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Concept: Instead of going out for fine dining, we have a candlelit dinner with bowls of ramen. It’s not much, but it’s the best we can do and it still tastes pretty good.

  • Friend: Our expectations in men are way too high because of actors, bands and fictional characters!
  • Me: Agreed. Fangirls have a real hard life. I blame Tom Hiddleston.
  • Friend: Me too. I'd like to go to a therapist and talk about this.
  • Me: Ok but... Now imagine Tom Hiddleston is the therapist...
  • Friend: I HATE YOU

Hot kisses turn into bruises and bitemarks until he sinks his teeth into my neck. I feel the hot crimson leak from my neck, I don’t struggle. I let him empty my veins because, I love him.

Vampire!Vanoss biting Delirious, Requested by @nightmarewolf067


Good luck with the camp!

seiseki football club aka #tsukushitsukamotoprotectionsquad

i love college aus????

so i like heacanoned in my head that erik is like fractionally panicking during finals week because shit he doesn’t know anything??? he should’ve spent less time staring at charles in class. and he’s all like screaming internally (and externally) and he’s like “I dON’T KNOW THE ORDER OF TAXONIMY” but charles lists them in .5 seconds and erik is so frazzled he’s like “HOW DID YOU DO THAT” and charles is like there’s a mnemonic for it it’s really easy. and then erik is like “can you tell me it!1!!!” and charles is all flirty like “that depends how many kisses to i get and then they start kissing every time erik gets an answer wrong until they end up doing something that’s definitely not studying 


when your both crushing on each other and your eyes meet

Face it, when Wonder Woman came out the team all dubbed Zhalia Wonder Woman because she’s queen of the Amazons.

I didn’t say she liked it which means I didn’t say it lasted.

Habituate {Shiro x Reader} Gang Au!

Chapter 1

Warning: Drug use, indications of rape, cursing, abuse, depression, and more throughout the story.


You knew this would happen yet you still refused everyone’s help. If only you would’ve let one of your friends walk you home after the study party.

You felt menacing eyes burn a hole on your back as you nervously walked down the street. With each step you took you could feel the sexual intentions of the man behind you. With every step you took he seemed to get closer.

You’re skirt blew with the soft breeze that hit your thighs. A terrified chill went up your spine as you wrapped your arms around your chest. After a few minutes your timid steps thankfully brought you to the doors of a mini mart.

When you got through the clear doors you were greeted by a burst of cool air. The man at the register looked just about done with life. You walked towards the back of the store feeling safer knowing there was someone else around. You opened your book bag and took out your phone to hopefully call help.

Each attempt lead to nothing; not a single person you knew answered. You’ve been inside this place for twenty minutes, you had to leave soon. You peeked through the shelves and saw the creep still standing outside.

You need help. If you don’t get any who knows what that guy will do once you get outside? Oh to hell with it; you’re leaving right now. You had the police on dial and ready to call if anything did happen so it would be okay, right?

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What Rose Weasley said to Scorpius Malfoy that made him decide he was going to marry her


On another note though, can someone please make a joke about the barden bellas and The Last 5 Years? (I mean 2012 - 2017) My brain has literally been fried so the only thing I could come up with is

Pitch Perfect is over
And bellas are gone
Universal decided it’s time to move on
Bellas have new dreams they’re building upon
And I’m still hurting

Or bechloe style

And in a perfect world,
a miracle would happen
And jesse would just fly away
Then it’d be me and beca and nothing else would matter

the mercs & how they celebrate their birthdays (defense)

Engineer: He usually is like “it’s my birthday tomorrow, let me do the cooking” and everybody else is like “cool, barbecue day” and brings a crate of alcoholic beverage of choice. Every year Pyro crafts him a bigger, sparklier birthday card (the most recent one actually does pretty great as a windbreak). Similarly to Scout, he always gets a lot of lengthy phone calls from various family members.

Demoman: After Scout, he’s the most enthusiastic team member when it comes to birthdays, be it his own ones or somebody else’s. Somehow he always manages to import a bunch of weird Scottish food and lots of quality alcohol (Spy is significantly nicer to him about a week before & after this day). He doesn’t expect any gifts (the precious man actually prefers to give presents) but always gets a trinket or two, and no matter how useless or hideous these are, he can’t throw them away.

Heavy: Claims birthdays are no fun without his family. He sincerely thanks for all the wishes he gets (the date isn’t a secret or anything) but also equally sincerely asks for no partying, please. There’s always someone though, who will make sure the dinner this day will be a bit better than usual. Sometimes there’s even an anonymous cake laying around, which no one knows nothing about, but since it’s already here, we might as well eat it, right?

no but can we just consider a les mis high school marching band au bc like

really stressed out director javert who needs a drink 100% of the time

head field commander enjolras who is so tired of drumline section leader grantaire yelling at him from the field to stop fucking up the show tempo

grantaire’s best friend and sophomore colorguard protege eponine who can p much ruin your life with a flag, rifle, saber, or words

trumpet player marius who – despite eponine’s wrath – falls in love with flute soloist cosette, whose father is the head band booster and number one dad to p much every kid in band

pit kid combeferre and tuba player courfeyrac (who is famous for being able to make the light saber sound effects with his mouthpiece) collaborating to cover every nicki minaj song in the lamest – but also most hilariously entertaining – duet of all time

les mis marching band au

I honestly still cannot believe that I think 1.5k (actually, now it’s even higher than that too like wow)especially since last year at this time I had less than 500 followers. Honestly, saying that you guys are amazing is an understatement because I clearly wouldn’t still be here if you guys weren’t above and beyond spectacular and I thought a follow forever is exactly what was needed to celebrate this occasion because I want to highlight someone of the people that make my life just a little bit brighter every day.

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