someone make these feelings go away

When you make the choice to walk away from someone, or something, you must always remind yourself why you left in the first place. There are going to be days where you want to turn around and go back, but I promise you, what’s back there will never change and what’s in front of you is so much better.
—  Megan Lawrence
"Long Distance Relationships"

I don’t think people understand how difficult being in a long distance relationship can be. You have great moments where you FaceTime and laugh and makes jokes and talk all night until you fall asleep. You text cute Goodmorning text, you text cute goodluck text and all the I love yous and I’m in love with yous but then there are the not so great moments where you cry on the phone, you argue, you feel like just giving it all up, you start second guessing. But I don’t think anyone understand not even yourself how throughout all of that your love for that person just continues to carve even deeper and everyday the thought of even letting them go scares you. It feels utterly impossible to fall so in love with someone so far away but there you are falling in love all over again every single day. Losing them is like losing yourself. They’ve become so important to you that you feel as if though you cannot function without them. Everyone says to “Never depend on someone else to make you happy” but how could you not ? They are all you have, your rock. No matter how hard it gets always remember one thing.. it’s hard to give up but it’s even harder to give up when it’s everything you’ve always wanted. Distance is temporary but love is not!

what makes the signs happy
  • Aries: making other people laugh, burritos, feeling the sun's warmth on their skin, photos of dogs, taking pictures, gaming, long drives
  • Taurus: good food, hanging out with friends, food, sports, lunch, going outside, dinner, stepping into a hot shower after a hard workout, eating
  • Gemini: taking walks in the fall and watching the multicolored leaves float away from the trees, chocolate flavored everything, being introduced to new music, doodling, napping, holding someone they love, exchanging secrets
  • Cancer: a Lot of Money, soft hair, shopping, self-deprecating memes, their mom, going on vacations, taking really good pictures of their pet
  • Leo: memes, dogs, sugar daddies, making successful tumblr posts, mint flavored gum, joining cults, buying athletic clothes and not using them for athletic purposes
  • Virgo: the word of god, the beatles, fucking her right in the pussy, jesus the christ, costco muffins, literally dying, watching the sun set
  • Libra: taking snapchat selfies, exercising, getting a fresh haircut, gaining followers on tumblr, parties, Leaving This Dark Earth™, and a good, hearty pun
  • Scorpio: when they're sitting next to their fireplace with a warm blanket around them and they can hear the strong winds whirling outside but they can't see it because the downfall of snow is so thick that when they try to look outside all they can see is white and their cat snuggles up to them and everything seems so nice and warm in the moment that you actually think life is enjoyable especially after strangling your physics teacher when he didn't give you an a in the class even though you completed every assignment and aced every test he still gave you a B because you didn't give him his weekly allotment of cocaine like you were supposed to and you didn't mean to kill him but he started threatening you for his drugs and he wouldn't raise your grade to an A for ten grams of coke which wasn't your fault and you did nothing wrong no matter what the cops say.
  • Sagittarius: nothing, dying, suffering, waiting for the end of the world, getting anons, ice water, listening to music
  • Capricorn: watching netflix, cuddling, being in love, sleeping in, going on hikes, tattoos, cute vines of puppies
  • Aquarius: ice cream cake, watching disney movies, discussing and analyzing old spongebob episodes in depth, pranking other people, feeling their legs after they shave, fruit smoothies, getting into a good book
  • Pisces: not being sad

There’s alot of things I want to tell you
Like how I’m still sad everyday but I don’t spend every afternoon on the bathroom floor trying to get the courage to delete your number,
Like how I pray to a God that I’m not even sure exists to please make it all go away,
please make me go away
I want to tell you about the aching that leaks from my pens whenever I try to write
And how many times I’ve thought about calling you up and screaming I miss you I miss you I miss you
I once read a quote that said that if you truly love someone you’d let them go
and if they truly loved you they’d come back
I guess the truth is you never really loved me
I want to tell you about how I smoke until I can’t feel my body,
until I hit the floor and how my friends call it a drug addiction,
my therapist named it substance abuse
It’s just that when you left, you took everything with you
I want to tell you about how I still think of you as my safe place even though that house fell to the ground a long time ago
I want to tell you about the sixteen poems I’ve written about you and how i still can’t admit I was in love
I used to think no one could break my heart
And maybe it’s true
Maybe I broke my own

-R.J I was in love
It hurts to let go. Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold on to something or someone the more it wants to get away. You feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. It confuses you, because you think that your feelings were wrong and it makes you feel so small because it’s so hard to keep it inside when you let it out and it doesn’t come back. You’re left so alone that you can’t explain. Damn, there’s nothing like that, is there? I’ve been there and you have too. You’re nodding your head.
—  Henry Rollins, The Portable Henry Rollins

If you ever, EVER need the motivation to make it through the day today, our favorite dumplings of Hamilton are giving us kind words of strength to make it through.

This numb feeling isn’t going away anytime soon, but we can’t give up. For the next generation, our generation can’t give in to the hate that made him win the campaign. We all most start loving one another. We must make his supporters see that this will not bring us down but pull us together.

Obama has done so much to make everyone feel equal and like themselves in the past eight years as president and now we have someone who is having a fucking rape case studied next week.

For those who follow me, and for those who don’t, we must live. Throw your head high in the face of ignorance. Stare them down when they choose to resort to childish behaviour. Let’s not give them what they want.

We have to hold each other closer than before now.

We can do it.


Should You Heal Someone As Mercy?
  • Genji: You have a death wish? You think he's going to stick around when the enemy sees you? Fuck no, he's going run off, leaving you holding the bag and cursing.
  • Mcree: He's an old man who can't run very fast, and he's almost never too deep in enemy territory. Hop on down to help him and you'll be back in the skies before you know it.
  • Pharah: Bird wife is best wife, and anyway, as long as you two are in the sky, you'll be safe and away from the enemy. By the time she finishes saying "I need healing" you better be up there.
  • Reaper: Go kill someone to get your health back edgelord.
  • Soldier 76: By the time you get over there, he'll have popped his own healing ability, making you feel very silly. But he's usually away from the battle, so what the hell?
  • Sombra: I dunno, half the time she's super grateful, half the time she's already left by the time you get there, almost as if she's trolling yo-HEY!
  • Tracer: Between her speed and recall, she can either handle it herself or get back to you to get her healing, you ain't going to her.
  • Bastion: HAL-9000 here never moves, so you're gonna need to fix him. Unfortunately everyone is gunning for him, so you better have a way out.
  • Hanzo: That bow wielding jerk is usually dead before you get there, so you should generally not bother.
  • Junkrat: If he's someplace convenient, like hiding behind Reinhardt, sure. If not, it's usually not worth it.
  • Mei: Can't you just hide in your little ice bubble? What do you need me for?
  • Tobjorn: You need his turrets and his armor packs, so I guess it's polite to keep him alive. I don't have to like it though.
  • Widowmaker: If she's someplace you can easily get a Guardian Angel to, she's probably already dead.
  • D.Va: She goes through her health like she goes through Doritos, so you'd better. Don't expect gratitude though, and don't be surprised if 2 seconds after you brought her health back, she's already jetting off to lose it again.
  • Reinhardt: He's protecting you, help him out. At least until his shield breaks and he jets off, that's your cue to leave.
  • Roadhog: Very dangerous, and he's usually gonna heal himself before you get there. Plus that enemy Roadhog is always hooking your girlfriend, so he can go to hell.
  • Winston: If he wants to get healed, he can come back to you. I'm not following him into the thick of the enemy.
  • Zarya: She better shield you, but she's gonna die if you don't help her.
  • Ana: What's another healer doing on your team? Whatever, she's your stepmom and she can't heal herself so you should probably help her out.
  • Lucio: Still more healers? And can't he heal himself?
  • Symmetra: You want that teleporter don't you? Well you gotta earn it. Just don't expect me to follow you into the enemy.
  • Zenyatta: Healing him while he's got his harmony orb on you is impractical but hilarious.
Sally Jackson, Mother to All
  • So I’ve been thinking, and we all know how most of the demigods don’t have a good parental figure in their life
  • And then there’s Sally Jackson, who, let’s be real, is the kind of person to look after all of them
  • Just imagine Annabeth being all nervous on her first dinner there as Percy’s girlfriend because Sally isn’t just her friend’s mom, it’s her boyfriend’s mom now
  • But of course Sally makes her feel at ease straight away by joking around with her and taking sides with her against Percy playfully
  • And pretty much from then on Sally is the mother she never had, because Annabeth loves Sally, and they spend days together doing the kind of things neither of them would ever do with Percy like going shopping
  • Just imagine Jason coming over for dinner sometimes and Sally hugging him hello and goodbye, and Jason has never, ever been given a hug by someone so comforting, and he can close his eyes and pretend he has a mother
  • And think about Sally helping Piper out with the cooking because they both love creating new dishes and just having so much fun
  • And Piper’s never got much affection or just been able to spend a normal day with her father, the best she got is Jane taking her to McDonald’s to buy her lunch, and she just cannot stop smiling
  • And Hazel, oh my gods, Hazel is so confused about modern life at first (of course) and sometimes she can’t help but feel out of place
  • But Sally just understands, she gently helps Hazel get used to everything, because I think sometimes we forget Hazel is thirteen and has never had a proper parental figure, and Sally gives her that
  • Imagine Sally reminding Leo of his own mom
  • Like obviously not the building things or anything, but just the way Sally goes the extra mile to make people feel better, or by just always smiling at people, and referring to them affectionately
  • Leo pretends like he doesn’t really care that much, but deep down he loves it
  • At first Frank is really shy around Sally, especially the first time when Percy invites him over
  • And obviously Sally can tell, so she doesn’t push it or anything
  • Slowly Frank gets more and more comfortable around her, especially after that time Sally helped him plan a date with Hazel and it’s pretty much the best date either of them go on
  • And eventually it comes to the point where if any of them have a problem or they are just feeling down, it doesn’t even matter if Percy’s there or not, they can just go talk to Sally, and she is always willing to help
  • Just generally imagine all the demigods loving Sally and she is able to give them what so many of them have never had
  • And just think of Percy seeing all of this and being so happy because he knew it all along: he has the best mother in the whole entire world
To the next girl that loves me:
You need to make sure you’re ready to deal with someone who’s physically and emotional damaged. I get sad for no reason at all, so when I do, don’t pull away, just hug me and tell me that’s all gonna be okay, because i know it will be. You need to be ready for my constant need of reassurance. If i feel like you’re having an off day, a million things go through my head and I feel like I’m the reason why. You just need to validate your feelings for me and I’ll be okay. You need to be ready for my neediness. I love touching. I’m gonna always wanna hold your hand, literally all the time. When we’re in a car, when we’re asleep, when we’re out grocery shopping, even when we’re just watching tv on the couch, just let me hold your hand, please. I’m gonna remind you how much I love you and how you’re so beautiful and how I’m the luckiest girl alive. I’m gonna kiss you, all the time, everywhere and anywhere.
You need to be ready for my constant rambling. I talk a lot, about everything and I won’t stop. So just listen to me, please and don’t ignore me because I start to have anxiety.
You need to be ready for someone who’s extremely hard to be with. Are you ready for that?
—  I’m a mess, I’m sorry

“All I want right now, more than anything else, is to be with him. The glow inside is brightest when he is near, and the pain inside hurts more when he’s away. I am happiest when I think about him, I am saddest when I think about him. He makes all my feelings more intense. That must be what love is. 

So please… Let the person that I love…

…be the “someone just for me”.”

My favorite angst trope is when Person A is shown by an enemy a dream/illusion about how better Person B’s life would be if A hadn’t arrive and hadn’t gotten them involved in w/e quest or task A have to fulfill.

Of course, B’s life there is just perfect and filled with bliss and, to make it even more painful, it’s exactly how A envisioned their shared life would be, with the key difference that B is shown sharing it with someone else.

And while A is able to break that spell and go back to reality, the damage is done. From that point on they will feel guilty about dragging B along with them and A will try to push them away, causing a lot of pain because B will not understand why that’s happening and it will lead them into thinking that whatever love A had for them, is gone.

Last Christmas

based on the song: Last Christmas by Wham! Enjoy the first Christmas song one-shot my lovelies. Let me know what you guys think :) 

Warnings: language 

Last Christmas

I gave you my heart

But the very next day you gave it away.

This year

To save me from tears

I’ll give it to someone special.

The thought of being in the same room with James Buchanan Barnes was making you feel nauseous. It had been so long since the two of you had seen each other that you didn’t know how to react to him. 

It was almost exactly a year since you saw him. Since the last time the two of you spoke face to face. 

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50 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do
  1. Study;
  2. Read;
  3. Listen a music;
  4. Watch a film;
  5. Clean the house. Your mother will be happy;
  6. Learn a different recipe;
  7. Learn a language;
  8. Work out;
  9. Dance in your room;
  10. Make a DIY;
  11. Ride a bike;
  12. Go out with your friends;
  13. Write a book;
  14. Send / say a “I love you” to someone you love;
  15. Make new friends;
  16. Go out alone and see how good is your company;
  17. Turn the night watching something you enjoy and eating nonsense. One day will not kill anyone;
  18. Make a day of beauty for you;
  19. Do some volunteer work;
  20. Draw;
  21. Sleep;
  22. Fix something;
  23. Compose a song;
  24. Play a instrument;
  25. Sing;
  26. Stay with your boyfriend / girlfriend;
  27. Write a book;
  28. Write a letter or e-mail to someone who lives far away;
  29. Change your hair;
  30. Paint your nails;
  31. Pick flowers and decorate your home with them;
  32. Reflect on your attitudes;
  33. Go to a party;
  34. Paint a picture;
  35. Plan your next vacation;
  36. Build a puzzle;
  37. Play The Sims or other game you like;
  38. Write your feelings;
  39. Cry if you need. It’s okay to cry now and then;
  40. Smile;
  41. Be grateful for everything and do not complain;
  42. Take from your life everything that hurts you in a bad way;
  43. Eat your prefer food;
  44. Think about new projects;
  45. Plant a tree. The nature say “thanks”;
  46. Feed your spiritual life;
  47. Buy something you need;
  48. Find your hobby and practice it;
  49. Be happy;
  50. Be you.
Cleaning Up

Idk why but i feel like writing some fluff and stuff. next one will be Sad because im a smol sad skittle. but uh yeah

“I was gone for 5 minutes and this is what happens”
“Newt, you should really start organizing your things down here”
“They are i just have a specific way of organizing”

You and Newt are spending the day down in his suitcase. Him wanting to check up on his animals and You, well you just want to look at him.
“Newt someone could get injured in here, and not from the animals”
“Well to be fair Y/N no one really comes down here”

Newt looks away shyly. You start to feel a little sad. Newt wasn’t very good at making friends. But you couldn’t see how someone could not love this small little hufflepuff. You ruffle his hair slightly and smile.

“Hey newt, im going to go check on the Bowtruckles. is that okay?” you ask but newt is too distracted to notice. You roll your eyes and walk towards the bowtruckles.

“Hey there Pickett, Why arent you with Newt?” You ask the little green creature.
He shrugs at you and begins to climb up your arm and hugs your cheek.
“Now Pickett, dont go getting too attached” you laugh softly. You decide to visit Frank because you haven’t seen him in a while.

After spending sometime with Newts animals, making sure their fed and happy, you walk back to Newt. Surprise Surprise he’s still sketching in his book.
“Newt, Newt, NEWT!” You say.

He jumps up and falls out of his chair.
“s-sorry you surprised me. Oh my have i been distracted this long. i better go feed the animals” He says hastily
“No need I already did”.

He looks at you for a sec but then gets up.
“o-oh uh fantastic, ill just uh go check on the Niffler. hes a troubled one” he smiles and walks off. You look around and things are still a mess.
“Oh newt” you mumble.

You start clearing things up a little too make things less messy. You take some things out of the little room and walk back in. Although, not looking where you were going, trip over some books and land harshly on the wood. you let out a loud yelp that catches Newts attention.
He runs back quickly
“Y/N! are you okay?”

He looks in and sees you on the ground clutching your knee. He scrambles over to you to check for injuries
“Oh my are you okay? what happened. I left you alone for 5 minutes and this is what happens. Oh dear oh dear” He continues to ramble on as you try to calm him down.

You grad his face in your hands lightly and make him face you.
“Newt, Im okay, its just a skinned knee. Im okay” You smile at him and he runs to get the first aid kit. As he is cleaning you up he’s still muttering to himself.

“Hey Newt?”
“Yes Y/N”
“This is why you need to clean up your Suitcase”


Heh this is fun

Andrew and Neil begin to foster small children

They just kind of randomly decide to fill in the forms every now and again and poof, there is another small child in their lives

And they don’t push them to do anything they don’t want to do

And they don’t ask questions about the previous homes or their birth families if they knew them or anything else because they respect the privacy of their kids (cos the second they sign those papers the kids are theirs)

And it’s not just small children

Children of all ages

And they are great fathers and they personalise all the kids’ rooms

And when they go away to college or uni or whatever else they don’t change the rooms, they leave them be until the kid is ok to let go, even if that’s never the room stays the same- cos hey, they’re not going to make someone feel unwanted and really they love the kids. And the kids love them. And the cats. Most of them prefer the cats to Andrew. Andrew pretends he doesn’t notice. But they all go to Andrew when Neil is refusing them candy because they all know that Andrew has a secret stash that they all think, including Andrew, that Neil doesn’t know about.

But he does

But he doesn’t say anything cos it’s kind of cute and honestly he just loves his family

And they’d do anything for the kids, even if they think it’s something that should be impossible

And honestly they’re just such great parents

Mrs. Stark

Request: I was wondering if you could do a one shot of how you like Bucky and he doesn’t like you and is dating Nat, so Tony comforts you and you slowly fall in love with him and learn to move on? Maybe make it really fluffy and marry Tony at the end? please -Anonymous

What do you do when the person you like, likes someone else? How are you supposed to just move on and forget about their eyes, their laugh, the way they make you feel? The answer is simple; by doing just that. The things you feel for someone slowly start to wilt away along with every thought you’ve had about them, every moment you shared with them that made you fall in love with them. He wasn’t yours and he never would be.

Your feelings for Bucky were not mutual and that’s something you’ve had to live with and suffer through for at least a year now. Bucky was happy with Natasha, he never let a day go by where he didn’t confess or show his love for her.

No matter how many shooting stars you wished upon, prayers you spoke, the hope you felt when the clock struck 11:11, and no matter how many dandelions you blew into the wind, you were not meant for Bucky. You had to accept it and you couldn’t hold yourself from being happy anymore.

You just couldn’t. You’ll never be her.

You could hear Bucky and Natasha laughing in the common room, wrestling with each other over the remote and what television show they’d watch tonight. Your stomach twisted and your throat burned. You could feel the hot tears filling your eyes as you heard them kissing.

Another presence entered the kitchen and you stood there, staring down at your dinner. You had just gotten back from a mission so you arrived late. Your appetite was once again ruined. “You know, I’m gonna start charging you for the food you make and throw out.” Tony said beside you.

You simply sighed and pushed your plate away. “You can afford it.” You said in a monotone voice. Tony laughed and shook his head at your comeback. You always did like to hear Tony laugh. It was strong and everyone knew it was his even if he wasn’t in the same room.

You sighed again and hopped down from your chair. Tony stopped you by grabbing your arm gently. “What’s bothering you?” Tony questioned, but knew the answer as you glanced towards the common room. Tony nodded slightly and sighed.

You gave Tony a tight smile. “You know, it won’t last forever, Y/N.” Tony said to you softly. You crossed your arms over your chest, biting back your tears. You quickly turned away and Tony looked at you with a pained expression.

He understood what you were going through and he wished he could take it all away. He’s always been here for you to wipe away your tears when you go to him crying over Bucky. You’ve spent countless nights awake at late hours with Tony as he comforted you enough for you to pass out on his shoulder.

It was silly to always cry over a taken man, but when you were in love with someone who was with someone else, it happens whether you want it to or not. You cry and cry and cry until you’re left with a hollow feeling that only they could fill; yet they can’t. They’d never be able to.

Natasha didn’t know of your feelings for Bucky. Bucky knew because you had told him one day while you were drunk and he immediately told you that he had been dating Natasha in secret. Bucky just didn’t want anything to ruin his relationship if he told the team. He wanted to make sure it was real. And by the way his eyes lit up when she entered a room, you knew it was the realest thing he’s ever felt.

It became even more real when he told the team that following morning. Everyone was happy for them and you just stood back, watching your life fall apart before your eyes.

Tony pulled you in for a tight hug and you inhaled his expensive cologne. You sighed against Tony and he rubbed your back soothingly. “I know it hurts, but Y/N, you’ve gotta let him go. It’s the only way for you to be happy.” Tony said, swaying you both side to side.

Happy is what you became. A few months later, you didn’t hurt anymore. You accepted your destiny and let fate take you into the arms you were meant to be in. One night after Natasha and Bucky had announced they were going to adopt a little one, something in you closed off and something else opened up.

You stared at yourself in the mirror, running your hands gently along your wedding dress as Wanda was fixing your veil. The man who had been there for you all along was the one you were meant to be with. Tony Stark was your soulmate.

It took you so long to realize it, but as time passed, days felt so short alongside Tony. You found yourself clinging to him in a way that felt right. Being with him made you feel better and you tried everything you could to hear that laugh of his. You’d even spend long nights with him in his lab, watching his hands work on something, anything.

Moments that made your heart beat faster with Tony made your mind scream at you: “He’s your soulmate. It’s him, it’s him, it’s him.” Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Tony asked you out one night after sharing an intimate moment after a very life threatening mission.

You realized in that moment, he was the one for you. You were so blinded and so in love with James Barnes, you didn’t see the truth lying in front of you. You and Tony fell in love and you felt free of your feelings for Bucky at last.

It’s taken some getting used to, but now, as you see the smile on your face and feel the fluttering in your chest, you couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.

Wanda had finished fixing your veil and you turned to face her. “You look breathtaking, Y/N.” Wanda squealed happily, the biggest smile on her face. You blushed and smiled back. “Thank you, Wanda.” A knock on the door turned both yours and Wanda’s attention away from each other.

Steve peeked in and he gasped, seeing you in your white dress. “Oh my god, Y/N!” Steve beamed, rushing in to see you. You giggled and let him twirl you around, your dress flowing down past your feet and leading a little trail behind you. “Tony is so lucky.” Steve said with a chuckle.

Wanda laughed along with you. “They’re ready if you are.” Steve said, holding his arm out for you to link yours with. Your father wasn’t around to walk you down the aisle, so you made a joke by saying Steve could since he was the oldest on the team. That earned a loud laugh from Tony and a flutter in your heart.

You smiled and linked your arm with Steve’s, waving bye to Wanda so she could line up with Natasha and Sharon on the platform. Grabbing your red rose bouquet, you breathed out, trying not to let your nerves show through. “She’s ready.” Steve said into his comm. “Copy.” You heard Sam reply.

The traditional piano music started to play and two men opened the large doors you and Steve stood behind. You could see Tony lined up with the groomsmen: Clint, Sam, and Bucky. They were all dressed in tuxedos with red ties and the girls were wearing matching red gowns.

Your heart beat wildly in your chest as you started to walk down the aisle, repeating “Don’t trip” in your mind over and over. The guests, which were at least in the high hundreds, all stood up and turned to look at you. A blush crept onto your cheeks as you saw their awestruck reactions.

Your eyes landed on Tony’s as you walked up the stairs. He sent you a wink and you giggled softly, your stomach flipping. Steve let your arm go and you leaned up on your toes to press a kiss to his cheek. “Hey, hey.” Tony said with a firm voice, causing the whole Church to erupt in laughter.

Steve stood behind Bucky, chuckling. You turned to Tony, staring up at him with a wide smile. The pastor opened his Bible and started to recite the marriage prayer. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today-” He started, looking at you and Tony fondly.

As the pastor finished the prayer, your nervousness and excitement grew in your chest. “Please, join hands.” The pastor said with a smile. You and Tony held each others hands and you could feel how clammy Tony’s was. You didn’t mind, you were pretty sure yours felt the same.

Tony stared down at you and your cheeks turned a bright red. You felt so lucky to be marrying Tony. Your heart felt renewed and full, nothing was missing. “Now, if you have any vows, you may speak.” The pastor said. Tony cleared his throat and smiled at you.

“I prepared a long speech, I even wrote it down and everything. Too bad Sam threw up on it.” Tony started, the guests and yourself laughing. You could see Sam peeking out the side of the line of groomsmen, shooting Tony a glare. You snorted and Tony laughed harder.

“Well, here it goes from memory. Y/N, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I made an excuse to have Nick put us as partners on missions. I wanted to be the one to protect you, to make sure you were always okay, and to be the one to help you when you needed it.

You were in love with someone else, so I had to wait for you to go through that and make your way to me in the end, and I’m so happy you did. I was in love with you while you were hung up on somebody else; someone who didn’t deserve to be loved by someone so amazing.

You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I promise to let you steal my food, I promise I won’t work late nights in the lab on an invention I’ll never finish, even if you’re there in my chair, supporting me. I promise I’ll always be here and I’ll never let you out of my sight. Unless Clint accidentally shoots me in the eyes with an arrow and screws me up for good.”

Everyone laughed again and you could hear Clint wheezing. You covered your mouth to keep from laughing like a maniac. Tony looked down at you with watery eyes from laughing so hard. You all calmed down and you rested your hand back in Tony’s, still giggling softly to yourself.

“I promise to be yours, for as long as you’ll have me. If it’s forever, I’ve completed the biggest and most amazing mission of all: Capturing your heart.” Tony finished, his voice cracking at the end. Your heart swelled in your chest and you tried not to cry.

You took a deep breath, calming your breathing. You definitely couldn’t top Tony’s vows and you could’ve sworn you were going to cry your eyes out any second if you didn’t start talking.

“I’d like to start off by saying I appreciate all those times you were a shoulder to cry on. All the while I was crying over someone else, I know now that I was getting all of those tears out so you could fill me with the happiness my heart longed for. You, Tony, are my knight in shining armor. Quite literally; your suit is so bright.” You said, causing everyone to laugh.

“I fell in love with you as I was healing, and that brought us even closer. I can be myself around you, I can eat your food and mine without your judgement. I can sit in your very comfortable chair and watch you work on your inventions all night long and never grow tired of the way your tongue sticks out when you’re concentrating.

I promise to let you yell at the television as loud as you can when the people on it don’t do what you’re yelling for them to do. I promise to not get mad when you tinker with my weapons and completely break them. I promise to always be by your side when you need me the most, especially when you’re screaming bloody murder because you saw a spider in the bathroom.” You said with a giggle, hearing everyone laughing again.

Tony dramatically rolled his eyes but smiled down at you, his thumbs rubbing your hands.

“Tony Stark, you are my Ironman, the love of my life, the best man a woman could ever wish for. If I had to be stuck with someone forever, I’m glad it’s you.” You finished, your eyes filling with tears again. The guests cheered and clapped.

“Now, the rings.” The pastor said with a smile. Sam smirked and spoke into his watch. “Redwing, do your thing.” He said. Suddenly, Redwing flew in with two strings hanging that had yours and Tony’s rings attached to them.

You laughed as Tony untied them. Smiling, Tony handed them to the pastor. You and Tony thanked Redwing before it flew back down the aisle and through the doors you entered from. The pastor started to pray over the rings and he handed you Tony’s and gave Tony your ring.

The pastor had you and Tony repeat the traditional wedding vows before you both slipped on each others rings. “You may kiss the bride.” The pastor said in a louder voice, setting his Bible down and clapping his hands.

You leaned up on your toes and crashed your lips into Tony’s, letting your left hand rest on his neck. Tony pulled you close and you felt his arm lift into the air, pumping his fist. The guests all laughed and cheered and you couldn’t be happier than you were in this moment.

You found your other half.

Note: gOSH I got carried away!! thanks for the request! I really hope you like it! feedback is always welcome! .c

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Bullshit claims that need to go away because anyone making them is full of crap:

- talking about being ace/aro with someone other than a Partner ™ is TMI (honestly anyone making this claim is despicable)

- most aces+aros on tumblr or in general have about Every Privilege Imaginable (like plz what the hell even)

- being ace/aro is not a legit orientation, they only get be modifiers (no)

- putting negative shit into a-spec positivity tags is somehow acceptable and justifiable (bc I guess the ppl who need those tags are Evil. Like honestly you hate us don’t try to claim otherwise)

- conservatives think aces are great and see us as “pure” (just no. no. stop)

- treating aces and aros like literal dirt is acceptable bc of problems within the ace and aro communities (an idea no doubt tied to most of the above stuff)

Keeping this short for now, but might add more when I have time.

But honestly just the fact that a lot of ppl have pulled the crap in this list is vile

passionate kisses with:

‹ nakamoto yuta 中本悠太 › 

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

  • the sensual kisser
  • i see him as being the slow, sensual kisser
  • really taking his time to show you how good he can make you feel
  • kisses to him would almost always be slow and never rushed
  • anything skinship wise is his go to so he’d be an amazing kisser
  • yuta really seems like the type to actually feel kisses rather than just kiss someone
  • he would get so into it, using phrases such as “you intoxicate me” or “i can’t get enough of you” to really let you know how good you were making him feel
  • he’d be into praise and praising you against your lips, not shying away from telling you how beautiful you were or how much he loved kissing you like this
  • this guy would initiate the kiss, he’d stare into your eyes for what seemed like forever before leaning in 
  • i don’t think he’d waste his time starting off slow, rather he’d kiss you deep and passionately right away
  • his hands would play with the hem of your t-shirt and you’d gasp lightly every time you’d feel his cool fingers dance along your skin
  • hand around your waist and the other at the back of your neck to pull your face closer to his
  • he’d pull away only for a second to smile softly then press his gentle lips against yours again
  • wouldn’t tease you only because he really just wants to taste you, thats all
  • he’d want you to straddle him, hands running up and down your thighs
  • loves trailing his fingers down your arms
  • “i’m obsessed with you…so obsessed”
  • humming against your lips
  • butterfly kisses along your jaw
  • really stares into the depths of your eyes because damn, you’re so beautiful
  • overall make-out sessions with yuta will leave you dazed

If you’re hurting but still trying to be someone important for someone and be there for them, and they can’t even ask if you’re okay. If they can go through their day not even thinking about your well being and can hate you for nothing and KNOW you’re hurting. If someone can’t forgive you. Who can’t even try to understand why things are the way they are. If they make you feel inadequate, if they make you feel like you’re not good enough when you’ve given more than was deserved. Walk away. Turn your ass around and don’t look back. Because if you’re doing all this stuff, despite how you’re being treated. You’re rare AF. And you’re worth more than that. Baby girl don’t get yourself down because you’re worth so much more.

The way someone looks at you is so important.

Don’t settle for someone who looks at you with disappointment or judgement, because I can’t think of anything worse.

Be with someone who looks at you like you’re the brightest star in the sky, someone who gets nervous when they look at you because they can’t control their feelings.
Be with someone who makes all your sadness go away when you catch them looking at you because they’re looking at you as if nothing else in their life matters but you.