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Common courtesy among witches

Here are some key points we should all note when dealing with other witches. 

  • Their path is not your path, don’t act like it is. 
  • Don’t demand or feel entitled to others’ knowledge. Do your own research first before asking.
  • Don’t bash other witches paths. You don’t agree with what they follow? Don’t follow that path yourself. 
  • We’ve all dealt with spells backfiring or not working, don’t sit there and make someone feel like crap because their spell didn’t work.
  • Don’t bash other witches because you disagree with their morals behind certain spellwork. They want to hex someone? Unless they’re hexing you, leave them to it. 
  • Don’t bash witches who practice “dark” magic, there’s light and dark in everything. It’s all about balance. 
  • Most of all, be helpful, courteous and friendly. We’re all going through this path together and we’re all brothers and sisters of the craft who need friends alike. 
  • Aries: Stay away from the refrigerator for the next few hours. What needs to happen, will happen. Ignore the rustlings of the tupperware against the fresh produce. If you hear a sharp whining sound, everything is just fine. Have popcorn for dinner tonight.
  • Taurus: Seek yourself. Discover yourself. Abduct yourself. The ransom will be worth millions.
  • Gemini: You are a collector of dreams. Other people’s dreams. Keep them in a dry place away from sunlight. Should molding occur, dispose of appropriately.
  • Cancer: Consider thanking someone who normally goes unappreciated. Like chairs, or light switches. They work really hard for you and you don’t even care. Jerk.
  • Leo: Don’t be a hero. Be a pawn in someone else’s game. Reap the social benefits. Deny all responsibility.
  • Virgo: Do you remember that old mason jar full of nails, that you hid under your bed and in the closet and up in the freezing attic before you eventually buried it among the roots of an anonymous tree deep in the forest and ran home as fast as you could without looking back? No? That’s probably for the best.
  • Libra: This week, take some time to smell the roses. Take some time to touch the roses. Take some time to commune with the roses. Take some time to become the roses.
  • Scorpio: 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened, 3/4 cup granulated sugar, 3/4 cup packed brown sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 2 large eggs, 2 cups (12-oz. pkg.) chocolate chips, 1 cup chopped nuts
  • Sagittarius: God help your poor soul, especially with heavy groceries and math homework.
  • Capricorn: Have a heart. Here, take two. And another one. Where did I get all these hearts from? You ask too many questions.
  • Aquarius: Remember to stay safe this week! Insofar as we are ever safe while surrounding with the constant threat of war and violence and aneurysms and heartbreak and stubbed toes and earthquakes and life-eradicating bursts of gamma radiation. So perhaps we should say, remember to stay ignorant of the never-ending peril and your extraordinary fragility this week!
  • Pisces: There is a place for you, but if I gave you all the details you might not want to go there anymore. There is a place for you, but if I gave you all the details you might not want to go there anymore.
what the signs do when they feel lonely

aries : dances around their room to 70’s punk music until the neighbours complain

taurus : becomes rly clingy and at the same time distant bc they don’t want to bother anybody

gemini : watches happy films to distract themselves. it doesn’t really work

cancer : becomes the moodiest little baby u’ve ever met in ur life and demands attention

leo : runs, catches buses and trains util they’re as far away as they can be. you have to stop running some time.

virgo : cooks, sews, excercises, reads, does a marathon, learns a language. they work best alone.

libra : whines until someone is forced to be with them, then proceeds to ignore them

scorpio : goes out alone until they’re not lonely anymore, because the world is their companion

sagittarius : doesn’t need anybody. let them BUUUURN.

capricorn : lies in bed listening to music and staring into space. light from the TV drains the colour from them. their eyes are bleary and their mind is static but they’ve never been more perfect.

aquarius : stargazes !! they feel like their loneliness doesn’t matter if there’s thousands of possibilities out there

pisces : makes friends with plants. they become very concerned about their growth and wellbeing, and essentially become a parent to their leafy friend.

Pay It Forward For Misha

I’m at MinnCon right now, and as most of you have probably heard by now, Misha Collins was mugged last night in Minneapolis. He’s fine, but obviously shaken up, and he did need some stitches and stuff. It’s a terrible thing to have happen to anyone, but especially to someone who has made it their life’s work to spread as much love and light around the world as they possibly can. I’ve been thinking all day about how to adequately show Misha and the cast/crew how sorry we are that this happened. I was thinking of the things I crave in times when I’ve been upset, things that are comforting, and one of those things for me is coffee. Obviously we can’t all buy Misha a coffee, he’d have a heart attack from the caffeine overload. But I was thinking that starting tomorrow (August 23rd), everyone who is able could “pay it forward” and pay for the order of the person behind them at the coffee shop, and then tweet “I ‪#‎paiditforward‬ ‪#‎forMisha‬”. Just something that kind of ties in with Random Acts and also puts out some positive energy after this horrible event. Whether or not you’re able to participate financially, please spread this around on your social media platforms as much as you can; I think it would be great if we could make a big positive impact for Misha after a frightening weekend. Thank you guys so much! Always Keep Fighting!

It’s so easy to compare yourself with others, you can get lost in how much you wish you had what someone else has.

Have the courage to be happy for others and still be content with what you have, nothing good comes from wanting what your neighbor has when you could be working hard for the things that are good and worth fighting for.

Have the courage to lay down your ego, because humility is far more beautiful than the things you desire.

Have the courage to reach out in love, because light can never be overcome by darkness.

Have the courage to lay it all down, because we need to be an example of a greater and more fulfilling life than a life of greed and comparison.

Once you let go of your selfish wants, you will begin to see how wonderful life can be when we extend an olive branch to those who so desperately need to be loved. You will breathe and smile, knowing that you are stepping into the light.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now
Spell to get over someone/move on

As we move in to another season, we may feel the need to let go of some things in life to welcome the new. Do this simple spell if you need a little support to move a step away from situations or people who are toxic to you. 

You will need:

1 Black candle ( banish negativity, healing and support through loss and grief, ridding of bad habits )
Peppermint/eucalyptus essential oil to anoint candle
1 Bay leaf

Anoint the candle and light it. Write what you want to achieve on the bay leaf (paper works fine as well). Burn it and visualize all your negativity and pain vanish and fade away. Release your wish to the universe, into the wind or the water whichever you feel more connected to. As you snuff out the candle/let it continue to burn out, let it absorb all you hurt and let the fire’s energy heal you. Focus on your intent of allowing the fire to give you the strength and power you need. Release what does not serve you and open your mind and soul to opportunities that await. After you have released the ashes and the candle light is out, you may dip your hands in a bowl of water to symbolize a clean start. 

Return to Sender Spell

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Some of you guys may already know this spell. It is very simple and works like a charm!

If you suspect someone has cursed you, or you are just having a bought of bad luck this spell should work! It has for me!

All you need is a black taper candle, flying devil oil, and a sharp tool to carve the candle with.

Take the sharp tool and carve “RETURN TO SENDER” all over the candle then anoint the candle with the Flying Devil oil…light it and let it burn out!

The Flying Devil oil is just a mixture of olive oil and red pepper flakes, OR you can just anoint the candle with the oil and roll it in the red pepper flakes!


Hi. My name is Garrett Gilchrist. I’ve been an artist for twenty years now. I was in a car accident yesterday, hit by someone who (I think) ran a red light. My neck hurts. My car is totalled. I’m getting kicked out of my apartment. And I don’t have the money to make it through the month.

I do commissioned art. Starting at $50 for one character. I was paid more like $500 for some of the more complicated work above (think $50 per day), but would be happy to do great work for you for less. I know you probably don’t have any money either. But I’d appreciate it if you could reblog this and signal boost a bit. I need the work right now.

I also have a Patreon, and a $1 donation gets you an early look at anything I’m doing.

I can also take donations at my website.

Maybe you know my film and film restoration work too? I directed a She-Hulk feature, animated lost episodes of Doctor Who for two years, restored the lost animated classic The Thief and the Cobbler for eight years, edited Star Wars: Deleted Magic, and restored dozens of rare Muppets specials at Henson Rarities. Among many other things.

I have some really amazing projects I’m working on right now, which I can’t show you yet. And it’s been hard to work on them without the money to keep the lights on. But stay tuned and stay patient, and you’ll see some great things coming. Shares appreciated.

(Jan 20 2016)

“Bleeding Out” Poison Apple Curse

Hi guys! I’ve never actually posted any of my personal spells before because I consider them, y'know, personal. But recently I’ve felt drawn to begin posting them. I want to help people out. This spell is a “poison apple” curse that is meant to cause the truth to come to light. 

In other words, say there is a person who look very nice and could be super popular and well liked. But they are not nice and you know this. Maybe they hurt you or someone you care about. Maybe they are racist or transphobic. Any of these things. This curse will not only bring these things to light, but force them to feel the pain and consequences of those actions. I have used this spell and it did work VERY well.

Things you will need:

  • 1 apple 
  • Salt
  • Knife, rusty nail, anything sharp really. 
  • A nasty mixture (anything gross. Examples: vinegar, chilli powder, black pepper, bleach, lemon juice, rust, tobacco, graveyard dirt, angry spit, etc) just make sure to be careful about what you are mixing. Check first please, especially if using harder products like bleach! 
  • Pen/Marker
  • Small slip of paper
  • Container the apple can fit into (bag, jar, etc)
  • Optional: a ritual stimulant like coffee grounds for it to happen faster. 

1) Get your ingredients ready! Create your “nasty mixture” and if your practice includes setting up an alter, invoking deities, or circle casting do that now.
2) Take the apple. This represents the person that you are cursing. Write their first and last name on the apple while visualizing their face. Say “On the outside you look normal and nice…”
3) With the knife, cut out the core/center of the apple. Pull it out. Remove the top of the core from the rest of it, as the “lid” of the apple will be replaced later.
4) Take the mixture and pour it into the apple. Say “…But you are filled with poison…” as you pour. Do not fill all the way.
5) On a small slip of paper, write the bad properties of the person that need to come to the surface. Say “…filled with vice…” as you place the slip of paper inside of the apple.
6) Get the top of the apple and place it back on. Say “in order to bring these things to light…”
7) Get your knife! You are going to (carefully, unless you are okay with making a mess) stab the apple once for every thing that you wrote down. Really put your energy into this. Make it hurt. Say “…I will stab and I will slice.” Try to make the knife go all the way through the apple.
8) Once the apple is oozing (or dripping?) put it in a container (I’m using a bag because I don’t have any jars big enough to hold my apple)
9) If you are using any stimulant in your curse, add a tiny pinch to a bowl of salt and mix. Add this mixture to the container that the apple is in. Close/seal it.
10) Now SHAKE! As you do this, imagine the person facing the consequences of everything you wrote down. Put your intent and anger into it and really focus on their stupid face. You want them to be seen as who they are. This salt is the consequences, the salt to the wounds after they are seen. Say “You will pay.” for every time you stabbed them.
11) Now get rid of your bag of suffering. Don’t keep it in your house unless it is in the trash can. You can get rid of it how you want but do not bury it, as it will hurt the earth.
12) Get rid of any negative energy that may come back on you (if you believe in that.) Cleanse yourself with a nice cup of tea (lavender, chamomile, and rosemary might be nice!) or a bath/shower. Cleanse the area with salt, salt water, incense (dragonsblood, sandalwood, lavender, anything you’d like to use.) or any way of cleansing you choose. Ground yourself and get rid of any extra energy. Get some nice PJs on and curl into bed with snacks and netflix or something. Curses like this that require so much energy can leave you feeling super drained so be sure to take care of yourself.

death note highschool au where light and L are the two weird kids in school on different sides of the spectrum, Light being the cool weird loner kid and L being the weird loner who talks to himself and muses over things out loud and they’re notorious for hating each other (really its more them being annoyed that the other is as smart/smarter than them)

and the entire school ships it, to the point where they’re in the same history class and theres a project where everyone needs a partner and the entire class methodically pairs up with someone other than light and l so they’re forced to work together

and they fight so much, making faces and disagreeing on what really happened and pulling up sources and just being general little shits together and they’re at light’s home, working on it downstairs and being bitchy when Sayu comes in and is like “Light can you and your boyfriend please stop being so annoying I have homework too and it’s hard to focus with all this sexual tension in here” 

and they both just jump apart and look away and have just the faintest faintest of blush that of COURSE the other picks up on

and ten minutes later finds them making out in light’s room

High beams? Enjoy the red light.

Driving to work, I apparently pissed someone off something fierce. There was a large pickup truck in front of me trying to get in the left lane, I suspected because he needed to turn at an upcoming light, but a Pathfinder was being a douche and hanging out just to the left of him, despite the speed of traffic.

The left lane slowed down a bit so the Pathfinder was a little behind me but the truck still couldn’t get over because of another car in front of the Pathfinder. Tired of watching this guy be a jerk, I took the opportunity to get in front of the Pathfinder (with plenty of room, mind you), slow down enough to let the truck over just in time for his left turn, and then get back into the right lane.

Pathfinder then makes it his mission to tailgate me with his high beams on. I have an auto-dimming feature in my rear view mirror so I only noticed because I saw the extra pair of lights come on, but game on, buddy.

That’s my right turn coming up, I better slow down…a lot…you know, to make sure there are no pedestrians in the crosswalk at my turn. Oh! See that guy up there, about 10 feet from the crosswalk? I better make sure he has plenty of time to cross safely…he does have the right of way, after all.

Pathfinder honks, then leans on his horn, and can’t get around me because he had been tailgating…then the light turns red just as the pedestrian finishes crossing. I make a safe and legal right on red and Pathfinder has just added about 5 minutes to his commute.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | source


gif request meme: legends of tomorrow + favourite romantic relationship: Sara Lance and Leonard Snart. (asked by @warriorsaralance)

“The pairing […] only works because Sara already has her own inner light. Snart is not the guy who’s going to be Sara’s light — he’s got too many issues for that. But he IS the guy who can fight against his worst instincts from time to time in order to help Sara fight against hers. And maybe, that’s exactly what Sara needs. Not someone too good or too pure, but an equal. Someone who can understand both the darkness and the light, and the struggle to be better. Someone who can share the best and worst of his past with you. Someone who will give you his jacket when you’re both freezing to death. Someone you can sit absurdly close to in completely normal situations. Someone who can be quiet with you, and snarky with you, and even deep with you. And maybe, just maybe, Sara has already found that person.” (x)

I’ve been thinking about dreams a lot lately… What have y'all been dreaming about? What’s stopping you from chasing it? Is it time? Money? Fear of failure? Look at the things in your life that you are most proud of. At some time or another they probably required a leap of faith and a lot of hard work. Don’t let the fear of failure paralyze you or hold you back from being the best version of you! The world needs passionate people, the kind of people who light up when they are doing what they love. Let’s fill this place with humans who have come fully alive because they aren’t afraid to chase their dreams!
Share one big goal or dream you have for yourself on this post, I would love to hear the dreams you have and encourage you in that direction! Know someone who needs a kick in the pants? Tag them below! Now get off instagram and start chasing, will ya? by jennakutcher


AU: Someone gave me a fake phone number and it’s actually yours

A/N: Okay, guys, I saw this and I just needed to do a little drabble about it.

Word count: 574

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: light swearing.  

Don’t Talk to Strangers (Part II)

Midnight Texts (Part III)

Redial (Ending)

Begging, Praying, and Wishing (Epilogue) 


This was a mistake.

The guy had been shady when you asked for his number just in case the amulet didn’t work, hesitating as he wrote “his” number down, stopping almost every three digits as he thought of what was next. But you needed to solve the case, and this was one of your last resources.

Of course, though, life could never give you a break, and now you were stuck with a useless piece of wood and a crude set of numbers on a crumpled piece of paper. There was no way you would find the guy now, however, so you could at least give it a try.

After all, there couldn’t be much danger in calling a stranger, could there? You could just apologize, hang up, and start searching for another way to find the monster that was terrorizing the people.

You took a deep breath, fingers pressing down on the touch screen of the phone and inserting the different digits in. You made sure it was the exact number on the paper before clicking “Call” and holding the phone to your ear. There were two rings before someone answered.

“Hello?” a deep voice said, a certain roughness held in it.

“Son of a bitch,” you mumbled, sighing with frustration. You had wasted a hundred dollars for a piece of junk, and now you couldn’t get them back.

“Heard it already,” the voice chuckled lightly from the other side. “Who’s this?”

“Nevermind,” you said, closing your eyes tightly. “Sorry for calling you, sir, some idiot gave me the wrong number. Sorry, I’ll hang up now.”

“Wait a second — someone just randomly gave you this number?” the man asked, and although you had no idea what he looked like, you could almost imagine the stranger raising his eyebrows.

“Well, mister, what’s so special about you?” you asked with an edge of sass, suddenly gaining interest in the conversation.  

“Nothing really; it’s just that I don’t really get a lot of random calls from people who’ve had bad dates,” the man replied, copying your tone.

In despite of yourself, you smiled. You picked at the edge of the motel bed, pulling gently at a stranded string of the cover.

“Really a ‘bad date’ if that’s what you wanna call it. I lost a hundred bucks and now I’m talking with someone that’s probably all the way on the other side of the country.”

“But now you’re talking to me, so I guess that’s a good thing,” the man said, causing you to laugh. “I’m Dean Winchester, by the way.”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you said, trying to figure out why his name sounded familiar. “Pleasure.”

“That’s something that I can definitely give,” Dean replied, his voice deeper now. You rolled your eyes and laughed again, settling down on the bed. “But I think it would be for the best to take things slower, Y/N.”

“And what makes you think that I would want something like that, huh?”

“Trust me, everyone does at some point,” Dean said cockily. “But why did you lose a hundred bucks on a date? Was he that big of a douche?”

“It’s kind of a long story,” you sighed, rolling the small amulet between your fingers. “A very long story.”  

“All I was planning to do tonight was drink by myself,” Dean smiled, “I’ve got time.”

There couldn’t be much danger in knowing Dean Winchester…could there?

Pit musician starters
  • [ a collection of things I've heard, said, and had said to me while working in the orchestra pit on musicals ]
  • "You'd better get your act together, or I'll give it to someone who can do it."
  • "This is a terrible key to play in."
  • "We're so under appreciated."
  • "What section are we cutting?"
  • "My stand light went out!"
  • "Bitch, you're nothing without us."
  • "*recites lines along with actors*"
  • "If Verdi wanted a piano to play all the parts, that's how he'd write it, so kindly back off."
  • "Don't fall into the pit!"
  • "Get your fucking stuff out of my area."
  • "I need more space!"
  • "It's like the wardrobe to Narnia in here, except it's...well, not."
  • "Stop throwing your shit down here!"
  • "I can't play in these conditions."
  • "I'm tired of these 8 am rehearsals."

I am looking to hire a colorist for my new webcomic The Glass Scientists!

Coming from an animation background, my art style favors simple, clean cell-shading, limited color palates, and economy of visual storytelling- elaborate, finely rendered oil paintings will not mesh well with my lineart! The value/color work for the comic needs to emphasize character acting and help each image read quickly and clearly (good use of contrast to make the important elements of a shot “pop”).

I will, however, need a colorist with a good sense of lighting for tone and setting! I will be providing lighting thumbnails (and occasionally color keys) for each shot set up, but I need someone will be able to carry that intention through to finished pieces!

You will be paid on a per-page basis at one page per week, though I may bump that up to 2 pages per week for the beginning of chapter 1 or for special events.I’m looking to start in the beginning of October.

Here are some examples of styles similar to what I am looking for: ‘Kill Switch Engage’, Blindsprings, and Gravity Falls. Also, please see these sample pages from my short comic Bleeding Heart for an idea of the kind of linework I do:

(Note: Since I work on the show, it’s kind of inevitable that I would look to the gorgeous color work on Gravity Falls- I don’t expect something that crazy detailed, of course, but it is worth noting that the crazy amount of variety found in GF backgrounds are accomplished with three fairly simple layers: a cell-shaded flats layer, a shadow layer set to multiply, and a simple light glow layer.)

If you are interested, or if you know someone you would recommend, send me an Ask or email me at glitterygothic (at) ! Please include samples of your work. For my first chapter, I am especially looking for examples of night-time scenes and use of limited color palate!

EDIT: Applications are now CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who applied! :)