someone please rescue him

off on a hero’s journey

the rest of the fantasy AU

occasionally i revisit the de-aged clones and laugh/cry, so here’s a tidbit of each emotion!

  1. the Wolfpack is de-aged and literally nothing changes.  Plo looks at his gaggle of tiny clones and goes “hm… yes, I approve” because they were pretty much already his children.  now they’re just snack-sized and much easier to pick up and tote around when they’re being stubborn about getting a reasonable amount of sleep or eating things they shouldn’t dammit Wolffe.  then he adopts them and takes them on a ‘field trip’ to Dorin (and maybe a few other planets where they can, you know, breathe) and re-raises them properly like actual human beings instead of disposable soldiers.
  2. unless this happens really early in the series, there’s no way it’s not going to be absolutely horrible for Echo.  even minus the horrible injuries and rough prosthetics, he’s a prisoner in a Techno Union facility on an unfamiliar planet and as long as he has the information they want (which he does, since his memories are intact), he might end up a hastily-modified human computer anyway… just a smaller, less cyborgized one this time.  and if not - because who knows what’ll happen with the war if all the clones turn into children - still a Separatist prisoner.  someone please rescue him.