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The Harshness of Winter.

Request from anon:Hi, I’d like to request a winter soldier x reader smut where he’s just pure soldier who needs to take out some frustration with lots of roughness and degrading name calling on his part. If you’re okay with non con that would be great, but if not some dub con is good too. Thank you!!

Note: I am soooo sorry if this is bad! Although I have written smut before this was something COMPLETELY different for me so I apologise in advance!

Winter Soldier x Non-consenting!Reader (18+ ONLY!)

Words: 2,104

Warnings: The main trigger in this fic is that the reader doesn’t consent to the sex. There are also derogatory terms said, language, mentions of kidnap and abuse and obviously sexual activities….if I have missed anything out please just let me know.

Disclaimer: I do NOT in any way, shape, or form condone rape or any kind of sexual abuse so please don’t think that I do.  Also any GIFs used are not mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 39

I wanted to wallow in the pity party I was throwing for myself but I knew I couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever. Ana would know I was hiding if I did and despite not feeling very strong at the moment, I didn’t want to appear that way.

Fuck. This really sucks.

Glancing towards the counter, I saw my make-up bag. Thankfully I didn’t pack it, instead I left it in the bathroom thinking I’d want to freshen up before we left for the airport.

Blotting my face then putting on a little lip gloss, I did my best to pull myself together and appear unfazed. I knew Jared would coming through the door any minute or at least I hoped so. I wasn’t sure how much conversation I’d be able to have with Ana in the mean time.

As I stood there against the counter, I had a silent conversation with myself. Far be it from me to not think the absolute worst but I was doing my best to stay on an even keel.

I wanted to kick Ana’s obnoxious ass out but then thought better of it. What if I was all wrong?

Ana made it perfectly clear she was here for Jared and so sure he’d want her here, I doubt she’d actually leave no matter what I said. If I was wrong, that she wasn’t some fuckbuddy, I’d look like an insecure asshole. I didn’t want that.

There was also a part of me wanting to see what Jared’s reaction would be. How he chose to handle this would at least give me some indication of what this girl meant to him. She might be competition and I didn’t even know it….at least until now.

If Jared tried to handle her feelings with any sort of care, despite barging in like this then obviously he had feelings for her of some kind. I could only assume then she meant enough to him that he didn’t want to upset the apple art in a serious way. In that case, he’d try to smooth this very uncomfortable situation over so she wouldn’t be too upset.

On the other hand, if he did in fact kick her ass out, that would say an equal amount. I would know she was just as disposable as the others that I unfortunately read about. That thought, someone being disposable to another, actually made me sick but in this case for my own sake I hoped it would be the case.

My heart was begging all who would listen that he would do as I hoped and choose me but it’s a waiting game. With one last glance in the mirror, I resigned myself to what I had to do, hoping I could hold myself together.

Just as I opened the bathroom door and stepped back into the room, I heard the main door unlock and saw Jared push it open. His happy, relaxed smile faded to concern as our eyes connected and he knew instantly that something was wrong.

He didn’t have to ask what that problem was though. As soon as Ana heard the door open she jumped from the couch with her megawatt smile and he knew. His expression said it all.

Jared was just as shocked as I was that his ‘whatever’ was standing in our room waiting for him. His mouth dropped open just slightly in surprise but he recovered almost instantly as anger took hold.

“What the fuck is going on here?” He demanded.

I could feel the anger radiating off every single inch of him from across the room. No doubt Ana did too. Her smile quickly fell as she tentatively walked around the couch to stand in front of him.

“I thought I’d surprise you. You always like my surprises.” She said, running her hands up his chest.

With that….I was out. Promptly turning on my heals, I spun around towards the bathroom.

“Vivie, stop right there.” He commanded, harshly pushing Ana’s hands off his chest.

I stopped dead in my tracks but I didn’t turn around, I kept my back to them. This was so brutally uncomfortable, I didn’t want to watch.

“I don’t know who the fuck you think you are showing up here like this but get the fuck out.”

“But… Jared…I…I don’t understand.” she mumbled clearly upset at his unexpected reaction.

Turning to the door, he opened it hoping she’d know how serious he was. Standing there he stared her down as he waited for her to gather her things. Clearly, some of the stories I read were true. If need be, he really doesn’t have any qualms about tossing girls out of his hotel room.

As I finally turned around, I saw her silently look from Jared to me then back to Jared again. With a roll of her eyes, she walked to the table, grabbed her purse and stepped back up to him at the door.

“Maybe next time then.” She said, taking this embarrassing situation like a champ before throwing a smirk at me then walked out the door.

In a show of strength that I certainly wasn’t feeling, I stood my ground, crossing my arms across my chest. Fuck her.

As soon as she was past the threshold, Jared let the door go. It slammed behind her so loud it made me jump. Mirroring my posture, he was silent as he turned his attention to me. It was clear he was still extremely pissed, despite the fact that Ana left without much of a fight.

“Why the fuck would you let someone into our room?” He angrily demanded.

Wait a minute, he was mad at ME?!?!?! I was totally taken off guard once again, only this time by HIS behavior. Somehow his friend with benefits, fuckbuddy or whatever the hell she was, shows up and it’s my fault? I did something wrong?

Oh, HELL no. Now we were both mad.

“She didn’t leave me much choice, Jared. I opened the door thinking it might be you and before I could say anything, she walked in like she owned the place.”

“How long was she here and what did she say?” Jared asked, completely dismissing my answer.

“She was here for about a half an hour. She said she would wait for you because you liked her surprises.” I said with a snide smirk.

“You should have kicked her ass out.” He retorted through gritted teeth.

For someone who is terrible with confrontation, even I was surprised at how fast I got furious. So furious that for the first time, it was I that couldn’t help my raised voice. This was complete bullshit.

“Well geez, let me apologize right now then for not knowing what to do when one of your fuckbuddies shows up to surprise you.”

My eyes started to fill with tears at the absurdity of the situation. This discussion needed to end before it got too heated on both our parts. Turning away from him, unwilling to let him see my cry, I started to walk back into the bathroom.

“Stop right there.” He demanded, moving like lightening to halt my steps.

Wrapping his fingers tightly around my arm, he pulled me backwards not allowing me to continue forward any further. I was already on the verge of my tears spilling over and I just needed a moment to myself but he wouldn’t let go no matter how hard I tugged.

“I said stop.” He said as I tried to pull my arm back, “Don’t walk away from me.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. As tears started to unabashedly roll down my cheeks, I faced him. Looking him straight in the eyes, I said the only thing I really had to say at that moment.


Shocked, Jared instinctively dropped his grip, letting my arm go. The anger that had shown in his features only moments ago was all but gone. Turning away from him, I continued into the bathroom, allowing the door to slam shut behind me.

Manhattan Mistress part 10


Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Tony x reader and OC!Casey (daughter of Y/N and Tony)

Summary: Steve reveals his true self. The song is “Thief” by Ansel Elgort (yes, he is a singer now, too).

Word count: 3.082

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of murder, death and rape. Please do not read belong the cut if you’re not comfortable with any of forementioned!

A/N: Dedicated to my favourite mob AU writer @caplanbuckybarnes. Enjoy sweetie!

Part 7: the waiting game

Part 8: the heathens

Part 9: the killers

Disclaimer: I do not own this pic, credit goes to the rightful owner.

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Today I’m going to be talking about something extremely serious and probably very very opinionated. I apologize in advance for this fact, because I am probably going to go off about this.

Today, someone linked me a news article about people who are ‘transabled’. I read about the people who use the medical equiptment even though they are able-bodied, up to  people who are purposely cutting off or crushing limbs to give them their ideal disability.

It made me sick to my stomach.

As someone who was born with Cerebral Palsy, someone who went through years and years and YEARS of physiotherapy to correct what’s “wrong with me”, who has been bullied and beaten by classmates and neighbourhood kids, who still feels like I’m not good enough. As someone who still wishes they were just born normal, who can’t stand the way my body gives out on me when I coould be doing so much more with myself. As someone who has spent countless nights crying myself to sleep because I just want to be able-bodied, to be good enough.

How dare you. My experiences are not a fashion statement nor something to romanticize. My hospital trips, my surgeries, my pain that I experience every single day of my life, this isn’t a game to me. This isn’t something I can ever change. I can never, ever get better. Saying that you’re transabled, that you want to have the pain I would give my life to get rid of, is like a slap in the face to me, to my fellow members in the disabled community.

How dare you.

Tips to a Safer Meet-Up

I saw a story about a wanted man who killed someone and posted the video to facebook. It made me sick, and worry a tad about the possibilities the internet holds. Especially when people who only know one another over a screen are meeting up in real life. This isn’t a way to stop it, rather keep people safe when they go and meet with online friends. If you guys have anything to add, please do. But please reblog, we have to watch out for another, right?

1) ALWAYS let someone know where you’re going. Who you’re meeting, where you’re meeting them and when. If something does go wrong, the more information a family member or friend can tell authorities the better your chances are.

2) If you feel unsafe, leave. If the place you’re going feels sketchy, hidden away or has nobody around. Maybe turn back and tell your friend to meet another time, or in another place.

3) Have your phone fully charged and ready in case of emergency. You never know when you’ll need it!

4) Know the place. If you plan on meeting up somewhere you’ve never been to (or been to only a handful of times) go ahead. Get an idea of what it looks like, possible ways to escape an unsafe situation, and places where you can run to safety/help.

5) Have someone tag along. This is optional but having someone escort you to your destination, and hang out in the background while you meet your online bud could make things a bit safer.

6) Don’t meet up at a persons house. Don’t give them your adress. Until you know the person well enough as a person (a real life in the flesh person). Houses and adresses should be a no-go. If they’re psycho or have bad intentions–you don’t want them to know where you’re living.

7) Above all else, don’t let yourself become the victim. This isn’t saying “it was your fault for leading them on” or some other blaming statement. The best way to keep safe when meeting someone for the first time is to follow your instincts. If something feels off, call it off.

8) Listen to others. If your mom, dad, best friend or even dog says “hey. Something isn’t right”, listen to what they’re saying. Sometimes it takes someone on the outside looking in to see the real situation.

9) Just be safe. Please. I care about everyone of you (my followers, tumblr users, any social media user). I don’t want to see a story of an innocent life taken because of someone else’s dark nature.

9.5) If you need tips, or feel unsure on a situation or person that you’re meeting. TALK TO SOMEONE. Whether it be a counsellor, best friend, family, online user. Someone outside of the meeting you’re planning. As my mom always said “you can never go wrong with being safe. Better safe than sorry”.

gold digger|| Tony Stark

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Short and easy! I hope to finish these and close my requests for a while. Might open Carl Grimes requests because he seems to be the only TWD character I can write for. 

Can you write a Tony imagine where you two have a fight and he calls you a gold digger? Fluffy ending please!

Set before The Avengers (2012)

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It Meant Nothing L.H.

sierrxcollins said:#29 with luke? please i love your writing lol xx

29: It meant nothing

I hope you like it, babe! ANd thank you ;) 

Let me know what you think of it // Word Count: 1k// Masterlist/Requests

Exes are only useful for random hook ups. Just that.

If not, things can get really confusing and you can end up getting hurt, again. That is why I was dialing Luke’s number right now, because, after a night out grinding on all of your friends had made you want some kind of release.

I was getting impatient, groaning at the thought of Luke not taking the call, which would lead to a night full of playing with my toys.

“Hello?” Luke’s voice came out huskier than ever, my panties got even wetter.

“Luke, your place or mine?” My groans had Luke chuckling, probably shaking his head in disbelief.

“Yours. I’ll be there in five.” He hung up and I took my coat off and throwing it somewhere, wanting to greet Luke butt naked. As soon as I took off my skirt, leaving me in a cute thong and a lacey bra, someone knocked.

Excited, I opened it to find Luke, dressed with his usual skinny jeans and a grey flannel. His teeth sunk down his bottom lip as he eyed me up and down. I pushed him inside, attaching our lips together. He grabbed roughly my ass, leaving a few spanks. I moaned in his mouth, grabbing him by the neck of his flannel, pushing him to the couch.

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anonymous asked:

I'm actually such a pathetic person. I have such legitimate feelings for Tom that when I saw that picture of him and this chick staring at each other in the club and saw someone comment "I bet they thought about fucking each other" it made me sick to my stomach. Like the kind of way when you think about a significant other having sex with someone else and you just have this dreadful feeling and you want to throw up. I know I have no say in his life and I'll never be with him. Why am I like this?

First of all, you have validity to your feelings. I would not call you pathetic.  Jealousy is what your feeling and however, legitimate these feelings are, they can be really toxic for your own well-being. 

We are fans of an image. The reality of my writing is that it is a character I created based-off snippets of a real life person. It is the sad truth that we will never be in a relationship with Tom and I know you know that but I think it’s healthy to remind ourselves that the romantic aspects we imagine with this are only that, imaged. 

This is not to say that I think fanfiction is unhealthy. I just mean that we don’t really even Tom completely. What we see is such a small percentage of who he is. And remembering that we have no control over what he does, how he does something and who he does it with is important. 

I don’t know if it’s this way for y’all too, but I know that there’s a comfort I find in reading fics. Something to take my mind off of an on-coming anxiety attack or help me see and create a positive spin on a shitty situation by including someone I like into it. 

I would say, don’t beat your self up too much for this. You are not the first or only person to see it this way. But understand that this is a sort of para-social relationship and it can be destructive. It is disappointing coming off of the cloud of boyfriends and headcannons. But I think reminding yourself is healthy. 

I am always here if you need to talk ♡  

You’re 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 real 👏🏻 Homestuck 👏🏻 fan 👏🏻 until 👏🏻 you 👏🏻 squawk 👏🏻 like 👏🏻 an 👏🏻 imbecile 👏🏻 and 👏🏻 shit 👏🏻 on 👏🏻 your 👏🏻 desk 👏🏻

Cuddling while cold

Pairing: Leonard Snart x Reader
Prompt: Hey! I dont know if you right leonard snart but if you do just? something fluffy with him maybe. If not maybe Ray Palmer? Thank You!           

Warnings: None! Just fluff!

(Y/N) lay there, under 5 layers of blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. Being cold was an understatement, (Y/N) was the embodiment of freezing. Its the middle of April, the temperatures were sky-high and the sun was fully out, not a cloud in the sky.
She should’ve never wolfed down the week-old sushi. Now here she is, as sick as a dog and as cold as winter. (Y/N) drank the last of her hot cocoa and snuggled against her blankets. Sighing in discontent, she yelled out the only person in the house with her. Withing seconds, the door swung open. A man with an Eskimo jacket walked in, a small smile on his face. “Out of hot cocoa again?” Leonard asked with a smug smile. (Y/N) scoffed rolling her eyes. “Well yea, I’m sick. Considering someone made me eat that fish” Leonard chuckled and put the cocoa down while grabbing the empty one.“This is what, like your 5th one?” (Y/N) glared at him, her face pale.

 A moment of silence filled the room as Leonard went to make a new mug of cocoa. “Here you go frosty” Leonard smiled, kissing (Y/N) red nose. She chuckled and wrapped her arm around his. “I wanna cuddle with you. You’re so warm!” (Y/N) sighed and closed her eyes. “And you’re very cold” He replied, trying to get his arm out of her death grip. (Y/N) chuckled, moving to the right side of the bed and moving the blankets over. “Well, I owe Ray 10 bucks” (Y/N) mumbled to herself. Leonard looked at her with confusion on his face as he climbed into bed with her. (Y/N) smiled and wrapped her arm around his jacket, her head resting right under his neck.

 "What do you mean you owe him 10?“ He grumbled, concern etched on his face. "We made a bet, I said you couldn’t feel coldness, and he said you were being to stubborn. I now owe him 10 bucks” (Y/N) whispered, looking up at him. Snart let out a deep chuckle as he kissed your nose again. “I was named after the weapon I use, remember?” He replied, “Captain Cold. I think it suits you, that dork is pretty good at alliteration. Golden Glider, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard. But I like my boyfriend’s the best” (Y/N) hummed. He kissed your forehead and shifted into a comfortable spot. “Now, sick people need to sleep.” Leonard purred, the deep rumble in chest sending vibrations throughout his body. (Y/N) smiled once more as she drifted into deep slumber.

I can probably tolerate flat earthers more than the pro-lifers.

so since i’m really sick right now, i can’t stop thinking about sick!neil

  • so it’s summer after the foxes first won the championships
  • Neil comes down with the flu or a really bad cold because his body’s still trying to heal his wounds from the Nathan aftermath so that makes him a little more prone to getting sick
  • plus when Neil was on the run, he never really bothered with getting a flu shot
  • and if anyone’s going to randomly get sick in the middle of the summer, it’s Neil
  • so Neil ends up getting sick, but he keeps on insisting he’s fine, because let’s face it, Neil could be on his deathbed and say he’s fine
  • all the foxes decided to stay at the school that summer because it’s the last one that the girls will have with everyone there and Kevin wants the team to start training harder since they’re the new champions
  • despite being sick, Neil is trying his hardest to make it to their afternoon practice
  • of course, Andrew is following right behind him, making sure Neil doesn’t accidentally hurt himself/make himself sicker and trying to get him to skip the practice
  • Neil makes it out to the parking lot before he has a really bad cough fit and ends up on the ground
  • Andrew finally tells him to go back to bed since he’s obviously sick. he takes a step closer and asks, “Yes or no?”
  • Neil being stubborn and convince that he’s fine says “No.” - one of the only times he ever tells Andrew no - and continues to try to crawl over to the car so he can go to practice
  • Andrew rolls his eyes and tells him he’s being an idiot but leaves him be
  • Neil ends up having another coughing fit before admitting that he might not be fine after all
  • Andrew is all like “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, you asshole. Yes or no?”
  • Neil says yes this time and Andrew picks him up and takes him back to the dorm
  • from then on, Andrew is basically the doting boyfriend, taking care of Neil while he’s sick, like taking his temperature, making sure Neil drinks enough fluids, making sure he takes his medication at the right times, etc. 
  • but of course, Andrew is still Andrew, so he still throws out insults, like calling Neil an asshole every time he has to refluff his pillow for him or telling Neil to shut the fuck up every time he coughs
  • unfortunately Andrew has other obligations and can’t stay with Neil all the time
  • so once Kevin forces Andrew to come back to the practices, someone else needs to look after Neil
  • the only other person Andrew trusts in Renee, so she promises to take care of Neil for him
  • of course, Renee kind of gets everyone to help out in secret
  • and Neil’s just sick and he feels a little out of place because he was so used to always be on his own and having to always take care of himself, but he has a family to love and take care of him
  • later on when Andrew or any of the other foxes get sick, Neil returns the favor and takes care of them

You know you’re sick when, at almost 3am, you decide you can’t “wait it out and see” and instead attempt to make yourself presentable enough to go to the nearest grocery store that’s open 24 hours to get some OTC drugs…

…but as you’re about to drive away, you suddenly fling open the car door in a panic, just in time to puke on the street instead of the steering wheel. >_<


Request: Cas x reader where reader is heartbroken that Cas lost his virginity to April. Sam and Dean explain to Cas, who is in love with the reader too, and sweet smut follows.

Warning: Smut with feelings

Word Count: 1266          

A/N: Thanks for letting me write about my favorite angel! Hope you love it!

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Unfinished Business Part 20 (wow)


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material,

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count:1561


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