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If you’re watching a V live, please stop “say hi for ‘counrty name’.” Or “say my name!” 53% of the live time gose like that, and if its your birthday; deal with yourself. Don’t ask someone to tell you to have a happy one. I’m someone who watch for fun and to see what my idols are up to not for your county, name and birthday. GROW UP KIDS!

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Have you got anything else for goingtoburn? Been a while since we heard from that

“…Why is the Senate dome smoking Master Obi-Wan?” Anakin’s rather innocently posed if somewhat shocked question had the Jedi master snapping out of his half drowse to hurry over to the window to peer out at said building, eyes wide.

“…I have no kri…I have no idea Anakin. What in Force name.” The Knight whispered, frowning a bit as he still felt like he had sand from Tatooine stuck under his robes and in his crevices.

Resting his hand on Anakin’s shoulder, he narrowed his eyes in an attempt to locate where the smoke was originating.

It was so faint though, indicating that while it may once had been a thick plume of smoke once, it was now dying down. “…I’d almost say that its coming from the some of the offices.” He murmured.

Hopefully someone at the temple had answers for them.

As it was, they didn’t need to ask because it was all over the temple.

The Senate had called for a vote of no confidence in the face of evidence coming out that implicated Palpatine himself in the attack on Naboo a few years back, his own home planet. And when the old man had refused to relinquish power, the Jedi had been summoned.

Only for the man to outright attack and slaughter four knights and injure two until Mace Windu had finally subdued the Chancellor who had revealed himself as a Sith though to the public the man was only a very strong Force user who had gotten the drop on the Jedi’s coming to see justice upheld.

Obi-Wan blinked heavily at that, carefully dropping his hands on his padawan’s shoulders as he slowly looked down at the boy who was staring up at him with wide blue eyes in return.

Had they instigated this?

Had Obi-Wan’s worry and perhaps outright fear snowballed into a proper investigation that got this out into the open?

Obi-Wan felt lost even as relief surged through his veins.

Because now Palpatine could never see Anakin in the capacity of a ‘kindly old man’ ever again, they knew what and who he was and Anakin would never be tricked again by him.

Carefully Obi-Wan drew his padawan back until he could rest his arms around the boy, taking a shuddering breath and nodding slowly. ‘He’s safe…ish. Safeish. Its not like the life of Jedi is a particularly safe one but… there’s no one here trying to actively prey on him anymore…’ Obi-Wan gave a shuddery breath.

“Knight Kenobi.” Obi-Wan looked up and nodded to Depa, smiling to her.

“Master Billaba, we just heard the news.” He murmured quietly.

“Yes…its all everyone’s been able to talk about for days.” Depa sighed, face turning sad. “We lost several good knights and they will be sorely missed.” She tucked her robes around herself. “But we brought the former Chancellor in at least, there is some… comfort in that.” She shrugged.

Anakin made a tiny noise. “Where is he now?”

“In the lower cells of the temple, access is restricted to him right now and only lawyers or guards are able to access him…though to be frank the Senate is having trouble finding anyone to represent him.” Depa said seriously.

Obi-Wan nodded in understanding.

Taking on a case like this would be suicide to a lawyer’s carrier when the evidence were so clear, not to mention the outright murder of several Jedi knights, who more then likely were witnessed by several Senators.

“He’s being judged for treason against Naboo then?” He questioned quietly.

Depa nodded. “Yes, after the vote of no confidence fell through, Senator Amidala instantly pressed charges against him. And with the added murder and embezzlement charges… well he is facing the death penalty potentially.”

Obi-Wan frowned in confusion and Depa gestured a bit. “Republican law, if he hadn’t attacked the Jedi who came from him and murdered them, he would have gone to Naboo where his most likely sentence would have been life in prison but after…” She let it hang.

“Oh.” Obi-Wan blinked then nodded. “Its basically out of our hands isn’t it?”

“Yes, a council of his peers will be the ones to judge him.” Depa hummed then smiled. “But do not let me delay you two, you two must be weary from travel.”

Depa bowed, signaling the conversations end and Anakin and Obi-Wan followed the councilor actions with their own bows.

And she was right, Obi-Wan would really like a small nap right about now. Or perhaps a looong one.

What do I do?

This is a weird one. Someone bought something of mine off eBay and then requested an invoice. They didn’t have to because the shipping was calculated, but I packed up the item and weighed everything exact and then sent them the invoice. The shipping is $12.50. Now they are sending me repeated messages with anime emoticons saying $10-ship.

It took me like three messages to figure out what they even wanted and they want me to reduce the shipping cost from $12.50 to $10, and have sent like 3 messages with anime emoticons since my last response since I’m not sure I’m in love with the idea of people negotiating AFTER they buy something. It’s only $2.50, but this person might be problematic and maybe I shouldn’t sell to them anyway, I’m not sure.

Thoughts, my wise followers?

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out of curiosity, why do you think you are able to tell other people what to do with their own personal affairs that you know nothing about? Regardless of how much you are told, relationships of any kind are way more complex than a 500 character ask. If i were you, id stop encouraging people to seek relationship advice from you. Youre only like 17 or 18 right? Im as young as you, and i really dont even think i have a grasp on relationships, let alone enough to give advice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Honey, first of all if someone’s asking me for advice on Tumblr, they should have the brain to at least figure out whether they want to listen to me or not. They asked me, and I answered. I don’t expect everyone to do exactly as I say and even if they do, that’s THEIR choice. Not only that, but “what makes me think I can tell people what to do” is the fact that it’s MY tumblr and people know well enough that they’re asking ME for advice which means they expect me to answer with my opinion.


Morgan: Since you’re here you can finally meet my friends this time, and I promise they’re not really THAT bad. [smiles]

August: Okay but I really n-

Morgan: And there’s someone “special” I want you to meet too. [smiles]

August: Okay but I really need to tell you something…

Morgan: Well you have all night to tell me.

August: Yeah but it’s kinda important…

Morgan: Oh, okay, go ahead.

August: W-what?

Morgan: Tell me what you wanted to say.

August: U-uh…

August to August: Okay now is the time to tell her how you feel, you can do this just play it cool. 😎

Anxiety: Yeah but what if she doesn’t like you back tho.

August to August: Yeah but there’s a possibility that she does.

Anxiety: Okay but what if she DOESN’T. 😈


Morgan: Uh..loner boy you okay?

August: Huh?! Y-yeah I’m fine, I’m great..actually.

Morgan: What were you gonna tell me?

August: Oh, uh…you look n-nice???

Morgan: Oh! Ookay…thanks. So do you.

August: (ಥ﹏ಥ)

We got lil earpiece radios at work to … communicate more efficiently, paging over the intercom was rly annoying

But someone started the rumor the district manager could listen to them which i dont think is true cuz they’re like… walkie talkies… he’d have to be in the parking lot which actually I wouldn’t put past him but ANYWAY I was told only professional sounding communications on the radios and today was our first day with them and what is the first thing the cashier says thru it

‘that customer was a DICK’ right in my earpiece

and i’m like SHHHHH HE’S LISTENING no shit talking customers on the radios!!!!

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Great Jaggi, Baggi, Wroggi... Maccao? *Lifts glaases* You, mr.wyvern, have broken a carefully made chain of names. This is a huge deal for someone like myself. What you can say in your defense before me or that Deviljho in the background attacks?

What?! How could I know why it’s like that?! In the end it was humans who named me after all! I do have a real name you know-

… you can call me great Maggi if you want!

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What do politics have to do with Teen Mom though? Politics have nothing to do with your Teen Mom blog. also Farrah is a trump supporter and also Kail so by saying you want to weed out your Trump supporting followers then by that logic you should not post anything to do with Farrah or Kail. People have the right to choose who they support politically, I personally think it's dense to deem someone bad or wrong because of who they support. It's a personal opinion just like yours.

This blog is full of personal opinions. If you don’t like that, unfollow and start your own. And I talk about Kail and Farrah because I don’t support them. I call them out. Your logic makes no sense.

it drives me crazy when people are super nitpicky about what they eat

one day there was breakfast pizza in the teacher’s lounge and I’m standing there having a slice. someone comes in, opens the box, and says something like “oh I shouldn’t haha”

and this morning another coworker comes in with a pack of mini donuts, joking like oh my goodness look what I’m having for breakfast today, so bad. I was like… that’s literally what I had this morning… (and idgaf)

Originally posted by hahataylor

I just hate when people make a big deal out of eating a slice of pizza or having a cookie. you aren’t going to gain 5 lbs by treating yourself now and then. As long as you have an otherwise healthy relationship with food, just chill out. And don’t make comments that make me feel guilty about eating something!

  • Someone: what are you?
  • Me: a disappointment
  • Someone: but, as in a boy or a girl
  • Me: Vampires are too awesome to have gender
  • Someone: whats between your legs?
  • Me, touching my inner right tight gesturing inside my awesome black leather pants: a dagger, three hundred years old

People simply don’t learn from their mistakes. they say we have changed and are better than in the past. but whoever chooses the AFD,chooses a new NSDAP. I am just an 18 year old girl who wants to openly deal with her sexuality and doesn’t see to be oppressed by any people.. the AFD claims, that homosexual are they enemys . when did I do something bad to someone? what does it matter in whom I fall in love? Nobody can tell me whom I have to love. They say, they want to help the “German people”, but homosexuals are an exception? not we are the problem, but people like the AFD. when I look how many people in my environment want to choose the AFD … I can and will not look into their eyes. these people openly admit that they want to destroy me and the way I live. I am proud of how and who I am. I will not allow any people to destroy my life..

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Dude, just drop her, yo; it's hard and it honestly feels like a breakup, but you'll feel SO much better after you do it. I had to do this with someone I considered my best friend and almost KILLED MYSELF WITH because she was that manipulative and abusive and had me wrapped around her finger that much. There's so much I could say about what she's done, but, long story short, she was toxic and I had to let her go, even though doing that meant that I would have no other friends and would go a (1/2)

(2/2) whole school year without having any friends (still don’t, but, I’ve gotten used to it at this point; hopefully college’s better). Anywho, tl;dr: drop toxic friends. It may suck, but it’s always worth it in the end. Thank her for the lessons she taught you and try to move on. Sorry if I sound blunt, but, my jimmies get so rustled when the topic of toxic friends gets brought up because people just need to get those people out of their lives, yo! Love you and hope things get better!!  

First I just want to say that I’m so, so sorry that you had to experience that. You don’t deserve any of what she put you through sweetheart. I notice that those manipulative friends sometimes don’t even know they’re being toxic? Or just plain ignorant? Still, I’m sorry. I hope you’re healthy and well after what happened. It takes a long time to heal, I been through the same thing last year with someone I thought was my entire world. I agree on how it’s worth it in the end though; once you’re free of those toxic and harmful people you can finally breathe and be yourself. I forgot what it was like to be me.

I don’t want to end things so suddenly, but rather just… Distance myself until she forgets about me. That would be best.

Before I conclude this note, please don’t give up on finding friends. You can and you will meet people who complete you, I promise. I could definitely be your friend sunshine, feel free to message me whenever you like ❤ I love you too, and thank you for wishing me well!

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Can people just understand that there is no such thing as being born Christian or being born Muslim? I hear that being thrown around all the time and I hate it? For instance someone asked me what religion I am and I told them I'm agnostic and they said,"But you were born Muslim right?" That's literally bullshit. Nobody is born having complex spiritual beliefs.

It also stems from a lot of prejudice towards people of color. Like, when a white person says they’re agnostic, no one asks them if they used to be Christian


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hi, any ideas on an hacker/information broker with a questionable morality and how he can manipulate people? non-dialogue scenarios if possible?

He has information others are interested in. That alone gives him the power of manipulation. If you have what someone wants, and if they want it badly enough, you can get them to do almost anything. And questionable morality means you are more likely to be willing to do what it takes to use that information to your full advantage. But, you wanted scenarios, not a lecture, so I digress.

 A hacker/information broker can manipulate people by choosing who to sell information to, who to give incorrect or incomplete information to, and who to cut deals with. If you have ever watched the anime or read the manga Durarara, Izaya Orihara (an information broker) does this quite a bit.

I would say it depends on who your character is trying to manipulate and what they want. The above works well for getting groups or people out of your way.

For instance, give group A info on group B about group B’s whereabouts, weaknesses, etc and anything that could agitate group A and give group A a reason to start a fight. Withhold information that may settle group A down or deter them from confrontation. Furthermore, he can weaken group B by giving them false information and even information that would lead them into a trap. As long as he’s good at what he does and A wipes out B, group B can’t retaliate against him for his actions and he doesn’t have to be bothered by that group anymore.

There is also blackmail, threats, and intimidation. Simply having information others are interested in gives him the power to manipulate

He could threaten to release information that would cripple the other person or the other persons business unless the person does what he wants.

Since his morality is questionable, he may release said information even if it could be damaging to other people or society. For instance, information that could cause mass panic. Generally, government officials, leaders, etc have secrets that are better not leaked to the public because people would likely freak out. But hey, if he has no qualms with that, he wouldn’t be afraid to use the governments research project on supposedly eradicated deadly diseases against them.

Without knowing more about who he’s going after/what he wants/etc, I don’t know if I can give much more, but I hope this helps a little. If it’s not what you wanted, send me another ask and I’ll try again :) Like if you wanted more specific, I can try, but I wasn’t entirely sure so I kept it more general.

(Also, check my hacker and hacking tags)

So much shit you hear is jus regurgitated information you’ve heard thousands of times before. I can’t tell you how often I come across screenshots off twitter of someone “going off” and thousands of people clapping for them because they agree with it. Like yes, this is important but you’re not doing anything to further the movement. You’ve jus restated what forward thinking people from the past been saying.

Honestly, I’m jus so conflicted about it. Because although these concepts and ideas have been brought forth before by much more educated people the fact of the matter remains that someone who hasn’t seen or heard these ideas before will be introduced to them. And that’s always a positive and important.

Be honest here, most of the things brought to you before have been previously stated. And you learned of those concepts through a second hand source. That’s how culture and community works. I know and recognize this. So honestly? It’s very foolish and naive of me to be feeling some type of way about this. I know this. This is a me problem here.

I just wished more was being done to further and progress conversations and ideas. In any sort of educated or formal setting a general rule of thumb I apply is “What am I bringing to this conversation that will progress the conversation?”. I know that sounds pretentious and I know it is. That’s not my goal here to thumb my nose at people who may or may not have had the same opportunities I’ve had. What I’m saying is that people like stories and personal experiences. And they especially like it when you can tie that into academic spaces. And everybody’s life story is different. Bring that to the table.

After taking a minute away to grab some chai that my aunty made. I realize the irony of this. Because this too is just restated information. I guess that’s life.

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People have treated me different my whole life for being a tomboy, I used to care. But now I've learned that if people can't accept you let them go. So I try too be myself as much as a can, but I'm still too chickenshit to coming out. But I really want to meet gay people like me, and maybe meet someone. What should I do?

It’s easier for people to get that you’re gay bc well, stereotypes are existing. Maybe just try to say lgbt supportive things and wear some lgbt attributes? Like in case of emergency you can say that you’re just supporting it, but gay people would recognize you better

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I HATE MYSELF FOR (kinda) LIKING ANOTHER GUY WHEN I HAVE ANOTHER CRUSH (same anon who sent the 2 crushes situation)

Rule number one. Do not like someone because they have a crush on you. Like don’t let that be the reason who you like him if you get what I’m saying. Now if you like both of them for valid reasons then go with who treats you better. If boy A only comes to you when he wants to but boy B comes when every you call, it’s obvious boy B deserves your attention

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I know about your love for keith and I don't know if someone already asked you this, but what can you say about lance? or shiro on that matter and their personalities that haven't been show that deeply? p.s I love you :3c

awww i love you too! do you mean things i’d like to see done differently for lance and shiro?

for lance, i wish they’d actually focus on his insecurities rather than tease and then resolve them twenty minutes later – it’s something i’m hoping they’re doing now that the lion swapping is happening, but in the past lance’s personal doubts have been fixed within the episode, and it’s a poor attempt at building character development. i personally just think that lance is a confident person who knows he’s good at what he does, he just doesn’t get the validation he needs – so my thing would be let the others acknowledge when he does something good! let him make plans and have them succeed! stop making jokes at the expense of his intellect when he’s part of an elite school for children who are clearly talented and smart! he doesn’t have to be a genius to know what hypothesis means, my god. i just wanna see him get recognition for being just as good as the others, bc funny guy isn’t an entire personality – it’s a facet of one, and we need more than that. he deserves more than that tbh. like i said, i don’t know if they’re running a longer arc now that they’ve made it obvious the red lion/black lion situation is up in the air, one where they DO eventually decide who to sideline and it causes more tension and insecurity, or if this too has been solved since shiro isn’t the black paladin right now and they’ll stay the way they are – or maybe they’ll all go back to their original lions and allura will go back to piloting the castle. who knows. i want to see lance’s part of this story handled with care tho. 

for shiro, my main thing is that his trauma has been used as a plot device but never really explored – neither have his motivations or his past. he falls into this trap of being the “leader” which means he’s always sort of. perfect? he says the perfect thing, he doesn’t ever run the risk of making a bad call, he’s comforting and calm and fun and everyone looks up to him and accepts his word as truth. the only times i’ve seen him not acting so are when he’s having his flashbacks, when sendak was fucking with him, and when he was losing his temper at slav (which was played for jokes, not a true expression of anger). but shiro’s ptsd never gets to inform him other than when it’s useful to the plot. it’s not a factor of his being, doesn’t see to have changed him in any noticeable way, which doesn’t feel very accurate to someone having been captured and tortured for over a year, culminating in the amputation of one of his limbs. so idk, i guess i’d like for shiro to develop more of a realistic personality? or at least give more reasoning for why his personality is the way it is - i’m not saying all trauma survivors have to be depressed and anxious all the time, but shiro hasn’t had time to work through his shit. there’s no reasonable explanation for why he’s not having a harder time adjusting. i’d like to see less of him as a leader and more of him as a character.

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As someone who likes hearing your thoughts on DBSuper and anything DB related in general, how do you think Toyotaro's influence in the DB world will be remembered? Honestly the man has done nothing but disappoint by writing poor plot points while dissing many characters and putting Vegeta up on a pedestal. Granted, he's not the first writer to commit these mistakes, but if he keeps this up he'll never make it big in the manga world. Think he can make a comeback with the DBSuper manga?

It’s still strange to hear people actually have interest in what I have to say, but gratifying nonetheless. Thanks for that.

And honestly, God only knows on both accounts. Public opinion on things can radically alter within weeks, and greater time and reflection can give fans a lot of time to look deeper and re-evaluate their opinions on certain works, for better or worse.

Ken Penders was once a beloved writer for the Archie Sonic comics, with many of his stories being longstanding classics. Then his stupid lawsuit happened that resulted in all the characters he created being ripped out of the comic haphazardly, forced a reboot that nobody wanted, and was probably a factor in the recent unceremonious cancellation of the comic right before a 3-part story could be concluded and any kind of closure could be had on anything. So as soon as all that nonsense turned him into the anti-Christ for the Sonic fandom, people began re-reading his work now as more critical adults compared to as impressionable children and realizing that a lot of what he wrote, while there were definitely some merits (There’s a reason people were angry so many of his characters and ideas weren’t allowed to be used anymore), his writing actually had a ton of problems and some of his stories were outright stupid. Endgame gets the worst of it, going from a well regarded would-have-been ending for the comic that changed the series forever, to a subject of mockery for it’s numerous plot holes, weird character decisions and just overall messy story.

On the other hand, we have the Star Wars Prequels. People HATED those movies with a burning passion for years since The Phantom Menace proved a let down for many, and I mean they violently HATED everything about the movies and insisted they killed Star Wars as a whole.

Yet nowadays with the Force Awakens re-invigorating the franchise as a pop cultural juggernaut and yet splintering fan opinions further, many now admit that the outcry to the prequels was WAY overblown. While a lot of old school fans still hate them, many are now willing to admit they did have good ideas and moments and were more mediocre than bad, and there’s a generation of people who grew up on and love the movies more than the original trilogy (Myself included) that can more comfortably admit to liking them and discuss why out in the open without being attacked and ridiculed (Mostly).

The movies are still huge base breakers and will always have the reputation of being disappointing follow ups to the legendary original trilogy, but after Clone Wars proved to everyone that great things did and still are coming out of that era in the timeline, most are willing to admit that the movies weren’t as damaging as they once thought.

Both examples go to show that anything can happen with time. We can make predictions, but we don’t know for sure how something is going to be regarded five or ten or twenty years from now. Doctor Who was a complete joke after it’s initial cancellation and before the revival came around, now it’s a beloved mainstay of pop culture in and outside of my home country again. Even Dragon Ball GT, while not well regarded, is generally seen in a more forgiving light by more people now than it was for years after it’s initial airing here in the west.

Truth is for most of the time he’s been writing the manga, Toyotaro has actually been popular and liked by the fandom. Right up through the end of the Future Trunks saga portion of the manga, the man has had a swarm of Dragon Ball fans passionately insisting that his is the “True” canon of Super and superior to the anime in every way. There are still people that think that way.

It was only about the time he got to Goku Black’s first confrontation with Vegeta that a lot of people really started doubting him, thanks to how ill regarded manga Black is by most in the fandom, especially compared to how beloved he was in the anime even by people who don’t like the saga. And then came the revelation that Toyotaro re-used panels from his Dragon Ball AF fan manga for the series, and apparently incorporated some ideas from it, basically literally trying to canonize his fanfictions and apparently basing Goku Black’s personality on his OC Xicor (And as we’ve established, that worked out SO WELL for him), and suddenly a lot of people realized something was up.

Which paved the way for a lot of people that had been critical of the manga up to that point, such as @dragon-ball-meta here on tumblr, to shed some light on a lot of his questionable writing practises. His treatment of Goku in several instances that made him out to be more dismissive and in several cases annoyed with his children in particular starting to gain notoriety, which hit a breaking point when chapter 27 came out last month and caused an uproar over the “Goku didn’t know when Gohan was born and Vegeta called him a terrible father” nonsense that basically looked like it was canonizing the “lol, Goku’s a bad father” meme (The most disturbing part… Toyotaro has apparently said that Goku is his FAVOURITE character… yeah… let that sink in).

I think that was the final straw for many that basically turned the man into a joke for a huge portion of the fandom. It was one of the worst controversies I’ve seen in this fandom for quite some time, so naturally just about everyone was talking about it. The Japanese fandom I’ve heard was really ticked off about it especially, given Goku is still the most beloved character in the franchise over there, even being recently voted the most beloved anime hero by most age demographics in the country.

So, his reputation has already undergone a major shift since he started writing the manga. He still has his fans who will stick by him through thick and thin, but many people meet him and his work with a lot more scrutiny than they did before, and many people consider him a joke (Gochi fans especially).

If things continue the way they have been, I feel he’s likely to be regarded as “That fan artist that draws good stuff, but shouldn’t have been hired to write an official manga because while he had a few good ideas, he REALLY wasn’t up to the job” that’s what it’s looking like anyway.

Could he make a comeback? Who knows, despite my own outrage with the Goku moment last chapter and my issues with how the Zen Exhibition match is apparently being handled so far in the current chapter, the guy did have a good idea in giving us a more fleshed out introduction to the Gods of Destruction at the start of the Universe Survival saga. For all we know despite these issues, his handling of the rest of the story could actually turn out to be really great and people might prefer it over the anime. Anything’s possible, really. How many people thought My Little Pony’s latest iteration would become one of the most popular and talked about cartoons of the decade?

I kind of doubt that will happen. My problems I’ve already brought up aside, the manga cut out Krillin’s character arc, all of Gohan’s scenes, didn’t adapt the Resurrection F arc (Meaning it didn’t properly build up Frieza for his comeback here, so the manga can’t function as a self contained story with only the original Dragon Ball manga being necessary to understand things that happen in it), cut out the Hit two parter further building on his character and abilities, and further ironing out his rivalry and odd friendship with Goku, completely botched Frost’s character compared to the anime, while also screwing Piccolo over badly in their fight, as well as removing most moments featuring the supporting cast and even reducing Future Trunks to a foot note in a saga that was literally designed as an excuse to bring him back, and is known for rushing through the story compared to the anime in a bid to catch up considering how ridiculously behind Toyotaro has gotten thanks to the monthly schedule.

Which is an especially bad thing if he does that here, considering this saga has to accommodate the majority of the Z fighters getting character moments and good fights, including re-introducing Android 17 after a long absence, as well as introducing and fleshing out slews of new characters. And given his alterations to the Zen Exhibition match which really look like they’ll hamper Gohan’s role and screw Buu over completely, and his poor handling of the Super original characters that aren’t Beerus, Whis, Gowasu and Botamo in the last two sagas, I find it likely he’s not going to do a great job with most of them. Heck, I fully expect Krillin to get knocked out instantly as a joke rather than helping to knock out two opponents with Roshi and 18 and holding his own against Majora.

Again, I could be completely wrong and he could do a good job, and I’m just being judgemental and jumping to conclusions. But I’m finding it hard to be confident that he can make up for his set backs, even if he does end up doing some things better. Which isn’t saying much, his last two sagas he wrote did a few things better than the anime, and they were still worse stories overall.

If he does turn things around and actually writes a really good or even great saga and generally cleans up his act going forward, I could see Toyotaro making a comeback in the eyes of the fandom and being remembered in at least a more fond light than he is now. But if he screws up as badly as I fear he might and like he’s been doing lately, I can only imagine his standing in the fandom getting worse, and at best he’ll largely just be forgotten and ignored by most fans when Super finally concludes, or he’ll be a laughing stock. How that’ll effect his career in professional manga writing, I don’t know, but it likely won’t do him much good.

I guess this whole thing is a learning experience for fans wanting to start working on the actual properties they follow. Even if they’re extremely talented in one aspect (Toyotaro with his drawings) and have passion for what they’re doing, that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to do a good job if they’re on writing duties, and they better put their absolute best efforts into things and think things through clearly, because their contributions WILL be scrutinized and they will have a significant impact on the franchise in general.

A lot of fan artists and fanfiction writers do great stuff and deserve to be respected, I know people who have written stuff that’s better than professionally published stories and in some cases are better than parts of the series the fans were adapting from. But there’s a REASON why fanfiction writers aren’t usually hired to write for the works they follow, and why it’s often considered a bad idea. And Toyotaro in many cases has done a good job of proving that point.

I really don’t hate the guy, whatever you may get from how I talk about him. I just want to make that clear for everyone, especially anyone who likes his work reading this. I kind of envy him as a fellow fan for getting to work on writing an official Dragon Ball story, I’d die for that opportunity, and I will still give him credit wherever it’s rightfully due, especially with his art. I just wish he thought things through better and didn’t make as many questionable choices despite having so much more time and being in a better position to plan things out than the anime writers had.

Will Toyotaro make a comeback? Good question, probably not, but we’ll see. I’ll say this though, for all his problems his adaption and the things going on in and around it is at least interesting to talk about, and at least we’ll have some nice artwork and drawings of all our favourite characters to look at however things turn out.

“Greetings, everyone! Blaze here with a post from my mun using me to promote this message! You might want to look into it since it’s important. It’s regarding Original characters!“

- Blaze

I get it, not everyone likes OCs. I reblogged a post about treating people kindly who roleplay OCs. However, it still didn’t quite cover what else I wanted to say so here’s my post about it!

Listen up! Since I won’t be telling you twice!

NOT all OCs are BAD!

I get it, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine. However, does anyone realize how much more difficult it is for writers who roleplay as OCs to find someone willing to roleplay with them?


Some have to resort to promoting them using the canon roleplay blogs that they have just to get exposure for their OCs. After all, they like their canons but will also want to roleplay with their OCs too. It sucks creating a character only to see it collecting dust because people constantly refuse to roleplay with it or ignore it.

All I’m saying here is check out their roleplay blogs when you’re contacted by someone roleplaying an OC blog and try to give them a chance. You don’t HAVE to roleplay with them if you don’t want to and if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine, but at LEAST try to look through their rp blogs to see for yourself what they’re like! You may just be surprised and they could even be BETTER at writing than you are!

With that all said, those of you who agree, reblog this post! Spread the word!