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Eds, you’re not gonna believe this.

Eddie had worked his whole life to be standing here. Once this door was open all the long and lonely nights would be worth it. He was finally about to meet his new partner and become an official FBI agent.

“My name is Eddie Kaspbrak, I am looking forward to being your new partner.” He shook his head as he rehearsed- too formal.

“Nice to meet you, I’m your new partner, Eddie Kaspbrak.” Yeah that would do. He knocked on the door; there was no response. Eddie leaned in closer, listening for any movement. All he could hear was-rock?

Eddie slowly opened the door, music filling the hallway. Eddie had played out this meeting hundreds of times in his head; he would be welcomed into a pristine office, shake the well groomed hand of his partner, and they would start their first case.

 This was nothing like the organized office he had imagined. There were piles upon piles of files, books, and loose papers. There wasn’t a surface Eddie could see that wasn’t trashed. He closed the door behind him, hoping there had been some kind of mistake. 

 “Hello?!” He tried to speak over the blaring music. 

 Suddenly a pile of dark curls emerged from under a desk that was the messiest area in the office. 

 “You must be Eddie!” The man shouted over the music, pushing his large glasses up the bridge of his nose. 

 “Uh, yes! My name is Eddie Kas-” 

 “What?!” He had gotten out from under the desk completely now. He was much taller than what Eddie had expected.

 “I said-!” Eddie tried to continue but a hand shot up to stop him. He grit his teeth, his patience starting to run out. He sucked in a larger breath, readying himself to be heard this time.

 "Listen, I’m your new-!” Eddie startled himself with how loud he sounded now that the music had been shut off. “Partner..” He trailed off as a blush crept up his neck. 

 “Well it’s nice to meet you, partner. Name’s Richie Tozier, I’m excited that they finally sent me somebody else!” Richie had Eddie’s hand in a vice grip, shaking it wildly.

Else?” Eddie’s nose scrunched up. 

“Yeah.” Richie rubbed the back of his neck. “People usually don’t stay here long- but you seem like you could really work out!” He was back to the desk, rustling through a teetering pile of files. 

Eddie’s eyes landed on a poster hanging up behind Richie; he had to lean over to see past the other man’s head. A UFO hovered over a skyline of trees the words “I WANT TO BELIEVE” printed in bold letters. 

Oh no

Richie let out an “Ah-Ha” as he pulled out a file and made his way back to Eddie. 

“I’m about to ask you a serious question, Eds.” Richie flipped through pages before pulling out a photo and turning it to the smaller man. Eddie stared at the fuzzy picture of a strange object floating in the sky.

“Do you believe in aliens?” 

So this is unedited i’m sorry. I just needed to get this out of my brain lmaooo more x-files AU cause i am obsessed someone please stop me

Sigh, one of those days; being a wheelchair user in public is tricky.

Today, as I was about to put my wheelchair in the trunk (a vulnerable thing, I make it look easy, faking well, but it’s hit or miss if I can actually lift the thing or not and it can take me a couple tries), a man silently and quickly came towards me and grabbed my wheelchair and put it in the trunk.

I was RELIEVED to see his intentions of kindness, I threw my hands to my heart, and thanked him but when I got in the car I was shaken because it made me flashback to the vulnerability I felt when I was mugged and physically assaulted.

Someone seeing me in my wheelchair by myself knows that I can’t get far without it, knows I’m physically vulnerable…

I think it might’ve been better if he had asked from a distance if I needed help, I’d have declined the offer in consideration of my safety.

As usual, I don’t mean to imply that it’s bad to help people but I would hope people would just have some more consideration, to ask before putting their hands on someone else or someone else’s stuff, to ask if they would like help first, sometimes getting involved without consent can actually be harmful, it can cause injury if I have a handle on something and it is snatched in an effort to help.

Here are some tips:

  • Ask if someone needs help before getting hands-on
  • Don’t get pissy if your offer to help is declined
  • Don’t make awkward jokes and/or mock wheelchair users about “speeding, ya got a license for that thing?” and “it’s a miracle!” when an ambulatory wheelchair user stands up
  • Don’t say “What’s wrong with you?” or “What’s your affliction?”
  • Don’t say “Good for you! Getting out and doing stuff!”
  • Don’t cry and say “I’d kill myself if I were you!” or “You’re so inspirational” at the mere sight of us, implying that our lives must suck.

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this weirdo co worker just told my friend to "wait 30 minutes until break" to use her inhaler like the fuck she cant breathe at all it takes like 15 seconds to use she will pass out AND DIE if she cant use it when she has to what the fuck

Had an issue like this at work last night. As I was passing self checkout I noticed the girl that runs them looked like shit. She was pale, looked like she had trouble breathing, and was holding the counter to keep herself upright. I asked her if she was okay and at first she wouldn’t say a “yes” or “no”, just that she needed “to settle and come down”.  I pressed it because I didn’t want her passing out all by herself there. I worked nearby but I wouldn’t be able to see her from where I’d be. She finally told me she had an asthma attack. One that was preventable! Apparently when she came in the day shift self checker was far behind on something they were doing(not sure what that is since I don’t do self check). So during her last hour on shift and during this girl’s first hour they were supposed to do it and were given a deadline that they HAD to be done within that hour. So she was running around like crazy trying to do the impossible and that ended up causing her asthma attack.

I kept checking on her through my shift and eventually told her she needed to tell our manager she needed to go home. It took extra hour and a half after that for them to finally allow her to go home since there was no one else to cover for her right away. That’s a long period of time for someone that just had an attack. Our managers can be great most of the time, but the one particular manager can be a bit of a drill sergeant and needs to realize that some people do have limitations. I know this manager probably felt bad about it afterwards, she does care, but she is too in the zone about getting things done promptly that she forgets that not everyone can get things done quickly. I know this manager is a good person, she’s just a bit of a hard ass when it comes to getting things done. She’s the one I talked to about my issue with the department manager and switching my department and she understood completely and brought it to HR’s attention right away. I’m upset with her, but I do know she probably isn’t blowing this off either. -Abby

pairing: harry potter x pansy parkinson

setting: modern, non-magical, hockey au

link: ao3

notes: future timestamp / bonus chapter for time go

Bear is eight pounds, fifteen ounces when he’s born.

The nurses coo about what a “big boy” he is while he screams and cries and does something pouty and weird with his mouth, but Harry—Harry is pretty fucking sure that Bear is the tiniest baby that’s ever been born. Ever. Like, he’s chubby and red-faced and hasn’t opened his eyes yet and he doesn’t seem to have a neck and his fingernails are all essentially the size of a single grain of uncooked rice and he’s tiny. Really, really tiny. He isn’t a big boy. He has little wrinkles on his feet and a little blue hat on his head and one of his little ears is gently folded into a very little Lord of the Rings elf-point because he’d come out sideways. He’s tiny. He’s fragile. He's—

“Pansy,” Harry says urgently, leaning forward to rest his elbows on the end of her hospital bed. She hasn’t spoken to him since the epidural wore off. “Pansy, we’re going to break him.”

Pansy finally—finally—glances up from where she’s been staring at Bear’s bizarrely flat, scrunchy nose like it’s the most fascinating thing she’s ever seen. “What?” she demands, before scoffing. “No, we’re not. Shut up. He’s perfect.”

Harry deliberately does not blink. “Exactly.”

Pansy heaves a sigh and runs the pad of her thumb along the curve of Bear’s chin. “I want pizza,” she says mournfully. “Can you believe they just—stopped feeding me?”

Harry scratches at the stubble on his jaw. He’s still wearing his game day suit, and he still smells like a fucking locker room, and his ring and middle fingers on his left hand are still clumsily taped together. He probably needs an x-ray.

“We’re going to break him,” Harry repeats, aghast. “Pansy. Pansy.”

From the cradle of Pansy’s arms, Bear makes a whiny gurgling sound and starts to root around the front of her tank top. Pansy gasps, visibly delighted, and then unclips the strap of her nursing bra, nestling him even closer to her chest.

“I also can’t believe you looked,” she continues, like nothing else is happening. “I told you not to look, you promised not to look—”

“Look at—what?”

“—and I get that it’s basically a car accident, but you once literally watched someone get stabbed in the throat with an ice skate, why would you need to—”

“What?” Harry asks weakly. “What are you—”

“—and, like, do you even understand the mechanics of cervical dilation, because let me tell you, ten centimeters is not—”

“Wait, are we—this is about your—” Harry gestures helplessly to her thigh—hip—region, and then lowers his voice. “Down there?

“Oh, now you’re shy,” Pansy snaps, gently stroking the downy-soft cushion of Bear’s cheek. He grunts, a crescent shaped divot appearing between his nonexistent eyebrows.

“He’s just—so small,” Harry eventually croaks.  

“Mm,” Pansy agrees. “Zero muscle definition.”

“Like, none of those jerseys everyone bought are going to fit him.”

“It’s not his fault none of your teammates know what a toddler is.”

Harry fiddles with the jagged edges of the tape around his fingers, considering. “I don’t really know what a toddler is either, though.”

At that, Pansy snorts, and Bear snuffles, and Harry—

Harry kind of feels, in that moment, like his chest is about to crack open. It’s unpleasant, the expansive, wildly unpredictable pressure building behind his sternum; like the weight of a penalty shot in the third period of a tied playoff game, only worse, but also, strangely, simultaneously better, because as much as this is the culmination of something—it’s the beginning of something, too.

He smiles.

Light Sleeper

Rating: T
Chapter(s): 1/1
Relationship(s): Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison
Warnings: Disgusting Fluff (N/A)
Words: 1,670
Additional Tags: Soft Old Men, Naps, Snoring, Cuddles (Platonic and Romantic), THE USUAL APOSTAPAL FARE

Summary: Jack Morrison snores. Loudly. And no one’s sure how Gabriel Reyes, otherwise known as the grouchiest person ever woken up from a nap, puts up with it like he does. Not even him.

A/N: Taking a break from sucking at games to write the sleepy old men stuff I keep thinking about when I go into work in the mornings. See full title HERE.


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Why did you post that libertarian post? Not all of us are racist stoners...I found it very rude & closed minded to catagorise a group of like minded respectful liberty protecting as racists.............I apologise for this ...but I don't apologise for your ignorance & your inability to stop yourself from posting ignorance.... Take care & fuck off

first of all, it was a joke. second, libertarians believe everyone should have the “freedom to discriminate”, so their political platform offers racists the tools they need to discriminate and considering there’s no objection to be heard other than “well actually, I don’t believe someone should discriminate based on skin color” it doesn’t stop any of the racists from doing exactly that.

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I can’t stop thinking what it must have been like for that brave girl to come out to her yesterday. She is only 17 and she is so happy and free and supported. If only Taylor had gotten the same opportunity and not had to be someone else to please country music fans. I think she must feel so trapped by years of lies. I am on the closet now too long to know how to get out. I feel so bad for her. Maybe this girl inspired her, that would be the greatest thing. Thank you for your blog and for helping

Hey :)

Yes good for this girl, she’s brave & i think we can all say here that Tay was highly probably quite moved by her confession :) 

It’s never too late to come out. No matter what the situation is for you, about family, work…I remember a quote from George Michael (yes i’m a big fan ;), from a documentary initally released a few years ago. 

About being in the closet (from his family) for a long time, he had said “It’s very hard to be proud of your sexuality when it hasn’t given you any joy, but once you have found somebody you really love… it’s not so tough.”

This quote has helped me a lot at some point, bc i thought it was very telling & true :) It helps when you know you have someone you love and who loves you & supports you. It makes you stronger, to face your family, bc usually you choose your friends, so most of the time your close friends are the first ones you tell, but you don’t choose your family…And knowing that if things turn bad, you still have someone llike this who’ll be there for you: is all the strenght you need sometimes :) 

About Tay, well, from what we know she was out at 15, before signing her contract, and her family and close friends have known too for that long, so she’s in the closet only for the GP & her fanbase, not her close ones :) it doesn’t prevent her from living her life, she just has to be way more discreet than she probably wants to, now…The bearding part was imposed on her, by the Entertainment industry in its generality, she couldn’t do otherwise, esp in Country Music…

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Okay I’m not a huuuuuge fan of the new song. Like, it’s cute af but it’s not on enchanted’s league (it’s not even in its stratosphere let’s be honest) like ppl were saying. I feel it’s more like stay stay stay. I’m gonna wait for the rest of the album to really pass judgement but so far this era is just kind of ‘meh’ for me. I was so hyped from what SS were saying but now I’m more 😬 like they said the lyrics for gorgeous could cut glass... where?

I know people need to stop doing Enchanted so dirty like this. Did someone say gorgeous could cut glass ahahahaha my wig is now the opposite of being snatched. its firmly and securely on my head. 

I still have hope that is album is going to be killer, we still have 12 songs we haven’t heard. They could all be bangers, I guess we’ll find out when it gets released.

emily’s 1000th unpopular opinion night


Gavin: England was cold and wet and I want to be home so someone come get me

Michael: You at the airport, boi?

Jack: Do you need me to send you the private jet?

Gavin: I’m waiting at the airport, but there’s been a bomb threat or a mugging or… I don’t know, something ridiculous and they aren’t letting anyone leave. I intend to leave. Come and get me!

Jack: Right. Someone get Geoff on the phone to get me a flight path.
Jack: Any of you assholes at the garage? Come and drive me to the airport so I can get our favorite Brit.

Geoff: Flight path coming up.

Jeremy: Ride in 2, Jack, just putting on shoes.

Michael: I’ll come along, I have the fastest cars.

Jack: Okay, good. Hold tight Gavvy and don’t tell them anything!
Jack: Last thing we need is for you to get arrested <3

Gavin: No worries love, they haven’t even recognized me yet!

Wonwoo; ideal type and kinks

Requests: Could you also do the ideal type and kinks for the8 and wonwoo? I really liked the other ones 😊🌹💕

Hello! I really like your ideal type and kinks seventeen series. Could you please write one for Wonwoo as well? Thank you!

Remember that everything is based on my opinion!

  • and kills us all tbh
  • okay his ideal type
  • i feel like he would like someone confident in themselves
  • and someone sexy and kinda looking, how do i say it, badass??? like he’ll find it soooooo hot and challenging seeing someone with tattoos
  • but that’s not a must for him
  • umm i think he needs someone just to chill with him tbh
  • and love him regardless of anything
  • i don’t think he rants and complains about anything though so he would just want to cuddle his partner if he’s sad or something rather than talk about it
  • he’ll also, of course, love a bookworm partner
  • he’ll be so happy to share books JEWOFEOI and read each other’s fav books and just talk and discuss it later
  • i feel like he loooooooves bdsm and would even want to take it to extreme
  • bondage, handcuffs, costumes, tOYS
  • he just thinks it looks hot and turns him on don’t judge ma boi eVERYONE HAS ITS PREFERENCES
  • and he’ll do anything to make his partner agree tbh
  • he loves being in control
  • he (probably) would never be the submissive one
  • he’s yo daddy and he wants to be in control.
  • and i also feel like he’ll make you suck his dick so often 
  • like anywhere, anytime-whenever he gets horny and wants a relief
  • he’ll make excuses and just drag you in the wc
  • not that his partner will complain though ;))
heres some sexy sasukank for ange
  • sasuke: FUCK YOU, GAARA! [slams bedroom door]
  • sasuke: i cant fucking believe he thought he could just delete all of my fucking mixes on our spotify account like that [opens facebook] he deleted my lana del rey playlist. he deleted "sad & horny". he DELETED "bloody tears..."
  • sasuke: all because my "50 playlists were clogging our account"??? bullshit. well, fuck him. [searches kankuro. adds him]
  • sasuke [on messenger]: hey
  • kankuro: .... hi?
  • sasuke: wanna smoke a joint and hook up
  • kankuro: arent you gaaras boyfriend
  • sasuke: i am NARUTOS boyfriend and gaara is HIS boyfriend, much to my eternal suffering. is that so hard to understand? why are you all dumb? anyway i would NEVER hit that twink
  • kankuro: you just insulted me and my brother AND said you have a boyfriend
  • sasuke: well naruto tested my patience today so we're not on right now. look, do you want this or not.
  • sasuke: also, if this is gonna happen, youre bringing the weed. im not wasting mine for this
  • kankuro: im not sure even YOU want this? youre coming off a little desperate but also angry and im super uncomfortable right now
  • sasuke [mad]: what???
  • sasuke: so you think im not worth it? you think youre sooo much better than me?
  • sasuke: i can do so much better than you. i dont need you? IM the one whos out of ur league
  • kankuro: .......
  • kankuro: im calling gaara

Imagine having someone that wants to date you. Like, for realsies, no jokes no oh I didn’t mean it like thats or I don’t care how close or far we are I just want us to be together even if it’s only through words and not physically for nows. Like it’s one thing to have people call you cute and say they *wish* they could date you, it’s a whole different ballpark to have someone that *wants* to do it and *tries* to do it.

Imagine it? Imagine being that needed? That wanted?? Lord.

You ever just so lonely that your chest tightens up and it feels like you’re choking on your own throat?Fuck, man, I’d give anything in the world just for a *hug* right now. Or just someone saying they miss me? I would legit burst into tears if someone told me they missed me right now. No joke, the waterworks are primed and ready to begin. It’d be Alice in Wonderland up in here.

This is some Castaway levels of lonely. I wish I knew that it would change one day? I hate not knowing for sure. It’s such a buzzkill.

I’m gonna go arrange the laundry on my bed into a vague human lump and spoon it now. Night, peeps.

You honestly cannot sit there and make me believe that any of the Loud kids would be defending Chris. Believe me, I saw this with my own two eyes.

Do I need to remind you that 10 of them are girls. I honestly don’t think ANY of them would be defending someone who thinks it’s okay to sexually harass women. Even Lincoln, especially Lincoln definitely would not approve.

But gosh that makes me so angry people not only defending him, but saying that his own characters would when they’re all children and 10 of them are girls. That’s just so gross.

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I'm really sorry you're getting hate <3 I'll admit that I invested too much into the SS reviews and so found myself a little underwhelmed but that is no ones fault but my own. People shouldn't assume you lied, you just gave your honest opinion. We all now know that everything the SS say is done with honest intentions, but not to base our expectations on those reviews. Personally I'm planning cut back on tumblr so I can experience rep like you did :)

thank you babe 💗yeah i mean i get that not everyone likes it but i just really do love it and that’s the honest truth. but calling someone a liar is a pretty mean way to go about expressing your opinion. also, that sounds like a good idea! everyone needs to have their own reaction

everything was good, today was great, I was so happy today. but now things are miserable and I am so over living in a house where I feel so out of place, get yelled at constantly because I can “never do anything right” and live with someone who makes me so disgusted, frustrated and uncomfortable it’s insane. I hate this so much.

Multi blog event

/ mun is takeing a break from main story while muns sis is home all characters can still be asked but this is on the side I encourage asks for all blogs involved in this event I hope you enjow /

Daisy finds a rip in the void she ends up on the isle of the lost everyone is running around trying to find cruella and daisy looks around trying to find someone

Daisy : wow so many adorable people

Flowey : this place is gross I want to leave

Daisy : oh here I found a person. !!!

Daisy walked over to the man

Daisy : hi you look sad do you need a hug ?

Frollo : no thanks

Flowey : let’s go !!!

( ask Daisy here for now event will continue later )