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A Little Guide On: School Weapons To Fight Awkward Moments

Although I want to clarify that I am not trying to promote anti-social methods or ways of being, I do want to provide a guide of things that will make your time as a kid with poor social skills not as awkward as it could possibly be. Trust me, because I’ve been there, done that; and the situations you can go through as being a lil ghost can be pretty unconfortable. Who knows, maybe I will write about my experiences in a future article, what do you think? But anyways, today I will provide you with a number of items aka weapons for decreasing the probability of you getting to a stage of optimum awkwardness. These will help you get through those times during home-time, break, lunch, free time, etc. in which you might find yourself alone surrounded with creeps who might feel tempted to look at you or approach you when you do not necessarily want them to and your friendsies are not around. I mean, if you want to talk to people and you know, like try being social and interact with other beings, go ahead! However, as I said, I know that sometimes this ins’t precisely a thing you might want to do, and much rather avoid it. Get ready to fight that awkwardness!

Phone- This is one of the most vital pieces of weaponry you will ever need. If you have this, the probabilities of you to get through awkward moments is very likely. Why is this so important? Because a phone is a multi-use object that serves you with a variety of different things to enterntain yourself and make you look like you are on to something. A phone allows you to listen to music, so make sure to also pack earphones so you can jam to tunes in your head and ya know, all that. Nonetheless, you can play games or just explore through different apps and all that jazz that may enterntain you! Also, if you are a TV possesed person like me, you might want to consider getting Netflix or anything of that sort on your phone so you can enjoy your fave shows or movies while suckers be wasting their time socializing. I also recommend Snapchat and Tumblr (although the Tumblr app SUCKS monkey balls, it kinda works sometimes..) because if you aren’t really into social media and do not have stuff like Twitter or Instagram or anything, with Snapchat, you can take pictures of random people and make jokes and chat to your friends who might be far away with emoji language while your camera points at something completely incoherent and you send a completely incoherent snap to someone. The Tumblr app will allow you to make time go by, and you can answer messages or reblog a bunch of stuff to keep your blog updated! If you are into social media although in real life you are just like not v social (and trust me I know a lot of people like this) just go through your Insta feed and like pics, stalk people or whatever you please! Also, read tweets of your fave people, retweet, tweet stupid stuff, annoy people, talk to fandom twitter people…just roll! Do whatever with your phone! Oh, and an iPod could also be quite good too as you could listen to music, play games, etc. 

Book- I feel like I talk a lot about books, but these are always great to carry around with you so you can travel to your fave fantasy world or learn about your fave people or discover new things anytime as long as you read one of these little things! Choose a good book, that someone recommends or that looks interesting, so that as you enjoy it, time passes by 10 times quicker! Tip: I like hardcover books because most of them bring the plastic case thingy that you can take off and the book itself doesn’t have pictures or anything on the cover that may let creepers know what you are reading about if you think the book is too dorky or weird and feel like it is nobody’s bussiness! Moreover, do not forget that you can also get your e-books so you can carry as many as you want in your tablet or phone or any other device that may be easier to carry! 

Sketching material- if you are into drawing or doodling, make sure to carry the basics like paper or a small sketchbook and a pencil (I prefer mechanical pencils because you don’t need to sharpen them and they bring their own rubbers) or a pen! Make art while you wait for someone to pick you up or are bored and with nothing to do while you have some free-time. You will actually be spending your time productively and will end up with something you will feel satisfied with. 

Magazines- if you are in the mood for some eye-candy and just want to know what has been up with whatever themes you are interested in, take the newest issue or one that you really like in your bag so you can pull it out and catch up whenever you have some spare minutes! What I love about magazines it that they have, more or less, a balance of pictures and writing, so you can read some cool articles, or just look at the pictures, or both! Plus, you can then collect them, or use them for collages, or share them, or trade them…there is so much you can do with them! A regular issue is generally lighter than a book, so it will be easier to carry. But remember that this is also something you can digitally carry in your smartphone, tablet, etc. 

On-the-spot To-Do List- If you have any To-Do’s that you can do without much trouble and that do not require you to go somewhere else, so like calling someone for an appointment, organize your schedule…or even school work like maybe proof read your essay, do some quick questions, etc. which you can do while you are waiting and that do not require materials not available to you, then to them! You will get things out of the way and be productive! I recommend that if you need anything like lined paper, or a worksheet/handout, etc. bring it with you if possible so that you can complete your activities! For example, for some theory of music homeworks that I have, I bring with me my notebook (which is small and super light) and a mechanical pencil and I complete it during home-time when I have extra-curricular classes and they come to pick me up late! Then I do not have to worry about it at home where there are more assingments waiting for me! This will show people how you are so productive and will keep many from distracting you! If that isn’t preventing awkwardness, I don’t know what is! 

So, here are just some things that you can carry with you to fight the chances of getting into awkward situations when none of your buddies are around! Oh, and as a little treat, I will leave a couple of fun song suggestions for you if you want some new tunes to listen to while in these situations…or just dance to them in your room (that’s what I do, just saying) :). 

Foster The People- Houdini

5SOS- She Looks So Perfect

Martin Solveig & Dragonette- Hello

Martin Solveig & The Cataracs- Hey Now ft. Kyle

The Summer Set- Boomerang

Arctic Monkeys- Fluorescent Adolescent 

OutKast- Hey Ya

That’s all chums! If you have any questions or comments, make sure to visit me and drop them in my ask! 

(just my edit, original picture credit goes to respective owner)

- Paula xx 


At Every Corner

First Kiss ‘Verse: New York is a rabbit hole. Kurt is always falling down.

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Ohio-born Kurt Hummel fell in love with theater and fashion at a young age. Not long after, he fell in love with New York City.

From far away he would dream of neon lights and towering buildings, a constant rush and opportunities at every corner. Opportunities leading to an audience clinging to his every word and even the tiniest of movements, or to an acceptance speech for his original designs. Opportunities to succeed on The Great White Way.

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