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Hi everyone! I wanted to announce my original Fire Emblem Fates sketches are for sale!

Every Fire Emblem sketch is original and traditionally drawn. There are no copies and are one of a kind. I am selling them for $5-10 each (depending on complexity and amount of ink/time/material used to create them).

Each and every FE sketch is available for sale, and to find one, please search through my #fire emblem fates or #fire emblem tags. (Or search for the name of your favorite character).

If interested, please send me an email at:

If you are interested in a drawing but it is no longer available or want a commission, please let me know! We can work something out!

These will be shipped directly to you (free shipping for the United States), so an address will be needed. Paypal payment preferred! 

If you can, or know someone who may be interested, please spread the word! Thanks so much! :)

(Note: as originals, there may be additional sketches or small drawings on the some of the pages. Think of them as little extras, or you can feel free to cut them out if you prefer.)

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Meronia fluffy headcanons

This is NearxMello right? If this is wrong then please let me know but the last time I heard of this someone said this was their ship name..Sorry these are so bad- I ran out of ideas for this one.. Anyway, thank you for requesting and I hope you have/had a good day! 

∞ Both of them are stubborn as fuck a mule so even though they both love cuddling, it rarely happens.

∞ On the rare occasions they did, they savoured the moment ‘Are you sniffing my hair?. Near buries his face into Mello’s neck and Mello lays his head gently on Near’s, sometimes pressing a small kiss on the top of his head which he’ll deny deny deny. 

∞ Mello often kisses Near to shut him up and loves the stunned look he gets every time. Whenever Mello gets angry and goes into a long, undisturbed rant, Near will press his lips to Mello’s with a bright red face. Angrily, he’ll kiss back passionately and his anger will dissipate into the kiss until he pulls away panting shut up he’s not blushing.  

∞ They pay a lot more attention to the other then they think and when they share that knowledge it surprises them both deeply. For Mello’s birthday, Near bought him a chocolate bar that he’d been obsessed with but had been discontinued years ago and he almost cried. Mello did something similar but with a toy and he had the same reaction.

∞ Near wore his leather jacket once when he thought Mello was out and almost choked when he saw Mello watching from the doorway with a smirk. Since then, Mello had made excuses for him to wear it because he thought he looked adorable in it. He even changed the house’s temperature but immediately got caught. In the end, he threw it onto his lap and demanded he wear it.