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Someone just posted these selfies in a local FB group and all the comments are like OMG your brows are KILLER u go girl!!!
And I just wanted to share my pain with you. I’m sorry but like how

On Location Pt. 8 - Public Opinion

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Misha, Jared, Harper (Reader’s best friend and colleague)

Pairings: Reader x Jensen

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, smutish

Word Count: 1,700

Summary: Jensen asked the reader to be his girlfriend, to try things out. Will she say yes? It’s time to see what the public has to say about the teacher’s late night escapades.

A/N: Sorry this had to get a little political (ish). Being a teacher puts you in the limelight sometimes, especially if you have a wild streak. I have watched it happen over and over in my career. Sometimes for good reason, and sometimes for the most RIDICULOUS reasons ever. (kind of like this) So, I apologize if you think this chapter is boring. Hopefully you’ll love the next one! Also, I managed to work it out so that this works for @one-shots-supernatural Week 5 SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. The line this week was, How about no?

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I do not own the images.

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Although there was recently someone that made a fb comment on how pansexuality is the true™ sexuality and everyone else is repressed or sexually disabled which had me almost pulverizing my teeth. I decided to contact an admin whom removed it for me because i would have just verbally walloped them otherwise. It's the most assenine grossly ableist and homophobic shit i've ever read another pan write. It made me very aware of how as disabled im still not entirely safe even inte hbtq community

jeez, reading that made me pull a face, god, that’s awful!!! I would’ve had to go off on them I saw something like that. shit like that just isn’t okay. this “pansexuality purity” shit needs to be killed with fire. and yeah, it really does suck how a lot of queer people don’t care to check their ableism. I’ve recently come across a few pan people on twitter who are just incredibly ableist and adore ableist language. it’s really shitty. marginalized groups should be looking out for other marginalized groups. the queer community should be safe and welcoming for ALL queer people.

Someone on FB just commented that they are ‘screaming internally’ that I’m doing a Heaven Sent book and that it’s a perfect match and so now I’m screaming internally that not only is someone happy I’m writing something, but that they also apparently are familiar enough with my madness that they can pass a judgment like that.

This is the weirdness and it’s kind of improving my mood.

I saw someone on the FB LGBT group post a comment on another whiny transwomen. The transwomens post was pretty much this isn’t a group that’s inclusive to trans women blah blah blah.

And a lesbian fought back in the comments saying she’s sick of being called a TERF for her sexual orientation.

I’m am so proud when I see lesbians fight back against this shit.

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Go look on Nicole's tumblr. She posted a FB reply of Blake's cousin to someone's comment about ML and Gwen. It should be required reading for people who think ML is better from Blake than Gwen is, from a person who is actually in a position to know the real truth.

I did see that! We’ve had that same person on here this morning but we deleted their Ask, I guess Nicole’s screenshot wasn’t enough proof for them and they’re going around trolling Shefani blogs. Not the way I would like to spend my Sunday but more power to them I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️


I love how black tumblr goes into full fbi mode as soon as someone post a racist comment on Twitter / Fb / tumblr.

They be like :

*marylan Ann claire*
Mothers name : Martha Ann Claire
Jail record : shop lifting
Lives in east philly
Goes to peirce college in east Philly .
Vice President of the honors committee
“Hmmm , I wonder how the honors committee is going to feel about her racist comments ”
*sends a copy of racist comment to the her school / honor committee president *

Lmfao they come back on here reblogg the shit like a month later and be like

*update , she’s been kicked out of the honors committee and suspended for her racist comment “

Everyone hits their shmoney and be like
” yassssss black tumblr !! Draggg her

I'm sorry. I can't get over how utterly stupid..

The writers have made Katrina out to be. Utterly stupid as well as insanely disloyal. I was reading through some FB comments (because I enjoy pain clearly) and someone mentioned how Abraham had split open Ichabod’s chest and nearly killed him… yet Katrina wants to save Abraham anyway.

And they’re right.

What type of flippidy fuck shit is that?

Who would do that? What sort of wife would be capable of not only sympathizing with her beloved HUSBAND’S killer, but also wanting to save/redeem him?

Especially when said killer literally stripped everything from her afterward including having a normal life, a child w/ her family, and being locked away in purgatory as a prize to said killer.

Sure. She may have driven the wedge into the relationship between Crane and Abe, but after that Abraham’s actions are completely his own fault and he should take full responsibility for them.

I wish you would try to kill my husband or step up to him, I’d beat the shit out of your ass. I wish you would take my happiness away from me and expect me to sympathize with you.

And then to look at your husband, who’s most likely been tormented by this man and attributes all of his life’s failures as a result of this man, and be like ‘BB NO! We must forgive him and we must save him…’

I call bull shit.

Bull shit on Crane.

Bull shit on Katrina.


There had damn well better be an endgame to this shit and it had better result in Katrina being evil as fuck because I won’t stand for this nonsense. I won’t even stand for her 'turning’ because that would assume that she had originally thought her plan through with good intentions. Nah. She needs to be evil from the start, removed all other obstacles that would stand in her way by stripping them from power (Moloch, HH, Henry) and then without having anyone to challenge her power she busts loose and brings about the next Hell on earth.

No other canon can be acceptable to make up for the fuckery that she’s been put through.