someone please take it away from me omg lol

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i hope this makes it!! c: how does the gom + nijimura react to seeing a talking duck? the duck follows them around but only talks to them when they're alone individually. THIS IS SO WEIRD LOL. LOVE YOU, THOUGH!

omg why

AKASHI: “Stop it. This is ridiculous. I need to see a psychiatrist this instant. Why is there a talking duck?”

AOMINE: “Oh, that’s cool. I’m gonna take you home and name you. Since Kobe retired, can you be Kobe instead?”

KISE: “Weird. Quit following me.” 

KUROKO: “Peculiar indeed. Perhaps I’m going crazy after all. Maybe I should talk to someone about this. why am I talking to myself?”

MIDORIMA: “…Oha Asa did call for a duck today.” 

MURASAKIBARA: “Can I cook you? Please? Why not? Stop running away from me. You were following me before.”

NIJIMURA: “I thought those brats were crazy but i guess I’m crazier.”