someone made it omfg

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Toichiro in a4 please <3

tfw you’re trying to rule the world and some annoying kids plus a sweaty, salty man try to stop you


“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”

  • Sam: Dean! Stop! Please, I know you. This isn't who you are, I know you're in there somewhere.
  • Demon!Dean: *laughs*
  • Demon!Dean: Oh Sammy. I'm me, that's something you have to understand. Dean isn't somewhere floating in the subconscious. You can't separate me from him. We're the same.
  • Demon!Dean: *turns his back to Sam*
  • Sam: *comes up from behind him and slips the Samulat over his neck*
  • Demon!Dean: *looks down at the Samulat*
  • Dean: Sammy?

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Omfg someone commented or made a post in this fandom how people usually empathize more with the underdog than the hard worker and.. No. Like this hard worker thing is ridiculous, she had an acting coach for the sia thing so 4 years ago and don't even get me started on this, even in dance she's no sophia lucia, she doesn't spend all of her time working. It's a lie that she's more succesful than the others for this, it's just sia

also like

chloe, the ‘underdog’, worked just as hard, if not harder

like jesus christ, if maddies working harder than everyone else and that level of dance/acting is all she has to show for it ……………………. yikes

on steven universe and the toxicity of its fandom

alternate title: this is why we can’t have nice things

steven universe is one of the best, most influential, and progressive children’s shows on television today, and its fandom finds every moment it can to point out shit that’s not there or relevant.

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Dance more. Smile all the time. Tell lots of jokes. “Enjoy yourself” probably would be the key. Don’t let things get you down. Don’t let people get you down.

Happy Birthday Gabi! I love you to bits you cutie patootie *squishes your face* enjoy your big day ♥

Out shopping with my mom, and I found this. Cute dress right?