to fuck up right until the end.

- You laughed to yourself, and as you did it slowly turned into hiccups. Into sobs.

- Soon you were sobbing on this abandoned park bench, like some fool. Some lovestruck fool that had no one to love her back.

- You didn’t know how long you were there, not until a loud screeching noise hit your ears, causing you to blink at the bright lights in front of you.

- “Mc? Oh thank god, thank god.”

- Seven ran to you, pulling you off the bench and hugging you tight.

- “I was so scared, I was so fucking scared. Are you okay? Are you hurt-”

- You shook him off, shooting a bitter glare his way.

- “Why do you care?”

- You could see the life leave him. He instantly teared up, reaching for you.

- “God, mc, I do, I do, god i do please. Please please, please pleaseplease, don’t do this-”

- “What, push you away like you-”

- He pulled you into a sloppy, wet, kiss. His tears mingling with his inability to kiss properly.

- “I know I’m an asshole, I know I don’t deserve you. I just get so scared- I’m so gross, so disgusting, so stupid, Mc. And you’re so smart, so kind, so fucking calm. And I don’t deserve you, not in the slightest, but here you are,” He managed a weak, choked, laugh. “Finally realizing…”

- He held you close, refusing to let go, as he sobbed into your chest. “God, mc, please. Come home, lets talk, and then you can beat me within an inch of my life, but please god don’t leave me, don’t, not like this. Not like this, just any other way, not like this.”

- You put your stubbornness aside. Still angry, but longing some validation.

- The two of you settled in his car, awkwardly cuddling in the back seat in the abandoned parking lot, trying to calm down enough to drive.

- And in that time frame, you realized he was just as scared as you were. Once he heard your plans, he begged you to get help, he even promised he would come along to therapy, just anything so you didn’t harm yourself like you were thinking. He needed to know you were safe, and he would never forgive himself if he couldn’t stop you.

- But you knew for damn sure he wasn’t going to push you away anymore, not even if his mind told him to. You deserved more.


- When he saw your recent search histories, he nearly broke down himself, recognizing a few of the searches as ones he used to look up himself.

- You, the wonderful woman who welcomed him with open arms. Despite those he hurt, despite him trying to hurt you. When you first saw him, you immediately hugged him so tightly, whispering on how thankful you were that he was alright.

- Something he would never forget.

- And here he was, reading the results you got for painless suicide methods. Once he saw one connected to your recent behavior, he shot out of his seat and sprinted to wherever you could be.

- When he found you, he was the one to break into sobs. He was so mad, so fucking mad, that he couldn’t stay composed, but he needed you, he needed you so bad.

- He fell to his knees, clinging onto your legs.

- “Mc, please god, please don’t do it, please for fucking gods sake don’t leave me alone, don’t leave me with an empty bed and guilt, god Mc I can’t take it, I can’t.”

- As soon as he started sobbing, you connected the pieces pretty quickly, and felt your own tears pour.

- You slowly met him on the floor, where he held you in a death-like grip, begging you without any shame.

- “Why, why, why? Why?”

- “I’m just. Worthless, Saera-”

- “Don’t you fucking even think that for one moment. I’ve killed people, mc, I’ve killed people worse than you, I’ve beaten people. God, Mc, I’m worse than you. If anything I’m the one more deserving to go rather than you.”

- He broke down again, ending up blubbering. “If you go I don’t know what I’d do. You’re the only thing keeping me sane, please god Mc, please don’t. Please. Please.”

- He just kept begging, and you started to wail.

- The two of you stayed on the floor just cuddling each other, unsure of what else to do. It took hours until the both of you could stop crying, until the both of you held hands so tightly and talked about the help for you to get.

- He would do anything, just anything, for his beautiful heaven like sky not to be taken away from him.

gas lighting

really wish people who only have an academic understanding of the term “gas lighting” would just stop throwing it around willy-nilly. gas lighting is not when someone disagrees with you in an argument, it’s not when someone paraphrases you or exaggerates what you said for dramatic effect. it’s not when someone misunderstands you and says, “this is what I have understood that you meant, if it’s wrong, please tell me what you did mean?” gas lighting is not when someone has an alternate interpretation of something that is going on.

gas lighting is when an abuser convinces a victim that their own judgment is completely unreliable. this is accomplished by constructing a reality where the victim can not trust their own judgment. for example, a common tactic is that the abuser will hide things that the victim set down, and when the victim asks where the thing is, the abuser will just say, “you’re so forgetful, you’re so clumsy, you can never remember what you did with anything, can you?” and act like these things make the victim “cute” yet also inferior. if the abuser is older than their victim, then the abuser could add things like, “I know better than you, I have more life experience after all.” the abuser will make the victim look like a ditz in front of people and say things like “you’re so oblivious!” and this is done until the victim truly deeply believes that they are in fact oblivious, that their memory is terrible, that their own judgment is poor, that their abuser will know better for them in any given situation. usually, people who are victims of gas lighting don’t even fucking know it! because they have bought in to this constructed reality of their own inferiority!

THAT is what gas lighting is, it is a long term traumatic experience where a person learns to deeply mistrust their own selves.

gas lighting does not cease when the conversation is over. gas lighting is a whole constructed reality that a person lives inside of and it affects all areas of their life. stop fucking throwing this word around because you can twist the dictionary definition around enough to make it fit.

‘how perfect?’ (derek hale drabble)

it’s almost a week later and here tf i am with these damn vday drabbles. enjoy this hunk!

(gifs aren’t mine!!)

“I can’t stop thinking about you… I can’t.” ft Derek Hale

You and Derek dated secretly for a little over five months. You thought things were going well when Derek walked up to you two days ago. You thought he was finally okay with telling the pack. You were, of course, wrong. He grabbed you by the arm during the middle of a pack meeting and pulled you into his study, slamming the door behind him. He kept pacing back and forth, eyes never meeting yours as he slowly explained to you that he no longer wanted to date you. He wanted nothing to do with you, personally or professionally. His outburst surprised you, but you walked out with your head held high. The rest of the pack didn’t know what was going on or why you wouldn’t show up to the meetings, but you managed to give them viable excuse after viable excuse.

Today is probably the most annoying day of all after your fall out with Derek. Today is Valentine’s day, a national holiday to remind you of both your loneliness and your rotten luck. The rest of the pack had gone out on a couple’s dinner sort of thing, and Lydia made a point to invite you every day, but you couldn’t go. Not because of Derek’s sorry ass but because you didn’t wanna be the seventh or ninth wheel.

So instead, you’re at home. You’re dressed in a comfy crop top and baggy sweats, a bowl of ice cream in one hand and a bag of hot chips in the other. You set your snacks down on the table and before your ass can hit the sofa, you hear rapid knocking on your door.

“I’m coming! Jesus,” you grumble, walking to the door as the knocking becomes more incessant.

Your mind immediately jumps to the worst conclusion as you twist open the locks of your door. What if your friends were hurt? What if “couples dinner” was code for attack??? You quickly unlock the door only to find Derek on the other end. He looked like a complete wreck, and the terrible feeling rushed through you again.

“Derek, what is it?” You whisper, keeping yourself together as you let Derek in, closing the door behind him. He stands in the small hallway, not moving. “Derek please tell me what’s wrong? Is someone hurt? Did something happen? What–?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you… I can’t,” Derek repeats the words, almost as though apologizing to you.

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“W-what?” You hesitantly place a hand on his shoulder and he looks up at you, his tired sea green eyes meeting your gentle ones.

“I’m so sorry. But I can’t stop thinking about you. I go to sleep every night, picturing you next to me. I wake up every damn morning wishing I could kiss your forehead one last time. I can’t sleep, I can’t focus, you’re clouding my every thought, Y/N,” Derek’s voice breaks as he falls to his knees in front of you.

“Derek,” you whisper, gently running your fingers through his hair as he buries his face in your stomach.

“I don’t want you to get hurt, Y/N. I don’t know what I’d do if you got hurt,” he wraps his arms around your legs and let’s it all out.

You lower yourself so you’re face to face with him as he tells you about a new threat, a vampire coven. The pack had never dealt with a coven before, but they’d heard rumours about how ruthless they could be. They’d take the pack’s weakest link and tear them to bits. Derek didn’t trust himself around you, he didn’t want to risk your life so he broke things off and pushed you away.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Derek whispers, gently cupping your face. You lean into his touch and close your eyes.

“It’s okay, Der. I feel better now… at least it’s not my fault,” you look up and meet his loving eyes.

“Is that what you thought?” His eyes search yours before leaning forward and placing light kisses all over your face. “It’s not at all your fault. You’re perfect.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but I am pretty damn great, huh?” You smirk as Derek chuckles, shaking his head.

“You’re perfect, I swear.”

“How perfect?” You whisper, biting your lip as Derek stills in front of you, eyes landing on your lips.

“Let me show you.”

No Use Being Upset Over Them Part 2

Characters: The Mikaelson’s and Reader

Warnings: No humanity! Reader, threats, temporary death, anger, and I think that is it!

Kol was in a rage. You were gone, not just physically, but emotionally too. You weren’t you and that thought consumed Kol at every moment. He could think of nothing else.

“Kol, moping isn’t going to help find Y/N,” Elijah commented barely looking up from his paper. That was the last straw for Kol. All week he’d kept himself in control and not once lashed out at the source of the problem, but now that control was gone.

“DO NOT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” Kol exploded pinning his brother to the wall by his neck, his vampire face making an appearance.

“Kol! Let him go!” Hayley exclaimed as she and the rest of the family made their way into the room in order to find the source of all the noise.

“Maybe I should, and after I do that I can rip your throat out!” Kol snarled at Hayley.

“As fun as that sounds, I do believe that wouldn’t be worth the trouble Kol,” you spoke up from the entrance of the compound.

“Y/N?” Rebekah asked in shock. You sort of seemed like you, but…you were missing…you.

“You’ll catch flies if you keep your mouth open like that Beks,” you chuckled. Kol had forgotten all about Elijah and was now eyeing you.

“You still…you haven’t turned it on have you?” Kol sighed.

“Why should I? There’s no reason for me to suffer just so others can be happy.”

“Darling, please. You need your humanity.”

“I said no Kol. It’s not like I’m killing people.”

“You haven’t killed anyone?” Klaus asked, astonishment evident in his voice.

“No, I just stopped by to pick up a bag and I did that so I’ll be on my way,” you explained and turned to leave only to find Klaus standing in front of you.

“As much as I would like to just let you leave, I can’t love.”

“Why not? Nothing I’m doing is harmful to any of you,” you pointed out.

“You’re wrong. Now, can we do this the easy way or are you going to make things difficult?” Klaus questioned.

“How do you know that I didn’t anticipate this and cover for myself?”

“What are you talking about?” Kol asked.

“I’ve discovered that Cami can’t be compelled, but she has plenty of friends that can.”

“What did you do?” Klaus growled his face starting to change.

“Nik, don’t! Y/N’s probably bluffing, even without humanity, reason still exists!” Rebekah explained.

“What’s your point?” Klaus demanded, stopping you when you tried to leave.

“Y/N is well aware that doing anything to hurt Camille would be quite the mistake,” Elijah spoke this time.

“I’m going to call Camille and if there is anything wrong, you are going to fix it,” Klaus growled before speeding off to make his phone call.

“Please tell me that you were not stupid enough to actually compel someone close to her,” Elijah sighed.

“That would just be great for you wouldn’t it?” You hummed.

“Actually, it would be rather bothersome.”

“Too bad I don’t care,” you muttered looking at your nails.

“Turns out Y/N was telling the truth!” Klaus exclaimed walking back into the room.

“What did they do?” Hayley asked as everyone else was to stunned to talk.

“Nothing even slightly harmful right Klaus?” you replied.

“Be that as it may, I cannot have you running around in this condition.”

“You can’t stop me. Try it and we’ll see how fast the bodies start piling up,” you threatened.

“Oh, I can stop you,” Klaus smirked before speeding in front of you and snapping your neck.

A/N: Here  is part two! Enjoy!


#representation matters

EXO reaction to you denying you were crying

Hii could you make a reaction where EXO(preferably ot12) finds their s/o crying and they deny doing it? ^-^

Well, because this is my first exo reaction request, I will do ot12 for you :) Hope you like it anonnie!


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“Please don’t deny it, why were you crying?”


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“Are you okay?”


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“No, baby, don’t cry!”


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“Did someone make you cry?”


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“Here, a kiss to make you feel better. I love you~”


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“What’s going on?”


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“You look like you need a drink.”


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“When you’re sad, I’m sad.”


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“Come and lie down with me, tell me what’s wrong.”


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“What happened?”


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“Cuddle with the dogs, you’ll feel better.”


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“I don’t usually do this, but you look like you need it, so here it comes.”

*Does aegyo to make you feel better*

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ok but Bucky giving his baby beard burn tho when he's in between Steve's legs. ahaha. PS keep studying !!!!!! <3 u r the best (; PPS saw someone requested jealous steve tho ... hope u try it most likely steve is jealous bc he's used to Bucky giving all his attention to him.

Steve sulked in the bathroom. He’d seen Bucky talking to some agent and immediately his insecurities about himself came back. Before, when he’d been small and frail, no one took a second glance at him, apart from Bucky. 

Bucky had always made sure Steve knew he loved him, no matter what he looked like. But it still made him feel self conscious when he saw Bucky with other people. He felt inadequate, like he was just holding Bucky back. 

The tears came before he could stop them. He sat down in the bath tub and let the water kiss his naked body. He wrapped his arms around his knees and sobbed into his arms. Why was he like this? He hated feeling so unsure, so broken. He was a mess and Bucky deserved someone who didn’t lose their heads every other day. 

He was so lost in his own head that he didn’t hear the elevator stop at their floor and he didn’t notice the bathroom door opening. 

“Stevie?” Bucky asked, pulling back the shower curtain. Sniffling, Steve curled in on himself and wiped his eyes. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, bottom lip trembling, “s-sorry, I-I - 

“Baby, what happened?” Bucky crouched down by the tub and kissed Steve all over his face, “oh, sweetheart, tell me what’s wrong.” 

Steve closed his eyes and whimpered. He couldn’t handle the concerned, protective look on Bucky’s face. 

“Stevie…baby doll,” Bucky crooned, cupping his face, “honey, please. Tell me what’s wrong? Did someone hurt you?” 

Steve shook his head, tears slipping down his cheeks. “I-I’m sorry you’re st-stuck with me. I’m use-useless. Pa-pathetic, cryin’ all the t-time.” 

“Oh, baby,” Bucky cooed, picking Steve up and wrapped him in a thick fluffy towel. Then he carried Steve back to their bed and sat with him on his lap. “You’re none of those things. You’re perfect and mine.” 

Steve squirmed and buried his face in Bucky’s neck. “Why are you with me? I’m b-broken.” 

Bucky wrapped his arms around his sweetheart’s small waist tightly, he growled low in his throat and kissed Steve’s temple, “you are not broken. I love you, Stevie. I love your bright blue eyes, your laugh and smile. I love your headstrong you are and how adorable you are with me, when we’re alone. 

I love your moans and whimpers, the way you look when you come. I love how you cling to me at night when we’re makin’ love. I love the way you feel against my skin, how beautiful you are. You’re a walkin’ wet dream, baby. Pretty tits, tiny little waist, muscles for miles. You’re beautiful like this and before the serum. Don’t matter what you look like to me, you’re an angel, darlin’.” 

Steve looked up at him and whined, eyes puffy and wide. 

“What is it baby boy?” Bucky asked, stroking Steve’s cheeks, “what can I do to make it all better?” 

Steve blushed and buried his face in Bucky’s neck again, “I wanna - wanna play daddy.” 

“What d'ya wanna do baby?” Bucky asked softly, dipping his head to see Steve’s face.

“Want - wanna be rimmed,” Steve blushed, looking up at Bucky with wide eyes and that pouting mouth of his.

“Oh. You’re so adorable baby,” Bucky grinned and lay Steve out on their bed. “I love you so much sweetheart.”

Steve whimpered and turned over onto his belly and wiggles his butt in Bucky’s face, “please daddy.”

Bucky parted Steve’s cheeks and licked the puckered rim, beginning to suck.

“Ohhh, daddy,” Steve moaned, “oh yes, yes, yes, feels so good -

“Spoilt little boy,” Bucky growled pulling away for a moment to kiss Steve’s warm, round cheeks and slap his bubble butt.

“Daddy…” Steve whined, blushing.

“I love how greedy you are doll. I want you to have everythin’. I’ll give you anythin’ baby boy. Did you get jealous before?” Bucky purring, kissing up Steve’s back.

“Yes-yes daddy,” Steve mewled, arching his back as Bucky ran his tongue down Steve’s back to his bottom.

“You know you’re the only one for me, darlin’,” Bucky grinned, “I love you so much, lovely.”

Steve whimpered, “love you too daddy.”

And then Bucky proceeded to rim Steve until he cried and came in the sheets.

Steve snuggled into Bucky’s embrace with his face in Bucky’s chest. They’d just come out of the bath and changed into fresh clothes. Bucky had cleaned up the bedroom and sheets for Steve to nestle into.

“Baby, open up,” Bucky whispered, holding a spoon to his lips, “gotta eat up.”

Steve opened his mouth and swallowed everything Bucky gave him.

“I love you sweetie,” Bucky said sincerely, “I mean it. That lady was just a friend. You know that?”

“I know,” Steve replied, blushing, “sometimes I just…start thinkin’ I’m not good enough.”

“Well, you are. My little angel,” Bucky said fiercely.

Steve nodded and nuzzled Bucky’s throat, clenching around the plug between his checks, moaning at the feeling of it.

Bucky’s beard had felt wonderful against his skin, and Steve could feel the burn of it. He loved it.

“You’re mine,” Bucky growled, hand on Steve’s throat, “mine.”

Steve sighed happily. Sure, he still had his insecurities but Bucky loved him all the same.

Today is a very important day, because today is when peoples eyes were opened and people were told “listen to your fucking kids, bright smiles and loud laughs can hide so much anger, sadness, pain and so much fucking more” today’s when people looked at gun laws and started to say “what the fuck are we doing letting our kids have this much access to guns?” Today’s when people realised bullying can lead to this kind of shit. Today’s when people who went through the same shit as Eric and Dylan (bullying, depression, anger issues) could seek out help and tell someone what’s going on in their head. Today’s the day when parents looked at their children and asked “are you okay? Please talk to me if you ever need help and support".

So yes, of fucking course what Eric and Dylan did was horrific, and let the 13 victims of the shooting rest in peace (13 because Eric and Dylan were not victims of their own crime, they were victims to others things of course) the columbine shooting should have never happened, ever!

Rest in peace Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, what you did was wrong but everything got too much and I just want to say I’m sorry it felt like no one was ever there, you guys never got the help you needed/wanted, you left with two intentions, one was revenge but two was to open people’s eyes and that has my respect, I’m sorry no one got to you in time to change your minds, the two of you would’ve loved a lot of things that happen now, the movies, the music, the food and so much more. Maybe you guys could’ve sold your ‘radioactive clothing’ or ‘hitmen for hire’ ideas to some big movie producer or became big game makers and big computer wizzes but I want to end my message to you by saying: I’m so sorry people treated you like nobodies, I’m sorry they ruined the one chance you guys had to be teenagers, I’m sorry.

Bless the victims and their family’s. None of you deserved this horrible tragedy, the victims deserved long happy lifes, a chance to fall in love and a chance to fulfil their biggest goals and dreams. And their families deserved to be beside them the whole time, watching them live to their fullest potential and watch them become beautiful adults. Bless Dylan’s parents and family. Bless Eric’s parents and family. I’m sorry you lost your boys.

Lean On Me | Location Prompt

Summary: Even if it’s just for a moment, you make me forget all the hard things.
Word Count: 1,729
Genre: fluff, angst
Prompt: Choi “S.Coups” Seungcheol + Beach
TW: none i can think of! tell me if you need anything tagged

A/N: im not in a good place right now and i needed to get some stuff off my chest. kind of a continuation of seungcheol’s highschool!au. i hope this is able to help you guys if you needed something like this as much as i do.

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It’s not just an excuse

Being open about having autism does not mean I’m trying to make excuses for bad behavior. 

So… this is a difficult topic. I want to start this by saying that I have nothing against people who self-diagnose - it is how I got started, too, because I was not in the family situation to have any adults do it for me and send me to a specialist to get tested. I did get tested, but that wasn’t until I was in my early 20s. So there’s that. (also, it’s late, so if I get anything wrong or say something you disagree with or something offensive, I’m sorry, and feel free to speak up, I’d love to discuss this!)

The reason I’m pointing this out is because I’ve read in many different places and heard from different sources that there seem to be people who “self-diagnose to have an excuse for their own bad behaviour”, or “just use their autism to get away with things.” As always, I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I’d like to point out (again): Being open about having autism does not mean I’m trying to make excuses for bad behavior.

A fundamental difference between people who make excuses like that (and I guess those people do exist somewhere) and people like me is that while we do make mistakes and we make these mistakes because of our autism, we feel terrible about making these mistakes. Letting you know that the reason for our behaviour is our autism does not mean we don’t understand we did something wrong - it means we may not understand why it was wrong or were not in control of our actions (irrational behaviour, meltdowns, impulsive reactions, etc…). 

If I know I did something wrong I feel terrible about it. I want to know what I did wrong. I want to understand why it was wrong, so I can avoid doing it again. Mistakes happen, but I prefer them not to happen more than once. If they do, I feel even more terrible. This has, in the past, even led to self-harming behaviour on physical and emotional levels, mostly because I - and many people like me - have been told that doing things wrong and not knowing why something is wrong makes you a bad person. 

It’s not our fault that we don’t always know why things are wrong. And most of us work very hard to keep our database of rules up to date. So please, if someone who you know has autism hurts you or does something bad or if someone tells you they did a bad thing because they have autism, be patient with them and try to explain to them what went wrong, or lead them to the right resources for the issue at hand. Also please be aware that people like me may not always realise when they make a mistake, or if they realise it, they may not know what that mistake was. 

Being direct and just telling us what happened, what went wrong, can help us a lot. And sometimes just asking why we think it was okay to do something might help you understand us. Both things can lead to a more relaxed way of interacting in the future, because mutual understanding is the basis for all communication (which we are, as you may know, notoriously bad at). 

tl;dr: Being open about having autism does not mean I’m trying to make excuses for bad behavior. It means I admit I don’t understand some things and may make mistakes. It’s a signal to you not to get mad at me for messing up, and instead to be patient with me and help me understand why what I did was not good. 


Request - Joker and Harley’s daughter One Shot imagine

a/n: hiii omg, i recently got this imagine request and i LOVED IT!!! so imma do it ehehhe. and it will be my version of how the joker and harley’s daughter would look and act like :) hope you enjoy babes

characters: joker, harley quinn, reader, some asshole named roy

pairing: reader and the asshole named roy are together, joker x harley as parents

storyline: reader and asshole named roy are in an abusive relationship, roy is abusive. reader’s parents - joker and harley don’t know about it, because y/n is too scared to tell them, not knowing they have control over anything. one day y/n’s parents find out.

warnings: abuse, mention of abuse and abusive relationship, swearing, death

“Please, please, don’t, no.” I whimpered, knowing what he was about to do. His hand raised and collided with my cheek, making tears spill out and my head turn harshly to the side. I gasped, sobbing and holding my face from the pain.

“You are never leaving me!” He yelled. “You understand?!” His hand grabbed my face, pulling me closer. “Do. You. Fucking. Understand?!” My eyes shut closed from his loud voice grazing my ears. “Speak, you little filth!”

“Yes.” I whispered.

“What was that?”

“I will never leave you, Roy.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Now get out before my parents come back!” He yanked me away from him, making me fall on my knees. “Get up, bitch. And remember, nobody knows about this.” His harsh words stabbed me right in every place in my mind and body and I scrambled to my feet. I grabbed my things and with all my energy, I got out of his house and got in my car.

Once I started the engine and got far away from his house, I stopped at the side of the road and cried. I cried and cried, and cried for what felt like hours. When I felt like calming down, I looked at the time. Shit, it was almost curfew. I started the car again and drove home as fast as possible. I hoped I made it in time.

I parked my car in our garage and quickly walked through the front door into the house.

“BABY’S HOME!” I heard mom yell from the dining room. I sighed. Jeez, I really needed them out of the way right now. I just wanted to go to my room and be alone for a while. But I had to greet them, otherwise they would get angry. “I made some dinner, hon.” She said. Her white hair with pink and blue ends was up in a perfect messy bun, her body wrapped in a white silk robe. Dad was sitting next to her, an arm around her waist, probably. He was in a simple white shirt, his green hair perfectly standing out.

I placed my bag on a chair and finally faced her. 

“Oh, honey.” She pouted, seeing my face. I furrowed my eyebrows. “What happened to your make up?”

“W-what do you mean?” I asked. Oh, right, me crying. 

“Your mascara is running down your face, eyeshadow smudged. What happened?” She questioned. Well, should I tell them? I mean, it’s not the best timing since this abuse from Roy has been going on for months. But they need to know, better late than never. Although he told me not to tell anyone. We both know what he would do if I told anybody. But God, I couldn’t take this for any longer. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I ran my fingers over my face and my hair, sighing. I opened my mouth to speak, but only sobs and pants came out. 

“Oh, baby, come here.” Mom urged for me, stretching her arms out to me along with dad. His blue eyes held strong concern. I walked over to them and fell into their arms. I cried into their clothes, their arms wrapped around me, dad’s one hand was soothing my back. “Is it someone at school? Is it Roy?” I nodded my head feverishly. “What did he do? Did he hurt you? God, I always knew there was something wrong about him.”

“Tell us, baby, so we can figure it out together.” Dad said. I looked up at him. “We’re here for you, baby girl. We’ve always been. Whatever it is, you can tell us. Even if you think you can’t, please do.” 

“Just tell us, hon. We will do anything to make you happy.” Mom urged and I slowly calmed myself. And told them everything. How Roy had been abusing me for the past few months and told me to not tell anyone. How I had been using dumb excuses for my bruises and scars every time they had noticed and asked. How I had been too scared to tell anybody.

“Baby, how-” Mom couldn’t even form words.

“Haven’t you got any idea of what we can do?” Dad said.

“What?” I asked.

“Baby, we have all the power.” Mom gave me a wicked smile. “To do anything. Get revenge on someone, get something, destroy the wo-”

“Harley, please.” Dad stopped her. “We could’ve done something so long ago.”

“But I thought you guys were… I didn’t know about your… power.” 

“Now you know.” Mom spoke. “So let’s get him.”

“W-what, I-I just-”

“Don’t say you don’t want to get rid of him.” Dad said. “Harls, get hers and your costume, this Roy will finally meet his ‘girlfriend’s’ parents.” Dad spoke and stood up, walking down the hallway. I turned to mom.

“What? C-costumes? What did he mean?” I asked. Mom only smiled again and took my hand, dragging me upstairs. After a little while, we were both in matching red and black costumes with white and checker-style details. Mom improved my make up situation, making my mint-green hair into a bun like hers.

“Oh, baby, I’m so excited.” She said, putting some lipstick on my lips. “Haven’t gone out this way since you were in me.” Weird. “We’re finally gonna show you bits of our old life. Perhaps later we can teach you how to fight and… well, live.” She spoke, giggling after. Mom took my hand and dragged down to the very basement where I saw things I had never seen in my life. Dozens of guns stocked in different shelfs, all over the place. 

“Wow.” I breathed out, all the sadness gone. 

“I know, hon. Let me just take two.” Mom said. She walked over to a black box and came back with two guns - one was gold, the other white with gold touches. “Alright, now let’s go. J’s probably already waiting for us.” We walked back into the main room, and there was dad standing in a purple suit. It was perfect, no flaws. 

“Well, aren’t my girls looking beautiful?” He smiled, accenting the last word, which made mom giggle. I felt very insecure and uncomfortable in this costume, I never wear tight clothes. “Let’s go now.” 

We got into dad’s lamborghini and soon were at Roy’s place. A big jeep in the driveway gave away that his parents were home. What would we do about them?

We got out, me and mom following dad, and simply came in through the front door. Roy was standing behind his parents, it looked like we interrupted something. I stood behind dad, looking doubtfully over at mom. 

“Don’t worry, hon.” Mom whispered, sending me a wink. I gave her a weak smile, holding onto dad’s hand. 

“Who the hell are you?” Roy’s voice cut through the tense silence. Dad laughed in a way I had never heard before, tilting his head back.

“Oh, boy. Do you really need to be asking the questions here?” Dad spoke in a seductive way.

“How about we ask you a few questions, Roy?” Mom spat his name like poison. The looks on Roy’s family’s faces were ridiculous. 

“For example, Roy’s parents, do you know how my daughter’s and your son’s relationship is going?”

“Y-yes, it’s like a piece of cake.” Roy’s mom said.

“Is that so?” My mom asked. “What do you think, mister?” She pointed her finger at Roy’s dad. 

“I think it’s the same as my wife thinks.”

“Hmm.” Mom narrowed her eyes in doubt.

“You see, we got complains from our daughter here that… their relationship hasn’t been going so well the past few months.” Dad spoke. “She told us Roy here has been abusing our baby doll. Do you know anything about that?” Roy’s parents turned around to him with wide eyes.

“Roy? Is that true?” His mom exclaimed.

“N-no, of c-course not, y-you know I wouldn’t d-do that.” Roy stammered. Pussy. 

“Of course it’s true. Our baby would never lie to us.” Mom said. “Y/N, can you tell them?” I came out in front of my parents with the biggest confidence I had felt in my life.

“Yes. It’s true. Roy has been abusing me for five months. He told me to never tell anyone or it would get worse. But now, knowing what my parents are capable of, I could finally have the courage to tell them.” I said. “I honestly don’t know what you get out of it, Roy. Wait, I know - you’re a pathetic sadist, who’s reputation is made of bad things only.” I spat. 

“Yes, that’s right.” Dad nodded. “That’s the truth. We’ve seen the scars.”

“Roy! I can’t believe this!” His mom exclaimed. 

“Don’t worry, miss.” Mom said with a sarcastic smile.

“You won’t have to deal with him.” Dad spoke.

“We’ll do it for you.” Mom finished. The next things happening were a blur. Loud noises, like shots and Roy’s parents’ bodies falling to the ground. Mom and dad were laughing. I looked at Roy and laughed myself. The boy had pissed himself with the biggest fearful eyes I’d ever seen. 

“Oh my God.” I said between laughs. Mom and dad walked to stand next to me and mom handed me her gun.

“I think you have the honor, baby.” She said with a wicked smile. I took the gun from her and put it up in front of me, aiming at Roy. The actions came practically naturally.

“It’s in her genes.” Dad said with a smirk.

“Y/N, no, please don’t do this. I will be better, I promise, I won’t hurt you again, I know what comes of it, I-”

“Shh.” I said with a smile and pulled the trigger, aiming at his forehead.

Misunderstandings Pt. 5

Genre: Angst (SFW for now)

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n: We hope you guys like part 5! This is the final part of the main plot. It’s kind of bittersweet to end this as it’s our first fanfic. The very last part, part 6, will be almost entirely smut.  It’s under the cut as usual. Here’s part 1, part 2 , part 3part 4, part 6.

You were finally back in his arms. 

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  • *Remus changing with his back to his friends*
  • James: wait- wait a minute. Remus, turn around for a second.
  • Sirius: What's up?
  • James: Pads just look at this okay
  • Remus: *Turns around* What?
  • Sirius: Woah.
  • James: Woah.
  • Sirius: Merlin's beard.
  • James: Remus what the fuck?
  • Remus: What? Is something wrong?
  • James: Peter come look at this!
  • Peter: What- *drops books* woah.
  • Remus: Could someone please tell me what is going on?
  • Peter: Your stomach...
  • Remus: Is something wrong with it?
  • James: You have...
  • Sirius: You have a sixpack?!
  • Peter: When did you think of telling us this?
  • James: You don't even do quidditch!
  • Remus: Oh that? Oh yea as a werewolf I have a larger muscle mass naturally. Its the wolf part you know.
  • Sirius: Well shit.
  • *Later that week*
  • Remus: Hey James.
  • James: There is no way you have a six-pack.
  • Remus: *sighs* Are you still not over this? *Lifts up shirt*
  • James: Well shit.
  • Sirius: Hey whats up?
  • James: Remus has a six-pack!
  • Sirius: Well shit.
  • Remus: I'm going to eat some chocolate.