someone must be playing a mean joke on me

  • Teacher: do you have any questions?
  • me: Yes! How did Daichi keep playing in the Spring High preliminaries? I mean, he had a broken tooth! Not an avulsed tooth, a broken one. If that tooth hadn't gotten a root canal treatment previously, it must hurt like shit, and probably it'd keep bleeding. Don't make me think they have someone who could do a tooth trepanation in the first aid office there, there aren't, and even if they had one, Daichi shouldn't keep playing for at least two days! And we aren't even talking about the gum wounds or even the bone fracture that should be there in this case. I mean, zygomatic bone is a frecuent fracture zone, and, if we think about the force and direction of the impact, and the expanse of Daichi's bruise later, it's totally possible that there'd be an bone injury!!
  • Teacher: about the class