someone kill me please


Based on this

Okay, this is 50% @bathroomgoldsaint‘s fault, Come here and take care of what you’ve done! xD We think Saga (And also Kanon but he doesn’t admit it) likes using beauty products and he asks Aphrodite for them, LOL.

Well, I dunno if it’s wrong somewhere, but i’ll say it anyway: Sorry for the bad english. :’D

~Remember that I’m always by your side~

The idea to draw this came when I was listening this song. The first sentense made me think about Saga and Kanon like kids watching the stars, and Saga saying that to Kanon~ <3 
It supposed to be ‘cute’ or something, but it look so weird *cries* :’D It’s my first time drawing kids, night sky… and everything here :’D 

I’m so sorry