someone play music with us

Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You as performed by SASER on caklempong, a traditional Malaysian orchestra sorta reminiscent of gamelan.


Yuchi twitter 2017.11.14




People who steal music instruments don’t understand that they are taking a precious part of someone’s life.

For those of us who are playing music, instruments are something more than just instruments.

So the trash that does such a mean thing, I want them to never listen to music again.

we miss you cory (1982-2013)

While playing overwatch today someone used one of their Halloween voice lines and I instinctively just blurted out “spooky scary skeletons” and I suddenly hear one of my teammates go “oh fuck no” and his friend just laughs goes “he brought it upon himself!” Turned on their speaker system and just started blaring the song through his mic… it was great.

the eye contact experiment

i went to the eye contact experiment in Paris today, at the Place de la République. the concept is pretty easy : sit down in front of a stranger and look them in the eyes for 1 minute. here’s a little retelling while it’s still fresh in my mind. 

- everyone’s eyes were a bit watery. some people blink a lot. i kinda wanted to hug everyone. 

- you have more or less of a connection with people, but you’ll feel it. in any case, it is pretty intense, no matter who you’re with. 

- the first person was a girl with the most beautiful blue eyes i’d ever seen. it was my first time doing this, and i had no idea what to expect. i sat down and i stared. and - it’s kinda incredible. because these eyes hold so much, the world around you kinda goes out of focus for a while, and the only thing that remains is that blue eye. we chatted a bit, i thanked her and went my way. 

- the second one was a young girl with wild hair, dark brown eyes and thick eyebrows. she looked quite young, so i asked her how old she was. she said 16. she told me my gaze looked full of love and compassion, and invited me to share what was going on in my mind these days, so i did. she invited me to close my eyes for a second, think about an emotion, and try to transmit it to her with my eyes. i thought about my new friends, and she told me it was love she read in my eyes, and i told her i also read love in her eyes but with a lingering sadness, and she told me she was thinking about this guy she considers her soulmate, but he already has a girlfriend. i said that i wanted to travel, and she asked why i didn’t. i said it wasn’t that easy, and she seemed to think that it was. she was young, and bright, and her name was Aurélie. you go girl. 

- third person was another woman, with incredible almond shaped eyes. she was doing yoga in her spare time, but was considering making this hobby her job. she had a beautiful smile. we didn’t talk much. i thanked her and went on my way. 

- the fourth was a middle aged man, greying hair, squared glasses. it was also his first time doing this. he had very long lower eyelashes, and beautiful eyes, and i told him so. we were disturbed when someone started playing some music right next to us, but we managed to stay concentrated. i mostly chatted with him. his names was Gilles. he is a journalist. i asked him if he was happy with his life, and he said that right now in this moment he was. i said i was studying graphic design, and he told me my face was made of graphism. “your arched eyebrows, your eyes, the shape of your mouth.” by then i was pretty cold, so i thanked him warmly, and decided to stop for a bit and just look at all the people sitting down. 

i didn’t even last 5 minutes before i wanted to go again. this is both draining, and so interesting that you want to do it all night. 

- the fifth. oh, the fifth. he sat in front of me, we took each other’s hands and we looked. and we looked. and looked. and it was the most powerful and intense connexion i’d had so far. we didn’t grow tired, or weary, we were just completely connected to one another. i felt like he understood and accepted me completely, despite never talking to him. it was a bit overwhelming. when that feeling went away, i suddenly really, really wanted to kiss him. to be more connected or some thing, i don’t know, but apparently so did he because he leaned in closer and squeezed my hands. i refrained from kissing him, because it wasn’t socially acceptable. we stayed like that, what, maybe ten minutes just staring and holding hands and smiling and just. i have no idea what the fuck happened but it was really incredible. since we both felt it, whatever the hell “it” is, we talked. and exhanged numbers. then he kissed me goodbye. his name is Alvaro. 

- the sixth, and last person i saw was a thin woman, with blond hair and big green eyes, though they held a multitude of colors, from brown to green and yellows and blue. they were amazing. her eyes were jumping, and she blinked a lot, and that’s because she wore contacts, and i told her her eyes felt like adventure, and she told me she was a comedian and an actress, and talked about her latest role. we talked a bit more. but i was really cold and it was getting late, so i thanked her, got up and was ready to take my leave. 

i saw Alvaro, who was taking the same metro as me, and when my stop arrived, he kissed me gently on the cheeks, and my heart actually skipped a beat and THAT IS SO NOT HAPPENING anyway we’ll be meeting for coffee sometime next week. 

my point is, i definitely do not regret doing this. it was an amazing experience, and i can’t wait to do something similar again. if you’ve got the chance to maybe do something like that in your life, GO FOR IT. you’ll feel better.