someone please make art for this

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luis and penny are only canon in one au but they will always have a special au in my  h e a r t

also i have this weird thing about when someone takes a fat female character but draws them buff as a male character, or when someone takes a buff male character and make their female version excessively thin and feminine. i don’t wanna do that. iss gross. luis is a Cute and Fat boy and penny is still Jacked As Shit

another thing i used to do with them was like give them “gendered” clothing and colors before i realized that neither of those things have genders. plus it wasn’t true to the actual characters at all, i mean a male version of luna would still be obsessed with pink and big hair

anyway, uh

enjoy my children with their genders swapped around (it’s called “cis swap” now, right? i know there are more than two gender identities now, but the original characters here were male and female respectively, so i just swapped between them)

((oh my god this was longer than i intended))

  • Pidge: *successfully hacks into something that saves their asses* Guys i'm in!!!
  • Lance: *was looking over her shoulder the whole time* Holy crow, Pidge, I could kiss you!
  • Pidge: *looks at him seriously* What's stopping you?
  • Lance: what
  • Pidge: what
  • *awkward silence*
  • Pidge: *expectantly waiting* Well?
  • Lance: *secretly hoping that it was some joke*
  • Pidge: *keeps staring*
  • Lance: *realizing that holy s h i t its not*
  • Lance: *internally screaming*
  • Lance: *points to person in the corner* KEITH YOU JERK *gets up and starts arguing*
  • Keith: what did i even do what the fuck



Come see the other parts!

Part 1-

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 Final - (Above)

There will be a compilation video of all the parts into one video, so please don’t make one lol. it’ll come out in a few days. 

Sorry for all the watermarks and the low quality finished picture guys. :C I’ve been getting a LOT of art theft lately and I just know that this is just a buffet on a silver platter for those art thieves if I make this full quality like usual, even with a watermark. but I hope you enjoy! There’s no watermark in the video but that’s only because if someone screen shot it, it still would look bad as a print or whatever. 

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So I got bored and did a thing. It all started from me making one for Lance…and then, I just had to make the others~

Except for Coran because his Character Stilt art Thingy is blurry and bad I’m crying// Why can’t Coran have nice art like the others!!???!!

No Helmet Ver.

Art and Voltron: Legendary Defender ©  Dreamworks

If this needs to be removed or anything like that due to copyright please let me know~


Holiday + Work = Disaster. Had to work on New Year’s Eve and slept through most of the day and was unable to finish this on time. AS ALWAYS. My handwriting is atrocious on tablet.

Happy New Year everyone! All late but it’s still Jan. 1st at my place! Please enjoy this Galra-esque comic. :D

Baby!Keith gets to meet his extended family, makes new friends, and someone gets banned from future babysitting duties. Dad!Thace is glad that everything turned out okay.

Galras are difficult to draw and getting references was difficult without having my browser crash on Netflix.

Please don’t edit or repost! :D


After someone asked I decided to give those the same treatment as the Yoi wallpapers from last week.:D

So now enjoy the phone wallpaper of my christmas prucan pattern.:) (I will try to make a new one for this year but i am still pretty fond of this one from last year.:))

feel free to use them for your personal devices, please just do not repost them without my consent.:)

And that’s a wrap!

So what started as a pick-me-up for myself ended up becoming this awesome Tumblr wide kitten drawing event. Over the last three days I was just shy of re-blogging 100 different types of cat artwork. All of it in the name of spreading some positive feelings to anyone that might need it during this moment of tension. That is such an amazing thing. Thank you so very much to anyone that was kind enough to participate and patient enough to sift through the waves of cat drawings. You’re all fantastic. 

Although Kitten Day is over, please continue to create and share art. You never know when something you make might brighten someone’s day or even just your own. Thank you again everyone and good luck. 

❤  H

- If I missed your drawing don’t fret! Any drawings that might have slipped through my fingers I’d still love to share on my submissions blog here. :)

Hi guys! So someone recently told me my art is on Instagram! Which is weird! Because I definitely don’t remember putting it up there or being asked if it was ok to put up. So I just wanted to be clear: please don’t repost my art without permission. Don’t give other people permission to repost it. 

Stumbling upon your work on another person’s account is a terrible feeling. 

I’m glad my art makes you happy but that’s not a reason to screenshot it and post it on your own account. Not cool. 

I made an instagram account and asked a few of them to take my stuff down but there is a lot of art on here and here that I know hasn’t been run by the original artists.  

“But i’m giving the artist credit! That makes it ok!’

No.  If the artist hasn’t given you consent to post their work, it’s not ok.

gettin-schwifty  asked:

If you are still up for the pose meme drawing, could you make Dipper A2 and Mabel D6 (the twins acting flirty in front of their unseen crushes) please?

maybe mabel’s flirting is a bit embarrassing usually, but once dip has someone to woo, her expertise comes in handy!

Pose meme!