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Request: Phan comes out and adopt a baby.

Word Count: 710

Comments: Thanks for requesting!! I hope you like it!

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“Hello Internet.” Dan’s  voice wasn’t as spunky as it usually was. He looked away from the camera. “No…” He whispered before trying his intro over again. Something about what he was saying, just sounded sad. He felt happy. He knew admitting this to the world would make him feel better. Of course he’s bisexual, he had admitted it before. 

“Hello Internet.” he gave a casual smile, as if he were looking at someone he knew from school, but didn’t want to actually speak. “So, I’ve got something to admit.” He whispered in the camera. 

No matter how many times he tried to get this right, it wasn’t working. He was going to start crying. He felt like he would burst into the tears, if he spoke one more thing. 

“Phil means a lot to me… I know most people are going to get excited, and others are gonna call me out on this. Phil-” His eyes glossed over and he felt a single stream of a hot tear run down his cheek. “Phil and I have been watching this kid… No, I shouldn’t lie.” By this point he had completely broken down. He broke out into little sobs, choking over his own words. “He and I…” He choked up again. “Phil!” he called out, to which Phil hurried in. 

Phil opened his door and stepped inside, “What’s wrong?” He asked, sounding worried. He saw him crying in front of the camera, and smiled softly. He knew what this was about. they had been talking about it for a while. “Emma?” He asked, seeing a girl no younger older than four walk in slowly. 

Dan heard Emma’s name and let himself smile a bit. He looked over, “Come over here, and let’s show you to all my friends.” he said, and opened up his arms to her. 

Emma grinned and rushed over, climbing up his leg on the chair, and sitting in his lap. “Where are dey?” She asked, looking up at him. 

Phil walked over beside them slowly. “Danny meant, show you in like a message to all our friends.” He chuckled and leaned down, kissing the top of her head gently.

Dan smiled at the four year old and wiped his tears softly. She was so innocent and precious. He kept her a secret for so long because he didn’t want her to be exposed to the world like both her dads were. “Smile big into the camera, and introduce yourself.” 

Emma smiled and looked at the camera in front of them. Her bright blue eyes lit up as she gave a toothy grin. Light brown hair framed her face, in a somewhat curly bob. She was dressed in a frilly black and pink dress, with a princess tiara on. “Hewwo! My name is Emma Howeww Wester!” She said, “I’m four, and dees are my daddies!” She raised her arms high above her head to point at her dads. 

Phil’s eyes watched the girl, who was so innocent and pure. “We’ll have to work on those ‘L’s’, huh?” He smiled at the girl, paying no mind to the camera, so he wouldn’t cry. 

Dan smiled and sniffled up the goop in his nose, shaking his head. “Aren’t they cute?” He mumbled, glancing from Emma to Phil. 

The two had been together for a long time now, but they had only had Emma for about a year now. Ever since then, they’ve been the happiest they’ve ever been, even though it was hard trying to keep her a secret. 

Phil smiled back at Dan and kissed his Temple. “I’m going to let her eat her lunch now. Finish up your video and come join us, yeah?” he smiled. 

“Yeah.” Dan repeated and smiled lovingly at his boyfriend. He looked back down at Emma, “Make sure Philly doesn’t do anything dumb.” He chuckled, as she gave a giggle and ran off letting Phil chase her. 

Dan looked back at the camera. “Surprise.” he chuckled and turned off the camera. he didn’t bother editing it. Instead he just uploaded it the whole thing. Not a single moment was wasted. He turned off his phone and set it next to his laptop, and got up to go enjoy lunch with Emma and Phil.

Bed Side Manners Ch. 7

(Juice x OC Charlie)

Quick note: Gotta thank Pandora for setting the mood to write. If you wanna hear what I do check out “Unfold” by Alina Baraz & Gali Matias and “Electric” by Alina Baraz feat. Khalid. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!

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When Juice got to the lobby he jumped out of the mandatory wheel chair escort and in to Bobby Elivis’ open arms.

“God we’ve missed you little ‘Rican.”

“I’ve miss you guys too brother” Juice turned as Bobby helped him back into his kutte. The long shower and shave Charlie had hooked him up with the day before made him feel a hundred times more like himself but that worn leather made him feel whole. “What have I missed?”

They made their way out to the van and Bobby filled Juice in on everything from Clay and Jax’s  fight in prison after he had left, to the nomad vote, down to the unexpected Church called for that morning.

When they arrived at TM Juice jumped out if the van and was greeted by Chibs, Tig, Happy, and Opie.

When Opie gave him a too tight hug he winced in  pain when the stitches pulled in his back. “Hey someone named Dion called said something about going to the prom?” Opie joked.

“You have no idea how funny that isn’t.” Juice responded patting him on the chest. As he was hugging it out in greeting with the others Clay and Jax pulled up.

“Chapel now!” Barked Clay heading in.

They sat around the table speechless. Gemma had been attacked, beaten and raped by Zobelle’s  crew. So many thoughts ran through his head. He was angry, scared, confused. They were criminals in their own way but none of them would ever do anything like that to someone so innocent and venerable. The worst was they did that to a woman he looked up to all to send a fucking message.

Once church let out Juice got to work on rechecking if any new information had come up on Zobelle or any of his crew. When his searches turned up empty he let Jax know nothing new had come up then went out to the garage to see if any help was needed. Walking into the office he was unprepared for what took him over at the sight of Gemma sitting there.

Seeing the look on his face Gemma stood up. “Oh sweetheart I’m ok.” She said knowingly and gave him a hug.

Deciding to keep his mind off of it he turned towards business. “Is there anything I can do out here?” He asked pointing towards the garage.

“No baby, you need to rest up you’re still healing  and the guys are gonna need you strong for what’s coming.” Nodding he stood frozen a moment before Chibs burst into the office.

“Juicy Boy!!” He said breaking the thoughts of the two standing there, adding smiles to both faces. “Ya fillin’ Gemma ‘ere in on tha’ nurse Charlie? ”

Gemma turned to Juice and raised her eyebrow at the blush spreading over his cheeks. “What nurse?”

Juice chuckled and told Gemma about her, “She sounds perfect baby, I can’t wait to meet her.” Gemma was happy for him being the youngest, besides Jax and Opie, he didn’t always get the better end of the stick when it came to the crew. With the way he lit up when talking about this Charlie, she had a feeling he was going to be doing very well very soon.

“Well you two girls need to go gossip somewhere else.” Gemma began ushering them out of her office. “I’ve got work to do and you two have better to be getting.” She said referring to the recent injuries the two had received.

Walking back towards the club house together Chibs slapped Juice on the shoulder. “So did ya take my advice ‘bout tha lass?”

Juice just smiled “Yeah I did.”

When they got inside they had a beer and Juice told Chibs all that had happened with Charlie that night and the next day. Chibs was proud of his young friend. He loved Juice and wanted well for him more than most.

Chibs soon got up and went outside. Left alone in the quiet of the club house Juice just stared at the screen of his laptop thinking about Gemma and everything they would be dealing with in the near future. His mind drifted to darker thoughts, and before he knew it his fingers were flying across the keys.

Charlie had just gotten back from a run to the grocery store. Walking into the back door she dropped her keys on the counter and placed her groceries in the fridge. Moving to the living room she jumped nearly out of her skin at the sight of Juice sitting on her couch.

“Jesus Christ,” She yelped clutching her hand to her chest. “You scared the shit outta me. How did you get in here, and more importantly how did you know where I lived?”

“Intelligence Officer for a group of criminals, remember?” He answered not really looking up.

“Right.” Charlie mumbled. She wasn’t sure what else to say because as she took in the man before her he seemed to be a shell of the smiling guy she had shared burgers and kisses with the day before.

Slowly she made her way closer to him. When she stood in front of Juice he still hadn’t lifted his face to hers so she dropped down taking hold of his hands. “Juice?” Nothing. “Hun?” She tried again and placed one hand under his chin forcing him to look at her.

What she saw broke her heart. He looked like he’d been waring with his own eyes. Forcing tears to keep themselves at bay. “Juice what’s wrong you’re scaring me?”

Taking her face in his hands “Baby I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just… somethings happened today, and I… ” he stopped he wanted to say what he needed to say but it was a bit much so he took pause to organize his thoughts. “I know it’s been a week but I cannot stop thinking about you. I wonder where you are, who your with, are you smiling enough, are you safe enough…and I keep telling myself to chill out but…I mean it’s only been a week and you’ve taken over my whole mind… but I gotta know before I say anything else what are you thinking about me and us.”

Charlie’s eyes glossed over as a feeling relief at his words hit her full force. In all honesty she’d been having the same thoughts about him and constantly found she was reminding her self that she wasn’t in high school and needed to slow down,  that she was gonna scare him off. “Juice Ifeel the exact same, honestly I really thought I was gonna scare you off if I told you that I have those same thoughts.”  Her relief reflected in his eyes so she continued. “I want this to go somewhere, I want to be with you I want to come to this empty place and it not be empty. And I want you to be the one to fill it up….”

Juice used the hold he had and pulled Charlie in kissing her. Partly because he wanted to, partly because he needed her to shut up. Pulling back he placed his forehead to hers. He was really holding back but had to clarify just one more thing. “I’m not a good man Charlie, I’m a criminal, I make mistakes and things are happening right now that, even I’m afraid of. I just need you to know that. Especially if we’re gonna be anything more than what we’ve been.”

He kept his eyes closed fearing the look on her face if she rejected him. Then he felt a tear hit his thumb and slide down to his wrist as she breathed out a whispered but firm. “I understand” to prove that she still wanted this SHE kissed HIM this time.

Juice returned her kiss with more force, while wiping her tears with his thumbs.

They soon became more forceful, more passionate. Juice slid his hands from her face, reaching down to wrap around her thighs where she was squatting down infront of him. Using his well developed strength he easily lifted her small frame into his lap. Never once breaking their kiss.

Charlie gasped when he picked her up so suddenly. Juice wasted no time taking advantage of her now parted lips and slipped his toung in aganst hers. Their tongues began to battle for dominance, passion and lust driving them. Juice was barely holding on he needed her now. He moved his lips to her jaw and down her neck. As he licked an nipped across her collar bone. Charlie was falling apart above him. When he reached the first button of her shirt he pause and looked up. She was beautiful, lips slightly parted and swollen from his own, afternoon sun slipping in though the window behind him making her skin glow. He needed more. NOW. Re-attaching his lips to hers he reached between them and ripped her shirt open sending buttons in every direction. This ignited a fire in Charlie she had not felt before with anyone.

Juice pulled what was left of the top from her shoulders. His rough hands left a tingling fire in their wake as he roamed them up her back pulling her closer. Quickly he stood from the couch never letting her go. Charlie wrapped her legs around his waist. Walking down the hall with her in his arms he stopped slamming her against the wall when she bit his lip a bit harshly. After a bite of his own he pulled away “Bedroom?” He growled

“Door at the end” pulling her from the wall he walked her through the door. He lowered her slender frame gently onto the bed. As soon as her body touched the mattress he sat back and took her in. He realised suddenly he didnt want this to be fast or rough. He was gonna take his time with her he was going to savor this moment. He wanted to map out ever curve, every edge. Juice removed his Kutte setting it on her dresser behind him then pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor. Charlie watched him, her cool blue grey eyes holding onto his warm chocolate ones, as she pulled her bra from her chest. He undid his belt and let his pants fall to the ground. Seeing this Charlie reached for the button of her own jeans, but was stopped when Juice grabbed her hand. Her breathing became more shallow as she watched him. Slowly, gently he reached out with a quick flick of his wrist her button was undone and Juice leaned down. Pulling the zipper open with his hands on either hip, he followed the slowly exposing flesh with his toung.

Charlie watched him in awe running her blunt nils over his scalp. Juice ran hot open mouthed kisses from one hip bone to the other as he rolled the form fitting jeans down her legs. Once he had her rid of them he looked down at her panty covered center. Charlie saw him lick his lips but she didn’t want that. Not today. “Baby.” She called to him his eyes flicked to hers and with out another word he stood pulling down his boxers then laid himself out over her. With one arm holding him up the other moved to her breasts gently he massaged  one running his thumb over it’s tip for just a moment before running his hand softly down her side as he kissed her. Reaching the thin fabric of her simple black boy shorts, he pulled them down her thighs.

Charlie kicked them off and onto the floor with the rest of the clothes that had been long forgotten there. She grabbed his face with both hands pulling him more fully over her. Hooking one leg up around his hip she pulled him down and rubbed herself against him. Juice sucked in a hiss.

Pulling back he looked down. Grabbing ahold of himself he rolled his thumb over his tip then ran his head along her more than ready entrance. As he lined himself up he looked into her eyes. This was her one last chance to back out. “Are you sure?” He asked her.

“I’m sure.” She told him with nothing less than pure confidence.

Juice leaned back down and kissed her as he entered her. Sheathing himself fully insider her they gasped and groaned in unison. They took a moment to adjust, her to his size, him to the grip her body held him in.

Soon Juice began to move rocking gently at first, then long, slow, and deep. Pulling out nearly completely before slowly sliding back in to his hilt. The room filled with gasps and quiet moans.

It wasn’t much longer before Charlie could feel a coil tightening it’s self in her lower abdomen. And with the way he was filling her up with each steady strong stroke it wouldn’t take much more for that spring to snap.

Juice held her with one hand on her hip. His other side was leaned against his forearm with his hand tangled in her hair. Charlie had her legs hiked up over his steadily rolling hips. Her arms wrapped around him pulling him impossibly closer.

When her nails dug a bit into his sides and her walls began to flutter around him where he had buried himself deep inside her. He knew she was getting dangerously close to the precipice. He wanted to watch her as he sent her over that final edge. “Baby, look at me.”

She opened her eyes when she felt his head pull back slightly. Locking eyes with her he used the hand on her hip and pushed down. Changing the angle just enough causing the tightening spring inside her to snap suddenly. Charlie felt it spread out tingling her fingers and toes.

Watching her pupils blow wide Juice leaned down and kissed her. At the feel of her contracting around him his hips stuttered a bit. Unable to hold back any longer he followed her over the edge and into oblivion.


Park Jimin
“Now. Always. Forever.” 
Word Count: 1,879
Genre: Fluff
I actually was unsure where i was going with this one hahahah

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It wasn’t fair. It was an one sided love that you didn’t want anything to do with anymore. He wasn’t going to like you back. He was incapable of loving you the same way. Park Jimin was the ultimate school flirt and you were the fool who fell for him. You were one of his puppets that he played with.

There was always a line for him or a crowd of girls wanting to be noticed by the Park Jimin. The two things that separated you from those girls were that Jimin always approached you first and your despicable call names.

He addressed every other girl as baby or babe. You, on the other hand, was addressed as princess or babygirl. Besides those two distinctions, you were treated just like the rest. He’d get the girls all flustered by running his hands through his hair – his signature move. If you were one of his noted companions he messes with, he’d randomly grab your hand in the halls or kiss your cheek when he passed.

You hated everything he did because of how it made you feel. Every time he’d smirk up at you, a light tint of pink would cover your cheeks immediately. When he would hold your hand, you were sure he felt the fast-paced tempo of your heartbeat. You were positive he heard the butterflies fluttering whenever he hugged you tightly.

However, those feelings would eventually get shattered by the reality that he’d never like you back; that was the part you hated the most.

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A Swerve Review [1,536 Words]

Honestly, I feel like a right saddo writing this. I mean, there’s the nerd and then there’s the nerd who goes too far but, seriously I wanna talk about Swerve!! In particular, Swerve as a character and his character traits and all the things we’ve already talked about before, but I want to be the one to make the lame, Swerve-centric master post highlighting a lot of this minibot’s faults and woe. I want to talk about the fact that, out of all the other sob stories we’ve encountered in MTMTE, e.g Quark, Fortress Maximus, Trailcutter, Swerve has been the character to upset me the most. I have lost sleep agonising over Swerve.

As opposed to popular belief Swerve is not…

…he is not the idol of millions. Unlike Rodimus who, believes his hype, Swerve seems very aware of his flaws and has either just accepted himself or is a victim of making the same mistakes over and over. How many times have you said something you regret, or done something that’s drawn a lot of negative attention and then, later while lying awake at night repeated a mantra of ‘I am never being so dumb again!’ only to have a repeat of the incident a few weeks/months down the line?

Yeah, me too.

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I'm watching the order of the Phoenix, and I just realized that I don't have an emotional attachment to Sirius, and I don't really see the love everyone holds for him. I would like to though, because I love seeing the good in people, so if you want to, would you like to share some great qualities of mr Sirius black so I can learn to love him too?

Hmm okay, this message makes me assume you haven’t read the books, so please forgive me if I’m wrong :)

So I think it’s important to understand the whole backstory of who Sirius is (which the books go into detail of but the films gloss over) and what he went through. Allow me:

Sirius was born into a family of Slytherins. The House of Black were wealthy pureblood supremacists, much like their relatives the Malfoy’s and Lestrange’s. They were aristocratic racists that held great prejudice against muggles, squibs, halfbloods and ‘blood traitors’. They practised dark magic and supported Lord Voldemort. Many became Death Eaters, almost all believed in cleansing or the ‘purification’ of the wizarding world (i.e. Hitler, Nazi Germany). The motto on their family crest reads ‘Toujours Pur, which literally means “Always Pure”. Sirius was raised in this culture, told what he was entitled to. He could have been incredibly rich, politically powerful and a well known (likely feared) wizard. He could have become Lucius Malfoy. 

Instead, 11 year old Sirius is sorted into Gryffindor, showing how his values differed from his family. There he befriends a blood traitor, a werewolf and a halfblood, and spends the next seven years with them. He becomes an illegal animagus and transforms into a dog just so his friend wont feel alone once a month. At 16, he saught refuge with and was taken in by the Potters, who adopted him as if he was their son too. For rejecting their supremacist ideology and leaving his family, Sirius’s name was burned off the family tree and he was disowned.

Once leaving school, he immediately joined the Order of the Phoenix to help fight Lord Voldemort. His friends James and Lily got married when they were around 19 years old, and Sirius was James’ best man. At 20, they gave birth to Harry, naming Sirius his godfather. 

At 21, the Potters became aware that Harry (along with their friends Frank and Alice Longbottom’s son) had become Voldemort’s primary targets. Dumbledore advised Lily and James to go into hiding using the Fidelius charm, which locks a secret into a soul in attempt to keep something or someone safe. James obviously wanted his best friend of 10 years Sirius to be their Secret Keeper, knowing that Sirius would rather die than reveal where they were. However, Sirius, knowing Voldemort would suspect him, suggested they instead use Peter Pettigrew, their meek, shy friend, as a less obvious choice. Unbeknownst to Dumbledore, Lupin, and everyone else, Sirius and the Potters reassigned Peter to be secret keeper - something Sirius would eventually regret for the rest of his life.

Here is where it gets REALLY sad.

On Halloween night (remember, they’re all only TWENTY ONE years old), Sirius goes to Peter’s hiding place, to find him vanished without a trace. Unsettled by the lack of struggle, he frantically speeds over to the Potter’s house - finding it completely destroyed. He walks in to find the dead body of his best friend and his best friend’s wife. James was practically his brother and Lily his sister, and he found them murdered - believing it was his fault. He discovers that somehow miraculously his baby godson has survived the attempted murder and, as Harry’s now chosen guardian, offers to take him to Dumbledore. He is told by Hagrid that other plans have been arranged, by which point Hagrid takes Harry on Sirius’s flying motorbike and delivers him to the Dursley’s, a couple who deeply resented the Potters, had never even met Harry and had no desire to raise him. After learning his best friends had been killed, this 21 year old boy tried to take responsibility for a baby - raise it, change his nappy, take care of an actual infant. Once he was refused to be with Harry, he decided he had nothing to lose, and went after Peter.

Overcome with grief and rage, Sirius leaves the scene of their murder and tracks down the person who caused the Potter’s death, determined to kill him in vengeance. Confronted by Sirius on a city street, Peter shouts that it was Sirius who betrayed them, then created a huge explosion which killed 12 muggles and faked his own death. 21 year old Sirius was arrested (for the murder of his best friends) and sent (without trial) to solitary confinement in Azkaban prison. In here, he was starving, freezing, and worst of all, at the mercy of the Dementors. Dementors are symbols for clinical depression, forcing you to relive your darkest memories, stripping you of all happiness and making you feel like you’ll never experience joy again. He was in a cell in tower in the middle of the ocean, all alone, for 12 years, thinking he had killed his best friends, with the entire wizarding community thinking he had too, and not having any idea how his godson was doing, living with muggles who abused him.

He finally escapes Azkaban 12 years later, and manages to get in contact with Harry. On the anniversary of Lily and James’s death, he tries to get into the Gryffindor dorm where Peter has been hiding out (in his rat form), but when he’s denied entry he slashes the portrait and adds to the rumours of his violence. Harry initially hates/fears him because of the information spread, but thanks to Lupin and Peter, soon learns the truth. Sirius nervously asks Harry if he’d maybe someday like to come and live with him, once his name is cleared. These two characters raised in abusive households, without any real family, finally had someone to care for and be cared by. Then, Peter manages to escape again, before Sirius can be claimed as innocent. He is forced to go into hiding, and spends the next two years attempting to look out for Harry, Ron and Hermione from all over the world. When Harry tells him his scar has been hurting again, Sirius returns to Britain to be closer and of greater support. When Harry’s name is drawn for the Triwizard tournament, he seeks refuge in a nearby cave, living off rats and any scraps Harry could send.

When Voldemort regains his physical form, The Order of the Phoenix is reinstated, but Sirius is sent to live in the house he grew up in - which is still inhabited by his mother’s racist, screaming portrait, and their house elf whose alliance lies more with the Malfoys. After 12 years of confinement and finally a taste of freedom, he is stuck inside once more, feeling unable to help.

He tries to stay in touch with Harry throughout the school year, regularly endangering himself to do so. The two form a brotherly bond, both representing what they lost in James. In his isolation, he becomes depressed. All alone, unable to leave the house or take part in the Order’s missions. He’s filled with joy when he has the chance to host Christmas for the Weasley family and spend time with Harry again. 

Now, we reach the end of tOotP. Voldemort knows of Harry and Sirius’s love for one another and desire to keep the other safe, so he implants a false vision that Sirius is being tortured. Harry and the gang journey from Scotland to central London to rescue him, only to find it was a trap. Once ambushed by Death Eaters, Sirius (along with Kingsley, Tonks, Lupin, Moody and Dumbledore) turn up to help save the kids.

Fighting alongside Harry, Sirius proclaims “Nice one, James!”, a line that still breaks my heart to this day. Just seconds afterwards, Sirius’s cousin Bellatrix hits him with a spell that ultimately ends his life. 

In that second, Harry loses the closest thing he had ever had to a father.

To finish off this fun little tale, I’ll leave you with some of my favourite quotes

“The world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters. We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” - Sirius

“Like the fact that the person Sirius cared for the most about in the world was you,” said Dumbledore quietly.” 

“I would have died! I would have died rather than betray my friends, as we would have done for you!” - Sirius

“The great black dog gave a joyful bark and gamboled around them, snapping at pigeons, and chasing its own tail. Harry couldn’t help laughing. Sirius had been trapped inside for a very long time.” 

PS my friend @siriusorion will be able to give you an even better answer for this

mw-fangirl-blog  asked:

Can you elaborate on the whole"Korra suffers because she is a queer WoC concept"? Or hoe you yourself said "there's a lot of criticism to be had for two straight men telling this story through a queer WoC" (in your most recent Book 4 post). In the Avatar world, nobody is white , everyone is Asian or Inuint based, and therefore everyone is a PoC , in a way, light skin DNE white.

Right, but media isn’t produced in a cultural vacuum. And colorism is a thing in our world (where Bryke live too), whether or not it’s something that exists in-verse. So depending on your intersection, it’s absolutely offensive to see the way a queer woc got brutalized over and over again. Or how we saw her say the words, “But I finally understand why I had to go through all that. I needed to understand what true suffering was so I could be more compassionate to others, even to people like Kuvira.Especially knowing that Korra was chiefly penned by two straight, white men.

Like, their intent in writing that line in the finale has been made incredibly clear, and for many who have suffered or deal with mental illness, it’s a validating message. Fuck it’s a validating message just for people who are growing and searching for their own identity.

But intent or no, it’s not to say the result doesn’t matter. It’s not a result I personally find offensive, but I’m speaking from a place of white privilege. That’s why I say time and time again that there’s a very valid criticism to be had about it, and we really shouldn’t talk over the people who find it offensive. Just like we shouldn’t talk over the people who found Korra’s conversation with Tenzin personally validating and telling them that their relation to the narrative is bad and, idk, equating them to Ozai or something.

For example, when I wrote Korrasami is GREAT Writing, that was me sharing the way in which I felt the narrative validated me and why that mattered. So the fact that there were certain bloggers who “took it to task” and said that I was wrong for feeling that the representation was good or worthwhile…it’s just like, fuck you. Fuck you for telling me what my experience should have been, especially given the barriers and difference I face as a queer woman.

So by that same token, fuck anyone who tries to tell people they can’t be offended by this narrative (which btw, I’m NOT accusing you of doing at all; I’m just saying in general). Look, how we consume media is really complicated. It’s possible to find something simultaneously offensive and validating. It’s possible for your experience to be really positive, while others are incredibly hurt, and vice versa. That’s all fine. Recognizing that is the key.

Now, ALL this being said, I do raise an incredibly strong eyebrow at anyone who only began to take issue with the story during Book 4 or during the finale, especially given the fact that the Book 1 narrative was basically Korra getting slapped around and brutalized to teach her humility, and then completely glossing over the consequences of that message (while actually endorsing some incredibly problematic behavior). So, if it’s just the end of the series where someone takes issue, chances are it isn’t about Korra’s suffering at the hands of Bryke. 

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Sooooooo, why should I read the Raven Cycle?

there’s honestly so many reasons why you should and i’m probably not the best person to explain this, but fuckign hell i’m gonna try anyway

  • the books actually show how heavily social class can affect someone, and its refreshing to see that not being glossed over for once. you can see the characters struggle with their backgrounds and with each other as a result of their class differences. 
  • blue sargent (aka the protag) is just ??? she’s so strong willed and sarcastic and caring and an unapologetic feminist, read it for her okay
  • i won’t talk specifically about any of them aside from blue, but the characters man, they’re so well balanced, complex and flawed, almost always prejudiced in some sort of way but they learn and grow and develop (with the exception of kavinsky tho, i’ll never stop being pissed over the fact that he never got the development he deserved but let’s not talk about that now)
  • the friendships/the relationships in general are very well written and real. the main characters really do care about each other, but even with the best of intentions in mind, they still snap and fight and hastily patch things back together, only to say the wrong things and hurt each other all over again. it’s messy. it’s encompassing. it’s relatable. (that doesn’t mean they don’t learn from their fights, though. they’re always trying not to fight again, but sometimes, it happens anyway.)
  • the language is poetic as fuck, just listen–
  • ‘and ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for war.’
  • ‘more than anything, the journal wanted. it wanted more than it could hold, more than words could describe, more than diagrams could illustrate. longing burst from the pages, in every frantic line and every hectic sketch and every dark-printed definition. there was something pained and melancholy about it.’
  • ‘it was mint and memories and the past and the future and she felt as if she’d done this before and already she longed to do it again.’
  • ‘being adam parrish was a complicated thing, a wonder of muscles and organs, synapses and nerves. he was a miracle of moving parts, a study in survival. the most important thing to adam parrish, though, had always been free will, the ability to be his own master. this was the important thing. it had always been the important thing. this was what it was to be adam.
  • ‘she recognized the strange happiness that came from loving something without knowing why you did, that strange happiness that sometimes was so big that it felt like sadness. it was the way she felt when she looked at the stars.’

i’ll stop here but i can go on for years tbfh. on a side note, if i convinced anyone to read this series, you should 100% message me about it

Sugar (1/2)

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Heart Song
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Sugar (½)

Request info: Sugar by Maroon 5 (Sam x Reader)

Authors Note:


     Sam watched as Y/N walked through the motel door, a smile on her face. He felt better already. He knew he had been stressing but he hadn’t realised how much until she came back within site.
    ‘Hey,’ she grinned at him. The darkness that had started to come back left, she lit up the room and his soul. He didn’t realise how bad he was hurting until she eased the pain. And that was just by being there, as his friend. He often fantasied what it would be like to have her as more. He wanted more, had for a while now. He knew it wasn’t going to happen, it would be stupid to date her. Y/N, Bobby’s adopted niece, they had known her almost their entire lives. After Jess died, and he started hunting again the two reconnected. Y/N had called Dean for help on a case and the trio had stayed together ever since.
    Y/N had been there for Sam when he needed an ear, a shoulder, advice or just silence. She had been his rock. Just like she had his entire childhood. She had that wow factor that drew him in over and over again, the smile, the eyes, the brains, he watched as she lent down to grab some water from the fridge, the body.
    ‘So the interview was a bust. Guy knows nothing, or at least nothing he was willing to say.’
    ‘So what now?’ Sam asked her.
    ‘Food,’ Dean declared as he came out the shower.
    ‘I’m down for that. But I swear to God Winchester you make me suffer through another crappy burger I’ll force you so full of salad it comes out your ears.’
    ‘Pizza?’ Dean offered.
    ‘Chinese?’ Y/N countered, raising an eyebrow.
    Sam watched at the two continued to negotiate dinner. He felt that jealousy rising in him. Y/N and Dean had an unusual relationship. Y/N had hunted with Dean a few times when Sam was at Stamford. The two had developed a pretty tight bond, their relationship at times made it seem like they were more than friends. And yet, they seemed platonic at the same time.
     ‘Sam what do you think?’ Y/N asked him.
     ‘You ok?’ Y/N asked him, concerned.
     ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Ah I’m good with whatever. Chinese sounds fine.’
    He watched as Y/N’s face lit up, and she turned to Dean and stuck her tongue out.
     He watched as Dean pulled a face back, grinning.
     ‘Well sweetheart, that means you have to go get it.’
     ‘Well Sugar, that means I get to drive Baby.’
     Sam screamed internally. He wanted her to call him Sugar, he knew it was only a name she used to counter Dean’s sweetheart but it was a name he wanted to hear directed at him. He needed her to love him like he loved her. He needed her to touch him, to kiss him, to look at him with her gorgeous Y/C/E so full of love and need.
      ‘Ah crap!’
      ‘I’ll have Mongolian beef thanks Deano,’ Y/N smirked.
      ‘Sam what do you want?’ Dean sighed.
      ‘Honey pork.’
      ‘Fine I’ll go, but Y/N your paying.’ Dean snatched her purse from her bag and took some money out. He knew she didn’t care. There was plenty there. She had done well the other night hustling pool.
      ‘Figures you wouldn’t have a clue on how to treat a lady,’ Y/N mumbled.
      ‘For that there would have to be a lady in the room,’ Dean grinned.
      ‘Awww Dude, them’s fighting words!’ Y/N laughed.
      ‘Not when I got back up on that one sweetheart. Sam, you’ll back me on this Y/N’s no lady is she?’
      Sam snapped out of his daze, he had been watching the laughter in Y/N’s eyes, the cheekiness, the mischief, completely caught up in her.
      ‘She’s one hell of a lady Dean.’ Sam realised what he said, he mumbled something to try and cover it. He heard Dean snigger and watched as Y/N blushed and bit her lip out the corner of his eyes.
       ‘Well, that settles it. I’m a lady and with that you can kiss my arse Winchester.’
       ‘Cos that’s lady like.’
       ‘Much better, M’Lady,’ Dean bowed.
       Y/N snorted as Dean left.
       She turned to Sam her face full of concern, ‘You ok?’
       ‘Yeah, why’s that?’
       ‘You seem off, I just…I don’t know Sam. You’ve been distracted the past few weeks.’ She sat down next to him, and put her hand on his arm. ‘You know I’m here if you want to talk right?’
         Sam looked at her hand, he struggled to breath for a moment, her touch so gentle, so soft. He looked at her, her eyes trying to read his. He wanted to kiss her so bad, to have her kiss him. To wrap her up in is arms to breathe her in. He needed her, he needed to be loved with everything she had. Her have her fix him, pull him back together.
        ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’
        ‘Yes!’ Sam screamed internally. ‘Love me, be with me, please, put all you love on me.’      

      ‘No Y/N/N I’m good.’ He knew it would be a mistake being with her. He also knew she would never love anyone like him. He wasn’t good enough for someone as amazing as her, he was to broken, made stupid decisions, risked too many lives. He watched as she licked her lips just slightly, he knew she was unsure. That she knew something was wrong. She was nervous. There was more she wanted to ask. He watched as the tongue moved slightly across her lips, God he wanted to taste that. He knew there would be a honey milk taste there, it was the lip gloss she used. That sweetness suckered him in even more. It suited her. Simple and sweet.
      He watched as her phone beeped, he saw it was from Dean. He watched her face, expecting it to light up when she realised who it was but it didn’t. He watched as she typed back a message and put her phone down.
     ‘What kind of Chinese shop doesn’t do Mongolian beef?’ she sighed.
     Sam laughed, ‘Aw, that’s gotta suck. Lemon chicken instead?’
     ‘You know me so well,’ Y/N grinned at him. ‘See you wouldn’t have had to even message me to get me to change my order. It’s one of the many reasons I love you.’ She got up and went to the bathroom.
     Sam knew it was a platonic love, but he would take it, God to hear those words it made him melt, made him smile. Made the darkness fade some more, to think that she may actually love him. God did he want that so bad.

Tumblr, moral absolutism, and Joss Whedon: I’m aware that this is a very loaded topic. But it’s also a very important topic to address.

Anyone that’s been following me for a while know how much I point out problematic behavior. My goal with that isn’t to get you to change your mind about something. But for you to understand that no matter how much you love something, there are negatives. And it’s horribly problematic to ignore them.
But the reversed it just as true. No matter how much you hate something, you shouldn’t discredit the positive aspects around it.

Tumblr is a place of moral absolutism in a lot of ways, which can be a bit of a double edged sword. Grey areas are treated like the plague, and mostly I agree that they should. But not because grey areas don’t exist, cause they do. But because the “grey areas” that get attacked are almost always not grey areas at all, but morally wrong areas that get glossed over in sneaky and manipulative ways.

Joss Whedon gets a lot of hate on tumblr, and mostly the hate is aimed correctly. But something that happens so easily with moral absolutism is misdirected hate. Because it’s so much easier to hate everything about this evil thing, than to accept anything positive about it at the same time. It’s so much simpler morally, and quicker, to label something as trash and move on.

But here’s the thing: When a generally good person does something bad, that doesn’t make the thing they did good. Just like when a bad person does something good, it doesn’t make the thing bad. Because no one is 100% evil. I mean, even Hitler was a vegan right?

I don’t believe claiming everything someone does as bad is a healthy mindset (just like the reversed isn’t). It dehumanizes them, and that makes us expect less from them, when we should be expecting more.

Thankfully, most Joss Whedon hate posts I see start out directed correcting. But very often do I see these posts bleed into claiming everything about his work as bad. Which to me is scary. It’s scary for a large number of reasons. But lets focus on the two main ones:

1) The feminism in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is more complex than most give it credit for. This type of feminism often get discredited as it is, and for all the wrong reasons. To see an entire generation possibly reject this type of storytelling and feminism, because of their general dislike for Joss Whedon, makes me so sad.

BtVS taught me so much about internalized misogyny. It also helped me love a lot of my own traits that I used to view as negative, and even weak, simply because they were feminine. Here’s a few posts I’ve written on these topics if you’d like to know more (x) (x) (x).

But no, BtVS did not get everything right. Far from it (and that’s important to remember too). But that shouldn’t discredit all the messages it got right.

2) What does this mean for our future? Will an environmentally friendly product get less support because someone who helped develop it was homophobic? I see people hate entire brands because one of their CEO’s have bad and outdated views. Views that yeah, they really should reconsider. But views that doesn’t effect their product quality or morality around manufacturing at all.
I’ve seen people love and support presidential candidates, and political parties, because of their shining personalities. Instead of considering what they might do if they get put in a position of authority.
Does this mean that we’d rather support a silent/neutral system instead of an opinionated one that get some (but not all) points right? 

It’s so important to teach our youth both negatives and positives regarding as much as possible in life. Since this is how you build empathy and a strong moral compass. And that’s why you can’t condemn the positive aspects linked to a negative. Just like you should never forget or accept the negative aspects around something positive. 

So please lets aim our hate correctly, and stay critical.

Teen Wolf Fanfic. Again.

Title:  All the Ways Derek Made Stiles Feel Beautiful - Way Number One
Summary:  ljummen made a joke about Derek singing “What Makes You Beautiful” to Stiles at karaoke, so I decided to document all the times Derek made Stiles feel beautiful.
Posted to:  AO3


It starts like this:  it’s an ordinary day, a pack meeting is coming to a close, and Stiles stretches.  That’s all.  He scratches his jaw, yawns, and stretches, revealing an inch or two of skin and a trail of hair that travels from just above his belly button to below the waist of his pants.  Suddenly, all Derek can think about is that swath of skin and the crook of Stiles’ fingers as they scratch his jaw and just like that, Derek is smitten.

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