someone make it stop the tears keep coming

Tear in my heart

So, i had this idea for a while. I absolutely love Logince and one time i listened to this song, i thought: “This is totally Logince. I need to write a fic.” And here it is! @naomilotus64, this the fic i mentioned 2 days ago.


Sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know,

That you’re alive and have a soul,

Logan wasn’t a emotional person. In fact, he avoided emotions at all costs. They weren’t practical. They made your thoughts unclear. But that didn’t stop him from dreaming. Dreaming about being able to show his feelings and keep being the perfect Logical Side he should be at the same time.

But it takes someone to come around to show you how

Maybe that dream he had didn’t stop him from starting to pay more attention to Roman. Everytime Logan saw him, he could feel butterfies in his stomach. He wanted Princey to be happy. He liked his smile. He adored how he always was full of energy. He absolutely loved how passionate he was.

He’s the tear in my heart, I’m alive,

If only Logan knew what feeling does he exactly feel. What could make a person care so much? How can all the emotions that are connected to this feeling be contridactory and complementary at the same time? How is it possible that brain can handle them?

He’s the tear in my heart, I’m on fire,

It didn’t matter. Why? Because there was no chance that Roman will feel the same. Because they didn’t get along. Because they weren’t even friends, only allies for few videos. Because if they really worked together, nothing good would happen. They were to different…

He’s the tear in my heart, Take me higher,

Than I’ve ever been.

At least that was what Logan used to think.

You fell asleep in my car, I drove the whole time,

One day, Roman asked Logan for help. It was about a project Creative Side had on his mind for a long time. Logic was expecting something connected with fantasy or other unrealistic things. Imagine how suprised he was to see a pile of papers about self-care. He knew that Roman cared about Thomas’ ambitions, romance and dreams, but it was the first he saw Princey care about anything else. While he was talking about the imporatnce of mental health, more butterflies appeared in Logan’s stomach. Seeing Fanciful Aspect being not only confident, creative and passionate, but also very caring melted his heart. He agreed to help Roman with making a selfcare plan for their Thomas’.

They often stayed late at night, brainstorming and trying to use all the information in the best way they could. They worked in perfect harmony. It was simply an amazing experience to work with Roman. Even if he fell asleep while working.

But that’s ok, I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine,

If that happened, Logan would always cover Princey with a blanket and carefully put a soft pillow under his head. He always looked so peaceful. There was a little smirk on his lips. Logic couldn’t ruin that. Instead, he kept working. This project was stressing Roman out and he needed to sleep.

Sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know,

That you’re alive and have a soul,

Time was passing and Logan could see that something in Roman was changing. His voice seemed to be softer when he talked to the other Side. There was a strange spark in Prince’s eyes everytime he look at him. He couldn’t understand what does it mean. Until one day.

“You have to wake me up whenever i fall asleep while work! You can’t do everything by yourself!” Roman screamed at Logan. Why? The project was going well. And Logan didn’t mind working alone. “It’s okay! I’m fine with it.” He answered calmly. He didn’t mind staying up until 4 am if Roman could relax for a while. “Why is it fine for you?! Why do you agree to work more than you should?” That was the moment Logan realised what feeling he was feeling. The one that made him feel so many emotions. The one that made emotions seem to be less illogical. The one that made butterflies appear in his stomach. The one that made him care about Roman. The reason for all that was… “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, PRINCEY”.

But it takes someone to come around to show you how.

There was a long silence beetween two Sides. Why did he scream those words? Why did he let emotions take control? Wasn’t it what he wanted to avoid? Tears silently rolled down on his face. Nothing made sense anymore. He should just kill the feeling when it wasn’t that big and keep being logical.

When Roman walked closer towards Logan, he expected something bad to happen. Was he going to hit him? Or say that he hates him? Oh God, he messed up…

He felt Princey’s lips on his own.

He’s the tear in my heart, I’m alive,

Logan was paralized. What was happening? Did… Did Roman loved him back?

He will think about it later.

He’s the tear in my heart, I’m on fire,

He decided to kiss back. The kiss was supringly gentle. Their soft lips kept connecting again and again. Logan put his hands in others soft hair.

He’s the tear in my heart, Take me higher,

This kiss was absolutely perfect. Logical Side never felt so good before. Roman’s hands landed on Logan’s hips, pulling him closer.

Than I’ve ever been.

He didn’t know for how long they have been making out. Five minutes? Hours? When they finally stopped, Logan was hoping they’ll do that again soon.

He’s the tear in my heart, she’s a carver,

Roman gently cupped his face. That was so wonderful. Everything about this was wonderful. “I love you too, dork.” Logan laughed softly. He loved him back! His mind was screaming in joy.

She’s a butcher with a smile, cut me farther,

Even though every part of this was illogical, Logan was sure he’ll find a way to love and keep being the Side he should be. He can feel. He can have emotions.

Than I’ve ever been.

He’ll sort it all out. No… They’ll sort it all out. Together.

Than I’ve ever been.

He can’t wait to do many other things together.

Than I’ve ever been.

With Roman.

Than I’ve ever been.

This is going to be amazing.

jimmy-sarraf  asked:

#9 and Nessian for the headcanons?

- When Cassian cries he is not ashamed if anyone sees his tears. He’ll roar in anger or agony over whatever has caused him grief. Or he’ll wipe away the wetness from his eyes in silence with his teeth clenched to hold in whatever pained noises will erupt from his heart.

- Tears will stream down his face as his chest heaves from the emotions running through his veins.

- Nesta was at first unsure how to approach Cassian when he cried. But that familiar tug in her heart prompts her to go to him. 

- She takes his hand and holds it tight until his breathing steadies. Sometimes she’ll even pull him closer so that his face can sink into the space between her shoulder and neck.

- Or when it is a particular emotional time she will silently sit down and have him place his head on her lap while she runs her fingers through his hair. A calming gesture that never fails to put his mind at ease.

- Sometimes she will even read to him. It doesn’t matter what book it is and she’ll even refrain from making snide remarks at Cassian’s commentary of her reading as he calms himself.

- And if Cassian ends up falling asleep on her lap? She won’t move until he wakes up. Her excuse for allowing him to sleep is that she simply wanted to finish her book in one sitting so it wasn’t as if she was going anywhere.

- But Cassian can see through her words. He knows that Nesta didn’t move, because she wanted to comfort him. And that brings a small smile to his face.

- When Nesta cries she always tries to hide her tears. Even from Cassian.

- She’ll seek shelter by going to her room or someplace where no one will find her.

- When Nesta does cry they are usually silent tears. She’ll bite her lip to keep in the strained noises that threaten to come out of her throat.

- And then there is the uncontrollable wave of despair. It rarely happens, but when it does Nesta drowns in her tears. She’ll fall to her knees under the pressure of sorrow.

- Her breath is shaky and she curses or pleads to no one in particular.

“Make is stop. Make it stop. Make it stop.” Is the mantra she struggles to whisper through her sobbing. It’s hard to tell if she is telling herself to stop crying or begging someone to take the pain away.

- No matter what Cassian is there. He knows she wouldn’t want anyone to see her cry, but he waits outside her door to make sure she’ll be fine. His back leaning against the wall as he struggles to barge into the room as he hears her softly sniffling.

- Afterwards he takes great care in helping ease the rest of Nesta’s day by getting her new books and sitting with her in the library until she is ready to talk about what made her sad. He’ll never pressure her to say things she isn’t ready to talk about.

- But when she has her rough crying sessions - the ones where she whispers brokenly for someone to “make it stop” - he rushes to her side. He’ll take out any obstacle in his way the moment he knows Nesta is experiencing one of her more depressing sessions.

- He’ll hold her close so that her cheek is pressed against his chest. Her tears fall on his shirt and cauldron boil him, but the hearing her struggle to catch her breath through the sobs cleaves his heart into jagged pieces.

“I’m here Nesta. I’m right here sweetheart.” He’ll speak softly while running his hand down her head to soothe her. He’ll gently rock her back and forth as his wings shelter them from the outside world.

- Nesta clings to him. Her knuckles grip his shirt so tightly that they are pale white.

- When her sobbing quiets into shaky breaths Cassian will slowly lift her up to stand on her own two feet, but if her knees are shaky in the slightest he’ll pick her up and carry her to the bed. 

- Cassian will pull the covers over her. Nesta then thinks that can barely remember the last time she was tucked in as a child, but Cassian does it now with such care that it makes Nesta almost cry again from his kindness.

- When he moves to leave, Nesta will reach for his hand. Her swollen red eyes speaking louder than words ever could as she silently thanks him. 

- Later that same day Cassian will return with a tray of tea and muffins. And Nesta is glad for the company as she reveals what made her so upset. She’ll lean into Cassian as she talks. Taking great comfort in his warmth and the sound of his steady breathing as he rubs circles on Nesta’s back.

Ryers one shot

(This is Mike’s POV because I love to see him jealous.)

Richie was rude. Richie was rude and vulgar, and he made mom jokes every 5 minutes. He didn’t who could hear. In fact Mike was sure Richie liked it better when there were many people around. The guy probably loved the embarassment on everyone’s face. Mike hated him, that’s it. Richie could hang around his friend all he wanted, he was NOT in the party. Saddly, he didn’t seem to get that. Neither did Will.

That’s probably what Mike hated the most about Richie. He was able to make Will laugh in a way he hadn’t since the Upside Down. Loud fits of laughter that let his body shaking, his eyes full of tears that for once proved how happy he was, his cheeks red.

Seeing Will so happy warmed Mike’s heart and made it beat faster, but watching turn his radiant smile toward Richie killed him. He used to be the one to make him smile like that. He used to be enough.

Of course, Will is still his best friend. He still comes to Mike when he sad or scared and needs someone to hold him, someone to keep him from falling apart. And he does. He can stop Will’s tears. He can take Will’s pain away, but Richie can give him happiness.

Richie, with his stupid jokes, his stupid fake accent and his stupid glasses; he can make Will truly happy. He makes him more confident just by looking at him.
Because when Mike was trying not to look at Will for too long, Richie was openly staring. He was letting Will know how beautiful and precious he was.
When Mike was hiding Will’s drawing in a box in his basement, Richie was showing them proudly to everyone.
When Mike was scared, Richie was brave enough to take Will’s hand and kiss his lips. And Will let him. Because Mike was his best friend, but Richie was more than that.

(So it’s quite short, but I thought I would write something about them. Sorry for any mistake you can find. Hope you enjoy it.)

Bruises and Knifes

Fandom: Creepypasta
Characters: Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, (mentions of Masky, Hoodie, Sally and Ticci Toby)
Relationship: Jeff x reader
Request: Can you do a creepypasta Jeff x reader where the reader gets hurt and jeff feels guilty and doesn’t speak to her for a while and just fluff
You limped to the mansion through the woods, your blood running down the side of your face and out your legs. Slender had send you on a ‘easy’ assassination for a man who was investigating his and the other pastas past and he was getting too close. So you had to put an end to it.
Except he had been expecting you. Well, not you exactly, but someone with the same intention. His house had been rigged with traps, all but one you managed to avoid. You had plunged the knife through his heart when he kicked something behind you that caused a number of things to fall on you, heavy things.
You couldn’t remember what exactly, but you had a nasty slit down the side of your face, bruises up and down your body but the biggest one stretched right up the back of your leg. Then the house light up with flames and you had to get out of there quick, so you ran out (first making sure he was dead). On the one hand, it meant that it would look like he had set up traps and one of which caused the fire, which the police would put down as an accident and no one would be connected. Also, all evidence of the creepypastas existent would be burnt along with the body. But it also meant you had a couple of burns on your hands and arms and you had lost your favourite knife.
You winced as you continue through the forest. You were wearing tights with a mini skirt and a elbow length top which showed off your full chest. You also wore heeled boots that you could run in and black hoodie.
It was nearly 3 in the morning so you knew everyone would probably be home and getting ready for their beds so you had no hope of someone finding you if you were to stop till 8 o’clock tomorrow night (when everyone would start to head out). So you knew you needed to keep going.
“Come on slender!” you called out in pain, hoping he might be looking for you since he expected you back by 12.
“Easy job, my ass.” You cried out as you wiped your blood out of your eyes alone with a tear of pain.
You heard a rustling behind you, making fear run through your body. Normally, you would have smirked, but if it was Smiles or Rake, they would just smell blood and since their eyesight wasn’t very good, they might attack you before realising who you were.
“[y/n]?” You turn and see Jeff walking up to you, a frown on his face. He looked you up and down and inhaled sharply.
“Why are you covered in blood?” He asked, walking closer and whipping a bead of blood off your face with his sleeve.
“I could ask you the same thing.” You laugh, nodding at his blood covered hoodie. It seemed he had been on a killing spree and it had gone well. He didn’t even laugh but furrowed his brow further.
“Your hurt. Badly.” Jeff stated as you stumbled to the side slightly, his arms wrapped around you to keep you steady. But you let out a hiss of pain as he had pressed against a bruise.
“Yeah. Fucking idiot had set up traps and I ended up being crushed while driving my blade through his chest.” You spit with venom. Even though he was dead, you were still pissed. You started to limp forward with Jeff supporting you but every couple of yards, you needed to stop and hold the back of your leg which was throbbing.
“Let me see.” Jeff says, a little harshly but you ignore it and show him the bruised skin. His mouth fell open at the sight of it as he runs his fingers gently over the flesh, making you wince.
“its bad, isn’t it?” You ask, leaning against a tree.
“how the hell did you get back this far?” He shook his head and stood up. When he came back to your side, you expected him to help you like before, however, he scooped you up in his arms bridal style. Your cheeks erupted in a blush as you wrapped your arms around his neck.
You could never admit it but your heart belonged to the smiling serial killer and it had done for some time. He had taken you under his wing when you first came to the mansion and helped you understand each and every creepy pasta. Because of him, you were able to become very close friends with each one, but none could replace Jeff, not even little Sally.
“Jeff?” You ask, your voice shaking a little. He slowed down a little and turned his face to look at you as you rested your head on his shoulder. He grunted to confirm he was listening. You were more scared of telling him what happened to the knife than all the pain in the world.
“I- well. When he set the place on fire, I had to get out quickly. And, I left my knife.” You burst into tears as you hid your face in his neck.
Jeff had given you that knife and you initials were sketched into the handle. He had given it to you on your first anniversary at the house.
Jeff suddenly stopped and stared at you. You waited for the scolding or yelling as to how clumsy you had been and how you should have known better.
But he didn’t say anything, but started to walk again, his eyes on the path ahead.
You took back what you said earlier, this worried you more.
He didn’t speak to you the whole way home, neither did he look at you.
As you both came into the clearing, you saw Slenderman, Hoodie, Masky, Sally, Eyeless jack and Ticci Toby standing outside on the porch. Slender was pacing back and forth with his hands behind his back. Everyone else just looked worried.
Sally was first to spot you and Jeff, pointing at you and calling out your name.
You saw everyone look at you and their slightly worried faces became worse as they saw the blood and jeff carrying you.
Slender was in front of you in a second, swiftly taking you from Jeffs arms. He transported you inside and into the living area, placing you on the wooden dinning table.
Everyone ran in the room as he pulled off your hoodie to show the bruising up and down you arms. He also took a pair of scissors and cut off your tights from mid thigh down so you could keep your dignity.
You heard a number of hissed breaths and ‘ohh’s at the sight of your skin and suddenly everyone was scurrying about. You assumed Slender had spoken in their heads as not to worry you.
Eyeless Jack had ice and Hoodie and Masky had rags and a tub of water to clean up your cuts. Sally bounced up with a pillow to put under your head. You smiled sweetly at her as she even offered you her teddy.
“No, no, sweetie. I might get blood on him and he wouldn’t be happy with me.” You reach out and push a strand of her hair out of her face. You knew it was well past her bed time, so you said of her to go to bed and you would be all better by the morning. It wasn’t true, but she went up to her bed anyways.
“You don’t have to do this.” You sit up as Eyeless Jack rests the ice on your leg and Masky dapped your cuts.
“[y/n]. You are badly hurt, of course we have to do this.” Hoodie playful dots your nose with a wet rag before raising it to clean your head. You laugh and shake your head slightly.
Tobi came back in with Slender.
“[y/n]. Tobi has agreed to take your tasks for the next couple of weeks while you heal.” Slender informed you. You smiled gratefully at Tobi who just waved back.
Soon enough, you were clean and Slender lifted you up stairs to your room. As he was walking along, you heard a bang come from Jeffs room. You tried to get out of Slenders grasp to go and make sure he was okay but Slender wouldn’t let go.
“No, child. Leave him be for now. You concentrate on getting yourself healed.” He slightly scolded you as entering your room.
For the next few weeks, you would spend your time limping around your home. You noticed that there was no sign of Jeff and when you did see him, he would walk away from you. It wasn’t fair because normally you could run after him but you were stuck with this stupid limp. But you still tried and the result was you falling and getting more bruises (for which Slender would scold you). But you stopped trying eventually. You wouldn’t even look at him now when he came in because you were hurt. Not physically, even though you were, but emotionally. At first you thought it might be because he doesn’t want to see you in pain but as you healed, he continued to keep his distance. You had asked Eyeless Jack about it but he just shrugged and said he didn’t know what was up with Jeff. You had tried to knock on Jeffs door but no answer even when you knew he was there. So you stopped.
Now, you were sitting in at the dining table with a book in one hand and a spoon in the other as you ate cereal. It was 11pm so everyone was out, even Slenderman had said he had a couple of things to take care of. You were nearly fully healed, bar your leg so Slenderman said that next week you could start working again.
You heard the door behind you open and someone walk in. You assumed it to be Slender.
“You know, normal humans really have no idea how to write a decent murder scene. Like, look.” You hold the book over your head to show him. “The blood was splattered on the ceiling. The guy used a kitchen knife, not a god damn chainsaw.” You criticized as you brought the book back down. You heard a snicker behind you and looked over your shoulder to see Jeff. He looked awful. His hair was all over the place, he had dark bags under his eyes from lack of sleep and his hoodie was hanging off his shoulders.
You froze at the sigh, instantly regretting talking before looking to see who it was. You didn’t want him to think it was okay the way he has acted the last couple of weeks. So you turn away and give him the cold shoulder, making a ‘hmf’ sound.
Jeff walked around to sit next to you at the massive table, so you turned your body in the opposite direction. You heard him get up and sit on the other side so you turned again. You heard him sigh but he didn’t move.
“So now you are just going to ignore me?” He poked your shoulder, making you look at him.
“Oh, and what have you been doing the last few weeks, Jeffery?” You spit, using his full name like a mother scolding her son. You saw him wince a little but you didn’t take it back.
“Look, im sorry, its just I had a lot to think about.” He turned his head a little so he wasn’t fully facing you anymore, but you spun around, slamming your book on the table and making his jump.
“No, nope, nu-uh. I needed you, Jeff. And you walked away from me so many times. It took longer for me to heal because of the amount of times I tripped trying to follow you. I don’t know, maybe you had to help me in the forest because you thought Slender would be annoyed at you if you didn’t, but still. Even checking in on me now and again would have been nice. I thought I meant something to you, even as just a friend. But apparently not.” You snapped, grabbing your book and standing up, ready to storm out but Jeffs hand wrapped around your wrist.
“No, [y/n]. You don’t understand.” He tried to pull you back but you ripped your hand away and run up to your room. You heard him following you so you slammed the door and locked it from the inside. You heard him slam the full weight of his body against the door so you stepped away.
“Go away.” You cried, throwing your book at the door.
“God damn it. Open up!?” He banged on the door with his fist.
“No, fuck off.” You felt tears running down your cheeks as your voice broke. A part of you wanted to open the door, but the other was terrified.
The thumping stopped for a moment then started again.
“No, no [y/n]! Don’t cry. Let me in.” His voice had softened dramatically but you just wrapped your arms around yourself, shaking your head even though he couldn’t see. After a while, the thumping stopped and you stepped closer to the door, pressing your ear to hear Jeff panting.
You fell to your knees and cried silently into your palms. Well, as silently as you could, but you knew he could hear you.
“Its my fault.” You heard him half whisper, half growl.
“What?” You place your ear back against the door to hear him better.
“You were hurt because of me.” He growled louder and you hear him punch a wall, most likely putting a hole in it.
“What do you mean? Its not like you were there.” You shake your head, wiping away your tears with the back of your hand.
“But I should have been! I was meant to get that job but I said I didn’t want to do it because it was my night off, so Slender gave it to you.” Jeff was on the other side of the door now, leaning on it. “I should have at least gone along with you. But no, I was too selfish and let the woman I love get so badly hurt she couldn’t walk! And to top it off, she was more afraid of telling me that she had lost somethings. That knife is replaceable, you are not! I cant live without you in my life but you were – are- afraid of me.” He said the last sentence in a whisper as he covered his own mouth to stop the whimper that was about to escape.
You froze. He loved you? But that couldn’t be possible. You pushed yourself up and unlocked the door, opening it to see Jeff on his knees outside your door, his hands covering his face as he cried. His crying hid the sound of the door opening so you kneeled in front of him and carefully slipped your arms between his arms and over his shoulder so when you hugged him, his hand came away from his face and you buried your face in his neck.
You felt him freeze, then wrap his arms around you and squeeze you tightly. One of his hands came up to stroke your hair as he pulled you closer to him. He whispered your name in your ear so many times you had lost count as you both sat there in each other’s embrace. Both of you were shaking slightly.
You were the first to break the contact, making Jeff stare at you with side eyes. You took his hands and stood up, bringing him to stand up with you and you lead him into your room and close the door. You turned to see Jeff standing staring at you with worry in his eyes.
“Do I scare you?” He asked, squeezing your hand a little.
“Sometimes, when you get angry you do.” You look away from him as you fell his hand slip out of your own.
All of a sudden, you felt his warm lips pressed against your as his hands rested on your hips. You were shocked but quickly kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck. The kiss was soft and sensitive, as though he wanted to show you that was what he would be with you.
Your lips moved against his until you needed air, but you kept your forehead against his as you slightly panted.
“I would never hurt you. In the forest, I wasn’t angry at you, I was angry at myself for not being there for you. But I started to realise there was no way you could ever love me back and all I could ever bring you was harm. You were crying in my arms over some stupid Knife because you thought I would be upset even though you couldn’t stand. You deserve so much more than that.” He whispered, his eyes bore into yours the whole time he spoke but he looked away and turned his head as he said the last bit. You cupped his cheek and brought his face back so you were looking him in the eyes again.
“Jeff. I love you, too. I always have. I know you would never hurt me, but im scared you’ll hurt yourself.” You felt his hand come up to rest on your cheeks, his thumb rubbing small circles as his mouth opened a little at your confession.
“You love me?” He whispers, as if you were telling him something totally insane but you nodded.
Jeff then leaned in to kiss you with such passion and desire, your knees nearly gave way.
His arms wrapped around you and he picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist as he spun you around. You could feel the happiness radiating off him while you had to pull away from the kiss to laugh. He just smiled up at you as he stopped spinning. You ran a hand over his cheek and let your fingers brush over the dark bags.
“Come on. You should get some sleep.” You press a soft kiss to his forehead before jumping out of his arms, taking his hand and leading him to your bed. He smirked at you.
“Maybe you should go to sleep.” He growled playfully as you shook your head and sat in the bed.
He instantly lay down and pulled you into a hug so that your body was on his right side and your head resting on his chest, his fingers running through your hair.
You listened to his heart as his fingers gradually stopped moving as he feel into a deep sleep. You leaned up and placed a soft kiss to his cheek before cuddling back into him and letting sleep take you.

The Only One - John Shelby

Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

I know requests are busy, but would you mind doing an imagine with John being there for you after you breakup with your boyfriend. John had been begging you for ages to breakup with him because he was horrible to you (not abusive).

I decided to set this in an AU without Martha, because childhood sweetheart John/reader is my jam right now  👌

Things have been rocky for a while between myself and Walter, in fact I can barely remember a time when I was happy with him; any fond memories slowly extinguished by the arguments and accusations until the tiny flicker of anything good had finally burnt out. But the routine and my naïveté, coupled with the coos of ‘hasn’t she done well, snagging herself someone respectable at barely seventeen years old’ from my mother had shielded me from the gravity of the situation.

It was that realisation which has given me the gumption to end things.

I had hoped it would be a easy break, that he’d be mature enough to accept the termination of our relationship with dignity, but that was an hour ago and he’s barely stopped screaming long enough to take a breath.

“Two years I’ve wasted on you! I knew you were just a silly little girl! And to think I asked you to marry me!”

I scoff at the thought; a lifetime with a man I can barely tolerate.

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The Right to Rock Steady

@dashingicecream asked for some angsty Elderburn with hurt/comfort, so here’s something set in her RWBY!Rock universe, same continuity as @keena-kapu‘s various fics. Also, thank you to the members of the Dash server for their invaluable assistance.

Yang stared at the stage, absently twirling a stick in one hand. It usually helped her think but the motion brought nothing but annoyance now, feeling awkward and sluggish. She usually twirled with her right hand. Yeah, she could do either, but she preferred the right.

Now… it just didn’t feel right.

“That was a pun,” she said to no one in particular and without a trace of mirth in her voice. Not even her own sense of humor could distract her from the thoughts swirling through her mind, disjointed memories playing in a loop. She thought coming and seeing the stage before they played, visualizing herself behind the kit, would help, but she couldn’t see it, couldn’t begin to imagine the screaming fans and the lights and sitting behind the set- she could get part of the visual, but not all of it. Not like before.

Her fingers spasmed, the muscles still not used to doing the majority of the work, day in and day out. Switching dominant hands- it wasn’t something she’d ever thought she’d have to do, yet here she was, dropping a drumstick like some newbie sitting at their first kit. She didn’t even look down as it clattered to the ground, just kept staring at the stage, the very one they would be playing on tomorrow night. The starting point for RWBY’s come back tour.

That’s when it hit her like a ton of bricks. “I can’t do this.”

Even after months of physical therapy to adapt to the prosthetic.

Even after months of physical therapy to make the phantom pain go away.

Even after months of healing and fighting and breaking and healing again.

She couldn’t go back to being Yang Xiao Long. That wasn’t her anymore. The loud drummer who would take on the world and keep swinging, go out on a bender and play the next night- there would be alcohol backstage, of course there would be, and she couldn’t, no, that wasn’t her, it wasn’t-

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It was like a domino effect. One thing after another that caused David Jacob’s world to come to a crashing halt. It started a few months after the strike ended. Him and Jack had gotten closer and eventually started a relationship on January 15th, 1900. Everyone thought it was Katherine that Jack was in love with, but it was Davey. Jack continued to be in a false relationship with Katherine for the first 4 months, from January to May, because it was, how did Jack put it? It was safer but it didn’t matter. So Davey and Jack would cuddle and share sweet kisses in the privacy of Jack’s room at the lodging house, but outside of that, Jack was with Katherine.

The second domino came about 2 months into their relationship, on March 21, 1900. Jack had been staring at Davey too long and the wrong people noticed. They had been cornered outside the circulation by the Delancey’s.

“Are you two a couple’a queers? Is that what this is? Don’t think we didn’t see the eyes.”

“What are ya talkin’ bout Oscar? What eyes?”

“The eyes you was giving new kid over here. Not exactly eyes that friends give friends. So I’m gonna ask ya again. Are you two a couple of queers?”

“No, we’s not, Oscar.” That had really hurt when Jack had said that. Though, of course, Davey didn’t let on. He knew that at this point, Jack hadn’t wanted to be open with the relationship, but it still hurt. “We’s just really close and we can have a conversation without speaking. Maybe you two should try that. If you was paying attention, you’d know I’s with Katherine.”

The third domino was one that took awhile to fall. Throughout their whole relationship, Davey was never one for PDA. He’d do almost anything in the bedroom: kissing, cuddling, spooning, touching, etc. But never outside around people. Not even the newsies. He could tell it was eating away at Jack and at them, but he just couldn’t bring himself to be comfortable with it. It didn’t exactly help matters that couples like Romeo and Specs were acting how Jack only wished him and Davey would act. Even Spot and Race were out as a couple and would shamelessly show it whenever Spot came to the Manhattan lodging house, but Jack and Davey were still a well-kept secret.

All of those put together was the reason behind their fight. By the time the tensions boiled over, their relationship had been public knowledge amongst the newsies for awhile. Jack was no longer “with” Katherine but now it was Jack’s turn to be upset that Davey wasn’t comfortable being open.

October 17, 1900 

“I’m not the one that was hiding our relationship for months while you played pretend with her!”

“No, but you are the one that won’t even let me hold your hand around the guys! News flash, they already know and they don’t care!”

“Did you have to deny it so quickly?!”

“God, Dave, you’s so frustratin!”

“I’m frustrating?? I’m frustrating.”

“And we’re back at this. Look, why can’t we just act like a couple around them?? I mean, look at Romeo and Specs. They’re practically all over each other! Even Spot and Race are more touchy than we are.”

No one knew about the fight except for Les, who had been forgotten as the conversation escalated into a blowout, but was still at the house while their parents were out for the night. 

The newsboys acted normally the next morning, teasing Weasel and the Delancey’s as if nothing had happened because in their minds, nothing had. When Davey gets there, he can be heard telling Les that they’d be selling in a different spot today, which caught the attention of Albert and Race. That, in turn, caught everyone’s attention. Everyone knew Jack, Davey and Les had been selling together for almost a year and a half since Davey had arrived at the circulation center before the strike. Sure enough, when they left the building, the couple parted ways without so much as a glance at each other. Neither boy was aware of what was to come. 

Davey had gotten through his papers rather easily on his own, although it didn’t happen as fast as it did when they sold with Jack, being able to help Les sell the rest of his before they just went home. That night was rather uneventful, nothing out of the ordinary happening until Davey and Les arrived at the circulation center and Davey began talking to some of the newsies.

“Hey Davey?”

“Yeah Mush?”

“Is Jack with you?”

“No, why? Did he not come back from selling?” Something felt wrong. He could feel it in his gut.

“No… We figured he went to your place again. What happened between you two?”

“It was nothing. And I’m sure Jack is fine. He probably fell asleep painting at the theater again.”

That ended the conversation and seemed to calm the other boys at the same time. However, it did little to calm Davey’s nerves. He knew something was wrong so when Les asked to sell with one of the other boys, he agreed. After getting just 20 newspapers, he left the center and began the walk in the direction he had seen Jack go the day before.

He sold the papers rather quickly, catching people as he walked and looking into any alley he passed, asking anyone that would listen if they had seen Jack, not many even knowing who it was. After the work day was over, Davey had gone back to the circulation center to get Les before taking him home. He sat down for dinner with his family before asking if he could go out for awhile, leaving his house with the last ounce of normalcy he’d have for a very long time. About 2 hours after leaving his home, he walked past an alley, almost missing it since it was so dark, but he went back and sure enough, there he was. His best friend, boyfriend, and love of his life slumped over against the wall of some building for who knows how long.

“Jack!!” He rushed over and immediately pulled the smaller boy into his arms, gently slapping his face to try and wake him up. “Jack, love, come on. Wake up, please…” He didn’t even care that he was tearing up, weakly wiping at them with his shoulder as he held his lover in his arms and tried to get him to speak.

“Dave…” It was so quiet, he almost missed it.

“Jack! Oh thank god… Come on, stay with me. I’m going to get some help.” He looked up for a second, screaming out to anyone that could hear. “Help!! Please, someone help!!”

“Dave… St-stop… I-“

“Shh… Save your breath… It’s okay…”

“No, Davey… I- I have to tell you-“ Stopping mid sentence, Jack started coughing, a bit of blood spilling from his mouth and making another coat of the liquid around his mouth. “I’m sorry… Our fight… It was stupid.”

“Hey, stop talking like that. You’re- you’re gonna be fine…” Already failing to keep his voice from cracking and his tears from falling, so he doesn’t even try. “You’re going to be okay. We’re gonna get you some help, get you back to the lodging house and then you and I are going to be okay. But I need you to tell me where it hurts. Can you do that for me?”

“Davey…” Not even answering, he had just started to gently try to remove Jack’s shirt when he felt a hand cover his. “Dave… Stop.”

Finally freezing, he shook his head. “No! I’m not going to give up on you. I can’t- I can’t lose you.”

“You’ll never lose me.”

“I- Jack, can you at least tell me what happened…?”

“The false… The false headlines caught up with me..”

Thinking back to the day before the strike, and every day after, he knew what he meant. “What did I tell you about lying..?”

That got a weak laugh from Jack, followed immediately by several nasty coughs. “I love you Davey.. And I’m sorry about everything, about all the stuff I said.. I didn’t- I didn’t mean it..”

“Shhh.. Hey, it’s okay. You’re okay.. I know you didn’t mean it; I didn’t mean any of it either…” Not even bothering with the tears that were just pouring from his eyes now, he just holds Jack close with one arm and cups his face with the other hand.. “You’re okay… I love you too.. So so much..”

Those were the last words they exchanged. Not ten seconds later, Davey felt the life leave his boyfriend’s body and he just broke as the body in his arms went limp. Turning into a sobbing mess, he gently closed Jack’s eyes and moved to pick him up into a bridal carry before starting the walk back to the lodging house. The others deserved to say goodbye to their leader and they would also know better what to do than him.

Natural Beauty, One Shot

Thank you, anon’s for the prompts: Tom’s girlfriend is blind and everyone always says that Tom is so handsome, she’s lucky, and she feels bad so she tries to put on make up to look prettier and fails and is sobbing when Tom comes home and then some comfort :3

And: Tom tickles his girlfriend, or wife, to cheer her up when she is sad.

I hope this is ok. I’ve put two together because it seems to fit! I don’t really know much about blindness etc. So I hope this is alright and doesn’t offend anyone in any way.

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Patient- Shock *Andy Biersack Imagine*

As of this morning, you were nervous, yet a little excited to reveal some news to Andy! It had taken you a little bit of time to figure out how you’d tell him, because lord knows this was huge! This was a very long overdue plan you had yet to make happen, and you couldn’t wait to reveal what it was!

Last night before you left work, you told Andy to come down to your nurse’s station as soon as possible in the morning. You weren’t too specific with him because you didn’t want him to lose sleep and worry over the suspense that would unfold the next morning. He needed all the rest he could get for today, because with what you’re fixing to tell him, he’d surely need it! 

You arrived to work as giddy as ever, awaiting Andy to knock on your door. You were trying to keep your cool to not make it obvious that something was up. You hoped that he was as calm as you were pretending to be. 

Andy had left the bathroom, shuffling his way down the hallway to your office. He was still a little sleepy, with the minty flavor of toothpaste still lingering on his tongue. He held his plushie close to him as he thought about what you had said to him the night before. Although you didn’t say much, he was still curious about why you wanted him so early. Perhaps he had recieved his discharge papers, or maybe you brought him a new pet to keep him company! The exciting thoughts that flooded his mind kept his spirits high, giving him a little more energy. He thought about how you told him to think positively and how it can help his mood, and you were right! His happy thoughts actually did help him to feel happy! 

His little pick me up filled him with great confidence. He was ready for just about anything you had for him! Once he finds his way to you, he lightly knocks on the door, then allows himself in after your authorization. He sees your face glowing and as beautiful as ever, which instantly took his breath away. He saw you all day, every day, and he never got tired of looking at you. Each time he saw your face, he fell deeper and deeper in love.  

“Andy! Come sit down, handsome!” You motion him to sit down in the chair opposite of yours. He sets his stuffie on the desk in front of him. 

“Is everything okay, nurse (y/n)? I’m not in trouble, am I?“ 

"No, not at all!” You grin, draping your arm over your midsection. “I have something to tell you!" 

"What is it?!” Andy sat on the edge of his chair, eager to hear what you had to say. 

“Well, you and I are very, very, close, right?" 

"Mmhmm” Andy nods. 

“Well, even though you aren’t able to leave this place just yet, I want you to know something special, but you cannot tell anyone, okay?" 

"I won’t!" 


The suspense was killing Andy. He would promise to anything you told him, he was dying to know what you had to say! 

You take in a deep breath, then exhale, giving him a toothy grin. 

"I know that you love me very much, as I love you, and I want you to know that even though our love is true, I have found someone else, Andy. He’s amazing! He makes me so happy, and I’m glad to say that I’m finally able to move on with my life." 

Andy sits in absolute shock. Dumbfounded by the words that had just come out of your mouth, mercilessly! It feels as if time itself had stopped. 

"Wait,” he gulps, forcing away his tears. “What about me?” Andy takes his stuffed animal into his arms once again, particularly one you had given to him, and squeezed it. He sqeezed it, buckling his knees, biting the inside of his cheek, anything to keep the tears from falling. Surely this was some sort of mistake! 

“You’re still my Andy, but you are also my patient." 

His breath hitched, pulling the lever which flooded the tears to fall from his big, innocent, eyes. "But you said you wanted to me with me! I thought you-” Andy’s chest heaved as he cried, and his cries became deep sobs. He felt as if he were to puke at any given moment. 

“Wait! You took that literally? I thought you were teasing, so I played along with it. I didn’t know you really meant it! I’m sorry if I confused you, Andy. I really am, but you know that we aren’t able to have a relationship, you aren’t ready to handle that. You aren’t even ready to be released yet." 

"You lied to me! You pretended to love me! That breaks my heart nurse. Why would you do that to me?” Andy bites his lip, swallowing the pain you’ve caused him. “I love you! I really, really, love you! And you don’t love me and you never did!" 

"Andy, its okay,” you say in your soft voice, passing him a box of tissues. “I’ll still be your nurse." 

"I don’t want you to be my nurse!” He knocks the box onto the floor. “You’re a liar!" 

Your eyebrows raise at his outburst. You quietly stand from your seat while Andy’s sobbing away at his broken heart. You go to lock the door and wash your hands, then snap on a pair of latex gloves, digging through your drawer full off supplies. 

"I thought you’d be happy for me.” You mumble. “To think that I would ever spend my life with an inpatient…" 

"You’re a witch, (y/n)! Why would you hurt me?! I-” Through his blurred, teary, vision, Andy catches sight of your hands sticking a needle and syringe through a tiny glass object. 

“What are you doing?” He whimpers. 

“You’re being a little too hysterical, Andrew.” Your voice is no longer sweet and soothing, but rather cold and callous. You flick the needle, causing a droplet of clear liquid to drip out of it. 

“No!” His lip quivers as he whimpers. “Please don’t, nurse!" 

"If you keep refusing, I will have to have security come in here and restrain you." 

"No! Nurse, please!” Andy begs “I didn’t do anything wrong!" 

His sniffles and pleads get him zero sympathy. He watches you get up from your chair, to approach him, when he pulls away as much as he can before he is against the wall. 

"Please! I-" 

Before he could complete his sentence, the piercing needle jabs through his arm. His thought process slows down, and his vision begins to blur before it all goes black…

"Oh god!" 

A shriek echoes through the room, terrifying you. You drop whatever you were doing and spin around to see Andy sitting up in bed, screaming. He must’ve had an awful nightmare. 

"Shh! Andy!” You grab his shoulders. “Andy! Andy! You’re okay!" 

Andy opens his eyes when he hears the sweetness of your voice. Your hands cup his cheeks, forcing him to look directly at you. Your thumbs wipe away the tears that streamed down his clamy face, then brush back the hair matted onto his sweating forehead. 

"Hey, you’re alright.” You whisper, resting your forehead against his. “You are okay, Handsome. Everything is alright. Shhh…" 

Andy breathes heavily, still shaken by the horrendous nightmare. He had had some pretty bad ones before, but nothing like this! 

"Oh, nurse! It was so scary! You said that you fell in love with somebody else, and you didn’t really love me, and-" 

You pull him into your chest, cradling his face. "Shhh… You’re okay, it’s not real. I would never do that to you. Ever. I promise, okay?”

“Okay” Andy whimpers 

“Here, look at me" 

Andy looks up at you, still teary eyed and pouting. His nose red and eyes puffy from crying. You hold his face in your hands again, lightly grazing your thumbs over his heated cheeks. 

"That will never happen, okay? I love you too much to let go of you for anybody else, no matter what." 

You reach for one of his dozens of plushies that crowded his bed and set it in his arms. Almost instinctively, he began cradling the stuffed toy, that immediately began to take effect in calming him down. 

“Give me a kiss.” 

Andy leans in to kiss you. Your lips intertwined with his, tangling your tongues together. He hugs your waist, pulling you closer to him to deepen your kiss. There wasn’t anything that made him feel more safe than your hugs and kisses. He could not go a single day without your affection, and you were sure to never let him go without it, no matter how busy you were. 

Andy breaks the kiss “You’d never leave me, would you?”

“Never ever, Andy. You’re mine. You’re my baby boy, remember?” 

Nuzzling his cheek, Andy’s heart flutters once again. He couldn’t imagine his life without you. He wasn’t sure what he was doing, nor did he remember how it felt before you were in his life, and he didn’t wish to go back to that. He knew that regardless of how much he struggled, you were always there with him. He would never be alone ever again.

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headcannon on being pregnant with Stone's baby?

Headcanon for Being Pregnant with Peter Stone’s Baby

  • When you first started dating, Peter insisted that he didn’t really want kids. Over time, you began to realize that he was afraid of being like his father
  • That changed a bit when you got married. The idea of having children was beginning to excite Peter. Every now and then, he would drop the cutest hints about it
  • When you found out that you were pregnant, Peter was ecstatic! Then you surprised him by telling him that you were pregnant with twins. He was so excited to tell his close colleagues, who were equally excited
  • The further along you get, the more he begins to worry. It’s not always evident, but when it is, Dawson would offer up some advice. “You’ll be a great father, Stone. I know it’s your job, but don’t overthink it”
  • Peter would be really concerned and comforting, attending doctors appointments and classes with you. He’d go out of his way to make you happy, cooking your favorite meals or surprising you with little gifts for the baby
  • He would be incredibly eager to set up the nursery. You two would often have the yellow v pale green paint debate, ultimately settling for a light gray. Sometimes you would come home from work and find Peter setting up different aspects, which made your heart burst
  • When you go into labor, Peter drops everything. He is right by your side, holding your hand, no matter how hard you’re squeezing it. He’d just be really catering
  • For the most part, he would keep his composure. That is until the nurse hands him the first baby, a boy. Tears would trickle down his cheeks, even when he meets his second baby boy
  • Peter is extremely cautious when it comes to the boys, making sure that there aren’t any blankets in the crib and that they are well-fed. It’s sickeningly sweet 
  • Every now and then, you would catch Peter rocking one, if not both, of the boys, promising them that he would be a great father 
  • He would keep his promise

A/N: Someone give Peter Stone a newborn child immediately. I love dad!Peter to pieces wow. I know this is long, but I could not stop. Requests are open!!

Take Me With You *Requested* Part 1

Daryl Dixon X Reader

Warnings: Drama

Words: 800

can you write a story where one of negan’s wives is pregnant, but then rick’s groups overtakes the sanctuary and takes negan prisoner or he dies lol, but because you’re pregnant, daryl suggests to take you back to live in alexandria because you helped him when he was held prisoner at the sanctuary, no one really trusts her except daryl, she eventually gains feelings for daryl, and sleeps with him but..he doesn’t have much experience. idk tell me what you think if it would be a good story or not

“Daryl?” You asked knocking on the door. You opened the cell to see Daryl sitting in the corner in the same gross clothes he’s been wearing for days. He looked up at you, but said nothing. “I brought you some food. None of that other junk those assholes have been giving you.” You said kneeling next to him and handing him the plate. “How’d ya get in here?” Daryl asked after a few moments, with a mouth full of food. “I sort of stole the key off of one of the Saviors.” You told him and he nodded. “Thanks..” He said. “No problem.” You answered smiling at him.

It had become a routine for you, sneaking in and out of Daryl’s cell, feeding him. You wished that you could do more for him. You were lucky enough to even be able to get into his cell without anyone knowing. He wasn’t like the rest. He was real.

You didn’t feel like leaving him yet so you sat there for awhile. “Are ya one of his wives or somethin’?” Daryl asked you, breaking the silence and you hung your head in shame. “I did it to save my little cousin. She was dying and.. and it was the only way I could get her help.” You said, looking at your hands. “There is nothing that I wouldn’t have done for her.” You explained as your eyes began to water a little. “What happened to her?” Daryl asked, noticing that you said ‘wouldn’t have’. “She was too far gone, none of the medications helped her. She died a week after we got here.” You said and your lower lip began to tremble. “After she passed I tried to get out of here, I was even able to escape once, but they found me and brought me back anyway.” You said, wiping a stray tear away. “I kept trying to figure ways to leave and make sure they could never find me. But.. I stopped.. when I found out I was pregnant.” You said and Daryl looked at you with wide eyes.

“I didn’t want too. I was just so scared that he wouldn’t keep his promise to help my cousin if I didn’t sleep with him.” You added in as more and more tears fell. “I was so stupid.” You said. “Ya weren’t stupid, you were thinkin’ of someone else.” Daryl told you.


(A few days later)

You were sitting on a couch in one of the common areas, waiting for one of the Saviors to come by so you could sneak a key and bring food too Daryl. Suddenly there was an explosion that shook the entire building. You jumped up, while groups of people started running around, screaming in panic. Then there was another explosion, the ceiling began to crack and fall apart. You quickly ran out of the room, holding your arms above your head, trying to protect yourself from falling pieces. “Daryl.” You thought when you almost made it outside. You went into one of the rooms where the Saviors kept their tools and got out a sledge hammer. You ran towards Daryl’s cell and slammed it against the doorknob as hard as you could. It broke instantly. “What the fuck is goin’ on?” He asked, while the both of you were running through the hallways. “I don’t know.” You said, opening the exit door.

There was gunfire going off everywhere and you could barely see because of all the smoke. “Come on!” You told Daryl grabbing his hand and leading him to the other side of the property.

You both skidded to a stop when you saw a man holding a colt python against Negan’s head. “It’s over.” He said and shot Negan without a second thought.


“No, she’s not coming with us.” Rick told Daryl. “She was with them, she’s one of them.” Rick continued angrily. “She’s nothing like them, she helped me. I ain’t just leavin’ her.” Daryl stated, shaking his head. Rick looked over to you then back at Daryl. “I swear, if she pulls anything and I mean anything she’s gone.” Rick replied and got back into his truck.

Hi guys! I decided to split this request into 2 parts. So here’s part 1. I hope you like it, please comment if you do.!

Tags: @wolfslullaby @deeindarkwonderland @rainbow-unicorn-pony @anythingandeverything12 @permanentmarksoflife

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quick little discourse -- in sanvers and supercorp marriages who takes who's last name??

I feel like all four of them keep their names but I am always open to Discourse because people come up with such tear-jerking things lol.

I’m open to Maggie and Lena taking Danvers for Reasons but I’m also open to them keeping Sawyer and Luthor as badges to what she’s been through and dear god if someone suggests that Kara take Luthor or Alex take Sawyer as a last name to bring something happy and light and real family into their last names I will never stop crying because good god Lena and Maggie would make oceans rise with their tears and I can’t handle that kind of gay shit

EXO!Lucky Reaction when they first meet you and you’re scared of them

Thank you for requesting anon! Hope this is close to what you were expecting!
 Btw I’m going to write this as if you were their nurse. Xo,


/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Pretend to be asleep every time you come to check on him* “Maybe she’ll soften if she sees me like this… I really don’t want to scare her”


*Steals glances with you and smiles as he watches you do your work, kinda trying to ignore him* “You know… you are more gentle than the others, at least I have something to look forward to every morning now that you are here”


*Tries to look cute every time you feed him* “Ahh did you prepare this? You know i love choco, do you like it too? Yes? Maybe we can eat choco together.. one day”


*Literally pouts until he makes you smile* “Please… I’m not really that scary. Just when I want cake… I don’t like it here either”


*Tries to get to know you little by little* “You don’t… have to talk about you if you don’t want… Let’s talk about the sun… I used to love seeing it rise, is it still pretty?”


*Tries to look more ‘normal’ whenever you visit* “I hope this is okay… maybe she’ll see I’m just a boy… kinda.”


*Stays in his bed and smiles at you* “I’m Baekhyun… You seem nice.. I.. please don’t be scared, yes?” *Kinda gives you a warm feeling*


*Trying really hard to hold his tears* “It’s been a while since the last time I saw someone… please don’t be scared. I don’t want you to stop coming…”


*Makes you laugh from the first second* “See.. I’m a seal, you shouldn’t be scared!”


“She should stay away… I’ll only hurt her. This is the only way” *He doesn’t really try to make you less scared but with time you start to care for him, and learn he isn’t bad at all*


*Well his tears just move his hear* “You are the best thing… that has happened to me since I got here”


*Keeps his distance* “You don’t have to be afraid… I won’t do anything, but if you want I’ll take the medicine myself, until I gain your trust”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]


Be patient with yourself. You grow at the rate you’re meant to grow, you heal at the rate you’re meant to heal. Have faith in yourself. Even when you’re lying on the floor of the shower sobbing. Even when you can’t get out of bed for weeks. Have faith in yourself. You are given what you can handle, you have the strength in your heart to go on. And you are here for a reason, I hope you know that. And I hope you hold on to the forever burning light ahead of you (I know it is so difficult to see sometimes but it is waiting for you). You were not made for the darkness.

Loss is inevitable. Cry when they go. Whisper to them through the stars. And instead of letting loss scar you and make you hide from the ones you love in fear of losing them too, love them even more. Appreciate the small moments shared. Let death be a reminder that this life is not long and that you must reach out and grab something if you truly want it. Be honest, be raw, be forgiving. Know that when your loved ones leave, they are not really gone. Death is nothing more than a transition. They will visit you in dreams, in feathers, in knocks on the window, in closing doors. You carry parts of their soul with you eternally.

When someone walks away from you, do not beg them to stay. Do not hold on to their ankles hoping it will stop them. Let them keep walking. Not everything is meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes people come into your life to show you a new light and a new dark. If your heart is full of them, let it remain that way. Love them through the leaves, through the people you interact with, through the moments alone, through unsent letters. Some people make homes in our hearts and it is difficult to tear them down. Let them leave anyways. If they are for you, only time can tell.

Do not look at another person with hatred in your eyes nor judgement in your heart. Let jealousy come and let it go. Love them because they are lucky enough to have the beautiful things that you desire. Bless them. Do not look down on someone for gossiping, for speaking harshly, for causing pain, for hating. The ones who are hurting and do not understand how to feel their own pain choose to inflict it on others. It is not a characteristic of an evil spirit, but a struggling one. So when someone is mean, remember the pain you can’t see inside of them and love them. Forgive them for their actions. Forgive them for their words. Love them.

EXO Reactions: When they see you’ve already found someone else.

 Part 1 to this reaction <3

———–-please read part 1, because you won’t understand the plot————


It was too hard for Sehun to apologize. He was still considering, if he should come to you or not. Maybe you would take him back. But one time, he saw you, hand in hand with a tall boy, that looked a lot like him. He realized that he had messed up for second time, because he was too late.



Suho smiled to himself, thinking that maybe not everything was lost. If you were still hoping he’d come, maybe you would even let him apologize. He stepped forward, but stopped when he saw your face light up. But it was not because of Suho. Another boy came up to you and kissed your nose. Suho couldn’t keep watching you as he turned around and ran without looking back.



“What are you doing here, Jongdae?” you asked.

“Hoping to make up for everything that I’ve done.” he said with a sad smile.

“You’re a little late, Jongdae.” you said. “I’ve found someone who won’t run away for someone else.” tears were threatening to fall out and you turned away. “Please don’t come here anymore.” 

“You don’t want me to come, because you’re sure you’ll forgive me. I know you too well. I won’t come. I don’t deserve you. 



Maybe Baekhyun would try calling you. He’d call as many times as needed until you would pick up. He’d start talking about nonsense, until you’d tell him that you’re already dating someone else. He was quiet for a minute.

“Wow, you’re so lucky, you found the one for you. I had mine and I let her go. I guess it’s my fault that I’m so worthless.” he said and you could hear small sobs that he was trying so hard to hide.



“Chanyeol, you should stop this already. It’s no good for anyone.” you told him one day, when he appeared in front of your house again.

“Why are you saying that? I’m still hoping I can make you remember old times.” he said with a small smile. 

“My boyfriend’s going to be here any minute, please leave.” you said suddenly. His face fell, before he could manage another smile.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then.” 



Minseok was always lonely. He had missed you unbelievably. Every day he was thinking if he should call you or not. But one day, Suho came up to him with bad news. He had seen you with a boy and you two really looked like a couple. 

All hopes of getting you back were crushed for Minseok. He finally understood that he had lost you for good.



Lay was so flustered. He hadn’t talked to you since your break up and he was nervous. He wanted to make everything perfect. But before he could reach you, another boy came up to you and wrapped his arm around your waist. You smiled up to him and kissed his cheek. 

Lay realized that you wouldn’t be stupid enough to wait for him. Any guy would be lucky to have you and someone turned out to be clever enough to see that. At least you were happy.



“And I hope, you’ll love me again like that, someday.” he said.

“And I hope not. I’m already meeting someone, Kyungsoo.” he was silent for a moment.

“I thought you said that you’re still hurt because you love me.” he said with a small voice.

“I am hurt, and he’s going to make me whole again.” you told him. 

“I hope he will, Y/N.” he said and his voice cracked.



“Y/N? What’s wrong?” he heard someone say from your house. Suddenly a tall boy came out and wrapped his arm around your waist when he saw Jongin. “Who’s this?” he asked.

“This is my old friend. We haven’t seen each other in a long time and he came to check up.” you told your new boyfriend with a small voice.

“Okay then, I’ll leave you to it.” he said and returned to the house. 

Jongin was quiet, until he calmed himself down.

“Why didn’t you tell him, who I am?” he asked, without looking at you.

“He’d see everything in my voice. He’d know I still have feelings for you and not him.” you answered.

“Then remember that I love you more than life itself and I never make same mistakes twice.” he said and ran away.




Wordless Love

Pairing: Draco x Reader

WARNINGS: Bullying, foul language and sassy arsed Draco.

This is my first request made by an anon. Itallics are your thoughts. (y/n) and (y/l/n) mean your name and your last name. It gets fluffy towards the end. It means alot that someone actually wants me to write for them XD it is :)

You keep your head down and try to ignore the jabbing insults and leering faces of the persistent Slytherins. Glaring down at your full plate as a way of holding back tears. What did I ever do to them? Just because I’m a kind Slytherin that somehow makes me a target for abuse? I’m sorry that I can’t live up to their arrogant ‘standards’.

 “Hey, (y/l/n)!” Pansy ‘pug face’ Parkinson shouts down the Slytherin table. Other Slytherins stop their conversations to hear what other shit about my breasts she’s come up with this time. 

“Watch it! You might knock over someone’s plate with those huge boobs!”    Puggy jeered. All of her little group of twigs laughed with her. Now it didn’t bother you so much that they made comments when no one else was there..but Draco, your current ‘crush’ was only a few places away. His blonde head swivelled in your direction at the comment and you couldn’t stop the angry blush that rushes to the surface. Throwing on your bag, you storm out of the Great Hall and back to the Slytherin common room. 

Half an hour later Puggy and her clique come clacking in. Closely followed by the rest of the Slytherin House. Dinner obviously finished. You make to get up but stop when you see Draco staring at you and find yourself sitting back down.

“Oye! Big tits! Where did you get those implants from? Why’d you get them so big?” Puggy called out. You couldn’t endure her anymore. So you run out of the common room and into the dungeon corridors.

“Thinking of getting some Parkinson?” Draco shoots at her. “And Atleast she’s fucking got some. Pity we can’t say the same for you, right “no tits?” Draco growls at her. “Why don’t you and your ‘friends’ torture harmless bugs. Or whatever the hell you do. But you stay away from (y/n) understand me?” he seethes before running after you. Slamming the portrait door hard behind him. 

You shake uncontrollably. Sliding down the cool, stone wall. Tears tream down your face. it’s just too much for you to handle in one day. Draco saw again. He fucking saw.

You rest your head in your arms. The feeling of someone tucking a strand of your (h/c) hair behind your ear makes you jump. You look up to see the handsome, concerned face of the one and only..Draco Lucius Malfoy. You stare at him in shock. your brain not comprehending what is going on.

“Are you okay, love?” Draco says softly while cupping your face. His thumb slowly stroking across your cheek. Wiping away the falling tears.

You nod and let out a shaky breath. Closing your eyes and resting your head against the wall. You needed comfort. You don’t question his actions. You let him soothe you. 

Your eyes fly open when you feel his caressing hands leave you. You look to see him crouched in front of you with furrowed eyebrows. 

“You don’t have to worry about Parkinson and the others anymore. I took care of it. They won’t be bullying you anymore.” he says quietly. An unusual caring warmth reflecting in his cobalt eyes. 

You look down. You believe him. The sencerity in his eyes was too real to be fake. You nod. A blush appearing across your cheeks. There’s an awkward silece for a few moments before Draco speaks up.

“Do you know how jealous of you she is?” he starts. You look up in surprise.  “You are so beautiful and have a perfect figure. You’re kind, sweet, caring, smart, ambitious, determined and everything else she wants to be. You’re better than her in every way and she cannot stand it. So she says things like that because she’s at the bottom of all her classes, and she’s a flat-chested, pug-faced, little~” Draco starts to makes rather violent hand gestures. You laugh a little at the sight. Blushing as Draco wipes away your wet cheeks again. Resting his forehead against yours and chuckling softly as well.  

Draco sits down next to you and pulls you onto his lap. You’re sat with your legs laid across his lap, side on. You hesitantly place your head on his shoulder. The tears have finally stopped and you have calmed down. You feel one of his slender hands gently brush your hair out of your tear-streaked face. The other wraps securely around your waist and brings you closer to him. 

“Why are you being nice to me Draco? Why did you help me?” you ask knowing Draco isn’t known for being kind to people. 

“Another…big reason as to why Pansy and her friends bully you is because..I-told her that i…like you. She wouldn’t stop whining and pushing herself onto me. I didn’t mean for her to do that to you. I never meant for you to get hurt at all. I’m so sorry. I…I really like you. It was so difficult for me to watch them hurting you like that. I’ve always been taught to treat people badly and as though they are at a lower status than me. I didn’t know how to act with you. I’m so sorry I didn’t help you sooner.”

Again you stare in shock. For a few moments you just stare gawping at him before a smile spreads across your face. “I understand. Its ok and i…really like you too, Draco.” you say. Feeling your cheeks warm considerably. 

A huge grin forms on his full, pink lips. He takes your face in his hand and brings it closer to him. You lean in with him. When your lips are an inch from each other you close your (e/c) eyes. That’s when you feel his warm lips brush against yours. So tentative like he’s still unsure what to do. You smile slightly and move a hand to the back of his head and kiss him harder. You take control of the kiss and soon your lips are moving in sync. The blissful feeling of his soft lips on yours tell you wordlessly of the care and love he feels for you. And you say back with just as much passion.

I appologise if you were waiting for this for long. I just had a few things to do first. I really hope that it was what you wanted and you liked it :)

Basically a drabble full of suffering

TW: violence, blood, death, swearing, basic danganronpa jizzle

Word count: 2,502

A Christmas gift for @hajimeme-hinatiddies


Ouma felt the cold wall against his back. This wasn’t good.

He didn’t think that Korekiyo, out of all people, would corner him against a wall and try to stab him, but it was happening, right in front of his eyes. Wasn’t Korekiyo, like, nice a few hours ago? Was it all a game of pretend for him? Ouma would’ve probably tried to consider the other as his friend if it wasn’t for this.

“Shinguji, what are you doing?” Ouma glared, trying to be calm and collected in front of the anthropologist. “G-Get away from me, you-“

“I can see you’re scared, Shoukichi. You’re sweating and you’re stuttering. You don’t regularly do that.” Korekiyo twirled the knife around in his hand. ”I’m not blind, I can tell when people are feeling scared. It’s really obvious with you too. When you’re afraid, you start acting irrational, like a child.”

“Shut up.”

“Shoukichi, is that a way you talk with your soon-to-be killer?”

“You’re not going to kill me.” Ouma said, a cold bead of sweat running down his forehead. He’d never admit, at least not to Korekiyo, that he was afraid.

“How can someone who became the Ultimate Ruler be so, so stupid? Well, I guess everyone denies death in some way…” Korekiyo stopped twirling his knife, instead, he gripped it tightly. “But, you have to accept your death, Shoukichi, that way it’ll be much easier for both of us.”

And then he lunged.

Ouma managed to dodge somehow, thankfully. But he didn’t leave unscraped. He jumped to the side, stumbling in the process and falling on his bottom. Something stung and that something was his right arm. The blood was quickly running from a large gash. The shock did its own thing, of course, making it hurt less. If he doesn’t get killed in the next few minutes, he’ll definitely feel the full pain of it. Korekiyo wasn’t pleased with that. He wanted Ouma dead, but the problem was, Ouma wasn’t dead yet.

“Why must you make it so difficult for me? Why can’t you just die already?” The anthropologist kept asking. “You know that running is futile, right?”

Maybe Ouma shouldn’t run. Maybe he should just accept it. Yeah, death, accept death. Not many people would be sad anyway. Maybe his death will motivate someone. Death might not be so- wait, what was that sound? The male’s thoughts got interrupted by…by footsteps? Fast footsteps? Was someone running?

And then, SLAM!


Wait, Angie?!

The female slammed into Korekiyo causing both of them to fall on the ground. Yonaga was the first to stand up, running up to Ouma. She kneeled in front of him, examining him and his wound. Her eyes were glimmering, she was about to cry purely out of fear. She was holding it back though. She wanted to seem strong right now.

“Shoukichi, are you-“ But she got interrupted by a kick to her side. Ouma didn’t even understand what was happening anymore. One moment Angie was in front of him, babbling about something, and the other, she was on the ground with Korekiyo looming in front of him.

“Whatever, I’ll deal with you later.” He walked off. “Yonaga, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Ouma looked up, he needed to see what was going on. Whatever was happening before, this was worse. Angie, his friend, was on her back, her only support being her arms, looking at Korekiyo standing in front of her with that god-awful knife in his hands.

“A-Angie’s not thinking, but at least she’s doing something –“

“No, you’re only extending the time until his death. You’re going to die too, you know? What a shame too,” He kneeled in front of her, lifting her chin up with his finger so she could look at his piercing eyes. “You were interesting in your own way, you know? Too bad I’ll have to kill you. If you haven’t interrupted I wouldn’t have had to kill you. Monokuma would’ve just done it for me.”


I’m not going to get found out, all of you will die, except for me.

All of… All of us? All the others…? Like, like… Everyone, except for Korekiyo… All of these thoughts were spinning in Ouma’s head. All of these people he considered calling friends. Maybe not directly to them, but in his head at least.

“No, they’ll figure you out and…” Angie paused and looked and shook her head. She looked so hurt, there were probably so many thoughts going through her head too. She considered Korekiyo a great friend, probably as great as Ouma. “Shinguuji, you’ll get executed! You’ll die! Angie doesn’t want you to die!”

Ouma couldn’t believe it… The artist was about to die and she was concerned over her own killer’s well-being. She looked like she was shaking, crying even. The tears, they just started. It almost made Ouma cry too. It just…it hurt. More than the wound on his arm.

“Angie doesn’t want to see the island gods yet! Angie isn’t ready! She doesn’t want her friends to see them either, please spare Angie’s friends!”

“I’m sure you’ll make a great sacrifice, Yonaga.” Korekiyo grinned behind his mask and he lunged the knife towards Angie. But before the impact was made…

“Wait!” This was unexpected, huh? Ouma finally managed to open his mouth. He didn’t know what to do, his friend was about to get murdered and he didn’t know what to do. He hated it. He hated being so powerless. “Please, Shinguuji, I…” He got on his knees and clutched his hands together. He was begging. He was letting his own pride go because he wanted to save Angie. “I’m begging you, please don’t kill her. Please take my life instead, please, I don’t want her to die.”

Korekiyo looked at Ouma, from his eyes it seemed like he was smiling. His smile turned into a wide grin and that just escalated into a loud laugh. “I can’t believe it! The Ultimate Ruler is begging me, ME for mercy! Mercy on his poor, poor friend!” The silent hall was booming with his laughter. “What a show! As much as I’d love to let Yonaga go and kill only you, I can’t. She’d tell everyone.”

“Shoukichi, run.” Angie looked at the ruler. “Please run.”

“Who are you to speak right now?” The tall male turned back to the female. “My little artistic hummingbird, I almost forgot about you. I think we’ve stalled enough, right? I’d really like to kill you right now. How do you say that thing? Hm, right. Byeyonara, Angie Yonaga!

“No!” Ouma, with every ounce of power left in him, tackled Korekiyo, causing the knife in his hands to fall on the ground. Right next to Angie.

Angie looked at the knife next to her. She gulped and bit her lip, reaching for the knife. Her fingertips brushed against the knife and then she just stopped. She stopped and just stared at the knife. What was she planning on doing? If she took the knife, what was she going to do with it? Kill Shinguuji? No! Absolutely positively not! But maybe she could just threaten-

The knife’s gone. Angie was zoning out far too long. As soon as she looked up, her eyes searching for the knife, she saw it in Korekiyo’s hands again. Before she could even react, his boot collided with her side again. A small cry escaped Angie’s lips. God, this kick hurt way more. It seemed like Shinguuji was absolutely pissed at that point. And Ouma? He was on the ground too. After that tackle he attempted, Korekiyo elbowed him in the gut and Ouma just happened to land on his wounded arm. His eyes were pointed at the ground, he couldn’t move, it hurt too much. He couldn’t do anything. He could hear his own heartbeat and Angie’s frail voice that attempted to talk Korekiyo out of this nonsense.

“Shinguuji, you’ll get executed! Saihara will find you out!”

“I guess I’ll have to kill him too.”

And after that, a loud scream of pain echoed through the hall.

“S-Shinguuji, please-“

And another one.

And another.

A n d a n o t h e r .

Ouma couldn’t take it. The screams were just ringing through his ears and even when they stopped, he could still hear them. He knew what happened, but he still couldn’t believe his eyes once he looked up. Tears welled up in his eyes. Was he crying? He was. Obviously at the sight of Angie’s bloodied corpse on the ground, in the pool of her own blood. Korekiyo seemed proud of his work. This was it. This was the last straw for him. The male stood up, his legs were wobbly, but he still managed to stand and turn to the other.

His teeth seemed to be gritting one against the other by their own and his eyebrows furrowed in anger. “I…” He took a deep breath and ran at Korekiyo. “I’LL KILL YOU!

Korekiyo didn’t have time to react. A fist collided with his face and even managed to knock him out. Of course it could. Ouma had so much anger in him after whatever this was he could knock out at least ten more people.

Then he turned to her. Everything seemed so surreal. He never wanted to imagine Angie dead, but he didn’t even have to anymore. She was laying there. And she was dead. He couldn’t cast his eyes off of her. He knew that this wasn’t the way Angie would ever want to go. His legs eventually just gave out and he fell in the pool of blood that now soaked his pants. The tears were streaming unconsciously at this point.

“This…this isn’t real. Not real… It’s just a nightmare, yeah, a nightmare. Everything’s completely fine. You’ll smash my door open and wake me up like you always do, Yonaga. Like…like you always do… Like you’ll always keep doing.” He laughed weakly. The tears kept rolling down his face. He couldn’t stop crying. “Why aren’t you waking me up yet? Hurry up, Yonaga! Yonaga, you’re making me wait! I want to wake up, hurry up! You’re so selfish, why aren’t you here yet?!” He was yelling at the corpse in front of him to come and eventually his yelling just turned into loud sobbing.

“Please come back…”

“W-What the hell happened in here?!” Ouma’s head snapped up at someone else’s voice. Miu Iruma’s to be exact. He knew how it must’ve looked to her. Ouma, the only one conscious was sitting there, in a pool of someone else’s blood with another body laying unconsciously behind him. “What the fuck did you to Yonaga and Shinguuji?!”

Right after Miu, came Shuichi and Kaede. They…they couldn’t possibly believe Ouma did all of this, could they? He was innocent… Innocent! He didn’t do any of this! He wanted to yell that he didn’t do anything, but nothing came out of his mouth. Especially with all those disappointed and angry looks he was getting

“Shoukichi…” Shuichi muttered.

“S-Saihara, it wasn’t me, please believe me!” He managed to croak out, fresh tears starting to stream down his face all over again. He didn’t want Shuichi out of all people to blame him.

“I-I think we should investigate the scene before we jump to any conclusions, right Saihara?” Kaede looked at Shuichi, then at Ouma and then back at Shuichi.

“Of course.”


The trial that followed was a complete mess. Everyone was against Ouma. The only ones that believed in him were Shuichi and Kaede. They wanted to keep it rational, they wanted to base everything on clues, not on pure appearance. But it seemed that Miu did a very good job of running around and telling everyone that he was the killer. Of course, the ruler stayed silent for the whole trial and that looked even more suspicious. It wasn’t hard for Korekiyo to keep the façade up too. Everyone thought he was the victim, the one who barely made it out. No one even paid attention to the large wound in Ouma’s arm. At least Shuichi had taken notice a few hours before and with the help of the Monokumarz managed to fix him up. But that barely helped his situation in the class trial.

“You’re the killer!”

“How could you just kill Yonaga like that?”

“You’re so cold-blooded!”

“Poor Yonaga, she probably thought Shoukichi was her friend.”

“You deserve the punishment!”

Sentences along these lines followed Ouma in the whole trial and he couldn’t stand it. He said to himself, that he will just stay quiet. Because what if he says something that lands him deeper in to the pit of being accused? But there’s only so much accusing one person can take up all on their own…

Ouma harshly slammed his fist on the stand and everyone went silent. “You inconsiderate fools! How could you think I killed Yonaga?! Do you really think I’m that big of a monster?!  I’m not the only one who got out of there alive! Why is no one accusing Shinguuji?! He’s the one who killed her! He wanted to kill me too! Yonaga saved me and then he just killed her! He was planning on killing Saihara too! Stupid, stupid, stupid, you’re all so stupid! No one aside from Saihara and Akamatsu even bothered to hear my side of the story! Everyone’s just treating Shinguuji like the victim, as if he’s innocent! He’s not! He killed her! H-He killed… He…” And there he was, not a ruler, but a regular person, a crying child who had just lost his friend.


The trial ended successfully. Of course, with the help of Shuichi’s detective skills and a little bit of Kaede’s lying sprinkled in the true culprit was revealed. Korekiyo Shinguuji. Of course, he got his punishment, but maybe if he hadn’t gotten it, maybe if everyone beside him would’ve died, Ouma wouldn’t have to go through all this pain.

Someone poked him in the shoulder. Miu. “Listen, Shoukichi, I’m sorry for being the first to accuse you, I thought-“

“You thought,” Ouma started speaking darkly, still not facing the female. “You thought I killed Yonaga.” He turned to her, anger painted on his features. “You thought I killed my friend! You thought wrong, Iruma! And mostly because of your stupidity we all could’ve died! Hell, everyone’s stupidity even! You were stupid enough to just believe I was the culprit and everyone was stupid enough to believe such an idiot like you! And you still have the nerve to apologize to me? You worthless fucking pig! All of you are just fucking two-“

“Shoukichi, please calm down.” Shuichi put a hand on his shoulder which was only roughly swatted away.

“Get away from me, all of you… GET AWAY FROM ME!” Ouma screamed with his fists clenched.

Of course, without the light aura of Angie, Ouma’s could only get darker.

Jerk- Negan (JDM)


Can you do Prompts 1,4 and 9 with Negan? I thought they’d fit well :)

“Come over here and make me”

“How can I hate someone so much, yet love them even more?”

“Do not make me break my word”

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You slowly look over at the line of them and saw someone on the floor being murdered with your boyfriend’s dreaded bat.

They had been smashed to unrecognising and was Negan smiling? Anger bubbled up and a noise forced itself out of your throat as your eyes welled with tears.

“Stop now!” You yell stepping out of the crowd of saviours. The group of strangers on the floor where screaming and crying over the loss of their friend.

“Come over here and make me” Negan growled deeply looking over at you. You knew he’d never hurt you but he had to keep up a tough guy act for his group.

You growl and start to yell again “You’re so cold hearted! I can’t believe you”

“Dwight take her to one of the cars. I’ve got work to do.” He ordered and almost instantly Dwight was by your side dragging you away.

Tears ran down your cheeks as you were seated in the back of one of the cars.

“You okay?” Dwight asks looking over at you.

You wipe your eyes quickly and nod a little. “How can I hate someone so much, yet love them even more?”

“It’s just how the world works, I’m pretty sure he loves you too. If you talk to him he may be willing to change.”


Once back at the camp you ran straight your room, tears rolling down your cheeks.

Around an hour or so passed before you heard the door open. “Baby?” Negan whispered looking down at you with pleading eyes.

You turned away from him and looked at the wall of your room.

His hand gently ran up and down your back and sighed “You know I had to do it. Those people have things we need. Supply’s we need to survive.”

As he spoke softly you turned to face him. He smiled slightly at you and took your hand.

“Do you still love me?” His face turned to worry and he looked like a child for a short while.

You look back and stayed quiet for a little while before sighing. “I never stopped loving you…you’re just a jerk sometimes.”

“Well how about I stop being a jerk to you and you can’t yell at me in front of other people?” he suggested.

“Fine. But Do not make me break my word” you say before he turned your head so he could kiss you softly.