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Descendants 2 (SPOILER ALERT, and also, long post ahead)

❁◕ ‿ ◕❁ So I watched Descendants 2 and I have to say it was…actually better than I expected (let me tell you I did not expect okay). Yeah, it was entertaining and the songs were fine -some of them were actually good, like ‘chilling like a villain’ or the one Mal and Evie sang together.

Uma, daughter of Ursula

I have to say, Uma was a great 'villain’. I liked that she didn’t turn good right away. I mean, she’s full of anger and hateful about being stuck in the Isle while Mal and the others live the happy life in Araudon. She has a mom that doesn’t love her like a mother is supposed to -though to be fair, all villain kids as well-, and she feels the world owes her because of all she’s been through. Of course her transition to goodness wasn’t going to be that easy, and given her strong personality and all that, definitely not that fast. I somehow liked that when she felt like a cornered animal when they all were trying to give her a second chance at the last part of the movie, instead of giving in, she run away, transformed into an awesome sea monster, just like her mom, and gave a fight and all that. I think it felt more realistic? or something, and fitting to who she is, in the context of the movie, because Uma somehow deserves more developing of her story, and if they would’ve made her good right away, like I said, it would’ve felt fake or something. I’m sure she’s a good person, but she needs to realize that on her own accord, not because someone tells her to. Or something. 

Lonnie: finally some justice for Mulan’s daughter

I loved that they gave Lonnie more importance in the movie (because I love Mulan ahah) and what better way than showing her as a determined, strong female leader, ready to defy standards like in Tourney and in the 'battle field’, so to speak, just like Mulan. I mean, it’s not as if she became the protagonist, but, y'know what I mean …I hope xD. Besides, I even loved more that they didn’t push a relationship between her and Jay like we know Disney always does -cough cough Carlos and Jane cough cough-. If I perceived well, it definitely did not look like it, it more looked like Jay respected her and vice versa,  and that was a hell of a friendship right there. Supporting your friend against sexist assholes a.k.a Chad, and being there for them, no matter what, is the best kind of friendship yay! And it doesn’t have to always turn into something else, I mean, c'mon, boys and girls can be just friends. 

As for that exact last point, here goes my complaint about the Carlos/Jane thingy. 

Carlos and…Jane? ok-ay

It’s not that I don’t agree they look cute - 'cause I’ve always thought, ever since the first movie, that Carlos and Jane would actually not look that bad together -, it’s also not because I think Carlos is gay and that for that reason it looked forced -though, Carlos may very well be gay or, y'know, bi, or anything else, so it is a little sad that Disney didn’t go through that road with him, but y'know, Disney, right? - nop, the actual reason I did not buy the CarlosxJane thing was because there was no build up for it, none at all. Like, yeah sure, they danced last movie and that was it. You don’t suddenly fall in love or get a crush on someone just because you dance with them for a little while, and that’s definitely not reason for someone to suddenly 'hear her voice in my head’ like Carlos said in Ways to be Wicked. Besides, in the first movie, Carlos barely paid attention to Jane until the very last, and lemme tell you, it did not look like someone who wanted to dance with somebody because they liked them in a romantic way or something. 

Yeah, probably they had more contact after the dance scene last movie that we certainly didn’t see in this one, but if that would’ve been the case, it would’ve been more obvious when Carlos and Jane interacted, but all I saw was a suddenly love-sick Carlos and a definitely not-intetested-in-Carlos Jane, having some awkward scenes for the sake of the obligatory rule Disney has about all characters being with someone -that on top of that must be of the opposite sex, obviously. I mean, it looked forced because they didn’t even try to make it look real. Yeah, I know, movie can’t last forever, there’s no time to develop something believable between these two, but c'mon, even in Frozen they pulled off the believable romance between Anna and Hans -although he later turned out to be the biggest asshole to be alive, but at least their brief thingy was believable until that point. It could’ve been great if they wouldn’t have forced it, if they would’ve made Jane more interested, if they would’ve made her actually pay attention to Carlos and them actually talking just for the sake of it and, I dunno, maybe then realize that hey, this person is actually super nice and I may start to like like them, or something. But no, they just couldn’t do it. 

And yeah, it was really bad that they didn’t make Carlos have a thing for Jay, because that would’ve not only been super cool, but also really believable -you cannot deny they had chemistry in the first movie that still was subtly shoved in our faces in this one-. Seriuously Disney, nothing bad’s gonna happen if you make Jaylos (or any ohter lgbtq couple, for that matter, seeing as the new villain kid, Harry Hook, was certainly not straight anyone could see that) happen. I mean, it’s 2017, for crying out loud! You should really follow the example of norwegian shows.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 Again, I actually wouldn’t have mind that much Carlos and Jane as an item, if only they would’ve tried harder for it to look real. Man, even Lonnie and Jay is acceptable -though I’m still up for that killer friendship. But, oh well, you can’t really expect more of Disney when it comes to either diversity or convincing relationships that are not the main relationship…if that makes sense lol. 

Anyway, despite that big, huge  disappointment -along with the one where they cut the one scene where they show hook’s son kissing gaston’s son, because that would’ve been big kudos to Disney-, overall the movie wasn’t that bad. I say it was thanks to the new characters added, Lonnie being a baddass, the rotten four being supportive of each other, and the healthy relationships shown that were convincing -Evie and Dopey’s son, and Mal and Ben, though Mevie wasn’t bad either ahaha.    

if you read until this point, thanks! sorry for any spelling mistakes, english is not my first language, I try my best lol and as for my opinion, well, that’s what it is, lol, let me know what you thought of the movie or whatever hehe  ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

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ok, honestly, tauriel is a precious fiery cinnamon roll and is a brilliant character regardless of whether or not she has a romantic pairing right? (book purists have been kinda hurtful lately.) it's okay if you don't publish this ask but i just really need some assurance from someone i know is willing to defend tauriel. i'm usually nervous to talk to people online but your art gives me such a warm happy feeling that i decided to just go ahead and send this. thank you :)

Darling, I’ll defend the hell out of my fiery cinnamon roll elf, you can be sure of that. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

I personally think Tauriel was a very important inclusion to the Hobbit movies. For one, they treated her well as a character; they didn’t try to ‘empower’ her by making her more masculine (a sad trend for movies), and neither was she put down with gender-based insults, and the lack of both those things was so refreshing. Regardless of the nature of her relationship with Kíli, she’s compassionate, and in a world full of darkness and war that’s important. She’s one of the only characters who doesn’t seem to be driven to war by treasure, old feuds, or following orders on behalf of treasure/feuds. She’s a skilled fighter but is motivated to protect people. She defies orders in favour of following her instincts and stands up to her King, knowing she’ll be facing consequences for doing so. And OF COURSE she’s flawed, but people are? Could her inclusion have been written better? Yes, but I’m pretty happy with what we had.

The only other elf women with speaking parts in the Middle Earth movies are royalty. Not everyone can be a copy of Arwen or Galadriel, and not everyone can relate to them. So it’s nice to see someone of a different social class and position, rather than having all women represented by two Noldor elves. Comments like “I wish we had Dís instead-” are not helpful to the representation issue because that’s asking for one woman over another instead of asking for MORE women in the first place, when we already have so few. 

Also, The Hobbit is from Bilbo’s point of view and since he wasn’t captured by the Mirkwood Guard, he would have never met Tauriel anyway, and therefore wouldn’t have mentioned her in his tale. (“But Tolkien didn’t intend-” ok ok calm down book purists, I am well aware, I have been informed about what Tolkien did or did not intend.) If you’re going to complain about a character being created for the movies, complain about goddamn ALFRID, not Tauriel.

It’s totally ok not to like her but, Mahal’s sake,  it’s not ok to hurt people who do, and I’m sick of seeing Tauriel fans treated like shit.