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Okay but I love the idea of like, PTA Sans getting to know Frisk’s friends of the parents that just get on his non-existent nerves and learn that it’s not that Linda or Helen are bad parents, it’s just that they believe their crappy behavior is what’s best for their children, when in all reality, they just want what makes their selfish needs happy so just imagine THIS

-Sans helping kids with depression who don’t want to tell their own parents, fearing they won’t understand and Sans’s ability just sniffs them out with their moderate LV levels towards themselves (I headcanon his judgement isn’t just for seeing the real monsters people can be) and Sans volunteering as a school counselor just cause he knows how much holding that in can damage you, especially to someone so young.  

-Sans making sure the school board starts using more pronouns than just he/she if their parents won’t, just to make Frisk’s friends feel welcomed by their peers if they can’t feel it at home (plus he just REALLY loves seeing the parents scream internally about about it) 

-Sans starts trying to controlling what he says in front of Linda when her kids are around.  

-Helping out any kids in wheel chairs go up the stairs by just floating them up the staircase so they aren’t late to class before Sans goes to his counseling office.  

-Sans splitting up a fight if Frisk has bullying problems.  Mainly, he just annoys them with bad jokes until they call him a insult they heard their parents use towards monsters.  But if anyone actually hurts Frisk in a fight when they refused?  Helen is STILL trying to wash out the ketchup stains from that trap whoopee cushion in that kid’s desk.  

-Sans being the science class skeleton for a day to help Mr. Robert teach 4th graders about the human body.  He just keeps making body part jokes whenever Roberts goes into gross details.  Stuff like ‘Intestinal track?  Sorry Doc, I don’t got the GUTS for that’ all the kids bust up laughing.  Mr. Roberts just wishes Sans could hold still as he points out his features without snickering from how much touching his rib cage tickles!  

Dan Smith “Glory” Pack

>>Under the cut you’ll be able to find #55 gifs (as of 12 June 2017) of the British singer, songwriter Dan Smith (Bastille). All gifs are from his appearance in their new music video “Glory” and were made by me. Please don’t repost them in gifsets, but feel free to use them for any edits or crackships, I don’t care as long as you give this post a like or reblog! 
Thank you.

[[The beautiful lady you’ll find in a couple of gifs is model and photographer May Daniels]]

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Oh guys- thanks for being so patient! 
Saran’s chapter is done! 
16K later. 

Someone please teach me how to do head canons properly. I have a problem, 
I’ll try to edit during my breaks at work otherwise I hope for it to be up on here tomorrow between 2-3pm Australian Eastern Stand Time. 

This would be a good time to read the story that this slight AU takes place from, Saeran’s To Borrow #6 HC. It literally takes place right after :) 

Oh guys- this just means I need to write V’s and then I can start angst fest and smut fest!!! WOOOHOOOO! 

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Anyone want to play chess?

I’m really really bored so to anyone who knows how to play and has some kind of editing program (photoshop, paint, etc.), play chess with me! I’m not that good anyways, so don’t worry about me creaming anyone, I just want to play for fun -w-;;

In fact, I’ll take on multiple people! Whoever rebloges this with their next move edited in, I’ll vs you!! So yeah umm here’s the board, and let’s have some fun with it :D (only if you want of course)


25/100 days of productivity

09.04.2017 Quarter of the way there! Tried a different style in my bullet journal whilst in Japan, inspired by @studykouffee

Also, someone please teach me how to edit photos bc my lighting is actually shit and all I’m doing is slapping a blue filter on

Today: Chemistry past papers, Biology notes, wrote my English reflective statement and wrote up the pre-experimental part of my Chemistry IA

Lovely 1D Headcanons Master List Post (28 March 2015)

It’s been a while, but I think it’s time I make another one, considering I have done a lot since the last one in August lol. You’ll also get an idea of what’s coming. 

~ Chrissy


Preference {1} How You Met


Part 2

Preference {2} You’re His Date, but You’re Just Friends | Part 2
Preference {3} You’re a Family of… | Part 2 (His POV)
Preference {4} Your First Fight | Part 2
Preference {5} You Have Dimples
Preference {7} Differences Are What Makes You Beautiful (His POV)
Preference {8} He Gets Sick While Visiting Your Parents
Preference {9} You’re on Tour With Him, and He’s Feeling Protective
Preference {10} You’re at the Hospital, and You Have an Emotional Breakdown (Trigger Warning, Lovelies!)
Preference {13} He Makes You Feel Insecure | Part 2 (His POV)
Preference {16} You’re American, and He Insults That
Preference {17} You’re Best Friends, and It’s His Birthday
Preference {18} His Father Commits Suicide (Trigger Warning, Lovelies!)
Preference {19} At the Pool/Beach Party…
Preference {20} He Gets Sick at Your Child’s Practice/Game
Preference {21} He’s Your Best Friend, and He Stops You From Committing Suicide (His POV) (Trigger Warning, Lovelies!)
Preference {22} You’re His Girlfriend, and He Gets Possessive Because One of His Band Mates Likes You (His POV)
Preference {23} You Secretly Like Each Other, but You’re Marrying Someone Else
Preference {24} He Meets Your Family/Parents
Preference {25} You Meet His Family/Parents
Preference {26} You’re Diabetic (COMING SOON!)
Preference {27} Next-Day Hangovers (COMING SOON!)
Preference {28} You Have Amnesia, and You Think Someone Else Is Your Boyfriend (COMING SOON!)
Preference {29} You’re Dating a Member of One Direction and Close With the Members of 5 Seconds of Summer (COMING SOON!)

Preference {30} He Forgets Your Anniversary (COMING SOON!)

AU Preferences

Brother-Sister Moment (BSM) Preferences

Preference {6} AU: He’s Your Overprotective Brother, Meeting Your Boyfriend for the First Time


Part 2 (His POV)

Preference {11} AU: He’s Your Brother, and While He’s Away on Tour, You Commit Suicide (His POV) (Trigger Warning, Lovelies!)
Preference {12} AU: He’s Your Brother, and You Surprise Him While He’s on Tour
Preference {14} AU: He’s Your Brother, and You Tell Him You Have a Crush on One of His Band Mates

Adoptive Brother-Sister Moment (ABSM) Preferences

Preference {15} AU: You’re His Adoptive Sister, and He Doesn’t Like You

Preference Series

Preference Series


Preference Series {Pregnancy} Talks

Preference Series {Pregnancy} Trying (Smut Warning, Lovelies!)
Preference Series {Pregnancy} Finding Out (COMING SOON!)

AU Preference Series

Aboard the Titanic

Preference Series {AU: Aboard the Titanic} Preparations (Your POV)

(His POV)
Preference Series {AU: Aboard the Titanic} Introductions
Preference Series {AU: Aboard the Titanic} Interests
Preference Series {AU: Aboard the Titanic} So We Meet Again (Trigger Warning, Lovelies!)

Preference Series {AU: Aboard the Titanic} Night Time Walks (HIS POV) (COMING SOON!)




Imagine {Harry} You Meet His Autistic Brother for the First Time


Imagine {Louis} You’re Being Sexually Harassed by Your Boss, and Louis Steps In (COMING SOON!)


Halloween Haze 2014 Master List



Because She Said Goodbye {Niall Fanfiction} 

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (COMING SOON!) 



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Teikō Junior High School Basketball Club. A super strong school with more than 100 club members, boasting several successive championship wins. But even within that glorious history, there is still a team that can without fail be called the "strongest" - a generation of five players with talents that you would see once every ten years called the "Generation of Miracles."