someone please make art for this

((older omega! they were meant to be an adult but this looks more like a teenager whoops. they’d need a full seven souls to shapeshift their body into aging. their fashion sense stays atrocious forever someone please make them tie their shoes

i was going to add another with what they would 100% turn into instead of sticking to how their body might have grown naturally but it wasn’t cooperating. just imagine, six foot tall frisk built like a brick bathhouse with a beautiful beard and four arms

naturally they never exceed five feet and they’re forever salty about it))

Hey guys, like it seems many of you enjoy these flowers, I have a request : 

Please, share these flowers with someone you like. 

It can be a friend, it can be someone you just want to be close, someone you respect, someone you like but are afraid to talk to, someone you want to wish something or just to make a smile today. 
It would make me really very happy if this doodle could serve this purpose. 


Lapis Return

So many people liked and reblogged the post I made about wanting Lapis to come back and punch Peridot on the face that I decided I could as well try to “make it happen”.
I wanna clarify that I do ship them and that I love both characters, still I want her to punch her, I want Lapis to get her revanche so they can start out clean, brand new beginning.

i doodled a sloppy kagehina partner assassins AU bc i needed it in my life

i cant draw guns so i just scribbled pls spare me

(kags is supposed to be a sniper and hinata a close combat specialist. i think kags would be a one bullet and done sort of assassin while hinata gets too excited and leaves things a little too messy for his partner’s taste and they end up bickering bc “now we have to clean this up, dumbass!!!11″)

and then, perhaps for the first time in his life, anders cried for himself. not after his lover, not for the cause, the world, but himself and only him, and after his life that never really belonged to him

sad anders because i am fucking sad

anonymous asked:

AHHH those two in each others' sweaters are just so!! Cute!! Now I need me one of those sweaters, also would it be okay to share headcanons with you?

thank you so much!!!!! someone should hire me to make attire i love it