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Injury angst for writing dummies.

Hospitals and injury are always such a staple of angst fics, but 9 times out of 10 the author has clearly never been in an emergency situation and the scenes always come off as over-dramatized and completely unbelievable. So here’s a crash course on hospital life and emergencies for people who want authenticity. By someone who spends 85% of her time in a hospital. 

Emergency Departments/Ambulances.

  • Lights and sirens are usually reserved for the actively dying. Unless the person is receiving CPR, having a prolonged seizure or has an obstructed airway, the ambulance is not going to have lights and sirens blaring. I have, however, seen an ambulance throw their lights on just so they can get back to the station faster once. Fuckers made me late for work.
  • Defibrillators don’t do that. You know, that. People don’t go flying off the bed when they get shocked. But we do scream “CLEAR!!” before we shock the patient. Makes it fun.
  • A broken limb, surprisingly, is not a high priority for emergency personnel. Not unless said break is open and displaced enough that blood isn’t reaching a limb. And usually when it’s that bad, the person will have other injuries to go with it.
  • Visitors are not generally allowed to visit a patient who is unstable. Not even family. It’s far more likely that the family will be stuck outside settling in for a good long wait until they get the bad news or the marginally better news. Unless it’s a child. But if you’re writing dying children in your fics for the angst factor, I question you sir. 
  • Unstable means ‘not quite actively dying, but getting there’. A broken limb, again, is not unstable. Someone who came off their motorbike at 40mph and threw themselves across the bitumen is. 
  • CPR is rarely successful if someone needs it outside of hospital. And it is hard fucking work. Unless someone nearby is certified in advanced life support, someone who needs CPR is probably halfway down the golden tunnel moving towards the light. 
  • Emergency personnel ask questions. A lot of questions. So many fucking questions. They don’t just take their next victim and rush off behind the big white doors into the unknown with just a vague ‘WHAT HAPPENED? SHE HIT HER HEAD?? DON’T WORRY SIR!!!’ They’re going to get the sir and ask him so many questions about what happened that he’s going to go cross eyed. And then he’s going to have to repeat it to the doctor. And then the ICU consultant. And the police probably. 
  • In a trauma situation (aka multiple injuries (aka car accident, motorbike accident, falling off a cliff, falling off a horse, having a piano land on their head idfk you get the idea)) there are a lot of people involved. A lot. I can’t be fucked to go through them all, but there’s at least four doctors, the paramedics, five or six nurses, radiographers, surgeons, ICU consultants, students, and any other specialities that might be needed (midwives, neonatal transport, critical retrieval teams etc etc etc). There ain’t gonna be room to breathe almost when it comes to keeping someone alive.
  • Emergency departments are a life of their own so you should probably do a bit of research into what might happen to your character if they present there with some kind of illness or injury before you go ahead and scribble it down.


  • Nurses run them. No seriously. The patient will see the doctor for five minutes in their day. The nurse will do the rest. Unless the patient codes.
  • There is never a defibrillator just sitting nearby if a patient codes. 
  • And we don’t defibrillate every single code. 
  • If the code does need a defibrillator, they need CPR.
  • And ICU. 
  • They shouldn’t be on a ward. 
  • There are other people who work there too. Physiotherapists will always see patients who need rehab after breaking a limb. Usually legs, because they need to be shown how to use crutches properly.
  • Wards are separated depending on what the patient’s needs are. Hospitals aren’t separated into ICU, ER and Ward. It’s usually orthopaedic, cardiac, neuro, paediatric, maternity, neonatal ICU, gen surg, short stay surg, geriatric, palliative…figure out where your patient is gonna be. The care they get is different depending on where they are.


  • A patient is only in ICU if they’re at risk of active dying. I swear to god if I see one more broken limb going into ICU in a fic to rank up the angst factor I’m gonna shit. It doesn’t happen. Stop being lazy. 
  • Tubed patients can be awake. True story. They can communicate too. Usually by writing, since having a dirty great tube down the windpipe tends to impede ones ability to talk. 
  • The nursing care is 1:1 on an intubated patient. Awake or not, the nurse is not gonna leave that room. No, not even to give your stricken lover a chance to say goodbye in private. There is no privacy. Honestly, that nurse has probably seen it all before anyway. 
  • ICU isn’t just reserved for intubated patients either. Major surgeries sometimes go here post-op to get intensive care before they’re stepped down. And by major I mean like, grandpa joe is getting his bladder removed because it’s full of cancer. 
  • Palliative patients and patients who are terminal will not go to ICU. Not unless they became terminally ill after hitting ICU. Usually those ones are unexpected deaths. Someone suffering from a long, slow, gradually life draining illness will probably go to a general ward for end of life care. They don’t need the kind of intensive care an ICU provides because…well..they’re not going to get it??


  • No one gets rushed to theatre for a broken limb. Please stop. They can wait for several days before they get surgery on it. 
  • Honestly? No one gets ‘rushed’ to theatre at all. Not unless they are, again, actively dying, and surgery is needed to stop them from actively dying. 
  • Except emergency caesarians. Them babies will always get priority over old mate with the broken hip. A kid stuck in a birth canal and at risk of death by pelvis is a tad more urgent than a gall stone. And the midwives will run. I’ve never seen anyone run as fast as a midwife with a labouring woman on the bed heading to theatres for an emergency caesar.
  • Surgery doesn’t take as long as you think it does. Repairing a broken limb? Two hours, maybe three tops. Including time spent in recovery. Burst appendix? Half an hour on the table max, maybe an hour in recovery. Caesarian? Forty minutes or so. Major surgeries (organs like kidneys, liver and heart transplants, and major bowel surgeries) take longer. 
  • You’re never going to see the theatre nurses. Ever. They’re like their own little community of fabled myth who get to come to work in their sweatpants and only deal with unconscious people. It’s the ward nurse who does the pick up and drop offs. 

Anyway there’s probably way, way more that I’m forgetting to add but this is getting too long to keep writing shit. The moral of the story is do some research so you don’t look like an idiot when you’re writing your characters getting injured or having to be in hospital. It’s not Greys Anatomy in the real world and the angst isn’t going to be any more intense just because you’re writing shit like it is. 

Peace up.


October 10 is World Mental Health Day, so let’s talk about how we can end the stigma surrounding mental health 🌱


Start a dialogue about your own experiences
💖 Mental Health is still stigmatized and that can make it difficult to talk about openly, but the more we talk, the more we help to normalize the discussion. But it’s not just about helping the world see Mental Health differently, but about your perception too; talking about your problems can help you work through them, and see them in a more realistic light, and it helps the people around you understand your needs.

Challenge incorrect information
💖 If you see someone spreading incorrect information about mental health, be brave and step in. Remind people that mental illnesses are disorders of the brain, and are usually due to chemical imbalances, in the same way that disorders of other organs might be due to a vitamin deficiency, or the body not being able to produce the right amount of hormones.

Ask others about their experiences
💖 Encourage others to talk about their own mental health issues, if they feel comfortable doing so.  


Provide a judgement-free environment
💖 Sometimes people just need to vent, rather than have a discussion, and as well-meaning as you might be you need to respect that. Ask if they’d like to discuss their issues or if they’d just like to vent and be given a sympathetic shoulder to lean on. Mental Illness can make us hyper sensitive to perceived criticism, and feel unable to open up. Create a judgement-free environment by giving them your full attention, and by allowing people to talk at their own pace, without interruption.

Ask what they need, don’t assume
💖 What we need and what someone else needs might be two different things, so ask and listen to what someone says when they talk about their needs. It might be tempting to think “they’re just being lazy” or “if I give them a push they’ll get there eventually”, but respecting their wishes is not just about whether or not they know best. Ask them if they need their boundaries pushed, or if today is a good day to try. There will be days where they are more open to pushing their boundaries. If you force them too early you may deter them from trying again, and it may hurt their trust in you.  


Check in
💖 Now’s a good time to check up on the people around you. Don’t just say hello, ask how they are feeling; specifically how they feel mental-health wise. It becomes a habit to say “I’m fine”, even when you’re not, and mental illness makes it harder to be forthcoming with how we feel. Give them the option to say “well, now that you mention it…” instead of the usual small talk.

Check up
💖 Have you been ignoring your own mental health needs? Procrastinating on getting proper professional help? Now’s a good time to make an appointment with your GP for a check up!

Check yourself
💖 Even the most open-minded of us need to keep our own privilege and bias in-check. If you hear someone talk about an issue or symptom they face that you think might be exaggerated, made-up, or their own fault, consider that your own bias, privilege, or lack of understanding may be clouding your judgement. Everyone’s experiences are different, so try to remember not to compare. Have a judgement-free discussion, give advice or offer alternatives, but in the end: trust THEIR judgement of THEIR situation.

Dear young artists

Here are things I wish that someone told me when I started posting/doing art:

1: I know it sucks but you won’t get your art noticed right away. So be patient and enjoy sharing your art even if it seems no one is looking.

2: Do not take request that you know will take you more than 30 minutes. If it takes longer, that’s what commissions are for. Often people will abuse that you are an artist taking request and will give very elaborate requests.

3: Speaking of commissions, do not price ANYTHING under $5. Please value your art. I promise you the people that will complain the “it’s over priced” are cheap. If they actually want your art, they would pay for it as is.

4: SAVE SAVE SAVE. If you do digital art, save it at least every 15 minutes. Save every piece of art, don’t throw it away or delete it.

5: DATE YOUR ART. At the end of last year is when I actually started dating my art within the file name. Example: “6-13-Girl” and have a folder for each year. This would save time when you’re trying to remember when you did an old piece of art or are creating a portfolio.

6: For the love of god, you don’t have to finish everything. Do practice sketches without them turning into elaborate hours of work.

7: Continuing from 6, YOUR SKETCHBOOK IS A SKETCHBOOK FOR A REASON. That’s where you practice. Don’t worry about a drawing not being perfect, the book is for practicing.

8: You don’t have to show someone your sketchbook if you don’t want to. Just say, “I’d rather you not, it’s very personal” and leave it at that.

9: Post your practices and ask for feedback. P.S. take “you need to work on ______ but good color choice!” as feedback and “your art sucks” as someone being an ass.

10: Don’t trace references or others artwork. It will literally not help you in the long run. A good example of how to use a ref is sketch the basic shape and add details as you go.

11: Don’t tighten you hand when you draw or aka don’t carve into the paper. Keep your strokes light when doing the basic shapes then add to darken the lines when you like them. This will save frustration of it not being able to erase.

12: WATCH SPEEDPAINTS. Slow them down if needed and learn from other artists and take the techniques you like from it. This especially works for visual learners.

13: Try tutorials even if you don’t like the style. You won’t know you like doing something unless you try it, that’s how people improve their art as well.

14: If you look through my blog, you can see that I do A LOT of redraws. I find them important to do sometimes to see your progress and show you what you need to work on.

15: Most importantly: Remember that your favorite artists, no matter their age, have been working on their drawing skills for years. It’s taken me 6 years to get my art where I like it and I’m still improving like everyone else.

Any other artists that would like to add or correct, feel free!

Ascendant-Descendant axis: Elements

Fire ASC - Air DSC

With a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) on the Ascendant, you see yourself as bold, energetic, and fun. When you walk into a room, you take charge and often take the spotlight; people notice you, you don’t “blend in”, you are seen strongly. You tend to want to liven things up in a room, get the energy flowing and people bouncing off each other. Stagnant, dull environments are something you hate.
You have an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) on the Descendant, so you tend to see and experience everyone else as being too shallow, impersonal and detached. Others live too much in the mental realm of ideas and don’t take enough action or actually do what they say they want to do, whereas you are the opposite. Everyone else seems a bit too flighty and concerned with social niceties or issues, whereas you interact only with what is immediate and in front of you at any given time; you don’t worry about what is not directly in front of you, but others seem to live too much in the future. Others can also seem mischievous and that they get away with things.

Air ASC - Fire DSC

With an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) on the Ascendant, you see yourself as intellectual, sociable and harmonious. When you walk into a room, you talk and when first meeting people, talking is your natural mode of behaviour. You have a nervous energy but you tend to say the right things at the right time. Lack of communication makes you feel uneasy and awkward. People need to be communicating.
You have a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) on the Descendant, so you tend to see and experience everyone else as being too passionate, attention-seeking and perhaps arrogant. Others seem way too concerned with their own selfish needs and perhaps their own feelings, whereas you tend to think about everyone. Others seem to lack social graces or be quite blunt and just blunder in without thinking about social graces, which bothers you as you do think about social graces. Everyone seems a bit too concerned with their own personal feelings and emotions and they tend to blow up about every little thing. You may find and feel at times that you are the most intellectual, clever one in the room and may fall into the trap of seeing yourself as intellectually superior over everyone else. Others can be a bit too passionate and not really think before arguing or losing their temper, they might not think before they speak. You are always aware of words though.

Earth ASC - Water DSC

With an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) on the Ascendant, you see yourself as realistic, practical and grounded. When you walk into a room, you don’t make a big show, you tend to be unassuming and reserved, but friendly. You see yourself as “normal” compare to other people, whatever normal is. You are concerned with how things should be and if things aren’t to your standard or expectations, you might start to internally judge and criticise. Material needs are important to you and if those aren’t provided, you can also start to judge people.
You have a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) on the Descendant, so you tend to see and experience everyone else as emotionally messy. People are too whiny and cry about things whereas you tend to just get on with fixing things if they are a mess. You don’t dwell in your feelings, but other people do. Their emotional messes can stress you out. Others may appear to be distant and detached too, but it’s likely that they’re just in a protective shell. Everyone may seem a bit emotionally high-strung and don’t know how to relax due to their strong emotions, whereas you feel and appear quite relaxed in social situations. Others may not be as ambitious or as work-oriented as you, and you may fall into the trap of either criticising them, or trying to fix their lives when they may not need or want to be fixed. You give people practical advice rather than emotional sympathising.

Water ASC - Earth DSC

With a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) on the Ascendant, you see yourself as as emotionally intelligent, and aware of emotions of everyone. You also see yourself as someone who is caring and nurtures the emotions of a situation. You aren’t as concerned about practical things or maybe ideas or making things funny or light; you get down and dirty with whatever mood or feeling surrounds you. You could be taken advantage of in this way. When you walk into a room, you blend in and want to merge with your environment - you do not want to stand out or to be different in any way. Usually, you maintain the status quo. You also tend to absorb the feeling of people around you.
You have an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) on the Descendant, so you tend to see and experience everyone else as too concerned with practical, ambitious, material needs, rather than the emotions of people. Others are too ambitious and work-oriented, too goal-oriented and focused on where they are going next, whereas you feel that you aren’t this way, you tend to be more about going with the flow of your feelings and doing what feels right, not necessarily what you should do. Others may come to you for advice and nurturing, either emotional nurturing or material nurturing, and they can deplete and drain you. You may feel that no-one is concerned about your emotional problems, but you are concerned with everyone else’s. Other people’s mess upsets you, people need to clean up after themselves.

Spell to Prompt Someone to Dream of You

Here is a simple spell using herbs, candles and crystals to invoke dreams involving you (in this case, of a romantic nature) in the mind of someone you know. You will need all or any combination of the following:

Amethyst (dreamwork, divination, psychic energy, astral projection)

Lavender (sleep, dreams, wishes, visions, love)

Bay leaf (psychic visions and dreams)

Cinnamon (spiritual vibrations, love)

Pink, red, white candles

Paper and pen

Fabric and cord (preferably in pink, purple or white)

1. Cast your circle. Light your candles on your altar or workspace. Lay down a square of fabric on your work surface; this is where you will assemble your herbs.

2. In the center of the fabric, place your bay leaf. On a small piece of paper, write the name of the person you wish to dream of you. Fold it and place it atop the bay leaf. Place your amethyst on top of that.

3. Around the bay leaf, sprinkle lavender and cinnamon in a circle. As you do so, visualize the nature of the dream you wish this person to have (romantic, sexual, platonic, etc).

4. After you feel you’ve charged the herbal circle with your intent, gather the corners of the cloth together so that the ingredients form a sachet. Wrap a cord around the corners to tie it closed and knot it three times. With each knot, chant:

“For (name) I summon dreams of me

These magic herbs will let him see

My beauty as he softly sleeps

This is my will, so mote it be!”

5. Place the sachet under your pillow and sleep with it for three nights.

Traffic lights are killing kink fic

Dramatic title, but this rant has been building for some time and I need to get it off my chest. Friends, fellows, lovely fic writers: kink fic in fandom lately sounds like someone is reciting a How To BDSM 101 manual and it’s really starting to grind my gears.

It seems lately that, more often than not, any fic I open with even the teeniest bit of kink spends about half the fic being excruciatingly boring and samey about making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to consent and who is spanking who in bed. As an Actual Real Live Kinky Person, let me tell you about some things that are seriously pissing me off.

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Venus in The Signs, Elements, Houses. ♀

The Venus Planet is associated with beauty, creativity, pleasure, feminine, harmony, love & attraction.

The Venus sign rulerships are Libra & Taurus, Libra being the one to bring harmony in relationships & Taurus being the one to bring beauty in comfort. The Venus sign relates well with those who receive love (whether women or men) in relationships then creates beauty from what was given, Libra usually relates well with men for they create attraction & Taurus usually relates well with women for they create pleasure. The Venus house is where your beauty is present & very alive in.

Remember to go out to the world with unconditional love for you’ll be able to receive acceptance, feelin’ beloved. ♡


Venus in Signs ♀

how you love another, who you are attracted to, how your beauty appears to be.

venus in fire signs embodies the impulsion, directness, passion and exoticism within love.

venus in earth signs embodies the physical, beauty, routine and practicality within love.

venus in air signs embodies the relationship, verbal, attraction and weirdness within love.

venus in water signs embodies the emotion, care, intimacy and vulnerability within love.

- ♡

Aries Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of energy & drive in which she creates beauty out of sexuality & their vitality draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Taurus Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of pleasure & stability in which creates beauty out of self-worth & looks physically sensual to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Gemini Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of stimulation & wit in which creates beauty out of immaturity & becomes playful to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Cancer Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of reassurance & mood in which creates beauty out of emotion & extends their nurture into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Leo Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of confidence & ego in which creates beauty out of drama & their expression draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Virgo Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of class & motivation in which creates beauty out of self-improvement & looks physically poise to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Libra Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of harmony & validation in which creates beauty out of charm & becomes hypnotic to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Scorpio Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of desires & intensity in which creates beauty out of death & extends their darkness into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Sagittarius Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of wisdom & growth in which creates beauty out of adventure & their optimism draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Capricorn Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of dignity & structure in which creates beauty out of self-image & looks physically regal to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Aquarius Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of intellect & ideas in which creates beauty out of uniqueness & becomes detached to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Pisces Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of dreams & wishes in which creates beauty out of idealism & extends their art into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.



Venus in Houses ♀

where the venus energy lights up, who you attract, what your beauty is typically recognized as.

venus in fire houses (1st, 5th, 9th) becomes, expresses & expands their love energy.

venus in earth houses (2nd, 6th, 10th) materialize, designs & models their nurture energy.

venus in air houses (3rd, 7th, 11th) interacts, balances & connects from love energy.

venus in water houses (4th, 8th, 12th) illuminates, consumes & heals from nurture energy.

- ♡

Venus in 1st: people are drawn to your harmonic rise to the surface & they appreciate your energetic charm & beauty, you’re always surrounded with balance, fighting for justice if others are unfairly mistreated, you have a sexy love appeal that others are attracted to, others are intimated by your passionate first impressions, your vital spirit is love energy, you are beauty.

Venus in 2nd: buying expensive clothes helps you learn how to feel worthy & valuable, whatever you wear looks rich & aesthetically pleasing on you, a keen fashion taste like no other, you’re stylish & a trendsetter, might be the type to buy an excessive amount of material possessions but you seem to know how to balance your money out, artistic fashion, you possess the art itself.

Venus in 3rd: you’re so witty that brings on an immense amount of charm to others, people love to listen to what you’ll have to say, combining harmony & humor together, I am somehow in love with your laugh that ties with your alluring voice that just simmers in the mind, elegantly feminine hand writing, you possibly write beautiful poets, beautiful voice, writing, words, mind.

Venus in 4th: living in an artistic home brings you true peace & comfort, you tend to always surround yourself with elegant beauty, you would make such a lovely parent, the ability to nurture & smother others with unconditional love is your nature, your family probably adores & appreciates you, you are just aesthetically pleasing to look at, your harmonious aura decorates like a home.

Venus in 5th: the art of being dramatic yet charismatic are one of your greatest qualitys, an elegance that only radiates outwardly with glamour, you express this gorgeous lavish light, a walking aesthetic, you need someone to always focus on & love you, nothing will stop you from being pleasing to look at, also very flirtatious & naturally attractive, you’re like an art gallery full of artistry.

Venus in 6th: sacrafice brings you much harmony, gracefully modest & polite to those around you, especially at work, co-workers adore your elegant poise company, delicate soft loving attitudes, the type to put others first & help sort out their problems, you’ll feel beautiful if treated your body with healthy natural foods & product, might be living in another cinderella story.

Venus in 7th: you fall in love then idealize others in your relationships, harmonious with your lovers, so very delicate, you attract partners that are particularly passionately attractive & fair, you love to be lost in your partner because it makes you feel like you’re in a fantasy, you don’t show your fun loving side to people you just met, you’re like the first houses bitch.

Venus in 8th: a passionate & magnetic seductress without effort, your feminine divinity engraves into others minds that haunts them, you give piercing looks that are extremely penetrating & deadly, you just soulfully scream sensuality & harmony, you have deep & intense desires in love, inheritance will grant you well, death will be beautifully slow & peaceful, you put out prostitute vibes.

Venus in 9th: no limits what’s so ever when you’re in love, you seek for grand harmonious adventure, you appreciate the lessons you learn, you are in love with spirituality, you give freedom & acceptance to others, everyone adores your warm hearted presence, you bring attraction into exoticism, travel will be your priority, like a witness to the twelve houses creativity being manifested.

Venus in 10th: your public image is known for being a striking beauty, every one views you to be fierce & pleasing to look at, mastered in the arts & your creativity can be manifested into design or makeup work, you aim to be & you model how to be a this perfect public figure, everyone will remember you as this stunning & charming individual, a perfect role model of a venusian.

Venus in 11th: surrounded by lovely & soft groups of people that you admire, engaging helps you feel balanced, your generosity comes across as flirtatiously romantic, unique qualities that generally makes you even more attractive, you’re a social butterfly & righteous warrior, you allow others to be their authentic self, fairly harmonious with humanity, you’re like surrounded by beauty gurus.

Venus in 12th: living in an aesthetically dreamy world in which you surround yourself with, you easily fall for others, vulnerable to the world, you are very sensitive to those who connects with you romantically, spiritually creative & harmonic, you’re surrounded with this beautiful healing energy, people attract to your softness, creativity which manifests from the spiritual realm.


The Autumnal Equinox: Finding balance as the cycle ends

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With the happy, chaotic vibes of summer coming to a close, we welcome in the more introspective part of the year. It is a time to withdraw, to cleanse, to give thanks for what we have grown in the year and prepare that which we are ready to discard on the Feast of Ashes in October. 

Often this is a time to gather with those you care about, or simply revel in your love of self and reflect on the dropping temperatures and changing leaves. The bounty of the late summer garden gives way to roots and gourds and the last of the herb garden offerings. 

Like the Spring Equinox, this period marks a time of equal day and night, making it a good time for magic that relates to reining in bad habits, finding peace in a busy lifestyle, or bringing harmony to a household in strife. Unlike the Spring Equinox, however, which focuses on bringing balance to restore energy and vigor for growth the Autumnal Equinox welcomes you to bring balance for a proper rest. It’s energy asks you to appreciate everything you have done, big or small, and prepare for the darker half of the year by gathering up all of your grief, fear, anxiety and exhaustion in bundles before you so you can be ready to let them go. For we cannot release what we do not need if you don’’t first examine what we have and who we are. 

I will share with you some of my traditions for this time of year, to give you an idea of the kind of productive magical and mundane work you can do to prepare yourself for the waning light. As someone with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), I find that my transition into Fall is very important to my mental health as it reminds me to let go of what I cannot control. 

Some good Autumnal Equinox traditions:

🍁 Just like Spring Cleaning, you can do some Fall Cleaning and prepping your house for the colder months. Put out your cold weather clothes (if appropriate for the time) and go through your warm weather things to bag up what doesn’t fit anymore or is unwanted anymore to give to secondhand stores or repurpose into other things (old t-shirts make nice dusting clothes~!), check windows for drafts, clean the fireplace and chimney if you have one, polish up your kitchen and pantry, sweep and mop floors and reset any wards or protection magics you have on your space. 

🍁 If you are so inclined, the first day of Fall is a perfect day to decorate for Halloween and for the season! You can make a ritual out of it like I do by sipping hot apple cider and playing some spooky or seasonally associated music (I tend to gravitate toward richer, warmer folk music around this time of year!)

🍁 This is the second harvest holiday, and I personally strongly link this time of year to apples, so you could go apple picking and afterwards make an apple ie charmed to bring peace and happiness to those who eat it! Or if you picked a lot of apples make a happiness applesauce! You can also slice up apples and cook them in the oven to make apple chips for teas or just to snack on.

🍁 If you are looking to bring balance into some aspect of your life, consider setting up a white candle and a black candle on your altar (or perhaps a yellow/gold and blue/silver set would work too!) As you work your magic for the day, the candles will invoke the equinox spirit into your working! If you cannot have candles, you can use a sunstone and a moonstone, or you could use clay or paper colored with your desired hues depicting balance. 

🍁 If the weather is fair and you have one near you, I find that visiting a river or stream is particularly nice as they are a body of Water, which is linked to emotions and also to the properties of motion and overcoming obstacles. If you find that you are having trouble coming to terms with some aspect of yourself or an event in your life, spending time near a river or placing a river stone on your altar might help you. 

These are just a few ideas of how to bring the Equinox energies into your home and to use them in your practice. Other popular activities include feasting, offering appropriate gifts to spirits of the land and home, having a bon fire, and tying natural strings to trees  as a form of wish making.

Common courtesy among witches

Here are some key points we should all note when dealing with other witches. 

  • Their path is not your path, don’t act like it is. 
  • Don’t demand or feel entitled to others’ knowledge. Do your own research first before asking.
  • Don’t bash other witches paths. You don’t agree with what they follow? Don’t follow that path yourself. 
  • We’ve all dealt with spells backfiring or not working, don’t sit there and make someone feel like crap because their spell didn’t work.
  • Don’t bash other witches because you disagree with their morals behind certain spellwork. They want to hex someone? Unless they’re hexing you, leave them to it. 
  • Don’t bash witches who practice “dark” magic, there’s light and dark in everything. It’s all about balance. 
  • Most of all, be helpful, courteous and friendly. We’re all going through this path together and we’re all brothers and sisters of the craft who need friends alike. 
Cleansing Facial Toner

I dedicate this post to Aphrodite and Freyja, who have been giving me feels about starting a series on beauty magic.

This is the main facial toner I use. After years of fighting with my skin and wasting tons of money that I didn’t have on skin products that didn’t work, I decided to try some DIY options.

I found the base recipe for this toner via Pinterest a while back, but tweaked it to suit my skin (combo, acne prone due to hormonal imbalances). As I began to really perfect the recipe, I realized that all of these ingredients had properties that could be harnessed to help me not only physically, but in other ways too. I hope you all enjoy!

• 1 part apple cider vinegar (for cleansing, healing, promoting good health, protection)
• 1 part charged water (I use sun water for clarity, confidence, and boldness)
• 3-5 drops of tea tree oil (cleansing, healing wounds, purification)
• pinch of sea salt

Combine all of these ingredients in a suitable container (a spray bottle or old toner bottle would work) and shake to mix. I like to focus on it glowing with a bright, healthy light as the ingredients come together.

I then charge it in sunlight for one hour before using, to boost the energy.

This toner can be used after you wash your face to improve skin, combat acne, and wash away any leftover emotional or psychic debris from your day.

I hope this little recipe helps someone out! Feel free to tweak it as you need. Go forth and get witchy, y'all! 🌌

if by chance

soulmate au | college au

↝ pairing: mark tuan | reader

↝ genre: fluff + soft angst 

↝ word count: 8.825

author’s note: uh, so it turns out i’m a sucker for soulmate aus. thanks anon for requesting! hope this is as fluffy as you wanted!!

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insparamotion  asked:

Hi, so let me just start with saying how much I love your blog!! It's prefect really, especially the way you explain everything so good. I recently got more into astrology and even got my flatmates into it shshs. But I also have a question, do you know how to make the best first impression on them based on their signs? Also thank you for the astrology help tag, it's so useful!! Keep up the great work!! : ))))

how to make a good first impression? hmm. i think i’d look to their venus signs

jin: be competent?? LOL i’m not sure how much sense that makes but i’ll explain. capricorn venus men like people who are ambitious and look like they can get shit done. i don’t think he’d mind someone who makes a move on him first , you know how much he loves to be called handsome

yoongi: him. he has an aries venus and rising, which means he’s attracted to people who exhibit similar traits as him, that makes him feel comfortable. he even once stated that he’d like to be with someone who also likes music, and who speaks the same language etc. kinda copy his mannerisms and vibe. basically: be a yoongi clone. 

hoseok: be passionate. idk why but i think he’d love someone who is completely dedicated to a hobby/activity/craft. his aquarius brain needs to stay stimulated so someone who can teach him about a topic he’s not familiar with would really intrigue him

namjoon: be real. this boy (being a virgo with a scorpio rising) sees right through fake smiles and attitudes so just keep it one hundred. call people (including him) out on their bullshit if you spot it, it’d definitely make him laugh. be a lil savage, it’d have him whipped instantly

jimin: be..mysterious? that sounds like total cliche because of his scorpio venus/mars but really, don’t reveal too much. he needs a partner with lots of depth and intensity. keep him wanting more

taehyung: stand out! his aquarius venus wants someone who’ll leave such a strong impression he’ll be thinking about you for days after. be yourself and be unique. also, don’t fall into his charms too easily, play hard to get

jungkook: be kind. this is a bit hard to explain, but this boy is always observing from afar before making a move (that analytic virgo sun) i think if he sees someone being polite others, helping those in need or cleaning up, it’d make him really see them in a good light and open up a bit easier. first impressions have a strong impact on him so just try your best to make it positive!

***Can you believe we have to go through a 3 month hiatus until we get new episodes again? What to do on Mondays from now on? Well, I know it is not the same but how about reading some amazing Malec fics? Because there simply can’t be enough Malec love out there and somehow it makes the wait to see these two back on our screens a bit more bearable if you ask me.

Anyway, I hope you gonna enjoy this 4th edition as much as the previous ones. Again, a huge thank you to everyone who left notes and/or told me how much they enjoyed these recs. It’s very much appreciated, so yes, if you want me to continue doing this, let me know, okay? Have fun reading!***

KISS WITH A FIST by @clockworkswans [ M | AU | 225k | WIP | Kiss With A Fist universe #1 ]

When agent Alec Lightwood is given his first kill hit, he doesn’t expect much trouble. Of course, he also doesn’t expect it to be a cheerful assassin who lands him in a whole load of trouble.
Enter Magnus Bane: an assassin turned thief who reluctantly teams up with Alec - and The Clave - after he pisses off a very important and powerful crime boss, Valentine Morgenstern.
In a world of violence and unjust laws, can the two put aside their differences and work together?
Aka: in which Alec is sent to kill Magnus, doesn’t, and then really wishes he had. (but not really).

WILD LIFE by @crazyellephantrambles [ not rated | AU | 69k | complete ]

Alec Lightwood likes to go on road trips. He doesn’t pick up hitchhikers. But the one time he does, it’s Magnus. He’s in for an adventure or maybe even fall in love.

ANYTHING by @baneismyexistence [ M | 36.2k | complete | Anything verse #1 ]

Magnus would do anything for Alec, and Alec doesn’t know what to do with that.

EVERYTHING by @baneismyexistence [ M | 70k | complete | Anything verse #2 ]

With Valentine still at large, a crisis threatens to split the Shadow World in two, testing the loyalties of everyone on both sides of the line. But choosing between duty and honor, family and love is never easy, especially when war is on the horizon.

AND YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MINE TOO by @magicandarchery [ E | AU | 10.4k | WIP ]

New graduates and best friends Magnus and Alec have both graduated from the University of Idris with top honors. Graduation and family expectations, however, carved out two very different paths for their lives.

Making the age-old promise on graduation night to get married if they were still single by thirty had been an easy agreement to make. There was no chance it would, or even could, ever possibly happen. It simply wasn’t legal.

When Magnus coincidentally re-enters Alec’s life eight years later, each are confronted with the unsettled reality of their lives, and the rekindling of long-buried feelings for the other. They decide to reinstate the promise they had made as motivation to get back into the dating scene.

But can they push aside their own feelings for each other as they go on this journey of finding true love?

Or: the “Single by 30” Malec AU that nobody asked for.

STAR WARS: A SEARCH FOR JUSTICE by @sweetillusionketz [ M | AU | 9.8k | WIP ]

After the MORTAL WAR that wiped out the JEDI ORDER and the reconstruction of THE CLAVE to govern the galaxy, military force, THE CIRCLE, has been monitoring planets for any trace of remaining intergalactic terrorism and obliterating possible threats under the name of peace. Each strike leaves death and destruction behind.

Former Senator, General Luke Garroway, leads the DOWNWORLDER RESISTANCE, a counterpoint to the Circle, in hope of finding enough evidence of abuse of power to dismantle the organisation and restore real peace and justice to the galaxy.

In order to do so, Luke has sent Izzy Lightwood, his most daring pilot, and the mysterious Magnus Bane to search for survivors of the last attack…

FANTASY by @theonetruenorth [ E | PWP | 3.5k | complete | Shadowhunters Headcanons #20 ]

“Mhmm,” Magnus hummed as they broke apart and he rocked his hips minutely, the slight movement enough to make them both shiver. “This is getting dangerously close to one of my fantasies, so maybe we should stop, if you don’t want this to go any further.”

“What fantasy?” Alec murmured, craning his neck up again to brush his lips against Magnus’ but the warlock teasingly moved just out of reach.

“Well,” Magnus started, looking at Alec through half-closed eyes and with a hint of a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth, “I have never had sex inside the Institute.”

BLUE EXTRAVAGANCE by Hobbit69 [ E | AU | 27.8k | complete | Blue Steel Series #5 ]

When Detective Alexander Lightwood-Bane is called to the site of a bizarre murder, he doesn’t expect to recognize the victim, but that’s exactly what happens. Alec met the wealthy entrepreneur at an event with his husband, the flamboyant and enormously wealthy Magnus Lightwood-Bane. When a second victim is found, Alec and his partner, Jace Herondale, realize that their killer has a “type.” Unfortunately, Magnus just so happens to fit that type.

IT’S TIME TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY, BROTHER DEAREST by @themagnusbane [ E | AU | 83.4k | complete ]

Magnus Bane is a famous stripper, used to pretty boys falling in love with him after one dance. The feeling is hardly ever mutual. But when he meets the freshly turned twenty-one year old Alec lightwood, he can’t take his eyes off him, and they find themselves in love quicker than they expected.

WE CAN SOLVE THIS TOGETHER by @softshumjr [ E | AU | 58.9k | WIP ]

Alec and Magnus have been friends since high school. They both love each other but are afraid to say anything because they believe the other one doesn’t feel the same way and it’ll ruin their friendship.

Alec and Jace are working on an overdose case and are stuck. Can Magnus be the one to help them solve the case?

UNKISS ME by @sweetillusionketz [ G | AU | 11.3k | complete ]

Magnus Bane loved New York. I mean, what other city in the world held Christmas raves?

He especially loved it when he managed to convince Ragnor and Catarina to join him. Spending time with your chosen family during the holidays was the best thing in the world.

The only thing that could make it even better, however, would be getting to know that very attractive stranger that just wouldn’t take his eyes off Magnus. Tall, dark and handsome was just what Magnus wanted to end his amazing night.

All he needed was an opportunity and it came, in the form of a well-placed mistletoe.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, DOCTOR LIGHTWOOD by @softdaddario [ T | AU | 3.1k | complete ]

Magnus Bane agreed to volunteer at a children’s hospital on Christmas Eve, wanting to help make sure the kids got the most wonderful evening. Turned out the kids weren’t the only one who were gonna have a merry Christmas, Magnus realised when he met the young Doctor Lightwood during his time at the hospital.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALEXANDER by @slaymemakoto [ E | PWP | 1.8k | complete ]

A one shot in which Alec gets the living daylights fucked out of him and Magnus is sure that everyone in the building is aware of exactly what Christmas Eve activities the pair are indulging in.

JUST WHAT I NEED by @alyxhavok [ T | 3.6k | complete ]

Magnus has a surprise for Alec, and the rest of his family…

YOU PROTECTED ME by @everydayisonfire [ E | PWP | 3k | complete ]

Post Winter-finale.
Inspired by this:

“anyways magnus totally had alec’s omamori with him that’s how he managed to be safe”

IT’S CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT, AND SOMETHING EVIL’S LURKING IN THE DARK by @lightwoodlesbians [ G | AU | 1.8k | complete ]

or, the ’i sneaked into this huge house party for some free alcohol but you asked me how i knew the host and the first excuse i could think of was that i’m dating their sibling, so i basically just lied to you about going out with you’ au

LET’S PLAY by @laurenkmyers [ E | 2.5k | complete ]

Malec’s first date gets sexy. Expect semi-public pool table sex.

IF YOU CAN’T FIND THE ONE BEING HUSTLED IN THE POOL HALL… by @quitemagicalbane [ G | 328 | complete ]

“Make the shot then.”
“Okay, so make it.”

THUNDER’S GETTING LOUDER by @spanglepup [ E | 6.4k | complete | The Boundless Saga #3 ]

For once in his life, Alec decides to take something for himself. He forgets that everything comes with a cost.

THE IMPORTANCE OF PANCAKES by @lecrit [ T | 2.2k | complete ]

Based on the prompt: “I would like a cute Alec and Magnus day in where they cuddle and talk a bit about the future and a second scene where it’s the future and they have their two sons”

WAKE ME GENTLY by @ithilien-writes [ E | 1.7k | complete ]

Magnus rarely (if ever) wakes before Alec, but this time he has… intentions.

FIRST TIME ALEC TOPS by @theonetruenorth [ E | 1.9k | complete | Shadowhunters Headcanons #9 ]

Somehow, they end up with Alec flat on his back and Magnus straddling him, his hands cradling Alec’s jaw while his tongue explores the nephilim’s mouth. It’s a slow, lazy, and unhurried kiss. The kind of kiss that says ‘there isn’t anywhere else I would rather be right now’ and ‘I want to explore every inch of your body’ and ‘I love you’.

CHAIN YOU UP by WholockedHunter [ E | 3.6k | complete ]

Magnus and Alec are having some kinky sex …

CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU by @deepbutdazzlingdarkness [ E | PWP | 2.1k | complete | The Thirst Is Real #3 ]

If Magnus were more alert, he probably would’ve recognized the obvious signs of someone being in the loft: the boots by the front door, the leather jacket laying on the couch, the empty wine glass sitting on his drink cart, but as it is, he doesn’t notice anything off until he’s standing right in front of his bedroom door and realizes the light is on.

I NEED YOU SO MUCH CLOSER by @deepbutdazzlingdarkness [ E | 5.2k | complete | The Thirst Is Real #4 ]

Work has been keeping Alec and Magnus apart for a couple of weeks and once they finally see each other again, Alec can barely control himself.

AKA the first time they have sex at the Institute. Also the first time they say “I love you”.

DANCE IN THE DARK by @deepbutdazzlingdarkness [ E | 2.7k | complete | The Thirst Is Real #5 ]

After a particularly hard day at work, Magnus helps Alec relieve some tension.

NO PLACE FOR A HERO by @one100suns [ M | 20.4k | complete | Battle Scars #3 ]

For Magnus and Alec, navigating their relationship is hard enough without outside forces trying to tear them a part. Quite literally in some cases.

PRESSED UP AGAINST YOU, EVERYTHING IS OKAY by @matsdaddario [ E | 3.6k | complete | Lovely Firsts #2 ]

It’s new, this feeling like even though everything is falling apart that this part of his world makes sense. He likes it, wants to keep it.

“Hi,” he breathes. Magnus stands in front of him, and Alec can’t help himself, doesn’t want to stop himself, from leaning down that little bit to capture Magnus’s mouth with his own.

I SEE FIRE by @lecrit [ M | AU | 12.1k | complete ]

There was one simple and unique rule about being friends with Magnus and Alec: never, ever, no matter the circumstances, not even if you were drunk as an armada of skunks, engage into a debate about pop culture with either of them, and especially not the both of them.

TRUST ME by @sweetillusionketz [ T | AU | 18.5k | complete ]

Magnus Bane has a problem with that arrogant brat that keeps showing his face to every important street race in the city. Damn Jace Lightwood and his annoying habit of winning even though he’s just a stupid high school boy. That’s insulting.

Fuck Jace. But more importantly, fuck his sweet looking older brother, who just happen to not have the slightest idea of who Magnus is. If everything goes according to plan, Magnus will have put Jace back to his insignificant place and gotten lucky with a gorgeous oblivious guy.

Perfect plan is perfect. Nothing could go wrong.

kyo-chan-senpai  asked:

Okay so I wondered if you could make a prompt for a failed prisoner rescue mission where only one prisoner got out alive and it was a little kid and with Lance in the Blue Lion, and Lance starts singing a lullaby cause the kid is crying but forgets the comms on? I dont even know I just want a singing lance for the team

Here you go, I hope you enjoy it! <3 

It didn’t happen often but when it did, the paladins could only feel like they had failed the entire universe. Every failure created a sense of hopelessness in their hearts. They walked through the now abandoned Galra prison, carefully stepping over the destroyed corpses of the prisoners. Somehow the Galra were able to figure out that Voltron would be targeting this prison and instead of trying to fight, they decided to leave and cut their losses. Literally, by the looks of it.

“We’ll need to cover more ground,” Shiro decided. “Pidge, I want you to see what you can pull from the Warden’s system,”

“Got it,” she said, heading up the stairs to the overview offices.

“Keith and Hunk, go left and take blocks A and B, Lance, we’ll go right and take C and D,” he said gesturing to the off-shooting hallways. They nodded and went forward, hoping that they would be able to leave sooner rather than later. Shiro walked beside Lance quietly watching out for any potential danger but it seemed like any enemies had fled leaving the building completely empty. As they approached the stairwell leading down to the C-Block, Shiro gestured for Lance to go down.

“Because it’s closer,” Shiro teased when Lance looked at him questioningly. Lance allowed himself to smirk slightly and he quickly went down the stairs.

“Ugh,” He gagged when he reached the bottom of the stairs. He covered his mouth as he looked at the blood that was covering the floor. He felt absolutely horrified at the amount of malice that these aliens were shown. He cautiously crept forward with his rifle drawn in front of him. He cringed at the way his boots stuck to the floor and came off with a ‘shlick’ each time. He let the light from his wrist armour shine into the darkened cells as he passed them trying to ignore the way his stomach clenched in pity for the people they couldn’t save.

He whipped around when he heard a faint scuffing and sniffing sound coming from the last cell. He brought his bayard up to his eye to line up in case there were hostiles still aboard. The cell door creaked as he swung it open and he almost fell back at the sudden loud wailing that broke out when he entered. He lowered his bayard immediately at the sight of a small figure struggling to push themselves back into the farthest corner of the room, away from Lance. Lance’s heart clenched in sympathy at the sight of the blooded child that couldn’t keep his eyes off of Lance as he bawled and tried to curl up into himself. He looked to be from the planet Puig from the markings on his face and the small horns that were peeking out from his forehead.

“Please don’t hurt me,” the child whispered almost inaudibly but not to Lance. He instantly went down on one knee and laid his bayard on the floor.

“Hey, buddy,” Lance said quietly. For the first time, the child looked at Lance’s face and his eyes widened. “I’m here to rescue you,”

As soon as the words came out of the words came out of his mouth, the boy leapt up with a loud sob and ran into Lance’s arms. Lance brought his arms around him and held his head to his shoulder as he trembled in Lance’s arms. In one of his hands, he picked up his bayard and carefully lifted the Puigan into his arms and backed out of the cell. He ran out of the block and towards the meeting point as quickly as he could, not wanting the boy to be exposed to this place any more than he already had been.

“I’ve got a survivor here, it looks like he’s from Puig,” Lance said into the coms. There were various exclaims of surprise from the rest of the paladins. “What’s your name buddy?” Lance asked quietly.

“Argu,” he sniffled. Lance swayed slightly trying to calm the child. He glanced around when he started hearing footsteps approach from all sides. Argu started sobbing in a panic and wrapped his arms around Lance’s neck. He pushed himself closer to the paladin’s chest, trying to hide from potential enemies. Lance raised his bayard in front of them and scanned the area around them. Shiro raised his arms when he stepped out of the hall and cautiously approached when Lance let his rifle fall to his side.

“So this is our new passenger huh?” Shiro smiled gently at Argu, who was still whimpering softly into Lance’s collar.

“Yeah, his name is Argu,” Lance said hoisting him up a bit to rest more comfortably in his arms. Before they could say anything else, the other paladins came rushing out, Hunk and Keith from the hallway and Pidge punding down the stairs. They all looked at the shaken toddler in Lance’s arms and looked to Shiro.

“Were heading out guys, straight to the Castle from here,” he said gesturing to the exit of the compound. They nodded their heads and headed out, surrounding Lance and Argu like a protective pride of lions. Lance tilted Argu’s head away from the view of the other prisoners. He knew that his innocence was already close to destroyed but if he could spare him just a little, it would be worth it.

“Coran, we have a Puigan child coming on board, he’ll have to be looked over,” Shiro’s voice echoed over the coms.

“Oh dear, I’ll be waiting in the med bay when you come on board,” he replied shortly.

They climbed into their lions and took off towards the Castle being sure to still look out for any lurking Galra. Lance looked down at Argu who was whining quietly and trembling in the crook of Lance’s arm.

“Hey Argu, it’s okay buddy,” Lance tried to comfort him. “You’ll never see that place ever again, we’re going to take you back to Puig and your family,” he rocked him gently against his chest and frowned when his condition didn’t change. He tried to tell him about Voltron and their adventures, or about Earth and how he got to space but nothing seemed to work. Looking at Argu’s terrified face reminded him of comforting his little sisters back home and he remembered that singing to them always helped them calm down. He felt a brief bout of homesickness but pushed it down. Right now someone needed him. He trusted the flying to Blue and wrapped his arms around Argu to cradle him warmly.

“I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I’ll never let you go when all those shadows almost killed your light,” he sang quietly. He heard Argu’s breath hitch slightly at the new tone.

“I remember you said don’t leave me here alone, but all that’s dead and gone and passed tonight,” he could hear Argu still sniffing slightly but he could see his eyes start to open up to look at him.

“Just close your eyes, the sun is going down. You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now. Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound,” he wiped the tears that were falling down his face and propped him up against his shoulder. Argu looked at him in wonder as he continued to sing to him. The choked crying died after a few lines and Lance rocked him gently to the tune of the song. As he let out hums he could see Argu’s eyes slipping shut as the last few tears rolled down his cheeks. He looked at him fondly and dabbed at his cheeks to get rid of the tear tracks. Looking forward he noticed that they were almost ready to fly into the hanger and land. He got control of Blue again and gently landed her.

“We’re at the Castle Argu,” he said quietly and huffed in amusement when the child didn’t rouse in the slightest. He only picked him up and trudged out of Blue ready to take him to Coran to be checked out before they decide when to take him back to Puig. He stepped down the ramp and stopped when he noticed the rest of the team waiting for him with small smiles.

“Hey, guys… what’s goin on?” He asked hesitantly. He walked past them and they followed slightly behind him.

“So, I was thinking that we could have a Voltron band,” Pidge started. Lance looked back at her in confusion and quirked a brow which she ignored.

“Keith would be bass guitar, Shiro lead guitar, Hunk on the drums and I would be on the keyboard,” she said flippantly pressing a hand to her chest.

“Oh yeah?” Lance said with a smirk, deciding to humour her, “and where would I be?” He asked.

“Lead singer obviously,” she said smugly. He felt his entire face go red and turned so he could walk backwards. This way he could see the smiles on each paladin’s face.

“You heard me?” Lance squeaked. They laughed at the way his blush covered his entire face.

“Yeah, that sort of happens when you have your coms on,” Keith chuckled. Lance groaned dramatically and turned his back to them instead.

“If it’s any consolation, you’re a great singer,” Shiro said earnestly. Lance ducked his head down, embarrassment tingling in his gut.

“Thanks, Shiro,” he mumbled quietly. They walked into the med bay where Coran was waiting patiently. Lance gazed at the now peaceful Argu and gently laid him down on the table.

“Let’s get you fixed up buddy,”

Guys, we really need to make theatre spaces more accessible to patrons that utilize open captioning, ASL interpreters, audio descriptors, as well as mobility aids.

And we need those resources to better integrated with the production side of things because I swear at some theaters it’s a hot potato everyone tries to pass off to someone else and the wheels totally fall off.

To say nothing of needing to open theatre spaces up to theatre artists with disabilities. It took me (an abled stage manager) working with a lighting designer who uses a wheelchair to realize how many stages, backstage areas, tech tables, storage closets etc are not wheelchair accessible. It’s something I try to make note of it when I come across it.

(I hope I’m not using incorrect terminology and if I am please let me know. I’m not up on all of the right ways to say things but I want to get better and I want to help but I’m not sure how)

How to deal with jealousy
#1 Remember They’re With YOU

The difference between you and that person you’re jealous of? You get to be with your partner and the other person won’t! Remember that you have the advantage and enjoy your relationship instead of letting your day get spoiled.

#2 Make Feelings Known

If you’re feeling a little jealous, let your partner know. If you feel like a certain coworker or friend is getting way too close for comfort, talk it out with your partner in a calm way. Chances are they had no idea that person was even bothering you.

#3 Don’t Get Mad

Jealousy and anger often go hand in hand. Unfortunately, a bad temper can really turn up the heat on jealous feelings and insecurity. It will cloud your mind and cause you to say or do things that you regret if you’re not careful.

#4 Channel it Into Something Positive

Jealousy is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s okay to care so much for someone that you want them to yourself. Just remember to channel it into something positive like a reminder that you are lucky to be with them instead of a threat.

#5 Don’t Get Possessive

One of our natural instincts is to get possessive of the things (or in this case, people) that we love. This may work with an object but your partner is a living, breathing person with feelings of their own. They deserve your love and respect but being possessive and demanding of them is rude and painful.

#6 Understand How it Affects Others

Any time a strong emotion is involved, it usually changes the way we behave. You may become more cynical or find yourself saying things you don’t mean. If you’ve noticed that you keep having a negative effect on other people (especially the ones who may be close to your partner) understand that your problem may need some fixing.

#7 Be Confident

One of the biggest causes of jealousy is fear that you’re not good enough. Don’t let your self-esteem change the way you approach your relationship. If you’re feeling insecure about your appearance then get active about taking better care of yourself and doing what you can to be the best you. However if it’s something deeper, this is an issue you may need to take more time to work through.

#8 Don’t Make Comparisons

You would never compare your partner to someone else in a negative light so why do it to yourself? There will always be someone better looking, stronger, smarter, faster, younger, richer or more talented than you but that does not discredit anything you have to offer the world. Our differences are what make us special and your partner is with you because they know just how special you really are.

#9 Don’t Make Demands

Sometimes this feeling can get the best of us and we say things that will only make it worse. It’s important to be open and honest with your partner but remember to do so in love and with patience. If your partner has been spending time with someone you’re not comfortable with, don’t demand that they end communication with the person. Work out respectful ways that will ease your fears and keep everyone happy.

#10 Understand the Consequences

There are consequences to jealousy in a relationship. Often times, it results in a lack of trust. Jealousy can damage a relationship beyond repair if you are not careful so make sure you’re not risking your relationship just because of your own doubts.


Mercury ends its retrograde this month, but a full moon in Scorpio and an intense new moon in Gemini are on the way!

Aries: Know that no one can truly understand the kind of person you are. And it has been especially hard these last few weeks. You are the only one who can see how strong you are. You are a fighter and a warrior and you will never see your land be conquered by another’s bones.

Taurus: To someone, you are their whole world. You must see yourself as the sun. The things you will accomplish this month will be grand because you are ready to give your whole self away. Sometimes this is good, especially when everyone around you needs your light.

Gemini: It feels as though you’ve been far away from yourself, lately. It seems like all you do is pick at yourself until you don’t have any more to say. Learn to take control of that lion voice again. With all of its working parts, you will be growing once more.

Cancer: It seems that you may have had an overwhelming few weeks. There’s no other sign who could have handled this with as much compassion as you. Prioritize yourself first this month. Send out those postcards and relax. Let your mind catch up to your body.

Leo: Let the right people step into your light this time. I know you wish to shine on everyone like a comet swallowing the earth whole. But, some only want to crush rocks. You must protect yourself but you mustn’t sacrifice your shine.

Virgo: Let those birds in your heart fly free this month. Finally, the universe has aligned for you and all of your endeavors. Learn to listen without those eyes in the back of your head. Listen with your whole heart and let yourself trust.

Libra: Life has been steering you in all different directions lately yet nothing drastic has happened. This month, the places where you have gone and the people you have met will all make sense to you now. There’s a spot right in the center of the universe for you and you may get there sooner than you think.

Scorpio: You are way more complex than people can ever imagine. You may have been a bit down these past few weeks but trust that the stars have other plans for you, if you only let them in. Your personal goals have a way of just falling into your lap this month so don’t close your eyes just yet.

Sagittarius: Leave old habits behind because a new breed of chaos is about to stumble in. An exciting surprise is on its way and the arrow is pointing straight at you. There’s new air to breathe, and there’s new life to take out of your old one.

Capricorn: There’s been a huge change in your life this month, but don’t worry, something good will come out of it. All you have to do is greet it like an old friend. There’s things that it will tell you about where you’re headed in life and where the universe will take you this month.

Aquarius: There are people in your life that want you to believe that what you’re doing is wrong. But your way is the one that works for you. It’s the one that will lead others straight to turmoil, but to you, that’s adventure. Hardships come your way, and instead of going around them, you go through them.

Pisces: A surge of confident energy is coming your way this month and you have to grab on. New people will walk into your life and they will have a bigger importance than you know. But soon, you will realize that there can be no dark without light. And there’s much more sunlight coming your way.

—  May Horoscopes 2017, Allison Morgan
“Bleeding Out” Poison Apple Curse

Hi guys! I’ve never actually posted any of my personal spells before because I consider them, y'know, personal. But recently I’ve felt drawn to begin posting them. I want to help people out. This spell is a “poison apple” curse that is meant to cause the truth to come to light. 

In other words, say there is a person who look very nice and could be super popular and well liked. But they are not nice and you know this. Maybe they hurt you or someone you care about. Maybe they are racist or transphobic. Any of these things. This curse will not only bring these things to light, but force them to feel the pain and consequences of those actions. I have used this spell and it did work VERY well.

Things you will need:

  • 1 apple 
  • Salt
  • Knife, rusty nail, anything sharp really. 
  • A nasty mixture (anything gross. Examples: vinegar, chilli powder, black pepper, bleach, lemon juice, rust, tobacco, graveyard dirt, angry spit, etc) just make sure to be careful about what you are mixing. Check first please, especially if using harder products like bleach! 
  • Pen/Marker
  • Small slip of paper
  • Container the apple can fit into (bag, jar, etc)
  • Optional: a ritual stimulant like coffee grounds for it to happen faster. 

1) Get your ingredients ready! Create your “nasty mixture” and if your practice includes setting up an alter, invoking deities, or circle casting do that now.
2) Take the apple. This represents the person that you are cursing. Write their first and last name on the apple while visualizing their face. Say “On the outside you look normal and nice…”
3) With the knife, cut out the core/center of the apple. Pull it out. Remove the top of the core from the rest of it, as the “lid” of the apple will be replaced later.
4) Take the mixture and pour it into the apple. Say “…But you are filled with poison…” as you pour. Do not fill all the way.
5) On a small slip of paper, write the bad properties of the person that need to come to the surface. Say “…filled with vice…” as you place the slip of paper inside of the apple.
6) Get the top of the apple and place it back on. Say “in order to bring these things to light…”
7) Get your knife! You are going to (carefully, unless you are okay with making a mess) stab the apple once for every thing that you wrote down. Really put your energy into this. Make it hurt. Say “…I will stab and I will slice.” Try to make the knife go all the way through the apple.
8) Once the apple is oozing (or dripping?) put it in a container (I’m using a bag because I don’t have any jars big enough to hold my apple)
9) If you are using any stimulant in your curse, add a tiny pinch to a bowl of salt and mix. Add this mixture to the container that the apple is in. Close/seal it.
10) Now SHAKE! As you do this, imagine the person facing the consequences of everything you wrote down. Put your intent and anger into it and really focus on their stupid face. You want them to be seen as who they are. This salt is the consequences, the salt to the wounds after they are seen. Say “You will pay.” for every time you stabbed them.
11) Now get rid of your bag of suffering. Don’t keep it in your house unless it is in the trash can. You can get rid of it how you want but do not bury it, as it will hurt the earth.
12) Get rid of any negative energy that may come back on you (if you believe in that.) Cleanse yourself with a nice cup of tea (lavender, chamomile, and rosemary might be nice!) or a bath/shower. Cleanse the area with salt, salt water, incense (dragonsblood, sandalwood, lavender, anything you’d like to use.) or any way of cleansing you choose. Ground yourself and get rid of any extra energy. Get some nice PJs on and curl into bed with snacks and netflix or something. Curses like this that require so much energy can leave you feeling super drained so be sure to take care of yourself.

anonymous asked:

Can you do friends to lovers with kookie please??? I'm so so soft and you write him so well (without the use of smut like,,, bless you I'm so tired of only seeing smut of him these days)

sure!! thank u for liking how i write him ^^
find jimin (here) & yoongi (here)  ~

  • you and jungkook volunteer at the public library and tbh ,,,,,,, for the first week you don’t even talk
  • like you don’t even make eye contact it’s,,,kinda weird,,,,,
  • until one afternoon you notice two giggling, loud boys standing in the comics section and you look up to see jungkook going over there 
  • but the giggling just gets louder until you notice that instead of telling them to quiet down????? he’s just giggling along with them
  • and when you make a “SH” sound all three look over
  • and the other two boys are the infamous hoseok and taehyung duo,,,,,,,who are to put it simply,,,,,,,class clowns
  • and jungkook seems to kind of flush when he notices the look you’re throwing over there
  • and as hoseok and taehyung walk past your front desk to leave taehyung leans over and asks if you’d be so kind to look after their little brother which you assume means jungkook
  • and you just answer with a flat ‘no talking in the library.’
  • for a while you forget it even happened
  • but by the end of your shift you see jungkook coming back inside from a short break and he’s carrying two drinks 
  • and he sets it down in front of you and you’re like ?
  • and he kind of fidgets with his name card but scratches the back of his neck and is like “s-sorry about my friends,,,,,i don’t know what kind of coffee you like so i got it black and um-”
  • he starts rummaging around in his pockets and pulls out a bunch of sugar packets and is like “i don’t know which brand ,,,, or if you want sugar but i got these too and i could run and get milk if -”
  • but you just let out a giggle and jungkook looks at you with these, wide curious eyes and you’re like
  • “it’s fine, but thank you for the coffee.”
  • and it’s not like you meant to scare him or make him feel bad,,,,but the smile you give him as you pick up the drink makes jungkook breath a sigh of relief
  • and since that,,,you two get along really well
  • like when you take lunch you guys go this cute local pizza place down the block,,,,sometime jungkook shows you what games he’s playing on his 3ds and sometimes you tell him about this cool new show you’re watching
  • and you find out that you actually have interests in common,,,,and basically you geek out together and even when your shifts end jungkook is sweet enough to wait for your bus to come first just so he can see you off
  • and it’s all cute,,,,nice,,,,friendship
  • until,,,,,,,,,,you both are told by the superiors that instead of regular library duties you guys are going to be downstairs getting the archives sorted
  • and the place is dusty,,,,cramped and old,,,,,the lights barely work and the shelves are so high up that you need to lug around a ladder
  • and at some point you decide that instead of the ladder you’ll just  do your best to jump up and get the book you need
  • but after a couple of failed attempts,,,,,,you feel someone behind you and jungkook just extends his arm and gets it off the shelf 
  • and you turn around,,,,a slight bit embarrassed and you’re like “ah thank-”
  • but then,,,,,,,,,,,,,he starts dangling it over your head and you’re like “jungkook - give it here-”
  • and he’s like “c’mon you can get it!” and you’re like JUNGKOOK DONT MAKE ME KICK YOU IN THE SHIN
  • and he’s like hmmm would you and you’re like “try me-”
  • but before you can take a step closer he steps back,,,,,,but ends up pinned against the shelf and you put up your hand to get the book, using your other hand to balance yourself against jungkook’s broad chest
  • and you don’t even notice you’re touching him until you lean forward and lose a bit of balance and you fall forward just a bit until you’re literally in jungkooks arms and he slowly puts the book down
  • those wide eyes,,,,,looking at you and you swallowing the dryness in your throat
  • and the book escapes your thoughts as you focus on jungkook’s lips and how you hadn’t noticed how cute his facial features are up close
  • and how maybe you’re inching toward kissing him and jungkook isn’t budging,,,,,eyelashes fluttering closed
  • and it,,,,,it almost happens,,,,but then you hear the door bang open and you two jump apart as another volunteer tells you that it’s lunch time
  • and you and jungkook are both blushing sooooo red that the volunteer is like “damn did the dust get to you????”
  • but when he leaves you kind of peek over at jungkook who has his hands over his lips and looks like he’s burning up
  • and you think he looks super cute so you can’t help it you reach over to take the book from his hands, put it back on the desk, and lace your fingers with his
  • and jungkook damn near has a heart attack,,,because oh,,,hand holding,,,,,
  • and you’re like “jungkook,,,this is the step before kissing,,,,we should start here?”
  • and he’s at a loss for words all he can do is nod in agreement as you lead him out of the room 
  • and jungkook is pretty sure you’re teasing him because you were totally gonna kiss him just now but everytime he tries to bring it up at lunch he keeps almost choking on his food poor boy,,,,,,
  • you two will get to it soon though hehehe slow and steady wins the race jeon jungkook~~~