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Ok real quick

I am seeing a lot of people posting about consent and relationships and that’s so amazing

But it also makes me worry that a lot of people on here have been through something horrible.

I just want to say that if anyone needs to talk about something or ask questions about a relationship they fear may be abusive- please, reach out to someone. A friend or trusted confidant. Ask questions on here, ask me, just don’t be afraid to ask.

I won’t get into it and maybe never will on here (which seems unfair bc Tumblr is how I knew something was wrong) but I had a Very Bad relationship and got out and am always always always willing to listen if you can’t talk to someone you know in real life.

I’m tagging this so that it actually shows up outside of my regular followers.

Okay but the animals in Zootopia regarding whales as gods. Sayings like “the whales helped to make this world.” The bigger whales not knowing the common tongue and still only speak in their own language. The smaller whales acting as interpreters to them. Any time an animal sees the whales they consider themselves blessed because they rarely show themselves to others.

Someone join me in this, I have a lot of feelings about it.

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Please more trr college au headcanons pleeeease


  • lets talk about OLIVIA she is the vice president of the fashion club because “presidents are boring” and she was once voted most likely to have consumed her twin in the womb
  • her favorite television show is vanderpump rules
  • sometimes she hits on drake???
  • actually she hits on drake a lot

olivia: drake your clothes are so 2007 tim mcgraw why don’t you just take them off and let me have my way with you
drake: ???????
olivia: ew don’t make eye contact with me

  • maxwell goes through hobby phases
  • currently it’s baking
  • last month it was bonsai and before that antiquing so this is a big improvement for everybody
  • he and mc are on a quest to make the perfect cheesecake
  • they have matching aprons that say “kiss the cook” even though it’s not cooking, it’s baking, but they wear them because the aprons were a gift from liam who is trying to fully support baking as the New Hobby
  • (tbh liam was also hoping they would Take A Hint but so far he’s pretty sure no cooks have been kissed)

maxwell: no cooks could even BE kissed since we aren’t cooks we are BAKERS
liam: what are you doing this is a hypothetical narrative you can’t comment on it

  • drake and liam are on an intramural ultimate frisbee team
  • drake is the one who started it but liam is the reason everyone else joined
  • they have team cardigans

drake: can we have like a war cry
maxwell: no wtf are we gonna yell
drake: frisbee

  • BACK TO OLIVIA she has like ten dogs
  • “why wouldn’t i have ten dogs do you know who else has ten dogs? the queen”
  • she will never let anyone forget that she is a natural red head
  • she likes chunky jewelry idk i just get that vibe from her u kno
  • maxwell asks mc to go on a Date with him like a couple weeks after they kiss because liam told him that’s what you’re supposed to do
  • mc borrows a dress from hana and wears lipstick because hana told her that’s what you’re supposed to do
  • maxwell is V nervous because like????? its mc she’s his fave person and now he doesn’t know what he’s doing really and that NEVER happens
  • he brings her daisies
  • they just hold hands and walk to this bougie restaurant and it’s nice but they both are suddenly very shy
  • when they get seated they just look at the menus quietly for a while and then mc says “i kinda want pizza” and maxwell is like “oh my god i thought you would never say it” and they just immediately leave while the waiter is occupied and go to a shitty bowling alley and eat the shitty bowling alley pizza
  • then they sit in the car for three hours talking and maxwell is like do u wanna make out and mc is like yeah?????
  • when maxwell gets home liam is all ??? how did it go and maxwell is like :D “we went bowling!!!!”

liam: ….
hana: …. but did she wear the lipstick
maxwell: wait why is hana here

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I really liked the july desktop wallpapers, are you making new ones for august?

Hi, yes I am planning on it! I’m considering making some more of my own designs like with some different colours, etc, rather than editing the DesignLoveFest ones. I’m very conscious of legal rights and uses of someone else images so even though I give credit each time and claim no ownership I think it would be best to create entirely my own, just to avoid any complications. If you have any design ideas, please let me know! :-) x

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For someone who always wants to be a smart ass on correcting other people's spelling, you sure do make a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. You should probably proof read before making yourself look like an idiot.

No shit I make spelling errors and such. Listen I write how I write, my intelligence is very pleasing to myself and others around me, so because I maybe put then instead of than or whatever does mean much also, who cares if I look like an idiot on here, does it matter. None of you will never really know who or how I am.

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with all the discussion about politics just like. please be mindful that if someone says 'a trans' 'not letting trans/transgender into the military' 'transgenders' or 'transgendered' you should take what they say with a grain of salt because they're not using proper terminology and through their words are dehumanizing trans people by not calling them people

Thank you for informing me and I’m very sorry for making you feel insulted. I will be more careful from now on.

this is about this tweet ok (also follow me on twitter lmao)

not really gonna explain because it’s right there but don’t shit on voltron for making a little video about pickup lines. we’re getting jeremy fucking shada and he’s going to answer questions and talk to us! literally what more could you ask for?? this fandom is trash sometimes ughhhh. im saying this from the perspective of someone who is in love with lance and his character and story!!!!! but yeah thank u please show this to people who think this one post is trying to prove lance as only comedy relief because that is not the case thank you. 

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I am so tall that I am always in danger of hitting my head when walking through doorways. Everyone makes fun of me for being so tall, and I have no retaliation. Can I please be short and cute too ;-;

@people making fun of them for accidentally hitting their head in doorways, would you like it if someone picked you up by the collar and called you ‘shorty’ in your face and then presumed to laugh at you. Is it funny now? I guess not. /P.S stay safe and tall people can be cute too, take namjoon and chanyeol from exo as an example/

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Young David swing he s/o bathe

I’m assuming you meant seeing. But if that wasn’t it, please let me know.

David Jehoahaz Abraham:

Of course, David knew they were bathing. They had lightly mentioned it, hoping he wouldn’t pick up on it. he did. even if it took him almost an hour to realise.  Walking through the hall, David lightly whistles. Hoping to distract them from his idea. His idea to see his lover wet and naked. David could definitely appreciate that.

Reaching the bathing room doors, David slowly push in open. Hoping not to make even a single noise. He knew that if someone spotted him, he would be in deep trouble. especially if it was them, and they were dressed. Taking slow steps, he walked into the steamy room. Flowing the sound of water running. Knowing he was close.

Seeing them immersed in the water, David sub-consciously whistled. Approving of the current situation they were in. he could hear them screech, though he just stood there. A cocky smile on his face.

If you please, allow me to shamelessly use you for inspiration

(A les mis drabble based on @theblazeofmemory‘s blog, who certainly didn’t ask for this but hopefully likes it anyway)

Joly shifts nervously from one foot onto the other, glancing around. “Jehan someone will see,” he mutters.

“That’s why you’re keeping lookout,” Jehan says from their crouched position on the ground. “I’ve almost got it.”

Joly makes an uncomfortable noise. It’s Tuesday afternoon, so the zoo isn’t busy at all, but it’s not deserted either. They glance down at their friend, who is reaching into the Barred Owl exhibit, a pretty feather just out of reach of their grasping fingers.

“Got it!” Jehan cheers triumphantly. They retract their hand and proudly hold the striped wing weather up for Joly to see.

“Great,” Joly says, keeping their voice down. “Now can we go?”

“Yes, yes,” Jehan says, getting back to their feet. “I- Oh!”

“No,” Joly groans. “What now?”

“Look!” Jehan says excitedly, dropping to their already dirty knees again. They point inside the enclosure.

Joly looks. They are pointing at something revolting. “Jehan no,” he horrors.

“Oh, but it’s just the right size!” Jehan insists. “Let me just-” They actually lay down flat on their stomach, shoving their arm underneath the mesh fence all the way up to their shoulder.

“Jehan it’s disgusting,” Joly protests, glancing at what he can only presume is the skull of some type of rodent.

“You’re going to be a doctor!” Jehan snorts, in between noises of frustration.

“That’s different,” Joly says indignantly. There is a cheerful shout not too far away, signalling the approach of children. “Someone’s coming!” he hisses tensely.

“I can almost reach it,” Jehan grunts.

“I am never taking you to the zoo again,” Joly hisses. He doesn’t mean that. Next to  Combeferre, Jehan is definitely one of the best people to go to the zoo with.

Jehan makes a sad noise, but doesn’t look up.

“Not without more supervision anyway,” Joly adds.

“Grantaire would have helped me,” Jehan points out.

“Grantaire isn’t supervision,” Joly says decidedly.

“Hah!” Jehan exclaims and they get to their feet just in time. The young father that turns the corner a moment later does give them a strange look for their dirt covered clothes, but he isn’t really in a position to give a lot of attention to anyone except the two kindergarteners pulling on his hands.

Joly hooks their arm around Jehans and pulls them away from the owls before they can find more things to scavenge.

“Isn’t it sweet?” Jehan says happily, turning the small skull around in their other hand. “It’ll be so nice when I’ve cleaned it.”

“And when you have, you can tell me what you’re going to use it for,” Joly says. He’s fine with skeletons, but he really prefers them in a sterile state and, you know, not stolen from a zoo exhibit.

Jehan beams. “Oh, I’m going to-”

After you’ve cleaned it,” Joly says, digging around in their pocket for their bottle of hand sanitiser. “Now please put it away and wash your hands.”

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Hearing Dylan talk about wanting to get the language and dialect right makes me think of this podcast w/Misha Collins were he talked about being on the show 24 and how Dennis Hopper, who played his character's father, was supposed to have a Serbian accent. The show hired him a dialect coach and Dennis refused to work with him and didn't sound at all like someone from Serbia. It just shows how dedicated Dylan is to get it right that he wanted to work w/a coach.

Yup. I love that he was like, no Jamaican princes, please!

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Dark? Doc? I don't know if anyone is listening but.. I have trouble taking compliments. It hurts a lot because of an ex who was emotionally abusive. My followers were asking, and when I posted my expirience, I started reviving messages that I deserved it. That it was 'my' fault for not sleeping with him within a month of dating, dispite me telling him I wasnt ready. I'm shaking and panicking because of them... All I can think about is if I deserved it.. Pleae help me. Please. ~Nyx🌙

The damn tumblr mobile deleted my whole rant so I got the mun’s laptop (yeah, I am that angry right now)
First of all, here’s a secret: most of the people on tumblr are trash. I’m not gonna take this back. They’re trash. Only living trash could go up to someone’s inbox and make them feel terrible about themselves.
Now, back to you.
I’m proud of you for not sleeping with somebody without feeling ready or comfortable with it.
Sure, wanting sex is not inherently bad but if your partner doesn’t want to have sex, you wait. If they don’t want to have sex, never, you either accept it or talk to them in a respectful manner saying that sex is really important to you and you prefer to leave than to push their boundaries.
But if you beg for sex, guilt trip for sex, manipulate for sex or abuse someone in any way for whatever reason, you’re not a good partner and deserve to be dumped.
I’m so sorry these living trashcans would say that honey, I’m so sorry.
You’re not bad, you’re just surrounded by idiots.

- Dark