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Alright so let me tell you

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•Nico finishes up every piece of art work he does by throwing a giant ass bucket of clear glitter the the wet paint

•Will first saw him painting surfboards for someone else on the beach and ran right into a pole

•Will asks him to paint some little things on his board and in return he takes Nico out

•Nico has one of the messiest studios ever

•He paints when he’s depressed, writes when he’s anxious, and plays guitar and piano when he’s both

•He only painted in black and white before he met Will because he didn’t see any purpose in life

•Will became that purpose that surfaced

•Now he paints in color, especially yellow

•The apartment they share is a wreck

•But they try

•Nico angrily painted base balls that Will leaves lying around because “I swear to god I HAVE TOLD YOU TOO MANY TIMES”

•Extremely petty Nico paints them just like a normal base ball

•Nico always having paint on him

•He’s gotten paint on Will too many times to count

•Nico’s jaw drops when he sees Will in his base ball uniform for the first time

•Will not being able to think straight when he sees Nico dressed in a suit for an art show

•Before that he’s only ever seen Nico in ratty jeans and paint covered t-shirts

•Nico had permanently stained skin from using charcoal so often

•Will has walked in on Nico angrily typing an email to somebody about how he should have access to paint with vantablack bc it’s the only color as dark as his soul

•The tips of Nico’s hair have been covered in random colors for so long he rocks the look

I always thought that when people said “everything is not as it seems” it was always a bad thing. Until I met her. She was beautiful from the start, hair soft and eyes bright. She was shy at first, looking at the ground smiling lightly whenever offered a compliment or a dance. She had the attention of many despite finding comfort in the shadows of the bar. There was an aura about her. The way her dress rippled over her every time she laughed. The way her shoes bumped against the side of the chair as she swung her legs back and forth. The way her piercing caught the light every time she wrinkled her nose. I couldn’t look away, but I couldn’t look either. She was enticing but dangerous and I brushed it off as the alcohol.

Until she was in the internet cafe downtown and I felt my palms clench so tightly my nails almost drew blood. She was typing quickly so I told myself she was doing something important. A weak excuse to leave without approaching. But not without noticing the way she bit her lip as she concentrated. Or the way her jeans frayed at the ends and hovered just above the floor. Or the way she drank her coffee with no hesitation.

It was when we sat next to each other on the bus that I decided I had to take a chance and say hello. Fate was only giving me one last chance I came to think as my heart pounded so hard inside my chest I thought I might collapse. As I stumbled over my words she let her eyes slide to the floor and laughed quietly. As I told her stories of my childhood she pressed her chin into her palm and listened as if I was sharing the best secret she’d ever heard. As I typed my number into her phone she sat on both her hands and smiled. As I got off the stop before her, she pressed her nose against the window and waved goodbye like a little kid. And as I walked home I realised she was far more dangerous than I had ever imagined.

I found myself sat across from her a few days later in her favourite burger joint, oil dripping down both of our cheeks. When we laughed in unison it felt timeless. When we linked fingers on the table it felt like magic. When we kissed on her doorstep at the end of the night it felt like home.

I got used to her head on my shoulder as we watched a movie, stealing my popcorn after she finished her own during the trailers. I got used to the way her music was always way too loud when we shared headphones. I got used to the way she smelled after a hot shower before work. I got used to the way it felt to have her trace ‘I love you’ on my back as we fell asleep on the couch. I never got used to her saying it out loud.

She was the first leaf to fall in autumn. She was the smell of grass after it rains. She was the spark against the matchbox that lights the flame. She was not the calm but the storm itself. She was the crunch of footsteps on the first layer of snow. She was the wind that blows through your hair. She was not the warm sand on the beach, rather the cool water that makes you scream then sigh in relief.

She was a firework waiting to explode. You know that when it does it will be spectacular, but you don’t know what it will look like until it happens. I knew she would take my breath away as soon as I saw her, but I didn’t know just how breathless I would feel. She is more than you could expect and nothing you thought you ever needed.

So when someone says to me that everything is not as it seems, I would have to agree. She is far more than a label of a relationship or a partner. She is the warmth that some crave their entire life but never find. Her soul is the missing puzzle piece in my mind. She is danger. She is beauty. And she is home.

—  gentle-falling 
okay, spill! something is different about you and i need to know. tell meee!” her friend says.
“i met someone… well started talking to someone, i guess,” she says with a slight smile. “he calls me beautiful and makes me want to smile. we were up all night just talking; he told me that he would love to take me to the beach and show me his favorite places he swears no one knows about. he said that i am absolutely breathtaking when i smile and that if it were up to him, he’d make me smile for the rest of my life just so he could see me happy,” her smile starts to fade.
“he sounds perfect, but you don’t seen convinced,” her friend frowns.
“he seems like an amazing guy, but it wouldn’t be fair to him if anything happened between us,” she looks down.
“not this again! this guy seems like the best guy for you, and he wants you! and yet you’re hung up on someone who doesn’t! he broke your heart!” her friend says frustrated.
“he didn’t break my heart, he turned it into a magnet that only connected to him.
Mai Tais and Sex on the Beach? (Bartender!Dean AU)

Words: 1589
Warning: Drinking(?), smut
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Tags: @growningupgeek

“He was a dick anyways!” My friend’s voice floats over to me as she nudges me into the bar. “You need to meet a hot guy who’ll take care of your sadness.”

“Are you really suggesting me to bang someone as a rebound?” I look at her out of the corner of my eye, seeing her sly grin. “No!”

“I’m just saying, it always worked for me.”

“I- I just… No. That won’t be my mission. If it happens, it happens, but it won’t be my focus.” I mumble, making her cackle a laugh and clap a hand on my shoulder.

“I’ll leave you to it, I’ll see if I can catch some good fish somewhere around here.” She’s leaving as soon as she finishes the sentence, leaving me alone.

I slump on a bar stool on the counter, tapping my fingers on the wood.

“Hello there, what can I get you?” I hear a deep voice say, and I force myself out of my empty stare. As soon as I look up, I see a couple of bright green eyes looking at me and plump pink lips curved in a sympathetic smile.

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Lights On

based off this quote from Harry’s trainer bc FUKC and also based ‘Lights On’ by Shawn Mendes

WARNING: HARRY’S S/O IS PLUS SIZE and this isn’t edited so..

“I wanna love you with the lights on. Keep you up all night long. Darling I wanna see every inch of you; I get lost in the way you move.”

“What do you mean that I would ‘want to have a girl that shares what I have’? Do you not realize that when I look at you my world stops? It completely stops, even when we were talking in the hallway with your makeup all over your face, you made my world halt. There will NEVER be a girl that even holds a candle to what you have,”

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Hot and Cold

Originally posted by samtheboyking

Pairing: LuciferxReader
Word count: 1,105
Warnings: Smut, swearing
Author: Brittiny
Requests: I combined two for this one!
Anonymous. Hello, love! Could you write a fluffy/smutty Lucifer x Sunburnt!Reader? Like when Luci finds out about the reader being sunburnt he tries to cool her down. This idea came from the fact that I’m currently sunburnt and need something(someone) to cool me down. Thxx love~
Anonymous. I’m not sure if you take requests but if ya do, maybe a Lucifer x Reader with the song Sick and Twisted Affairs by My Darkest Days ? Like maybe the Reader is friends and lives with the Winchesters but sees Luci in secret? <3 love the page!

“Let’s go somewhere warm, they said. It’ll be nice, they said. Beach! They said.” You grumbled, gently peeling off your shirt. Those fuckers had suggested hitting up the beach when you were done a hunt in Miami. You hadn’t even thought about your skin in the sun. You’d never really been sun burnt. Until now. That was the day before. Tonight they had figured a bar would be a good idea. You had wanted to stay back and try to get some time with your boyfriend, but you couldn’t get out of it. They didn’t know that you were seeing Lucifer. They had no clue that you didn’t bring men back to the motel because you didn’t need to. It was getting harder and harder to hide it, but the longer you waited, the worse it would be. He was like your drug, the secret that you were hiding from you closest friends.

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Joined (Request)

Harry and the missus dancing to ‘If I Could Fly’ for their first dance as husband and wife. And maybe the Harry and Anne would do the mother son dance and Anne gets teary eyed.

Harry and y/n elope with their parents permission? Like maybe while he’s on tour and they know they won’t get another chance


“Harry! Harry!!”

The sound of your distressed voice caused Harry to shoot up out of his chair and take the stairs two at a time in order to get up to your bedroom as fast as he could. He burst through the door and looked around wildly, thinking you were hurt or something had happened.

“What is it? What’s wrong?!?”

He found you sitting on the bed surrounded by papers and flower samples. Your face was tear-stained and you had tucked your legs up against your chest. You didn’t look hurt which made Harry relax slightly, but he was still concerned. He walked over to the bed and knelt down in front of you, placing his hands on your knees.

“Sweetheart, what is it? Why are you cryin’?”

“I can’t DO this, Harry!”, you choked, burying your head in your arms.

“Hey, hey, can’t do what, my love?” Harry got up, coming to sit next to you and pulling your body into his, soothingly. “What can’t you do?”

“This wedding!” you cried. “The planning is driving me crazy! I just want to be married to you, I don’t want to go through all of this beforehand stuff.”

Harry chuckled as you sniffled a few times against his chest. He was in agreement on that fact and always had been. He had never had his heart set on a big, elaborate wedding. Ever since you had gotten engaged all he had wanted to do was call you his wife. He didn’t care about the dress or the cake or the flowers or any of the details. The day, to him, wasn’t about the details; the day was about the two of you coming together to start your life as husband and wife and that was what was important to him.

He knew that was important to you too. You hadn’t been keen on a big, elaborate wedding either. However, you both had many friends and family members who had been so excited about the prospect of a wedding that you couldn’t say no. You had planned on keeping it as small as possible when you started out but it had quickly devolved into hours of preparation and choosing color schemes and sampling food. Harry knew it was stressing you out; he had tried to help as much as possible but he had other commitments he had to uphold and he also knew that the wedding planning was a bit of a bonding experience for you and the women in your life. As much as you weren’t into the idea, you went to all the bridal fairs and tried on dozens of dresses with Anne and Gemma and your family and your bridesmaids in tow because you knew it would make them happy.

Harry knew it wasn’t making you happy, though.

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  • note: italicized = smut
  • ☾ = 250+ / ☆ = 500+ notes

breakup!5sos blurb night w/@hemmocrat posts [here]
famous!y/n blurb night w/@featuringluke posts [here]
tsinspired!5sos writing night posts [here]

Luke - if you prefer to scroll, click [here]

☆ / Post-Concert Sleepyhead - In which he almost falls asleep on you.

“Wanna Bet?” - In which you and your best friend sneak into a pool late at night. Feelings ensue. (Inspired loosely by the “Beautiful Soul” music video by Jessie McCartney)

“Well this is awkward…” - In which he finds you singing in the kitchen into a spatula.

☾ / Courage - In which he finally builds up the courage to hold your hand.

☆ / Leather Jacket - In which you forget your sweatshirt and feelings happen. (delinquent!5sos)

☾ / “See You After Class” - In which you and him are college sweethearts. (college!5sos)

☾ / The Before - In which you and Luke are best friends and there’s a lot of feelings and angst. // ☾ / The After - In which you might just do something about it.

☾ / “It could be worse” - In which he teaches you how to sign his last name (and thinks your failure is funny).

☆ / The Type of Boyfriend He Would Be - In which the title is self-explanatory.

☆ / Grocery Shopping - In which there’s a bunch of fluff.

☾ / Riding Shotgun - In which you can’t sleep.

☆ / Tutor - In which the popular frat boy tutors you in math.

☆ / “Baby, just shut up and make out with me.” - In which Luke is being a little shit.

☾ / Unofficial - In which the most popular frat boy has a crush on you.

☆ / “Relax, baby, I’m yours.” - In which you need reassurance.

“I don’t know how I let this happen. I’m sorry.” - In which Luke needs reassurance.

“We really shouldn’t be doing this.” - In which you and Luke take a hike and you have to convince him to skinny dip with you.

☆ / “You’re it for me” - In which things are made official.

☾ / “I can’t see myself with anyone else ever again after this.” - In which Luke opens up to Michael after you two break up.

☾ / “I don’t want you to go to bed angry.” - In which there’s an argument and somewhat of a consolation.

☾ / Surprise - In which suddenly, you’re in line for the throne.

You Blocked His Number After the Breakup - In which this title is explanatory.

“He won’t fix himself because he loves me, it’ll be because he loves you.” - In which Luke admits himself into rehab and you and Liz drive to see him. // Part 2 - In which you see him for the first time.

☆ / Future - In which fluff is abundant.

“You’re not doing your job very well” - In which you and Luke are spies and it’s your first mission together.

☆ / Silent Treatment - In which Luke is annoyingly adorable.

☆ / Morning Routine - In which domestic goop ensues.

☾ / “I could kiss you.” - In which you go on a road trip with your best friend.

☾ / “We used to be best friends” - In which you and Luke have an awkward discussion.

“I want to have a baby.” - In which Luke’s nervous.

☾ / “Why don’t you love me anymore?” - In which you see your ex for the first time.

☾ / “I’d rather do hard with you than easy with someone else.” - In which you fly to Europe with the intention of breaking up with your boyfriend.

“I never meant to hurt you.” - In which you pick up your drunk ex from a bar.

☆ / Emojis - In which your boyfriend’s name on your phone is ‘Luke Hemmings’ and he’s not happy about it.

“I wish I could forget you.” - In which you attend the same party as your ex.

☾ / Sleep - In which it’s the first night in your apartment.

☾ / Your New Girl - In which Luke & you are friends with benefits and things happen.

(#51: “What the hell are you wearing?”) - In which Luke decides to try something new in the bedroom.

(#60: “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”) - In which your husband watches the kids alone and mayhem ensues.

☆ / (#62- “It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.”) - In which you and your ex have to share a room for arbitrary reasons.

(#67: “Of all the people I could’ve gotten stuck in an elevator with and it just had to be you.”) - In which you’re fighting with your boyfriend.

(#74: “Don’t let go.”) - In which you and Luke are spies and it might just be the end.

(#80: “How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?”) - In which it is the end.

(#95: “There’s no going back if we do this.”) - In which you and your best friend may’ve taken it too far.

☾ / Post Break-up prompt - “I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?” / “The song was about you.”

☾ / Post Break-up prompt - My parents asked about you.” / “I had to get new bedding because I couldn’t lay in it without you there.”

☆ / “I’m so glad I never gave up on him.” - In which you’re talking to Luke’s mom about your relationship and he overhears it.

☾ / Reactions - In which the boy’s and Luke’s family’s reactions would be when first meeting you.

☾ / Post Break-up prompt - “It was all my fault. Every piece of it. Why do you blame yourself?” / “It was never your fault.” / “No, I- … I’m… I’m not dating her. I can’t. It wouldn’t be fair.”

☾ / Post Break-up prompt - “So you’re seeing someone new?”

☾ / “If you don’t want to be with me anymore, just say it.” - In which there are commitment issues.

☾ / “You thought you had a choice.” - In which it’s twelve days before your arranged marriage is set to take place.

Fatal Call - In which there’s been an accident downtown due to the snowfall and the phone just rang.

☾ / ‘101 fluffy prompts’ - “If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life.”

☾ / Coincidence - In which you and Luke are scheduled for a writing session together by your labels (though it’s unknown that you’ve had… interpersonal relations before).

Ashton - if you prefer to scroll, click [here]

“I’m Not the Only One” inspired - In which you’re not the only one.

“Welcome to New York” inspired - In which you and him move in together and your feelings are out of control.

Taking Pictures - In which he always seems to be taking pictures of you so he can save them for a rainy day.

The Type of Boyfriend He Would Be - In which the title is self-explanatory.

Braid - In which your best friend demands you teach him how to braid hair.

☾ / House Hunting - In which you and him house hunt. (domestic!5sos)

“I think we should take a break.” - In which Ashton paints your back with watercolor.

☾ / (#76: “I need you to pretend we’re dating…”) - In which Ashton’s ex approaches the two of you and your best friend is desperate.

(#89: “I’m not leaving you!”) - In which you make a stupid decision and decide to run a marathon with your boyfriend.

Post Break-up prompt - “Hey… I can’t believe you actually answered.”

Post Break-up prompt - “I haven’t gone to that diner since we broke up.”

☾ / “Okay, I’ll share the blankets with you.” - In which you and your best friend are watching a movie and feelings happen (or something like that).

Calum - if you prefer to scroll, click [here]

“I’m Not the Only One” inspired - In which he’s alone and you’re not.

Losing contact with your best friend - In which the title is self-explanatory. // Part 2 - In which there may or may not be a resolution.

☆ / Comfort - In which Calum just needs to be reminded you’re there.

Piggyback Rides - In which your best friend insists on giving you a piggy back ride.

☾ / “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” - In which you and your best friend have to share a bed for arbitrary reasons.

☾ / Shoe Shopping - In which you and him go to the Vans store.

☾ / “Baby, come sit on my lap” - In which it’s game night and there’s nowhere to sit.

☾ / “I’ll always need you more” - In which Calum is insecure.

“All I’ve ever needed is staring right at me.” - In which Calum confirms he’s in it for the long haul.

☾ / Hammock - In which Calum convinces you to lay with him.

☾ / “… Are you proposing to me?” - In which you can probably guess what happens.

☾ / “I can’t lose you, I need you.” - In which you aren’t answering Calum’s calls.

“She will never be you.” - In which your ex shows up after three years.

His Sweater - In which you give Calum’s things back after the breakup.

☾ / “We’re going to get caught!” - In which you & Calum sneak around backstage.

“I just need some space.” - In which you accidentally hog the bed.

Appetizers - “We’re both trying to take advantage of the unlimited appetizers deal on separate dates at TGI Fridays and I got the mozzarella sticks and I’m on my sixth plate and I want to die, can I PLEASE swap you for some of your wings?” AU

☾ / Thanksgiving - In which it’s the first time you and Calum host a holiday for both of your families as a couple.

Tangled- In which you & Calum are having difficulties walking your dogs.

(#55: “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”) - In which your best friend takes you out on your first date.

(#61: “I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you. Please don’t get married.” / #98: “I can’t watch you with someone else. It’s tearing me apart.”) - In which it’s the day of your wedding.

(#64: “Are you ticklish?” / #71: “Kiss me, quick!” / #84: “I’m dying.”) - In which your boyfriend gets what he deserves.

☾ / (#87: “You were never just my friend.”) - In which Calum recites his vows.

(#99: “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here!”) - In which you’re alone with a certain brunette that you absolutely can’t stand.

Post Break-up prompt - “If this is the last time I see you, know I love you more than anything.”

☾ / Post Break-up prompt - “How come I can’t let go of you?”/ “Our song came on and I needed to talk to you after hearing it.” / “We were so good.”

Post Break-up prompt - “Give me another chance” / “I’ll wait at our restaurant ‘til closing time. If you don’t go then I’ll stop trying.”

“Marry me.” - In which you’re drunk on champagne and love.

☆ / “Are you really that fucking blind?” - In which you confront your best friend about why he’s been ignoring you.

☾ / “I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.” - In which this blurb is loosely based off of Back to December by Taylor Swift.

☾ / Inquiring Minds - In which Calum’s mother is anything but subtle.

☾ / The Type of Boyfriend He Would Be - In which the title is self-explanatory.

☾ / Line 2 - In which you’re Calum’s celebrity crush and you make a surprise call in during one of his radio interviews.

Midnight - In which Calum endures pillow fight attacks on the tour bus to talk to you.

Moon Man - In which you and Calum both win awards at the VMA’s.

Michael - if you prefer to scroll, click [here]

“Wildest Dreams” inspired - In which you leave him wonderstruck.

☆ / “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” - In which being naked doesn’t have to mean anything.

“Marry me?” - In which he makes you choke on your food.

No one needs to know - In which he tries to convince you to elope.

☾ / Cuddling - In which he’s tired.

“I thought you were dead” - In which it’s the first time you seen him since the breakup.

☾ / Coming Home - In which you greet your best friend at the airport.

☾ / Home-Decor Shopping - In which you’re at Ikea. (domestic!5sos)

☾ / Shaking at the Altar - In which he’s nervous, to say the least.

☾ / “I don’t care if we’re best friends, I can’t help how I feel.” - In which the title pretty much summarizes it.

“Make me” - In which you’re a part of the stage crew and he has a crush on you.

“He doesn’t want any other girls. He wants you.” - In which you’re his best friend and feelings are finally acknowledged.

☆ / The Type of Boyfriend He’d Be - In which the title is self-explanatory.

“You look at her the way I look at you.” - In which you & Michael are new parents.

“Do you love me?” - In which Mikey needs reassurance as a result of insecurity.

“Please don’t leave me.” - In which you take care of your sick boyfriend.

Stubborn - In which Michael forgets his jacket and he’s adamant about not wearing yours.

(#54: “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.”) - In which you see your ex for the first time since the breakup.

(#59: “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.” / #80: “How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?”) - In which both you and Michael live in the limelight and what you have is just a waiting game.

☆ / (#65: “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.“) - In which Mikey is insecure about his tummy.

☾ / (#76: “I need you to pretend we’re dating…”) - In which your best friend begs you to attend a family party with him.

(#79: “That’s the third time I’ve saved your life!”) - In which there’s something off with your best friend and you’re determined to find out just what it is.

Post Break-up prompt - “You sent so many drunk texts… I had to come over and make sure you were okay.”

☾ / Post Break-up prompt - “Just give me a reason to come back.”

Post Break-up prompt -“I shouldn’t want the elevator to stall, but at least it would keep you here.” / “My parents asked about you.” / “I was lying… I knew you’d be at this party, that’s why I came.”

Post Break-up prompt - “Apparently you left this sweater at my place all that time ago… I could’ve got a friend to give it to you, I guess, but… I don’t know. I just came without thinking.”

“Please, just stop stringing me along.” - In which you find Michael’s breakup letter addressed to you.

☾ / “How do I even breathe without you?” - In which you’re a famous singer and you’re the one who has a pyro accident.

☆ / “I just fucked up everything, didn’t I?” - In which your best friend kisses (and shocks) you.

☾ / ‘101 fluffy prompts’ - “You’re really soft.” / “Is it possible to love too much?”

Fake Dating - In which you and Michael are together for publicity (and feelings may or may not ensue).

Namjoon Scenario: Sunset Hues.

Request:  Hi! I would love a scenario with Namjoon where he’s walking by the beach and sees a friendly dog which belongs to a girl, who’s resting on the sand reading his fav book. So he makes himself home and speaks to her

Genre: Fluff

Quietness could be so underrated sometimes, some people saw it as something bad, believing that quiet times were only filled with boredom and no sound at all, but it wasn’t true, that Namjoon knew it very well. Quietness was relaxing on its own way, filled with sounds that added just the right touch to the peace of that time, like the calming sound of moving waves, birds in the distance, air blowing peacefully and messing his hair; that was the kind of quietness he enjoyed the most.

Namjoon strolled around the beach without a rush, he had taken off his shoes a while back to feel the sand on his feet just the way he liked. The salty air was still warm and the sun was still shining with all its might as if it was refusing to leave and painting the sky with deep orange hues that reflected on the sand and the deep blue water.

He placed his shoes down and stopped to take a picture of it when something furry and noisy crashed against his left calve. Namjoon nearly fell down with the jump he did, scared he looked down only to find a cute little puppy looking up at him with excited eyes and a long seaweed hanging from his snout.

–Hey little one, are you lost? – Namjoon crouched down and looked better at the puppy, it clearly belonged to someone since it was well taken care of, with a clean fur and a yellow collar on its neck. The puppy did a little jump and threw the seaweed to Namjoon’s feet, who only laughed at that.

–Do you want to play? – the puppy was so cute while wiggling his tail at him, it barked loudly and Namjoon decided to take that as a yes. He stretched his hand forward to caress him behind the ear softly and the puppy licked his palm.

He wondered where was his owner, if they even noticed that their puppy was gone since Namjoon didn’t see anyone trailing behind the dog. He caressed his head some more and moved to search for a branch to throw at him, while the puppy was looking at him curiously with its head titled to the side.

–Wait here buddy, let’s find you a nice branch alright? – Namjoon turned around and the puppy barked even more excited than before and when Namjoon looked over his shoulder at him, he understood why.

The sneaky puppy was running away with one of Namjoon’s sneakers tightly secured between his teeth.

–Hey! – he scrambled on the sand to grab the other shoe and ran behind the dog, it didn’t have size for how fast it run, so Namjoon was panting behind him. –Wait! That’s my shoe! You just… wait! –

The puppy of course didn’t stop to that, it only ran some more and Namjoon suddenly feared for the fate of his shoe, why did these things always happened to him?

–Wait! –

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  • note: italicized = smut
  • ☾ = 250+ / ☆ = 500+ notes

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“I’m Not the Only One” inspired - In which he’s alone and you’re not.

Losing contact with your best friend - In which the title is self-explanatory. // Part 2 - In which there may or may not be a resolution.

☆ / Comfort - In which Calum just needs to be reminded you’re there.

Piggyback Rides - In which your best friend insists on giving you a piggy back ride.

☾ / “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” - In which you and your best friend have to share a bed for arbitrary reasons.

☾ / Shoe Shopping - In which you and him go to the Vans store.

☾ / “Baby, come sit on my lap” - In which it’s game night and there’s nowhere to sit.

☾ / “I’ll always need you more” - In which Calum is insecure.

“All I’ve ever needed is staring right at me.” - In which Calum confirms he’s in it for the long haul.

☾ / Hammock - In which Calum convinces you to lay with him.

☾ / “… Are you proposing to me?” - In which you can probably guess what happens.

☾ / “I can’t lose you, I need you.” - In which you aren’t answering Calum’s calls.

“She will never be you.” - In which your ex shows up after three years.

His Sweater - In which you give Calum’s things back after the breakup.

☾ / “We’re going to get caught!” - In which you & Calum sneak around backstage.

“I just need some space.” - In which you accidentally hog the bed.

Appetizers - “We’re both trying to take advantage of the unlimited appetizers deal on separate dates at TGI Fridays and I got the mozzarella sticks and I’m on my sixth plate and I want to die, can I PLEASE swap you for some of your wings?” AU

☾ / Thanksgiving - In which it’s the first time you and Calum host a holiday for both of your families as a couple.

Tangled- In which you & Calum are having difficulties walking your dogs.

(#55: “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”) - In which your best friend takes you out on your first date.

(#61: “I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you. Please don’t get married.” / #98: “I can’t watch you with someone else. It’s tearing me apart.”) - In which it’s the day of your wedding.

(#64: “Are you ticklish?” / #71: “Kiss me, quick!” / #84: “I’m dying.”) - In which your boyfriend gets what he deserves.

☾ / (#87: “You were never just my friend.”) - In which Calum recites his vows.

(#99: “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here!”) - In which you’re alone with a certain brunette that you absolutely can’t stand.

Post Break-up prompt - “If this is the last time I see you, know I love you more than anything.”

☾ / Post Break-up prompt - “How come I can’t let go of you?”/ “Our song came on and I needed to talk to you after hearing it.” / “We were so good.”

Post Break-up prompt - “Give me another chance” / “I’ll wait at our restaurant ‘til closing time. If you don’t go then I’ll stop trying.”

“Marry me.” - In which you’re drunk on champagne and love.

☆ / “Are you really that fucking blind?” - In which you confront your best friend about why he’s been ignoring you.

☾ / “I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.” - In which this blurb is loosely based off of Back to December by Taylor Swift.

☾ / Inquiring Minds - In which Calum’s mother is anything but subtle.

☾ / The Type of Boyfriend He Would Be - In which the title is self-explanatory.

☾ / Line 2 - In which you’re Calum’s celebrity crush and you make a surprise call in during one of his radio interviews.

Midnight - In which Calum endures pillow fight attacks on the tour bus to talk to you.

Moon Man - In which you and Calum both win awards at the VMA’s.

One shots

“You Lied to Me” - In which Calum sees you in a nightclub and proceeds to demand why you stopped being friends with benefits. // Part 2 - In which you realize how much damage you caused.

☾ / I think we need to talk - In which he’s nervous about asking you a question.

☾ / Meeting His Family - In which he takes you to his family reunion.

☾ / Green - In which it’s described how “green” has been present in every way, shape, and form in your relationship.

☆ / “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” - In which being 5sos’s makeup artist had it’s perks, but covering the hickies of someone you had a crush on definitely wasn’t one of them.

“Two Headlights Shine Through the Sleepless Night” - In which it’s the night before he leaves for tour and he needs reassurance.

☾ / The Man - In which Calum’s life is practically Ed Sheeran’s song.

Let Them Say What They Want - In which you find someone to run with rather than discovering someone who wanted you want to settle down.

Please Don’t Have Somebody Waiting On You - In which Calum enjoys the annual label party for the first time.

☆ / “I would’ve done anything for you…” - In which you and Calum are the only single people on the annual band camping trip.

Fake Texts

☆ / He accidentally kills your fish

FWB gone wrong

sea foam kisses

A/N: I have a few things to say. One: This is the first time I’ve written Jily, so I have no idea what I’m doing. Two: This is for Jily Royalty Fest. (yes, I should have posted it ages ago, but better late than never right?) It’s based on The Little Mermaid, mostly. One or two more parts to come later. Three: I have no idea what’s going on with the style of this. I wrote the ending in a rush so I could post it and tbh I have no idea if it makes sense or is good to anyone but me. (also my prose is very purple at times, so be prepared for that.) Four: I think this is the first serious bit of writing I’ve posted on Tumblr as me. I just want you to know that, I guess. Anyway thanks for reading!

The sea is her master and her mistress, hers to love and be loved by. Her crown is the seaweed tangled in her hair and her gown the seafoam clinging to her skin. The sun and sky and sea are all she’s ever known and all she ever wants to.

Until, that is, Lily’s seventeenth birthday. Her sister brings her to the surface to view the fireworks the humans set off each night and she’s mesmerized. Each night she floats on her back, tail flicking, red hair billowing like blood in the water as she watches the sky. From here she can just barely see the lights of the human world glowing on the horizon. They beckon to her, tugging at her heart until she can’t bear the ache of it.

One summer night it’s too much. She gazes at the distant palace with arms outstretched like she’s flying. The water doesn’t reach her gills and she’s dizzy. She’s nearly ready to visit the sea witch and bargain for a pair of legs when the hand brushes her arm.

It’s a man, a human man, drifting on a current through the dark water. Lily moves away, wary, but his face is slack and his eyes closed. He looks dead.

She reaches for the man with a trembling hand and feels for a heartbeat. His clothes are ripped to shreds and she touches his bare chest for only a moment before she gasps.

His heart beats. The human is alive.

Now that she knows this, Lily can see the faint rise and fall of his chest. Black hair is plastered to his forehead and his cheekbones jut out like he’s starving. She doesn’t even need to think before she takes his arm in hers and pulls him to the shore.

It takes the better part of an hour, and several times she realizes she’s forgotten to keep him above the water, but they make it. Lily has never been beyond the borders of her father’s kingdom and her heart thrills with excitement and terror. All she can think is I have a human in my arms and Petunia is going to kill me and by Triton, this man is heavy for someone so skinny.

She takes a deep gulp of water and hauls herself and the man onto a rocky beach at the base of the cliffs in whicthe palace rests on. His head lolls onto her shoulder and she smiles in spite of the burning in her chest and gills. As she props him against a boulder his eyelids flutter and she freezes. Lily hasn’t thought about what she’ll do when he wakes up.

He coughs weakly and she drags herself back across the beach. Tiny rocks scrape her torso and her tail flops uselessly. She whips her head around at the sound of him moving and moves even faster. Her head is pounding and her vision blurring.

“Wait!” the man shouts. His voice is strong and echoes over the lonely beach. “I can’t see you, come back!” But Lily has been swallowed by the waves and darts away.

She stops when she’s confident he won’t be able to see her. Her lips turn up in a small smile. “I saved a human,” she whispers to herself. “I saved a human!” Lily bursts out of the water and soars above the waves. The winds seem to lift her into the sky, as if she’s made of air instead of sea. She splashes back down, laughing and gasping, the tug in her heart stronger than ever. “I saved a human.”

Lily swims down, past her father’s palace, past the whalebone graveyard, past the shipwrecks and coral reefs. Eventually she reaches a deep cave. The entrance is a wide crack in the sea floor, looking more like the yawning jaws of a sea monster than a sea witch’s lair. She clenches her fists and swims into the murky depths.

“Hello?” she calls. In the inky darkness, something scuttles. Lily swallows and goes in deeper. “Madame Bellatrix? I wish to make a deal.” Slowly, carefully, she feels her way into the center of the cavern. Her head is filled with thoughts of fireworks and legs and dry skin for the first time in her life.

“Yes, my sweet,” a deep voice hisses just behind her. Lily stifles a shriek as a tentacle caresses her freckled shoulder. “A deal with a demon, hm? Brave heart, Lily.”

Lily presses down the urge to swim away as swiftly as she can. “I want legs,” she says steadily, thinking of how she will be able to dance once (if this succeeds?) this is over. “I want to be human. Please.” She reaches blindly for the witch, grasping her slimy hand. “Help me.”

A spot of reddish light hovers between them. It’s a pelican eel the size of a shark, mouth gaping. Bellatrix’s face is illuminated. Her thick lips curl in a smile.

“Of course, princess. I just want one tiny thing.“


“Give me your voice.”

Lily’s hand flies to her throat. “My voice… Why?” she asks. “My father can give you all the riches you could ask for.”

Bellatrix’s hand squeezes Lily’s wrist. Her eyes glow yellow in the darkness. “Don’t ask questions,” she snaps. “I will give you legs if you give me your voice. Then you can dance and dream and fall in love with your little black-haired boy, just like you wanted, yes?” The pelican eel rubs its head against Lily’s and a shiver rips down her spine.

“Fine,” she gasps as the eel twines around her tail. “You can take my voice. But I want one more thing. You have to give me the ability to write the human language, or the deal is off.”

Bellatrix pauses. “I suppose that’s fair,” she says. “But there is a time limit of sorts, darling. You must make that boy fall in love with and marry you before he finds another woman. Else you’ll turn to seafoam once they’ve shared their marriage bed.”

“Yes,” Lily says at once. “Just give me legs.”

Bellatrix laughs, a deep sound like whale song. “You’re an eager young thing. We’ll do it now, if you want it so badly.” She traces a tentacle along Lily’s collarbone and places a hand on her waist. The pelican eel disappears, bringing the one source of light with it. The cave is shrouded in darkness.

A hum fills the cavern and pain shoots through Lily’s tail. It’s a tearing and burning and ripping pain, because that’s what it is, isn’t it, her tail ripping into two legs. Her back arches in agony and Bellatrix clutches her tighter, teeth like a shark’s skimming Lily’s throat. Her eyes squeeze shut and it’s no different than when they were open.

A brightness flashes through the cave. Lily opens her eyes and for the shortest of seconds sees two lovely legs hanging limply below her. She cries out in relief, except instead of a sound only bubbles escape her lips. Her voice is gone.

So are her gills, for that matter. The light subsides and she feels a familiar burning in her chest. Lily wrenches herself away from the sea witch and tries to swim away, but her legs are numb and useless. She falls back into Bellatrix’s open arms as the burning in her chest overtakes her and everything goes silent.

Lily wakes to the cry of seagulls. The sun warms her back as she carefully inches her fingers down her body, and yes, there they are, she has legs. She giggles in delight but no sound comes out. She can’t even laugh.

But that doesn’t stop her from grinning as she wobbles to her feet. The pebbly sand is hot between her toes (her toes, she has toes) and she nearly falls over from shaking so much. Once she’s found her balance she takes a step, then another. Soon she’s running across the beach, hair flying behind her, smile as bright as the sun.

She collapses at the foot of the white cliffs, panting, unable to tear her eyes away from her legs. Lily breathes deeply and pauses. She breathes again, relishing the feeling of air in her lungs. It’s so much lighter than water, so much more free.

“Are you alright?”

Lily leaps up at the sound and skitters back like a spooked horse. She quickly covers her chest with her hands and realizes she suddenly has a lot more to hide. An involuntary smile pulls at her lips and she tries to ignore it.

“I’m sorry, but I need to know if I can help you. Are you okay?” It’s a man’s voice. Clear and high, unlike the black-haired boy’s. Lily peeks out from under her dripping hair and sees the speaker. He’s half-turned away from her, covering his eyes with a hand. Behind him another man is grinning at her, though he quickly faces away when their eyes meet.

For a moment she forgets she can’t speak. Yes, she tries to say, I’m fine, but do you happen to know a man with black hair? He washed up on this very beach last night, I think, and I need to make him fall in love with me. But she raises a hand to her lips once she remembers. This is impossible, she thinks. I should have given the witch my hair instead.

“I don’t think she can talk, mate,” the other man says, “But she seems okay. She was running just a second ago.” He sneaks a glance over his shoulder and she nods at him. Help me, she mouths.

“Yeah, she just asked us to help her. Let’s get her up to the castle. She was probably in the same shipwreck Prongs was in, although I dunno why she’s naked.” The other man takes off his coat and tosses it to her, averting his eyes until she’s pulled it on.

Thank you, Lily says to the men. They nod at her and the dark-haired one smiles. “I’m Sirius,” he says. “That’s Remus. We’re going to take you up to the palace so you can get some help, alright?” She nods and they begin winding up a steep path. “What’s your name?”

Lily, she mouths slowly. Sirius cocks his head questioningly and she repeats it, but it doesn’t help. Once again she mourns the loss of her voice, but she’ll just have to make do.

Oh, she realizes. I can write now. She kneels, holding the oversized coat closed with one hand. Lily traces the letters of her name in the sand, marveling at how her fingers know the loops and lines already.

“Lily,” Remus reads. “Pretty. That’s the queen’s favorite flower, right, Padfoot?”

Before Sirius can answer, footsteps sound and a man sprints between them down to the beach. He passes them in a heartbeat, but Lily catches a glimpse of his face. It’s the black-haired man.

“Was that–?” Sirius starts to ask with a slight crease between his eyebrows.

“James? I think it was,” Remus finishes with a sigh. “Shall we find out what he was up to?” Lily can barely breathe; these people know the man, they know his name, they’re friends with him. Her heart flutters.

Remus is nearly out of sight when he remembers the naked girl in his best friend’s coat. He looks back at her. “Well?” he asks. “You coming?” Lily can’t help but grin. As she stands, another man runs down the path, rather more slowly than James had been. Sirius breaks into a smile at the sight of him.

“Wormtail! You’re up!” he cries jovially. “Lily, this is Peter. Pete, Lily. Come on, let’s go find out what James is up to.” Peter has stopped, hands on his knees, panting. Sirius and Remus are already gone.

Lily waits for Peter to catch his breath. “Sorry about this,” he says, breathing hard. “I’ve been ill,
and James was going on about some girl on the beach. I had to go after him; he’s just been in a shipwreck. He’s not even supposed to be awake.” He looks at her expectantly and she gestures at her mouth in apology. Peter nods in understanding.

A girl on the beach, Lily thinks giddily. That’s me, he remembers me!

“Let’s go, then.” They walk back to the beach, where James is roaming the rocky sand. Remus and Sirius are simply watching him.

“Do you have any idea what he’s doing?” Sirius asks Peter when they arrive. “He was muttering earlier. I think he may have hit his head in the wreck.

Peter sits on the ground and they all follow suit. Lily makes sure to keep the coat covering all of her important parts. "He thinks some girl saved him,” Pete explains. “He said he was out in the middle of the ocean when he passed out. Then he woke up and someone was taking him to shore. I told him it was just a dream, but he ignored me.”

“Figures,” Sirius snorts. “Prongs always wanted to be part of a story. Probably thinks it was a siren who saved him.” Lily shifts on the sand, examining her fingernails. This conversation isn’t exactly comfortable.

“Padfoot, Moony! Wormtail, come here!” James bellows from the far side of the beach. “I found something!” He waves his arms wildly. Sirius heaves a sigh and stands, but Lily can see in his crinkled eyes and half-smile that he’s happy to have his friend back.

When they reach James he’s buzzing with excitement. “Look!” he nearly shouts. “This is where I woke up, and there’s odd tracks leading away into the ocean. I’m telling you! someone saved me!” He points at the ground, where Lily can indeed see the tracks she made by dragging herself back to the sea. Her heart twinges and for the slightest moment she misses the sea. Then it’s gone and she tries to look as un-mermaidlike as she can.

“Alright, alright,” Sirius concedes, raising his hands placatingly, “A gorgeous mermaid saved you from drowning and brought you to the beach. Except you didn’t see her, and she didn’t say anything to you, and she wasn’t captivated by your looks enough to stay. Whatever you say.” James scowls and Sirius hastens to add, “Aren’t you going to ask about the girl?”

“Girl?” James asks. “Oh, her. I thought she was just your new bird, seeing as how she’s naked and wearing your clothes. Hello,” he introduces with a grin. Lily smiles back, hoping he’ll somehow realize she was the girl, although hopefully he’ll forget about the tail. “I’m James. I expect Sirius has told you about me, yeah?”

Being voiceless is more tiring than she expected. Lily never smiled this much before, or gestured uselessly at her mouth. I’m Lily, she mouths. When James doesn’t understand Remus explains.

“She’s mute, or something. Her name is Lily. And she’s not one of Sirius’,” he says with a hint of annoyance in his voice. “She was on the beach earlier. We were actually hoping you might know her? Maybe she was on the same ship you were.”

James is looking out at the sea instead of at Remus or Lily. “Huh? Oh, right. No, she wasn’t. Or at least I didn’t see her.” He stoops again to look at the markings on the beach. Lily’s smile slackens.

“I know it probably wasn’t a mermaid who helped me,” James admits, finally tearing himself away from the waves. “But it was someone, and I want to find her. She saved my life. I need to thank her.” He runs a hand through his black hair and smiles sheepishly. “Will you help me?” He dimples and despite her growing worries, Lily finds herself nodding along with the others, no matter that he wasn’t asking her.

She places a hand on his arm and their eyes meet. Her fingers burn where they touch him, but he doesn’t seem to notice. I’ll help you find her, Lily lies silently.

He beams and looks at the others. “And you?” he asks them. “You’ll help?”

Sirius grimaces but slings an arm around his shoulder. “I suppose,” he sighs. The twinkle in his eye betrays him. “We’ll just have to go around searching every town for appropriate girls. How ever will I manage?”

“Of course I will.” Remus raises a hand to shield his eyes from the noon sun. “C'mon, mate, did you even have to ask?”

James looks at Peter. “Wormtail?”

Peter looks put out. “Same as Moony,” he says. “Of course I will.”

The four of them suddenly have an energy about them, a hum in the air that makes her skin break out in goosebumps. Lily can feel their familiarity with each other and a pang shoots through her like ice.

I may, she muses as they walk back to the palace, be in a little bit of trouble here. The thought gnaws at her mind until they reach the palace. Then she sees the gardens.

Everything is green leaves and fresh air and bubbling fountains and blooming flowers. Lily’s lips part in awe and she falls behind the boys, marveling at the beauty. In her castle, she has a garden, but it’s nothing like this.

And the colors. Underwater, everything is duller. Colors, sounds, even sensations. But in the air everything is clearer. Lily touches a flower the color of her hair and rubs the petals between her fingers. They stain her fingertips a wet red.

She twirls on the cobblestone path, the flowers blurring into a rainbow before her. Swiftly she remembers the homesickness she felt before and wonders how she ever felt at home in the sea. Now she has skin that isn’t wet and red fingers and as she looks at her reflection in a still pond, she sees she has green eyes.

Everything is brighter now, Lily thinks. And I have eyes the color of the leaves, and I’ve met the black-haired man, and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. And I have legs.

Lily’s heart thrums with joy and she can’t help but skip a little as she rejoins the boys. This human world is wonderful, she thinks. For the first time since her seventeenth birthday, months ago, the ache in her heart is gone, replaced by a feeling that she can only describe as love for the world she’s always dreamed of.

A/N, again. I’ve just realized the royalty part hasn’t really come into play yet. If you hadn’t realized, James is the prince and Lily is a mermaid princess. I promise the next part will be better. :) (And yes, the Slaughterhouse-Five reference was intentional.)

Vacations were a foreign concept to the eldest Lightwood. Alec’s life was structured around training, hunting, and learning how to run the institute (when it wasn’t in his hands of course). Responsibilities and schedules were things that Alexander thrived with, and was somewhat dependent on. He wasn’t used to having down time, or personal time for that matter. When left to his own devices, Alec was at a bit of a loss. 

It wasn’t rare for Jace or Izzy to go out and enjoy themselves, and it was even less rare for them to encourage him to join them. Alec wasn’t quite comfortable with their scene though. Clubs made him too anxious, bars brought out his awkward social skills. No, Alec preferred to spend his down time away from crowds and prying eyes. 

Which was why Alec was seated on beach towel, by the ocean, with a book in his hand. Wearing shorts was a strange experience for the Shadowhunter, even if they were for swimming. He kept his tee-shirt on, not quite hot enough that he felt the need to take it off. His eyes flickered up and away from the page however when he hear someone approaching. 

“I hope you’re not here to try to convince me to go out somewhere, because I’m quite content here.”


Summary: This is for @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog‘s Sixty Sam June Jobs challenge. I chose the job Astronaut. So here it is, released on June 20th, the Summer Solstice and the Strawberry Moon!

Pairing: SamxReader

Words: 2024

Warnings: Light descriptions of smut (nothing actually happens in this fic), alcohol use, and cussing

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“Y/N, you need to stop moping about like a wet blanket,” your friend CJ complained, pushing a Sex on the Beach towards you.

“Yeah, you need to find someone and have a little fun,” your other friend Rose chimed in, taking a long sip of her Red Sangria.

“Rose, CJ,” you said, pushing the proffered cocktail away from you. “I appreciate the gesture and the proding, but I thought we were here to celebrate me ending it with Josh.”

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do u have any bestfriend!5sos blurbs? i'm a hoe for those

same here babe!!! here are all the ones i’ve written:





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members ideal types? in your opinion :)

alright alright time to shine. But first of all…

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: Anything in this post is just /my personal opinion/. These are the types of people that I feel would be best with each member. These are in no way confirmed. Again, just opinions. Yours may differ from mine, and that’s alright. There’s no way to know what their true ideal type is without being them. 

S. Coups: Coups would want someone very strong headed, very independent. Since he’s always in the leader role, it’d be a nice change for him not to be in charge in his relationship. He’d like someone really opinionated, someone not afraid to speak their mind. He’d find their dominance extremely sexy. 

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would want someone very cutesy, probably someone younger than him by a few years. The cuter, the better. He’d like someone overflowing with aegyo. He’d like someone that he could take care of, someone that he could really protect. 

Joshua: Joshua would like a toned down version of Coups’s type. He’d really want someone intelligent, someone with their own ideas and opinions about the world, though perhaps a little bit soft spoken. He’d definitely like someone mature, as he’s like that himself. He’d probably like to date someone older than him. being a young joshua stan those words are difficult for me to write

Jun: Really, I think that Jun would mesh pretty well with anyone. I guess the best match for him, though, would be someone adventurous. Someone exciting, who’s always looking for more fun. I think he’d also like someone that depended on him a lot - he’d love the feeling of masculinity he got from taking care of them.

Hoshi: Hoshi’s type would fall somewhere between Jun and Seungcheol’s. Definitely someone high energy - he needs someone that’s able to keep up with him and all his craziness. He’d like someone really spontaneous, someone that’s okay with going to the beach with ten minute’s notice or trying some food that they’ve never even heard of before, because that’s the kind of boyfriend that Hoshi would be. 

Wonwoo: Someone very laid back would be a good match for Wonwoo. He’s not particularly energetic himself, so he’d appreciate someone that could just chill with him. He’d find someone light hearted really refreshing - someone that just liked to joke around and have meaningless (but fun nonetheless) conversations. 

Woozi: Since he himself is probably the most mature member of Seventeen, he’d definitely want someone who also has a high level of maturity. Woozi is always working himself past his limits, so I think that he would need someone very caring. He’d need someone that’s always looking out for him, making sure he’s eating enough, getting enough sleep, etc. It’d be best for them to be a bit more on the optimistic side, as I think someone bright would be refreshing to him.

DK: DK would be best with someone a lot like himself; Someone very caring who loves nothing more than to smile. They’d be the image that comes to mind when you think of the term ‘young love’; always just giggling and holding hands, oblivious to everything else. They’d be mutually protective of each other, always making sure the other was doing well and supporting them in everything that they do. 

Mingyu: I can’t think of a word to describe Mingyu’s ideal type better than ‘feisty’. Someone not afraid to speak their mind or dish some sarcasm out to him, someone who likes to take control. As independent as they’d be, though, I think he’d still be extremely, extremely protective of them, so maybe someone a bit younger would be best. Me x Mingyu 2k15

The8: Being as sweet and quiet as he is, I definitely think that he’d be best with someone a bit older and more mature. He’d like to be taken care of. He’d want someone sweet with a bright outlook on life. He’d be a very sweet boyfriend, constantly showering them with gifts and praise. 

Seungkwan: Seungkwan needs someone who can match his attitude and dish it right back at him. Probably someone very opinionated and outspoken. And, of course, since his family means so much to him, he’d want to be with someone whose morals and values are similar to his. I think he’d secretly like someone who doted on him, though I believe he’d be best with someone a bit younger. 

Vernon: Vernon would want someone who’s very go-with-the-flow. I don’t think he’d be super into someone really high strung and energetic. He’d really admire someone who was just really chill and flexible. He’d be a very cutesy boyfriend, and would like a partner who was very much the same in that respect. 

Dino: I can say without a doubt that I think Dino would want to date someone older than him. He’d probably never admit it, but he’d love to be doted on and taken care of. He’d also just find the idea of dating someone older very attractive. He’d want someone very attached to him who wanted to spend a lot of time with him. 

i apologize for my biased opinions ehehe i tried to keep it fair i really did

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hi :) i want to make a bamon gifset but i'm not familiar with the actual episodes their scenes are in. do you know of a list or can recommend some good bamon episodes/scenes? x

There was a vidder who pulled together a pretty exhaustive list a while ago, but I can’t find it now, and it would be pretty outdated at this point anyway. Hmm, here’s some off the top of my head (edit: this is not meant to be an exhaustive list btw!):

  • 1x03 - Bonnie offers to help in the kitchen, Damon: “Why not?”
  • 1x07 - Halloween Party scene
  • 1x09 - Damon trying to get the crystal back from Bonnie/Emily, Bonnie/Emily destroys it
  • 1x19 - Bonnie puts down Stefan in the woods outside Miss Mystic Falls, Damon looks on (the scene and colors are just really pretty, lol)
  • 1x21 - Banter and Bonnie pretending to de-spell the gilbert device
  • 1x22 - “Thank you” at Founder’s Day parade, Bonnie helping save Damon from the fire
  • 2x01 - bonnie tells damon to heal caroline, banter at the lockwood manor, the first aneurysm
  • 2x02 - bonnie sets damon ON FIRE :D
  • 2x06 - bonnie and damon kidnap mason, “Hey Judgy… thank you”
  • 2x10 - damon watches Bonnie perform spell to make immobilizing powder for Katherine
  • 2x17 - Bamon and Jeremy in the Martins’ apartment, damon helps bonnie find the witch house
  • 2x18 - the last dance, self explanatory????
  • 2x21 - team badass interrupt klaus’ sacrifice ceremony
  • 3x07 - damon drives up to baroline to tell them about mason’s ghost
  • 3x12 - damon finds the info on bonnie’s mom
  • 3x20 - “there’s always a choice,” damon finds bonnie when she’s possessed
  • 3x21 - “If you’re so upset with me, why did you feed me your blood to save my life?”, waiting for abby in the boardinghouse, “I’m on team bonnie”
  • 3x22 - walking out of elevator together in storage center, with klaus’ coffin
  • 4x04 - scenes at whittmore, in shane’s class, at the halloween party, arguing outside afterwards
  • 4x06 - they attend Shane’s exhibit together, “This is my friend Damon”
  • 4x09 - Damon painfully explains about Jeremy’s “fuzzy feelings” for Bonnie
  • 4x13 - confronting shane together about teaching bonnie expression
  • 4x15 - The Hug TM, etc.
  • 4x19 - Applauding the prom queen, “stay away from the witch”
  • 4x22 - “The little witch did it,” Damon tries to find Bonnie, Bonnie won’t let Silas hurt Damon, Team Badass take him down
  • 5x04 - Damon learns that Bonnie is dead, drinks, has her grimoire at the funeral
  • 5x05, 5x06, 5x07 - Damon struggling to find a way to resurrect Bonnie, Bonnie watching him on the phone unseen
  • 5x13 - (MESSY) Damon accosts JB, Bitter Ball, weird sexual tension eye contact while Liv attempts the spell
  • 5x22 - Damon and Bonnie tense vulnerability in the dorm room “Do you think I want to die?” “My brother is over there,” Bamon stuck on the collapsing Other Side together IN THEMOMENT WE’RE LOST AND FOUND IF THESE WINGS COULD FLYY YYYYYY
  • 6x01 - fucking. vampcakes. 
  • 6x02 - prison world goodness
  • 6x03 - grocery shopping, arguing about hope, bonnie gets her magic back to protect him, “that’s just how you two show your love”
  • 6x04 - boardinghouse shenanigans with kai, “don’t ever lay a hand on her”
  • 6x05 - stick poking, vampire moving, shoulder patting, “Not exactly,” “I’m not gonna make it, but you are”
  • 6x06 - Damon leaves Bonnie a voicemail, “I might actually miss you a little bit”
  • 6x07 - Damon finds Ms. Cuddles
  • 6x08 - Damon trying to get Papa Gemini’s help with saving Bonnie, “When she wasn’t talking, she was listening”
  • 6x09 - Damon and Elena go back to the prison world, Bonnie returns their page, “She sacrificed everything for us over and over again”
  • 6x10 - Bonnie in leather jacket, with Camaro, burns down Christmas tree, “She’s there, I’m here, and I hate myself for it”
  • 6x13 - suicide bourbon, “Damon you’re a genius,” “Reporting live, this is Bonnie Bennett,” Bonnie driving the Camaro
  • 6x15 - Hug 2.0, How I Met Your Mother
  • 6x16 - “Like a fever you can’t shake,” stupid little grins when they see each other at the rave, “I wish I could show you what that feels like”
  • 6x17 - “Stick with me Bonnie Bennett, I might just have the answer to all your prayers,” Bonnie gifts the cure to Damon
  • 6x19 - Damon brings Bonnie coffee, “I could end up dead, again”
  • 6x20 - Bonnie tells Elena that Damon confided in her and they talked all night after Elena left him hanging post-cure revelation
  • 6x22 - phone call where they were each worried Kai hurt the other, forehead kiss, Damon kills Kai and bridal carries Bonnie out
  • 7x01 - “platonic” van-side body-grinding, 3 second speech, team badass take down a heretic together
  • 7x02 - “You’re covering for me”
  • 7x03 - Bonnie hanging out with Damon in his towel, Myrtle Beach trip
  • 7x04 - “You are officially the most terrifying person I know”
  • 7x05 - “I lost someone I loved,” Bamon do shots at the bar
  • 7x09 - Phone call
  • 7x10 - Phoenix Stone hellscape scenes, Bonnie trying irl to bring him back
  • 7x11 - Damon healing Bonnie and tearfully apologizing
  • 7x13 - Krystal with a K, Bonnie gives Damon the sword, Rayna shoots Bonnie and Damon heals her, Bamon in the car, Bonnie tells Stefan to nut up because Damon needs him
  • 7x14 - Bamon at the Armory, Damon conferring with his “counsel,” Bonnie lending him a literal hand, Damon trying to get her to leave him, Bonnie getting hurt in the scuffle with Tyler and Damon’s reaction, trying and failing to heal her, bedside speech
  • 7x15 - Bonica magica, “Are we friends?”
  • 7x18 - “I cared about him more than anyone else in the world,” Damon trying to get info on Bonnie out of Alaric, Damon bringing her flowers and Bonnie slamming the door in his face
  • 7x19 - Damon showing up with flowers again, Bonnie and Clyde style shooting, Damon/Enzo showdown followed by Bamon argument in the parking lot, Bamon in the car, Damon noticing the scabs on her hands, 
  • 7x20 - “You don’t get to use the F word,” Damon encouraging Bonnie to keep hoping, they argue when he works with the Armory to finish Rayna’s list, Bonnie seals the Armory after opening the vault
  • 7x21 - damon wakes bonnie from the huntress coma, leads her to the memorial stump and speechifies, “I admire you, I believe in you, and I love you”
  • 7x22 - whatever
  • 8x01 - “Til we meet again, Bon,” Damon tries to convince Enzo to flip his switch so that Sybil won’t hurt Bonnie
  • 8x03 - Bamon flashback montage and Sybil defiling the 5x22 scene, Damon interrupts the bouquet toss, Bonnie STABS HIM (so does Caroline, to greater effect because, vampire.), “Damon, don’t make me do this,” Damon is thinking of vampcakes even without his memories of Bonnie

Uh… hope that helps :)

EXO Reaction to you leaving to celebrate the 4th of July

So this one is special because technically this is tomorrow so yeah I think it’s the best time to post it! Love and have a lot of fun, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Fine! Leave! I have the bed all for myself! This works for me!”

Kris: “Don’t worry I’ll go to Canada and have the best time of my life there”

Sehun: “USA? I have tea practice so I can’t go”
You: “But I didn’t ask you to come..”
Sehun: “Yeah yeah don’t miss me okay? I’m sure you’ll do fine” *Sarcastic little shit*

Tao: “Again? You have a lover or what?! You are always leaving me behind!” *Pissed*

Kai: “It’s okay… someone needs to take care of our baby… have fun”

Xiumin: *Celebrates in Korea* “Woahhhhhh~”

Baekhyun: *Acts like a puppy* “She forgot to take me with her… Did I do something wrong? Is she mad?”

Luhan: *Watches you on TV partying like crazy* “Ah no no no, that’s not Y/N! Definitely no!”

Chen: “Fine bitch! I won’t take you with me to Hawaii next month!”

Kyungsoo: *Celebrates with the boys at the beach* “We are having more fun here than Y/N in New York! Yeaaaaah!”

Lay: *Sleeps until you are back*

Suho: *Disappointed* “Fine… Leave me here… alone.. with 11 dorks…”

beach ⌁ newt scamander

modern!Newt Scamander x Reader

plot ⌁ cute beach day with Newt where he’s a bit insecure

warnings/info ⌁ modern!au

word count ⌁ 833


The scent of the salt water hit you as you stepped out of your car. Waves rolled in calmly and seagulls flew overhead, probably looking for a meal to snatch. You smiled brightly, you loved the beach. You quickly unpacked your beach bag and started walking to the sand. The warm soft grains moved around your toes, you loved this feeling. Arms wrapped around your torso and your smile just grew.

“You’re in a rush” Newt, your boyfriend laughed.

“Of course I am, I haven’t been to the beach in forever” you beamed.

“Hey lovebirds! We found the perfect spot!” Queenie yelled waving to you two.

You gave her a thumbs up, grabbing Newt’s hand and walking towards them. You sat down as Tina set down her beach towel and lay on top of it. She was dressed in a nice dress and sunglasses. Queenie one the other hand was already stripping down to her bikini.

“Someone join me” she pouted.

You laughed and nodded, placing your bag next to Tina. Newt had started laying down his and your beach towel too. You slipped your dress off and threw it at Newt. It hit him in the head and fell to the floor. He snapped his gaze to you as red coated his cheeks. You winked cheekily and Queenie laughed.
You both ran to the water as Newt still looked flustered and embarrassed.

Tina shook her head in amusement as she watched Newt. He was looking at you with awe and admiration. He watched as you splashed Queenie with water and how she got you back. You were cracking up and dancing around as the water flowed around you. This was how he liked you best, being so natural and playful. And watching you today, Newt remembered why he fell in love with you in the first place. Your laugh, the most contagious. Your smile, could fix any bad mood. Your kind eyes, could make anyone melt.

“You really love her don’t you?”

Newt tore his eyes off of you and looked at Tina. A boyish grin formed on his face as he nodded mindlessly, his watch floating back to you.

“Newt! Join me!” you called, waving at him.

Newt hurriedly shook his head, looking down. He watched as you put your hands on your hips and poked your tongue out at him. You started to pout. Oh no. He could never say no to that.

“Coming!” he called but still didn’t move a muscle.

“What’s taking him so long?” Queenie shook her head.

You studied him with worried eyes and knew straight away what the problem was. You waded through the water around you and to the shore, making your way to Newt. He gave you a sheepish smile before looking away. You knelt down next to him, leaning in. Drops of water fell onto his shirt from your wet hair.

“You know I love you right?” you whispered in his ear.

He nodded quickly.

“I love everything about you… Your eyes, your hugs, the way you care for your beasts as if they were your children… And don’t get me started on your body” you lightly nipped his ear at the end of your sentence, making Newt yelp in surprise.

Tina looked at you two before giving you a knowing smile.

“I think I forgot my phone in the car. I’m going to get it” she smiled, giving you two privacy to talk.

You guys barely noticed her as you pressed a soft kiss to Newt’s neck.

“Y/N, what are you doing? We’re in a public spot” Newt said in a whisper-yell.

The beach was pretty much empty anyway, just you guys and an elderly couple having a picnic further away and a few boys playing a ball game.

“Where was I?” you pondered out loud.

Newt watched you in nervousness.

“Oh yes, your amazing body”

“Y/N stop” he blushed.

He never could take a compliment. You sighed and leaned back.

“All I’m saying is you have nothing to be worried about. Your scars don’t change my view on you so they definitely shouldn’t change yours. Please join me. I need someone to help me beat Queenie in a water war” you trailed your hand down to the hem of his shirt.

Newt sucked in a deep breath before moving his arms up. You raised your eyebrows in surprise but happiness soon took over. You tugged his shirt off and threw it to the side. You jumped up and pulled Newt with you. As soon as you guys were standing, Newt regretted his choice.
Everyone was looking at him. That’s how it felt anyway, despite the face there was barely anyone on the beach. You felt him stiffen and slowly wrapped your arms around his waist in a hug. He was significantly taller than you, standing at 6′2″.

“If anybody’s looking, it’s in admiration” you stated, pulling away.

Confidently, you took his hand in yours and dragged him to the water.