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Kara loves sharing pictures of her and her girlfriend on Instagram, while Lena uses her account only for work purposes, until Kara steals her phone to make an announcement about them dating. Alex totally loves sharing pictures of her friends and people she loves, while captioning them ‘I hate [insert name] so much’, and she also loves sharing pictures Maggie is telling her to post, not even questioning it, including the latest one. Maggie is totally spamming her Instagram with photos that Alex sends her, including the inappropriate ones. She also loves adding heart emojis to those. Mon-El has no idea what Instagram is until someone tells him to share pictures of things that he enjoys. So he does. Originally he followed only Winn, until Maggie told him how to put heart emojis on pictures, so he followed her too. Winn totally posts pictures of things that he enjoys, he also loves bragging about Mon-El’s ass on Instagram.

If you read or encounter an article that makes you think, “Wow! That’s interesting, but I’m not sure about the author’s major premises or facts,” consider doing a cursory check to find another solid source that corroborates that article.

If you see a photo or video with no date, photographer, credit, and a superimposed caption, consider doing a reverse image search. It is so easy to manipulate or strip a photo of context and re-present it as something entirely different.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone share something online, and they say, “I’m not sure if this is true, but if it is…”. Listen! If you have doubt about something, pursue that doubt! By posting something without verifying it, you could be spreading misinformation.

We don’t even have to delve into the hairy topic of sources and validity and “Well doesn’t every source have bias???”. All I’m recommending is a 20 second search to see if anything glaringly obvious comes up.

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Well of course someone who makes fat jokes would say it's okay to use others as reverse inspiration or to get your kicks. If you want to use others photos for your inspiration privately, not reblogging the photos with any negative captions or things like that yes that is okay but following fat acceptance blogs to "get a Laugh" is NOT okay at all. You're going to go to a tag or blog where these people feel beautiful and safe and you treat them like a joke. Not okay.

I was a former fat kid, and as someone who made jokes when I was overweight, people need to learn to grow a thicker skin.

Not everyone is going to be nice.

Not everyone is going to tell you you’re beautiful.

Not everyone is going to lie to you and say it’s healthy.

And they just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Paparazzi girl

A/N: There will probably be another part to this, I’m not too sure how good this is, it’s probably rubbish but oh well

“Good job today y/n” her boss said patting her on the back in congratulations “these pictures are gold, well done” She looked regretfully down at the developed photo stuck on a page of paper with the caption 

’ Benedict Cumberbatch cheating on his fiancé?’ 

With a photo of him and a friend walking through a crowd full of people, him holding her hand to make sure she didn’t get injured. It was horrible she knew that. To ruin someone’s life by making up shit and publishing it for the world to see. Not only will this give him a newly bad reputation, but it could ruin his family. She didn’t want that, but her job was a hard decision. 

She had to chose between ruining her family or someone else’s.

 She wasn’t the richest of people. Her mother was ill and couldn’t do much for herself, didn’t work and sometimes didn’t get out of bed. Her little sister just age 5 obviously couldn’t earn an income so it was down to her. This job was the only one she could find. She hated it but there was no escape for her. Plus it paid well and she was never expected as a paparazzi when she went out- it was perfect.

 "Thank you, sir" she said shooting him a fake smile. She felt so guilty - it was torture sometimes.

 "As you seem to be our best at managing to take decent photos of celebrities that can be made into stories, Im sending you out to spot Ashton Irwin, apparently he’s going to club 27 tonight, you’ll be paired with Shaun, go into the club undercover and try and be as secretive as you can, you know his reputation with the paparazzi so be careful, you can go and get ready now, Shaun will pick you up at 9" he said walking into his office and leaving her to pack up her few items and leave. She left to go home and get ready to go out. 

She couldn’t help but worry about this. Ashton Irwin had a reputation with the paparazzi. He had gone so far as to beat one poor guy until he ended up in hospital.

 She didn’t want to end up like that, she didn’t doubt for one second that he would do that to her if she annoyed him.

 She was under cover aswell, the worst type. Paparazzi weren’t allowed to go into the clubs but undercover hopefully no one would notice her. Some people who did this job loved ruining others lives. She hated it. She dreaded it. 

Although this wasn’t going to ruin Ashton’s life in any way, but it was still an invasion of his privacy.

 She had just arrived with Shaun at the club, her camera in her clutch just waiting to be used. There was a flash of photographers and paparazzi outside, they were annoying and y/n really didn’t like them as they got all up in people’s faces. 

But that’s what she did, she was part of them, she was no better. Ashton had apparently already arrived, y/n and Shaun just had to try and spot him through the cloudy mist of the club. It was almost packed with people, tipsy or drunk, no sober people except the two of them. 

 Shaun discreetly pointed Ashton out to her.

 He was surrounded by people- mostly girls. That’s what all the magazines were talking about these days. The different girls Ashton’s seen with almost everyday. The media labelled him as a player; a man whore, who doesn’t treat girls right. Y/n wonders who the hell the media think they are assuming things like this from just a few pictures. 

Maybe Ashton wasn’t an asshole, maybe he just liked sex? Was that so wrong? Shaun had left her to go sit the other side of the club to see Ashton from a different view.

 Y/n felt so out of place, she felt kind of scared, not use to being in such crowded places alone, especially as she felt terrible about what she was there for. Everyone around her was so much taller than her that she got Lost in the crowd- which for her job had benefits but for her mental state and insecureness did not help. 

 She found a stool near the bar, ordering a lemonade- gaining an odd look off the bar tender. She sat sipping her drink for a while just watching Ashton from afar, never making an attempt to reach for her camera.

 She occasionally checked on Shaun who met her eyes a few times, he also hadn’t moved for his camera. It was a bit risky with the amount of people in here, there was no way to do it secretly. She wasn’t sure how they were going to do this. 

But by Shaun’s pointed looks, he was indicating that she would have to do something. She tried for as long as possible to ignore him and instead took the time to look at Ashton more intently. 

He had moved closer to where she was sitting, now she could see every detail in his face and almost hear his rushed conversation with the people surrounding him. She could hear his laugh. It was prominent through the rustle of noise. It was beautiful, it brought a smile to her own face.

 Maybe her camera would be to obviously but her phone- her phone was more discrete. She took her phone out sending a quick text to Shaun telling him her idea. Shaun had got Her message before coming to sit next to her at the bar. While looking at Shaun she could see Ashton over his shoulder. Ashton was making his way to the bar next to Shaun and y/n took this as her chance. To anyone else it looked like she was taking a photo of Shaun instead of Ashton. It was sneaky but a good idea. She could hear Ashton order drinks: a vodka and coke and a beer. 

The bar tender passed them to him as he paid- tipping him. Y/n could see what was about to happen and quickly pulled Shaun out of the way. Ashton had turned round, drinks In hand when a druken guy smacked into him causing his drinks to fly. They covered Ashton entirely, Shaun and Y/n as well. Next thing they knew, The druken guy was on the ground, Ashton beating him to the floor, blood running over Ashton’s hands. Shaun had pulled Ashton off of the guy, while Y/n pretended she had a phone call, but was secretly taking picture of the scene on her phone.

 This would no doubt make the front page tomorrow. The security had come over, dragging Ashton and Shaun out. Y/n was confused as to why they took Shaun but followed them anyway, they ended up at the back of the club.

 It was raining and y/n was shivering. This night was disastrous. But now she was watching as Shaun tried to calm Ashton down as he was swearing and trying to get back into the club. 

 "Dude, calm down" Shaun said

 "Fucking idiot, why the fuck did they throw me out what the fuck" ashton was mumbling 

 "You punched a guy, you need your hand checked out" Shaun said.

   “Y/n, do you have a tissue or something?” He asked and for the first time, Ashton looked over to see her. 

 "Uh no I don’t think so" she stuttered, checking her coat pockets “wait, i have some here” she said handing them to Shaun who gave them to Ashton.

 "Thanks" Ashton said “who even are you guys?” He asked

 "Shaun and this little one is y/n" 

 "Ah, well I’m Ashton, thanks for your help back there, sorry for spilling drink on you, I was just a bit pissed, I was trying to impress a girl but it didn’t work because of that dickhead"

 he huffed “No problem mate” shaun said before grabbing her hand and leaving Ashton in the backstreet. 

 "What are you doing?“ She whispered hurriedly as Shaun pulled me behind a nearby dustbin.

 "Shhhh, you got your camera?” He asked and she nodded. They both waited- y/n unsure as to why. She soon found out when Ashton came round the corner. Shaun’s camera clicked, taking several pictures

. “We can turn this into a great story. We are going to ruin this asshole” Shaun mumbled under his breath, leaving y/n to dread what the picture was going to be made into.


 The next day was torture for her. She woke up early, heading to work for 6am only to be greeted with a huge smile from her manager.

 "Y/n well done last night, the story’s being posted this morning, Ashton Irwin is going to look like the worlds biggest asshole, our profits will be higher than ever" She felt sick. 

She hated doing this. She read the headline of the magazine that had just been pressed into her palms.

 Ashton Irwin- worlds biggest asshole? Or worlds biggest Drug dealer? 

 What the fuck? She thought. Drug dealer? Shit, the photo shaun took of Ashton walking out from the back alley of the club. Oh god, it did look dodgy. But she knew it wasn’t true. She read the subtitles next.

 Why must Irwin constantly pick a fight? Maybe he should get his anger issues sorted before becoming a role model to millions. 

 There was a picture of Ashton punching the guy at the club. The one that y/n had taken. 


 That night she went out on her own accord. She decided that she needed to get drunk, it would be the only way that she could feel better about possibly ruining someone’s life. She was on her fourth drink.

 But the guilt was still there. It didn’t help that Ashton was there too. But you wouldn’t have seen him if you weren’t an observant person- and y/n was. He was in the corner of the club at a booth, his hood up and his hands cupping his drink as if it was his life line. If she only had three drinks she wouldn’t have had the courage to go over to him. She slide in the booths row, in front of Ashton.

 His head rose, taking in her appearance.

 "Y/n? Right?“ He mumbled 

 "Uh yeah” she said surprised he remembered her name from last night. 

 "It’s been more than a minute and you haven’t been scared off.“ He said sarcastically, laughing as if it was a joke.

 "I don’t believe in the rumours, I know the media portrays lies. You don’t have to worry about me thinking you’re an asshole or a drug dealer” she said 

 "Good" he said cracking a small smile. Why couldn’t everyone think like her? He thought. 

 "Anyone who believes it is stupid" 

 "Yeah, you’ve got that right" he sighed “I just wish my family didn’t believe it, my mum, my sister… My little brother” Y/n felt truly sorry for him and guilty. 

The guilt never left. During her research on Ashton she found many sources showing that his little brother looked up to him and he was his father figure. It must have hurt Ashton seeing a defeated look on his brothers face. As if he had let him down, as if he disappointed him.

 "I’m sorry" she said.

 "Don’t be, it’s not your fault" he scoffed “it’s the stupid low life paparazzi” he spat “I hate them, they have nothing better to do with their lives except ruin others, twisting situations and words, making me look like a heartless twat. I’m not like that." 

 Y/n felt herself shrink back into her seat slightly at his harsh words.

 "I don’t understand why people chose to believe it, they don’t know me? They shouldn’t judge me on the smallest of things that are made up” he was getting angry and stressed over this.

 "It’s not fair, I know, but I guess that’s what comes from being famous, you must have knew that before you decided this is what you wanted?“

 "I know, I know. I just didn’t think it would be this bad, all I want to do is make music for people to enjoy, I want to have a normal life, the other guys do, the media doesn’t single them out, just me.” He said sadly 

 "I know, you shouldn’t let it get to you so much, as long as you know they’re not true.“ She said not really knowing what else to say. He looked at her, a half smile on his face, at least she believed him. Maybe, he thought, just maybe she might stick around, be a new person in his life who helped him through times like these, someone who wouldn’t use him like other people did. 

She could be what he was looking for. A pure, truly wonderful person, who was trustworthy and not judgemental. They talked for a few hours, getting to truly know each other. 

 "Tell you what, I like you, you’re different. We should get out of here.” Ashton said leaning closer to her to make sure she could here. 

 "W-what? Really? Me?“ She stuttered. She didn’t think she was good enough for a rockstar to want to hang out or do other activities with her. 

"Yes of course you, come on” he said standing up and taking her hand to pull her along. His hood still up so he couldn’t be recognised. “We can go back to mine” he suggested smirking at her and she nodded unsure of what she had gotten herself into.

 About half an hour later, her mind was taken off feeling guilty. Instead she was nervous, but excited, unsure of what she was feeling. Ashton was on top of her, kissing and sucking at her neck, his hands everywhere on her body.

 He felt attracted to this girl in more than a physical way. She was different, she didn’t believe in the lies of the media. It felt good knowing she wasn’t scared of him like other people. Like his family. He kissed her again, showing his appreciation for her not believing the media. She moaned quietly into the kiss, loving the way his chapped lips felt against her, the way his stubble tickled her cheek making her squirm.

 "Thank you" he whispered feeling emotional all of a sudden. He stared at her intently, stroking the side of her cheek with his thumb.

 "Can I?“ He gestured, his other hand slowly moving downwards to remove her black shorts. She nodded. She didn’t care what he did right now. He looked so good above her. So perfect- how could anyone believe the lies of the media? 

 "Mmmh fuck” Ashton moaned as she moved her hips upwards, meeting his crotch. “Shit- need,you… now” Ashton whispered.

 "Please" she whimpered, her arms grabbing his arms softly. He discarded his jeans and boxers as fast as he could, he was becoming desperate for this girl, scared she would fade away, that she would start to believe the media.

 "Oh god" he moaned as he moved his hips forward meeting hers 

 "Ready?“ He asked quietly, nudging his nose against hers, looking into her eyes. She nodded as he leaned down to kiss her once again, he lined himself up with her, before pushing slowly into her as she moaned slightly loud. His hands gripped her hips, gently rocking her against him as she moaned out beneath him.

 "Jesus y/n you’re so beautiful” Ashton moaned in pleasure.

 "Ashton-I “ he covered her mouth with his, sloppily kissing her. He stared at her, taking in every aspect of her. He was hoping she wouldn’t leave after this, she was different and he craved different.

 "Don’t talk” he said when she was about to blow her cover and apologise. He kept a steady rhythm, their movement messy but passionate. 

“Ash- I think-” he cut her off again, his lips covering hers.

 "I know- I know, I’m close too" he said moving his hips faster to find his release.

 Her body shook, his name falling from her lips in gasps. 

 "Fuck" Ashton mumbled rolling to the side, hugging her to the side of his body hoping she wouldn’t leave.

 He liked her. He felt he could trust her so decided he was going to keep her around- only If she wanted to of course.

 They layed there for a while before the guilt finally returned to her.

it’s 2016 can we stop with the “delete a photo post’s caption if it messes up your aesthetic” trend. it doesn’t make your blog prettier, it just makes you uglier


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPlocallegends

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPlocallegends The goal this weekend is to celebrate local legends — the people in your community that stand out and make it a great place to live. Here’s how to get started:

  • Strike up a conversation with someone you see every day but don’t regularly talk to, like your favorite bakery’s owner, the neighborhood mailman or a veteran firefighter. Use your caption to share their story.
  • Let the environment add important context about your subject. For example, photograph a teacher in the classroom, a chef in the kitchen or a bus driver behind the wheel.
  • Experiment with photo and video portraits that celebrate your subject’s passion. They can be posed, like a quiet image of an athlete before an early morning training session, or candid, like a musician tuning up backstage before a gig.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPlocallegends hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

Today I reorganized the art on my wall as therapy. If you are feeling down, maybe you can try that to cheer yourself up just a bit. Refresh something. Put your bed against a different wall. Move a chair closer to a window. Cut off all your hair so we can see your beautiful face more clearly. Whatever feels right, renewed. 

I have been feeling down and poorly lately. I don’t always share that feeling online because I do a lot of work things online and maybe that is not appealing. “Let’s not work with that sad boy,” said someone once, probably. But I think, too, that not being a real human individual online is unappealing, like those folks who solely share polished Ken Doll photos of themselves with poetic captions. Honesty. An ab workout and some new underwear didn’t make you think of a deep Rumi quote. You thought you looked hella sexy and didn’t eat a doughnut when you could have and the human body is beautiful and you like attention from strangers. Honesty. Sometimes people feel poorly for awhile or for longer than awhile, and it’s OK to just say that. Phew!

It feels nice to look at this wall tonight. I had a good calm period of trying to figure it out, figure out what I wanted where and what was the right amount of things and not the wrong amount of too many things. There had gotten to be a lot on the wall, and I am now really feeling up on a less is more scenario.

Another refreshing thing, if you are old enough, is to have a sip of scotch. Oh, and don’t forget that tomorrow is another day and another chance to try your best at being a good person. I tell myself that.      

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fan: seungkwan, what happens when hansol is mad????? chit!*sol (laughs) reply to me since i’m embarrassed (seriously (photo caption: (the hand gesture) represents ‘what are you talking about’!)

seungkwan: are you joking with me right now?**

t/n: * “chit” is a sound someone makes when they’re mad and “chit-sol” is toothbrush in korean, basically a play on words (and sol from hansol)
** it’s a popular line in gag concert but seungkwan mixed up the words (supposed to be 장난나랑지금하냐)


You know, like tears can be very pretty. Like when someone’s crying and feeling horrible—watching that happen, or watching yourself do that, finding those little minute reasons and avenues that lock into why they feel like that, there’s something very cathartic and beautiful about it. I think once I sort of accepted parts of that in myself, I felt better about myself. Does that make sense?


disclaimer: NOTHING happens overnight, k?
- Keep a neat, nice blog and theme. I mean that is what people are following for, right?
- Ask for blog rates (only if someone will do so), blog checkouts, and promos.
- Make your blog cute or whatever the word is that guys like to call it. Make it stand out.
- Use a good URL, PLEASE! Nobody wants to follow a yung–princessa2636, tbh.
- Be nice and interesting.
- Be original and post your own stuff from time to time. You’ll appear as the source.
- SELF PROMOTE! That might be the reason I have so many followers now. Put some cute emojis, a link, and/or a cute phrase in the caption of every PHOTO post (if you do that on text posts, or videos, etc., people may think that’s hella tacky, thirsty, and annoying).
- Talk to people and gain friends.
That’s all I can think of right now but boost this, especially if you have a lot of followers. 💕

Markiplier hasn’t done anything wrong. 

For those of you who don’t know, he posted an makeup challenge where every time he lost the game he would have to slather makeup on without a mirror. The end result was honestly, really bad and pretty silly looking.

Tumblr blew up saying that he was an asshole for it.

I’m MtF and I get that I’m just one person out of the community, but really the guy was just being silly. The whole joke was that he put on the makeup badly. 

His response of “People are getting offended at something they don’t understand also water is wet” wasn’t at all rude. You seriously didn’t understand the whole point was just to be silly, he wasn’t saying he looked like “a tranny” or anything like that. Seriously, his photos of him with make up on with the caption “do you think im pretty?” was just about as offensive as someone doing a funny face with double chin with the same caption.

Believe whatever you like, but I don’t think he did anything wrong.


someone brought back one of my joke posts so now that ive had distance from the posts for a while i could go back through and pick out the ones i like best

(tbh a lot of the jokes that went into the posts were filler so they had a bit more length to them, which is why some were hit & miss)

(theres also captions on the photos with my thoughts about these ones in particular - might be a format i use for the ones i make for volume 3)

Attention Tumblr: I Want Your Selfies!

I’m doing a project for my art final and the theme is ‘people being themselves’ so I has the idea to do a collection of people’s selfies since I feel like a lot of time they show people’s personalities better than pictures taken by other people. Mirror pics and selfies containing multiple people are also good, as long as the photographer is someone in the picture.

I will be showing the pictures to my class as part of my final presentation, and depending on how it goes I might try to make the project more public and/or commercial. If you’re only comfortable with your picture(s) being used for academic purposes, you can let me know when you send them.

If you’re comfortable with it, I would also love it if you could include your name and hometown, or even just one of those if that’s easier, since I’m gonna use those to caption the photos.

You can submit your pics to my inbox or email them to me at Even if you aren’t comfortable with me using your photos, please signal boost so I can get as many as possible. I need to have all the ones I’m using for the project submitted by November 10th, but if you wanna submit something later than that I might do a second round of the project or something, depending on it’s success.

Thanks so much for all your help!

Omnireboot is downloading your posts and uploading them as their own

Omnireboot you are shamefully and lazily (considering your supposed back-catalog of art) downloading other people’s posts and uploading them as your own. Your last 20+ posts have originated from me, ie: I go to the effort to collect books and magazines, scan them, post them here on tumblr and instagram (@scifi_art) with full credit to the artists and photo sources.

You have not even bothered to write your own captions, which are my text! You clearly don’t understand or care about internet and Tumblr etiquette. This happens a lot and perhaps you got them from someone else who got them from me the same way. Either way, same situation. Tumblr’s Terms of Service state:

Make sure you always give proper attribution and include full links back to original sources. When you find something awesome on Tumblr, reblog it instead of reposting it. It’s less work and more fun, anyway. When reblogging something, DO NOT inject a link back to your blog just to steal attention from the original post.

Omnireboot, it’s not illegal, it’s just very uncool and does not reflect well on you nor the amazing legacy of the classic magazine you represent.



CAPTION: Make a caption for this EXO picture!

★★★ Welpppp someone is trying to get a hold of the Sebooty★★★

I’m laughing because Chanyeol is doing this in an AIRPORT (a public space) and there are a lot of cameras around LMAO Does he even know he’s getting BUSTED? And lol at Sehun omggggg hahaha this is too epic

  • It can be funny, random, dirty, anything! It can also be dialogue. Just make it awesome!
  • Put the caption in the reply box below the photo!
  • At the end of the segment, we will choose the BEST CAPTION and turn it into a MACRO

Have fun, you guys!

-Admin Mercy

What could be Sehun be thinking at this “touchy” moment?