someone pinch me

“I would love to meet with you and coach you.”

Reminds me of this moment right here:


Yuri On Ice gave me that push to pursue my dream of figure skating. 

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Stay tuned for future updates—its my turn to be on the ice. <3


Super Junior-D&E_너는 나만큼 (Growing Pains)_Music Video Teaser

“I am made of love, and it’s stronger than you!”

Guys, was this real? Did today even happen? I’m still in a state of disbelief. I’m not even sure what to say. We’ve had theories about Garnet being a fusion, but we never thought it would be this good.

My favorite show is a cartoon about magical lesbian aliens, and if that doesn’t mean that we’re living in the future, then I don’t know what does.

I still can’t emotionally comprehend the fact that Taylor Swift is playing sold out stadiums all around the world. I am so proud. We all are. It hits me everyday that the woman playing these shows is also the woman who chats to us online. Absolutely Incredible.

WHAT. SOMEONE PINCH ME!! (not in the face tho)

Oh um… oh god I’m bad at this. *sweats*.. H-hello people! There’s 500 of you people!! I’m so honored that you all would choose to follow my silly little blog! I have a really great time making content for you all and it makes me smile every day to see everyone’s reaction! So lemme just take the time to say THANK YOU to everyone who follows me! You’re all so awesome :D.

today is the day chicago celebrates saint patricks day and its honestly the worst day of the year in this city like all the festivities are supposed to take place downtown but it honestly doesnt matter where u live bc everyone is wasted everywhere and tomorrow the streets r gonna be littered w garbage like i hate this day so fucking much. its 9am and there are already hundreds of drunk ppl outside-.- i hate drunk people so much to the point where i want to cancel all my walks n just stay inside for the whole weekend im scared and i swear to god if someone tries to pinch me i will punch them directly in the fuckin throat