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When He's Angry // G.D.

Storyline: A list of what Gray’s like when he’s angry.

Requested? Yes


• he’d turn red, from the neck up

• he would pace back and fourth


• he’d probably curse lol

• he’d probably leave because he needs to “ cool off ”

• “ just leave me alone Y/N ”

• throwing things if he was angry enough

• “ I don’t wanna talk about it ”

• I feel like he’d be the type to cry when he’s frustrated???

• his voice would get deeper

• tuGGiNg at HIs hAIR

• giving you the silent treatment

• I think he would leave to go workout to calm down

• if he was mad at someone other than you, he’d come straight home/over and make out with you

• *knock at the door* *you open the door* *grayson walks in at shuts the door behind him* *he doesn’t say anything he just cups your face and kiss you RoUgH* “you wanna talk about?” “just kiss me Y/N”

• screaming match between you and him

• him saying “ I’m done ” but there will never be an end for you two

• you saying “ I’m done ” and he’d get panicky

• silent treatment for a little while

• “I’m so sorry baby, let’s never fight again”

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Gio, y-you're super cute and I love you so much^~^ You are great j-just like you are. Just i-incase you haven't been told yet today :3 Please b-be mine..I bake lots of sweets and am very nice :3

Please excuse Gio lol, he’s always in disbelief when he hears someone say that they love him– especially if it’s just for his looks. It’s hard to win over his heart ahhh

Fan Story Time 2-1!

12/3 First day of Seoul FM: By-C
After opening, Joon Gi greeted everyone and then starts his usual roll call, calling fans in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Italy…etc. He was a bit disappointed that it seemed fewer people from other countries came to the fan meeting this time, but no matter, he told the fans to come again to the 2017 Birthday celebration!
[After hearing this, our editor C decided to bring a USA sign with her to the FM on 12/4 and raised it as high as she can so Joon Gi can see it .LOL After all, at least he should know someone spent over 50 hours travelling to Korea from the States.]
Since there was no MC for JG’s fan meeting (he really doesn’t need one as he is a perfectly capable MC), he was teaching everyone how to be completely immersed in the moment with him.

He was showing fans how to sing along even if some may not know the lyrics of the songs. He was encouraging everyone to at least pretend to sing along and he even demonstrated how to do it! (Yes, that’s the silly side of Joon Gi, but don’t we all love him the way he is?)

After the opening songs, as Joon Gi resumed the MC role, he told the fans that typically at this moment, the MC will ask the fans to scream and call “Joon Gi Oppa~~” so he can come out. He started the practice round with the fans and after two rounds, he was satisfied and went to hide behind the curtain. He waited until all fans went crazy screaming for him and then came out to greet everyone again. [Yes, once again, that’s our silly oppa!]

He really knows what his fans wants that’s why he can interact with the fans so well. Everyone was so happy and of course crazy in love with him!

Throughout the fan meeting, he kept asking the fans to say “Lee Joon Gi, I love you!” in Korean (because our Oppa is so dying to have the love and affections from us, the fans! XD)
He performed over 20 songs during the FM, he was just unstoppable. Near the end he got so tired that he just lay there on the floor and panted heavily through the mic purposely for the fans to hear ..(GOSH) To make the fans go even crazier, he poured water all over his head (OMG…the sexy side of him…is SOOOO TOXIC!), the next day’s FM, he did it all over again because he knows fans are waiting….. He was just too playful and so eager to please his fans!

to be continued…….

“Wasn’t I always your friend?” Setsumi teased, tilting her head at him. “You are hurting over someone who won’t come back. You needed it." 

They regarded each other in the cold light of morning, golden clashing with yellow. Setsumi felt as if she were standing at the edge of a precipice, unable to walk away from the pull of gravity—but not falling over. Not yet. 

Toga narrowed his eyes. The pull got stronger. 

"And you?” He asked, his voice sounding as rough after waking as Setsumi remembered. “Are you missing someone who won’t come back?”

A/N: Remember that Inu no Taisho x Sessmom AU fic I said I’d write, where Izayoi dies when Inuyasha’s still a child and the Inu no Taisho grows slowly close to Sessmom again? Well, here’s a peek at it!

Pisces & Aries
  • Pisces, falling asleep at their desk:
  • Aries, comes over to them, kneels down in front of them: Pisces
  • Pisces, groans & moves head away, mutters: Let me be Aries
  • Aries, whines, leans in closer to their face: Play with meeeeeee
  • Aquarius, raises eyebrow: You don't need to be that close to their face, you know
  • Aries, smirks: Oh, is someone jealous?

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Sorry I should've mentioned the 240 days was what Gavin told Stern. He's perfectly good at rolling himself under the bus. He's given some interesting interviews to tennis press. Asked if he made it out to see the finals think it was Wimbledon, no the baby was born and I tried to negotiate a week away to come over but lost that one. What a charmer! Asked what lessons he hopes to teach his young sons, oh he's going to teach them about good wine, food, music and books. So important for young boys!

Someone clarified; it’s all good! I don’t make a habit of listening to his interviews, so I hadn’t realised, lol. Sheesh……

ARE YOU SERIOUS. FUCK OFF, GAVIN, WELL AND TRULY FUCK OFF. (Also, if I’m trying to be nice, those are perfectly fine things to teach them - the wine might need to wait a few years, though…)


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28. What is their biggest fear? What in general scares them? How do they act when they’re scared?29. What do they do when they find out someone else’s fear? Do they tease them? Or get very over protective? for all your OCs, if you don't mind :D

28. What is their biggest fear? What in general scares them? How do they act when they’re scared?

Lailani: Her biggest fear is being alone. That whole trek through the snow after the fall of Haven were probably the scariest moments of her life. In general she is afraid of: the ocean, the dark, and templars. How she acts when she’s afraid depends on where she is and who she’s with at that moment. If she’s with her companions and she’s afraid she tries not to let it show she fights through it for them, to protect them. When alone she is more susceptible to succumbing to her fears,; she will seriously consider giving up. Lailani has a hard time believing in her ability to do things by herself, her love for her friends fuels her al lot more than some people think.

Talim: His biggest fear is failure. Talim is used to being right all the time about  most things and has a constant desire for control in all things. Honestly, he spends a great amount of time in inquisition trying to deal with the fact that he can’t control everything. In general he is afraid of: rejection, and his parents. I would say bugs but that’s less a fear and more of a general dislike. When Talim is scared it’s kinda hard to tell for those who don’t know him. There’s no outward change in his actions, it’s all very ‘read between the lines’.

Kosta: Her biggest fear is dying. Kosta has a son, Kios, and is constantly worried she’s going to screw up and end up dead, leaving Kios without his mother when he already doesn’t have a father. She keeps finding herself wondering if she should just stop,  with the inquisition and the Valo-Kas, especially since she knows she’s not performing as well as she can. She feels like she’s holding back and one day she or someone else is going to pay for it. Her general fears: fire and the Qun. When Kosta is afraid it is fairly noticeable you might have to call her name more than once, and her hesitance is as evident in her face as it is in her actions, or lack thereof.

Tua: His biggest fear is tranquility, Tua grew up mostly ashamed of his magic at first, he even hated it. He blamed it for a lot of his problems and he wasn’t entirely wrong. Then he met Shae, who taught him how to use and rely on his magic, how it wasn’t a curse it was an advantage. In time, Tua came to love his magic he couldn’t imagine life without it, until he saw it. The first time he saw a tranquil was probably the first time he was ever really afraid in his life. To him they were these empty husks of people, like they died but their bodies were still here, not really living just going through the motions. Tua would honestly rather die than ever have that happen to him. He has no general fears. When he is afraid it comes off as him being more shocked than fearful. Like for once he doesn’t know what to say there’s no witty one liner in attempt to soften the tension, he’s just quiet.

Yara: Her biggest fear is vulnerability. Yara is generally a very independent, strong, and prideful person. She’s used to providing for others and relying solely on herself. The thought alone of her having to rely on anyone else for anything or to have to obey anyone else but herself is unthinkable. She sees general vulnerability as a weakness and spends a lot of time undoing that mindset, and learning that she can be strong and independent and still need help sometimes. Her general fears are: heights and things that are too pretty which is more of a general dislike. When she’s afraid, she gets angry, which is rare for her because she never really gets angry she usually has a very firm handle on her emotions.

Eulie: Her biggest fear is being a slave again. She was born into it, for the majority of her childhood it was all she knew. Her treatment from her first ‘master’ was so bad that when he had her made tranquil it felt like a gift. A break from the pain. She had no idea life could be different, that it, could be better. When she was restored from tranquility to find herself free, it was the happiest she’s ever felt. There is nothing she won’t do to never be someone’s ‘possession’ again. She is generally afraid of: slavers, Circles (outside of Tevinter), bath tubs,  Amadeus Lucretius (borders on greatest fear). Eulie tries to avoid her fears, meaning if she sees something she doesnt like she’ll turn and go the other way. She runs from her fears or, in the case of slavers, she kills them quickly.

29. What do they do when they find out someone else’s fear? Do they tease them? Or get very over protective?

Lailani: She would protect them, and try to help them deal with it.

Talim: Saves the information for later use.

Kosta: Offers emotional support, but not any solutions.

Tua: Teases them depending on the degree of the fear. If it’s a serious fear then he’ll protect them.

Yara: Makes a mental note not to include them in things that may lead to them being exposed to their fear.

Eulie: She would get discreetly over protective.


[link] <— If you missed my dramatic monologue last year

Now for this year’s dramatic monologue:


Rins pretty cool yo.

And it’s her birthday. Tomorrow. 7th of Septemeber.

And you should should celebrate it, because she’s feckin awesome.

This is a person who keeps giving back to the community and asks of nothing in return.


We’re talking about someone who kicked the league community and was like. YO, DO WHAT YOU WANT, YOU CAN DO IT. And she did it. Recognised by RIOT, recognised by roleplayers, recognised by KIND OF EVERYONE.

I don’t get it?! Rin is Rin. she Rin’d all over the place and now we want to Rin just like her.

While other LoL blogs come and go, Rin is here to stay (I hope, no pressure). And continues to actively involve with us and cheering us on to make the tumblr side of League of Legends.

Original Characters, Canon Characters, anything in-between. She showed us it’s possible.

Because of her, even if you don’t play League of Legends, you can play League of Legends

Now come to the party or I’ll stab you with plastic forks.




Secret Bagels

Presenting: A crossover AU of an AU that someone else started because I have lost all control over my life

It’s really short and I did it in about five minutes because the mental image amused me ENJOY THIS CRAP. Thanks to @feynites for letting me write this utter garbage in her universe. x’D

Solas comes over to her shop a little more frequently than she goes over to his.

Maybe it’s because she has bubblegum milkshakes, whereas he barely has anything on his menu that isn’t cloyingly sweet. It’s definitely not because he’s better at not scowling at her customers than she is at not scowling as his.

Definitely not, because she is the picture of manners.

But even she–who, again, is the picture of manners and never glares at his customers and their terrible tastesdouble takes when she recognizes a messy head of bright red hair, pulled haphazardly back in a bun. That couldn’t be… no! That’s one of her best regulars! Filthy traitor!

Solas follows her gaze to the woman, who’s absentmindedly stuffing her face with one of the disgustingly sweet giant-donuts-that-aren’t-even-REALLY-bagels-when-you-get-right-down-to-it.

Lavellan shakes her head, scowling. “I recognize her. She’s in my shop nearly every day for breakfast! Hmph… Well, I suppose some people are bound to get curious.” She resolves to ignore the traitor, pretend she never saw this momentary lapse in judgement, and turns back to Solas to resume asking him… She pauses, suddenly lost in the slight downwards turn at the corner of his lips, the way his mouth opens slightly when he pouts, the gorgeous curve of–What was she going to ask him again?

“Are you certain? It can’t possibly be the same woman…” he says.

His hesitation makes her glance back again. “No, I’m sure of it. I see her pretty much every day.”

“…So do I. She’s in here every day for lunch, like clockwork. Ever since I opened.”

The two of them turn their gaze away from the woman and fix their gazes.

“…Couldn’t be…”

But yes, as it turns out. Solas comes over for breakfast the very next day and sees the redhead, sitting in a corner and eagerly feasting on a Marcher bagel as if she loves nothing more in the universe. And then Lavellan goes to his shop for lunch and THERE SHE IS, traitorous lips wrapped around an Orlesian bagel! 

“A double agent…” Lavellan mutters to herself. She needs to watch this one. 

“I don’t understand,” Solas says, gently shaking his head. “How many bagels can one woman possibly eat?"