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Are Alex and Eliza together in this? And if not what about John and Alex?

Nope on both, I’m afraid.

But Alex did use to date both John and Eliza.

He dated Eliza his freshman year of college, but the broke up only six months later after Alex cheated on Eliza with Maria. When Eliza found this out she dumped Alex and in a perfect rub salt in the wound twist, she got together with Maria. It took a while for Eliza to forgive him and her sisters as well, in fact, they only truly forgave him in junior year of college. After Alex called her crying and apologizing for everything begging for forgiveness which Eliza gave. They are now best friends with both Eliza and Maria not to mention Peggy and Angelica forgave him as well. They try to help him get together with Thomas all the time, but every time they get close something always goes wrong making them want to kill someone.

Alex got together with John after the whole Eliza thing. They thought it would work because they were alike in a lot of ways, but they didn’t really do couple things. Hell, they didn’t even kiss until four months into their relationship and that was only a peck on the lips. Which there’s nothing wrong with that, but they just didn’t act like a couple and just acted like best friends. So they broke it off because they were honest with one another and told the other that they had feelings for someone else. Well, Alex had feelings for someone else, John had feelings for two somebodies meaning Lafayette and Hercules. John, Lafayette, and Hercules are in a happy, loving relationship with one another and love one another very much. They also try to help Alex get together with Thomas and they are also the ones that have to deal with Alex listening “Lonely, By: Akon” on repeat, turned up to full blast for at least six hours straight whenever it doesn’t work.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now Alex has a thing for Thomas Jefferson who is his best friend Lafayette’s twin brother. He and his friends are always trying to figure out ways for Alex to man up or in the girls’ case woman up and ask him out. Even George and Martha his adoptive parents have even tried to help him, but every time he either chickens out or completely messes up. He doesn’t know that Thomas likes him back and actually finds it cute whenever he trips over himself. Thomas is the same though he friends try to help him but he chickens out or messes up as well and then neither of them know what to do.

hi I’m kelsey.

I’m in a really bad situation at the moment and it’s really hard for me to even write this, I’m not one to usually ask or even open up when help is needed but this is really urgent and apparently this is all I have left. 

So my mum was recently diagnosed with a disability called MS which is basically like brain damage and it affects the whole body, she had to leave her job because she’s in so much pain and she was on sick pay for a while which did help but now she’s not getting any money and even the government won’t give her money. 

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Myths About Betta Fish

I’m sick of the pet industry always fucking animals like the betta over so let’s get some things straight
MYTH: bettas like small spaces, they live in small rice paddies in the wild
REALITY: No they absolutely do not, sure some survive this, but it’s a cruel life to live. Rice paddies are actually quite big although shallow, the average male betta has about 3 feet of its own territory in the wild. Bettas need AT LEAST 2.5 gallons, but a 5-10 g is even better. You can get a 3 g tank from petco for like $10
MYTH: you should feed your betta whenever it is hungry
REALITY: a bettas stomach is the size of its eyeball, it is very easy to overfeed. I feed my betta 3 pellets twice a day, but lots of people feed at different times with different food so I suggest doing some research and deciding what works best for you.
MYTH: bettas are lazy
REALITY: bettas are inactive in small tanks because they’re aware that they have no space to swim and will hit walls, in larger tanks bettas are very active
MYTH: bettas can only be kept alone
REALITY: it is true that male betta fish cannot be kept with any other betta, but (depending on the bettas personality) bettas can be kept with fish that are smaller and drab looking that won’t bite your bettas tail. I keep my betta with 2 snails and 5 ghost shrimp and he rarely bothers them. Female bettas can be kept in groups of 5 which is called a sorority. Keep in mind that these options are only possible in large tanks with lots of hiding spots.
MYTH: bettas will eat live plants so you don’t have to feed them if you have plants in the tank
REALITY: bettas are CARNIVORES. They won’t eat plants, they will eat blood worms and brine shrimp which you can buy frozen. In fact feeding real prey is good along with pellets or flakes.
MYTH: bettas don’t need filtration or heat
REALITY: they need both. As far as filtration goes, strong currents don’t mix well with bettas so a sponge filter is best.
MYTH: bettas only live a couple months anyway, why should I be doing all this?
REALITY: with proper care, bettas can live 5 years.
MYTH: bettas and all other fish are dumb
REALITY: bettas are actually very smart and trainable. Mine was taught to jump out of the water on command and come when called (by wiggling fingers). Some people have taught bettas harder tricks such as going through a hoop. They can even learn when meal time is and be ready for it.
MYTH: My child will take care of the betta
REALITY: your child will lose interest within a week, YOU will be taking care of their fish. If you’re not okay with that don’t buy your kid a fish.
MYTH: I should completely change the tank each time I clean it
REALITY: you should instead do frequent partial water changes of about 40% of the water
MYTH: bettas are throw away pets
REALITY: there is no such thing as a throw away pet and if you think there is you shouldn’t own pets

Please always read care sheets before buying a pet because -newsflash- PET STORES LIE.
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This is for @cheesyshenanigans and the glory that is the Discord talk about the Sugardaddy-AU. Makki getting paid in memes was on the table but… sadly you can’t live off that.