someone like you deserves all the good in the world


If you don’t have a Daddy/Mommy or caregiver to tell you…
•You’re such a good girl/boy
•You deserve all the hugs in the world
•Daddy/Mommy/other loves you so much!
•You’re the best baby ever
•You cuddle like a pro
•I just want to hold you forever
•You look so sweet and adorable
Hope that made someone feel a little better!

#HappySiwonDay Happy 29th birthday, Prince Choi! 

Today is birthday of the best thing that God send to me, my bias, my love, my precious and sweet Choi Siwon. I wish you more than happiness because someone special, great and precious like you deserve more than everything of good in this world. You are wonderful, with all your quality and defects, you are wonderful, and I really love everything about you, my sweet baby. Keep always smiling and being who you are, because are the best thing that you have on you. I love you. Happy Birthday. ♥ 

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please give me a reason to continue on with life and goals and all this overwhelming stuff. please tell me this will all be worth it some day.

50 Reasons to Stay Alive and Strive:

1. Sleeping in on rainy days

2. Chocolate

3. Beautiful people with eyes like cosmos

4. Poetry

5. Shitty tv shows

6. Cats

7. Music

8. Hugh Dancy’s butt

9. The inherent goodness of humanity

10. Mean Girls

11. The next Marvel movie

12. Alex Turner’s hair

13. The smell of coffee

14. Long showers

15. Family

16. Dogs

17. Making the world a better place

18. Someone who will one day love you how you deserve

19. Chris Evans’ abs

20. Hedgehogs in beanies

21. Your favorite book

22. How good it feels to take off your pants after a hard day

23. Musicals

24. Lupita Nyong’o’s existance

25. Downloading porn off the internet

26. Friends

27. When strangers smile 

28. The joy of children

29. Taco Bell’s cheesy potato burrito

30. Sticking your head out the car window

31. How soft legs are right after they’re shaved

32. Wayne Brady twerking

33. Blue-footed Boobies

34. The constantly-expanding universe

35. Cleaning your ears with a Q-tip

36. Reward for hard work

37. Art

38. Cute panties

39. Blue Raspberry flavoring

40. Star-gazing

41. The smell of bread

42. Rain on a tin roof

43. Freckles

44. Warm hugs

45. The Old Spice guy

46. Having someone play with your hair

47. Really good dreams

48. Campfires

49. Blanket forts

50. Yourself, baby, live for yourself



don’t be afraid of falling in love w yourself

i often found myself daydreaming of someone who would love ME, like i needed someone to do the job for me bc i was not worth self love, like some damsel in distress shit lol BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

you deserve all the love in the world but it’s not gonna be authentic and genuine if you don’t allow yourself to love you. you have to break down that barrier and let love flood, it’s scary being vulnerable but in the end id rather be in a relationship where my partner loves themselves as much as they love me.

no boundaries or walls, and no games. just true, raw love. it’s there, inside you right now.

Are you Barabbas?

Don’t you hear this sermon every year? The people chose Barabbas over Jesus, just like we choose sin over God all the time for our own selfish needs.

But I think we are looking at this wrong. We aren’t the crowds. We aren’t Pontius Pilate. We are Barabbas. You see, God is just. He had to punish someone for sin, and even though Jesus did nothing wrong and deserved to be set free, God chose to punish him, to scourge him, to crucify him and let Jesus bear the guilt of the world. 

Barabbas was not a good guy. We don’t know the extent of his sin, but he did not deserve to go free. Just like us. You. Me. All of us are Barabbas.

boyfrienddean replied to your post:Everytime when I see posts like : ‘Sam is made of…

I think its that hes been through a lot and he needs puppies and happiness because he deserves to be protected from the everything horrible in the world. he deserves so much more than a crappy hunter life you know? But he’s so badass ily him

Yeah but you know, if someone will talk about me and say ‘she must be protected by all cost’ the only thought that will go through my mind is 'dude I can protect myself?!' 

Of course he deserves happiness, but he also deserves self fullfillness, and doing something he feel good with doing. which, I don’t think he will while being cuddled with puppies? 

To the girl, who loves him next…

He said, he would never love someone as much as he loves me, but I know, if you do him right he’ll return the favor and love you with his all.
If he ever breaks up with me it has to be my fault and I probably hurt him very bad. Never do the same. Be a better girl for him, do it better than me. He deserves it.
Treat him right. He’s such a good hearted boy he deserves the world.
Sometimes he’ll seem like he’s in a bad mood, but he just had to go through a lot of hard times in his life, so every know and then he’ll be quite and just stare into the dark. He never really wants to talk about the things that keep him up at night, so just don’t stress him to tell you, rather just hold him tight.
If he trusts you and tells you the darkest thoughts of his, he will ask you not to say anything about it and just listen, so do it. Hug him and rub his back, he’ll appreciate it.
He’ll be the best boyfriend you’ll ever have. He’ll be your best friend and your lover and he’ll try to make everything right for you, so do the same for him.
Tell him you love him, when he feels unloved and always have his back. He needs consistency in life, so give him the consistency he needs.
You will often receive gifts from him, whether if it’s just flowers or really expensive things like chains. I don’t know why he does it, he doesn’t need to, but he loves to see his girl happy.
He loves neck kisses and when you play with his hair or scratches his back, he’ll love you forever. He doesn’t ask for much, but the little things he asks for, he deserves, so give them to him.
I know I need to treat him better sometimes, so if he ever walks away it’s because I let him go and if he loves you next, then please be good to him, because no matter what I did wrong to make him leave, he deserves better.
I’ll always love him, that’s for sure, because he’s just someone to fall in love with.
You’ll never find a better boy, I promise. So if he falls in love with you, please love him right back.

—  Sincerely, the girl who’ll always miss him, (even when we’re still together right now)

Do you ever just cry because Taylor is such a good person who deserves all the love she gets and none of the hate that’s thrown at her and you’re just so happy she’s real and a person and that she exists and brings happiness and joy to the world like a sunlight kitten princess and I just

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Why everyone hate on Nikki Reed who is such an intelligent, young, empowering and incredible woman that deserves all the love in the world.

I don’t really talk about actors’s personal lives… and I really don’t wanna enter in a fandom war or in this kind of matters to be honest.

So if you like her, good for you. If someone doesn’t… it’s their business.

I know that the hate goes… to extreme forms… that’s why I avoid all that drama stuff.

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This is such a sweet thing that you do! I'm sure it's hard picking who to give things to as there are so many deserving people but you do such a good job of it! You're doing an amazing thing and I don't know who you are but I'm really really happy that someone like you is in this world. You are actual sunshine and this is an amazing thing you do

OMG THANK YOU!!! It is VERY difficult to chose people because as you said, sooooo many swifties deserve a package. I wish I could send something to all of you, I really do. I really appreciate this message. Thank you so much!

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Who do you guys love to romance and why? I love your guys blog btw~ <3

Hi there~! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! ^^

I personally LOVED Seven’s romance. It was so detailed and I loved his character! He’s such a complicated person with so many layers and he’s just so caring. (He also hides his low self esteem and crippling depression under memes just like me!!) 
I also really liked Yoosung’s route. He is a pure cinnamon roll and deserves so many good things in this world. I loved how in his route you could help him realize that he could become such a better version of himself and UGH. Someone protect him.

~Admin MP

Hey! Thank you for your sweet world <3

My LOVE Jumin with all of heart honestly. I find his story to be amazing and it is so romantic. I think he would love you no matter what and he would been so sweet and caring. NOT TO MENTION HE IS REALLY KINKY AND MAMA RINA IS REALLY INTO THAT SHIT.

I also really love Zen he is really into himself like I am too. But he is also super sweet and kind and all he wants to do is protect you and love you with all of his heart.

Admin Rina :3c

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I'm sure I'm coming from a place of some bias, because the only person I've ever known who seems to have textbook npd/aspd is also an abuser and the only person I truly hate, but could you please explain how someone could have those diseases and not be a terrible person as a result? Like, I don't see how someone who sees themselves as deserving of everything and doesn't care at all about how their actions affect others can ever be a good force in the world. Am I just misunderstanding npd/aspd?

yeah you definitely are coming from a place of bias lmao i mean youre calling it a disease but 

basically there is a lot of stigma against these PDs.  abusers are often called ‘narcissists’ ‘sociopaths’ ‘psychopaths’ etc  even if they dont even have a personality disorder.  but the thing is, the vast majority abusers do not have ASPD, NPD, etc. the vast majority of ppl with NPD and ASPD arent abusers, violent, etc. they are VERY frequently victims of abuse. 

but basically there are ways people with these disorders can work around certain aspects to still have good relationships. most ppl i know with aspd and npd stick to certain moral codes (some out of their own sense of morality, some just to avoid hassle, i respect both). most understand what behaviors are abusive, and avoid them. etc etc

im sorry youve been abused. no one deserves that to happen. but the attitude of assuming that ppl with cluster B personaility disorders (especially npd and aspd) are inherantly Evil Abusers is rooted in ableism and stigma

im too tired to give a better response but this blog has a lot of good posts about NPD

also @ any followers feel free to add on or not whatever


whisper something sweet in my ear
put your arms around me
tell me I’m safe
tell me its okay
lie to me

softly pushed away
I’m not sure what I want anymore
I love you
but being with you comes second
to being your friend

but it keeps me up at night
it brings me down
knowing someone else will be yours

Jealousy erodes my heart
and it takes all that in me not to shout out

“He’s a terrible person, just like everyone else. they’re all so good at hiding it”

but I’m getting better at understanding and controlling my emotions

You deserve the world
and I’ve been so lucky to have met you