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hey :)) is it alright if you post this message for me? I was only able to buy one ticket for the bts concert on may 26th in sydney. It’s a vip standing ticket (for the right side of the stage) and I was wondering if anyone else also has bought a ticket with the same section? I’m really afraid of going alone because of my age + it’s also the mosh pit. So if I knew someone beforehand it would be really appreciated. If anyone has, please message me. xx

If anyone is going to the Sydney concert please message this person^^
- Kylie

The tiniest lifeboat

I just wanted to thank you guys for 1000+ followers!!! ily all sO MUCH

my level of extra: going on a cinematic adventure for a recipe video

Actually Accurate Signs as RT Employees
  • Aries: James Willems (April 6)
  • Taurus: Ashley Jenkins (May 3), Miles Luna (April 24), Kerry Shawcross (May 1), Blaine Gibson (May 14)
  • Gemini: Geoff Ramsey (June 19), Gavin Free (May 23), Jeremy Dooley (June 4), Matt Bragg (June 6), Adam Ellis (June 7)
  • Cancer: Barbara Dunkelman (July 2)
  • Leo: Michael Jones (July 24), Adam Baird (August 14), Bruce Greene (August 12), Sean Poole (August 18), Matt Peake (July 24)
  • Virgo: Joel Heyman (September 16), Jon Risinger (September 12), Lindsay Jones (September 6)
  • Libra: Matt Hullum (September 29), Caleb Denecour (October 8), Arryn Zech (October 4), Joel Rubin (September 23)
  • Scorpio: Kdin Jenzen (November 14), Jordan Cwierz (October 23)
  • Sagittarius: Ryan Haywood (December 6)
  • Capricorn: Burnie Burns (January 19), Jack Patillo (January 3), Chris Demarais (January 18), Lawrence Sonntag (January 7)
  • Aquarius: Aaron Marquis (February 7), Brandon Farmahini (February 12)
  • Pisces: Meg Turney (March 12), Gus Sorola (Febuary 22), Steffie Hardy (February 23), Adam Kovic (February 20)

spot the canon couple: shadowhunters/tfa edition 

[aka finnpoe is gonna b canon here’s the receipts]

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That ex genocide s/o was pretty heavy, so here's a fluffier request. UT Sans, UT Papyrus, UF Papyrus, and US Sans with a s/o who has ducks and geese as pets?

My ex boyfriend had chickens as pets and I thought that was pretty weird. 

Undertale Sans

Classics likes to mess with them by fake throwing bread and sending them on a wild goose chase. He actually really likes having them around and finds their quacks hilarious, but he especially love the stupid ones, the ones where they keep running to the glass doors. He takes videos of these and they go viral. 

Undertale Papyrus

You’re….pretty sure that Papaya is more in a relationship with your birds than with you. Whenever he’s over, he’s always paying more attention to the ducks and geese than you, and whenever you two initiate sexy times, he’s always asking about the birds like, “DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD GO CHECK ON THEM?” or “HAS DUCKY BEEN FED YET”. It would get annoying, but he looks so cute whenever he’s stroking the duck’s feathers, or helping them groom. They all waddle around, following him throughout the house, like he’s the mother duck. It’s very precious. 

Underfell Papyrus


Underswap Sans

Blue is low key scared of your birds. Have you ever seen a geese with teeth? Terrifying! When they start chasing him, Blue screeches like a little girl and climbs on top of a chair to get away from them, then he remembers that they can fly. You of course, are somehow oblivious to this and he doesn’t want to ask for help. He’s the Magnificent Sans! These creatures are no match for him! At least, that’s what he tells himself as he locks himself in the bathroom to get away from them. 

You are unique. Allah created you in a beautiful way. Just being you is enough for you to be happy. Please appreciate that. Instead of wishing you were someone else, be thankful for who you are. You never know who has been looking at you wishing they were you.

jikook @ isac last year: hey everyone *blushes* we’re gay


I really want to direct a production of Waiting for Godot but not:

-Godot is listed as a character in the program. Every program has a different wildly famous actor listed as playing the role.

-Also in the program, nobody is allowed to write their own bio, but instead they are written using a set of randomly generate statements.

-All of the actors have a “Hello, my name is” sticker that says Godot on it somewhere on their person.

-The Curtain occasionally closes and someone will step out from behind the curtain and start reciting lines from somewhere in the show. They won’t be that characters lines. They won’t be in order. Once or twice they may even be from a different Beckett show.

-The show never officially begins. Every 5-10 minutes an announcement will be made, disrupting whatever is happening in stage, saying the start of the play will be delayed due to technical difficulties.

-At the end of the show, someone comes over the speakers and says “we appreciate your patience, please come back tomorrow and Waiting for Godot will be preformed.”

-the voice over the speaker is Godot.