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  • Pidge: *successfully hacks into something that saves their asses* Guys i'm in!!!
  • Lance: *was looking over her shoulder the whole time* Holy crow, Pidge, I could kiss you!
  • Pidge: *looks at him seriously* What's stopping you?
  • Lance: what
  • Pidge: what
  • *awkward silence*
  • Pidge: *expectantly waiting* Well?
  • Lance: *secretly hoping that it was some joke*
  • Pidge: *keeps staring*
  • Lance: *realizing that holy s h i t its not*
  • Lance: *internally screaming*
  • Lance: *points to person in the corner* KEITH YOU JERK *gets up and starts arguing*
  • Keith: what did i even do what the fuck
  • Nico: Did you know that 1 out of 4 people are gay?
  • Uno: That means 1 of us is gay
  • Nico:
  • Rock:
  • Jyugo:
  • Uno: I hope it's Jyugo. Jyugo is cute.
Representation in video games (but mostly overwatch)

Honestly guys not everyone is gay, straight people exist and you can’t expect Blizzard to just simply exclude them from representation because you don’t want that. The way I see it overwatch is a game about diversity it has a character for everyone, every overwatch player gets something they like, and that does not exclude straight people. Everyone deserves sexual representation in this game weather you gay, straight, bi, or anything. It doesn’t matter we’re all human.

I feel like what the overwatch writer’s are trying to achieve with their game is this. No matter who you are, or who you like, or how you look, or what gender you are, if you are a supportive person a defensive person or an offensive person, no matter what you are. You are just as important as everyone else, because at the end of the day we are all human therefore…

We’re ALL heros.

Thank you.

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3 sentence: Klunk, Keith and Lance contemplating how lucky they are to have a boyfriend beautifull, smart, and StrongTM (they are twings, he could probably lift them with only one hand!) as Hunk, I feel like he dosn't jet enugh love in this fandom, and he desrve All The Love <3

I love you, anon

“God, I am so gay,” Lance sighed dreamily, staring at Hunk’s arms, which were bare as he’d foregone his long-sleeved shirt for a simple white tank top, as he helped Allura move some of the storage boxes in the hangar around. 

“Same,” Keith said, also fixated on Hunk’s biceps. After a moment, though, his brain caught up with his ears and he turned to look at Lance with a confused expression.

“Wait, but you’re bisexual.”

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what would have happened if Kimblee hadn’t stopped Pride from possessing Ed?? IT WOULD HAVE LOOKED REALLY COOL…I’ve been wanting to draw Prideward basically since I finished reading the manga so here’s my first idea/sketch for that!! it needs More but I’m not sure what it needs More of

(@ anyone who sees this and wants to draw their own Prideward: FEEL FREE TO DO IT AND PLEASE SHOW ME BC I WANNA SEE EVERYONE’S)

actual plot to captain america civil war

tony and pepper are getting married and want a specific venue, but steve and bucky are also getting married and want the same venue on the same day, and all hell breaks loose. 


Westallen Appreciation Week

↪️Day #7: Free Choice Barry/Iris + acting HELLA married even if they don’t realize it. 

I just wanna say this real quick before the new episode tomorrow

Listen, I’m fully aware that there is very real possibility that Victor is eventually going to abandon Yuri and it will be incredibly angsty. I’m also fully aware that all the gay in the anime so far could just be queer-baiting.

Will I be disappointed if all the gay is just queer-baiting?

Well, yeah.

But is that gonna stop me from watching the anime and from shipping Victor and Yuri?

Probably not.

Ship hate=NO

You wanna know what I do when I see a ship I don’t like on tumblr? I silently whisper no at it and move on. I don’t post ship hate and make someone feel bad.

Tango asks a lot of innocent, genuine questions that leave Chowder a flustered, blushing mess.

Like “Why are you so cute?” and “Were you always this great? Were you born great?“ and Chowder’s absolute favorite, “Can I kiss you?”

…Just kidding.

I will now proceed to throw myself into the nearest trash can.

  • Rhysand: You're not mad?
  • Feyre: No,of course not!
  • Rhysand: You sure???
  • Feyre: Of course!!
  • ***later in Velaris****
  • Rhysand: can you pass the potatoes?
  • Feyre: Idk why don't you get your new girlfriend Cresseida to do it :)