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That “Oh Crap I’m In Love With My Best Friend” Kind of Feeling

This is entirely self-indulgent and has no plot whatsoever. I just wanted an excuse to write Hunk and Lance going from oblivious to sucker punched by feelings in the span of a kiss. Hope you enjoy!

“Oh, what’s the matter, Lance?” Pidge croons, leaning in for a closer view of Lance’s miserable expression. “Your alien girlfriend dump you?”

“Shut up,” Lance grumbles into his arms.

“What happened?” Hunk asks from beside him, a warm hand already resting on Lance’s back.

Lance sighs and turns to look up at the two of them with a pout. “I thought we hit it off, but now she’s making out with that guy.”

Pidge and Hunk glance over. Sure enough, the tall pink alien who had been so attentive to Lance just moments ago is now pressed up against an orange alien who’d been nursing a glittery drink across the bar.

“Ooh…” Hunk pats Lance’s back. “Sorry, man.”

“It’s fine.” Lance lays his head back down on the bar. “Just leave me here to wallow.”

Pidge rolls her eyes and picks up her drink. “Okay, now this is just sad and boring.”

Hunk ignores her, lowering his voice to a more soothing tone as he answers Lance instead. “Why don’t we just head back to the ship? It’s pretty quiet in here anyway.”

Lance sits up, a burst of energy brightening his expression. “Or…” He looks back at the alien who’d rejected him, eyes narrowed. “I could find someone else and rub it in her face.”

“And we’re back to interesting,” Pidge murmurs, sipping her drink.

“Well, you’ve hit on everyone at the bar, and she was the only one who was interested,” Hunk reminds him with a small shrug. “Maybe it’s time to call it a night?”

Lance turns to face Hunk. “Hunk. You’re my best friend, right?”

“Of course,” Hunk answers automatically.

“You’d do anything for me?”

“Yeah, man.”

“Kiss me.”

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Only Us (Part 2)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you?(kind of? I don’t know. Fuck it.)

Word Count: 2388

Warning(s): Mean parents, swearing, and slightly sexual remarks.

Additional Notes: Frank Gallagher is a character int the TV show Shameless(it’s amazing please watch it) and he is pretty much always drinking. (Also if you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk)

Part 1

My phone rang loudly as light crept in from the window. Fuck. I thought as my eyes focused on the time on the far wall of my small bedroom. 6:15. I hated school. I groaned getting up turning of my alarm, yawning and stretching. I tugged my short shorts down that I slept in overnight and opened the door walking to the bathroom avoiding the beer bottles that littered the dark carpet. My hand reached for the door before it was yanked open. A middle aged man stood in front of me wearing only his boxers. I shuttered stepping back.

“Who do we have here?” He grinned down at me. I shivered taking another step back.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked glaring at him fear still gripping me.

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Just a Bet

I happily sighed as I unlocked the door to my house. School had been killing me today. We were going to have exams very soon, and I just didn’t feel ready for that. Neither mom or dad had arrived home, which meant that I had the whole house to myself, which I was really grateful for! I slowly made my way up the stairs. Immediately as I got into my room I went over to my window and opened it to let in some fresh air to make me relax. Afterward, I went into my bathroom, where I changed into a sweater dress and knee high socks. I removed my makeup and pulled my hair up into a messy bun. 

I yawned as I looked at myself in the mirror, I really looked tired, but I was tired, so why even think about it? I went back to my room, where I decided to relax a little before I had to start making my homework, therefore I decided to paint my nails. I decided to paint them black with small details, but as I was painting my nails loud music started playing from the neighbors’ house, which made me sigh loudly as I rolled my eyes. I knew it was Justin, who was playing the loud music, and he only did it to piss me off! You could say Justin and I were friends, but only outside of school. Our friendship was a love/hate kind of friendship, but we did enjoy each others company.  Bu Justin was the typical bad boy who got all the girls and didn’t do his homework. I was the good girl who did all her homework, and I went to bed a reasonable time!

I harshly got up from my chair, then I went over to my window only to see Justin standing there in only a towel.

“OMG, can’t you put on your clothes in your bathroom after you’ve showered” I shrieked as I covered my eyes. “Aww, come om Y/N, you know you don’t mind me changing in here” he cheekily said, which made me roll my eyes. “I so do not! And please turn down the music, I’m trying to relax in here” I strictly told him, then I started to leave, but Justin’s next words caught me off guard.

“I could always come over and show you another way to relax,” he said, I could practically see the smirk on his face, which made me furious. “I would rather die than be in the same room as you!” I told him, I then showed him my middle finger and went back over to my desk, where I continued to paint my nails. I happily sighed as I heard Justin turn down the music. I finished painting my nails, and then I waited for them to dry, which luckily didn’t take long. I stood up from my chair and turned around. I immediately started screaming as I saw someone lying on my bed. I stopped screaming as I realized it was Justin.

“What are you doing in my room?!” I asked him as I grabbed one of my pillows and threw it onto him. “Your words hurt me before, princess” Justin ignored my question and got up from my bed, and it wasn’t until then that I realized he was only wearing sweatpants, no shirt! I immediately covered my eyes and turned around.

“Will you please leave my room? I need to do my homework?” I asked Justin with a sigh. Justin just chuckled and soon after I felt arms wrap around my waist. I gasped and tried to get out of the arms, but they just wrapped around me tighter.

“You know, you look really good in just a sweater and socks” Justin whispered in my ear. I could feel like breath on my neck, and surprisingly it felt really nice. I soon came back to reality, when I felt Justin’s lips connect with my neck. I pushed my elbow directly into his stomach, which made him let go and groan in pain.

“Why would you do that?! I was just trying to be nice!” he exclaimed, which made me roll my eyes. “You were not just being nice! You really thought I was that naive? I am not going to sleep with you because I don’t like you” I told him. I crossed my arms over my chest and stared directly at Justin. Before I could even acknowledge what was happening, Justin was walking towards me. I started to walk backward, but unfortunately, I hit my wall, which made Justin smirk.

“Trapped, are we?” he asked me, which made me roll my eyes. “Can’t you just go back to your own room and stop bothering me?” I asked him, clearly ignoring his question. “Where would the fun be in that?” he asked me as he placed both of his hands above my face on the wall. He charmingly smiled as he bit down on his lip, but this wasn’t his real smile. I had seen his real smile, which he only used around his family, especially his little brother and little sister. “What are you staring at?” Justin asked as he furrowed his eyebrows. “Nothing” I lightly mumbled as I continued to study his face. I hadn’t ever noticed the mole he had on his right cheek or the mole under his left eye, but I certainly did now, and they made him look even more perfect.

I got awakened from my trance by Justin’s piercing laugh. “You know, if you like me this much, you can just tell me,” he said while he continued to laugh. I rolled my eyes and pushed him away. Justin knew I had a crush on him, and he just loved to tease me with it. “Shut up,” I told him. I laid down on my bed and grabbed my phone to check Instagram.

“Do you wanna do something?” Justin asked as he laid down beside me. I shrugged my shoulders and continued to look through Instagram. I liked a few pictures here and there until I felt Justin move closer to me. “What are you doing?” I asked him with a chuckle. “I wanna see your hot friends in bikinis, too” he whined which made me roll my eyes. “If you wanna look at someone wearing practically nothing, then you should go hang out with Brielle,” I told him with a scoff. “But I would rather hang out with you,” he told me, then he grabbed my phone and locked it. “Can’t we watch a movie or something?” he asked me as he started to pout. “Justin, it’s Friday night, don’t you have a party to attend or something?” I asked him. Justin immediately shook his head smiled at me. “I mean the guys invited me to this party tonight, but I don’t really feel like going,” he told me, then he laid down again. “You seriously would rather spend your Friday night with me?” I asked him as I laughed in disbelief. “Yeah, why is it that funny? Don’t you want me here?” he asked me, then he got on top of me, which caught me off guard. Justin pinned my hands above my face and cheekily smiled at me. “Of course I want you here, I’m just a little surprised that you would rather spend the night with me rather than party with your friends and then go home with some random girl,” I told him. “I wanna spend my time with you. I realized I haven’t been the best friend lately, and I would really like to make up for that” he told me. I smiled at him, then I awkwardly hugged, since we were laying in my bed, it was a little hard…

As we were hugging, Justin’s phone started ringing. Justin sighed, then he took his phone out of his pocket and looked at the caller. “I gotta take this,” he told me, which I immediately nodded to. Justin stood up and answered the phone, where he greeted the caller.

“DUDE, where are you?!” the guy on the phone said. “I’m kind of busy right now, and I’m not coming to the party tonight, I already told you that,” he told the guy. I don’t think he knew that I was able to hear their conversation, but the next thing that was said really revealed me. “Oh, you’re hanging with that nerd again, have you fucked her yet, like you said you would?” the guy laughed, and I immediately gasped loudly. Was I really just someone that Justin wanted to sleep with, then leave?

Justin heard me gasp, and he immediately turned around and looked at me with wide eyes. “I gotta go,” he said, then he ended the call. “Y/N, what you just heard wasn’t true!” he said as he came over to me again. “I promise you, you’re not a bet, it was just something he said in pure fun” he continued. “As I recall, the guy on the phone didn’t say anything about me being a bet,” I told him. My blood was slowly starting to boil, how could he?! When Justin didn’t answer, I immediately knew all the answers to my unspoken questions. “You’re disgusting, get out of my room, right now!” I told him with a raised voice. “Y/N, I promise it’s not what it seems like!” Justin pleaded, which made me laugh in disbelief. I was on the brink of crying.

“Would you just please get out of my room?” I told him as the tears started streaming down my cheeks. “NOW!” I yelled as he didn’t move. Justin sighed, then he turned and climbed out of the window to his own room. “Whatever” he quietly whispered, and before you could even say another word, I had closed my window and pulled the curtains down. I was heartbroken, I actually thought I had made a friend, a friend that I could actually trust, but I guess not…

Part 2 ♡♥︎

Thank you for reading this imagine. I hope you enjoyed reading it? Comment for a part 2 💜  This imagine is also posted on my Instagram @SmallJustinBieberImagines 💕

I Don’t Want To Be Your Girlfriend - Theo Raeken

A/N: Hey guys I wrote this quick imagine. It probably sucks but I’m working on a different imagine based on “Dive” by Ed Sheeran. Hopefully you guys like this one. My ask box is always open and requests are open as well. Sorry it’s short.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1273


**Your P.O.V**

It’s Monday, the beginning of the weekdays, the day everyone dreads the most. Which only means getting up early for school. 

I had set my alarm for 6:30 am. I wanted to hit the snooze button but realized that I had promised Lydia I’d be at school early to help her with her History paper.

I got up and put on a satin off the shoulder purple dress, some cream colored ankle booties, I had straightened my hair and put on my silver arrow necklace my cousin Allison had given me for my birthday two years ago before she died. I always wear it because it makes me feel safe for some reason. 

I heard a car honk outside and I knew it was Lydia letting me know she was here. I quickly grabbed my bag, my physics and pre-calculus books I had taken yesterday for homework and my cell phone. I ran down the stairs and out the door before my mom said anything.

“Good morning Y/N” Lydia said as I got into her car.

“Good morning Lyd’s” I replied with a groan

“Wow you are not a morning person” she said as she handed me a coffee. 

“No I am not, but since I have coffee now I am”

“You’re a caffeine addict”

“Only when I need to be”

“So every morning”

“Yeah pretty much” 

“Well thank you for agreeing to help me with my history paper, I don’t know why but recently I haven’t been able to write good and since you’re interested in journalism I thought maybe you’d be able to help me”

“Journalism is one of my favorites which is weird because not that long ago I hated writing”

We pulled up to the school and there were literally only three cars there.Mostly because it was 7 am. We got off and made our way to the library, once we opened the door we realized we were the only ones in there. 

“Lydia just choose a computer already” 

“Fine I guess we can sit in this one”

“All of the computers suck anyway”

“I should’ve brought my laptop” 

As soon as we sat down we heard footsteps in the hallway and suddenly the door opened. Both Lydia and I looked up and saw Theo Raeken and we both groaned.

“Good morning to you too ladies” he said making his way over to us

“What do you want Theo” Lydia asked annoyed

“Just came to school to finish my paper before class starts” he replied sitting next to me. 

“Come on Lydia let’s just finish so we can get out of here” 

“Ouch that hurt my heart” Theo said putting his hand over his heart.

“Funny didn’t think you had one” I replied without looking at him

“Y/N does this make sense” Lydia asked me and I looked at her computer reading her paper. 

“Yes it does, see I told you, you could do it”

“Okay let me just print it out” she said hitting the print button and walking towards the printer across the library.

“So Y/N, how would you like to go on a date with a handsome guy on Friday”

“Are you getting me a date with Dave Franco” I asked sarcastically, clearly he didn’t get it

“No I meant with me” he said 

“Oh I ‘m sorry I thought you said a handsome guy” I said joking

“Wow, you’re mean” he said

“Don’t take it up the ass Raeken, I’m just not interested” I said getting up and grabbing my stuff.

“We’ll see about that” he yelled after me as I had walked out of the library

When I reached my locker, I opened it put away my physics and pre-cal books inside and reached for my Econ one. As I closed the door I saw Scott, Liam, and Lydia walking towards me 

“What was that about” Scott asked me

“I’m guessing you heard the conversation” I asked rolling my eyes a little

“Only the ‘we’ll see about that’ part” Liam said

“Theo asked Y/N out and she said no because she’s not interested” Lydia said walking towards us

“Theo did what” Stiles said coming up from behind Scott and I. “Why did he ask you out”

“I don’t know Stiles, but I said no” I replied confused and with that the bell rang.

‘Come on Y/N, we have to get to Econ” Lydia said annoyed and I followed her tilting my head back and groaning.

“I wouldn’t mind Econ it if wasn’t for Coach always making us do pointless stuff, like the essay on where we see ourselves living in a couple years and then him reading them all to the class and making fun of our choices ”

“Yeah me too but at least we’re not stuck Mrs. Johnson, I heard she’s tough and she’s giving them projects every week” Lydia said 

“Yeah you’re right plus he makes class a little more interesting because he’s always picking on Greenberg, we still don’t know why he hates him so much” I said laughing slightly. 

Once we walked into class we heard Coach yelling at Greenberg like any other normal day. We took our seats next to each other like usual and the bell rang. Coach started to teach and then Theo walked in.

“Sorry Coach” he said as he walked in and I groaned as he took his seat behind me. 

“Nice of you to join us Raeken, don’t make it a habit walking in late”

“I won’t”

“Okay now back to Economics, the law of supply and demand are very important. “ he said writing it on the board. After an hour the bell finally rang. “Don’t forget to do the charts as homework” he yelled as everyone walked out.

“Hey Y/N” Stiles came up to me

“Please tell me we’re skipping” I asked whining

“Nope but you get to spend a whole period with me” he said smiling

“As much as I love you Stiles I’d rather skip” I said 

“Ouch fine where do you want to go”

“Literally anywhere but here” I said 

“Y/N” I heard someone yell my name as I turned around I saw Theo

“Oh god what do you want” I said

“How bout that date on Friday”

“I already said no”

“Come on just give me a chance”

“Dude she said no, do you want to hear it in Spanish? No” Stiles said

“Back off Stilinski” Theo said getting close to Stiles

“Make me” Stiles got closer and I could tell they were about to fight 

“Guys stop” 

“Tell him to back off”

“I’m trying to protect my friend from an asshole who seriously won’t stop begging her for a date after she keeps saying no” 

“Guys what’s going on” Scott said running towards us

“Theo here won’t take no for an answer” 

“Theo you seriously need to stop, she said no already why don’t you just drop it”

“I need to know why and I need to here her say it”

“You need me to say what”

“You need to say that you don’t want to be my girlfriend”

“Theo I don’t want to be your girlfriend, I don’t like you because you’re not a good person, I mean you almost killed Scott” 

“Is that really how you feel”

“Yes, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be telling you”

“But I’ve changed since then” he said 

“Theo I already told you I don’t want to be your girlfriend, leave me alone please”

“Fine, just know that I won’t give up on you”


Joker Imagine - Guys My Age

Anonymous said:Could you do a fic bass off the song guys my age pretty please? Your work amazing

 -YASSS GIRL that song is fucking amazing! And thanks.

Originally posted by harlstheclownprincessofcrime

‘’It’s over’’ I reminded my now ex boyfriend Jonathan. He was smoking some stupid weed with his friends. ‘’Come on girl..don’t take it so seriously!’’ He whined ,but didn’t raise his sorry ass from the couch. His friends laughed and encouraged him to show me who’s boss. If he’d do that, I’d snap his neck.

‘’Goodbye’’ I whispered and walked away. It hurt a little, but I was so done with him. He didn’t know how to treat me, how to touch me or even how to keep me. He could do better with the next chick in his life. I was over that jerk. It seemed like dating a guy my age wasn’t right. They were all so childish.

          A couple weeks passed and I was stepping out of my apartment for the first time. It was Saturday and there was a wild party in the club nearby here in Gotham so I went there in my golden low cut dress and black heels. My hair was loose and I had a smokey eye makeup. I was ready to let go and have some fun after dealing with Jonathan for so long. Luckily I hadn’t seen him since we broke up.

As I entered the club, I heard loud music and I smelled the alcohol. People were dancing on the dancefloor and literally every little booth was full of people. The VIP area must have been very full for a change as well. The club was fancy. It had amazing lights and loads of dark furniture to make the lights stand out. I walked further inside and tried my luck with the VIP area. I had been there once before and it was fucking amazing.

A guard stood by the entry and I put on a wide smile. ‘’Hi sir’’ I chirped happily and caught his attention. The guard had a black suit, sunglasses and he seemed very serious. He had browns short hair and a stubble. ‘’Is there space for one more?’’ I asked him and twirled my hair in my finger. He looked around and then stepped aside. ‘’Thank you’’ I thanked him gratefully and then made my way to the VIP area.

I was surprised when I saw that the special booth was taken. It was nearly always empty and no one was allowed to take it. I never knew whose it was, but then I saw him. I stood there in shock, but my body was also frozen from amazement. The green hair was put back nicely  with gel and he had pretty red lips. The man was wearing a white button up, golden rings and necklaces, a black vest and black pants. He also had a purple and golden cane that he used to rest his hand on.

He had company by another man I didn’t recognize, but I sure did recognize Joker. The clown prince of crime himself. He had henchmen around the booth and they were armed. Yet people were dancing and going crazy here, not caring about the fact the most wanted man of Gotham city was here. 

Suddenly he saw me and I felt a shiver running down my spine. I could see his blue eyes from afar and the dark make-up around his eyes. First he looked serious and kinda angry, but his lips curved into a smile. It made my heart beat faster, but I smiled back a soft kind smile.

People were staring at me because I had been standing still for so long. I shook my head and forced myself to move to the dancefloor. But I was fascinated by the Joker. Seeing him so close was so..strange yet amazing. I couldn’t explain it. He was perfect. And that smile. His look had already captivated me.

Before I could even grab a drink or anything, I felt a someone tapping my shoulder. It startled me, but I turned around and saw one of Joker’s henchmen. Did I do something wrong? Oh no..

‘’Boss wants to see you’’ The man told me with a deep voice. Joker wanted to see me? What.. ‘’Okay’’ I muttered nervously and followed the man. He led me to the booth surrounded by golden ropes with pearls. There was a table in the middle with ice and drinks. Joker looked at me silently as I walked closer. People around us kept glancing over curiously. ‘’Why hello doll face. I haven’t seen you around before’’ He purred happily and kept his eyes on me. His friend was quiet and didn’t dare to speak up.

‘’I-I’m usually at home..’’ I answered him nervously and felt tense. Damn. ‘’Oh take a seat. There’s plenty of space here’’ He let me know and patted his accessorized hand on the black leather couch next to him. I made my way there and sat down, crossing my legs nervously. Jesus Christ this was like a dream. I could see all his tattoos way better now that I was closer. He had ‘damaged’ written on his forehead, a star next to his eye and a ‘J’. He baffled me by being himself.

Yes I knew that he was a little older than me, but I didn’t even care anymore. He was truly grown up and not a whiny little brat like Jonathan. ‘’Now what’s your name pretty?’’ He wanted to know, giving his attention to me. I felt special. Such a busy criminal stopped whatever he was doing in the first place to talk to someone like me. ‘’I’m Y/N. I suppose you’re the Joker’’ I smiled and tried to relax. As long as I wouldn’t disrespect him ,I should be fine.

‘’Such a pretty name for a pretty girl. And yes. Someone did their homework’’ He chuckled and sounded pleased. Well duh. The thought of Joker had always tangled my mind. I was really interested in him in a strange way even tho he was a criminal. I don’t know why but whenever I heard news about him, I felt happy. He gave this city some life and excitement.

‘’Would you like to tell me why you’re here tonight?’’ He questioned me and seemed to scootch closer to me.’’I was bored. Also my idiot ex kept me from having fun for a while so now that he’s out of my life, I have something to do’’ I explained and started to twirl some hair in my finger. Joker’s hand touched my knee and it made me kinda happy.

‘’Mhh..He must be really to stupid to let go of someone like you’’ He snickered and made me blush. This was so wrong but it felt so right. ‘’I guess so’’ I chuckled and smiled widely. The man that had been here before me spoke up. ‘’You don’t have to guess. If I lost a girl like you, I’d be devastated’’ He tried to get into our conversation, but he made me cringe. Joker’s smile faded and he rolled his eyes, making the guy shut up again.

‘’Did I tell you to interrupt us?’’ He growled and suddenly grabbed a gun. My heart started beating faster in my chest as I saw it. ‘’S-Sorry..’’ The man stuttered and got sweaty. Joker literally growled at him, but I found it sexy. ‘’Get him out’’ He demanded to his henchmen that immediately grabbed the man by his arms. I watched as he tried to wiggle away, which was a wrong move. Joker loaded his gun and shot his foot, making him yell out in pain. Blood splattered on the floor, but it didn’t stop the henchmen from dragging the guy out.

Joker turned back to me and put his gun away. ‘’I’m sorry about that’’ He apologized and ran his hand through his green hair. If I would be sane, I’d be afraid. I guess I wasn’t as sane as I thought because it turned me on. ‘’It’s okay’’ I smiled and this time I was the one that moved closer. J noticed that I didn’t mind what I just saw at all. ‘’Besides from being such a’re crazy too?’’ He giggled and made me feel so different than ever before in my life.

‘’I guess that’s up to you to judge’’ I let him know. Joker seemed so pleased. ‘’Oh you’re wonderful Y/N! Where have you been all my life?’’ He cheered out loudly, causing some frightened people to look at us. ‘’Obviously wasting time with a boring idiot’’ I answered him.Our eyes met and for once I felt like someone understood me. It just happened to be Joker.

‘’Oh we’re going to have so much fun’’

We Are BulletProof Chatroom Part 2

Notes: Sorry this is so so short. I have nothing to do today and by that I mean I don’t want to do my homework which probably means I’m going to have to add on to my streak of detentions but oh well. I’m writing this because someone told me how much they loved my previous one, so to that person THANK YOU SO MUCH AND PLEASE ENJOY THIS! ❤️

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Word Count: 580


Summary: Bangtan are on a mission to save a damsel in distress. But is she really in distress or is it the other way around?

Includes: A special appearance from a certain GOT7 member.

(Y/N) created the group ‘I’M not BulletProof!!!’

(Y/N) added Hope, V, Jimout, Jungshook, Dance Monster, Agust D and Mum

(Y/N): Guys! I think someone just got slammed into my door!!

Hope: YAH! Lock your door and hide in the living room!


Agust D: You think Hoseok is bad, try sitting in Namjoon’s car right now! I feel like he’s trying to outrun time… or maybe even his feelings.

Jimout: Namjoon doesn’t like her! She can do better!

Jungshook: Park Jimin, your not better!

Mum: (Y/N) are you alright?! What’s going on right now?

(Y/N): I can hear them shouting at one another! Something about stealing? I don’t know what to do!!!

Jungshook: Were coming now! We will be there in about 5 minutes!




(Y/N): wait, WHAT?!

(Y/N): Guys what’s happening?!!!!!

(Y/N): GUYS?


Jungshook: They want to take Namjoon down to the police station, what do we do?!


Jimout: No! Don’t leave it could be dangerous we will come to you!

Jungshook: Hyung?! Oh My God (Y/N)!

(Y/N): Jungkook?!

V: Someone that looks like Namjoon just got shoved into a police car. I guess today just isn’t their day…

Agust D: Jimin just told the police that we need to get to church and left Namjoon to get arrested.

Mum: You can’t just leave him there!

Jimout: It was HIS driving that got him in that position.

Hoseok: Jimin, you have a flat tyre! Pull over and change it!

Jimout: No!

Jungshook: Your going to get us all killed! I don’t want to die by YOUR hand!

Agust D: Jungkooks facial expression right now lives up to his nickname, ‘Jungshook’.

V: Jimin’s pulling over! Wait… He jumped out of the car! He’s running the rest, is he crazy?!

Mum: The police car just passed us and NAMJOON IS DRIVING IT?! 

Jimout: (Y/N) I’m almost there, are you okay? What apartment number are you?

V: Where is (Y/N)?

Dance Monster: Hello? Ms (Y/N) are you there? This is officer Jackson Wang and I have been informed that you are in life threatening danger? Please inform us of your current condition and your address as Mr ‘Dance Monster’ refused to cooperate with us unless he drove.

V: Namjoon is driving a police car?! That’s so cool!

Mum: WHAT?!

Agust D: Exaggerate much? Try tell me he doesn’t like the girl now.


Dance Monster: Ms (Y/N), this is Officer Jackson Wang, please don’t do anything rash and wait for us to arrive.


V: someone just ran by so fast I couldn’t even tell who it was. I think it might have been Namjoon or Jimin.

Agust D: I’m going up.


Hoseok: Who is it?!

Jungshook: My bets are on Namjoon.

Agust D: I’m going to check.

Agust D: of course…

Mum: who is it?

Agust D: it’s…

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Lol, I had to. Anyway I’m thinking of doing two ending scenarios, one where Jimin gets there first and one where Namjoon gets there first. And any requests I’ll be happy to take! Thank you for reading!!


Being in University and not having a stable job right now, I’ve decided to try opening up some writing commissions.

Here are a few details:

  • I will do canon characters or OCs.
  • If you want OCs I need lots of detail about them, and I may have to ask further questions as I write to make sure I’m capturing them correctly.
  • I’m most comfortable with the Homestuck fandom, but I can and will do most other fandoms.
  • It doesn’t have to be fanfiction, but if you have me write something about your OCs that isn’t fanfiction, I would prefer if you didn’t post it somewhere and say you wrote it. That’s stealing.
  • I will write NSFW, but it doesn’t have to be NSFW.


Please understand and respect my inability to write NSFW for minors.

Things I will not write:

  • Emetophilia
  • Watersports/scat
  • Rape/noncon
  • Anything with underaged characters (If you want to have me write a canonically young character as an adult, that is fine.)

For pricing, I’m going to go with about $1.00 per 100 words. This means 1000 words is $10.00, 1500 is $15.00, 2000 is $20.00 and so on. The minimum I will write is 250 words. If it is NSFW, I will allow up to 2 kinks for no additional charge, but any kinks after that is +$2.00.

  • 100 words = $1
  • Minimum 250 words
  • 2 kinks = no additional charge
  • 3+ kinks = +$2 per kink

I will also do paid editing.

Do you have writing you’ve done but you want an extra pair of eyes? I can do that too. It must be YOUR writing. I won’t do your homework or edit someone else’s writing for you. (The below prices are per 1000 words.)

  • $5.00 = I will check for any spelling mistakes/grammar mistakes etc.
  • $10.00 = I will do the above, plus I will correct word choice and sentence flow.
  • $15.00 = I will do the above, plus I will help you develop your characters or give suggestions for how they can be improved in the story. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. If you are interested in commissioning me or in paid editing, please send me a message off anon. Commissions will go to my paypal ( 

Please read:(

I have so much homework to do that I think I will die on my desk.

I’m having a very difficult exam in May so I can take my degree in English Language and I’m not a native speaker so that makes it much more difficult.

This community and Jack makes me relax and just like “take a breath” ‘cause I’m very VERY anxious about it.

Also if someone could wish me luck it would mean a lot, and Jack of course if you see this, please do it :(

6) “You are my nemesis but I have no choice so I had to ask you to be my boyfriend\girlfriend because my parents want to meet my significant other”

Like every single day before school, Will’s mother was chiding him over his study habits. “You know, you will regret this when you’re older. You hardly hang out with anyone, you never leave your room, sweetheart you haven’t even dated anyone.”

Will groaned. “Mom, can’t you just be happy that I am a good noodle? I have good grades and I don’t cause you any trouble.”

She sighed and put the car in park. “Yes honey, I know. And I’m glad that you’re mature. But would it kill you to be a teenager for a bit? Hang out with friends, go out to watch a movie, go to a party, something.” Will sighed and hefted his bag. “You know Mrs. Evans has a wonderful daughter who might be-”


“Okay, what about Mrs. Grace’s son? He’s really-”

Will’s eyes widened. “Mom!” he yelped so loud, a few other kids turned to see what was going on. He felt his face flush. “I’m seeing someone,” he blurted. “Please stop trying to set me up. I am already dating. Taken. Woohoo. Now please-”

“What? Since when? Who is it? Boy or girl?”

Will face palmed himself and shook his head. “I have to get to class.”

“I want to meet this person!” she called.

“Bye!” he called over his shoulder.

“Love you!” He winced. He heard someone snort beside him.

Nico di Angelo. God, Will hated the guy. He was a pompous jerk that had taken his spot as the debate team’s captain just to tick him off. He was the boy that was always causing trouble and never got caught. “Aw, Mama’s Boy, huh? That’s cute,” he teased.

“Fuck off,” Will snapped going inside and racing down the hall to escape further torment.

Of course that was hard to do when he had him for every single core class. He was in AP classes and so was Nico. And the bastard took any chance he could to make him feel stupid. All throughout the day, the two snapped at each other and scowled and rolled their eyes.

Will didn’t know why Nico had decided to make him the butt of every joke. Considering the way Will kept to himself and wasn’t very good at socializing, this just made it so much harder. He had tough skin, but even so, he couldn’t help but look forward to going home every day.

On his way back out, he was surprised to see his mom waiting outside the car. She was scrolling through her phone, leaning against the parked car. From behind, he heard, “Hey, Mama’s Boy.”

He scowled and turned to look at Nico. “What do you want, jackass?”

Nico snorted. Before he could answer, Will heard his mother. “Ooh, is this him?” Will’s expression became one of horror.

“Pay along,” he hissed.

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll do all your Calculus homework for the rest of the semester, but you have to- Hey, Mom!” He turned and looked at her as she brushed her hair away from her face.

“Oh, I was here half an hour early and it was just so hot I had to get out of the damn car. Hi!” she told Nico.

Nico’s face was scrunched in confusion. “Mom, this is Nico.” He paused, hating himself and hating Nico for being the one his mom saw him next to. “My boyfriend,” he managed to spit out.

“Excuse me?” Nico yelped.

Will gripped his arm hard and wrapped an arm around his waist pulling him closer. “What? Do you prefer special guy Significant other?”

“Significant annoyance,” he growled, digging his elbow into Will’s ribs.

“Oh, I’m so glad I could meet you!” his mm crooned. “I’ve been trying to get him out of his room for so long. Oh, you’re so… different from him. It could be healthy for my-”

“Mom, Nico has to go pick his sister up, can you give me a moment to say goodbye? Wait for me in the car.”

“Oh, of course! Oh you’re welcome to dinner any time!” She squeezed Nico’s hand and went back to the car.

Will sighed in relief. Suddenly, Nico was gripping his arm, twisting it up, using his own body to block the sight from his mom. “Three seconds to explain.”

“My mom’s been bugging me about dating someone, this morning I lied and said I was dating someone, and she saw you so ta-da, you’re it,” he said speaking quickly. “Please, I can’t have her hovering anymore.”

“Oh, oh hold on,” he said, reaching into his pocket. “I’m getting a call from- I don’t give a flying-”

“I’ll do your Calculus homework for the rest of the year!” he pleaded. “Please just pretend to date me for like a month and we can fake-break-up. I just need her off my case.”

Nico clenched his teeth and scowled. “You owe me, big time. More than homework.”


His expression relaxed and he took a breath, giving Will a once over. “I didn’t know you were gay.”

“Bisexual,” he corrected. “I have to go. Um. Thanks.”

“Uh huh,” he grumbled before walking away.

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Okay this is a really odd request, but would you mind writing an imagine were the reader is really ambitious and goes through a phase were she feels like nothing gets done and he comforts her? Thank you!!!

I did a lot more research for this fic than most but it was fun. Also, if you can catch the reference I will sell you my soul. Just kidding, I don’t have a soul

You walked into one of the only places you felt at home. The library. You had a mountain of books beside you just waiting to be read. You snuggled into a chair and opened the first book. You were s couple chapters in when your friend rushed up to you. 

“Y/N! Where have you been, you promised to help me on an essay for potions” they exclaimed. Of course, how could you have forgotten 

“So sorry, let’s go” 

You give one last look to your books sitting on the table before being dragged away to the common room. 

“Okay, so you’re studying the Draught of Peace correct?” you ask your friend. 

“Yeah, So I have the ingredients down but it’s the uses that I can’t figure out and we’re supposed to write what other uses the ingredients have.This is absolutely ludicrious!” they shout, earning a few stares from other students. 

“Well Moonstone is used in some other love potions, Porcupine quills are used in the cure for boils. This really isn’t difficult” you explain. 

“Easy for you to say, your basically passing ever class” they retort back. You raise your hand in defense. 

“Okay okay, how can I help?” you ask. 

“Look in my book and find the instructions please” the tell you. You pick up their book and start flipping through pages. 

“Okay, then you have to add powdered unicorn horn until the potion turns pink.” you tell them. 

“What step is that?” They ask. 

“11″ you respond. 

You’re still searching through the book when your house quidditch captain, Griffiths, walks through the common room door. 

“L/N! We have practice in 5. Ready?” They call. You jump out of the seat. “Uh Comming”you yell back. 

“I know I promised to help so when I get back ill write some of it for you okay?” You ask. Four friend nods their head and you rush up to your dorm and grab your robe and broom. 

“Ready!” you say breathlessly. 

You walk down to the field. Still trying to remember the other uses for powdered unicorn hair when you crash into someone. 

“I’m so sorry” you say standing up. You look and see Newt. 

“Newt! I haven’t talked to you in ages” you say hugging him. He smiles that typical Newt smile. 

“Hi Y/n, um would you like to catch up maybe?” he asks. 

“Oh I’m so sorry but I have quidditch practice and then I have to help someone write an essay and then I have to finish my own homework. But maybe tomorrow?” you reply in a rushed voice. 

“Y/N!” your captain yells. 

“I’ve got to go but see you later” you yell to Newt before rushing down to the quidditch field. 

“Uh Yeah, See you later” Newt yells back. 

He watches as you sprint towards your teammates. A small frown on his lips, he’s noticed how much you’ve been doing and it worried him. You were one of his first friends but lately, he hasn’t seen you due to your very busy schedule. He decides to just go back to his common room and hope to catch you at dinner. 

“Okay, L/n, we need you to stay low, we’re trying a new technique and you’re our best at scoring on this team” your captain tells you. You set off and follow the quaffle below your teammates. 

“Broadmoor! look out for the bludger!” Griffiths yells. Broadmoor dodges but the bludger comes straight towards you. 

“L/N!” O’Hare, the seeker yelled at you. 

You were lost in thought about your classes and Newt that you didn’t see the bludger until Morgan came chasing after and hit it away from your face. You yelped in surprise and fell off your broom. You gripped it by your hands and struggled to get your feet back on it. You slowly floated to the ground. the rest of your team joined you. 

“Y/n, are you okay? you seem so off. Usually, you’re on top of things” Griffith asks concerned. 

“I’m sorry, I just have a lot going on” you apologize. 

“Go back to your dorm and relax. You clearly have too much on your mind” they tell you.

 “But-” you start to protest

“No buts, we need you with a clear head for the match this weekend” they demand

You sigh and trudge back to your common room. You fall on the small couch in the corner before getting interrupted once again. ]

“Y/n” they say quietly. 

“What” you groan out. 

“We have class. Muggle studies”. You hear them walk away. You roll off the couch and run back up to your dorm and grab your books. 

“Glad you could finally join us Y/n” Professor Quirrell says. 

You put on your best fake smile before sitting down next to Newt. You almost forgot you had this class with him. While most thought it was boring, you thought muggle studies was interesting. You usually took very detailed notes but today you just couldn’t focus. 

“Your homework, will be a 7-inch parchment on muggles newest invention, electricity in homes” Quirrell announces 

“and y/n, please arrive on time next time” he says curtly. 

You nod before dashing out of his class. Newt tries catching up but he watches you run back to your dorm. You sit back in the library. It’s quiet and peaceful, you breathe a sigh of relief. You pull out your friend’s essay and start writing. 

“also, if too much of any ingredient is put in the potion, it could cause the drinker to fall into a deep sleep, possibly one that would be irreversible” you murmur to yourself. 

When you get stressed you tend to say what you write out loud. You glanced at the clock and saw it was dinner. You sighed and looked at the mountain of homework still left. You keep working deciding that missing dinner one day would be fine. 

Newt thought otherwise. He kept looking around the great hall for you. When he couldn’t find you he got curious. He slipped out of dinner and walked to the place he thought you would be. The library. It was virtually empty besides a strong candle light in the corner table. He walked over and saw you scribbling down words on parchment. Your hand cramped and you dropped the quill. 

“Y/n, you need to take a break” he says walking closer and sitting across from you. 

“Newt! why are you here, it’s dinner time?” you ask, going back to writing. 

“I could ask you the same thing” he replies. He sees your hand shaking as you write. He swiftly takes the quill from your hand. 

“Newt! Give that back!” you yell, reaching across the table. 

“Not until you come to dinner with me” he says, holding the quill out of your reach. 

“I can’t, I have way too much work to do” you whine. 

“Y/n, you’re always pushing yourself so hard. Just come to dinner, please” Newt begs. 

“But Newt, I have so much. I have to finish this essay for my friend, then i have my own homework including the essay Quirrell assigned and I have to do well on it because he seems to hate me which by the way I didn’t take sufficient notes on because I was stressed about Quidditch, I have a game soon and I need to practice strategy and I haven’t done anything I need to!” you exclaim resting your head on the table. 

“Oh y/n, you don’t have to do someone else’s essay, it’s not your responsibility and Quirrell doesn’t hate you. I heard he’s just stressed. He might lose his job, a new teacher might replace him. And, you’re the best quidditch player I’ve ever seen. You need rest.” 

Newt says softly as he scoots his chair closer to you. He rests his hand on your back and rubs soothingly. 

“I-I just, i’m always so on it.” you say. 

“I know and that’s amazing but everyone needs a break once in a while love.” Newt says. He stands up and takes out his wand. 

“Come on love, let’s go to dinner” he says reaching out his hand. You look up at Newt who put on puppy dog eyes. 

“Fine, but after dinner. back to Homework” You say taking his hand.

“Mhm” Newt replies. Newt points his wand at your books. 


Your books and papers neatly stack themselves and float into your bag. Newt picks up the bag and takes your hand. 

“Allons-y love!” he says. 

“Allons-y?” you question. 

“Um, it’s french. for Let’s go” he explains. 

You smile at him and start walking. 

“Allons-y Scamander!” you giggle walking towards the great hall. 

Dragging the hufflepuff behind you who has a big smile on his face, satisfied he got you to relax for once. 

I’ve never related to the reader more tbh. Hope y'all liked this one

Word of Advice * Daddy Draco Malfoy Request

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Request: “hello! can you please write a dad draco situation? like him and scorpius when scorpius is like 15 and he has a crush on someone, then he would ask his dad about tips to make that person fall in love with him. and scorpius would be all shy and stuff. thank you!”


Warnings: 0


Draco’s POV

“You need help with what?” I asked my 15 year old son, Scorpius.

“C’mon don’t act surprised I’m 15! You should’ve seen this coming.” Scorpius said.

“No I know it’s just… you like someone!”

“… Yeah… so.” Scorpius said in a shy tone.

“Oh my… and you’re shy to talk to her?”

“A-A bit…”

“A bit?”

“Alright fine a lot!” Now will you please help me.”

“Oh I’ll help you alright. Now what exactly do you want to happen between the two of you?”

“I want her to fall in love with me.”

“Y-You what?!” I said while choking on my water.

“Dad please!”

“Ok ok ok. Have you talked to her?”



“We have almost every class together and I sit next to her for most. I ask her questions about the homework and stuff…”

“You have to talk to her outside of class. Dinner maybe… in the dormitories when not a lot of people are there… maybe the library… no one is really there. When you do talk to her, make sure the topic is interesting. Start of with the casually small talk then get straight into something interesting. Don’t be the creep that stalks their crush. You have to look confident and approachable, don’t look mad. If you want, you can pull of the sad look in class so she’ll talk to you first but that normally never works unless she fully knows you, one more thing, never make the girl chase after you and never let the girl do all the work. It’s the man that does everything oh and respect her opinions. Later on you can have a argument about whatever when you fully know her and she fully knows you.” I said to Scorpius.

“Wow… um… this is… quite a bit of information… is their anything else you want to tell me or… is this it?”

“Scorpius, this is only the beginning.”

“Do I have a lot left to learn?”

“Well no, not necessarily. This whole thing is a process. You can’t win a girl’s heart just by one move. Even if you’re smooth, you guys would need to build up trust and a steady friendship. This isn’t your 1st year, this is your 5th year so you can’t get a girlfriend after sharing your broomstick for the third time. A lot would need to built and some arguments will be made.”

“Okay… I-I have no idea what I was getting myself into.” Scorpius said with shock.

“Building a relationship isn’t a easy. Along the way your gonna break a few hearts until you found the one.”

“But mom was your first crush and you guys did everything together… even marriage.”

“Just because it worked out for us doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Every person’s story is different. You just have to learn how to… cope with it. Besides, I am your father. I bet a lot of girls are waiting to be yours. Afterall I did give you this legacy.” I said with a smirk.

“Yeah, you’re right and trust me, I can’t tell you how many girls like me. Whenever I walk into a room someone has to wink and constantly talk to me.”

“Do you have a Pansy?”

“Sadly, I do but I do what mum told me.”

“What did she tell you?’

“Face her like a man! If she does anything creepy, tell her off and live life.” Scorpius said with confidence.

“And those were the words I gave you darling. Remember?” Y/N said while kissing my cheek.

“Of course I remember. Those words helped me a lot. All thanks to you.” I said while kissing Y/N on the lips.

“Hi mom now dad you’re helping me remember?”

“Oh sorry did I interrupt something? I’ll just go shower. Love ya guys!” Then Y/N exited the room.”

“Where was I? Oh yeah, having a Pansy sucks but you have to man up. Just like mum said.”

“Ok is… is that it?” Scorpius asked.

“We have all of winter break to cover this stuff but for now, yes. Please don’t forget about this or else I will buy and write you a guide.”
“Better bring out the guide then.” Scorpius said while walking out of the room.

“No thank you?” I yelled out.

“Thanks dad!” He yelled out.

Oh god, I didn’t know what I was getting into when Scorpius asked for help.

Imagine Violet(post-death) getting jealous of someone flirting with you...

request: Can you do Violet Harmon X female reader were post death Violet gets jealous when someone is flirting with the reader please


Originally posted by m-atilda

  • a boy from your class came over to do homework and keeps hitting on you
  • violet being all pissy in the corner while you keep waving her away before he sees her
  • finally getting him to leave and she stays with you but won’t talk
  • finally she breaks
  • you shaking your head and running a hand through her hair
  • “Violet you know I love you, anyway I’m a lesbian, I don’t play for that team”
  • she cracks up and kisses you

… right under mY EYEBROWS

Someone stop m e

anonymous asked:

(floweremojilost) [TXT] to Morty: Hey if you get a pic of me texted to you from a random number please delete it

“I’m gonna focus on my homework tonight,” he said, “NO DISTRACTIONS,” he said– that lasted for about ten minutes and then Morty was looking around his room for his phone just in case someone, his dad maybe, decided to text him.  As it turned out cheating on his homework plan was the right way to go because almost exactly an hour later his phone started doing that little happy buzzy dance it did when there was a text message in his inbox!

Morty grinned the biggest smile possible, seriously you should SEE it, when Jessica’s name popped up… but as soon as he read the text message his frown came back, and it was bad.

[ TXT ] to Jessica: What kind of picture?
[ TXT ] to Jessica: Who’s going around sending people pictures of you?!!!

rvenclaww  asked:

19, 21, 23 ☺

I don’t know how long ago this was sent, I’m so sorry! Everyone is more than welcome to continue sending numbers or stupid questions!

19. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?

That would be my bestest fren in the world who has been asked recently if we are in a gay relationship

21. Skipped doing homework to play a video game?

I… I MUST have… at some point. Sounds like me

23. The last time you felt broken?

Maybe a few months ago during Christmas break? I know sometimes my anxiety acts up and it causes my mind to try and depersonalize… which is bad. Please tell someone when that happens, guys!