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ok, honestly, tauriel is a precious fiery cinnamon roll and is a brilliant character regardless of whether or not she has a romantic pairing right? (book purists have been kinda hurtful lately.) it's okay if you don't publish this ask but i just really need some assurance from someone i know is willing to defend tauriel. i'm usually nervous to talk to people online but your art gives me such a warm happy feeling that i decided to just go ahead and send this. thank you :)

Darling, I’ll defend the hell out of my fiery cinnamon roll elf, you can be sure of that. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

I personally think Tauriel was a very important inclusion to the Hobbit movies. For one, they treated her well as a character; they didn’t try to ‘empower’ her by making her more masculine (a sad trend for movies), and neither was she put down with gender-based insults, and the lack of both those things was so refreshing. Regardless of the nature of her relationship with Kíli, she’s compassionate, and in a world full of darkness and war that’s important. She’s one of the only characters who doesn’t seem to be driven to war by treasure, old feuds, or following orders on behalf of treasure/feuds. She’s a skilled fighter but is motivated to protect people. She defies orders in favour of following her instincts and stands up to her King, knowing she’ll be facing consequences for doing so. And OF COURSE she’s flawed, but people are? Could her inclusion have been written better? Yes, but I’m pretty happy with what we had.

The only other elf women with speaking parts in the Middle Earth movies are royalty. Not everyone can be a copy of Arwen or Galadriel, and not everyone can relate to them. So it’s nice to see someone of a different social class and position, rather than having all women represented by two Noldor elves. Comments like “I wish we had Dís instead-” are not helpful to the representation issue because that’s asking for one woman over another instead of asking for MORE women in the first place, when we already have so few. 

Also, The Hobbit is from Bilbo’s point of view and since he wasn’t captured by the Mirkwood Guard, he would have never met Tauriel anyway, and therefore wouldn’t have mentioned her in his tale. (“But Tolkien didn’t intend-” ok ok calm down book purists, I am well aware, I have been informed about what Tolkien did or did not intend.) If you’re going to complain about a character being created for the movies, complain about goddamn ALFRID, not Tauriel.

It’s totally ok not to like her but, Mahal’s sake,  it’s not ok to hurt people who do, and I’m sick of seeing Tauriel fans treated like shit.