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Shameless 7x06 - “Did everyone just forget Ian again?”

You don’t mind if I give the episodes their actual title do you? Thought I could count on your support!


1) Neil might just be what Debbie needed to put her shit together.
So, I think I’m starting to see the light at the end of the Debbie-hating fandom tunnel, and this is might be thanks to her finding someone that satisfies her need to feel needed, and her need to take care of someone. Yeah, marrying at this age is stupid, but this is just the Shameles way of putting it. Besides, raising a child at Debbie’s age is stupid as well, but she’s right to search for some kind of stability, now that she has Frannie. Plus I like Neil. Everyone is so full of shit in this show, it’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t lie or isn’t in denial all the fucking time. 

2) My son Carl. Let me tell you about my son Carl. Son. 
Okay so everyone is proud of him and we know if. What I’m specifically talking about here is when he finds Dom and her guy together, and Dom’s guy even makes fun of him - and he just takes off. Without getting in a useless fight. Because he’s that perfect. Yes he is. My son. He even confronted Frank and succeeded in ignoring him. That shit ain’t easy, let me tell you. And A+ acting for Ethan, because when he was on that couch listening to Frank’s bullshit, you could actually see the disappointment and pain in his eyes. Well done my boy. I’ll miss ya. 

3) Lip’s friend. Still hot and precious. Nice.

4) Fuck you, Frank, a poem written by New Lip
Yes, I admit. Frank had me fooled. I didn’t imagine he would go full dysfunctional with his second family as well. And I loved that little moment when the ‘new Monica’ told him ‘my name is Dolores’. Really hit home in regards to Frank’s delusions. Because this is what they are - delusions. He’s such a sick man, I often feel sorry for him.

5) Ian and Trevor’s laugh. 
And only the laughing moment, specifically. I loved it, they aced it. Probably because it was easily relatable for two straight guys like them LOL (Is Elliot straight? He has a girlfriend right? But I don’t know, maybe he’s bi or something else) like they were being honest and out of character for a second and going “Hey, just so you know, I’m not taking it up the ass!!!” it was hilarious. 

6) Fiona is winning points as well. 
I want to see her turning the laundromat around. I know she can do it. And I especially liked when she accepted to sign the papers for Debbie’s marriage, because that showed how she is able to respect Debbie’s choices, and she won’t use her authority as Guardian to control her - contrary to what Frank did. 


1) Incest rape jokes. Need I say more?

2) Fiona and Lip both have a point and should probably stop fighting for the same fucking things after 7 years.
I don’t know how the whole collateral thing works in America, and yes, maybe she should have consulted the family first, but it’s obvious that Lip just can’t wait to see her fuck up, and can’t wait to call her out on it, because Lip has issues with her he hasn’t resolved and should really try and do so. Last episode, we saw Ian call Fiona out, and it was the right thing to do, and I think it got Fiona thinking, and that’s why she’s been kinder with Debbie this week. But calling people out is different than attacking them - and Lip, Lip just knows how to attack Fiona. If I were Fiona, I would feel awful. Of course, Fiona then attacks Lip as well, and he got it coming, can’t say he didn’t.

3) Let’s do a fundraise, and with that money, let’s all buy Sierra a personality.
Like, are the writers even trying to make her an interesting, indipendent-from-Lip character? No. They’re not. They have to make the episode all about her ability to squirt. Really? Reeeeally? Give me ten minutes of Ian coping with having seen someone die before him instead of ten minutes of Lip eating pussy. There. I said it. *Kev’s voice* I feel so much better now.
Because I really need interesting women characters in this series, and I want to like Sierra, I really do, but she’s got nothing to hook me with. What should I like about her? Her kid? Her squirting ability? Her nice skinny body? Give me something to work on, guys! 

4) Everyone forgot Ian again and I’m gonna flip this fucking show.
Are the writers even doing this on purpose. Or just being absent-minded like all the rest of the Gallaghers?
So, being an EMT is a high risk job. Your brother is bipolar. Your brother should have been home two hours ago and didn’t show up. Your other brother has to go to military school and has to say his goodbyes. And you’re not even gonna give him a call? Really? Not even a call? REALLY?!
Get the FUCK out of this fucking city Ian, Mexico is gonna be all your dreams and more, and bring your bro Trevor if you want to, I don’t care. Just. 

5) I’m gonna dream about a conversation between Ian and Carl that might have made all the difference.
Ian went to Basic Training. That’s like the harder version of military school. If I had a bigger brother who went through the same shit I want to go through, I would definitely ask him to explain stuff. I expected more from Carl. I know it’s not his fault and it’s the writer’s fault, because, again, having Fiona, Lip and Ian talk about squirting is more important than having Ian open up to his little brother on how was Basic Training like, and how he could survive to the stress of it. It’s all about the choices you make, writers. It’s all about the choices.

6) There are so many things I’d like to say on Ian and Trevor’s scenes, I really shouldn’t say them all here, so I’ll just summarize my thoughts.
I don’t like Trevor’s behavior. It’s manipulative, and I’m not gonna explain here why. I’m just gonna say that after witnessing the death of a patient, the last thing Ian should do is try to cope with emotional distress by having sex with someone he’s not so sure he wants to have sex with. And I’m so glad they didn’t have sex in the end. Trevor needs to back off and Ian needs time to analyze his feelings and do some self-therapy, if the official one scares the Shameless writers so much. Ian is not in the right place to start a relationship, and I’m glad I’m not the only one saying this, here on tumblr. Don’t get me wrong - I enjoy watching their scenes, I enjoy watching Shameless as a whole, but thinking they’re hot together won’t stop me from seeing the potential damage Trevor could do to Ian if this keeps up.
What torments me the most is that I don’t know if the writers are aware of this. I don’t know what they’re gonna do with Ian’s emotional insecurities. Are they really gonna pretend it’s all because Trevor has a vagina and Ian is grossed out? I mean, if they are preparing us to compare Mickey and Trevor and come up with the answer that Trevor is a better, healthier choice for Ian, they are definitely going for a MAJOR. FAIL.  

Hit me with your best thoughts on this. Talk to you soon!

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