someone kill me so i dont have to go to night school

thanks @seven-stories-underground for tagging me!
biggest fear- my high school crush finding out i used to like him hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
current time- 6:52
drink you had last- day old water from my water bottle lmao
everyday starts with- drinking a bunch of water
ghosts are real? mayyybe…
hometown- phoenix az but i go to college in baltimore
in love with- the guitar solo in say hello 2 heaven
jealous of- these days like i dont even care enough to be jealous anymore hahaha
killed someone? i dont… think so
last time you cried- hmm… i havent really cried that much since i started college whatever that means… i kinda almost cried last night though cause i realized im probably gonna have to work at ihop again this summer and i literally suck at waitressing soooo bad
middle name- elizabeth :P
number of siblings- 3
one wish - uhhh a decent personaltiy
person you last called/texted- my dad
questions you always get asked- where do you go to college, oh johns hopkins so youre studying medicine, well why did you go there if youre not studying medicine
time you woke up - like, 10:30
underwear colour- tan
vacation destination- france so i can practice my shitty french 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 or italy cause history
worst habit- being a fucking idiot constantly and humiliating myself
x-rays you’ve had- just my teeth
your favourite food- mashed potatoes, ice cream, or apricots
Zodiac Sign- virgo
favourite song - its still 3 days by janes addiction
reasons to smile- my doggies and kitties 🐱🐱 🐶 🐶 ❤️ ❤️❤️
song last sang- magdalena by a perfect circle

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im so tired i just want to read fic about percy and annabeth hanging out at high school and intimidating the shit out of everyone who doesnt know them with their physical attractiveness and aura of confidence and resting bitch faces, when really theyre both just pissed off at the amount of reading they have to do for english and probably also the fact that they had to kill a monster before school that morning and it made them a little late. 

percy and annabeth cramming for assignments and sleeping in on weekends and having a million inside jokes that their mortal friends dont get and like going to a party and annabeth sitting in percys lap and someone takes a cute photo of them and theyre both kind of chuffed by how good they look in it and their friends all laugh because theyre such dorks. 

game nights with the seven and campfires at chb when they can get away, but always coming back to sally and paul and percys little sister and feeling like theyre on the right track.

i just want to read about percy and annabeth being happy teens where is this fic please