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bothersome - part 2

Pairing: oh sehun x reader

Summary: “I bother you because I always want your attention.”

Part: 2/?

part 1

“Why, just why is Vivi on me when I’m trying to sleep?” I groan, peeking through one of my eyes to find the dog on my stomach. His tongue hangs out at as his tail moves back and forth in excitement. I throw my head back onto my pillow and rub my eyes. Sehun smiles innocently and shrugs.

“He wanted to say hi.”

“Sehun, you know how I told you I’d actually strangle you one day because of all the things you pull on me?”


“Today may be that day.”

“Stop being so dramatic. Vivi just missed you, so I had to do what he wanted and he led me here.”

“He’s a dog,” I groan, reaching for a pillow from beside me. I was about to throw it when Sehun catches my wrist and pins me down to my bed. My eyes widen as he stares intensely at me.

“He’s not just a dog to me. He’s my best friend, my companion, my wing man.”

“I can’t believe those words came out of your mouth while we’re like this.”

“Would you prefer we do something else?” He taunts and I roll my eyes, pushing his arm away. Vivi goes running away, barking as Sehun falls on top of me and my eyes widen from realization. “Oh, so you do.”

“OH SEHUN,” I exclaim, pushing him off the bed and down to the floor. He groans from the pain, glaring at me as he gets up. “Don’t say stuff like that!”

“Aw, look at that. Your cheeks have turned a deep shade of red,” He taunts and flicks my nose. I whine, just wanting more sleep and to get away from Oh Sehun.

“When will you leave me alone?” I ask and he tilts his head, thinking about his answer. I sigh and he chuckles.

“Never, I like you too much to simply leave you alone.”

“Well, I don’t like you. Go away,” I huff and stick my tongue out at him. He chuckles and walks out the door, coming back with a bag. I raise an eyebrow and he hands it to me. “What’s this?”

“I got you breakfast. I figured you were still sleeping and would want food soon.”

“Wow, you’re actually really nice for once.”

He smiles, humming and nodding. I tilt my head at the boy who was acting weird. I sigh and put down my utensil.

“Okay, spill it. What is it that you want?”

“Feed me? I didn’t get to have breakfast this morning.”

I let out a deep, deep sigh and nod. He grins and opens his mouth for me to feed him.

“Wow, I have great taste in food,” He says and I roll my eyes.

“You probably bought your favorite food just to compliment yourself.”

He shrugs and smiles innocently. As I was about to take my first bite, he takes the utensils from me.

“What are you doing now, Sehun?”

“You feed me, I feed you.”

“Or we can feed ourselves. Yeah, I like that idea better,” I say, trying to steal them back. He shakes his head and pushes my hands away. He opens his mouth for me to mimic. I roll my eyes and do just that, making him finally feed me.

“It’s more delicious when you’re fed by someone, especially if that someone’s me because you love me.”

“I don’t love you.”

“Well, I love you.”

“Gross, I don’t want you to love me!” I whine and he laughs, poking my cheek. We go back and forth with feeding each other until we finish everything he bought. I pat the spot beside me and he raises a finger. He stands up and leaves the room before coming back a few minutes after. I furrow my eyebrows.

“I had to make sure Vivi was okay before coming back here to spend time with you.”

My eye twitches in annoyance before I give up, sighing. He climbs into bed, snuggling up to me and I push him away. He laughs and stays laying beside me before turning his head towards me. I place my arm on my eyes, ignoring him.


“I love spending time with you.”

“Everyone does, Sehun.”

“But I really, really love spending time with you.”

“What happened to you bugging me?”

“I can’t say those things?”

“Well, you’re never this nice to me. If anything, it’s always you bothering me.”

“I was nice to you last night.”

“Yeah, when you practically kept pulling me away from the edge of the sidewalk,” I scoff and he chuckles. He moves my arm and turns me, so I rest in his arms. We’re inches away from kissing if he pulled me in a little closer.

“I’m just trying to protect you.”

“I-I know.”

“Oh, you’re stuttering now. Are you perhaps nervous and shy around me?”

“Ruined the moment again.”

“You’re so cute,” He hums and lowers himself, so that he can bury his face into the crook of my neck. My eyes widen as my cheeks turn into a deep shade of red.


“You’re comfortable too, we should cuddle more.”

“That is if you ever stop annoying me.”

“So it’s a possibility?”

“I never said that.”

“You just did.”

“Just be quiet and cuddle with me, we need to indulge in our deep slumber.”

“You’re actually letting me sleep this close to you?”

“If you continue to point out the obvious, I’m going to push you off this bed and go cuddle with Lay,” I warn and I feel a frown against my neck before a pair of lips replaces it. “OH SEHUN.”

“You love getting my kisses.”

“This is actually the first time I’m getting one, but okay.”

“It’s your favorite now though because I can tell from your very, very warm neck. I bet you’re blushing like crazy too, hm?”

“Stop stating the obvious, Sehun.”

Snippets in Time - Bisexual

Summary: Worried about how your family is going to take the news that you’re bisexual, you turn to your uncle for some advice. 

Word count: 1546

Characters: TJ Hammond, Fem!Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None. 


Author’s Note: Here is part 2! I’m so glad that so many people enjoyed this! Not only do you get Part 2 though, you also get to meet TJ’s husband, who I’ve named after @cameronahugenerd who I happen to know loves TJ to pieces. He’ll pop up here and there throughout the series. I’m aiming to post one part every Monday and Thursday. Again if anyone wants to be tagged, just let me know!

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May 2nd, 2014

ARTIST: iamtsundere

AUTHOR: iamtsundere

May 2nd, 2014

From a window, a student with green eyes watched two girls laugh as they entered the school building. He looked like any other student, except for a little detail, you could almost see through him. His name was Arthur.

This school was a really good one. Almost every student the city have had assisted there. Rumors and legends about ghosts weren’t a surprise and adults did not mind them, or at least tried to not.

Arthur was one the school’s ghosts, but he was different. Ghosts usually did scary things to scare the living humans; Arthur hated scaring people like that, but he loved spending time in the library reading. Arthur spent 3 years “alone”, trying to make humans bring him tea at the library when he couldn’t find the librarian’s tea, hiding things or just messing things up for the fun of it. That was quite… lame.

But one day, another ghost appeared.

Looking at the clock you could see why the school was empty, except for clubs and sport activities. Arthur was looking at the pavement from the window and saw a boy trying to cross to the other side. He looked to both sides before crossing and then started to walk. Unfortunately a car at high speed appeared out of nowhere and… It was so sudden he even felt sad for the poor boy.

The next morning, Arthur was going to annoy some students, when he saw the boy from yesterday standing in the middle of the hallway.

“So he’s here” he thought. Maybe the boy will do normal ghost things, or he will be one of those tortured souls that seeks help from the humans. But he turned out to be the same as Arthur, he didn’t want to scare people, he followed Arthur everywhere. His name was Alfred.

“Hey Arthur wait” or “Artie so you were the tea ghost” and “We should be friends” Were things you always heard the American say when he tried to talk to the Brit.

Eventually they became friends and did boring stuff with their current “abilities” Alfred sometimes sneaked a soda or two to the library, so he could drink while Arthur drank tea. Consequently, Arthur always scolded Alfred for drinking “that thing” in such a sacred place as the library.

Arthur was kind of hard to approach sometimes, but they understood each other. Alfred understood when Arthur did not want to be bothered when he was reading, so he silently watched him while pretending he was doing something else, and Arthur understood when Alfred saw his brother in school, so he always tried to cheer him up.

Months passed and it was obvious that feelings where growing between the two, how typical.

Apart from the normal ghost things they could do, they could also influence humans. Almost every ghost did one bad thing once in a while because “It was fuuuuuuun”. Arthur thought that was a waste of time while Alfred found it interesting. He thought he could help people with that, just like superheroes with their powers. So one day he decided to be a “hero”.

“Hey Arthur”

“Yes Alfred??”

“Do you… um, you see I… no” Alfred was clearly bothered by something, he was blushing and had his eyes fixated on the floor

“Don’t worry just say it”

“Okay… but don’t think it’s stupid.” Alfred stopped for a second “ I want to help someone to confess to their loved one”

Arthur furrowed his eyebrows “Eh? Wait” and he shook his head “It is none of my business if you don’t want to say it.” But Alfred didn’t stop.

“Because!!… this guy has liked this person for so long, but he just needs a little push to say it. Will you please pleeeeease help me practice”

Arthur stayed quiet, it wasn’t anger nor happiness. Here he was going to help his love interest say some words that he would use to help someone, but those would probably be the words he always longed for, but would never get. Alfred was nervous and his eyed screamed “PLEASE” so he couldn’t say no.

“Okay.. Let’s just end this. What do you want me to do?”

Alfred smiled and grabbed the Brit’s hand “Just hear and watch” Arthur couldn’t understand how fast Alfred could go from nervous and fidgeting to calm and confident. 

“I’ve always loved you. Even if you seem hard to approach, you’re a wonderful person”

Alfred was quiet for a moment and that bothered Arthur. “What if he decides it’s weird to practice it with me? That would sure be very awkward” but just when he thought Alfred was going to stop, he continued.

“The way you change your expressions while you read, and that way of closing the book when you finish, like it was the best one you ever read” Alfred stopped. He tried to think of less embarrassing things to say, he had to be short and sweet “The way you always show your feeling through your eyes and the things you like. I couldn’t help it and I fell for you”

Arthur was, by now, far too gone in Alfred’s words. He didn’t notice when their faces got closer, but he was thankful for it. Seeing Alfred’s eyes from such a close view. Arthur thought they had that twinkle someone in love had. He felt so happy yet so sad because those words weren’t meant to him, but he couldn’t help to think that maybe Alfred was really talking to him, and not just practicing.

“… That was perfect, there’s no way you’ll fail.” Arthur patted Alfred’s back with a smile “So go and help him, I bet she feels the same. Tell me how it goe-”

Alfred laughed “Arthur, I didn’t said I finished”

“Okay then” The air filled with anticipation.

"So please” Alfred smiled and grabbed Arthur’s hands “Go out with me Arthur”

Arthur gasped, he didn’t break eye contact, and instinctively inched closer. He noticed how close they were and tried to move when Alfred did the same, closing the distance between them.

“You’re truly a git, Alfred”

Alfred didn’t complain. It was obvious he was too nervous to try to deny that and say something. “..So, is it a yes or a no?”

Arthur smiled and kissed him again.

“Of course it is a yes”

And the two laughed.