someone must have called his agent but that was it

One’s Promised (Part 2/5)

Description: Living a double life was not a choice when one was the daughter of Alexander Pierce. Y/N was the youngest agents of SHIELD and one of the most respected threats within Hydra’s empire. No matter her allegiance, she was feared by both. Y/N Pierce would’ve tried to escape it all… if it hadn’t been for The Winter Soldier.

Pairing: Bucky x Fem/Reader

Word Count: 3,900

Part 1

Y/N and the Winter Soldier continued their training. Y/N had convinced Rumlow to keep their sessions private. She was improving, becoming more powerful than ever. Before these lessons, her skills and training had been stagnating for quite some time. So the improvements were immediately noticeable.

Sometimes it was Bucky she was with and sometimes it was the Winter Soldier. There was no consistency. Y/N couldn’t figure out the triggers or what made it easier for his true self to resurface. There were good days where Y/N felt hopeful that she really could save them. But then there were bad days where he didn’t say a word, just fought her like the robot Hydra brainwashed him to be.

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Okay guys so I LOVE Mace. He’s so presh and his worry over Mack not wearing a helmet gave him all the dad points. But.

Is it likely he’ll die? Heck yes.

In the Framework, saving his friends because he probably has super powers there? Probs.

(This is obviously just speculation. But I mean, AoS has to kill someone this season and they’ve killed everyone else they can really get away with killing.)


Mace dead.

Need of a new Director.


this is what dreams are made of.

(First order as Director, everyone must call Fitz and Simmons Fitzsimmons officially and they must have designated mugs that one says “Psychically” and the other says “Linked”)

Bruce Banner (Hulk): Heartbreak (Part II of II)


“Shit! Shit!” I mumbled to myself glancing down at my leg, he shot my leg. This was not going to be pretty. I ran into the forest until my leg needed a break. Why did I accept this mission? I wondered as I slid down a tree truck to rest my leg.

I closed my eyes and counted two minutes out because that was the longest I could sit here without probably being captured. I stood up from the ground wincing. This was the second time I got shot in the last three months and this time I was on my own. I winced as I put pressure back on to my leg I should have went with my guy and passed, but no I had to be an idiot and take the mission just to get away from Bruce. I studied my surroundings for a moment before glancing down at my leg it wasn’t fatal, not close enough to a vein, it was just going to hurt like a son of bitch.
I took a deep breath and began walking without limping as much as possible. I needed to get off the grid now before they found me and killed me or worse tortured me. I began make my way back to my emergency stash I hid five days ago. It was going to take me a while to get stateside undiscovered. I sighed and headed three clicks to my right to where my stash was hidden. As I approached my bag I looked around to make sure I had time to clean up my wounds. I closed my eyes listening for any disrupting noise but heard nothing but forest life, which was a good sign it means they only detected me.

I bend at the waist and pull my duffle bag out of hiding and quickly unzip it. Pulling out the medical supplies I toss them on the ground next to the bag. I lean to my left and reach out with both hands and gently bring myself to the ground. I extended my leg and inspected it the bullet was luckily lodge still so I could pull it out and stitch myself up. I reach in my bag and grab my knife kit and make work of cutting off my pants. I opened up the medical kit and pull out a suture kit. I used my knife to pull out the bullet quickly and then user the alcohol bottle from my bag to clean out my wound before beginning to stitch myself up as neatly as possible. After ten minutes I was completely stitched up. I sighed and reached into the duffle bag and grabbed my cargo pants out. I unbuttoned the pants I was wearing and stripped them off before standing up to slip the clean pants on. I carefully stripped off my shirt and inspected my torso. I winced it was black and blue already from being beaten up before I could escape. Definitely have a broken rib along with a bunch of deep cuts that wouldn’t need stitches. I sighed and bent down and picked up my clean shirt and put it on. Taking a deep breath I grabbed the back pack that was inside of the duffle bag and slipped it onto my back. I retrieved the matched and lighter fluid and quickly stuffed everything back into the bag before dosing it the lighter fluid and striking a match. I watched as the flames engulfed the bag. I headed off in the direction of town. I was going to hotwire a car and get the hell out of Germany. I sighed it was going to take me a long time to get back stateside, considering that HYDRA was after me. “Just how I wanted to spend the next week,” I grumble out to myself.

Bruce POV

A Week Later
I watched as Director Coulson stepped off the elevator into the lab. That was odd he hasn’t been back since Y/N was here. I looked around half expecting to see her glaring at me to see that Coulson was actually alone, which was also odd.

“Where’s Stark?” Coulson said looking around.

I shrugged. “Not really sure.”

“Look Dr. Banner I need to talk to him.” He says urgently.

I turned back to my work station. “You should have called him.”

“Banner, I need his help it is an emergency.”

“Lose someone?” I said swiveling around in my chair to face him.

He gave me a sharp look. “Not exactly Banner. Mission went sour a week ago and we have no word from our agent. Our intel points at the fact the agent might be dead. So if you wouldn’t mind Banner I need Stark to help.

I nodded. The agent must be pretty special if Coulson was desperate enough to need Stark. “JARVIS call Tony.”

“Yes sir.”

“Banner did you have another episode?” Tony snickered through the system.

I rolled my eyes. “Coulson needs you to locate someone using your system.”

“S.H.I.E.L.D still needs assistance from the Stark family?” Tony says as the elevator doors open.

“As funny as that was Stark I really don’t have time for jokes. I have an agent I need to locate. I have the last coordinates.” Coulson says hurriedly.

I exchanged a look with Tony. Who was this agent? Why were they so important to Coulson?

Tony grabbed the coordinates from Coulson’s outstretched arm and headed to the computer next to me.

“How long ago?”

Coulson looked between us uneasily, “Have not heard from them in a week.”

“Maybe they do not want to be found.” Tony suggested as he typed in the coordinates before lowering his voice. “Do you know who?”

I shook my head and stared at Coulson.

“Unlikely my agent is either dead or on the run.” Coulson says crossing his arms across his chest.

“When did they get there?”

“Agent has been missing for a week but arrived five days prior to that. However there was a body found two days ago matching the agents description. I need to know if there’s a chance the agent is alive.” Coulson said.

I narrowed my eyes at him. Why was he hiding the gender of the agent? Did we know them? I swallowed dear god do not let it be Y/N.

Tony glanced at me and was unconvinced by Coulson’s story as well.

“Why is the agent so important?” I questioned crossing my own arms over my chest.

“That’s not someth-”

“You either let us know all of what’s going on or I clear the search and you find them the good ol’ fashion way.” Tony says turning around to face Coulson.

Coulson shook his head and ran his hands through his hair. “I’m not sure that is a good idea Stark.”

I glanced at the screen which should Tony was searching Germany. “What the hell is he hiding?”

“I know.” Tony says to me before projecting his voice so Coulson could hear him. “Then I am not sure that I can help.”

Coulson took a deep breath. “The agent is Y/N.” Coulson announced cautiously.

I jerked away from staring at the screen to look at Coulson. “Are you shi-“

“She volunteered for the mission. It was supposed to be difficult but nothing she was not qualified to handle. Like I said before I need to know if there is a possibility that she lived.”

I felt my whole body freeze. After everything, me leaving her numerous times, she may have died half way around the world. “How could you allow her t-“

“Like I said Dr. Banner she volunteered. She knew the risks and possibility of not coming back.” Coulson said cutting me off.

I took a considerable amount of deep breaths. I could not afford to change and let him come out at this point. She knew the possibility rang in my head over and over again. I turned back to the computer screen as it dinged. I narrowed my eyes it was no longer in Germany but in Brooklyn.

“Well good thing I know her specific heat signature. She’s alive, and in Brooklyn.” Tony says jotting down the coordinates before looking at me. “You good?”

I nodded I was going to have words with her.

Coulson snatched the coordinates out of Tony’s hands and headed for the elevator.

“Bring her here when you find her.” Tony says worriedly.

I’m not sure who he was worried for more Y/N’s safety or everyone else if she wasn’t okay.

“I’m coming with you” I said picking up my medical bag from under my desk and striding towards the elevator door.

“Dr. Banner th-“

“You’ll need a doctor.” I said climbing into the elevator with him.

Coulson nods. “If she shoots you then it is on you.”

Half an hour later we arrived at an abandoned warehouse outside Brooklyn. I stayed behind Coulson in case it was a trap. Please dear god let her live so I can yell at her.

I heard her voice, she sounded exhausted.

“About time.” She said.

“Well you could have called.”

She let out a breathy laugh. “I had to make sure I had no tail.”

I still couldn’t see her.

“You good?” Coulson asked her.

“I’m fine. Just in need of a shower.” She says staying to the shadows.

“Whose body did we find then?” Coulson asked.

“Honestly I don’t know. I incinerated my clothes and I don’t think that I was followed.”

“You hurt?”

“I got shot but I’m fine. I bruised rib, a few scratches here and there.” She said emerging from the shadows. I watched as her eyes widened upon seeing me. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Coulson shrugged. “You need a medical evaluation, he’s a doctor.”

“I don’t recall asking for one.”

“Procedure.” Coulson said.

“I’m not getting one from him. I’ll-“

“You’re not getting a choice agent. We are going to Stark Tower and Dr. Banner here is going to evaluate you.” Coulson said turning to head back to the car.

“You can’t be serious.” She said as she glared at me.

“I am and sense it is an order you will not be able to object.” Coulson said continuing his way out.

“Fine I’ll do the evaluation but with another doctor.”

“Not enough time. I need a debrief and he’s not going to ask to many questions.” Coulson said exiting the warehouse.

She let out a dark laugh. “Obviously we know two different versions of Dr. Banner.”

I swallowed not saying a word in case I yelled at her. She looked like hell. She looked worse than when I saw her months ago in the hospital.

We drove back to the tower in silence. Y/N refused to acknowledge me anymore. As we entered the medical floor I stopped only allowing Y/N to enter the floor.

“I think it would be best if I did this alone. You can debrief her later.” I say pushing the lobby button on the elevator. Coulson looked like he was going to protest but decided it was best not to.

I watched as she sat down on one of the beds. She looked so worn.

“Are you just going to stare at me or can we get this over with?” She asked.

I sighed. “Y/N…”

“Just hurry up I have to get back to work.” She mumbles under her breath.

I grabbed a pair of gloves and retrieved a stethoscope. “You might not be able to.”

“Well then I guess I just won’t turn in the note then.” She says.

I walk up to her after putting the gloves on. “I’ll tell Coulson myself then.”

She sighed. “Just hurry up.”

“Remove your shirt.” I said walking up to her.

“The hell I will. This isn’t some kinky lets play doctor time Banner.” She says crossing her arms around her torso and then wincing.

“As much fun as that sounds that’s not why you need to.”

She closes her eyes. “Don’t. Just don’t.”

I step up to her and put my hands on her thighs before she screams in pain. “Shit.”

“If this is pay back from the last time I saw you then please tell me your done.”

I lowered my eyes. “Clothes now.”


“Now, or I’ll do it myself.”

She nods reluctantly and winces as she pulls of her shirt. I inspect her she had a lot of bruises that were still ugly purple and also a severely bruised rib. I cocked my head to the side and noticed she had a bunch of scabbed over cuts that were deep.

“How are you still functioning?” I asked stepping towards her to better inspect her wounds.

“I’m used to it.” She says staring straight ahead at the wall.

“You have a bruised rib and a lot of cuts.”

“No shit.”

I sighed. This was what I deserved for trying to get her out of my life. “I don’t see were you got sh-“ I stopped talking recalling her recoil when I touched her leg. “Pants Y/N.”

The confidence that she had once had on her face was gone. “Don’t. Please Bruce just let it go.”

“I can’t honey. Show me.” I said stepping away so she could take them off.

She closes her eyes and shakes her head but still does what I asked. As they slid down he thigh I noticed a neat set of stitches. I inwardly winced. That must have hurt a hell of a lot to do to herself.

“That looks pretty clean. Not a bad job.”

She shrugged. “I’m used to it. It’s a part of my job.”

I nodded as I heard the elevator doors open to reveal Tony. Great, I was already walking on fragile ground now I had to deal with Mr. Insensitive on top of that.

Tony rushed towards Y/N and I waited for the dirty joke about catching her in her underwear. However Tony didn’t speak and just walked to Y/N and wrapped her in a hug. I closed my eyes. Tony, the pervert, could touch her but I couldn’t? I took deep breaths to keep the jealousy at bay.

Tony pulled away to inspect her. “Jesus Y/N. You should have called me I would’ve came and got you.”

She smiled at him. “I know Tony.”

He shook his head and turned to me. “You take care of her Banner or I’ll kick your ass.” He says before striding out just as fast as he came in.

I glared down at my hands.

I heard shuffling and looked up to see Y/N getting dressed. “So am I cleared Doc?”

I glared at the back of her head. “No.”

She sighed. “I really have no energy to do this with you today Bruce.” She says turning to look at me.

I shrugged. “I didn’t know you and Tony had gotten so close.”

She scoffed. “Kind of hard not to when I saw him every day when I was with you.”

“Are you sure it wa-“

“Don’t even imply that. You know better. You wanted to be done you now have no rights on the jealousy card.” She says standing up wincing.

I pinched the bridge of my nose. “It isn’t like I want to feel this way.” I say to her.

She stops moving. “I’m sorry, for the things I said the last time I saw you and for what I just said now. It was out of line.” She says tiredly.

I shake my head. “Doesn’t loving you still count for something?” I beg for her to understand it was out of love. God she had to understand I made a mistake.

But my announcement of loving her only seemed to piss her off.

“No! Not when you through it around like it’s nothing! You don’t get to feel sorry for yourself! You wanted to leave me well congrats you left.” Y/Nsaid harshly. “But, hate to break it to youBanner you do not get to come back!”


I watched as tears fell from her eyes. “You don’t get to walk back into my life! You wanted out! You wanted this!”

I shook my head and stepped towards her, “Not like this.” I was not going to let her walk I realized that I needed her. I would find another way to protect her.

She let out a dark laugh “Yes like this!”

“No dammit! I messed up okay? I wanted to protect you but I can’t I get that.” Please dear god understand. It shouldn’t have overreacted.

She shook her head, “Today you might but what about tomorrow? Or after you have an ‘episode’? I’m not a yo-yo Banner. The feeling of whiplash has lost its appeal.”

I shake my head at what happened and stared at her. “I still meant what I said.”

She sits back down and puts her face in her hands. “That does not matter.” She says tiredly.

“It does Y/N. Because seeing you like this and knowing it is because of me sucks. I can’t protect you I understand that now. I just want you to be okay.”

“It was my choice I knew the risks.” She says without acknowledging anything else that I said.

“Because you wanted to escape me.”

She shakes her head and stares at me. “This isn’t on you. I made my own choice, it was a stupid choice, but it was mine.”

I nodded. “Y/N…”

I watch her carefully.

“I hate you.” She says as she stares at her hands.

“I know. “ I said waiting to hear what else she had to say.

She laughs bitterly. “It sucks. Because hating you still means that I love you.”

I nodded in understanding. “Well I feel like that is a good thing.”

She shakes her head. “It isn’t because we aren’t together.”

I walk up to her and grab her chin forcing her to stare up at me. “I made a mistake.”


“I know whiplash, but it is the truth. I messed up because I was afraid of you being terrified of me. I know it is irrational. I can’t lose you because of me.”

She stared back at me. “But I did didn’t I?”

I moved my hands to the back of her head to place them on the nape of her neck. “I want to fix all of it Y/N. No more whiplash, I promise.”

She closes her eyes and leans her forehead against mine. “Please don’t do this to me.”

“I love you.” I said staring at her closed eyes.

I watch her visibly swallow. “I love you too but-“

“That’s enough I can work with that for now.” I said leaning to press a kiss on her forehead.

She opened her eyes to stare back at me. “Bruce…”

“We’re going to be all right.” I said pulling her into a hug. Everything was gong to be okay.

Interruptions - Supergirl Fan Fic

So @thegeekogecko challenged me to a one-shot fic based on a recent Supergirl post. In a moment of temporary insanity, I accepted. :) I hope you enjoy it.

Noonan’s Saturday lunch crowd was starting to thin out as the waitress sat a fresh sticky bun in front of Kara Danvers. The Kryptonian was grinning from ear to ear as she sank a fork into it.

“I still don’t know how you stay so skinny eating those things.” The waitress watched in wonder as Kara took a bite of her third sticky bun.

Alex Danvers glanced up from the latest issue of CatCo magazine, in time to see Kara shove a large piece of sticky bun into her mouth. A smear of frosting covered her cheek. With a crooked smile, Alex looked up at the waitress. “She runs a lot.”

“I’d have to run all the way to Gotham and back to burn off half those calories.” The waitress chuckled, shaking her head as she collected the empty plates. “Would you like anything else?”

Kara tried to speak pass the large piece of pastry.

“No.” Alex cut her off. “Just the check, please.”

“You got it.” She sat a black check binder on the table and walked off.

“I might want another one.” Kara mumbled through the mouthful of food.

“I’m cutting you off. Three is pushing it, even for you. Besides, we need to get going if you want to catch the one thirty showing of your movie.”

“It’s not ‘my’ movie. It’s the one ‘we’ agreed to see, and could you sound a little less disgusted about going?”

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into going to a kid’s film.” Alex sighed as she turned a page.

“It’s a Disney movie. Besides, I thought you’d like it. The main character is a cop.”

“It’s a talking bunny.” Alex glared at her.

“A talking bunny cop.” Kara defended.

“Talking animals, equals kid’s movie.”

“You drug me to see Planet of the Apes, there were talking monkeys in it. So it’s a kid’s movie?”

“No,” Alex shook her head, flipping through the magazine. “it’s a science fiction film, big difference.”

“So talking apes are for adults, but talking bunnies are for kids?”

“Yes. ”

“Yeah, right.”

“I’m sorry I don’t share your unnatural love for talking animals, but Disney just doesn’t do anything for me.”  

Not looking up Kara cut off another bite. “Says the woman who cried at the end of Frozen.”

Alex’s head snapped up. “I did not cry.”

“I saw tears.” Kara ignored the brown eyes glaring at her.

“How, you were curled up, balling like a baby.” Alex eased back into the chair. “If, and that’s a big if, you saw any tears, they were tears of laughter. You know I love it when creepy guys get decked.”

“Sure,” Kara shrugged. “Whatever you gotta tell yourself to sleep at night.”

Alex’s eyes narrowed as she raised a finger to her younger sibling. Any thoughts of revenge threats died on her lips, as she spied four people in trench coats through the restaurant window. She didn’t take her eyes off of them. “Kara, go to the bathroom.”

“Excuse me?” Kara mumbled pass a mouthful of sticky bun.

“Go, now. Supergirl is about to be busy.”

Kara’s gaze followed Alex’s. “They’ve got guns under their coats.”

“Yeah, I don’t need x-ray vision to know that. Bathroom, now.” Alex slipped her pistol out of the holster and laid it in her lap.

Kara hurried to the restroom as the four entered. Alex folded the magazine so she could read it with one hand. She watched as one of the group, a short woman, hung back, near the door. Two men spread out to opposite ends of the restaurant, while the fourth man approached the bar.

The one at the bar pulled a shotgun and racked the pump, chambering a shell. The sound brought a hush over the restaurant. “Everybody listen up! This is a robbery! Do as you’re told and nobody gets hurt! My friends are going to come around and take up a collection. Put your wallets, phones, jewelry and other valuables in the bag. Anybody does anything stupid and you get shot!”

The two in the center of the room began going from table to table, forcing terrified people to hand over their belongings. They waved pistols and made threats when people didn’t move fast enough to suit them.

Alex kept her eyes on the group as she took a sip of coffee. The closest creep stepped to her table.

He waved the pistol at her. “Give me your stuff, lady.”

She sat the cup down. “I gave at the office.”

“What? You some kind of comedian?” She caught a faint whiff of alcohol on his breath.

“No. I’m just picky about who I give money too.”

He pointed the gun at her. “Hand it over, now!”

“You don’t want to point that at me.”

“Why not? Does it upset you?” He mocked her waving the gun in her face.

“No, but it upsets her when people point guns at me.”

“Her? What?”

A blue blur passed between them. The man stared at his empty hand, where a gun had been a moment before.

Supergirl stood between the crook and her sister. She scowled down at the man. “Don’t you know it’s dangerous to point guns at people?” Not waiting for an answer she held up the pistol, crushing it in one hand.

“You! I’ve been itching for a shot at you.” He made a rather vulgar cursed as he drove his fist into her stomach. There was an audible crunch as the hand struck her.

Kara watched the man drop to his knees, clutching his shattered hand. “Well, that was rude.” She grabbed his collar and tossed him to land beside the man at the bar.

Before the remaining robbers could react, Kara zipped around the room taking the weapons from each and dumping them in a pile behind the bar.

Kara turned in time to see the female launch at her with a flying kick. “Oh, you don’t want to…” The perfectly executed kick struck dead center of her S. “Do that.” She finished. The blow had carried the woman’s entire weight behind it. Kara felt nothing. However, she did flinch at the sound of snapping bone. The woman dropped to the floor, howling in pain, as she clutched her broken leg.

As Kara took a step forward to help the woman, a bar stool shattered against the back of her head. She turned to find her attacker, staring at the broken remains in his hands. She folded her arms over her chest as she glared at the man. “I hope you have money, cause I’m not paying to replace that. That one’s on you.”

Alex laid the magazine on the table and picked up her phone. She touched the screen and waited for the call to connect. As the phone rang she took a sip of coffee. A familiar female voice answered. Vasquez must have drawn the weekend watch, she thought.

“This is Agent Danvers. I need police response to Noonan’s restaurant on 15th. Supergirl has four robbers detained and needs someone to pick them up.”

From the corner of her eye Kara spied a man charge her. Light flashed off the steel in his hand. His arm thrust out, there was a sharp twang as the blade of his knife snapped in half as it struck her side. They both looked down at the broken blade in his hand.

“Really, a knife? Bullets bounce off of me. You do realize, you’re the guy that brought a knife to a superhero fight?” She shoved him away with barely a flick of her wrist. He landed on the floor beside Alex.

Alex side eyed the man laying beside her chair as he started to raise to his hands and knees. She sat the coffee cup down. “Tell them to send an EMS transport. There are several broken bones.” As the man started to stand she took the pistol from her lap and cracked him across the head with it. He collapsed in a limp pile on the floor. “Better make it two EMS transports. There’s at least one concussion.” She listened as Vasquez confirmed emergency services were enroute. “Thanks.” She disconnected and slipped the phone into her jacket pocket.

She glanced at her watch. “Excuse me, miss.” With a wave she caught the attention of the waitress hiding behind a corner of the bar. “Can I get a to go box?”

Alex placed some cash, including a nice tip, in the check holder.

The waitress hurried over to Alex’s table and dropped the box. Alex handed her the check holder. “Thanks. Keep the change.” She missed the dumbfounded look on the woman’s face as she hurried back to the cover of the bar.

“Oh, Supergirl.” Alex called softly.

Kara turned to look at her sister. Alex held up her arm and tapped her watch.

She nodded in understanding and held up a finger as the last standing robber thrust an arm toward her face. It took her a moment to realize what the fine mist was coating her face. “Pepper spray? Great, now I’ll be craving Mexican all afternoon.” With a little puff, she blew the spray back into her attacker’s face.

He screamed and began clawing at his mask, before dropping to his knees.

A police car pulled up out front and Kara spied two officers rushing for the door.

“Well, guys, looks like your ride is here. So I guess playtime’s over.” As the officers entered Kara disappeared in a blur.

Alex finished boxing up the sticky bun, stood and took a final sip of coffee.

Kara approached the table as Alex sat the cup down. She handed Kara the box. “Let’s go.”

They slipped out as the two officers began gathering the suspects.

As they made their way down the street Alex handed her a napkin. “You’ve got something on your face.”

Kara wiped her cheek and stared in horror at the large frosty stain on the napkin. “You let me fight those guys with frosting on my face?”

It took all of Alex’s strength not to laugh. She kept her eyes straight ahead. “What? I thought you’d notice while you were in the bathroom.”

“Not funny, Alex, not funny.” She tossed the napkin into a nearby trash can.

Unable to hold out any longer Alex began to laugh. She slipped an arm around Kara’s waist and pulled her close. “Come on, little sister. You’ll feel better after you see some talking bunnies.”

Kara leaned into the embrace, a smile tugged at her lips. “Fine, but you’re buying me nachos.”

The End

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See You Tomorrow

You were having a good night, a rare night out with the friends, then he comes along. Grinding up on your personal space like he owned it. You shoved him away more than once and he kept coming back. Suddenly a man with dark hair is there, blocking you from the jerk who won’t quit trying to fuck you through your jeans.
“Thank you!” You call over the pounding music. “Let me buy you a drink!”
“That’s not necessary!” His voice is deep and comforting. “Aaron.” He smiles down at you.
“Briana.” You call back, “you sure I can’t get you a drink?”
“No I have to be heading home soon.”
“Oh.” He must be seeing someone, or is married, you glance down at your watch and see it’s already almost one in the morning. Mattie is going to be up and ready for the day in about 8 hours. “Actually that’s good because I have to go!” You squeeze your best friend’s hand and tap your watch. She nods and waves then makes a phone symbol, to call her when you get home. You nod then head toward the door.
“Do you mind if I walk with you?” Aaron asks. Um, yes. Yes you mind.
“I’m an FBI Agent.” He shows you his badge, “it’s late. Take a picture of my credentials and send them to your friend. With that guy still watching you I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go alone.”
“Okay.” You pull out your phone and take a picture of his credentials then send it to Alyson, just in case. You exit the building and the relative silence of the street is welcome.
“Do you want to take a cab?” Aaron asks.
“No, my place is only two train stops from here. I do need to text Abbey though, let her know I might be a little late.”
“Whose Abbey?”
“My daughter’s nanny.”
“How old is your daughter? I have a son. He’s 11.”
“Bianca is 10.”
“What school is she at?”
“So is my son, Jack.”
“She loves it over there. And I love the security. My ex wasn’t happy about the custody decision so knowing she’s safe there is a huge relief.”
“I’m sorry that you have to worry about that.” His voice is gentle and you find that you’re really enjoying his company. “Jack’s mom would have been the more stable of the two of us. I travel a lot for my job.”
“That’s rough.” You assume that he’s a widower, he said she would have been. “Do you have a good support system?”
“Yea. His aunt comes to stay with him when I have to go on cases.”
“That’s so nice.” The two of you descend into the metro tunnel.
“Do you have a good support system?”
“It’s mostly just me and Abbey watching Bianca. I don’t have any family left and I don’t trust Mike’s family enough to leave her with them. But Abbey is amazing and Bianca loves her.”
“That’s good.” You lean against one of the pillars and he leans up next to you. The train comes rumbling into the station.
“You don’t have to come with me if you don’t want.” You say giving him an out.
“If you don’t mind the company I’ll come with you.” You nod and the two of you enter one of the cars and you drop into a seat. He sits next to you careful not to intrude on your space, you slip off your right shoe and curl your toes. Two stops later the two of you exit and head back to the surface.
“Thanks for everything.” You say stopping at the base of the stairs in front of your house. “Bianca and I will be at Kennedy Park tomorrow at noon. We made a kite she wants to try. You and Jack are more than welcome to join us. We’ll probably go to Daniella’s for dinner and ice cream after.”
“Thanks.” He grins down at you and you do something you never thought you’d do. You kiss him. He’s surprised at first but he kisses you back, snaking his tongue into your mouth, deepening the kiss. “We’ll see you tomorrow.” He mutters and you turn, head up the stairs then let yourself into your house. You glance back at him over your shoulder and grin. He smiles back then you close the door. You watch as he turns away, sticks his hands into his pockets and heads back to the metro station. You hope that he and Jack do join you and Bianca tomorrow, it would be too cruel of fate for this to be the only time you see him.