someone please send me your skype

Fed the fuck up

I can’t believe I have to do this…

I know I don’t have a lot of influence in the foundation but there have been some distressing things I’ve been told recently. Some people have been messaging me, here and other media asking about other scp fans because of some messages. What is so hard you shit-wits to understand the word ‘No’. If someone says they aren’t interested or not in to you, leave it at that. Someone telling you NO doesn’t translate to ‘please send me porn or your fetish.’ No has a lot of meanings but none of them means to keep doing what you were told to knock off. If i or someone says on on tumblr tells you to stop, what the fuck makes you think they’ll agree on Facebook, snapchat, or Skype. Sexual harassment is not a fucking joke once you keep going past the 'No’! Message me or my friend again, any of you, anywhere, any media….. I will make it my fucking purpose to shut your ass down.