someone needs to make him some chicken noodle soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

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Hey :) How about a Peter X Tony sickfic ?☺️ That would be wonderful xxx

Helluu, a fanfiction where tony stark is sick and Peter cares about him. That’ll be great💚💙💜

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader x Tony Stark (Dad goals af)

Description: Where Tony gets sick and Peter takes care of him with an endless amount of Chicken Noodle Soup.

Warnings: It’s really cute, slight swearing, and Tony is dad goals to Peter but we already knew that !!!

Word Count: 2,196

A/N: I hope you don’t mind, I added the reader into this also because I though it made the story flow a lot better and it was easier to write it that way :)) So therefore, I kinda changed the request up a bit, but it’s still so funny. Enjoy!

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Incoming Call From: Y/N

“Shit, nononono end call, end call.” Peter whisper yelled, but he was too late, up on the screen came Y/N, and beside her was Tony.

“Mr. Parker!” Tony spoke casually, taking his glasses off nonchalantly, as you sat next to him.

“Sorry Peter, he took my phone since you wouldn’t answer his call.” You shrugged, picking at your nail polish as Tony rolled his eyes.

“Yes, next time, answer my call. Anyways I needed to talk to you.” Tony coughed, making you scoot away from him as Peter was cautiously looking around him.

The boat soon blew its horn, making Tony’s eyes widen and his eyebrows raise in curiosity.

“What was that? Where are you?” Tony questioned skeptically, making Peter nervously swallow as he glanced around and saw the bad guys meeting.

“I-I’m at band practice.” Peter nervously responded, but Tony wasn’t having it.

“That’s strange, Happy told me you quit band practice two weeks ago..” He trailed off, looking into the screen as Peter’s eyes widened.

“Yeah well, I gotta go, end call!” Peter shouted, before flying off the side and interrupting the bad guys meeting.

“Hey guys, am I late?” He asked casually, as the bad guys whipped their guns out to shoot him.

You on the other hand were stuck in the car with an angry Tony Stark, making you groan.

“He’s doing some stupid shit isn’t he?” You asked, making Tony nod his head and instantly call someone on his phone.

“Like usual, I’ll probably have to fix his mess.” Tony groaned, rubbing his forehead.

“Not to be rude or anything Mr. Stark, but you aren’t looking so good, are you okay?” You questioned, noticing how pale he had gotten and how he was starting to sweat a little bit.

“I think I’m coming down with something, Cap probably gave me it knowing him.” Tony rolled his eyes, as you did your best to hide your laugh.

You both soon arrived back at the Avengers compound, Tony flying off to save Peter’s ass like usual.

You on the other hand were watching the news, seeing a boat had been cut in half and was sinking in the middle of the ocean, and sure enough there was Peter, trying to save the day, before Tony flew in, fixing the ship.

He was so dead.

You eventually went to bed, you heard them both arrive late in the morning, around three am, Peter was being scolded by Tony, probably for the millionth time.

You decided to find out more in the morning.

Bright light soon shone through your window, making you cover your eyes before you forcefully made yourself get out of bed, going to get your morning cup of tea.

You spotted Peter sitting at the table, a distraught look on his face as he pushed his food around on his plate.

“Morning Spidey.” You smiled, making his head snap up at your voice, his eyes narrowing at you.

“It’s Peter, you know that.” He muttered, making you roll your eyes slightly, someone was in a mood.

“You know, if you want to be in a bitchy mood, you can go somewhere else.” You suggested, putting the tea bag in the hot water.

Peter groaned, covering his face before letting out a deep sigh.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that.” He glanced over at you, as you gave a slight nod in response.

“I know, I saw what happened, but just because it did, doesn’t mean you should take your frustration and anger out on others alright?” You sat down at the table, pressing your spoon against the tea bag.

“You’re right, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to come out the way it did, I’m just annoyed that Mr. Stark doesn’t trust me enough. He took my suit.” Peter sighed sadly, as you listened carefully.

“Well, you’re still great without it Peter, we all know that, I’m positive Tony knows that too.” You hummed, taking a sip of your tea, which was delicious by the way.

“I know something you can do, to make up for what you did, it’s not going to fix things instantly, but it should help bump you up.” You offered, making his face light up a bit.

“Tony is sick, and I have to leave, therefore, that leaves you, I bet if you help take care of him, you’ll work some magic.” You smiled, motioning towards the cans of soup.

Peter nodded, getting up and looking at all the different types of soup.

“Since that’s settled, I gotta go, see ya later.” You waved, before exiting to your room, and getting ready.

Peter on the other hand was still looking over all the soups, there were so many choices, and he had no clue which soup Tony liked.

He eventually decided on Chicken Noodle Soup, one of his favorites that his Aunt May would make him when he was sick.

He put it in a bowl, heating it up, before putting it on a tray with a glass of orange juice, before walking to Tony’s room.

He hesitantly knocked on the door, hearing a ’come in!’ before he entered, seeing Tony laying in bed, tissues scattering the area.

“Parker, what are you doing here?” Tony wheezed out, before coughing and groaning.

“I brought you some soup, y-you know to help you f-feel better.” He responded nervously, wanting this to be a start to a recovery.

“Oh, thank you.” Tony replied, sitting up as Peter placed the tray in his lap.

“It’s Chicken Noodle.” Peter smiled, proud of himself as Tony gave an approval nod as he ate the soup.

“Thank you Parker, this was really generous of you.” Tony smiled slightly, before laying back down.

“Everyone kinda left, so I’ll be here if you need anything.” Peter offered, as Tony nodded, before exiting the room.

As Peter walked down the hallway, he gave fist bump to the air, it was already working.

A few hours passed and Peter had given Tony some medicine, some more orange juice, and lots of Chicken Noodle Soup.

Peter was now in the kitchen once again, making another can of Chicken Noodle Soup, a grin on his face.

In a way, Tony was a father figure to him, he was someone that actually saw something in him, and it meant a lot.

Therefore, all the soup making and orange juice giving, it was like he was taking care of his own dad, something he never thought he’d ever do in his life.

“Knock knock!” Peter spoke through the door, as Tony allowed him in.

“Parker, let me guess, Chicken Noodle Soup?” Tony rolled his eyes playfully, a small grin on his face as Peter laughed, handing him the tray once again.

“How’d you know? It’s the special soup of the day!” Peter joked, making Tony laugh slightly.

Although Peter had made a lot of destruction in the past twenty-four hours, Tony was glad Peter was there to help take care of him, sure there was a lot of soup, like A LOT, but Peter was willing to look past everything, and so was Tony.

“You know, kid, I really appreciate you doing this, you didn’t have to.” Tony spoke up before Peter left, making him stop dead in his tracks.

“I know, but, I mean, you mean, you know?” Peter stammered, unable to find the right words, making Tony nod in understanding.

“I know.” Tony smiled, making Peter smile back before leaving his room, the smile never leaving his face.

Tony on the other hand, was having his sixth can of Chicken Noodle Soup, secretly praying he’d be feeling better tomorrow before he became a Chicken Noodle himself.

Eventually everyone returned back to the compound, checking in on Tony, before heading to bed.

Peter did the same, but not before giving Tony some orange juice, then heading to bed.

The night went by fairly quick, surprising Peter as he woke up to the smell of bacon cooking.

He stumbled out of bed, seeing Tony cooking breakfast, something that he wasn’t used to.

“Mr. Stark, you’re feeling better.” Peter spoke, as Tony gave a small smile, nodding at him.

“Indeed I am, please, sit.” He motioned to the table, where Peter sat down, unsure of what was happening.

“You know, being sick, I’ve been thinking a lot, and I’ve decided to give you your suit back, I know you were just doing what you thought was right, and when I was your age, I would of done the same thing.” Tony explained as Peter listened intently, playing with his fingers anxiously.

“Thank you Mr. Stark, I won’t let you down again, I promise.” Peter swore, making Tony chuckle as he put some food down on a plate and gave it to Peter, who was a bit shocked.

“I know you won’t, eat up kid, big day ahead of us.” Tony winked, making Peter’s smile widen, before he dove into the breakfast, which was amazing.

Tony soon left the kitchen, going to get ready himself, as Peter sat there eating his food, his heart racing with excitement.

He got his suit back, Tony wasn’t disappointed in him, he was proud of him.

“Hey Spidey, or should I say Peter?” You asked, walking into the kitchen, starling Peter, before a smile broke out on his face.

“Hey Y/N, your plan worked by the way, so thank you.” Peter smiled, making you grin, nodding in approval.

“I told you it would, Tony is a sucker for soup.” You laughed, once again making your cup of tea before joining Peter at the table.

“So you got the suit back?” You questioned, sipping your tea as Peter nodded in response.

“Yeah, I think I’m going on a mission in a few, Mr. Stark even made me breakfast.” Peter grinned, bragging to you, making you laugh slightly.

“Congratulations, you must feel very special.” You teased, making him blush slightly.

“You know, I couldn’t help but notice every time I see you, you’re drinking tea?” He commented, making you raise your eyebrows slightly.

“Sore throat, helps ease it.” You responded vaguely, watching Peter carefully as he processed what you said, his eyes widening.

“Oh my god, you’re sick! You’re the guilty one!” Peter whisper shouted, a smile on his face as you sipped your tea again.

“Shhh he doesn’t need to know.” You laughed, as Peter laughed with you, however Tony soon found out it was you and not Cap.

“Hey Y/N, I have someone that wants to see you!” Tony smiled wickedly, making your eyebrows raise slightly, you weren’t allowed to leave your room now since he’d discovered you were the one that had gotten him sick.

Therefore, this was Tony’s punishment to you.

“THe SoUP oF ThE DaY iS ChIcKEN NoOdLE!”

YOUR HEART WILL BE MINE (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

You were comming out of a Black Veil Brides concert, standing outside waiting for your best friends to come out, which were the band members themselves.
As you saw the many members of the BVB army comming outside super stoaked and excited about the amazing performance they just saw, and the many girls saying how Andy was singing to them or how Jake was looking right at them while he was rocking out on his guitar solo, you couldnt help but giggle a little.
Mostly because you knew that as a matter of fact Andy was looking directly at you the entire time while he was on stage.
You were wondering why that was though, his amazing blue eyes were literally stuck on you and only you, they really didnt look at any other direction but yours, the only other way they would look was towards the guys, but other than that they were totally stuck on you.
You waited outside for a while, you were shocked to see that there were still many many fans comming outside. It just goes to show how huge the BVB army truly was.

Almost one and half hour later, the guys came out, first one to come out was CC, then Jake, then Ashley, then Jinxx, and last but not least, Andy.
Since the rest of the guys were in a hurry, they said their goodbyes to you early and went on their way. Now it was just you and Andy standing in front of each other.
“It was an awesome show you guys played today.”
“Yeah, It felt amazing tonight thanks. Did you see me looking at you?” The long black haired angel asked.
“Oooh, maybe I caught you once or twice, or maybe the entire freakin show.” you responded.
He cracked a huge blushing smile and laughed a little. You enjoyed when he did that, his laugh was really adorable to you.
“Well what did you think of me staring at you like that?”
“I thought it was pretty flirty, are you trying to tell me something?” you questioned, raising your eyebrow.
“Well…I really like you (Y/N)…and I wanna take you out…” he confessed. You went into complete shock when you heard those words come out of his mouth, did you really just hear what you think you heard?

“Um…uh…what?” were the only words you managed to say.
“I said I really like you…” He was about to say something else but his mouth closed before he could speak again.
There was dead silence in the air for a moment, not one word escaped either of your lips, but your eyes spoke it all, they were serious, blank, you had quite the poker face on, so Andy couldnt really tell what you were even thinking.
“Um…you know it would be nice if you said something by now…” He said.
You shook your head snapping back into reality after a million thoughts when through your mind.
“I uh…Im sorry Andy..youre a good friend of mine and I love you to death man but um..Im not interested.” was your answer.
Andy’s heart felt like it sunk very low to his gut. You were actually the only girl in his life to ever reject him. So your words were most definately shocking to him. You felt horrible, but you couldnt force yourself to have feelings for him, you just didnt see him as your boyfriend unfortunately.
There was another moment of silence, another moment of your eyes just staring at each other.
At first Andy’s eyes were sad and crushed, but you became surprised when they suddenly seemed to have fire in them.
“Im sorry, you said no to me…me?” he asked.
“Uh yes…” you told him.
“Im sorry (Y/N) this might make me sound like an asshole to you but do you know how many girls out there would love to date me and be with me?” He exclaimed.

Your mouth dropped open, but you shook it off and replied to him, “Andy, Im sorry I said I just dont feel that way for you.”
“I just dont see you that way, Im sorry if you cant understand that but I just dont feel that way for you.”
“I just cant believe this…you seriously dont feel anything for me?”
“No!” you yelled, he was being completely unfair, but yet again you werent surprised that he was acting this way towards you, for as long as you have known Andy, he was never rejected, no girl would ever turn him down, so you actually saying no to him was something he couldnt accept.
“This is…this is not real…Im Andy..”
“And Im (Y/N) whats your point?”
Andy came a little closer to you, he got a good look at your beauty and just smiled.
“Okay what?” you wondered, yet again confused.
“I understand you dont feel that way for me.”
“Well..thank you. And Im sorry if I made things weird between us.”
He shook his head, “Stop no you didnt.”
He pulled you close to him and hugged you real tight, you couldnt help but smile and hug him back, after all he was your friend. And you were just happy that he was finally cool with you guys not being a couple.
“I’ll see you sometime this week then?” you asked, “Yeah for sure.” he assured you and let go.

The two of you went your separate ways, as Andy came into his car, where Ash was waiting for him, he stared at him and Ashley had a hopefull expression on his face.
“Sooo…what happend? how did it go?” he asked him.
“She rejected me..”
“Woah woah wait what?!” Ashley exclaimed.
Andy nodded comfirming what he just told him, “But…no one has ever rejected you before..youre Andy…”
“I know!! Thats what I said!”
“Aw man…Im sorry bud..” he tells him.
“Its alright…it just means I have to step up my game.” He says.
Now Ashley was the one confused, “What are you talking about?”
“Listen Ash, I really like (Y/N) I have for a very long time. Im not giving up until her heart is mine.”
Ash smiled and patted his best friend on the back, “Go get her tiger.”
He gave him a look and caused Ashley to roll his eyes,
“I mean go get her batman.”
“Thats much better.”

The next morning, you woke up feeling very sick, not wearing a sweater in the cold weather last night really came back to bite you in the ass.
“Choo!!!” you shouted, sneezing so hard and making your nose drip, “Ughhh fuck being sick!” you yelled, your voice echoing in your house.
You heard your cell phone ring next to your bed, You grabbed it and saw it was a text message from Andy asking you if you guys were still on for tonight.
You slapped a hand to your forehead, you completely forgot that you had made plans with him the week before,
“Shit…” you muttered, you texted him back saying that you were really sick and that you cant go out.
Right after you sent that text message, your phone began to vibrate with Andy’s picture on the caller ID. You tapped the green phone button and placed it against your ear.
“Hello?” you greeted with a dull and rough voice.
“(Y/N)? wow you really are sick…”
“Yeah…Im so sorry I cant hang out.”
“Dam you sound roughed up, but dont worry, I’ll take care of you.”
For some reason you felt yourself blush when he said that,
“Uhh..take care of me?”
“Yeah, youre by yourself and you need someone there, I’ll pick up some medicine, make you some chicken noodle soup, and I’ll bring an extra blanket so you could stay toasty.”
“You mean your batman blanket?”
“What? no…I mean yes I mean…shut up I’ll he there in ten minutes!!” he said before hanging up.
You laughed a little and smiled, you thought it was very sweet of him to volunteer to take care of you when he didnt have to.

Moments later he arrived at your place, you left the door unlocked for him so he could come inside. “(Y/N)?” he called out.
“Im in here!” you called back from your bedroom.
He came inside and wrapped his batman blanket around you, he got the cough syrup and nasal spray out of the pharmacy bag and placed the two items on your desk.
“Awww Andy you really dont have to do all this.”
“I know…But I want to…I really do.”
he replied with a really warm and friendly smile, you felt yourself blush again, “Can you hang on to this?”
He handed you the pharmancy bag as he prepared more things for you, you glanced inside and your eyed widened when you saw a black rose inside, you took it out and admired how beautifu it was.
“This for me?”
“Of course, just wanted to give you something to make you smile.”
And it worked, the rose really did make you smile, your favorite flower and your favorite color all in one, youve never even seen a black rose for real before.
“Theres that smile I love so much, guess I did a good job.”
“This is really sweet…thank you Andy. And uh…Im so sorry you have to see me like this I look like complete shit.”
“Not even, you always look beautiful to me, besides you look even prettier without any makeup on.” He complimented.
You became a little surprised, no guy has ever told you look beautiful without makeup, usually you get a “You look tired (Y/N).” or,
“You look sick.” or the ever famous,
“Why dont you go fix yourself up a little.”
What was even more surprising was seeing a different side of Andy, a more sweeter, gentle side of him, almost like a boyfriend type.

After feeding you soup and giving you your dose of medicine, the two of you were now watching batman cartoons and laughing together, this was honestly the greatest time youve had in a while.
“I’ll be right back Im gonna go to the bathroom.” you notify.
“You sure youre not too dizzy to walk?”
“No I’ll be fine dont worry.”
As you got off the bed you began to feel a little woozy the moment your feet touched the floor.
You took a few steps and suddenly your body gave up in a matter of seconds, the next thing you knew your face was against the floor.
Andy was quick to rush by your side and quickly wrapped his arms around you, “(Y/N) that sounded like it hurt are you okay?!” he asked very worried about you.
You didnt say a word, you didnt know if it was his scent, his arms around you, or the fact that his lips were only inches away from yours, but your heart began to race, it raced so much that it also gave you the urge to just kiss him.
You wanted to taste his perfectly shaped lips really badly, you wondered how they would feel sliding off yours, you wondered if you would feel a spark of fire inside of you if you really did kiss them.

You flinched a little and snapped back into reality, “Um…sorry…”
“I said are you okay?”
“Yeah…yeah Im fine….”
“Why were you looking at me like that?”
You shook your head, you felt yourself blush a little, feeling a little embarassed by the thoughts that just ran through your mind. Your heart was still beating against your chest though, that was something you couldnt stop even if you wanted to.
Andy just chuckled and shook it off, he helped you up and lead you to the bathroom,
“I’ll still be here if you need me.”
Moments later, since the medicine was also a sleeping aid it pretty much knocked you out.
You slowly woke up to feel a warmth you never felt before, you lifted your head up to see that it you were right on top of Andy, the entire time you were hearing his heartbeat against your ear, it was music to your ears, the most soothing sound in the world.
“Hm…” he hummed.
“Please wake up.” you softly begged.
Little by little you saw his beautiful eyes emerging and looked straight you, he yawned before you heard his sweet but rough deep voice,
“Hmm? whats the matter?” he began petting caressing your face and your hair, placing it behind your ear.
“You cuddled with me?..”
“No, actually you cuddled with me…I was sleeping and then all of the sudden I felt you climb on top of me…” he responded.
“Aw man…how embarassing.” you said getting off him and sitting on your bed.

He sat up as well and came close behind you, “Why are you embarassed? I liked that you did that.”
“Well I liked it too but…Andy…its a little awkward, especially after I rejected you when you wanted to be with me…but now…I think I wanna be with you…” you confessed, biting your bottom lip.
“You do?” He said surprised.
“Yeah but…now I dont even have a chance with you do I?…”
“(Y/N), I never you said you didnt.”
You turned to face him with a unbelievable expression.
“But I-”
“Forget what happend after the concert, my heart never stopped beating for you (Y/N), why else would I come over here to take care of you?”
You smiled warmly, very touched by how sweet he has been. He took your soft hand in his and put it against his chest,
“You see? still beating very fast right now.”
The two of you laughed a little, he caressed your face and leaned in closer, he kissed your soft lips passionately, and just as you thought, you felt fire inside of you. Andy was truly the man who would own your heart.
“Now can we cuddle again?” he asked, You nodded agreeing and cuddled the hell out of him.
“Im very happy we’re together now.” you whispered
“Yeah…I knew your heart would be mine..”

(Some opinions would be nice please? Im a little insecure about this one since its been a while that Ive written anything heh.)