someone like you deserves all the good in the world

You want to hear a joke?

We are in 2k17 and I still keep reading as there are people who hates Piper for saying ’Percy was umpressive’ and argue that it is a ‘’’’’Mary Sue’’’’’, and a lot of nonsense things ALL for justifying an ‘x’ ship.

Seriously guys, I cannot with this anymore.

If you are going a rally or protest please don't forget a few things

1. Something to cover your nose and mouth
Something like a scarf or the small paper masks you use while painting, don’t use a full faced mask the whole time. With everything that’s been happening with masks you probably won’t look like a protester.
2. Goggles
Not swim goggles but some big bulky ones used in lab work.
3. Water
You’re going to probably do a lot of exercise while you’re out there.
4. Something to snack on
Take care of yourselves please.
5. To charge your phone and tell someone else where you’re going to be rallying at.

I know there are a bunch of protests happening right now and everyone deserves some protection.
Good luck to all of you trying to change the world, and I thank you for fighting.

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I love how everyone's like "the death is gonna be Jumin/V/Baehee," and all you respond with is dots until someone mentioned Elly 👌👌

No one touches my precious Elly she is living forever she is a pure gem, a Snow White angel too good for this world and too beautiful honestly. She’s never done anything wrong in her life and she deserves better than the best of everything I just….

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Totes literally the most incredible writer. I've never experienced someone who thinks as much about their charecters as you do and I think that adds so much depth and realmess to them and I relaly appreciate all the time and energy spent on this podcast. I wish I was in a financially secure enough place to donate more to your Patreon because you all really deserve the most appreciation and support in the world

Ahh oh my goodness, thank you so much!! It’s always nice to get messages like this because I definitely do spend a lot of time and energy on this podcast (too much? probably. it’s fine). And no worries about financially supporting us - your listenership and enthusiasm is the most important thing to us! 

Dear Charlie,

Today is February 16, 2017.

I wish I could say things have gotten better, but it’s just not the case.

He broke up with me last night. It couldn’t have come at a worse time, but I can’t say I haven’t seen it coming. I just hoped I was being paranoid. He told me ‘I just don’t think a relationship is good for me right now. And you deserve someone who can give you the world and keep that promise. I never wanted to hurt you. I’m sorry.’

I don’t know why, but I couldn’t even ask him why he was hurting me if that was never his intention. The shock came like a bullet to the heart. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t speak. All I could do was choke out little gasps in-between heaves. I cried so obnoxiously last night.

Everything that had sustained me and kept me going since October had come crumbling down around me with just a single snap. To quote one of my all-time favorite movies: ‘What do you do when your foundation falls apart? I don’t know, they don’t teach you that in school.’ I’m living out of boxes for a dream that no longer can come true. It’s gone. Just like that. With just a single 10 second snap, everything was shattered. It’s insane what can happen in just 10 seconds.

On the bright side of all this, his family still loves me. Actually his younger brother is very mad at him for this. He told me to 'give him time, he’ll realize that he fucked up’. But I don’t necessarily hold out much hope. There is still part of me that does, but of course realistically, I’m not betting on it. But his brother also said he hopes we stay close and visit each other and that he hopes I still move to Jersey anyway so he can see me more.

Charlie, he was the one. Goddammit Charlie, I could never see myself with anyone else. We’re the right lovers, but I guess like always, my timing was bad. The right lovers at the wrong time. Charlie, no one has ever inspired me to write poetry like he did. I would never consider myself a poet. I’m bad at poetry. But when I think of him, the words just flow. And when I think of the future, he was it, Charlie. The only person I’ve ever seen a future with.

God, Charlie, we had so many plans. But now, for the first time in my life, I want to get black-out drunk and forget about the world. Because the world is bad, Charlie. And I’m drowning in it.

With love, as always,

To the girl, who loves him next…

He said, he would never love someone as much as he loves me, but I know, if you do him right he’ll return the favor and love you with his all.
If he ever breaks up with me it has to be my fault and I probably hurt him very bad. Never do the same. Be a better girl for him, do it better than me. He deserves it.
Treat him right. He’s such a good hearted boy he deserves the world.
Sometimes he’ll seem like he’s in a bad mood, but he just had to go through a lot of hard times in his life, so every know and then he’ll be quite and just stare into the dark. He never really wants to talk about the things that keep him up at night, so just don’t stress him to tell you, rather just hold him tight.
If he trusts you and tells you the darkest thoughts of his, he will ask you not to say anything about it and just listen, so do it. Hug him and rub his back, he’ll appreciate it.
He’ll be the best boyfriend you’ll ever have. He’ll be your best friend and your lover and he’ll try to make everything right for you, so do the same for him.
Tell him you love him, when he feels unloved and always have his back. He needs consistency in life, so give him the consistency he needs.
You will often receive gifts from him, whether if it’s just flowers or really expensive things like chains. I don’t know why he does it, he doesn’t need to, but he loves to see his girl happy.
He loves neck kisses and when you play with his hair or scratches his back, he’ll love you forever. He doesn’t ask for much, but the little things he asks for, he deserves, so give them to him.
I know I need to treat him better sometimes, so if he ever walks away it’s because I let him go and if he loves you next, then please be good to him, because no matter what I did wrong to make him leave, he deserves better.
I’ll always love him, that’s for sure, because he’s just someone to fall in love with.
You’ll never find a better boy, I promise. So if he falls in love with you, please love him right back.

—  Sincerely, the girl who’ll always miss him, (even when we’re still together right now)’s sad that you’re leaving tumblr but you have a very understandable and good reason for doing so. i’ve also had to deal with depression and anxiety so in some sense I know what you’re going through. in all honesty I wish that we could’ve gotten to known each other more and I wish we were close friends. it’s amazing to have known someone like you so I tried my best with this picture, from using my calligraphy pen and coloring in a new style and the fact that it’s 530 a.m over here, XD I wanted to make this for you as a thank you and good luck out there in the real world kind of thing. have fun and don’t let anyone push you around because you really are an amazing person that deserves all the greatest things in life.

artist: thank you for being so understanding, this is so very sweet. Despite my departure you still took time out of your sleep to make me something, for that I am incredibly thankful <3 It’s absolutely amazing, I’m going to save this to remind myself of how amazing it was to be here with all of you. I’m sorry we couldn’t get to know each other more, you seem like such a kind person. You would’ve been a great friend :) Thank you so very much, good luck to you too with your life. I will try my best not to let that happen, I’m so happy you think I am, thank you again. <3 

She stepped away from Greer, heading back toward the Hufflepuff table– Greta had disappeared, but she spotted Florence, who was nearly as good; Greta was her cupcake, her twin, but Florence was as good as her little sister. And she was sitting alone, which she didn’t love– someone as kind as Florence deserved constant companionship– she deserved all the love the world had to offer all of the time.  

“I have seen you about three times since we got on the train and I haven’t said a word to you,” she dramatically sighed as she slid back onto the Hufflepuff bench next to her younger friend.  “it’s inexcusable.  Unforgivable.”  The smile playing at her lips hopefully gave a clear indication of her amusement.  “How can I ever ask for your forgiveness?  What if I take you on a midnight stroll under the stars?”


At this point in time,
I have someone
I am so in love with,
to call my own.
And I want this feeling forever.

But what happens
when nearly every day,
you see someone that could’ve been that person that you have now?

Someone that you felt
like you loved,
but they never
really gave enough
of a shit about you to
give you a chance.

There are so many
could’ve-been people
in my life. People that
I wanted to give the
world to.
But was never good
enough to be given
a chance.

Maybe I’m just mad
because now I know
how I deserve to
get treated, and all the
just wouldn’t make the cut
at this point in my life.

—  To all the people that could’ve been

*motions for you to come in reaaaally close*

*whispers* both Anders and Fenris had really, really fucked up things happen to them and are both completely valid in their opinions, reactions, and conversations. They are also valid in their antagonism to each other because fuck if it isn’t hard looking in a mirror. They both deserve love and understanding and support and all the blankets and cuddles, and in a kinder world might just have been better friends. I say better because they were friends, as much as they could be. You don’t invite someone you hate to a game of diamondback in your home with other friends if you didn’t like them, and on that same note you wouldn’t accept the invitation either.

*pats your shoulder* good talk.


I try to take a selfie every day. I do this because my goal every day is to be happier than the last, and I want to see how I change.

The weird thing is that, being transgender, I feel better about myself than I ever have. Not much changes for me personally anymore. But I also notice how the world still treats people like me. I am extremely lucky to get by with most people assuming I’m a cis woman, but I speak openly about my personal situation to try and change people’s perceptions.

Everyone reading this needs to understand. Trans people are EVERYWHERE and we all deserve respect. Tell someone they look good today. Spread love, not discrimination. I’ll do what I can and, if possible, you can try to help too. Help everyone know they’re allowed to love themselves because nothing in this world is more true than that. 💎


okay let me get this straight, every fucking band in the world deserves an award. And every band is a fucking good band to someone. But just because you don’t like a band DOES NOT FUCKING MAKE THEM A BAD BAND/A BAND WHO DOESN’T DESERVE AN AWARD. CAUSE OBVIOUSLY THEY’RE A GOOD BAND TO PEOPLE IF THEY WON. STOP BEING ASSWIPES. (-:

Harry Styles imagine

‘Preference where you get insecure durring sex even though your married’


“Harry” you moaned his while he was making sweet love to you.

He was so good at these things, making you feel like you are his entire world. He could make you feel so good. On one of these nights, the need you have for him gets over the top. It’s overwhelming how well he pleases you, all the time. You’ve been married for a bit over a year but it still makes you wonder… do you please him as well? Is your body enough for him?

You start think about how you’re not good enough for him. He deserves so much better than you. Someone who can please him just as well as he can please women. You thought you didn’t deserve him. You really don’t.

Harry groaned burying his head in the crook of your neck. “Harry, can we… stop?” you asked him pulling his head up gently.

He quickly pulled out of you his look full of concern. “what’s the matter, Love?” As quick as you could you pulled the covers over your all to naked body. He didn’t like your body, and you knew it. How could he like it? You weren’t some model, you had imperfections and not just one of them.

“I-“ Harry was looking at you with such a gentle expression on his face. “do I please you, Harry?” you asked. “am I good enough, I mean you could have so much better, and yet you’re here with me. You please me so well, yet I know that I don’t please you as much as you please me. And my body… my body isn’t –“

“(y/n), do you hear yourself talking?” Harry asked looking deeply into your eyes. “Babe, I am so happy with you, more than happy even. I didn’t marry you for no reason. I married you because I love you, I love every inch of your body, everything about you is perfect to me. It might not be perfect to you, but it is to me. You please me more than anyone has ever done in my teenage years. I’ve never came as hard as I do when we make love.”

You took his cheek into your left hand and caressed it with your thumb. “are you telling the truth?” you whispered feeling your eyes water.

“I am, (y/n), you’re everything I ever wanted and all I never thought I’d be able to find but look at me now. I’m here with the love of my life.” He smiled brightly. “I never, ever thought I’d be able to be this happy with someone. I always thought I was going to end up with someone whom I don’t really love. Someone who uses me for money but I can see in your eyes that you love me for who I am. I am so grateful that I have you.”  Harry kissed you on the cheek. “I should be the one thinking that you are worth so much more. I’m never home, you wait for me to come how for weeks and weeks and here we still are, you still have all the faith in me, and I don’t deserve that. I don’t deserve you waiting for me for so long.”

Your eyes never left his. “Harry, I would wait forever for you to come home, because I know I’ll never find someone like you. You treat me so well, and you are all I ever wanted too.” You smiled. “it’s your job”

“I know love, I just want you to know that I love you and I think about you every single second on tour.”

“I love you too” you smiled at him and he smiled back. You leaned in too kiss him passionate and all you could feel was that the words that he was saying to you only a couple of seconds ago where nothing but the truth.

“Now, love, how about we continue what we started?”

If you don’t have a Daddy/Mommy or caregiver to tell you…
•You’re such a good girl/boy
•You deserve all the hugs in the world
•Daddy/Mommy/other loves you so much!
•You’re the best baby ever
•You cuddle like a pro
•I just want to hold you forever
•You look so sweet and adorable
Hope that made someone feel a little better!

don’t be afraid of falling in love w yourself

i often found myself daydreaming of someone who would love ME, like i needed someone to do the job for me bc i was not worth self love, like some damsel in distress shit lol BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

you deserve all the love in the world but it’s not gonna be authentic and genuine if you don’t allow yourself to love you. you have to break down that barrier and let love flood, it’s scary being vulnerable but in the end id rather be in a relationship where my partner loves themselves as much as they love me.

no boundaries or walls, and no games. just true, raw love. it’s there, inside you right now.

boyfrienddean replied to your post:Everytime when I see posts like : ‘Sam is made of…

I think its that hes been through a lot and he needs puppies and happiness because he deserves to be protected from the everything horrible in the world. he deserves so much more than a crappy hunter life you know? But he’s so badass ily him

Yeah but you know, if someone will talk about me and say ‘she must be protected by all cost’ the only thought that will go through my mind is 'dude I can protect myself?!' 

Of course he deserves happiness, but he also deserves self fullfillness, and doing something he feel good with doing. which, I don’t think he will while being cuddled with puppies? 

Do you ever just cry because Taylor is such a good person who deserves all the love she gets and none of the hate that’s thrown at her and you’re just so happy she’s real and a person and that she exists and brings happiness and joy to the world like a sunlight kitten princess and I just