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hello,darling,i want to ask you - how do you think credence would react if his s/o will be really tough and rude during their's work. mb in police or something like that,dealing with some crazy cruel cases, obviously that they love him and try to give him better life that he deserve, but on work became as tough as tarantino's characters :L

hey, babe!! :-)

(yikes @ tarantino his movies are so extra lol) but i see him kind of loving it tbh?? assuming he meets them a good deal after the subway incident and he’s had time to recover etc., i kind of seeing them being a good model for him as someone who can be loving and gentle but also tough and able to stand up for themselves and others. like, he would really admire them for knowing that balance of gentleness but also taking no shit. that being gentle and being tough are not mutually exclusive. so, i think he would learn a lot from them, and they would learn a lot from him too, like some patience before going off about something and learning to appreciate the quiet underneath all the noise :-)

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halsey is 22 years old and over the course of the last ~2 years she’s gone from being fairly unknown to selling out madison square garden, having her debut album go platinum, and suddenly being a huge public figure with a massive audience. she’s open about her sexuality and her struggles with mental illness and she chooses to share pieces of her life with us so that other people going through the similar things know that they’re not alone. she so actively tries to be a good role model and put good into the world and yall turn around and throw that back in her face because you don’t like her or because she’s too “extra” or not your ideal image of what she should be and it’s absolutely ridiculous. she’s 22. she’s still figuring all of this out and she’s fucking trying so let her try!!! because i guarantee you have better things to do with your time than harass someone who has done nothing to you personally

We all know Alicia was a very famous model and it kinda made me think… if you hang out with someone who knows about make-up, you end up knowing about make-up. You talk to your friends about work, so they know what happened at the office. 

Enter Bob. Hockey-mad Bob who meets Alicia at a party where he’s being introduced to one of her friends and who is just… floored… by this woman. It’s obvious. He’s head over heels before he even knows it - Alicia? Not so much. 

I mean, sure, he’s cute and he’s got a butt that just will not quit, but he’s also clueless about the things she’s interested in. He knows nothing about clothes, designers, photographers - nothing. He wears what he’s told. Jesus - he’s got a mullet. She’s not interested. 

I want Bob being very aware that Alicia is out of his league. He makes an effort. He gets his hair cut into something more fashionable - he thinks he looks a little like Tom Selleck, and suddenly he’s ‘the good looking one’ on the team. He starts to look at what famous pop stars and actors wear. 

Bad Bob is learning that he’s not going to be David Bowie but maybe he can get a suit that’s a little different, right? 

He learns about what's ‘hot’ and not from his sister, his friends girlfriends and wives - he has a few well meaning 80′s disaster fashion moments, but he gets through it. He reads fashion magazines and rolls his eyes at the chirps. He tries to remember who took the photograph. He may have a notebook. Jack gets his dorky nature from somewhere. 

The next time he meets Alicia he’s able to hold a decent conversation about her time in Milan. He knows who she worked with, he’s able to ask about things SHE LIKES.

She’s impressed. And after they’ve been dating a few months, she stays the night. 

Only to find that Bob has converted the bedroom next to his into a walk in closet fit for a queen.

“Well, I just thought… you know…” He shrugs. “You might want to hang some of your things up if you come over.”

So when she’s standing in Jack’s new apartment and sees the state of the art kitchen, the brand new appliances… 

“Who cooks, Bob?”


“Who does Jack know that cooks?”

“No one.” He says, stretching out on the couch so that his arm falls over her shoulders. “I think that the Bittle kid bakes - remember the cookies?” He kisses her on the cheek because he can. God, she does love this man. “Why?”

“No reason.”

ML Sex Hotline AU

Okay I know this is super cliche, and it’s been done a million times, and I’m sorry if someone has written exactly this before, but hear me out. It’s not lewd, I swear. (Sorry, if that’s what you were hoping for)

  • In the daytime, she’s Marinette. Just a normal college or mid-20s girl with a normal life. 
  • Also crushing on her hot model friend/classmate Adrien, but what else is new?
  • But there’s something about her that no one knows yet cause she has a secret:
  • Her night job is working as a phone sex operator. 
  • So Adrien, all the while, your stereotypical pure sunshine boy who knows almost nothing about the machanics of sex/sexual interaction/etc.
  • His best friend Nino wants to help a dude out, so he gives him a number to call to get him so “stress relief.”
  • Adrien is like, “Wow! A hotline just for romance questions? I’ll be able to learn so much and get a girlfriend/boyfriend in no time!”
  • He doesn’t know what a sex hotline is.
  • So innocent.
  • He calls, goes through the payment stuff, and gets connected to a girl named “Ladybug.”
  • It’s Marinette.
  • “Hello! Thanks for calling Lucky Charm Romance. I’m Ladybug. What’s your name?”
  • Adrien just responds like, “Oh, Ladybug! That’s a cool codename! Can I have one too?”
  • Marinette stays IC and just says, “Yes, please do~”
  • “Then you can call me…Chat Noir.”
  • “Okay, Chat Noir…”
  • Marinette is about to go on with her script, but during the pause Adrien starts asking questions.
  • And Marinette is so confused, but tries her best to stay IC while answering his questions. 
  • He keeps asking things about romance advice and sex and what girls/guys like. 
  • Eventually she thinks, ‘Okay, so this guy obviously doesn’t know what this is, but he’s kind of adorable, so I’ll keep talking.’
  • Plus he’s still paying so…
  • The end up just taking the entire time.
  • They constantly get off topic, Adrien enjoys the banter that Ladybug provides, and Marinette finds Chat to be great company and a nice break from getting guys off over the phone.
  • So finally when his hour is up, he asks for her phone number.
  • Ladybug says she had a great time talking but emphasizes, “I don’t date clients.”

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I don’t insist that any of my ideas or opinions are the perfect form, but I’ve kind of accepted the fact that I’m a role model for a lot of different types. I’m mixed race—my dad is black and my mom is white—and I’m very pale. Growing up there weren’t a lot of mixed people in the media who were as pale as I was. I always felt like I was too light to identify with anyone else. I now have girls reach out to me all the time and say, ‘I’m mixed race like you and I’m just as white as you are. Thank you for being that for me.’ Or, you know, someone reaches out with a mental illness or someone reaches out who is, you know, a feminist. I just like to be the in-between role model—the one I didn’t have growing up. At the same time, if I’m going to be a role model, I would rather kids idolize my intention to do good and my intention to be myself and my intention to be different rather than my actions. I think my intentions are more admirable than my actions.

I hate when fanfic writers reduce Marinette’s crush on Adrien to just “he’s a pretty model boy who can play piano and fence and speak Chinese.”

It’s just…so shallow?

I mean listen, Marinette knew Adrien was a pretty model boy who can play piano and fence and speak Chinese when she hated him for his entire first day of school.

But she fell for his kindness. She fell for the boy who gave up his umbrella for a classmate who had spent the entire day ignoring him for something he didn’t even do. She fell for the boy who, by all rights, shouldn’t give a shit about her opinion of him, but who specifically sought her out so that he could apologize and explain the misunderstanding.

Sure, she swoons over his good-looks and all his extra-curriculars, but that’s just the cherry on top for her, not the entire cake.

And you know those fics? Where someone (usually Chat) is asking her what’s so good about her model boy. And the author has Marinette spout about his modelling and his fencing and everything else.

I feel like Marinette would know to take the conversation more seriously than that, to give a proper answer.

Because being gorgeous and smart and awesome is a fun, frivolous thing to giggle over with a friend, but when you’re having a one-on-one conversation like this, you tell the truth.

She talks about how kind he is, how he tries so hard to always make sure his classmates feel included, how he never uses his father’s power and money for leverage the way Chloe does, how he never acts all high and mighty even though most people in his shoes would.


Marinette and Adrien are both such complex, three dimensional characters. Stop reducing them to shallow, cardboard cut-outs.

It felt to me a bit like Sam and Caitriona were showing us the roles of Tony and Marina at T2… they walked behind and assisted while they happily looked the couple…And I think your SO would grow pretty tired of standing around at these types of functions watching that…And pretty tired of not being seen as cared for…I think someone PAID would tolerate all the standing around feeling like a ninny though…Someone who is watching the crowd for which opportunity is before you and who to spend time with…

Cait has never really touched Tony in all this time, at all these events and if together it’s got to the point where she’s embarrassing herself…Everyone around you would think you were a loser taking it all a bit too seriously…You’d be the joke of the industry by now…It’d be ‘Oh look there’s Caitriona Balfe again….you know…the ex-model turned actress…the one who’s so up herself she won’t even touch her SO in public after all this time, the one who acts like she’s in Hollywood but really lives in Glasgow!! Look at him…the poor bastard!’

This is the Caitriona who makes fun of the likes of Nicole Kidman’s face and puts it out there on YouTube for all to see…who likes a GG host ‘taking the piss’ out of those who do take it all too seriously…she seriously doesn’t take it all THAT seriously!

It doesn’t make an ounce of sense for her to go from T2 snuggle fest with Sam to attending this event with her 'real’ partner knowing full well how T2 appeared. Some might jump to the negative and feel she’s manipulating her fans (WOMEN) playing the Sam card and that it’s PR and helps obtain money for charity but to me that doesn’t make sense either. She just attended on the Women’s March. She believes in women supporting women. I have to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe she walked that march with a sincere heart and is NOT a woman who manipulates other women…she supports other women and that’s what I choose to do as well and right now I choose her…she hasn’t given me anything else regarding Tony to think otherwise…

You know, everyone still asks me, “How does it feel to be a role model?” Or, “Do you feel a responsibility or a burden?” And I never did until I would see groups of little girls or young women, and how much they were affected by the “S” and what Supergirl stands for. How much hope she brought.  So yeah, I do feel that responsibility. It seems she is someone who people gravitate towards because she’s so full of hope, joy, and optimism.

Jacob Bixenman

 it’s  been a long time I didn’t post an opinion on the fandom and   I kinda wanted to say something about Jacob. 

So Jacob Bixenman, some of us learned to know him better and appreciate him, some of you accept him only because he makes Troye happy, Some of you still don’t know who even is he, and others that still hate him and send him nasty comments on his IG or whatever. 

Well,maybe we will never know more than what Jacob is showing to us, we know him  for only few months he is just a small model, not a former youtuber turned into a celebrity or not a celebrity youtuber that we followed for years.  But him not being in the spotlights for years and years doesn’t mean he is someone bad, suspicious or whatever. 

Actually  I can say he is a very good person, who is clever and mature. He fell in love with Troye and he probably never thought he was going to put up with being called a replacement, a rebound, ugly, not worth it of being Troye boyfriend, that he will never be better than Connor, that he will never support Troye better than Connor did, the fandom menacing him and calling him attention seeker, making profit behind Troye’s back, he is there just for fame. 

Jacob is a human just like you and I, and he put up with cyber bullying for now 6 months or more, and he still was so chill when he met Troye fans and even joked with some of them on twitter, never said anything, and always stayed by Troye side no matter what and still lived his life as if everything was fine. Jacob certainly ignore those comments but it must be very upsetting to receive hate everyday on his IG, and it still hurt , especially when the fandom have to rub in his face that he is no better than his  his boyfriend ex who they have known each other for 2 years and even was part of  his album, the same album he listen to each time he go on tour with him or his concerts. 

Yes Jacob, take a lot  of shit from his boyfriend fandom, and he doesn’t complain, not because he is there for fame or whatever, but because he love Troye, that only Troye matter to him, and I’m happy Troye found a boyfriend who is mature enough to not being too much affected by some of  Troye fans  who are such bitchy fans who are kids without a brain who think Jacob is a rag doll instead of a human being who is there trying to avoid  the hate he received for being Troye new boyfriend and protect Troye from his own fandom for being so disrespectful and  stupid. 

Honestly , I wish I had a boyfriend like Jacob in my life, and if I do have one one day, I swear to god I’m not letting him go. 

  • Cheryl: Who the fuck are you?
  • Veronica: Who the fuck are you?
  • Cheryl: I asked you first.
  • Veronica: I asked you second.
  • Someone: She's Cheryl Blossom, duh. Head cheerleader. Homecoming queen. Part-time model.
  • Veronica: Oh.
  • Cheryl: Who the fuck are you?!
  • Veronica: I'm Veronica. I'm new.

Peter Nureyev’s moral event horizon is, like, genocide. Theft? his bread and butter. Terrorism? his childhood. Manslaughter? sure, if he can frame someone for it he won’t bat an eye. Murder? he definitely avoids it whenever possible but damn, those casino guards probably didn’t even know who they were chasing, and the man sure likes his stabbing knives. You wanna mass murder a city? A planet? Well gee, friend, that’s a bit far, and now he’s gonna come down on you like a lanky ton of bricks,


Do you head your own BOB or know someone who does? Do you know any aspiring models, mua, artists, musician etc? I’m currently putting together a black business directory. If you are part of any of the above groups send me your contact information!



  1. Please, don’t be frightened. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
  2. Leo, there’s someone in the back.
  3. Who are you? Who do you work for? 1 | 2 | 3


  1. She doesn’t know people like I do.
  2. The synth’s been taken.
  3. Maybe it’s time to be what they say we are.
  4. We need to find them, get them out.


  1. The escape
  2. We need to get out, now!
  3. I have a plan.


  1. Police report, Sally model.
  2. Hester’s right, Max. 1 | 2
  3. Leo, they’re here.


  1. The silo 1 | 2
  2. Max never liked me drinking. 1 | 2
  3. Leo and Hester 1 | 2 | 3


  1. You’re lost.
  2. Mattie, this is Hester.
  3. Hester, can you hear us?
  4. Leo and Mattie 1 | 2
  5. Has she told you what she knows?


  1. Mattie, it could be the key.
  2. Saving the synths
  3. Reunion
  4. It’s okay. You can trust me.
  5. Death
  6. Leo…Leo…it’s all right. I’m here.


  1. You were right, Maxie. You were always right.
  2. This is my fault. 1 | 2 | 3
  3. You didn’t do this, Leo.
  4. Do you love me, Leo? 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
  5. Synth Chaos

Colin Morgan in Humans series 1

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My bf saw your photo of Taako and commented that the female cosplayer was adorable, and when I told him that it was Sylar, he was so astonished. He's a guy who is still too shy to crossplay or dress in feminine clothing for social media or out in public, and it was great to see him inspired by someone. I really wanted to thank Sylar for his confidence and let him know that he is a great role model for others who wish to follow in his footsteps. Love you guys <3

*slams hands on table* MORE BOYS IN SKIRTS 


Reading articles like this one really hurts my heart. I’ve seen so many interviews and reality shows shes been in where people are so rude and so quick to judge by calling her a man and saying she’s not beautiful. Especially in places like Korea where standing out is frowned upon. Amber is my role model. Shes someone who not only gets insulted all the time for being who she is but after she is insulted she just laughs and smiles. It really breaks my heart and it really makes me upset how people’s minds are so fixated on a specific image especially for female kpop singers or just females in general. Shes accomplished so much and really doesn’t get enough credit for her hard work. I hope she knows all the support she has from fans like me who notice the life struggles shes going through. I bet SM made her a rapper for the sole purpose of she has the image of one and therefore ignoring the true beauty of her voice. Love you amber keep being you. You have my life long love and support! ❤️