someone please make art for this

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If someone could please make a comic or drawing where Star is Princess Leia and Marco is Han Solo, that would be amazing!

Did you hear it, Tumblr?
Even though that’d make the future of Starco children way less cute and bright than the usual fan arts…

Hey guys, like it seems many of you enjoy these flowers, I have a request : 

Please, share these flowers with someone you like. 

It can be a friend, it can be someone you just want to be close, someone you respect, someone you like but are afraid to talk to, someone you want to wish something or just to make a smile today. 
It would make me really very happy if this doodle could serve this purpose. 


More Merrill and Iron Bull inspired by this video.
(Iron Bull would probably make a good dad)

Someone, please, take me away from Tumblr, Dragon Age and Photoshop.

Bonus! I felt bad writing all this down and you can only read like 20% so here it is!
Enjoy a sampling of my world class potty mouth.

Thank you for 10k!! (CLOSED)

Thank you so much for the immense support, I feel like a raffle is a great way to celebrate!   ♡


TWO people are going to win a thigh up full color animated piece! like this one:


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DEADLINE: June 30th 

New Years resolutions for the signs

Aries: sleep on it, if you’re still mad in a week, then confront them/lash out
Taurus: get out of bed, do something! stop putting it off until “tomorrow”
Gemini: pls actually listen to the other person’s argument before dismissing it
Cancer: when someone does something wrong, explain to them what they did wrong, don’t just ‘silent treatment’ them
Leo: master another instrument/language/art/sport, better yourself
Virgo: talk to a stranger and make friends with them, get out of your comfort zone
Libra: deactivate fb for like at least 2 weeks, enjoy life without comparing it to others
Scorpio: stop stressing yourself out all the time, and stop caring so much what others think of you
Sagittarius: text back everyone you’re not texting back, right now
Capricorn: treat yourself, spend the money you’ve been saving, don’t waste your life storing your un-lived experiences in a bank account and worrying
Aquarius: open up and let someone in. learn to cry without alcohol
Pisces: sleep earlier. only keep the people in your life that truly love, fulfil and support you

Please, do not settle. You are deserving, in all of you beauty, in all of your pain, in all of your happiness, in all of your flaws. Don’t make excuses for someone’s lack of love. There will never be a valid enough reason. You deserved to be loved, for everything you were, for everything you are & for everything you will be. Sincerely, E.V. Rogina // @evrogina


I don’t even go here

Like, I’m not even in this fandom. What am I doing? Sorry, not sorry but Alex Danvers awkwardness around Maggie gives me life. This is crazy sketchy because I actually should be leaving to go to the store to buy pants but instead I’m drawing like a dummy.

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PSA: Keep these things in mind

• Calling Josh or Tyler a God is offensive due to their religious beliefs

• Tweeting/commenting/directing them sexually explicit messages/names/other cat calls is sexual harassment

• Tweeting/commenting/directing hate towards any of the crew, friends or family is not ok. If you dislike someone keep it to yourself and outta the persons feed

• It doesn’t matter if you only listen to one album, a hand full of songs and you haven’t heard “x” song. If you’re a fan you’re a fan end of conversation.

• Tyler is happily married please respect this in relation to ships. By all means write your fanfics, create your art but respect that there is a line that you cannot cross. The last thing we want is to make anyone uncomfortable

• Artists are humans, they have feelings, opinions, they make mistakes, they deserve to feel comfortable online and in person. They are just as entitled to their rights as the rest of us

This has been a PSA please support each other and remember that we are a community who is here to enjoy the music and the happiness that the boys bring us not to fight each other |-/

anonymous asked:

Please educate me cause why is demisexual even considered a sexuality.. Like you only want a relationship/sex if you feel a real connection with someone.. Like any other normal human being?

I see how the description can come off as insulting to a non ace person, sorry. It’s not meant to make everyone else sound like they sleep around easy. It just means it takes, at least in my case, uncomfortable amounts of bonding with a person before I even consider dating them.

Lemmy try to explain. When you’re a kid full of hormones you/ your friends usually have celeb crushes or school crushes, maybe you fantasize about what it’s like to kiss them or imagine marrying  them despite not actually knowing them. Someone demi or ace would grow up not having crushes like that, sure they’d agree the person is aesthetically pleasing or that they admire their acting/music skills, but they would never feel any kind of physical yearning for a person they don’t know/doesn’t know them. And i’m not saying you’re gross or bad if you’ve felt that way, it’s normal. Ace/demi people do have a sex drive, they just don’t link those thoughts to people, it’s more a sensation not aimed at a particular person. (so like the other anon said, I could be “horny 24/7″ and still be demi but that question was pretty funny to answer with nuns instead)

It’s common to date people you kind of know in order to get to know them and eventually maybe be in a relationship with them. In my case it doesn’t feel right to date someone I don’t have a deep emotional connection to. And I don’t mean like we’ve had a few nice conversations and I think the person is worth getting to know. I can only date people I already feel fondly for and know the feeling is mutual. We have to be best friends, know each others lives/secrets, don’t mind being gross in front of each other etc before I ever consider them in a sexual way at all (and even then I don’t feel this way for every friend).

If you’re demi, most dates with people you don’t know well feel like you’re hanging out with a sibling. They’re your buddy, you’re having fun with them, think they’re nice/sweet/pretty but you feel nothing sexual towards them and would be really disturbed if they made a move on you or you on them.  I use to misinterpret dates as people just wanting to hang out/be my friend because I don’t get dating feelings for anyone I haven’t known for years. I’ve also dated multiple sexes so it’s hard to tell if someone wants to be bros or something more.

So yeah, it’s a sexuality, it’s got sexuality right in the name and it’s a branch off of the A in lgbtqa.~