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Open || Have You Ever Seen the Rain? || Dean Winchester

The sun has gone down and the sky has turned to thick folds of purple and blue. White clouds are powdered across it like fingers have swept through them. On the horizon there are streaks of peach where the sky still burns from the sun’s setting. The shapes of the trees are so dark they could be painted scenery. In the furthest reaches, where the blue is deepening to black, the first stars of the evening are beginning to appear. That is when Dean forces his current hunting partner to go out on this hunt with him. There was a water nymph in this town’s lake that was acting like a vengeful spirit, luring people over, and then killing them by drowning. Dean knew the other person wasn’t exactly excited to be doing this at this hour, but he had read somewhere that between the hours of five to eight nymphs become dormant. “Look if you really don’t wish to come, if it’s that bad, then you don’t have to.” He looked up at the gorgeous rolling skies then looked over at the other seeing how the last rays of the setting sun danced across their irises and the celestial beauty of the moon’s beams show how the colors faded from one to the next in their own tiny, personal rainbows. Dean gave a triumphant smile as they agreed to go, hanging on to every word they spoke even if some of it was partially a complaint, and continued to lead the way to the lake. Luckily, it was a short feat from where they already were so it was within walking distance. They reached the glittering, expansive lake in under an hour and Dean instantly saw her standing out in the middle of the lake as gorgeous and alluring as he had read about in all of the lore books he could find on them. Sadly, there isn’t much on them, mostly just that you kill them with iron. Dean pulled out his pistol that was full of iron bullets he had constructed himself. “I got this one. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.” If he were honest though, he felt a twinge of pain fill his heart right before pulling the trigger aiming for her, Dean knew it was only part of the nymph’s powers. Dean smiles as it flies straight for her then confusion graces his features as the bullet misses completely and the nymph is gone. “What?” As soon as it came out of his mouth, soft hands were on Dean’s cheeks and the nymph tugged him into the lake. Dean didn’t have the chance to fill his lungs with air before being dragged in so he was on short supply. The stunning yet extremely dangerous monster swam around him and fanned her fingers causing a water bubble to form around his head then both her and Dean popped back out of the water. The nymph supported him by the waist as the transformation she started began to take place. Dean had a feeling of euphoria on the inside, but externally he was screaming in pain and his back was arched strung up tight like bow. The water rushed around Dean’s head and then began to push into his mouth. That is until the other person that came with him took a shot and didn’t miss since the nymph was too focused on creating her own personal, perfect soldier as a last resort to protect herself. Once she was shot, the nymph went up in flames and Dean was hurtled through the air, slamming face first into the grass by the lake sliding for a bit across the ground. Dean groaned into the grass and just laid there like a plank of wood.