someone please find the pattern to these!

Help, please.

Ok, Knitters-who-are-fans-of-Harry-Potter, I need your help.  A while back I read an article about a knitwear designer who made a hat for the baby Harry to wear when he was left on the doorstep, but it was warm that day and someone decided not to use it in the movie after all.  Now a dear friend of mine who loves HP has a brand-new baby and I’m trying to find that pattern, or at least a picture of the hat so I can make it for her little one.  I have looked everywhere I can think, but nothing.  Does anyone know where I could find this?  I think there may have been a star on the hat, but am really not sure.  


Can someone please make cool white running shorts again 😭😭 I just want white everything 😂😂😂☺️ I can’t find them ANYWHERE, and if I do, they are that weird in-between length OR they have patterns on them 😭 pls pls pls 🙏

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