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Season 3 Spoilers!!!



SOURCE: @/ohlittleasianone on instagram (on her story) 



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It's International Fanworks Day!

Now is a good of a day as any to contact your favourite author or most loved artists and tell them how much you appreciate their work. Go to your favourite fic and leave a comment, just do anything that will let the creator know directly that you like what they do, that you want to see more.

Ever since becoming more active on tumblr and twitter I’ve seen comments and people discussing my work that I would have never EVER seen before if I didn’t have that social media platform. And that’s all because they failed to tell me, the creator, directly.

I’ve seen people spazzing out about so many stories or pieces of art, posting screen shots of their favourite part or saying ‘omg my last retweet’, saying how much they love it and how excited they get when something updates.

And I’m always left wondering if they’ve told the actual author or artist about that? Have they let the person who put so much work and effort for nothing in return know that what they’ve done has been enjoyed by someone?

I can honestly say it gives me a sinking feeling in my gut thinking about people enjoying a story that much but never letting the creator know, because I’ve seen so many fellow writers and artists struggle thinking that their work is going unnoticed and unappreciated when it’s the opposite.

All it takes is one message, a few words, don’t just bookmark and kudos, actually take the time today to tell an artist or author that you are thankful for their hard work. It’s really not that hard, in return I can guarantee that person will work their ass off for you simply to hear it again.

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If you had to pick your top 10 robron moments - like you're stranded on a desert island and you can only watch these 10 - what would they be??

anon anon this question… might destroy me….

(i reserve the right to change my mind when people inevitably remind me of scenes i have forgotten which should be here) (this was so hard to do i can’t actually tell you)

i’m strictly strictly sticking to robron only scenes because otherwise this list would be entirely different

ok in no particular order:

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Stood Up

Prompt:  Peter Hale request! Prompt: Just got stood up on a date by a long term boyfriend,angry and about to leave, you run into Peter Hale. *I’ve never requested an imagine before,so i don’t know if i did it right sorry! And thank you if you get to it! xo”

Word Count: 636

A/N: I loved this request so much! And I’m thinking about making it into a fanfiction, so thoughts please?

Warnings: Fluff, Peter being super freaking charming and smooth omg. etc.

Requested by;  lydiawonderlost

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So my reaction to episode 7 *Spoilers* :

- the only repercussions for julian was the Polar Bear? I suspect the next episode will have more on that maybe. 

- Julian works for the ‘tower management’ so this kind of confirms that Julian has been working there longer than the show

- ‘the club’ as in a country club? is john a part of this? please show me john cameron getting angry at golf and breaking his club. 

- John’s imitation of the pbc president, I love him he is so dramatic 10/10

- Julian is supplying acts now so that’s a thing. Mr cameron acts like this has happened before, so how long has julian been anonymously giving these acts to Mr Cameron?

- LETICIA SASSING THE PBC PRESIDENT, and how she said ‘finally’. she gave me life. 

- ‘A polar bear, who put it out there?’ rhyme

- The sounds when the polar bear gets loose, with the cat. All in all the sound design for this episode was great. 

- Leticia ordering everyone around like a badass, and her french.

- John ordering it to sit omg what are you doing.

- Julian coming from beneath the stage like he just lives there lmao. was he listening to the show? or did he hear the shenanigans from his room and then crawl all the way there? it seems like that would be a lot of effort.

- John caring about julian omg telling him to stay back. clearly he doesn’t want julian hurt, despite all the shit he has done. 

- the stare down with the polar bear is the logo thing omg. 

- MY FIRST BOYFRIEND WAS A GUY WHO DRESSED AS A POLAR BEAR. 1st thing: Furry? 2nd thing: ‘first’ implies multiple YES HECK YES. 3rd thing: ‘the boy didn’t like me, but the real polar bears did’ furry. 4th and final thing: Was julian a part of that circus? did julian work there? how did they meet? I need to know. 

- Julian messing up again no ;_; he’s just a lil janitor. 

- christ John calm down, someone comfort him. let him rest. don’t kill yourself. I am honestly so concerned for his suicidal tendencies. 


- Leticia wrestling John yes. 

- I think their reactions sum up each character. John tries to kill himself, Julian selflessly sacrifices himself, and leticia protects the show (john) and does the practical thing by pushing him out of the way. 

- julian…. in a pool of his own blood…. hurt… my child….

- Leticia remaining calm and taking care of the situation is just. YES. she is amazing. 

- cradling julian… for the first time since a child ;_; take care of this boy. 

- john almost collapsing trying to end the show, like he has been through hell but he’s still ending the show. 

- paramedic mentioning the platypus like I really hope julian meets the platypus in the next episode. 

- Julian listening to the music and hearing John cameron. Julian believing the show is alright fucked me up. 

- the soft piano at the end i’m deceased. let julian be ok please.  

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RFA members + V meet MC at a coffee shop? 😊

a/n you all seem to like autumnal things so here you go; & I’m assuming that they’ve never spoken before >////< 


  • college cafeterias were the way to go and save money
  • so as the new transfer student you’re hurled into the hallway by everyone behind you rushing in to trying to get the food that was considered.. edible
  • all the tables are packed too quickly and the food is pretty much gone so you go to line up at the coffee machine
  • but coffee machines either suck or don’t work (is it just machines round my area or is this a normal thing idk)
  • pressing random buttons you’re trying to get something into the cup 
  • for fuck sake.. come on.. why isn’t this.. damn it
  • you end up hitting the machine and sighing as you realise you won’t be able to have anything for lunch
  • suddenly a hand out of no where presses the mocha button and hits a few numbers
  • you turn around and its a blushing blonde boy smiling to himself because he just witnessed you fighting a machine..
  • “I-I hope you like mocha..”
  • you smile before laughing to yourself in embarrassment because oh god well done you’ve literally been here less than a day and someone thinks you’re weird
  • he pipes up saying you’re a good fighter!
  • & you snort before replying thanks and muttering under your breath something to do  with shit warriors in LOLOL and Yoosung tenses up
  • “you- you play LOLOL?”
  • you nod and his eyes light up as he guides you outside to a free bench where he starts rambling about his character
  • all of a sudden he notices how beautiful your eyes are and bites his lip oh god oh god oh god
  • you’re both sitting there with your mocha coffees getting excited over LOLOL before the bell rings
  • “hey.. I didn’t catch your name?”
  • “uh.. Yoosung and oh and my username is yoosung8(idk man thats his email soo)
  • “meet you here tommorow Yoosung?”
  • and you guys meet there every lunchtime.. for the rest of the school year


  • he was late for work.. like really late
  • to the point where he could just ditch saying he was ill because there was no point of coming in anymore
  • so he gets off at a random bus stop & he wanders around until he sees a cute coffee shop and since it was empty he goes in
  • walking up to the counter he sees you and his mouth goes dry as you look up at him???
  • what why whats going on
  • “I’m Zen”
  • “uh hi..Zen.. can I take your order?”
  • he does that cliche thing where he asks you to pick so you end up making a cappuccino
  • he doesn’t leave the counter though and watches you make the coffee you’re close to calling security
  • he ends up sitting down getting tiredand he pinches his arm because people are supposed to feel this way towards me not vice versa >;c
  • he doesn’t look up at you when you place the cup down as he’s overthinking but when he looks up to thank you you’ve already turned your back
  • shit does she think I have no manners now shit
  • before taking a sip of his drink he orders another cappuccino and you sigh and get to work
  • he’s hella cute but he’s really addicted to coffee man tf finish the first one at least
  • placing the second cappuccino dawn he grabs a ahold of your arm as you’re about to turn away and you nervously look at him
  • usually I know what to say to cute girls but I’ve seemed to forgotten all my manners.. drink with me?
  • he gestures to the second cup of coffee and you hesitate before sitting down as his pleading eyes made you give in
  • you both chat about your lives clicking instantly and you quickly have a small crush on the actor (how could u not dumbass)
  • he says he passes here everyday on the way to work (he doesn’t he has to get off early and walk 20 minutes in the opposite direction) but promises to come and get coffee here everyday
  • every day although he’s tired and a few minutes late to work he can’t help having a cappuccino with you at 9am


  • she goes to the same coffee shop every lunchtime because the smell of coffee and pastries instantly relaxes her
  • she collects her usual order of a flat white coffee with cream and turns to her usual table to see someone already sitting there
  • at first she’s pissed because what are you doing? (in my swamp.. omg i’m so sorry)
  • but she sees your tired expression with the laptop with your hand on your head and she can’t help but feel slightly sorry for you because same
  • she pulls the chair on the other side of the table and checks to see your reaction before sitting down
  • you don’t even notice her but you slam the laptop shut and a bit of her coffee spills over the edges
  • “oh my god I’m so sorry.. I’ll buy you a new one I apologise I-”
  • “It’s only a little bit, no need”
  • you smile sheepishly before getting up anyway and buying some cake and give it to her
  • …I’m sorry anyway
  • she’s slightly baffled but decides to pull out her own work and sips her coffee
  • you notice something on Jaehee’s face and bite your lip because do you tell her or…
  • “uh.. excuse me? you have some cream on your cheek”
  • omg she’s dead how do people turn this red
  • quickly wipes her cheek before looking straight down at her work praying that someone invents teleportation right this instant
  • you laugh to yourself at how cute she is and she lets hair fall infront of her face 
  • please don’t look at me
  • packing up your things she looks up to see your leave and you see her face fall but you have to go and give her a little wave
  • “bye..Jaehee”
  • omg how do they know my name and wait whats their name I never got to ask :(((
  • she gets up to leave a few moments later and notices that your coffee cup is still there and she tuts because why are you littering
  • but she sees a little note is stuck on the side???
  • “don’t freak out.. your name was on your cup.. and my name is on the other side of my cup too if you’re interested? ”
  • turning the cup slightly she sees your name and repeats it to herself blushing and smiling to herself
  • for some reason she can’t get you out of her head for the rest of the day ??


  • he’s having such a shitty day
  • his driver was sick so he has to take the bus home late at night and he’s in a baaaaaad mood
  • a client also pissed him off today by scamming him and he ends up getting off the bus angrily and walking round the corner slamming into you
  • you fall over backwards and scrape your knee but Jumin just stares down back at you
  • pulling yourself up and brushing yourself down you give him a dirty look before crossing the road and walking into a smallcafe to clean yourself up
  • basically you’re forcing yourself to clean up before you break down crying
  • he feels guilty and walks into the cafe a few minutes later and orders 2 chai lattes
  • he sits down at the table nervously holding his lattes rethinking about what he’s done and how stupid he was
  • damn it did I really just knock the girl over and stand there wow great
  • when you step out the bathroom you see him sitting there nervously with 2 drinks and you try walk past him but he manages to get up and swiftly block the exit
  • handing you the latte he mumbles a sorry under his breath
  • taking the drink slowly - you sip before making a face signalling that you don’t like the taste
  • he’s confused and also takes a sip and makes a weird face 
  • uh hey weird guy.. why did you get a drink you dislike?
  • i thought you might’ve liked it.. its supposed to be calming or something
  • you shrug and respond: well I like black coffee
  • oh.. so do i..
  • you give him a look as to say ‘well you know what to do then’ and he orders the coffee sitting down at your table and you both start chatting
  • “Allow me to apologise properly and introduce myself, my name is Jumin Han.”
  • and guess where he goes every evening from now on


  • dressed up as a cat Saeyoung is at a gaming convention!! (sorry call an ambulance please)
  • everyones looking at him because he looks cute?? excuse me why are you the cutest person here please stop
  • he’s just smiling at everyone 
  • but he locks eyes with you because omg are you a cat too???
  • you both gravitate towards each other and laugh because you’re both somehow wearing the same oversized kitten onesie
  • meow?
  • meow!
  • talk about instant friendship?!
  • you walk around the convention together and lots of people mistake you as a couple but you don’t even know his name
  • being cliche and cute you decide to go to a cat cafe for OBVIOUS reasons
  • you both order hot chocolate (it’s not coffee soz) and you both freak out when you say it at the same time and try jinx eachother
  • “I’m pawsitive we were destined to meet
  • eh im second guessing it now
  • when you ask for his name mid conversation he responds with “Saeyoung” and  hecovers his mouth because everyone knows him as Luciel 
  • why did I just let it slip out..
  • you’re confused and ask if he’s okay but he quickly leaves the cafe apologising .. what! just! happened?
  • you leave the cafe really disappointed that you left the Saeyoung kid on a low note or if that was really his name or something
  • you end up returning every day to the cafe but he’s never there and every day you return home disappointed with your hot chocolate
  • or so you think
  • one day you come in to the cafe and receive a text from an unknown number
  • “sorry for leaving you.. I’ll explain some things to you soon! and thanks for coming everyday to see if I was there.. - from.. Saeyoung.
  • you’re confused because how did he know you were here everyday? and how did the note get there wtf? how doES HE KNOW MY NUMBER
  • looking round the cafe you only see the barista and kittens and you’re confused
  • i swear to God is he a kitten??
  • you leave the store dazed and confused and Saeyoung watches through the computer at home smiling to himself because someone actually cared enough about him
  • see you soon MC.. :)


  • in a gallery you’re strolling around looking at the photographs and you’re feeling super intimidated surrounded by the elegant people chatting with glasses of wine
  • you don’t drink wine so you have a caramel macchiato from the coffee shop down the road and you couldn’t feel more out of place
  • you’re biting your nails staring at a photograph when someone taps your shoulder
  • get yourself together shit
  • “which one is your favourite?”
  • you point to the one in front of you and the man raises his eyebrows as if to say ..why?
  • startled you explain how the photograph of the field makes you feel free and close to nature and you see the man’s eyes light up - u okay bud?
  • looking down at your cup he chuckles at your innocence before nodding and saying caramel macchiato? nice choice!
  • and you blush because shit i should’ve got black coffee or wine damn it i look about 4
  • you’re about to turn away of embarrassment before he calls out
  • wait.. come with me to get a caramel macchiato with me?
  • since stranger doesn’t exist you accompany him to the small coffee shop down the road asking the barista for another caramel macchiato 
  • you listen carefully when the cute man says his name
  • “yes, my name is V”
  • V? tf kind of a name is that?
  • grabbing his cup he tells you to go back to the photograph and read the information and you frown because I did??? (no u didn’t)
  • he just smirks before you both go back to the gallery with your drinks and he walks off into the crowd without another word
  • strange but ok then
  • returning back to the photograph on the wall you peer at the information before seeing something that catches your eye
  • “photo taken by V”
  • you gasp and look into the crowd and catch his gaze before he winks 
  • shiiiiit

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First, I loveee this blog. Second if your reading this omg hi ily. If you had time maybe could you do the 2p's reaction to readers 'innocent' type flirting? Please & Thank You ^-^

(( *winks* thanks babe~ i love you too! u w u ))

you: *innocently and cluelessly tries to flirt with a 2P*

2p!america: pFFFT– *tries not to laugh, covers mouth with hands* …you really have no idea what you’re doing, don’tcha dollface? *composes self and leans into your face, smirks* but i like seeing you try~

2p!china: *double take* wait, did you just try to flirt with me? *grins, blushes* hOLY SHIT, YOU’RE ADORABLE, COME HERE– *squeezes you in adoration, doesn’t let go*

2p!england: *laughs, not in a mean way* no sugar, i can assure you that you are cuter!~ *goes along with your silly flirting*

2p!france: *rolls eyes, lights up cigarette* …what are you getting at?

2p!russia: um… *sighs, lightly pats your head* thank you for the interest, but there’s no need… *he doesn’t do relationships or flirting*

2p!italy: *snickers* that’s cute~ *leans over counter, cups face, continues to watch you with interest* keep going, bella.

2p!germany: hold up, are you hitting on me? *once he realizes you are* well shit, why didn’t you just say so?~ *smoothly starts flirting back with you*

2p!japan: *looks away, frowns, blushes* that’s not kawaii at all… *he totally thinks it’s ‘kawaii’*

2p!canada: uh… i have a feeling you’re gonna regret this later…

2p!romano: *giggles* no honey, that’s not how it’s done. you’re supposed to be seductive, meow~ *cat claw motion* here, let me teach you how to flirt~ *drags you away to help you practice*

2p!austria: *his ego is already the size of europe, you don’t need to make it worse omg* ohohohoh, i know that i am the most amazing work of art to ever cross your eyes, but if you’d like a chance with me then you best get in line, sweetheart~ *secretly he thinks you’re the cutest and he’s totally keeping you*

2p!prussia: u-um… *glances around nervously* d-did someone dare you to come do this…

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JFC anon, it's FICTION!!! I don't read/ship incest personally, and ya know what I do when someone posts it? SCROLL PAST AND LET THEM SHIP IN PEACE!!! It's not hard.

(Omg I’ve tried to reply to this twice now and it’s not working wtf. Third time’s the charm.)

Right? Like fuck, I write incest ‘cause it’s entertaining. GTFO with that “you support incest” bullshit XD “Do you like fics with murder in them? You must support murder” that’s how you sound when you tell me I support incest XD It’s for entertainment! Like, you wanna whine anon? Go elsewhere. Ain’t no tissues here for you boo boo.

BTS Reaction: You ask him to stop being beautiful and sexy because you can’t concentrate

@shadyismy asked: you can make a reaction with BTS when you ask him to stop being beautiful and sexy, because you can not concentrate? i’m sorry for my english and thank you 💜 

Your english is amazing dear!! Thank you so much for your request! ~Em

Namjoon: “Well prepare yourself baby, because after you said that, there’s only one thing I can concentrate on now. Your work can come later, let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Seokjin: “What~? Hmm~? You mean like this *y/n*? Stop having a jawline that goes on for miles?? Is that what you mean?” *ego boosted 100%*

Originally posted by taeost

Yoongi: “You sure baby? Because it doesn’t sound like you want to be focusing on that right now. Why not focus on me for a while?”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Hoseok: “When you can’t help focus on something despite of work, that shows what you really want. So come here baby, and let me focus on you, because I can’t focus on anything else either~”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Taehyung: *flattered* “What?? Me?? Really?? Awww jagi~”

Originally posted by jeonthegreat

Jimin: *bashful little bun* “M-me?? Omo you’re the cute and sexy one jagi~ God I love you!”

Originally posted by booptae

Jungkook: “Oh come on Jagi that’s not fair. You know I’m trying to focus on work too, but you’ve made me it too hard now.”

Originally posted by kkuks

(omg what is wrong with me please someone slap me for that Jungkook comment TT.TT I’m dying I’m so sorry)

regalpotato  asked:

Someone put your recent Occult AU comic on the SU subreddit and I just...let me start by saying I hate AUs. Can not stand them (unless they're canon - soul mate aus/canon divergence etc). Hate hate hate. But dear god, I just went through your entire Occult AU stuff and I am head over heels in love. It's wonderful, diverse, well thought out....AND LESBIAN VAMPIRE PEARL IS EVERYTHING I NEVER REALISED I NEEDED IN LIFE. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.

i know of the sub reddit ;)) and omg thank u i’m so grateful. i’m working on a mini comic next but after that i definitely have a plan for some delicious vampire pearl backstory.

Omg I just had a realization about the avatar universe and it makes so much sense that it’s scaring me. If someone else figured this out already or if I’m completely off, I’m a dummyface and I’ll just go home.

Okay, so we know that all of the people who know about the first Red Lotus kidnapping attempt are FUCKING TERRIFIED of the red lotus. Lin Beifong, who is not someone that gets easily scared, tells the Korra “You don’t want to fight these guys.” Lin knows that Korra is an accomplished bender. Hell, she saw Korra turn into a giant blue spirit and destroy the spirit of pure chaos and evil. And even knowing this, Lin says “You don’t wanna fuck with these guys.” It never made sense to me before why they were so scared. I mean, Tonraq and Tenzin and Sokka and Zuko held their own against them, and let’s be real, none of them are in the same league as Korra.

So why are Tenzin, Lin, and Tonraq all terrified for Korra’s safety when Zaheer escapes?

BECAUSE THEY KILLED SOKKA. Hear me out. The last major event we know of in Sokka’s life is this kidnapping. Somewhere between this and Korra becoming a teenager, Sokka dies. Katara is still alive and outlives him for many years. This might just be because he ate too much red meat and his unhealthy diet led to an early death. This was my theory when I learned that Sokka was dead in Season 1. On the other hand, Sokka was a genius and became an accomplished fighter before he was 20. He and three of the most powerful benders in the world went up against the red lotus. We know that Tenzin, Tonraq, and Zuko all made it out of that fight alive. But the only reason for everyone to be scared of the red lotus is if they did some serious damage. We know their kidnapping attempt failed. If it was just some random kids trying to kidnap korra and failing, they would be concerned, but no matter how good a fight they put up, I don’t think a kidnapping attempt would warrant that kind of response. But if they killed Sokka in that fight? Hooooooly shit. Everyone loves Sokka. As I said, he’s intelligent and a pretty awesome fighter. He was one of a select few people who saved the entire world from being burned to ashes during the 100 year war. And Zaheer and his group (who had to be in their twenties or teens during the kidnapping, barely even adults) manage to face down three powerful benders and one non-bender who is still not someone you would want to fight, and they take out one of those four??? They’re just kids HOW where did these people come from and why were they trying to kidnap Korra they’re obviously dangerous and there might be more people like them out there we better lock these shits away in super complex remote secret prisons and interrogate them to find out everything they know omg they killed Sokka what kind of horrible people could do such a thing

Does that theory make sense to anyone else?

Seventeen Reaction

“hip hop and/or performance unit reaction to seeing how good you are with kids”

Hip Hop Unit

Seungcheol: “You are going to be the best wife one day, our child will be so lucky”

Wonwoo: Seeing you work so well with kids made his heart flutter, “What did i do to deserve someone like you?” 

Mingyu: You had your sister in your lap sleeping “ i could gets used to seeing this everyday” 

Vernon: He wouldn’t know exactly how to react, he’d see how much his sister loved you and he knew he couldn’t let you go, “You give me more reasons to love you everyday”

fetus omg!!

Performance Unit

Hoshi: Hoshi would get very giddy and happy seeing you work so well with kids “And Just when I thought I couldn’t love her anymore.”

Jun: He’d watch you take care of a coworkers baby with ease. “Y/n You know I’m going to marry you one say” he’d wink.

Minghao: "So that’s why she’s able to handle all of us. She’s incredible!“

Dino: He couldn’t help but feel butterflies seeing you with babies, and being so good with them. “You are going to be such a good mom!”

Survey #149

Any sexual stuff happen in the past two months?
Lol nope

Is your phone right next to you, or at least close by?
Yep, right next to me!

What windows are open on your computer right now?
Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Spotify

Anything you would like to say to someone?
Yes, a few people

Have you ever wanted someone so bad, and then they completely stopped talking to you?

Is your phone a touch screen?

Who is the last person to call you?
Let me seeee… Kayla, my brother’s girlfriend

What was the last movie you watched?
I don’t even remember, I hardly ever watch movies. I prefer TV shows wayyyy more.

What are you doing tomorrow?
Working 2-6, on-call shift 6-10

What would you do if your parents walked in on you having sex?
Omg I don’t even know, that’s terrifying

Was 2013 a good year for you?
Yes! Graduated high school and started college :)

Do any of your friends dislike each other?
Not that I know of

Who knows your biggest secret?
I honestly don’t have any big ones

Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
I don’t even know

How do you know?
^ lol

Do you care if people hate you for no reason?
Yes, everyone does whether or not they admit it.

Are you in a good mood?

Do you think ex’s can remain friends?
Not really.

Were you single on your last birthday?
Yes, I’ve been single on every single birthday, but I haven’t always been single haha it just always happens that way!

Are you starting to realize anything?

Have you ever thought about giving up on someone, but couldn’t?
Of course.

Do you follow rules or break them?
Follow, usually.

Are you currently looking forward to anything?
Going back to college!

Could you go a day without eating?
No… that’s so sad

How many bracelets do you have on your wrists right now?

What are you doing right now, besides this?
Listening to music and watching a football game

When you listen to a new song, do you usually play it over and over?

Do you scream stuff out the car window?
No, that’s annoying and obnoxious.

Has anyone laid on your bed besides you?
In the past, yeah but just friends and family haha

Who’s the first person you spoke to in 2014?
Either my Mom, Dad, or Joey. Joey I think.

Do you prefer being called your actual name or a nick name?
Either one!

Do you ever want to get married?

Is there someone who makes you blush when you just say hi to them?

How was your Saturday night?
Uhhhh I don’t remember, it’s been almost a week lol. Probably fine

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- All Time Low’s newest UK Tour Update Video

rougemind  asked:

Hi Yuu Shishio, there's something I'd like to ask you since you're also in building up theories. I hope not to bother you with it. I just wondered about Oda-sensei's announcement of the year of Sanji. There're this feelings of some hidden backround etc. but I also couldn't help to think of AllBlue. If it's a year like Oda sensei said - will we also see the first dream of a Nakama become true? At an interview this year I remember that we're at 70-75 percent from OP storyline. What are your feels?

cont. from your 2nd message:

And I’d love to add that I’m very curious of 2016 after this announcement and have the expectation Oda-sensei will leave us in 2015 with an teasing cliffhanger! So it’s before christmas and new year I want you to spend a lovely time with your beloved ones and enjoying a wonderful, peacefully christmas and starting good and healthy into 2016! :) Thank you for always sharing beautiful Zosan art.

Hello, come and have a seat, talk Sanji to me. This will be long post.

You’re absolutely not bother me! I love to talk about Sanji I can turn into a stereo talking about him which my friend have to push the pause/stop button. So feel free to send me ask about Sanji… and I’ll be the one to be afraid of bothering you for a damn long post.

First I have to say that your theory sounds wonderful in a strange way - theory in which the next opening story about Sanji won’t be or just be his background story but also him, to be the first one in Straw Hat crew accomplish the dream, finding ALL BLUE. And yes you’re right, there was an interview in this 2015 year that an assistant of Oda-sensei told us that One Piece had already reach about 2/3 its journey to the goal. But let’s read again those lines about Sanji in the letter from Oda, the letter was read at Jumpfes2016 last week, then we can discuss more clearly about this








[Recently, I was asked by readers many times for one such thing.

‘When will Sanji appear?’

Sanji’s Voice Actor, Hirata-san also asked me that.

‘When will my appeared time come?’

Please rest assured!

Next year, will be Sanji’s year!!

Finally, It’s time for the secret of his birth will be revealed step by step. Also it will be a year for those members had been in rest in Dressrosa Arc to get their big successful time.]

In those original lines, Oda did mention about Sanji’s birth, so it won’t be your feeling or our feelling or prediction anymore, it’s definitely Sanji’s backstory. In which I can imagine them basically, is Sanji’s past before he worked as a cook on Orbit. The blank space have been already staying there such a long time, very very long time since chapter 43 till now in one piece wiki, for Sanji’s past - will have its time to be filled. And following many theories, I can say that the preview of the change in his wanted might be one of the first important detail. 

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Emma Approved, episode 68: Glossary of words and phrases

This time, I had nothing to do with it.
= Nobody had better blame me for this!

Things have gotten a lot quieter now that she’s gone back to working from home.
= Finally, I’ve stopped hearing “MOMMA!!!” yelled every five minutes.

= Classic symbolism for heartbreak. Run like hell if anyone from a Pemberley Digital adaptation ever offers you any.

A couple of what?
= No amount of character growth can hide the fact that sometimes, I am dumber than sand.

Wait…you think I’m in love with Frank Churchill?!?

Of course; who else?
= What’s that ominous rumbling sound I hear?

He would be lucky to have you. Anyone would.
= At the end of the day, you can always count on me to see how awesome you are.

Less intimidating
= Just as adorkably awkward as I am

So…then…who are you talking about?
= Is that rumbling sound getting louder?

You really don’t know.
= Aren’t you supposed to be smart?

Alex! You’re in love with Alex!

I guess Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill aren’t the only ones keeping secrets

Are the feelings mutual?
= Saynosaynosaynosayno…

A salad?!?
= OMG somebody wake me from this nightmare.

= Salad dressing disaster flashbacks

It takes a lot to rile him up.
= Such as, someone like me.

You always encouraged me to never settle
= Let me twist the knife a few more times there.

Right. Because someone like ALEX could never REALLY be interested in someone like me.
= You know Harriet’s feeling betrayed when she resorts to sarcasm.

No, nononono, that’s not what I meant.
= Please don’t go all Lydia Bennet on me!

He asked if I was seeing anyone
= Alex and B-Mart still have Guys Poker Nights together.

He asked you that?
= OMG it might actually be true!

I hope you’ll be able to be happy for us if it works out.
= Pack your bags; you’re going on a guilt trip!

No way, mm-mm. Not possible. Nope!
= The first stage of grief is denial.

She’s adorable, and sweet, and a really good person
= Even in my darkest hour, I still can’t deny that she’s awesome.

I can’t imagine him with anyone ever! I mean, anyone other than…
= Me. The word I am looking for, and that the ENTIRE FANDOM IS SHOUTING AT THEIR SCREENS RIGHT NOW, is “ME”.

= I am suddenly picturing Alex naked. (Day-um.)


Hello Taylor!😊 It is Valentina and I am a 17 years old girl who lives in Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱 (Latinamerica).

Well Taylor so you basically have been my role model and idol and inspiration for at least five years now. I cannot recall when I exactly became a swiftie but I remember certain things like having a school project in 2010 where we had to make a website about anything and of course I had represent T Swift and I recall that Hey Stephen was my favorite song back then and that Speak Now was not out yet hahahhahah💕. I also remember making a Facebook page in 2012 but it got deleted by some sort of weird reason and I never got the page back but it was so fun and people even helped me tweeting stuff🌚 And ofc I remember the albums releasing days. I also joined Instagram and tumblr and thanks to you Taylor I have met incredible people who are the best and that I can always count on, they make me so happy💖 And I am so thankful for that, if it was not for you I would never have had started talking to them. Thank you Taylor and not only for that, thank you for being you, for never failing on making me smile and for basically changing my life in the best way possible. You have thought me so many things. You have helped me be less insecure about myself, you have thought me to stand up for myself and to never give up and work hard for my dreams even though they sometimes look so far away and that if something bad happens I have to use all that pain to dream bigger, work harder and not let it destroy me. That I am not the opinion of someone who does not know me and to shake haters off. In addition to all this you inspired me to draw and I am not kidding when I say that the first portrait I decided to do in my free time is one of you (although it looks awful and does not even look like you hahahah 😂😂)
That you ever noticed me looked like something impossible a year ago and getting followed even more but it did happen and I AM STILL FREAKING OUT OMG JRHDKD. You followed me on May 23 and also one time when you were taylurking you tweeted twice a collage that had a picture of me. (Yeah I did cry of happiness 🙈 ) AND I THINK I GOT SO EXCITED THAT THE NEIGHBORS LISTENED AND EVEN MY TEACHER KNOWS 😂😂😂 and uhm I think I may have influenced a little bit on my family and people who know me because everything they see something about you they tell me and some of them even sing along to your songs 😌. And talking about sing along something I have been waiting for a long time is to see you in concert. I have never had the chance. I hope this changes someday and that one day I can see the girl who changed my life ( I tend to consider her as my sister and one of my best friends and my mom and aunt at the same time) sing my favorite songs and that I can sing them too at the top of my lungs not through a screen but in person. And I hope that someday I get to meet you Taylor 💕💜❤️I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️💜

PS: I may may not have gotten emotional while collecting this pictures and putting them together.
PS2: my friends, when they can, they always try to give me as a birthday present (which is on January 17, yes ikr Adam’s birthday is on the SaME DAY ODNSK) merch or Taylor related stuff and by accident two of them gave me as a present a calendar so I have 2 calendars which is perfect because I have an excuse to have a calendar in a room which is not mine hahahahhaa I win 😋